czajkowskiebel: http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/translator-credits.html17:33
czajkowskiit's the way to say thanks publically for stuff in 12.0417:38
tdr112what time are we meeting tonight20:06
victor90989pm I think20:07
victor9098Just a reminder to anyone who has not voted on the release party date through your hat in the ring here: http://goo.gl/9A1tO20:09
czajkowskivictor9098: cool20:19
victor9098democracy in action ;)20:23
infoturtleany body else really excited about the meeting/???21:00
victor9098whoop whoop21:00
infoturtlehello all21:02
ebelshall we start?21:03
infoturtleup to you, you're chair (I assume)21:03
ebelairurando contacted me earlier, he has to work late and won't be joining us21:03
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ebelplease say "PRESENT" if you're here and taking part in this meeting21:04
ebel#link the minutes for this meeting: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/351/detail/21:04
ebel#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/351/detail/21:04
infoturtleha ha21:07
victor9098performance issues21:07
ebelso the agenda is here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/351/detail/21:07
ebelas always anyone can add anything at any time21:07
ebel#topic Review of previous action items.21:08
ebelthe agenda for that meeting was here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/338/detail/21:08
ebelWe had an ubuntu hour in science gallery in dublin21:08
ebelme, slashtommy and tdr112 turned up.21:09
ebeltwas alright21:09
infoturtlesounds cool21:09
czajkowskiwish I had more o them over here21:09
victor9098@czajkowski be the change :D21:09
meetingologyvictor9098: Error: "czajkowski" is not a valid command.21:09
ebelprevious logs http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2012/ubuntu-ie.2012-02-15-21.00.html21:10
ebelah i didn't look into CDs21:10
victor9098It has been confirmed they are staying at 700mb21:10
ebel#action ebel to look into CDs for loco for next release21:10
meetingologyACTION: ebel to look into CDs for loco for next release21:10
* infoturtle is upset by this news21:10
czajkowskiCDs haven't been announced yet21:10
ebelinfoturtle: did you look at website?21:10
czajkowskishould be coming shortly21:10
infoturtleyes I did21:11
infoturtleI'm making an offline site to just copy over21:11
infoturtlehave the drupal 7 layout picked and working on the css and images21:11
ebelhow's it going? need any help?21:11
infoturtleI'm good for now, may need some help actually putting it onto the server and DNS pointing and stuff21:12
infoturtlethat I'm not great with21:12
infoturtlethat's all I have to offer on it for the moment21:12
ebelsure, well just give me a shout anytime. others in this channel could help and be knowledgeable aswell.21:12
infoturtlecheers ebel21:13
ebelthat was all the agree'd and action'ed last meeting21:13
ebel#topic 12.04 LTS Release Party from victor9098 (right?)21:13
victor9098I have counted the votes and it was close, but April 28th took it with one vote (April 28th got 4 votes versus 3 for May 5th)21:13
infoturtleI've to get my timetable before I can vote21:14
victor9098Now we just need some location and event ideas21:14
* ebel nods21:14
victor9098We have a four weeks to bring it all together21:16
victor9098But any suggestions are more then welcome21:16
infoturtleThere was talks amoungst skynet of another release party but haven't heard of it in a while. Might ask again21:16
infoturtlefor the Dublin I don't wana give input as I probally can't make it21:17
victor9098Of course you can infoturtle21:18
slashtommyis there any markets on that weekend, farmleigh, dun laoghaire?21:18
victor9098Good idea, I will look into it21:18
slashtommyadvantage: choose what food you want or bring your own (makes it student friendly)21:19
czajkowskithere is a market up in templebar also21:19
czajkowskior was21:19
slashtommythere is, but nowhere to picnic21:20
victor9098I will go fishing for anything with free food and hopefully wifi (though a few of us should have 3g dongles)21:20
czajkowskipeoples park behind dublin city countil ?21:21
czajkowskijust a thought21:21
slashtommyby christchurch?21:21
victor9098jotting it down, a indoor backup just in case weather is not great21:22
czajkowskislashtommy: aye21:22
czajkowskivictor9098: swing round the corner and go to bull and castle?21:23
slashtommyMarket Bar if wet?21:23
czajkowskiagain just firing out ideas21:23
slashtommybig tables, not too noisy etc21:23
victor9098Always pile into starbucks :D21:23
slashtommyoh, check the sport!21:23
slashtommyif the fall back option is a pub, beware the sports21:24
victor9098good point21:24
victor9098Does anyone want to meet on release day, maybe a Ubuntu hour ?21:24
slashtommywhen is release day?21:25
victor9098April 26th21:25
czajkowskiit will21:25
slashtommya Thursday!21:25
czajkowskialways a thursday except 10.10.10 :)21:25
czajkowskifolks sprint that week21:25
czajkowskiand you get the weekend to recover21:26
czajkowskiand then start the next release21:26
slashtommysure, could meet for a beer somewhere21:26
slashtommyplease choose somewhere with good beer21:26
victor9098ok, well will remind people closer to the time and see who can make it21:27
victor9098When will the next IRC be?21:27
slashtommymeh, just tell people21:27
slashtommyif it's 3 of us, that's fine21:27
ebelnext irc will be in about a month21:28
victor9098Any excuse :D21:28
ebelalmost certainly before next release21:28
victor9098I will have a look into events in/around Dublin and see if anything fits21:28
slashtommygood beer can be found at bull & castle, against the grain, messers maguires, black sheep, wj kavanagh and l mulligans21:28
slashtommyoh, and porter house21:29
slashtommythats about it, one or two others like farringtons in templebar21:29
victor9098next topic?21:31
ebel#topic AOB?21:32
ebel#agreed victor9098 to look into venues for release party21:32
* ebel 's internet is being very dodgy now21:32
infoturtledon't think you're chair anymore ebel21:32
infoturtlethat agreed did nothing21:32
ebelthere's no other topic, so unless anyone has any other business (AOB) that's the end of the meeting21:33
victor9098Thanks ebel21:34
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Mar 21 21:34:26 2012 UTC.21:34
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2012/ubuntu-ie.2012-03-21-21.04.moin.txt21:34
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2012/ubuntu-ie.2012-03-21-21.04.html21:34
czajkowskioh fyi21:34
czajkowski2 conferences coming up21:34
airurandohope it went well guys :)21:34
czajkowskione in Limerick in October21:34
czajkowski20th anniversary of skynet21:34
czajkowskiand oggcamp - UK event21:35
czajkowskihappening during the summer21:35
victor9098Oggcamp getting rebranded?21:35
czajkowskihave to wait and see21:36
* airurando reads logs21:37

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