Musaabhow do i get Quassel to autojoin and add favorites00:00
Musaabfor channels?00:01
ludlowwhats a good mp3 player for kubuntu?00:15
ludlowI just removed some bloated one and now using dragon player for now00:16
nancy--Riddell,  <UsageValue>54334315944</UsageValue>           how much gig is it?00:16
szalbest GUI audio player -> Audacious00:17
szalthough the *buntu version is far from up-to-date00:18
ludlowszal, can I get it from the package store?00:18
ludlowinstalling now00:18
Sentynelnancy--: that's a value in bytes00:19
nancy--54334315944/1024/1024/1024=50,602775i have used 50 gigs?but i had 15gig  limit in free tier.00:20
j2ludlow: Good is relative00:21
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tbruff13can someone help me with an Kubuntu issue please00:21
DasKreechtbruff13: I suppose someone can00:21
tbruff13DasKreech, hey00:21
Sentynelnancy--: in that case you'll be paying for the bandwidth over the free limit00:21
DasKreechIf they are here or not is a different matter00:22
tbruff13DasKreech, okay i have figured out why most of my keyboard shortcuts do not work in pithos and gmusicbrowser00:22
DasKreechSentynel, nancy--: what's the query about EC2 about? Ubuntu ships with EC2 aware tools?00:22
tbruff13DasKreech, they rely on a package called gnome-settings daemon00:22
DasKreechtbruff13: instead of dbus?00:22
tbruff13DasKreech, i do not know what instead of it could rely on00:23
tbruff13I just know what they plugin for gmusicbrower says00:23
nancy--i didnt see the bandwidth change in the activity or my bills. (just a charge for elastic ip)00:23
tbruff13as far as pithos00:23
tbruff13i am not sure00:23
nancy--Sentynel,  DasKreech00:23
tbruff13DasKreech, any ideas00:29
DasKreechtbruff13: You haven't asked anything yet so I'm not sure what path my ideas should traverse00:30
tbruff13DasKreech, how do i make these program that request gnome-settings daemon work in KDE?00:31
yofeltbruff13: install gnome-settings-daemon then?00:34
tbruff13yofel, if i install it and try to run it00:35
tbruff13it says an error00:35
tbruff13that equates to you cannot have two shortcut systems running at the same time00:36
tbruff13i will try again00:36
yofelah, no idea how to resolve that00:36
tbruff13yofel, here is a pastebin http://pastebin.com/SeLRemdG00:39
tbruff13yofel, is there any way to make KDE play nice with applications that request gnome-settings-daemon00:40
tbruff13maybe a plugin or package that could forward the request to what ever settings daemon kde uses00:40
yofeltbruff13: for one, gnome-settings-daemon is a user process, please don't start it with sudo00:41
tbruff13yofel, okay00:42
antonio___How can I install oxygen-transparent?00:42
tbruff13i have to logout of x then00:42
DasKreechtbruff13: give them gnome-settings-daemon or patch them ?00:42
yofeltbruff13: why?00:42
tbruff13because the process will not end00:42
yofeltbruff13: kill it?00:42
tbruff13oh duh00:42
tbruff13sorry lol im tired today bad00:42
DasKreechtbruff13: though really they should register themselves with dbus and then let whatever settings manager is available handle them00:43
darbehow can I add content to pdf file?00:43
DasKreechdarbe: LaTEX?00:43
tbruff13DasKreech, could i force this registration00:43
darbeDasKreech: I have created pdf file00:44
DasKreechtbruff13: erm.. perhaps. What does pithos and gmusicbrowser do?00:44
yofelantonio___: open system settings, workspace appearance00:45
yofelantonio___: in window decorations click on get new decorations and search for oxygen transparent there00:45
tbruff13can you guys please repeat what you said i got disconnected00:46
tbruff13DasKreech, gmusicbroser is just a music application and pithos connects to pandora and plays music00:48
darbecannnot I add content an exist pdf file?00:48
tbruff13DasKreech, the same shortcut keys worked for both applications in gnome00:48
tbruff13DasKreech, yofel i am heading over to #KDE as well okay00:49
tbruff13DasKreech, can you guys see my posts? am i connected00:52
ameshaall of my menu bars have suddenly disappeared00:59
ameshahow do i get them back?00:59
DasKreechamesha: try ctrl+M01:06
ameshajust anywhere?01:06
DasKreechtbruff13: I can see them01:06
ameshanot working :-(01:07
DasKreechamesha: I may need more context. What menu bars are you talking about?01:07
tbruff13DasKreech, you can see what01:07
ameshafile, edit, etc.01:08
DasKreechtbruff13: posts01:08
DasKreechamesha: on which application ?01:08
ameshaon all windows, gone01:08
tbruff13what posts01:08
ameshai open a new application and they're not there either01:08
DasKreech19:52 < tbruff13> DasKreech, can you guys see my posts? am i connected01:08
ameshaalt+anything doesn't do anything01:08
tbruff13DasKreech, oh thanks01:08
DasKreechamesha: Ah. and you can move the windwos around?01:09
tbruff13I figured out i was connected when she started posting01:09
ameshayes, there is a titlebar01:09
ameshai can close them01:09
DasKreechamesha: and ctrl+M doesn't do anythng?01:09
ameshamaximize and minimize01:09
ameshanope, nothing01:09
DasKreechamesha: what were you doing when they vanished?01:09
DasKreechtbruff13: I might browse the dbus tree to see if those applications register themselves.01:10
DasKreechyou can just write simple shell scripts to control them through shortcuts if they do01:11
DasKreechamesha: what were you doing when they vanished?01:11
tbruff13DasKreech, i do not know how to do that man I will try though01:11
ameshai killed an application that wasn't responding, and it seems that i got logged out01:11
ameshai logged back in and they were gone01:11
DasKreechamesha: oh dear. How did you kill the application?01:12
tbruff13amesha, what application01:12
DasKreechtbruff13: don't know how to do which part?01:12
DasKreechyofel: ping01:12
ameshai clicked the close button, it didn't respond for a while and kwin asked if i wanted to kill it so i said yes01:13
ameshathe application was anki01:13
yofelDasKreech: pong?01:13
ameshaalthough it was a plugin window that wasn't responding01:13
tbruff13DasKreech, how to pull up a dbus tree or read it01:14
tbruff13I am working on it01:14
tbruff13be nice to learn01:14
DasKreechyofel: Would qdbus show up gnome registered dbus commands?01:14
DasKreechamesha: hmm that shouldn't log you out01:14
yofelDasKreech: it should show the full dbus tree, including gnome01:14
ameshawhen i open something as root with kdesudo i have a menu bar01:14
DasKreechyofel: ok thanks that is what I thought01:15
DasKreechtbruff13: try qdbus from the konsole01:15
DasKreechamesha: so it's a kde setting for your user then01:15
tbruff13DasKreech, here is :1.10001:16
tbruff13 org.gmusicbrowser01:16
tbruff13 org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.gmusicbrowser01:16
ameshawhat setting though?01:16
tbruff13gmusicbrowser is there01:16
ameshai couldn't find anything in the settings that i looked at01:16
tbruff13DasKreech,  here is pithos :1.6401:17
tbruff13 net.kevinmehall.Pithos01:17
tbruff13 org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.pithos01:17
DasKreechamesha: I thnk it may not be a GUI setting01:20
DasKreechOr rather a haywire application of a GUI setting01:20
tbruff13DasKreech, http://wiki.gmusicbrowser.org/doku.php?id=dbus_api01:21
DasKreechtbruff13: great :)01:21
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tbruff13here is a setting that list dbus commands for gmusicbrowser01:21
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
tbruff13how do i configure kde to bind these to certain keys01:21
tbruff13DasKreech, looks like i can just enter the dbus command into khotkeys and bind01:23
DasKreechtbruff13: yep :)01:24
DasKreechamesha: oh didn't see you leave01:24
tbruff13DasKreech, can you answer one more question01:24
DasKreechtbruff13: Yes, That was the question.01:24
tbruff13DasKreech, ha ha very funny01:24
ameshai seem to be getting kicked off regularly for some reason01:24
* DasKreech bows01:24
DasKreechand Good night!01:24
ameshadid you say something while i was gone?01:25
DasKreechamesha: I thnk it may not be a GUI setting01:25
tbruff13DasKreech, if i bind the key fn+f12 in gmusicbrowser can i still bind it for pithos as well01:25
DasKreechOr rather a haywire application of a GUI setting01:25
ameshaokay, any idea how to fix it?01:25
DasKreechtbruff13: long as they are not there at the same time. You may wnat to build a small shell script that can differentiate between the two and then bind to that01:25
DasKreechno so I'll ping yofel again01:26
tbruff13amesha, what version of kde01:26
DasKreechyofel: Any idea why all KDE applications would lose the file-edit menu?01:26
DasKreechCtrl+M doesn't rectify01:27
DasKreechoccured post Xorg umm lets say crash01:27
ameshai could try logging out and logging in again01:27
DasKreechopening applications in another user works01:28
yofelhm, no sorry, if ctrl+m doesn't show it then I don't know what's wrong either01:28
DasKreechI'd try rebooting or a runlevel bounce01:28
ameshai could delete my ~/.kde but i'd much rather not01:29
yofelctrl+m IS still assigned as show menubar shortcut?01:29
DasKreechyofel: I'm trying to think if there is a setting that would move them ala a global menu bar01:29
DasKreechamesha: you can just move it to a new name01:30
DasKreechyofel: Oh hmm good question01:30
amesharight, i'd still rather not01:30
DasKreechamesha: :-)01:30
ameshalet me check about ctrl+m01:30
ameshayes ctrl+m is defined as show menubar in the system settings01:31
ameshai tried changing it to something different and then using the new shortcut and it still doesn't do anything01:33
ameshait looks like it's only affecting qt and gtk applications01:36
ameshaothers have their menubar01:36
DasKreechamesha: so firefox has no menu?01:39
ameshaemacs has a menu, idle (a tk app) has a menu01:40
jalcineThere's a package to provide global menu support for Firefox in the repos, no?01:40
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DasKreechamesha: what are you trying?02:16
kuangerhello everyone, is there have someone know chinese?02:30
ubottukuanger: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw02:50
tbruff13DasKreech, there was no dbus command to skip songs on that page03:14
tbruff13I do not understand one thing03:14
tbruff13Why do these shortcuts not work in KDE in the first place03:15
DasKreechtbruff13: you have to register with whatever is capturing the commands03:35
tbruff13DasKreech, huh03:35
tbruff13I am going to file bugs03:35
tbruff13and junk03:35
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c2tarunHi friends, Is there any way to block websites on kubuntu? apart from editing /etc/hosts?05:25
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EvilResistancec2tarun,  block outbound traffic with iptables (or a firewall, like ufw, or something that ships with Kubuntu), thereby blocking traffic to websites05:34
EvilResistanceyou could also set exemptions as needed via this same method05:34
EvilResistancethat second method, however, is extraordinarily rigid, that is to say allows absolutely no exceptions other than those configured by yourself05:35
EvilResistanceif i may ask, what extent of website blocking were you looking for?05:36
EvilResistancesomething like a parental controls system?05:36
c2tarunEvilResistance, I want to block a particular website.05:36
EvilResistancec2tarun, can i privmsg you?05:36
EvilResistancejust for a sec05:36
* c2tarun hates when friends waste there valuable time on using fb on my laptop05:36
EvilResistanceso you want to block facebook05:36
c2tarunyup :|05:36
EvilResistancewell, that's semi-easy...05:37
EvilResistance(emphasis on semi)05:37
EvilResistancelemme dabble around in my system, i want to check a few things first05:38
c2tarunsure :)05:38
EvilResistance(make sure i remember how to do this without screwing all outbound inet traffic :P)05:38
EvilResistancebleh, i'll need to boot to *nix, (i'm on my windows system atm)05:39
c2tarunEvilResistance, sure, I'll wait :)05:41
EvilResistancec2tarun, which Kubuntu?  10.04?  11.10?  etc.05:42
c2tarun11.10, is there any difference?05:43
EvilResistanceno, just wanted to make sure it was recent ;P05:43
EvilResistancec2tarun, incoming /query05:44
EvilResistance!notunity > c2tarun05:52
ubottuc2tarun, please see my private message05:52
userHi All06:28
useristhis possible: over one server connect to more than 1 machine in local network06:29
userall ports06:30
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giantpunehi, do you guys have any suggestions for any video/movie "manager" software that plays nicely with kde?  basically i have a tv connected to the computer and i would like guests to be able to see the imdb/rotten tomato info and stuff like that07:08
giantpunei tried xbmc but the mouse tracking stuff was painful to use07:08
Denis_Lobanovis this possible: over one server connect to more than 1 machine in local network07:13
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[fade]hi there, got 11.04, when i lock my laptop, after 10 minutes monitor should go to standby, but backlight is always on07:43
[fade]power settings are ok07:43
[fade]i tried searching for some solution, but prooven much harder than initialy thought07:44
[fade]sure kuanger07:54
lordievadergood morning08:36
punchedPeace_any one has already compiled kmymoney?10:02
PaulW2UpunchedPeace_: what version are you looking for, 4.62?10:15
Faustusso what's the future of Kubuntu now that canonical has axed financial support?11:11
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dizopsinhi... I just upgraded to Kubuntu 11.10 and apparently window size of applications isn't remembered anymore. I'm pretty sure the previous version did this. (for example, resizing dolphin, closing it, reopening it results in different window size than when closed).11:52
dizopsinis there a way to get back to the old behavior?11:52
BluesKaj'Morning all13:04
ScuniziMorning all :) .. for some reason the font rendition in a terminal in kubuntu isn't as smooth/pleasing/ as easy to read, as a gtk terminal window in ubuntu.  Is there a way to change this?  Does it have to do with font choice or how the system displays fonts?13:31
lordievaderThere is13:32
lordievaderIn konsole go to Settings -> Current Profile13:32
lordievaderThen the Appearance tab13:32
lordievaderAnd click Edit Font13:33
Scunizilordievader: thanks.. I'm having an issue finding Current Profile in Settings.  In which group is that?13:34
lordievaderScunizi: Euhh do you have your konsole window open?13:35
Scunizilordievader: (face palm). I was looking in "Setting" off the menu system and have irssi running in Guake so I totally overlooked, looking in an actual terminal window.13:37
lordievaderWell it's just in the konsole window13:37
BluesKajScunizi,  current profile>appearance tab13:37
BluesKajsettings>current profile>appearance tab13:38
BluesKajoops :)13:38
Scunizilordievader: my konsole window doesn't have much of a menu structure.. nothing that you've mentioned.  I see that type of menu in a gtk terminal window but nothing like that off the kde konsole window.  Just the menu/dot in the upper left with some options.13:42
BluesKajScunizi, if you don't see the menubar , ctrl+shift+M13:42
lordievaderHey thx blues didn't know that :)13:43
ScuniziBluesKaj: wow.. I had no idea that existed.13:43
BluesKajyea lordievader, right clicking in the terminal shows that ,,,I also leqarbed the hard way13:44
BluesKajer learned13:44
ScuniziBluesKaj: lordievader : got it.  Thanks.  I feel like an idiot.  I should have tried the right mouse click in the window as well ah-la XFCE13:47
lordievaderhey that is what we are here for!13:47
BluesKajthe right click dialog is your friend , most of the time :)13:48
Scunizilordievader: and good that I caught you too!  I'm typically on an dasking questions around 7pm Pacific Time and all is quiet13:48
lordievaderReally? i can see that being annoying...13:49
BluesKajearly there13:49
BluesKaj9:50 AM here in the east13:50
Scuniziright now it is.. some days I just have to get out of bed and it's typically between 4am and 6am.. I hate those days.13:50
Scunizino rhyme or reason why I wake up then but when I do I can't just lye there13:51
lordievaderBoth in the u.s.?13:51
ScuniziSouthern California here.13:51
lordievaderSounds nice13:52
BluesKajyup, hate waking up in the dark at 6AM , so I just make coffee and chat in here..I'm in Ontario , 200mi N of Torornto13:52
lordievaderWell i am in Holland :)13:53
BluesKajerr Toronto ,,,we love mispelling it13:53
ScuniziWhat time is it in Holland right now?13:54
lordievaderjup typos are fun....13:54
lordievaderon my fuzzy clock (love that clock) its "Four o'clock"13:54
BluesKajearly spring here , the snow just melted... was a pretty mild winter for our area...winter sports were practically non-existent13:55
Scunizithe day's early yet!  Never made it to Holland.  I spent 3 years in Germany and 2 in Italy, cruzed all over Europe via train, bus, tram etc.  Had lots of fun13:55
BluesKajthe offtopic cops will be her soon :)13:56
ScuniziBluesKaj: it was in the 70's yesterday here LOLOLOL13:56
lordievaderok slightly more ontopic, is it possible to have open applications bound to activities?13:56
lordievaderkinda like the virtual desktops?13:57
Scunizigood question.. I haven't played with activities..13:57
BluesKajyeah , we had 70sF for about 10 days ...50s now..which is fine for yardwork etc13:57
lordievaderMe neither, this is my second day using kde as main window manager.13:58
BluesKajyeah , the activities options "reason for being" ecapes me13:58
Scuniziwhat's the link for the updated KDE packages?  The ppa I mean13:58
BluesKajescapes me13:58
lordievaderScunizi: did you mean this one:13:59
Scunizilordievader: I just can't stand unity on a dual monitor desktop setup.. on my laptop it's fine but a bit clunky for me.13:59
lordievaderI just can't stand unity, on one monitor or 2...14:00
Scunizithat could be it.. is this the one that's used to upgrade kde desktop to 4.8.xx14:00
BluesKajsudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports14:00
Scunizithat's it.14:00
lordievaderbackport is basically unsupported and unstable newer versions.14:00
Scuniziyou're right .. typically that would be true but it's a bit different with the kde desktop14:01
lordievaderis it?14:02
lordievaderin my experience kde is a bit more delicate than gnome, one package update can screw up the system...14:02
BluesKajI'm running 12.04/kde 4.8.1 and so far it's really quite stable14:03
lordievaderThat is nice14:03
Scunizigot the same on my desktop and it's smooth..14:03
lordievaderIt is now in a beta stage right?14:03
BluesKajofficial release in a month or so14:04
lordievaderAh, I had the alpha version installed for a few weeks that one was also suprisingly stable.14:04
BluesKajLTS as well14:04
Scuniziwhat I really like is some of the window management.. two open windows when you drag them to the edges of the screen you can drop them 1/2 screen 1/4 etc14:04
lordievaderthe version that i am running (11.10) has that too...14:05
Scunizialthough it's a little touchy trying to get the "outline" to show up for 1/2 screen14:06
lordievaderI have it setup that i can drag windows to the next virtual desktop, so that makes it even more difficult14:07
Scuniziyes that would make it a bit more problemmatic :)14:07
lordievaderthe space to activate the feature should be larger14:08
BluesKajin the taskbar icon right click and the page can be moved to a different desktop14:09
BluesKajpage/app whatever14:10
BluesKajI guess most already know about that feature14:10
lordievader Need to get some food, ttyl14:15
Scuniziwow.. I was doing the backport updates and the system froze. I had to do a dpkg -a and -f to fix the system and continue with the update..14:22
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markithi, I've kubuntu 12.04, I've noticed that aptitude -d full-upgrade, with 0 packets to install, keeps writing to HD like a mad! any idea?14:58
markitI've to use ^C after a while...14:59
lordievaderDo you get the same result when doing the same with apt-get?14:59
markitlsof shows a lot of /var/lock usage15:00
markitlordievader: what is the syntax for the same feature?15:00
lordievadermarkit: I believe it was: apt-get dist-upgrade15:01
markiturgh, ok15:01
lordievaderor are you just trying to update packages?15:01
markitno, returns to the prompt imediatly15:01
markitlordievader: aptitude introduced "full-upgrade" to upgrade packages, also versions, without triggering the dist version upgrade15:02
BluesKajdon't run full upgrade15:02
markitBluesKaj: it has to work, it did since long time, it's a bug15:02
BluesKajon bts dist-upgrade15:02
BluesKajerr betas15:02
markiti don't want to do a dist upgrade, just a full-upgrade like I'm used to do since long long time15:03
lordievaderso you are just trying to update packages?15:03
markitbut the point is that looks buggy15:03
markitlordievader: sure15:03
markitanyone can confirm this bug?15:03
BluesKajyeah , it's a devel release ...dist is best15:03
lordievaderAh you can do that with "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"15:03
markitBluesKaj: dist is to jump from one version to another, I'm already in Precise 12.0415:04
markitlordievader: I'm here to have confirm of the bug15:04
markitdon't want to use apt-get, just have aptitude fixed15:04
lordievaderah, haven't said a thing. I rarely use aptitude myself so that is why i suggested it.15:05
BluesKajno it's not , markit , dist is for upgrading apps with the the releas , it's no longer used to upgrade to the newer release , do-release-uypgrade does that now15:05
BluesKajdo-release-upgrade rather15:05
lordievaderreally? It seems my knowlege is old -.-15:06
markityep, in debian dist-upgrade works, in ubuntu they have introduced that script15:06
markitdist-upgrade in ubuntu fails miserably15:06
BluesKajdistupgrade will upgrade kde if you have the backports ppas fo example15:06
markitBluesKaj: also full-upgrade, trust me :)15:06
BluesKajthis damn KB is going out the window soon15:07
markitanyway, I've to run, hope some dev will catch my rant and fix it, thanks you all :)15:07
BluesKajno markit not full upgrade ..that's never been advised by anyone that i can remember , just run dist-upgrade15:08
BluesKajKB=keyboard, lordievader15:08
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lordievaderBluesKaj: he already left15:08
BluesKajyeah ...gigures15:09
lordievaderBluesKaj: ah, in microsoft terms its quite something else XD15:09
lordievaderwhat is wrong with it anyhow?15:09
BluesKajfull-upgrade is iffy and old, not sure it's even doing what it's supposed to15:10
=== Guest84027 is now known as iforgotmypass
lordievaderwell it looks like it doesn't, probably the reason markit came here15:11
BluesKajaptitude isn't up to date either ..I used it for yrs , but lately apt-get has been developed to surpass aptitudes capabilities , especially in terms of drawing in the correct dependencies15:14
aguitelwhere i can find steps to run faster kubuntu ?15:14
lordievaderapt-get is quite nice, never bothered to use aptitude, apt-get does all i need it to do15:15
lordievaderhere is a ubuntu guide for speed, not sure if it actually works though... http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-to-speed-up-ubuntu.html15:15
BluesKajlordievader,  have you tried that tutorial ?15:22
lordievaderyea? I have15:22
lordievaderAs i said, I don't know if it actually works, doesn't seem much faster...15:23
BluesKajok , maybe your machine is new o it won't make much diff15:23
BluesKajI tried a couple of the commands ..didn't bother with swap15:24
lordievaderNah my machine is now 3-4 years old or something, Athlon 64 X215:24
BluesKajsame as mine15:24
lordievaderI didn't bother with the services, that would probably make some impact.15:25
BluesKajI added the preload and fstab line15:25
BluesKajgonna reboot justto check15:25
BluesKajshrug ...can't tell :)15:30
lordievaderI had the same thing :P15:30
BluesKajwe have the same cpu15:31
BluesKaj3G Ram15:31
lordievaderWhat + number do you got? I got the 4600+, overclocked to 2.75GHz with 6GB ram :)15:32
BluesKajnot me ...no overclaocking here15:33
lordievaderAt first I had 2GB ram, but then I added a third screen and was constantly on 80~90% ram... so I added 4GB15:33
BluesKajamd 5200+ here ..connected to my panasonic plasma tv thru a nvidia 7699gt , m-audio digital passthru to a HT audio receiver ...this pc is our media server15:36
BluesKajerr 7600gt15:37
lordievaderyour kb?15:37
lordievaderi use an old laptop of wich the battery died as a mediacenter :)15:37
BluesKajwireless MS KB and mouse15:37
lordievaderi ment the typo :P15:37
aguitelanyone using kubuntu 12.04 beta?15:38
BluesKajyes aguitel15:38
aguitelBluesKaj, any tips ?15:38
BluesKajaguitel,  any issues ?15:39
aguitelBluesKaj, some time boot normaly but some times freezy15:39
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BluesKajlordievader,  kb?15:39
lordievaderSome kind of labtec keyboard, a logitech mx518 mouse, connected to a hub so i just have one cable to connect to my laptop to have all my input devices hooked up15:40
aguitelBluesKaj, i follow this steps:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188903415:40
BluesKajlordievader,  ok , I use a MS wireless 1000 keyboard and wireless mouse15:42
BluesKajaguitel,  which graphics card ?15:50
lordievaderaguitel: nice guide, gonna try some of the stuff later15:51
aguitelBluesKaj, VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G72 [GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS] (rev a1)15:52
BluesKajaguitel,  did you choose the recommended driver in system settings>system>additional drivers?15:53
BluesKajaguitel,  and of course you've updated/upgraded/dist-upgraded regularly ?15:55
aguitelnow the system is running fine15:56
BluesKajupgraded to kde 4.8.1 ?15:56
aguitelthe system are using kde 4.8.115:57
BluesKajaguitel, well then you're up to date as possibel right now , which is good :)15:58
doda1hi folks, i complained yesterday about missing country in kubuntu's installed, forgot to say that it was missing from the time zone configuration16:08
doda1In Europe selection, Macedonia is missing, while serbia region etc are there16:08
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lordievaderlets see if i can still reboot, now i have updated to backports....16:10
lordievaderYayy i'm still able to boot XD16:14
doda1how do i report bugs on launchpad ? :D16:33
BluesKajdoda1,  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu16:40
doda1BluesKaj: ah thanks16:42
doda1i searched for kubuntu bugs and on that page couldn't find a report bug button16:42
BluesKajdoda1,  it's worth joining lauchpad to reportbugs , but search for it first before filing because it may already be reported then you may find a fix16:44
doda1what is the name of the kubuntu installer ?16:52
n8wanyone runin kubuntu via vbox?17:02
BluesKajdoda1, use sudo apt-getupdate && sudo apt-get upgrade , first , muon is the installer but it needs a fix to come down from the repos first to solve a bug17:03
BluesKajsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade17:03
BluesKajnope , running kubuntu for real here17:04
BluesKajn8w,  what's your issue ?17:09
licensedhey anobody uses xchat with kde?17:12
licensedmy xchat it's very slow =/ i think it's because i use kde17:12
doda1BluesKaj: i mean the distro installer17:15
doda1but yeah, i'm testing the 11.10 iso, i will get 12.04 asap17:16
doda1i mean the daily builds17:17
licensedomg.. i can't compress any folder =/ my ark didn't work wtf?17:18
BluesKajdoda1,  I'm not sure what you mean , upgrade to 12.04 ?17:18
doda1licensed: what is the error that you are getting17:18
n8wBluesKaj<-- I think im on the wai to resolve my issue:)17:18
doda1and regarding xchat, try konversation :)17:18
doda1BluesKaj: nope, i don't use kubuntu, i have arch on my desktop with kde, but i'm toying around with distros and noticed that the installer doesn't offer my country when i try to set the timezone17:20
licenseddoda1, i just install rar, unrar and p7zip-full packages and now works.. i'm sorry to disturb you.. and i will to try konversation17:20
doda1on the 11.10 image17:20
licensedbut i think xchat it's slow because akonadi.. i just close akonadi (I didn't know what it is) and now it's fast17:21
doda1licensed: no problem :)17:21
doda1nope, xchat doesn't use akonadi at all, but if you don't use it you can disable it with a workaround17:21
doda1what are the specs of your machine ?17:22
licensedwhen i close akonady.. i back to xchat and all it's fast17:22
licensedi have core2duo E4500 / 2,5gb ram (no swap) / HD1,5tb17:22
doda1yeah, more than enough for kde17:23
BluesKaj!akonadi | licensed17:23
doda1https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kde licensed read this, there are a lot of usefull tips to tweak kde17:24
BluesKaj!info akonadi17:24
ubottuPackage akonadi does not exist in oneiric17:24
licenseddoda1, yes thank you my friend17:24
doda1no problem, you are welcome :)17:25
BluesKajlicensed,  you can disable akonadi in system settings , startup&shutdown,service manager , nepomuk search module (tied to akonadi) uncheck.Then in sesion mangement , check "restore previous session" and add akonadi, nepomuk to the "applications to be excluded from sessions" text .17:30
licensedBluesKaj, cool17:32
licenseddoda1, yes, you're right.. xchat it's slow again =(17:33
doda1try konversation :D17:34
doda1licensed: i guess its xchat related17:34
doda1what is slow, connecting or UI responsiveness ?17:34
licensedui responsiveness17:35
licensednot only xchat ui, but all windows17:35
licensedvery very slow17:35
BluesKajok , jamtime ..later gents17:36
licensedi like xchat, i use some plugins and features good.. I tried quassel but i didn't like. i will try a new instance of xchat (with no plugins and no configurations).. if didn't solve, I have to change my client and i will try konversation17:38
Paddy_NIWould any of you fine people know if I can get pre-made HTML & CSS Kate snippets?17:44
Paddy_NIwould love tab completion like in Gedit17:44
pviveki would be very glad if someone can help me out. When i click get more plasma widgets, it gives me a network error and doesn't load plasma widgets at all. I am sure i have a proper network connection, i can't figure out why its not able to fetch new widgets. Any suggestions17:51
hypershockI am having an issue where the bottom of many fonts are clipped. and in popup bubbles the bottom line usually gets clipped entirely. and when moving the mouse up and down a drop down list, you can see little line artifacts in the path of the highliting. and ironically, this is faster than lubuntu and all of my x264's play very well. so is what i'm searching for a compositing issue?17:54
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hypershockpvivek: are you have the issue with the same machine that you are chatting with us on now?17:58
DasKreechpvivek: What version of KDE?17:58
DasKreechhypershock: what does font:/ show ?17:58
hypershockDasKreech: oh oh, you are making feel like a n00bzx0r right now, can you be more verbose on what you mean by "font:/"?18:00
valeraустановил таки18:01
DasKreechhypershock: press alt+F2 and type fonts:/18:03
hypershockok, 2 folders, personal and system18:04
pvivekhypershock: sorry for the late reply, yes the same mission, i am using 11.1018:05
pvivekDasKreech: Oneric18:05
pvivekhypershock: sorry, same *machine18:06
hypershockpvivek: got that. :)18:06
hypershockpvivek: do you modify your firewall at all?18:07
hypershockpvivek: as i am able to connect to the plasma widget repository just fine.18:07
hypershockDasKreech: it might not be the fonts at all. I think it is a compositing issue cause sometimes I get line on a dialogue, not a full one, but you  can tell the computer drew it and then if i switch screens or tabs it'll vanish away.18:09
hypershockDasKreech: I'm wondering if kwin --replace will help my situation18:09
DasKreechhypershock: Ah. Driver issue perhaps?18:09
hypershockDasKreech: possibl y. I didn't  have any driver issues under lubuntu or gnome or yukky-unity18:10
pvivekhypershock: i didn't modify any firewall settings :(18:10
DasKreechhypershock: Yes but they use the driver quite differently18:11
hypershockDasKreech: sadly, i don't have ati or nvidia, its the intel gm965m graphics system.18:11
hypershockDasKreech: hopefully we can find a solution, after all these years (about 15) kde is my new love again. :)18:12
DasKreechhypershock: Ah those are normally decent drivers18:13
DasKreechThough when they explode they blow up real good18:13
* DasKreech hugs the hypershock lovefest18:13
* hypershock gives DasKreech a large stout heife-veissen!18:14
DasKreechCheers! :)18:15
hypershockpvivek: doesn't it generate a specific error when you try to connect?18:15
DasKreechI'm going to be going in and out. You can probably ask in #kwin if they can help track it down18:16
hypershockDasKreech: is that to me? and by going in and out do you mean you just dropped something? ;D18:16
pvivekhypershock: right click on panel --> panel settings --> add widgets --> get new plasma widgets --> nothing loads in the middle part of the window, at the bottom left, a red X mark with a network error towards its right comes.18:17
hypershockpvivek: what does the network error say exactly?18:17
hypershockpvivek: also, on my desktop there is an icon in the upper right, I click that and choose add-widget and then a bar pops up from the task line and then I choose "get new widgets" on the right and then i choose "download new widgets" and then my list loads. see if you can do that. i'll try your method now to see if i fail. :)18:19
DasKreechhypershock: :) somethign like that I'm trying to get something done18:20
hypershockDasKreech: ok18:20
hypershockpvivek: ok, i checked  your method and my method are basically the same method with different steps. so if we can get that text from that network error from you. :)18:20
IRCShare<pvivek> error download new plasma widgets http://ircshare.com/i/418:21
pvivekhypershock: Network error. (1)18:22
pvivekanyone use telepathy here?18:23
pvivekhypershock: ping18:27
DasKreechpvivek: I dont :-( one thign down on my to-do list18:27
hypershockpvivek: i'm finding some solutions for you. hold please.18:27
* hypershock queues up the elevator music. do do de wa do. do do de wa do. -- that plays over and over as you go and make a sandwich --18:28
pvivekDasKreech: its quite simple , just 3 commands sudo apt-add-repository ppa:telepathy/ppa and then sudo apt-get update , and then sudo apt-get install kde-telepathy, and you're done.18:28
aguitelhow install minimal kde in 12.04 ?18:31
hypershockhttp://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=97685 seems to suggest that running this command "qdbus org.kde.kded /modules/networkstatus org.kde.Solid.Networking.setNetworkStatus Solid 4" might solve your problem temporarily. If it does you might want to put it in a script somewhere, but at the very least you'll be able to research your problem out further.18:32
DasKreech!info kde-minimal18:33
ubottuPackage kde-minimal does not exist in oneiric18:33
pvivekhypershock: thank you, will try right away.18:34
hypershockpvivek: sure thing18:35
pvivekhypershock: http://paste.kde.org/446264/18:37
pvivekhypershock: there's a blank line coming if i type the command without sudo and after that still the same error is coming18:38
hypershockpvivek: hmm, ok, i tried it and i got the same result in shell. however, now that you've run it like a Clint Eastwood movie, see if you can at least connect to the widget repository via your method.18:40
pvivekhypershock: you mean the old right click on the panel ... method right, i already tried it didn't work. I also tried your method too18:42
lordievadergood evening18:43
DasKreechgood evening18:44
lordievaderhow are you?18:44
DasKreechhungry but that is expected18:45
hypershockwhy is that expected?18:45
lordievaderis it because it is late and you haven't eaten yet?18:47
hypershockpvivek: from shell enter $> watch "dmesg | tail"18:47
hypershockpvivek: then whle that is up try the widget thing again, hopefully some errors we can use will stream up18:48
DasKreechhypershock: I'm awake18:50
DasKreechlordievader: No I'm always hungry :)18:50
hypershockDasKreech: if being awake makes you hungry ... *wondering why your nick isn't jabba* ;P18:51
hypershockmine should be "Lord Planet Eater" as being alive makes me hungry! :)18:52
lordievaderhmm, the sleep button in the menu seems to be broken...18:52
DasKreechlordievader: possibly. Powerdevil should be tuned in the future to hide that if your computer doesn't support sleep18:54
lordievaderIt is only after I updated kubuntu to the backport, before it could sleep like an angel :P18:55
lordievaderhey a suspend command through the terminal seems to work... lets see if the button is working again.18:56
lordievadereuhh no....18:56
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hypershockpvivek: i'm at a loss. gotta do errands now. :(19:03
pvivekhypershock: sorry i didn't understand what you told, i typed that command, i didn't understand what it showed19:03
cowlickswhy is it the kubuntu alt-install .iso does not install the kubuntu desktop by default?19:03
hypershockpvivek: man watch19:04
hypershockDasKreech: I ran "kwin --replace" composite problem solved. just so you know. :)19:04
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DasKreechcowlicks: it should. Unless you chose the server option19:11
DasKreechlordievader: check the power settings in the system settings?19:12
lordievaderah, could it be that because i disabled the power manager service that the button does not work any more?19:13
DasKreechlordievader: ^_^ possibly19:13
lordievaderDasKreech:  jups, that was the bugger, thank you :)19:15
hypershockpvivek: hey guy, that "kwin --replace &" command that I just performed, solved another problem for me, I was having muon issues with connecting to the repositories, bam no more problem. you might want to try it, wild shot it may be,b ut it might solve yoru widget repository problem too.19:23
hypershockbrb, rebooting19:23
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Prometheswhere are transcode options in Amarok 2.5 on ubuntu 11.10? Trnascoding feature is in Amarok since 2.4, so where it is?20:13
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DasKreechPromethes: look at the release notes?20:40
PromethesDasKreech: i found that transcode features but when i choose custom transcoding options format list is empty20:42
SentynelPromethes: you need ffmpeg installed for transcoding to work20:51
PromethesSentynel: ffmpeg is installed, package name ffmpeg20:52
PromethesSentynel: strange, i reinstalled ffmpeg package and now audio formats are available20:54
PromethesSentynel: still transcoding is not working, no matter what audio codec i choose, files are just copied20:57
SentynelPromethes: copying from amarok's file browser to the collection? does it work if you let it pick the automatic settings rather than custom?20:59
PromethesSentynel: no, automatic settings and custom setting works in the same way - copying files instead transcoding the21:01
DasKreechPromethes: can you add in transcoding options yourself?21:06
SentynelPromethes: is anything relevant emitted if you start amarok from the console with amarok --nofork --debug and then try and transcode?21:06
PromethesSentynel: i tried to modify custom encoding options, but without any success21:07
ScuniziI had an issue I posted earlier with font clarity in a terminal or guake, yakuake etc.. I've just discovered it looks *much* better with font smoothing turned off for some reason.21:09
PromethesSentynel: i am running amarok -d now, there is nothing like error or warning when i try to copy some files with transcoing21:09
DasKreechScunizi: depends on some combination of your card/driver and monitor. That's why we have options21:10
PromethesSentynel: maybe Amarok 2.5 is not properly compiled? i use kde backports ppa21:10
SentynelPromethes: it shouldn't be, as it detected the transcoding options available fine, but who knows21:11
Sentynelas I say, transcoding's been rewritten since that release and should generally be a lot better21:12
Promethesis there any other tool for syncing or managing audio devices/ipods/mp3 players with transcode support?21:19
Promethesbesides Amarok21:19
SentynelI use my own script to do it; I don't know about any software21:20
Sentynelyou might want to try building the current development version of amarok, as transcoding and device support have had quite a lot of work21:20
almoxarifebanshee will sync and transcode21:37
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antonio___How can I install the oxygen-transparent?22:06
nixternalbug 964838 - with Precise (12.04) only! - if you try what i asked in the report and it doesn't work respond as needed. thanks!22:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 964838 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "LO Writer - form control editing doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96483822:27
cowlicksI'm using kubuntu 11.10 on a Thinkpad, how can I configure trackpoint behavior? Particularly enabling middle click drag.22:48
jalcinecowlicks: you have "kcm-touchpad" installed?22:53
jalcineOr have the settings for touchpad config in System Settings?22:53
cowlicksjalcine: I don't see any info in the touchpad config in system settings about trackpoint.23:35
jalcinecowlicks: then install "kcm-touchpad"23:36
jalcineoh, hmm23:36
jalcinethen I'm not sure.23:36

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