nonauAfter years of testing, and a few bug reports during the last couple of cycles, I think that Xubuntu Pangolin is shaping up to be the release which converts me over to a full time user.  After this latest daily build finishes downloading I'll run it through the full suite of tests.00:01
ochosinonau: if you're already at it, would you mind testing the gtk-theme from git?00:02
ochosiit's really easy, you can download a tarball from github and extract it to ~/.themes00:02
ochosithen it should override the theme in /usr/share/themes00:02
nonauIt'll be about 20 minutes before the iso finishes downloading (slow connection).  After that I'll gladly test it on my netbook.00:03
ochosiok cool!00:05
nonauI'll have to install the beta and update instead.  Daily didn't boot on my hardware.00:39
ochosioh, that sucks00:39
nonauAnd it seems the beta wont install either.  It crashes for me whether I choose install Xubuntu or go to the live cd and choose to install.00:51
nonauI get "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141"00:52
diarmuidHave you tried booting it off a USB?00:57
ochosihi diarmuid :)00:59
diarmuidhello :D00:59
ochosiyou were quick to embrace my suggestion00:59
diarmuidMailing list??01:00
ochosiyou can simply /wii $nickname to see the real-name of people here (in case they expose them)01:00
diarmuidThats handy :)01:02
ochosidepending on what client you use (i use irssi), there are also other, more GUI-oriented ways01:02
nonauWith Xchat a simple right click on the name will tell you.01:03
diarmuidYeah I'm using Xchat just noticed that I could do that.01:03
nonauAnd I figured my way around the error... remove windows. ^^01:04
diarmuidwindows don't like to be compatible with anything01:06
ochosijust for reference, what's your timezones?01:07
ochosi(mine is GMT+1)01:07
diarmuidGMT i think lol01:08
diarmuidits 1:0801:08
ochosik, so you're in GMT01:08
ochosithat's close enough01:08
ochosii guess we'll find time to meet :)01:08
diarmuidYeah not to far your from central Europe then I take it?01:11
diarmuidI'm from Ireland01:14
ochosigood stuff :)01:14
ochosidiarmuid: if you need guidance or help with anything feel free to ping me01:17
diarmuidochosi: no problem thanks01:22
bogner17What program do you use to do all your Xubuntu artwork?01:33
ochosigimp and inkscape mostly01:35
bogner17Do you have your own website?01:35
bogner17This is Diarmuid by the way 01:36
ochosiyeah, i figured, same IP ;)01:36
ochosiwell, there's the shimmerproject.org01:36
ochosithat's kinda the website for the themes i've been working on01:36
ochosibut lately i mostly had time to take care of greybird01:37
bogner17bognerdesigns.co.cc just a little portfolio I was putting together for web design01:37
ochosilooks nice01:40
nonauOh, if you guys ever happen to want a few wallpapers I have some nature shots that work great for that.  Apologies for butting in.01:41
bogner17Very standard have a lot to learn about designing website used photoshop mostly but I want to be able to design them using inkscape and gimp.01:41
bogner17No problem nonau would make some great stock images also :)01:42
pleia2knome: I have a beta2 draft in wordpress, so I figure we just add to that as the week goes on01:42
ochosinonau: sounds good, feel free to show them off01:44
nonaurecommend a place to upload them?01:46
bogner17photobucket.com isn't bad fits the purpose well.01:47
ochosior flickr01:48
ochosidepending on what you wanna do with them (apart from showing them here)01:48
ochosik, i'm going to sleep01:51
ochosinight everyone!01:51
bogner17I'm heading to bed also01:52
ochosisee you around01:52
pleia2nonau: what are you using to make your ISOs, burning to CD? USB stick?01:55
nonauburn to cd01:55
pleia2and same error for both?01:55
nonauno, on the current daily the CD wasn't recognized and was skipped.  Not sure if it was the ISO or the CD though.01:57
pleia2I'm wondering if there is a problem with the burn, I've had it happen if I burn too fast, all kinds of weird errors01:57
pleia2did you run md5sum against the iso file?01:58
pleia2most people never bother to unless there is a problem, but it's important for testing01:58
nonauNo, I haven't.  9 times in 10 I don't because I generally don't have issues with them.01:59
pleia2yeah :)01:59
pleia2so you can run it against the .iso file, and then again against your cdrom after burning01:59
pleia2md5sum file.iso01:59
pleia2md5sum /dev/cdrom01:59
pleia2or whatever the device is01:59
pleia2err, sorry01:59
pleia2second command is wrong, let me get the right one01:59
pleia2(I have been using usb sticks for too long!)02:00
pleia2doh, that link fails02:01
pleia2and you want "Manual method"02:02
nonau2c52467b183646617b987edd10d95178 on the iso02:03
pleia22c52467b183646617b987edd10d95178 *precise-desktop-i386.iso02:04
pleia2via http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20120319.1/MD5SUMS02:04
pleia2good :)02:04
nonauIt was a failed burn.   Feel like an idiot now.02:06
pleia2don't feel bad, we've all been there :)02:06
pleia2my best one was when I burned 10 CDs for a conference before realizing they were all bad (burning too fast)02:06
pleia2took me like an hour02:07
nonauOh wow, that sucks.02:10
nonauhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/76375303@N08/ <-- Starting to build up the collection of photos, all free to use as wallpapers.  Just got to sift through the bad shots to find some good ones02:11
nonauAfter a full update the panel artifacts seem to be gone on my Eee PC02:31
pleia2well that's good02:31
pleia2further proves it's a finicky thing to pin down though02:32
nonauAnother bug, likely pulse related.  The mute function key will mute the audio just fine but using the key combo again won't unmute as on Windows.03:09
pleia2ochosi: nonau replicated it ^^^03:10
pleia2I was trying to test that, but my laptop doesn't have a mute key :)03:10
pleia2nonau: ochosi may have some things for you to try to fix that tomorrow when he's awake03:12
nonauAlright, can do.  I still need to test the latest git version of the theme and report on that as well.03:13
nonauochosi:  Theme from master is working as expected so far.  Ping me if you want anything in particular tested.03:27
nonauAnother hotkey which locks the screen doesn't seem to do anything either.  I know it triggers the screensaver in Gnome.03:37
nonau*function key03:38
nonauochosi: Theme version from git causes white text in the gksu prompt instead of the black in previous versions.04:02
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ochosipleia2: hmm, if you see nonau again (i think i won't be online tonight), please tell him i'm sorry i forgot to tell him he needs to test the gtk3.3 branch from github :/08:27
knomesomebody online?09:53
ochosibut not for long09:54
knomecan you quickly confirm that http://xubuntu.org/ doesn't have the new looks?09:54
knome(it should, i got an email about that)09:55
ochosiyou mean new logo?09:55
knomeyes, and the new bg and all09:55
ochosistill old09:55
knomei'll poke IS09:56
ochosiis the blog post for the new logo/branding ready?09:56
ochosii think i'll do some kind of artwork post as well09:57
ochosiincluding the new lightdm-theme and new widget-theming in greybird (scale and spinbuttons etc.)09:58
ochosi(hope i'll have time for that soon)09:58
knomeochosi, i suppose it is :)10:00
astraljavaI fell asleep abruptly last night, so didn't test the live-cd yet, but then again Lionel reported having tested it, so I don't imagine it being a huge problem, no?10:00
mr_pouitfyi, I haven't included the new logo in lightdm yet (nor the unity-greeter xubuntu badge)10:18
ochosimr_pouit: feel free to ping me whenever you've tested greybird-git in your vm10:27
mr_pouitI've already two vms started to test 10.04 and 11.10 upgrades, plus some tests running for my work, so my system is dying right now :>10:29
mr_pouit(I'll test greybird this afternoon)10:29
ochosiwhoa :)10:30
ochosisure, i probably won't be online much, have an important presentation later today10:30
ochosibut i'll read the backlog as always10:30
knomemr_pouit, you've got a cc of a mail asking for more time for #95539610:30
ochosik, see y'all later10:33
mr_pouitknome: yep, I just read it10:33
knomesee you ochosi 10:36
bogner17Good morning everyone11:02
knomehey bogner17 11:06
bogner17What is everyone up to?11:10
* knome is updating the new logo for debian-cd11:12
knomeand trying to get extended time for our UIFe (ui freeze exception)11:12
knomebogner17, did you read the xubuntu team description in LP?11:13
bogner17Okay well I will let you guys know a little more about my skill set they and I suppose you could give me some advice on what area's I could help with Xubuntu?11:15
knomesure :)11:15
bogner17Well I'm 19 years old and I live in Ireland not to sure if thats important :D. I have quite a lot of experience using Adobe Photoshop packages I have been using it since I was 12 years old. I am developing these skills into GIMP and Inkscape now. I also have web design skills I have created and administrated several sites over the years. I go to a Technical College and I study ICT (software development) the only programming w11:18
knome(you got cut at: the only programming w ...)11:18
bogner17I am currently learning python and XHTML5 and I want to maybe start doing some programming using it to help develop Xubuntu. So not only will I be able to code but I will also be able to make beautiful GUI's for my programs.11:19
bogner17we do is visual basic ewwh :(.11:19
knomeheh, right11:20
bogner17thats after the programming knome11:20
astraljavaYou do Visual Basic after the programming. Yeah, that actually makes perfect sense. :)11:20
knomebogner17, nvm astraljava, he's a bit weird.;)11:21
astraljavaI've said it before, but I acknowledge I must repeat myself often around here. I may be weird, but at least I'm not weird.11:21
astraljava*blink* *blink*11:22
bogner17Well thats what our college teaches astraljava next year at University I will be learning java, C++ and C#. 11:22
astraljava...I'll get me coat.11:22
astraljavabogner17: Oh okay, I missed the context, sorry.11:22
bogner17No problem no offence taken astraljava11:23
knomebogner17, i suppose mr_pouit and micahg would be really happy with help on the actual development11:23
knomethat includes packaging and bugfixes and... all kinds of stuff11:24
astraljavabogner17: A hint from a veteran in the field; there's already a number so huge of java developers, I would concentrate on C[++|#], it's quite easy to jump into java if you nail those first.11:24
astraljavaC++ just refuses to die, it seems.11:24
astraljava...which is nice, for me.11:24
bogner17What about coding python but implementing C++ into codes where needed?11:25
astraljavabogner17: That's actually what I've been doing for the past 3 years now.11:25
bogner17astraljava: so would it not be better to focus on python first and foremost? 11:25
astraljavaUsing python when applicable (test automation framework, for instance), and writing apps with Qt/C++.11:25
astraljavabogner17: Not really, but it's essential to keep it on the side.11:26
bogner17So basically you can make like a prototype of the app in python before coding in C++?11:26
astraljavaPython is very easy to get into, although that doesn't mean that's all there is to it.11:26
astraljavabogner17: No, I would not do that. Stick to a language, but make good decisions on which part of the system you implement in which language.11:27
astraljavabogner17: Of course, if you absolutely must have some proof-of-concept in 5 minutes, then do that in the language you know best.11:28
astraljavaBut stop going further than absolutely necessary before making a thorough analysis on which language would suit the job best.11:28
bogner17Well I'm going to get stuck into some C++ tutorials today get some books printed off do something productive with my day. Do any off you have any good resources?11:29
astraljavaOf course, this applies to professional jobs only. If you want to learn a new language while implementing a new system, and you have time for that, then by all means, that's the best way to get that knowledge.11:29
astraljavaBut there are still some things all languages/frameworks can't do.11:30
astraljavaThis is especially true on real-time stuff.11:30
astraljava..and other similar stuff.11:31
bogner17Yeah I kind of understand I suppose this will all make better sense when I learn some more.11:31
astraljavaBut I digress now, and will leave the arena to more on-topic conversation. :)11:31
knomebogner17, if you can, the best way to get hold of things is to hang around this chanenl11:34
knomecommunication will mostly happen here (and the mailing list)11:34
bogner17Yeah I am faster than mailing lists11:34
astraljavaknome: ...and the forums? *evil grin*11:35
* knome (gently) kicks astraljava in the knee11:35
astraljavaBah! Just as I was about to go cycling.11:35
bogner17What would be the best IDE for writing lines of C++11:36
bogner17I'll be back in 5mins need to go onto my own computer this computer I'm currently on is Windows....11:38
bogner17_So what would be the recommended way for me to begin my studies?11:44
astraljavabogner17_: I've rather liked Qt Creator, but there are so many of them, and it's such a matter of personal preference. Some prefer regular text editors with syntax highlighting, some want more sophisticated features. Try Anjuta and Eclipse CDT.11:45
astraljavabogner17_: re: C++, if you have a linked account, I suggest you joining the C++ Developers Group, it's got plenty of interesting conversation on best practices and stuff. Obviously there are actual mailing lists and newsgroups on the topic, too.11:47
bogner17_How do I go about joining them?11:48
knomeastraljava, s/linked/linkedin/ ?11:50
knomemr_pouit, you can go ahead with the lightdm logo and greeter badges. :)11:50
astraljavaknome: Thanks.11:51
astraljavabogner17_: comp.lang.c++ and comp.lang.c++.moderated are the standards for newsgroups, for other great resources, have a look at http://www.robertnz.net/cpp_site.html11:54
* knome is off for a while11:56
knomebogner17_, great to hear you are interested in the xubuntu development :)11:56
knomebogner17_, i'm sure you will both learn and gain a lot, if you have the persistence to get in open source development, whatever the project :)11:57
knomesee you later11:57
bogner17_See you later thanks knome :)12:06
mr_pouitochosi: nice, the fix for the comboboxes and the spinbuttons is workign13:20
mr_pouithttps://translations.launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/trunk/+pots/lightdm-gtk-greeter (almost all green \o/)15:33
mr_pouit(exported oneiric lightdm translations from lp and reimported them for precise lightdm-gtk-greeter :)15:33
knomeheh, nice15:33
knomebtw, our branch to upload new logo to debian-cd got accepted15:34
knomewhat? there is no LATIN translation for the greeter? schuss15:34
astraljavaProbably no taushiro, neither.15:41
pleia2knome: I made a few small changes on the Xubuntu/Testing page, and sent a draft of the testing blog post over to Charlie for review, once he's done I'll send it to you, then we can toss it up to xubuntu.org15:42
knomepleia2, okay, did you notice we had a beta 2 announcement already?15:42
knomepleia2, it's bundled with the new branding post15:43
pleia2knome: oh, no :)15:43
pleia2you can just move my items then15:43
knomei did already15:43
knomei also updated the marketing page15:43
knome(all new logos and microbuttons!!)15:45
knomeanyway, i'm off again for now15:49
knomepleia2, thanks for handling the testing blog article on your trip :)15:49
pleia2sure :)15:49
pleia2it's all you guys who get to have fun with new testers I'm telling to join here ;)15:49
astraljavaHeheh. :)15:53
knomeastraljava, http://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/Tutkimus+Koirat+hermostuvat+hevimusiikista/a130555820772418:36
astraljavaHeheh. Didn't see that from my dogs, but I suppose it's possible.19:00
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nonauochosi:  The ruler in Abiword goes from grey to black with theme from git as well.19:47
bogner17Hello folks21:04
ochosinonau: the ruler in abiword is broken, it's not greybird's fault21:29
ochosinonau: unfortunately it's known, it's an unstable version of abiword...21:30
micahgwhich is again unfortunate21:31
ochosimr_pouit: what about the gtk-scale?21:31
ochosimicahg: +121:31
micahgthere's a new snapshot in Debian, I can backport it if people want to test it21:32
ochosiof abiword?21:34
knomethe logo in xubuntu.org is for some really weird reason not aligned.21:36
knomei am *sure* i checked that21:36
ochosimicahg: yeah, could be worth a try21:36
knomepleia2, you here?21:36
micahgochosi: ok, once a test build completes, I'll backport to my PPA21:36
ochosimicahg: cool!21:37
ochosileo-unglaub: hey there, how's it goin? still busy as ... ?21:37
leo-unglaubas hell....sadly yes21:37
leo-unglaubhuge project deadline moves...21:37
leo-unglauband i am the guy who has to fix is21:37
ochosiwow ok21:37
pleia2knome: not for long21:38
pleia2ooh pretty21:38
knomepleia2, do you think it's okay to wait with the branding article until b2?21:39
knomepleia2, also, what do you want to do with the pingbacks?21:39
pleia2yeah I think that's fine21:39
pleia2we should disable pingbacks21:39
knomethat's not possible...21:39
knomeat least not trivially21:39
knomepingbacks are in a way interesting21:39
knomethey could lead us to "xubuntu in the press" -stuff21:39
knomeit would be great to gather them to one place though21:40
knomethat would be possible with a template in the theme21:40
knome(find any pingbacks on any post, and order by date, and for example, show 20 newest)21:40
knomebah, we could even make that a shortcode so we could use that on the "press" frontpage21:41
knomethat's more/as trivial than disabling pingbacks21:41
knome*than/as :)21:41
knomeotoh, looks like some of the pingbacks aren't so interesting21:42
knomeso that would need some work when approving/deleting21:42
knomebut i don't think that's a problem, since there is really no rush in approving those, just do it when you log in :)21:42
leo-unglaubare you talking about http://xubuntu.org/ ?21:44
knomeleo-unglaub, y21:44
knomei will look into it now, probably quickly write a mockup to start building on21:46
* pleia2 train21:47
knomepleia2, see you later, and keep on having fun21:48
micahgochosi: abiword snapshot uploaded to ppa:micahg/ppa, should build in ~1hr21:49
micahgif this fixes enough issues, I'll take care of shepherding it into precise21:49
knomemr_pouit, ?21:54
nonauochosi:  Understood about the Abiword issue.  As for the password prompt having white text, what reason is there for that?22:00
ochosimicahg: sweet, i'll check it out (tomorrow)22:06
ochosinonau: hm, i didn't read that before, what password prompt?22:06
PjotrHello, I wish to report a problem with alacarte menu editor, which is part of Xubuntu 12.0422:15
PjotrIt's untranslatable, just like lightdm-gtk-greeter was (until mr_pouit fixed it at Launchpad)22:15
micahgPjotr: things in universe aren't translatable in launchpad22:16
micahgso, that's the case with most of the xubuntu packages22:16
PjotrOK.... where can I translate it then? Not in the Xfce project, of which I'm a translator as well...22:17
knomePjotr, upstream22:18
Pjotrgoogled it, but can't find it....22:19
nonauochosi: The gksu? prompt before launching synaptic.22:19
micahgPjotr: I think alacarte is part of GNOME22:20
ochosinonau: aha. were you using the gtk3.3 branch?22:20
knomemicahg, it is22:20
ochosinonau: (i think i forgot to tell you that..)22:20
nonauochosi: I simply downloaded the tarball of the master git.  I don't recall anything about you mentioning gtk 3.3.22:21
ochosinonau: oh, sorry then. master doesn't work well in precise. there were quite a few not-backward compatible changes in gtk3.3, so i created a separate branch for that in github22:22
Pjotrmicahg: OK, I'll see what I can do then.... Thanks for the info.22:23
nonauochosi: Where do I download this gtk 3.3 branch then?22:25
ochosinonau: i think this should work: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/tarball/gtk3.322:27
nonauochosi: Thank you.  gksu and the grey rulers are back thanks to that. :)22:30
nonauNow if I could remember how to make Synaptic use newly downloaded themes...22:31
ochosisudo rm -r /usr/share/themes/Greybird && sudo mv Greybird /usr/share/themes ;)22:32
nonauthank you22:34
astraljavaknome: I'm a little behind on bugs, are there some critical or high importance ones that needed some love but aren't getting any?22:46
knomei don't know of any concerning xubuntu, but you might want to check with micahg or mr_pouit 22:46
micahgno idea, I have enough of my own bugs ATM :)22:47
astraljavaHeheh. :)22:47
knomethere's probably nothing too critical22:47
astraljavaOk, I'll just look around in mail and LP, then.22:47
knomemicahg, ?23:08
micahgknome: what?23:08
knomemicahg, do you know how to revert the images-on-dark-bg feature on FF?23:09
micahgAIUI, it was a bug that was fixed23:09
knomewell, they used to be shown on white bg23:09
knomei'm on oneiric23:10
knomeam i missing something?23:10
micahgoh, right :)23:11
knomei understood it's a *feature* that's why said so... :)23:11
* micahg thought you were referring to the thunderbird thing23:12
knomeno, since when would FF started meaning TB?23:12
micahgsince I appear to be half asleep :023:12
micahgnope, doesn't appear to be a way at present23:13
knomefsst :<23:14
knomethat's a really bad change, really..23:14
knomei am sure there is a bugreport for this though23:14
ubottuMozilla bug 376997 in Layout "Render standalone images against a dark gray background" [Enhancement,Verified: fixed]23:15
micahgknome: BTW, you're not the first person to complain about it, that was the bug that was fixed23:16
micahgyou can file a feature request to make it controllable and block that bug if you like23:17
knome"block" ?:)23:18
micahgthere's a blocks field when you file a bug, it just means that if the blocked bug is backed out, then this should be too23:19
knomei both understand and don't :)23:20
mr_pouit*g*, it takes so much time to test bild artwork package because of optipng :<23:26
mr_pouitochosi: gtk-scale? where do I test that?23:26
knomemr_pouit, are you uploading the greeter badge and the ligthdm logo? (:23:26
mr_pouitin a few minutes (when my test build ends)23:27
ochosimr_pouit: e.g. in pavucontrol23:27
ochosii don't know many other places23:27
ochosiespecially for vertical scales, i don't know of any app that uses it (so it's untested)23:27
mr_pouitoh, ok, I'll try that tomorrow23:27
mr_pouitI guess I'll upload a new revision of shimmer-themes tomorrow evening23:28
ochosihave you by any chance tested the power-notifications?23:28
mr_pouitI didn't touch elementary-xfce recently :]23:28
knomemr_pouit, mmh, we got two days more time, so until thu23:28
knomedebian-cd is fixed \o/23:29
knomeochosi, we should look into making our slideshow less tall for P+1...23:29
knomeochosi, it's not fitting notebooks currently23:29
ochosior do a new on23:30
knomeochosi, we *could* fix that for P already, but that would most probably mean smaller text size23:30
knomeochosi, or smaller screenshots...23:30
ochosismaller font would be ok imo23:30
ochosiit's still far larger than most text on the screen, and people can read those things too23:30
knomehow do you feel about the screenshots being cut from the bottom then?23:31
knomewe need like 95px more space...23:31
ochosiwow, that's quite a bit23:31
ochosihow come?23:31
knomethe height is 550 now23:31
mr_pouitastraljava: no critical crash that I'm aware of for xfce (but I didn't check recently reported private bugs, lp doesn't notify us about them...)23:31
knomeplus, window borders, plus the progress bar23:31
ochosimr_pouit: well yeah, but you still could've pulled the latest rev from git to your vm :}23:33
ochosi(just sayin ;) )23:34
mr_pouityou didn't ask, so I tried to be lazy ;>23:35
ochosiwhat are the chances of a physical install of a daily 64bit image to be successful?23:37
knome90%+ ?23:37
ochosihm, sounds good enough23:37
mr_pouitunless ubiquity suddendly broke, 99% ? :P23:37
ochosithen i'll delete my testing-vm now and try that physical install23:38
ochosifar better for testing anyway23:38
ochosiswoosh, and it's gone23:38
ochosihmm, downloading takes far longer...23:40
ochosimr_pouit: i'll go through the sound tests now, how long will you be available tonight?23:40
ochosi(i might need some guidance here or there)23:40
mr_pouit5~10 minutes (waiting for xubuntu-artwork 12.04.5 to show up on precise-changes@)23:41
mr_pouitafter that I really need to sleep23:41
ochosihmm, ok23:42
ochosiso just very quickly:23:42
ochosifirst i'll test the mute-thing. but i'm sure unmute won't work23:42
knomeochosi, we'd need to redo the desktop-slide image23:42
knomeochosi, that doesn't really fit in...23:42
mr_pouitochosi: with the (non-existing) default settings?23:43
ochosithen i try the proposed change from the bugreport (set xfce4-mixer active-card to pulseaudio)23:43
mr_pouitI guess it won't work, indeed23:43
ochosithen i check whether xfce4-mixer still works and whether it pops up notifications23:43
ochosiis that it, or shall i uninstall pulseaudio totally as well and see whether that solves anything? :)23:43
mr_pouitopen xfce4-mixer > change the volume using media keys > check that xfce4-mixer reflects the change too23:44
mr_pouitopen xfce4-mixer > change the volume and check that a notification appears23:44
mr_pouitI guess if they both work as expected, that's perfect23:45
ochosiand if not?23:45
mr_pouit(I don't have pulseaudio on debian, and it solves everything :P)23:45
ochosii was afraid that would solve everything..23:46
mr_pouitochosi: if not, then gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio still sucks, and I'm not sure what's the right decision for precise :<23:46
ochosiit was an odd (and imo hasty and uninformed) decision of charlie to install that by default...23:46
ochosimkay, live-stick is almost ready23:47
mr_pouitwe don't install willingly pulseaudio by default23:47
ochosiin fact i could even test this in the live-environment23:47
ochosiwe don't?23:48
ochosii thought that was a conscious decision23:48
ochosiso what triggers that then?23:48
mr_pouitthere's no "*pulse*" string in the seeds23:48
mr_pouitubuntu uses pulseaudio by default, so something is pulling it for us too23:48
ochosii see23:49
knomebut pulseaudio isn't too bad nowadays, is it?23:49
astraljavamr_pouit: Ok, thanks!23:49
ochosibooting into live-system now, brb23:49
mr_pouitknome: xubuntu-artwork 12.04.5 uploaded (lightdm + badge with the new logo)23:50
knomethat should be it for the logos23:51
mr_pouitknome: pulse isn't too bad I think, but it doesn't interact well with xfce4-{mixer,volumed} right now23:52
mr_pouitochosi: fyi, at least indicator-sound-gtk2 depends on pulseaudio23:53
ochosimr_pouit: if thats the only thing we could skip it imo23:53
ochosibut anyway...23:54
ochosistarting the sound-tests now23:54
ochosi(oh how i hate us kb-layout)23:54
ochosiok, i need to install, otherwise i can't easily restart the session23:56
* knome read "restart the simon"23:57
ochosimaybe/ubiquity isn't very pretty23:57
knomewe might be okay with 470, if that's good for netbooks23:58
* knome is getting somebody to test that23:58

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