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glenn___spamaps: well this was just in testing phase, but im wondering if the structure is good, with 3 init scripts09:47
glenn___spamaps: 1 script would be to start a server, wether its mongrel or webrick, the other 2 scripts are there for spawning multiple mongrels09:50
glenn___spamaps: i made them simpler now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/892038/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/892039/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/892040/11:41
zygawhat is the correct way to start a script once networking is up15:37
zygastart on startup and started networking ?15:38
SpamapSzyga: depends on the OS15:39
zygaSpamapS, oneiric+15:39
SpamapSzyga: you never need to 'start on startup and xxxx' .. startup is just if you have something that can be started without regard to the current system state (since startup happens *first* before disks are mounted or anything else is running)15:40
zygaSpamapS, right15:40
SpamapSzyga: for Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric) or later, runlevel 2 is always "after the network is up"15:40
zygaSpamapS, actually I have a different requirement15:40
zygaSpamapS, I just explained it incorrectly15:40
zygaSpamapS, I need "first boot script"15:40
zygaSpamapS, I start with a pre-made image15:40
zygaSpamapS, then I need to run a shell script on the first boot15:41
SpamapSzyga: perhaps look into cloud-init15:41
zygaSpamapS, I'm starting with a barebone oneiric image15:41
SpamapSzyga: it has a "nocloud" mode where you just drop a config yaml file on the disk and it reads it.15:41
glenn___is there anyone else who could review my upstart scripts for puppet, before i will add them to the issue for the ubuntu package?15:41
zygaSpamapS, does it have any upstart files I could reference?15:41
SpamapSglenn___: I'm taking a look now. :)15:42
SpamapSzyga: it has several that it uses to run before and after networking has come up15:42
glenn___spamaps: awesome :)15:42
SpamapSzyga: it just keeps track of whether or not it has already run, and exits gracefully if it has15:42
zygaSpamapS, ok, let me try to find that 15:42
glenn___zyga: im using upstart scripts on runlevel 234515:42
glenn___so when the server is in its right init it would start15:43
SpamapSglenn___: so, are you hoping to get this into 12.04? And if so, why?15:44
glenn___spamaps: everyone is telling me it probably wont work15:44
zygaSpamapS, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/upstart/cloud-init-nonet.conf this looks like it15:45
glenn___spamaps: why upstart? :)15:45
glenn___spamaps: but perhaps we could insert it before beta215:45
SpamapSglenn___: right now the package is in sync w/ Debian, and works fine. Why change it?15:45
glenn___spamaps: why use upstart...15:45
SpamapSfor this particular service, why use upstart.. yes thats what I'm saying.15:46
glenn___spamaps: since that is the new way of starting daemons in precise15:46
glenn___spamaps: almost all services we use is in upstart15:46
glenn___except for apache, varnish, haproxy and such15:46
glenn___spamaps: all services work without upstart, this is the same as asking why use upstart at all15:47
zygaglenn___, what new  way if I may ask?15:47
glenn___zyga: upstart15:47
zygaglenn___, well that's true for a number of releases, just that most services were not converted15:48
glenn___hence my point to get all services upstart compatible15:48
SpamapSglenn___: so.. "because other stuff uses upstart" is not a valid reason, IMO. The main reason I encourage usage of upstart is because it allows the scripts to be simpler, since upstart handles most of the boiler plate stuff.15:48
zygaSpamapS, I hate the inconsistency between service XXX start and start XXX 15:49
SpamapSglenn___: the other big reason is because you want other upstart jobs to be able to start before or after it.15:49
SpamapSzyga: so use service all the time. It works with upstart jobs.15:49
glenn___spamaps: what exactly is ur point15:49
glenn___ive been spending a lot of hours so we can implement upstart for the puppet package15:49
SpamapSglenn___: I do want your upstart job to land in Ubuntu. But we're *way* way way way too late for precise without a compelling reason.15:49
glenn___spamaps: i gave up on the precise release15:49
glenn___spamaps: but, if, it would be in there, that would be nice though15:50
SpamapSglenn___: Ok, so I expect mongrel to be gone for 12.10 .. so we can drop to just the one upstart job. :)15:50
glenn___spamaps: when do we know if mongrel is gone in 12.10?15:50
glenn___spamaps: also, i think we should default to puppetmaster-passenger as a master15:51
SpamapSglenn___: ^^ .. removal has begun already from Debian. When we sync, it will be gone.15:52
glenn___spamaps: that would be a nice point to use upstart as well then15:54
glenn___spamaps: since the init.d scripts have to be changed anyway, including the defaultfiles15:54
SpamapSglenn___: indeed.15:55
glenn___spamaps: puppet client upstart script, im using that one already15:55
glenn___spamaps: the passenger is relying on apache 15:55
glenn___spamaps: so if we sync this from debian into 12.10 the puppetmaster package needs to be changed right? to remove the mongrel support..16:03
glenn___but still there would be an upstart script for the puppetmaster, just not with mongrel support, thus only 1 script instead of 316:04
SpamapSglenn___: right16:14
glenn___spamaps: that makes things a lot easyer. i suppose i should focus on that then :)16:38
SpamapSglenn___: right, and I think at this point.. we're a couple of days from beta2 freeze.. its bugfixes only... what you've done is a fantastic feature. :)16:39
glenn___spamaps: hopefully the first of many to come :)16:57

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