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artaoi know this is an xfce channel, but #kubuntu is completely dead .... i'm just wondering if there's some 'quick' console command i can use to refresh my mouse cursor01:52
artaoi'm pretty sure it's just my crappy gfx card, old ass x600 256meg card01:53
artaoi'm on a dual head display, and regularly the mouse cursor turns into a square of noise on one of the monitors. sometimes both.01:53
artaologging out and back in fixes it, but it always comes back01:54
mosnoartao, try xrefresh although i'm not sure the pointer would be included02:01
artaonope. no result03:22
artaomosno ^^03:23
mosnoartao, check LP perhaps03:26
artaomosno, check LP ??04:05
mosnoartao, launchpad04:06
artaomosno? what is that?04:13
mosnoartao, first hit on Google. yo!04:14
artaomy installation started with Ubuntu Studio (ubuntu 11.10 with xfce) then i installed a BASE KDE04:14
mosnoartao, bug tracking system04:14
artaoi'mmmm ... not seeing help there04:15
artaoall i want is to force my mouse cursor to refresh into an actual mouse cursor lolz04:16
mosnoi don't know artao04:17
mosnoperhaps try askubuntu or the mailing lists04:17
artaoi spose04:17
artaoi doubt that would help, as my gfx card is pretty old04:17
artaoi was just hoping for a 'quick fix' outside of logging-out/loggin-gack-in04:18
mosnoartao, perhaps try switching to a text-mode virtual console and back again04:20
mosnoeg. CTRL+ALT+F1, then ALT+Fwhatever04:21
nonauI believe the GUI level is F704:22
nonaueg. CTRL+ALT+F704:23
artaonope. tried. no luck there04:38
artaoi'm pretty sure it's the kde graphics driver, but there appears to be no on on #kubuntu so i was hoping someone here might know04:39
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BlakJakis there an equivalent of gconf-editor for xubuntu?06:12
asterismoi have some problem with directory menu plugin, can anyone help?06:37
Marzatadirectory menu plugin?06:39
asterismoyou see06:40
asterismoi installed nautilus as default file manager06:40
asterismoand set nautilus in preferred applications06:40
Marzatain Xubuntu?06:40
asterismoi did it in my desktop pc and everything is fine06:40
asterismoand directory menu plugin works great06:41
Marzatawhy caps?06:41
asterismoi tried the same in my netbook06:41
asterismoinstalled nautilus06:41
asterismobut  when i go to select as default (in preferred applications)06:41
asterismonautilus is not there06:41
Marzatajust type it06:41
asterismoit's like it is not recognizes as a file manager06:41
asterismoi type the command06:42
asterismothen directory menu plugin opens nautilus always in my home directory06:42
asterismono matters what folder i selected06:42
asterismodo you see the bug?06:42
Marzatano, where?06:42
asterismowhen nautilus is not recognized as a file manager in preferred applications06:43
asterismodirectory menu do not work06:43
asterismoit does not allow me to browse folders and the open them06:43
asterismoit always opens nautilus in my home folder06:44
asterismoi tried reinstalling nautilus and nothing06:44
asterismodirectory menu keeps doing this06:44
MarzataI think Xubuntu 11.10 at some stage, probably after an update, forgets the default applications.06:45
MarzataI think you should see how nautilus is started in the one that works06:45
Marzataprobably it is with some key, nautilus %u, or nautilus %s, and start it the same way...06:46
Marzatadunno what is the correct one06:46
asterismoand how do i see that command in the one it works...06:52
asterismoi figured it out06:57
asterismoi noticed that in preferred applications there were 2 Thunar entries06:57
asterismothat in fact 1 of them is nautilus missnamed06:58
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miarfwould you say that having display compositing cause really choppy window movements is normal on a modern computer?10:08
miarfright, time to do a bit of troubleshooting then10:19
miarfjust installed xubuntu 11.10, updated it and installed the proprietary nvidia driver10:21
leoncrowhey anyone in here?14:10
leoncrowoh ok cool14:11
leoncrowi have a xubuntu question14:11
Marzataleoncrow: of coz you have14:11
leoncrowwhen i connect my blackberry usb to my computer it doesnt show up on either end14:12
Marzataleoncrow: you are in usa?14:12
leoncrowi googled it and there seemed to be a couple of people with similar problems but no suggested solutions. it's a lenovo thinkpad sl500 and im running like ocelot oneiric, forget the number. any tips?14:12
leoncrowhm nope14:13
Marzataleoncrow: it is the same dialing code14:13
leoncrow+1 is the country code, yea14:13
Marzatathinkpad is the right choice, blackberry not that.14:14
leoncrowhaha yea for sure14:14
leoncrowthis is actually my second one, i got an exchange cause the trackpad and buttons became like periodically useless14:15
Marzataleoncrow: what are you using blackberry for?14:15
GridCubeMarzata: why does that would matter?14:16
leoncrowi just want to put music on it at the moment, basically14:16
leoncrowand on my old mac, i think thats what i was using, it would just automatically show up with usb drive as an option and that would activate its display in the like 'my computer' folder equivalent14:16
Marzataleoncrow: can't you copy the music on its flash card? sd?14:17
leoncrowim not sure what you mean. when i connect the blackberry it just show up as a folder.14:17
Marzataleoncrow: no memory card you mean?14:17
leoncrowjust doesnt, i mean14:18
leoncrowand yea i mean as far as i know theres no memory card you can remove from it, i dont know where it would be14:18
leoncrowwhen i take off the cover theres just the battery and sim card14:19
leoncrowanything i can do to get it to recognize? it works fine with the connecter for my older mp3 player14:20
GridCube!info barry-util14:20
ubottubarry-util (source: barry): Command line utilities for working with the RIM BlackBerry Handheld. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.15-1ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 135 kB, installed size 548 kB14:20
GridCubeleoncrow: ^^^^^^^14:20
Marzatawhat kind of device is that? even my Nokia 101 has a sd card.14:21
GridCubeMarzata: please14:21
GridCubeif you can't help with a problem dont make it worst14:21
leoncrowgridcube im not sure i understand the 'barry-util' stuff14:22
MarzataGridCube: sometime is important to have the correct device. You can't expect Linux to work with your proprietary washing machine.14:23
GridCubeokay, listen in xubuntu when you plug a new device it should appear a directory on the desktop, it looks like a folder and you should be able to put stuff there as with any folder14:23
GridCubeMarzata: blackberry its a correct device, its not a washing machine14:24
leoncrowthe blackberry doesnt appear on the desktop14:24
MarzataGridCube: I'm not quite sure of that.14:24
GridCubeleoncrow: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/syncing-your-blackberry-on-ubuntu.html14:25
leoncrowthank you gridcube i have to shortly now but i will look over that14:26
leoncrowalso marzata i think your comment is a bit foolish - from the way you've been speaking so far it doesnt sound like you've been trying to be funny in a good natured way. washing machine? 'what kind of device is that?' like get a life jeez, its only a phone. have a nice day.14:28
xubuntu185hi man14:47
xubuntu185I am newbie14:47
xubuntu185Who's been there?14:47
PiciGot a question?14:48
xubuntu185I don't speak English well14:48
xubuntu185because I am foreigner14:49
PiciWhats your native language? We have many non-english support channels.14:49
xubuntu185I am korean14:49
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko14:49
PiciI don't know how busy that is, though.14:49
xubuntu185Thanks :)14:49
xubuntu185That's wonderful help!14:49
instalacionlentaes muy muy lenta la instalación!14:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.14:56
instalacionlentathank you!14:57
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theShadow-dos anyone here have any experience dualbooting xubuntu with osx?16:54
theShadow-specifically, does it require eEFIt16:55
GridCubemmm i don't know16:57
theShadow-my main issue is, rEFIt does not support OSX 10.716:57
GridCubetheShadow-: but for what i understand at that level xubuntu and ubuntu are the same16:58
GridCubeso whatever works for ubuntu it should do for xubuntu16:58
LachezarHello people... How can I display boot messages or a boot animation? Currently I get half a minute black screen, followed by two-three second XUBUNTU loading screen, and then I get the DM login prompt.18:14
LachezarIt seems to me, that plymouth is not started...18:15
ickefeshi guys. is it possible to get "indicator-cpufreq" to work in Xubuntu 12.04? I have used it in Ubuntu 11.10 but can't get it to work in Xubuntu 12.04.19:24
ickefesi get "** WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'GMountMountFlags' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'"19:25
ickefeswhen i launch it in the terminal19:25
popschis there a way to suspend the computer from the command line without the need for sudo? pm-suspend requires sudo20:56
cythesInteresting.... people... O.o22:20
cythesNothing, I'm just making light conversation :)22:21
knome#xubuntu-offtopic is for the lighter side :)22:21
cythesOh I see... xD22:22

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