gary_posterhey frankban.  I just approved your holiday before Easter plus Easter Monday.  Small request: when you put in a national holiday, please include the name of the holiday (Easter Monday for this one, for instance).11:57
frankbanthank you gary_poster, I will do that11:57
gary_postercool thanks11:57
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb call in 2, or when I finish rebooting12:09
gary_posterbac ping12:14
* benji installs 430 updates and hopes for the best.12:28
gary_posterfrankban, I moved 609986 to "review".  When you make the LP branch that upgrades the zope.testing version, you can self review if you want, or ask me for a quick review13:02
frankbangary_poster: ok13:03
* benji performs the ancient and unpredictable ritual of rebootus-post-upgradus.13:32
benjigary_poster: oh, a small note from yesterday: bin/test --shuffle does indeed report the seed it uses, so adding that to setuplxc was straight-forward13:42
gary_posterbenji, great.  Sorry for not noting that card on the board review.  I saw lifeless' comments and I thought they were reasonable.  Did you verify that his two concerns were addressed?13:46
benjigary_poster: ooh, I didn't see his comments, let me go look13:46
frankbangary_poster: new diff with explosives: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/902215/14:32
frankbangary_poster: https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/launchpad/bug-609986-add-zope.testing-3.9.4-p5/+merge/9953614:51
gary_posterfrankban, boom! :-) looking14:51
gary_posterfrankban, approved, and diff looks good.14:53
gary_poster(explosive I mean)14:53
frankbanthanks gary_poster, I am running tests now14:53
frankbanwow, I am testing the tester fixed for parallel testing, that's a new meaning of the word "meta"14:56
benjiyay! unity crash (and subsequent forgetting of my keybindings)15:05
benjigary_poster: oh, the answer to Robert's shuffle questions are that it works correctly (shuffling happens and is done inside layers, not across them).  I'll reply to that effect.15:19
gary_posterawesome benji, yay15:41
frankbangary_poster: errors during the test run16:10
gary_posterfrankban, :-/ easy resolution?17:03
frankbangary_poster: one problem is s/addSkip/addError in tear_down_not_supported: can you remember me why that's needed? Another one is a BAseLayer teardown error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/902490/17:07
frankbanI will start investigating tomorrow morning, I assume it's not possible that lp.testing.layers.BaseLayer is broken17:10
gary_posterfrankban, it is definitely possible that BaseLayer is broken.  s/addSkip/addError/ : that was one of those "we don't understand so let's hope gmb was right" things.  I dunno. :-/17:28
gary_posterfrankban, but I wouldn't count out "if cls.fixture is not None: cls.fixture.cleanUp()" yet17:29
benjiWhy has Firefox suddenly decided that I use Brittish spelling?18:13

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