nancy--i have 15g bandwidth in free tier. i just needed to know how much i have consumed00:00
MartynNancy, you didn't even --try-- Google, did you?00:01
MartynIt's like .. seriously .. the first hit00:01
MartynNot meaning to insult you or anything...00:01
nancy--what service should i select00:02
MartynAlso, if you want to look at individual statistics per server .. try munin00:03
MartynIn ubuntu, I believe munin is installable as :00:03
Martynaptitude install -y apache2 munin munin-node00:03
Martynwhich will install a web server, and the munin application00:04
nancy--what service should i select in that link you gave?00:04
MartynThink it through ..00:06
MartynWhat does EC2 stand for?00:06
MartynEC2=ECC=Elastic Compute....00:07
Martynnancy-- : I don't like spoon feeding answers.   All this information is easily available online, from Google (and other sources)00:08
Martynnancy-- : I'm in the  "teach a person to fish" category of teachers.. not "give a person a fish"00:08
nancy--hmm. iam new. ill be familier soon00:09
Martynand if you're using the Amazon Compute Cloud -- they have gone out of the way to produce tons of excellent documentation .. not to mention that even YouTube is riddled with great tutorials, screencasts, videos00:09
MartynYou're welcome.00:09
nancy--marass, <UsageValue>54334315944</UsageValue>           how much gig is it?00:15
nancy--54334315944/1024/1024/1024=50,602775i have used 50 gigs?but i had 15gig  limit in free tier.00:20
seekwillTime to open up the wallet!00:20
nancy--i didnt see the bandwidth change in the activity or my bills. (just a charge for elastic ip)00:23
nancy--for march00:27
nancy--                rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate00:27
nancy--     ------------------------+-------------+-------------+---------------00:27
nancy--       Mar '12     52.33 GiB |    5.90 GiB |   58.23 GiB |  235.40 kbit/s00:27
nancy--     ------------------------+-------------+-------------+---------------00:27
nancy--     estimated     67.54 GiB |    7.62 GiB |   75.16 GiB |00:27
nancy--Martyn,  i think iam not being charged for incoming trafic. its 15g for outgoing only. right?00:40
MartynI dunno .. what does "http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/" this say?00:41
socializerhttp://www.smuxi.org/page/ServerHowTo     what does this say???00:45
socializeri need this knowledge bad to break free and say good by to trolls00:46
nancy--0 for incoming00:49
Ronald_Reaganthe install (11.11) is stopping when it tries to detects disk drives. It is asking me to select the correct driver. How would I know which one to use?01:02
ehndeask the secret service guy watching over you01:04
ehndemaybe he knows something about ubuntu01:04
Ronald_ReaganHe told me he only knows stuff pertaining to windows. Figures.01:06
ehndemore seriously, i'm not sure how to solve your problem01:07
ehndeif it's a hard drive, you could look at the sticker on it, google the model of the drive01:08
seekwillRonald_Reagan: What kind of hardware are you running on?01:08
ehnde+ linux01:08
ehndeis it the drive, or the controller?01:08
seekwillIt's more likely the controller that is not supported, not the actual disk01:08
Ronald_Reaganseekwill: The controller would be something like RAID?01:09
seekwillAre you using your motherboard's onboard RAID controller?01:09
Ronald_ReaganThat or something the server came with.01:09
seekwillFind out01:10
Ronald_ReaganI got the server second hand to see if I could make it work01:10
seekwillWhat you want to do is boot of a live distro (take your pick) and find out what's installed with lspci01:10
seekwillOr open it up :)01:10
qman__how do I mark a "failed" drive as not failed with mdadm?01:12
qman__my controller freaked and marked 8 drives bad, even though they're fine01:13
Ronald_ReaganOk, Adaptec ServeRAID Controller is what lspci is giving me01:19
Ronald_ReaganFrom my googling, it seems like the driver I might want is 'ips'01:22
Ronald_Reaganhowever that one didn't work when I tried it01:22
Ronald_ReaganI'll have to figure this out when I have more time :\01:29
socializeri need linux pm buddy01:32
seekwillsocializer: It's usually better to use the whole channel as your "buddy"01:44
socializernot in my case friend01:45
seekwillWhy is your case different?01:45
socializeri dont want to talk about it01:45
seekwillok :)01:46
socializerim here to find linux person to pm about my linux related issues01:46
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Ronald_ReaganThe install (11.11) is stopping when it tries to detects disk drives. It is asking me to select the correct driver. lspci gave me Adaptec ServeRAID Controller as the controller. With some googling I think the driver is named ips, however when selecting that in the search menu it doesn't work. How would I go about getting ubuntu to find my hdd?03:15
jjohansenhallyn, stgraber: okay we are going to upload tomorrow03:34
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hallynjjohansen: cool, thanks03:50
socializerwho wil be my linux buddy???04:29
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EvilResistancedoes the server install image require a video driver of some form?06:16
EvilResistanceor  a video card of some form06:16
smwEvilResistance, you need a video card to hook up a monitor to do the install.06:27
EvilResistanceah, that explains it, someone in #ubuntu was using a serial console thing to try and install Ubuntu to a server06:27
EvilResistancenot even alternate worked06:27
EvilResistance(neither did the server iso)06:27
smwalternative still needs a monitor.06:28
EvilResistancei know06:28
smwalternative and server iso are the same (different packages, but the same installer)06:28
EvilResistancethen i cant help that user in #ubuntu :p06:28
DLobanovHi All07:02
DLobanovis this possible: over one server connect to more than 1 machine in local network07:02
DLobanovall ports07:02
DLobanovis this possible: over one server connect to more than 1 machine in local network07:12
blendedbychrisi have a hyper-v and i increased the hard drive space of my primary hard drive… can i grow this somehow?07:34
blendedbychriswhy would fdisk -l still show a drive that was removed?07:40
blendedbychrishere's fdisk -l … oddly the same partition scheme different drive sizes ugh stupid textmate fail :( http://pastie.textmate.org/private/bwww8slzmzoe7gfasfteia07:44
a5m0if i got one of the 12.04 beta downloads would it update itself to the final release at a later date?08:53
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alazare619hows everyone doing?14:27
RoyK 14:31
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oApocalypseim tryin to add a hd to my server16:32
oApocalypsethrough terminal of course16:32
oApocalypsei did it through a tutorial and for some reason once completed upon restart it tells me i have a bad mount16:34
oApocalypseoh wow thx guys16:40
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EvilResistancewithin iptables is there a way to set a cap on the maximum number of connections outbound to a set of addresses?19:21
qman__EvilResistance, I don't know about total connections, but you can limit the rate of connections, a number over time, using -m recent19:29
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EvilResistanceyeah, i've done rate-limiting, i need to actually restrict the max. connections to a set of addresses, though.19:46
seekwillEvilResistance: What is your use case?20:00
EvilResistanceseekwill:  i run a ZNC service, but want to set a max conn limit on efnet globally to 3 connections (so that we dont run into glines)20:03
EvilResistancei know how to block outbound data, but not how to restrict it to a max connections limit20:03
EvilResistancei'm not even sure iptables can do that20:03
EvilResistance(if i need additional softwrae, lemme know :P)20:03
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seekwillEvilResistance: Ah, ok. Just curious :)20:05
seekwillEvilResistance: I've never done it, but does this help? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/iptables-connection-limits-howto/20:07
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EvilResistanceseekwill:  i think there's an example on that page that'll work, if i dns-lock the efnet domain to a single server address20:30
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hallynjjohansen: did you mean apparmor is being uploaded today (sunday) or monday?20:56
hallynwondering whether to keep checking for it tonight :)20:57
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