thomibschaefer: approved00:46
bschaeferthomi, sweet, thank you00:49
thomino worries00:49
bschaeferthomi, looks like I need to update it for the hud!00:53
thomibschaefer: how's that?00:54
thomithe MP doesn't show a conflict for me00:54
bschaeferthomi, I mean I need to disable alt+f1 for the hud00:55
thomibschaefer: oh, right00:55
bschaeferthomi, so I need to push some new changes, and a new autopilot00:55
bschaeferhaha forgot about that thing00:55
bschaeferthomi, hmm I guess Ill just make a new branch I dont want to mess up that mp00:56
thomibschaefer: ping me when you have another MP00:56
bschaeferthomi, will do!00:56
bschaeferthomi, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/disable-alt-f1-hud/+merge/9945701:37
* thomi looks01:37
bschaeferthomi, man the hud and the dash does some weird stuff if you switch between them...01:37
thomibschaefer: really? thumper fixed a bunch of bugs in that area the other day01:39
bschaeferthomi, yeah, so if your in the hud, then press super01:40
bschaeferand your in the dash. dash_is_open_ is false01:40
bschaeferin unityshell.cpp01:40
thomiooho, that's not good01:40
bschaeferwhich means some signal isn't getting emited, or it is getting set to false somewhere01:40
thomibschaefer: azny chance I could get you to look at this for me? https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/unity/remove-constcharstar/+merge/9944801:40
thumperbschaefer: I didn't track the hud in unityshell.cpp01:40
thomian extra set of eyes looking for issues would be great01:40
bschaeferthomi, will do!01:41
thumperbschaefer: we should ask the launcher controller01:41
thominuts, thumper's back. We better stop talking about him no01:41
thumperbschaefer: I added a method: IsOverlayOpen01:41
thumperbschaefer: check that01:41
bschaeferthumper, ok, also if your in the dash and open the hud you lose key foucs01:41
bschaeferthumper, and you cant get it back, unless you re-open the hud01:42
thumperyeah, not sure about that01:42
bschaeferthumper, I have a guess, Ill look at it in a sec01:43
snadgeyou guys should really work on fixing minecraft performance01:44
snadgecritical for release :P01:44
snadgecontact mojang directly if you have to.. involve the xorg team, driver developers and lwjgl devs.. an emergency summit ;)01:45
bschaeferthomi, 225+nux::BaseTexture* LauncherIcon::TextureFromGtkTheme(std::string icon_name, int size, bool update_glow_colors)01:45
bschaefercould you make that a const std::string?01:45
bschaeferor are you actually modifying it?01:45
thomibschaefer: no, because we change the string inside the method01:45
thomiso we'd need to copy it anyway01:46
thomibschaefer: I started with a const ref, then saw that we needed a copy, so changed it01:46
bschaeferthomi, alright, just saw it was a const char* before, so thought it would stay const01:46
bschaeferthomi, cool :)01:46
thomiyeah, previously they did a g_strdup01:46
* thumper prefers to copy explicitly in the method, but that's just him01:49
bschaeferthomi, 525+std::list<const char*> PlacesSimpleTile::DndSourceGetDragTypes()01:49
bschaeferthomi, also how come out of all the other char* you kept this a char*?01:50
thomibschaefer: it's much harder to change :(01:50
bschaeferthomi, that is what I guess :)01:50
thomibschaefer: I looked into it, but it gets messy pretty fast01:50
bschaeferthomi, yeah, just wanted to double check :). I was getting sad as all the char* are dieing :(. I like char*01:50
bschaeferthomi, though they always seem to be where the bugs are at haha01:51
thomibschaefer: yeah, there's a reason for that :P01:51
bschaeferthomi, haha, looks good to me :)01:51
bschaeferthumper, and yeah the IsOverlayOpen is reporting the correct bools01:59
bschaeferthumper, well I figured out why unityshell thinks the dash is closed when you switch from the hud to the dash...02:29
bschaeferUBUS_OVERLAY, these signals for showing and hidding for the unityshell just set dash_is_open to true/false02:29
bschaeferbut now the hud calls that too, and it doesn't check if there is a difference. Ill have fix for that soon...02:30
thumperbschaefer: what does unityshell.cpp do when listening?02:31
thumperbschaefer: if it is just setting a bool value02:31
thumperperhaps it would be better just to use the result from the launcher controller02:31
bschaeferthumper, I could, its private02:32
thumpermake it public02:32
bschaeferthumper, you mean when its listing for a ubus_overlay signal?02:32
bschaeferI mean dbus thingy02:32
thumperI only made it private because no-one else cared02:32
bschaeferWhen an Overlay_Shown gets sent it just sets dash_open = true02:32
bschaeferand opposite for Overlay_HIDDEN02:33
thumperok, just make the method on the launcher controller public02:33
thumperand use that inside the unityshell.cpp02:33
bschaeferbut both the Hud and Dash use those signals so no one updated it...and yeah I would much rather use the launchers version02:33
thumperand kill the private method02:33
thumpersorry, private variable02:33
thumperand listening methods in unityshell02:34
bschaeferlet me double check it doesn't need anything else...02:34
bschaeferdash_monitor_ = g_variant_get_int32(args);02:34
bschaeferI had messed the code around a lot to double check...one sec02:34
bschaeferthumper, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/view/head:/plugins/unityshell/src/unityshell.cpp#L36202:35
* thumper takes a quick look02:36
bschaeferit does 2 things, but I can leave that OVERLAY_SHOWN interest but remove the dash_is_open02:36
bschaeferand just use the launcher02:36
bschaeferand I can remove the HIDDIN02:36
bschaeferthumper, but...well wont I need to tell the difference between the dash_is_open sometimes?02:37
bschaefervs hud_is_open02:37
bschaeferunityshell.cpp is such a huge file...02:39
bschaeferthumper, I could just make a IsVisible() in the DashController, which then we could use it like the HudController02:41
bschaeferand ti would look consistent02:41
thumperthe question becomes whether or not it is the dash you care about, or an overlay02:42
bschaeferyeah, as if you look in unityshell.cpp when they use dash_is_open it seems like it applies to the hud also02:43
bschaeferbut I think removing the bool dash_is_open from unityshell is a must, as we shouldn't have to carry around 2 bools that do the same thing02:44
bschaeferthumper, for example on line unityshell.cpp:1551. Should switching workspaces close the hud?02:46
bschaeferthumper, right now it doesn't02:46
bschaeferactually my line numbers are incorrect...i ment line  152302:47
bschaeferthumper, haha, I also figure out that KeyFocus/Input focus error02:51
bschaeferthumper, from switching from the dash to the hud02:51
bschaeferthumper, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/view/head:/plugins/unityshell/src/unityshell.cpp#L235902:51
bschaeferthat should be either Hud is open OR Dash is open02:51
* bschaefer starts making a branch...02:52
thumperbschaefer: switching workspaces closes the hud for me02:55
bschaeferthumper, really? no on mine :(02:55
thumperoh, interesting...02:55
bschaeferthumper, also on a random side note. Do you ever worry that on your day lights saving time (April 1st) that its actually going to be a prank?03:11
bschaeferthen again April fools day might be an American thing...idk where it came from03:12
bschaefernm it is an international thing...branch is almost compiled03:13
thumperwe have april fool's here too03:15
thumperwas more concerned about the change in our give way laws for driving03:15
thumperthose were brought in a week prior to april 1 just so people didn't think it was a joke03:16
bschaeferthumper, haha, looking up what give way law is03:17
bschaeferthumper, o my, I would crash in NZ03:17
bschaeferor anywhere where right is not the right side of the road03:17
bschaeferthumper, hmm I just got this odd crash03:30
bschaeferthumper, when I was stuck in that alt+f1 mode that is removed from happening, but thought you would like to see it03:31
bschaeferit looks like monitor has an unassigned value...but idk how it gets it. Ill look at in a sec about to push this branch03:38
bschaeferthumper, the branch, diff still needs to update https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/fixes.unityshell-overlay/+merge/9946203:41
bschaeferthumper, Ill be writing some autopilot test for this also, there are a few to write for those changes03:42
bschaeferthumper, also I was just thinking, what is the point of opening the hud while the dash is open?03:49
thumperchanging your mind?03:49
thumpermiss-hitting the keyboard?03:49
bschaeferwell I mean there isn't a window active when you dash open03:49
thumperyeah, that seems the be the cause of another issue :)03:50
bschaeferso say you have the terminal open, then you hit super and then you switch to the hud03:50
thumperyeah, I know what you mean03:50
thumperwe'd like to fix that :)03:50
bschaeferhaha yeah, also that input fix for the dash -> works randomly is seems03:51
bschaeferdash -> huid03:51
bschaeferugg whhhyy!03:51
bschaeferwell at lease it fixes it so you can't input anything unless you re-open the hud...getting closer to the correct fix03:55
bschaeferi mean, it fixes it so you don't get stuck in that state03:56
bschaeferthumper, actually I figure it out...it was actually my own doing a while ago...nux::GetWindowCompositor().SetKeyFocusArea(NULL,nux::KEY_NAV_NONE);03:58
bschaeferidk if you remember that line of code in the DashController::HideDash() but it almost seems like it sets a race condition off03:59
bschaeferif you comment that out switch from the Dash -> Hud works 99.99% of the time input wise03:59
bschaeferthen that creates a problem with the chinese input...04:00
bschaeferthumper, well time to dig...04:00
* thumper nods04:01
bluefrogwhen using the dash to search for xchat (for example), it  is listing several entries but it "defaults" to the first one. when I select another entry with the arow key down, it goes to the second entry and commes back right away to the first07:20
bluefrogapps lens doen'st function anymore, meaning it doesn't find any application07:21
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greybackmhr3: ping08:28
mhr3greyback, hey08:28
greybackmhr3: hi. My documents lens seems to be always giving me the same results, no matter what search string I enter. How you recommend me debug?08:30
mhr3greyback, but it does show proper recent docs?08:31
greybackmhr3: yes the recent files are proper08:32
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
mhr3`pkill -f zeitgeist-fts`08:32
mhr3then search again08:32
mhr3still nothing?08:32
greybacksame as before, no change08:33
mhr3so let's take this further08:33
mhr3zeitgeist-daemon --replace --log-level=debug08:33
mhr3then search for something and pastebin the output08:34
mhr3hmm actually we don't log search failures :/08:35
mhr3greyback, is zeitgeist-fts even running?08:35
greybackmhr3: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/901810/08:36
greybackmhr3: actually no, zeitgeist-fts is not running08:36
mhr3hmm, you're second person for whom it doesn't autostart08:37
mhr3/usr/lib/zeitgeist/zeitgeist-fts --log-level=debug08:37
bluefrogI was not able to find any apps using dash earlier on. had to trash a zeitgeist dot file (I believe) and now dash is finding apps again08:37
greybackmhr3: not as root I guess08:38
mhr3greyback, god no08:38
greybackmhr3: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/901812/08:38
greybackit just returns 1, and fails to run08:39
mhr3greyback, that's right after start?08:39
mhr3or you have to do search?08:39
greybackmhr3: right after start08:39
mhr3ok, fix for that went yesterday into trunk08:40
mhr3rm -rf ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/fts.index08:40
mhr3...for now, afterwards it'll work08:40
greybackmhr3: ah yes, there she goes now :)08:40
greybackmhr3: thanks for that!08:41
greybackall fixed08:41
mhr3greyback, ideas how did it get to that point? did you have to do cold restart recently or something?08:42
mhr3(basically the db got corrupted)08:42
bluefrogI have the problem where nothing is displayed in the apps lens08:46
greybackmhr3: cold restart yes a few days back08:46
greybackmhr3: but nothing obviously bad08:46
bluefrogif I select the "home" and search for an apps, it is ok, but when i click on the apps icon in the dash there is nothing there08:46
mhr3bluefrog, same... zeitgeist-daemon --replace --log-level=debug ?08:49
bluefrogmhr3, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/901825/  but nothing is logged when I click on the apps icon08:52
bluefrogmhr3, may come form the upgrade I did from 10.10 to 12.04. I have (apparently) no problem with a user created after the upgrade (double checking right now)08:54
mhr3bluefrog, the log you pastebinned says that it created completely new db (as in there was nothing before)08:56
bluefrogmhr3, i have removed .local/share/zeitgeist a few minutes ago08:56
bluefrogand I have no problem with a brand new user indeed08:57
mhr3so what is the problem exactly again?08:57
mhr3you won't see any apps in the dash home without searching cause there are no recent applications logged08:58
mhr3searching should work08:58
mhr3the apps lens itself should show "Installed" and "Avaiable for download" categories08:58
bluefrogopen hud, select apps icon. nothing shows up08:58
mhr3not even the installed category?08:59
bluefroghave a pastebin service forages by chance?09:06
bluefrogfor images09:06
bluefrogmhr3, http://picpaste.com/dash-TyClGXpL.png09:10
mhr3bluefrog, try pkill -f unity-applications-daemon09:11
bluefrogdone. still the same09:12
mhr3search for something in between09:12
bluefrogok all good09:12
bluefroganything i could provide to help you with?09:12
mhr3now that it works... not really09:13
mhr3it'd be awesome to know beforehand what will fix it :)09:13
bluefrogsure :)09:13
bluefrogthank you and have a good day09:15
mhr3davidcalle, regarding your question yesterday - forcing a search (using queue_seach_changed) doesn't pass the hints to unity09:26
davidcallemhr3, so, there is a bug with external scopes.09:27
davidcallemhr3, and the fallback hint.09:28
kamstrupmhr3: about https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-lens-music/+bug/964684, we can look into using a DeeTermList to back the index terms maybe?09:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 964684 in Music Lens "unity-music-daemon using a huge amount of ram" [Medium,Triaged]09:29
kamstrupor even sharing the backend GStringChunk with the analyzer by using dee_term_list_clone()09:30
* kamstrup just wildly guessing... haven't looked at the code yet09:30
kamstrupor maybe the ballon is not the index, but the model used to back it...09:32
kamstrupin which case it'll be more tricky09:32
mhr3kamstrup, my idea was to share the album / artist strings by misusing the ref counting of gvariant09:38
mhr3i think that will have huge impact on the mem usage09:39
kamstrupmhr3: ah, that's not misuse I think09:39
mhr3the index shouldn't be that bad imo09:39
mhr3but yea, using bigger stringchunks there would help09:39
mhr3too bad it's not a property of termlist... *hint, hint* :)09:40
zzecoolHi guys with the latest unity - compiz updates  Unity 3d crashes for me09:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 966068 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity 3d crashes and fallback to 2d ( unhandled ConfigureNotify ) unity.glib-gobject <unknown>:0 invalid cast from `BamfWindow' to `BamfApplication'" [Undecided,New]09:42
zzecoolim on nvidia and this is a regression09:42
kamstrupmhr3: album, and artist. also mimetype, and trackno, genre, and year09:42
zzecoolis it only me?09:42
kamstrupzzecool: this is a known issue, sorry!09:42
zzecooloh rly?09:43
kamstrupzzecool: try 'unity --reset' it has worked for many09:43
zzecoolit didnt09:43
zzecoolfor me09:43
zzecooli have the output of the unity --reset09:43
zzecoolon my bug report09:43
mhr3kamstrup, right, packing ints in a variant isn't exactly cheap09:43
kamstrupmhr3: right, reminds me of my old "variant singletons" idea. TRUE/FALSE and its < 128 could well be lazily initialized variants09:45
zzecoolkamstrup: is there any other bug report about my problem so i can watch - subscribe ?09:46
kamstrups/lazily initialized variants/lazily initialized singletons/09:46
mhr3reminds me of Py_None09:47
kamstrupi stole the idea from java's Integer and Boolean classes09:49
kamstrupin Java it has the interesting consequence that Integer.valueOf(27) == Integer.valueOf(27) even though Java does not support overloading == (so it is a pointer cmp)09:51
kamstrupsame would be true for variant ints < N09:52
kamstrupg_variant_new_int32(5) ==09:52
kamstrupfun and games09:52
mhr3yea, that'd be nice09:58
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mhr3kamstrup, do you think http://paste.ubuntu.com/901916/ is a good idea to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/960269 ?10:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 960269 in unity-lens-applications (Ubuntu) "Dash search doesn't find sensible result" [Low,Confirmed]10:19
mhr3kamstrup, sorry, not much seen in the diff - it's zeroing the relevancy of Keywords10:20
zzecoolkamstrup: you said that the problem with the unity 3d  fallback is known   , do you know any bug report about it ?10:21
zzecooli allready filled mine but just in case10:21
mhr3kamstrup, other possible fix is to set relevancy of the name to something huge (like 50) and keywords to 1... then hopefully even the exact match in keywords won't be as relevant as prefix match in name10:21
kamstrupmhr3: i think it may make sense to deprioritize kw10:37
kamstrupusers expect matches in what they can see to score highest10:38
kamstrupand kw can be any old metaphor10:38
kamstrupso, let's minimize it10:38
mhr3kamstrup, to 0, or method #2?10:38
kamstrupmhr3: set to 010:39
mhr3(keywords can still be more relevant than comments which has 0 as well)10:39
kamstrupif keywords were used more rigorously, then yes, but currently they are sparse and not very clearly defined10:40
kamstrupI will not object if you find the other solution better10:40
jussiyay, unity multihead bugs. will report them as soon as I get out of this meeting10:42
ryehello, a lot of fullscreen windows when switched to them don't have the bottom 29 pixels redrawn - happens e.g. with virt-manager when switching to it from firefox, or full-screen shotwell image preview10:54
ryeEven though the window is full-screen it sometimes fails to be really full screen, thus leaving that 29 pixels to the window behind it10:54
ryehere's how it looks - http://ubuntuone.com/4PTDoXtsluJ79vdCqXLVND10:54
ryethis usually happens when the app starts fullscreen10:55
zzecoolrye: i had the smae problem11:05
zzecoolbut now i dont have unity 3d at all =)11:05
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zzecoollatest updates broke it11:05
ryezzecool: just rebooted after all updates (and i am running unity ppa in precise), what fails for you?11:11
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mhall119greyback|bia: when you're around, I have some questions about the unity-2d source code layout11:53
=== greyback|bia is now known as greyback
greybackmhall119: am here, what do you want to know?12:14
mhall119greyback: several things12:17
mhall119greyback: first off, what is libunity-2d-private/ ?12:17
greybackmhall119: it's where most common C++ code is placed for the shell, panel & spread12:18
mhall119greyback: ok, inside that is ./src and ./Unity2d12:19
mhall119what is the difference between those two?12:19
greybackFor QML we created a Unity2d library, which gives us access to many useful C++ classes from QML. The Unity2D directory contains the bits needed to enable this library. plugin.cpp is the main file there, which exports some of the classes to QML12:21
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mhall119so Unity2d bridges the code in ./src/ and QML?12:23
mhall119and ./spread?  Does that handle both the workspace 'expo' and the window 'scale'?12:24
greybackmhall119: yes12:25
mhall119and that's an application?12:26
greybackYep. It is just a window that draws the wallpaper, grabs screenshots of all windows needed, and scales & repositions them12:27
mhall119oh, tricky12:27
greybackit's overlaid on top of all other windows, so you get the Expose effect, but really all your other windows are behind it , unchanged12:27
greybackYeah, metacity's limitations have meant we've been creaetive12:28
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mhall119bah!  my launcher/dash color was green after upgrading to 5.8, then corrected itself sometime last night, now it's back to green again13:00
mhall119I don't think it likes my changing wallpaper13:00
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mhr3davidcalle, i hear there are some cpu issues for some people with the video lens... heard about that?13:40
davidcallemhr3, yes, for some upgraders, totem-video-thumbnailer hangs on some videos, then dies after 30 seconds.13:41
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davidcallemhr3, I still haven't discovered if it's related to a specific video format or just the size in some conditions.13:44
mhr3isn't the thumbnailer running in a separate process?13:44
davidcallemhr3, it is13:45
davidcallemhr3, the lens allows up to three totem-video-thumbnailer running at the same time.13:45
mhr3then it's not the same issue, tedg said the cpu time of the video-lens process itself is insanely high13:45
davidcallemhr3, do you have a bug number for it? I haven't seen that.13:46
mhr3not sure if there is one.. tedg?13:46
tedgI haven't filled one.13:48
tedgdavidcalle, What information would you need?13:48
davidcalletedg, how many videos (roughly) in your ~/Videos folder?13:49
tedgdavidcalle, ~013:49
davidcalletedg, the high cpu is on unity-lens-video or unity-scope-video-remote?13:50
mhall119tedg: the video lens finds your hard-drive boring, and has instead decided to do something more interesting13:50
tedgdavidcalle, unity-lens-video13:50
davidcallemhall119, hehe13:50
* tedg resembles that remark13:50
mhall119davidcalle: I told you not to import libsentience13:51
tedgdavidcalle, If it helps, it's also suing 223M of RAM resident.13:51
davidcalletedg, 223M of RAM? Lovely :/13:55
tedgdavidcalle, Well, that's resident in top, it's just an easy number to grab :-)13:56
davidcalletedg, mine is at 8. mhr3, did you fixed the memory leak in dee we talked about a few weeks ago?13:57
mhr3davidcalle, i did fix a leak, but it was minor13:58
mhr3you'd have to running a lens for days and the searches would have to add and remove thousands of results to make any real impact13:58
mhall119that...doesn't sound so far-fetched of a scenario14:02
davidcallemhr3, I'm testing on a large library (500+) vids : the process 100k++ for each search. If I replace model.append(...) by an append to some internal list, it stays around 8-9M.14:03
davidcallemhr3, what is it if it's not a mem leak in Dee? :/14:05
mhr3davidcalle, we will never know without some profiling14:07
mhr3afaict i'm not seeing problems with mem usage in lenses14:07
davidcalletedg, could you please give me the output of /usr/lib/unity-lens-video/unity-lens-video when you make a search ? If it's fine, it should look like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/902187/14:08
davidcallemhr3, hmm, could you please remind me how to profile it? :)14:09
tedgdavidcalle, It's wedged... I typed "gwen" and all it got was "g"14:12
davidcalletedg, from the home dash or the video lens?14:12
tedgdavidcalle, Did both14:13
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willhey guys. i've tracked down what i think is the relevent code to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/959339 , but without an indepth knowledge of the codebase i'm not sure where to go from here. would posting about it on the launchpad bug page help? what would you recommend i do from here?14:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 959339 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "clicking on launcher item raises all app windows, not just most recently focussed" [Medium,Confirmed]14:14
davidcalletedg, and it unblocks if you close/open the lens?14:15
tedgdavidcalle, Nope, it won't even respond to cntl+C, had to kill it.14:16
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davidcalletedg, ok, do you know if there is anyone else experiencing the same thing?14:17
=== Jens is now known as Guest27247
tedgdavidcalle, Not that I know of, but I don't know how they'd know.  I only notice by looking in top.  Otherwise it's all hidden.14:17
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zzecoolrye: i just saw your comment14:19
zzecoolunity 3d crashes for me14:19
zzecoollet me show you me bug report14:19
zzecoolrye: here you are https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/96606814:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 966068 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity 3d crashes and fallback to 2d ( unhandled ConfigureNotify ) unity.glib-gobject <unknown>:0 invalid cast from `BamfWindow' to `BamfApplication'" [Undecided,New]14:20
davidcalletedg, they would know by not having the lens working :) If you find a video file to put in your ~/Videos folder, please try again with it.14:20
zzecooli dont have a clue about how to backtrace unity or compiz  , so what i have on my report is all i know14:20
zzecoolis anyones else with nvidia here having the same problem with me ?14:21
zzecoolim donna try to unset everything in the compiz profiles14:23
zzecoolor even delete the profiles14:23
zzecoolbecause unity --reset didnt solve it :(14:23
ryeIs anybody here successfully using remmina in full screen?14:43
ryeI get all sorts of window placement but not the way it is supposed to be14:43
mhall119greyback: I can't apt-get build-dep unity-2d14:48
mhall119The following packages have unmet dependencies: libqtbamf-dev : Depends: libqtbamf1 (= 0.2.3-0ubuntu1) but 0.2.3+bzr391ubuntu0+inline is to be installed libqtdee-dev : Depends: libqtdee2 (= 0.2.4-0ubuntu1) but 0.2.4+bzr62ubuntu0+inline is to be installed14:49
mhall119is that because I have the unity-team ppa?14:49
greybackmhall119: using unity-team PPA should be ok.14:53
greybackmhall119: there may be a rebuild in progress, I suggest waiting a while & trying agai14:53
ryeQuick super-alt press makes numbers apear on the launcher and a keyboard hint14:54
* rye thinks he has already filed this14:54
zzecoolIm getting seg fault on compiz and unity 3d fails15:01
zzecoolis there anyone to remind me how i collect the dump15:01
zzecoolto add it in my report15:01
argeshello. when using dual monitors, is there a way to make the launcher in the middle _not_ try to trap my cursor as I move to the next screen?15:11
Daekdroomarges, yes, in the monitor configurations available in the power indicator.15:12
argesDaekdroom, not sure where that is. you mean the display settings?15:13
DaekdroomI did not know how it's called when the system is in English.15:13
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argesDaekdroom,  ok, so in the version of precise I have (updated two days ago), I don't see any settings for this. if I move from the right monitor to the left monitor, the cursor tries to stop in the middle where the launcher icons are15:14
Daekdroomarges, so you don't have a 'sticky edge' option?15:14
argesDaekdroom, no, do I need to update or use the unity-team ppa?15:15
argesi'll update first15:15
DaekdroomYeah. Do the update. I don't think the PPA is necessary.15:15
argesDaekdroom, ahh i see it15:15
argeson my other computer15:15
argesDaekdroom, this is perfect thanks15:15
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zzecoolalan_g: are you here ?15:32
alan_gzzecool: who wants to know?15:33
zzecoolahh thank god15:33
zzecoolim one of those having the https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compizconfig-backend-gconf/+bug/93212515:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 932125 in compizconfig-backend-gconf (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in Glib::Source::prepare_vfunc()" [Medium,Triaged]15:33
zzecooldo you have any news ?15:33
zzecooli saw that you have a fix that didnt make it yet15:34
zzecoolthats why im asking you15:34
alan_gzzecool: there is a fix, was meant to go in a distro patch, but the patch was broken and didn't apply the fix.15:35
alan_gOne of the packaging guys was sorting it out.  Not sure of current status.15:35
zzecoolahh i see15:36
zzecoolthank you very much =)15:36
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zgregwhat is the preffered way to do a local installation of unity for testing?17:10
zgreghmm, I hope the instructions on http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source still work as-is :)17:14
htorquezgreg: it's a long time since i updated them. if you find any problems - everyone can suggest an edit. ;-)17:26
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apwam i expecting my OSDs to be peuce now ?18:22
davidcallemhr3, I've seen a change recently about scopes and sources filter, what was the change?18:30
zgreghtorque: that worked just fine18:31
* jussi zaps mhall119 for fun18:34
davidcallemhr3, oh my bad, I thought you broke something, it was me :)18:35
* mhall119 kicks jussi for profit18:36
jussihrm, what do I report a bug against for somethign wrong n unity when using multihead?18:36
jussiIll tell them then you all can help me get them reported correctly :)18:36
mhall119jussi: unity (or unity-2d, depending on which you're using) would probably the best, it can be re-assigned from there if needed18:37
jussifirst, If I have a custome size of icons for the panel set (not 48x48), then after removing from the projector they go back to standard size18:37
jussisecond, on multi head (projector+laptop) if I have a chrome window open (maybe others, didnt have time to test in the meeting)  on both heads, it only shows the main chrome windows title on both heads when there are different contents/titles expected18:39
jussimhall119: so, both to unity then?18:40
mhall119jussi: yeah18:42
mhall119tedg: hey, do you have a few minutes to talk to me about global menu/hud/dbusmenu/appmenu?18:52
tedgmhall119, Sure, what's up?18:52
mhall119tedg: I'm writing more documentation, just need a better understand of what does what18:53
mhall119dbusmenu is still the way of exporting menus over dbus, right?18:53
tedgmhall119, Correct, but it's deprecated and we're moving to GMenuModel which is "Dbusmenu v2" but now in GLib.18:53
mhall119tedg: oh, when is that move expected to happen?18:54
mhall119these docs will be for 12.0418:54
tedgmhall119, So, in general, no docs should mention either.18:55
tedgmhall119, Application developers shouldn't care about what the protocol is over DBus.18:55
mhall119these docs are for people who want to hack on Unity itself, not application developers who just want to integrate18:55
tedgmhall119, In general, they shouldn't care about DBus either.  Those are details :-)18:55
jussibug 96647318:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 966473 in unity (Ubuntu) "Panel icon size is reset after removal of dual head (projector)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96647318:55
tedgmhall119, Eh, not sure they should care either if they just want to work on Unity.18:56
mhall119tedg: I'm giving mostly an overview of the different libraries used and how they work together18:56
tedgmhall119, I guess Unity uses dbusmenu for some of the quicklist stuff though (dynamic)18:56
tedgmhall119, http://ubuntuone.com/6p72JCI2xGDXdVgQUM1eKq18:57
tedgmhall119, I doubt you want something that complex, but it's a start18:57
mhall119tedg: very helpful, thanks18:59
mhall119where is dbusmenu-qt?18:59
mhall119lp:dbusmenu only has libdbusmenu-glib and libdbusmenu-gtk18:59
* mhall119 suspects Quicklists come from libindicate or something, not dbusmenu19:00
tedgmhall119, https://launchpad.net/libdbusmenu-qt19:01
mhall119thanks tedg19:01
tedgmhall119, Static quicklists use the libindicator parser, dynamic ones use libunity and are backed by dbusmenu19:01
jussibug 96647819:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 966478 in unity (Ubuntu) "Same title displayed on on multihead window titles (chromium) when different titles expected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96647819:06
seb128when did that become an habit to drop bug number like that on IRC without any comment on written text next to it?19:08
mhall119seb128: about as long as I've been in ubuntu channels19:08
mhall119also, he was discussion the problem earlier19:09
seb128mhall119, you must be new ;-)19:10
jussiseb128: sorry, we had the discussion earlier19:10
seb128there is a trend of people join and throwing their bug number recently19:10
seb128which is quite impolite and annoying19:10
jussiwanted to drop the bug numbers so that people could see they got reported and could examine them.19:11
seb128like they could at least state what they want, you don't throw issues at people without an "hey" or some context19:11
mhall119seb128: yeah, but that's not the case this time19:11
seb128like people fixing bugs are not slaves19:11
mhall119wait, they're not?19:11
jussiseb128: it was hardly that, I apologise if it came across wrong19:11
seb128mhall119, it feels like a bit like that sorry19:11
seb128jussi, no worry, I just don't like this trend19:11
seb128you could have prepend a "report the issues we discussed earlier as bug ..."19:12
mhall119it was only like 10 minutes19:12
seb128jussi, note that hundred of issues are reported every week on unity so dropping numbers on IRC is not very useful19:12
seb128if nobody was following up and waiting on the bug to look at it19:13
seb128in which case you usually want to ping directly the somebody by mentioning the nickname ;-)19:13
mhall119just ping with context, right seb128 ;)19:13
jussiseb128: I am well aware of that - I have been around for sometime. I just thought it polite to let mhall know I had actually reported the bugs. I suppose a "mhall119" could have been helpful, but yeah. next time :)19:14
seb128jussi, sorry I picked up on you, several people have been join the desktop channel on this one recently, not saying hello and dropping a bug number like they were throwing a bone to the developers or something19:16
seb128been joining19:16
jussiseb128: fair enough, Ive seen it before also, wasnt intended that way in this case.19:17
seb128everybody is busy and some people are frustrated about their bug but it's not a reason to be polite ;-)19:17
jussibut I will take your comment about addressing it.19:17
seb128to "not" be...19:17
seb128doh, it has been a long day :p19:17
seb128jussi, thanks ;-)19:17
jussiseb128: no probs, I do appreciate you raising it - I understand the problem (heck, I was on the IRC council for 4 years - seen many IRC issues).19:18
mhall119heh, /me adds "that's no reason to be polite" to his list of quips19:18
jussimhall119: hehe19:18
seb128mhall119, :-p19:18
nloewenUnity failed to upgrade properly on my system a while ago, I assumed that it would fix itself with the next proper upgrade, but it hasn't. Is there any way to fix this? I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 with the unity ppa enabled. http://pastebin.com/DNqxv95w19:31
jussinloewen: is it flickering badly?19:32
nloewennope. compiz loads everything except the unity plugin.19:32
nloewennotifications work, workspaces work19:33
jussihrm. I am no expert, but have you tried: "unity --reset" ?19:33
nloewenI can open a terminal with alt+ctrl+t and startup unity-2d-shell and unity-2d-panel19:33
nloewenjussi: yes19:33
seb128nloewen, can you pastebin a ldd /usr/lib/compiz/libunityshell.so19:33
seb128nloewen,         libnux-2.0.so.0 => /usr/local/lib/libnux-2.0.so.0 (0x0088b000)19:35
seb128that's your issue19:35
seb128local install hijacking the package version19:36
seb128nloewen, sudo rm /usr/local/lib/libnux*19:36
seb128should fix it19:36
nloewenoo, I tried to compile and install unity a while back. thats probably what did it.19:36
nloewenah, look at that, it works.19:37
seb128nloewen, you're welcome19:38
zygacan anyone confirm that super-key keyboard shortcut hint overlay stays active if you press this sequence and release the key <super> (hold until overlay shows up) <left> <right> (release everything)20:10
zyga(other sequences also work, I just want to get this one confirmed)20:10
mhall119zyga: yes, it does that to me20:10
zygais there a bug open on that?20:10
mhall119not that  I know about20:11
mhall119I suspect the workspace switcing is failing to trigger whatever event is used to hide the overlay20:11
zygaI was not trying to switch workspaces, just align my windows20:12
mhall119wait, not workspace switching, the "snap"20:12
zygamhall119, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/96655120:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 966551 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut help overlay stays on when used with unity snap" [Undecided,New]20:14
zygamhall119, can you confirm?20:14
mhall119zyga: marked as also affecting me20:18
zygathank you20:18
mhall119thanks for reporting it20:18
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mfischmhall119: can I file a bug against the cooking lens in 100 scopes or should I just email gotwig?22:28
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mhall119mfisch: I'd suggest doing both23:26
mhall119a bug to track what needs to be done, and an email to let him know about it23:26
bschaeferthomi, ping23:31
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