EvilwareHi you all!03:36
EvilwareDo u know a site to learn to setup Ltsp? I installed edubuntu and I thought it was in there but thin clients do not see the server. Do I have to install the ltsp server?03:38
highvoltagestgraber: I got a bunch of new emails the last week for new images, when should I do iso testing?12:59
stgraberhighvoltage: today's are the first candidates13:38
stgraberhighvoltage: there was a pretty bad unity-5.8 mess yesterday that took the day to fix13:39
uros1I have this eeepc, actualy 1028 of them,17:20
uros1and must install Edubuntu 10.04 on every single one17:20
uros1clonezilla is first choice, but when I try to boot17:21
uros1machine granted me with thiss error17:21
uros1any idea how to fi this?17:21
alkisguros1: since that's a clonezilla question, why don't you ask in #clonezilla instead?17:22
alkisgYou're missing a network card module, ask there on how to include it in the initramfs17:23
uros1clonezzila working great with older laptops here17:23
alkisgYes, those have different network cards17:23
uros1but with this model no.17:23
alkisgAlso edubuntu will work fine once you clone it17:23
alkisgIt's not an edubuntu problem, it's a clonezilla problem17:23
uros1I`m shure17:23
alkisgIt doesn't contain the network module for your network card in its initramfs17:24
uros1any way to include them, with custom made edubuntu ?17:24
alkisgTo include them in clonezilla? We don't use it, we don't know17:24
alkisgAgain, it's not related to edubuntu at all17:25
alkisgYou could be cloning windows and have the same problem...17:25
uros1lets go to clonezilla room17:25
alkisgIt's a problem in clonezilla, ask them17:25
alkisgYou're welcome17:25
EvilwareSomeone here!! Hello!17:50
highvoltagestgraber: so is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/dvd/20120327.1/ ready for testing or should I hold on a bit?17:51
stgraberhighvoltage: we're respinning everything17:51
highvoltagestgraber: k17:51
highvoltagestgraber: did we have some kind of release checklist last time or should we put one together?17:52
stgraberhighvoltage: new kernel + an LTSp fix17:52
highvoltageah a new ubuntu kernel I guess17:52
stgraberhighvoltage: we had one on pad.ubuntu.com with a bunch of language and install scenario to test17:52
EvilwareGuys, can I ask u something? I installed Edubuntu but I wonder if it come with a Ltsp server already built-in or do I have to install it?17:52
highvoltageEvilware: yep, it gives you the option to install ltsp in the installer17:53
highvoltageEvilware: (at least since the last few versions)17:53
Evilwaremm ok17:53
highvoltageEvilware: it asks you in this section: http://edubuntu.org/documentation/11.10/installation-guide#Edubuntu_Options_and_Partitioning_17:54
EvilwareLtsp live was not working ..I gues I did not install it then17:54
highvoltageEvilware: but it's not ticked by default17:54
highvoltageEvilware: ah ltsp live must work without ltsp being installed17:54
highvoltageEvilware: but ltsp live is just available on the live cd, it's not available for installed systems17:54
Evilwareahh , that is why17:55
EvilwareI tried it and it worked..but i had issues installing the OS..it got stuck in the middle several times17:55
Evilwareusing an USB17:55
highvoltagein the middle?17:55
Evilwarefinally I got it installed but I think I did not check the Ltsp option17:56
highvoltageit usually does sit there a long time, unfortunately there's not much progress indication while it installs the ltsp part, but it will finish17:56
Evilwaremay be I was not patience enough, but when I did installed it i alwayed showed the ball spinning, but the other times I it did not move at all17:57
Evilwarethanks  highvoltage!17:59
EvilwareI just want to try iTalc on a Ltsp environment17:59
highvoltageah it should still be spinning though.17:59
highvoltagefor the next version of edubuntu we're dropping italc in favour or epoptes: http://www.epoptes.org/18:00
Evilwareis it easy to install?18:00
highvoltageI haven't tried it yet myself. (although I've been meaning to play with it)18:02
highvoltagethe author of it (alkisg) usually hangs out here and if you ask a question and hang around, you'll usually get an answer18:03
alkisgEvilware: http://www.epoptes.org/installation18:04
alkisgIt's easier to install than italc18:04
EvilwareI will do that..thank you guys for your help18:04
EvilwareIt looks promising... ahhh how does youtube play on a thin client with Edubuntu?18:05
Evilwarehave you tried that?18:05
highvoltageEvilware: best way to do that is to run your web browser as a local app, that way the video doesn't travel over the network uncompressed18:07
EvilwareHighvoltage still there?19:05
EvilwareI had to take a class...:P19:05
Evilwaredo you know a place that explains what a local app is and how to set it up?19:05
highvoltageEvilware: there's an LTSP manual that should contain it at http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ltsp/index.php?title=Ltsp_LtspDocumentationUpstream19:10
highvoltage(it's a PDF)19:10
highvoltageif it doesn't contain that info, then it's a bug19:11
EvilwareThanks again, I will look into that .. I found some cheap thin clients that I would like to try with Edubuntu ..$40 each..does not look bad!19:18
highvoltagebeware the cheap thin clients! (although it is possible to get lucky)19:18
highvoltageanything that has "via" writen on it anywhere should be avoided19:18
Evilwarebecause of quality or scams19:18
Evilwaregood to know19:19
highvoltageyou get some really crappy ones that might be ok if you only want to run a point of sales system or a security system or something on it19:19
highvoltagebut for any actualy use they're pretty much just a waste of money19:19
Evilwarethey are a copy of Ncomputing divices19:19
EvilwareI understand..19:20
highvoltageah, it depends then, becuase some of the ncomputing type hardware isn't really thin clients, they're just keyboard/video/mouse duplicators19:20
Evilwarelet me show you19:21
highvoltageyeah those can't run LTSP19:23
highvoltage(or anything else for that matter, except the UXP stuff)19:24
Evilwareso old computers than19:24
EvilwareI will keep reading..thanks man. Take care19:26
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