Quantum_IonActionParsnip, I was going to show you this script that removes old kernels when you upgrade00:00
SDranthropos, nope00:00
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: i've seen a command that does it and its not very readable, scary times00:00
anthroposSDr: what about higher vebosity (extra -v)00:00
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: I have a script, its not very graceful though :)00:00
anthropos-v, -vv, -vvv00:00
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, I call it ubuntucleaner.sh00:00
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dr3mroQuantum_Ion, can you pastebin the script00:01
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Here it is -> http://pastebin.com/ykYMAypn00:01
Quantum_Iondr3mro, Just name the script ubuntucleaner.sh00:02
Quantum_Ionand chmod +x and run as root00:02
anthroposSDr: also -O forward and/or letting the server pick the port (set the server port to 0)00:02
SDranthropos, -vvv: http://pastebin.com/hditxdbQ00:03
dr3mroQuantum_Ion, THANK YOU ! :) I will rewrite it to make it more cutomizable so a user would chooses only one action to launch :)00:03
dr3mroQuantum_Ion, thnx00:03
philip__Hello guys. I'm having problems with my HDD not being identified properly by name from the bios and ubuntu as well. While cloning this drive i found out that my partitions are messed up. Could that be the reason? http://pastebin.com/Pe9BCedy00:03
anthropostry setting the listen port to 000:03
Quantum_Iondr3mro, Did it work!00:03
dr3mroQuantum_Ion, I already used it b400:04
Quantum_Iondr3mro, okay00:04
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: http://paste.ubuntu.com/901373/00:04
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Thanks00:05
SDranthropos, remote forward failure for: listen 0, connect myremotecomp:143300:05
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: mines called removeOldKernels (I don't add the .sh extension as it isn't needed)00:05
anthroposis the remote machine behind a firewall00:05
SDr(also, Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 0   just after that)00:05
anthroposthe windows machine you're sshing to00:05
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: I also have CLI imgur upload: http://paste.ubuntu.com/901377/00:05
SDranthropos, yes, it has only 3 ports open (ssh, http, https)00:06
SDranthropos, does ssh reverse port forwarding need another port?00:06
dr3mroActionParsnip, Quantum_Ion  I am having an Idea to make a new security model for ubuntu :) ?? Can we use md5sum that is already there on dpkg db to check executables md5sums before execution and prevent exection of any script outside /bin /usr/bin ... and warn the user for bad commands like rm -rf /* any ideas!00:06
anthroposdid you try explicitly opening the port you want to ssh to instead of trying to get it work using a stateful rule00:06
anthroposyou are doing -R00:06
anthroposit should not be an issue00:06
Quantum_Iondr3mro, interesting idea00:07
anthroposit should not require any extra ports00:07
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, What does that last script do ?00:07
SDranthalamus, also, nc -l -p 10000 on the remote machine succeeds00:07
anthroposso this works just fine if the server is running linux00:07
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: uploads to imgur and makes a URL of the image for you00:07
SDranthalamus, yes00:07
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: kinda like pastebinit but for images00:07
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, okay00:07
dr3mroQuantum_Ion, when ubuntu become more popular it should prepare for viruses that are wating to be created for ubuntu00:07
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: I have a getkey script for when users forget to import gpg keys00:08
SDranthropos, freesshd 1.2.4 on the server, OpenSSH_4.6p1 on the client00:08
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: my favourite is http://paste.ubuntu.com/901384/00:08
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: that gets ran a few times a day00:08
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anthroposso you anticipate this command opening up a port on the remote server to which you can connect to from your local machine and have your traffic forwarded to wherever00:09
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Do you have this script to capture flash video on Ubuntu ?00:09
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, It's written in Perl but it works really well00:10
SDranthropos, no, I anticipate this command making a firewalled SQL server available on my target remote machine00:10
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/5CRz9hPd00:10
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: never had to do it, so no00:10
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: I just watch it in browser or minitube00:11
anthroposa sql server that is running locally, yes?00:11
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Save it as flashcapture.pl00:11
nOObhi am trying to set up tor in ubuntu, am connecting to the net thru a proxy, ports open r 8008 and 80, pls help00:11
Quantum_Ionand run perl flashcapture.pl00:11
Quantum_IonIt captures all kinds of flash videos00:11
anthroposn00b, are you using the tor browser bundle00:11
SDranthropos, on the local network, behind a corporate firewall, yes (references as "myremotecomp" above)00:11
* SDr is liberating the corporate burocracy armed with OSS tools ;)00:12
anthroposi need to keep straight what we are calling local and what we are calling remote. the sql server is running on the network which is local relative to the machine initiating the ssh connection, yes?00:12
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: I just watch flash in my apps, no need to capture it for my needs, its online so why would you need a local copy?00:12
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, It saves it as an .FLV file and you can use FFMPEG to convert to other formats00:13
SDranthalamus, yes00:13
SDranthropos, yup00:13
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Then I use VLC to play the videos back00:13
Resistanceanthropos: yep00:13
nOObanthropos; yes bt each time the network does nt complete setting up00:13
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: but why store it, its online. you can play it any time00:13
anthroposn00b, vidalia should have an option to specify a proxy, does it not?00:13
dellwhat extension do I use to show hidden files in the terminal?00:13
ActionParsnipdell: run:  ls -a00:14
ActionParsnipdell: there is no extension00:14
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, remember back in the days when flash videos used to be stored in the /tmp folder in Linux but not anymore00:14
dellthanks ActionParsnip00:14
dr3mroQuantum_Ion, did you know about debsums -sa00:14
Quantum_Iondr3mro, No what is for ?00:14
anthroposSDr: just as an experiment, you could try specifying a bind_address and have the remote machine listen on its network interface rather than loopback00:14
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: i remember it, but it never interested me. If I want a video I can just get it online00:14
f3ck4rdell: -la00:14
nOObanthropos:hav entered the proxy setting bt an err pops up, https bad connection , the proxy sever is squid00:15
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, The only videos I can not capture are videos from http://www.tmz.com00:15
dr3mroQuantum_Ion, it checks your system files against apt md5sum database :) "sudo debsums -sa"00:15
* williamtdr is tired00:15
ActionParsnipf3ck4r: -a will show the hidden folder, the details weren't needed :)00:15
anthroposn00b, are you sure the port, etc. is correct? what information does it ask for aside from host and port00:15
patrick__I have many problems with my display settings on version 11.10 and I did all the updates and installed the nVidia driver.00:15
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: but why capture?00:15
f3ck4rActionParsnip: fine then D;00:15
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Because sometimes video download speeds are slow00:16
patrick__I have two monitors but it barely detects one it says it's unknown.00:16
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: cache it a little...00:16
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, You know how sometimes people like to use youtube-dl to download youtube videos00:16
dr3mropatrick__, did you try precise (12.04)00:16
nOObanthropos:there is an option for setting up the bridge00:16
U_Crazyhey all00:16
ActionParsnippatrick__: can you pastebin the output of:  sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | grep nvidia00:16
anthroposn00b, you do not need or want a bridge unless your isp or country blocks tor traffic00:16
patrick__No I did not isn't 12.04 a beta?00:16
anthroposn00b, if you ust have a regular proxy, that is not the same thing as a tor bridge00:17
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: yeah, no I dea why eiher00:17
Resistance!12.04 | patrick__00:17
ubottupatrick__: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+100:17
Resistancepatrick__: that should explain the answer ;)00:17
anthroposbridges are for people in places like iran, syria, etc.00:17
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Sometimes you like to capture your favorite youtube videos and play them back later00:17
f3ck4ranthropos: yeah!00:17
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, From time to time youtube goes down for system maintenance blah blah blah !00:18
f3ck4ranthropos: but he may want to help them ;>00:18
patrick__I am on 11.10.00:18
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: not seen that, oh well :)00:18
anthroposyes. he could run a brdige, or a relay, which would be nice00:18
ActionParsnippatrick__: can you run the command I gave and pastebin the output00:18
f3ck4rwhy not obfs00:18
SDranthropos, and our winner is: ssh Administrator@remotecomputer.com -R -p 8081 -v00:18
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Yeah sometimes at 3am youtube goes down for system maintenance00:18
U_Crazyvisit http://punya-rizal.blogspot.com/00:19
anthroposhe could do that too, although i'm not sure how many people use obfsproxy yet00:19
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: never seen that in all my days, must have been lucky00:19
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anthroposSDr: what did you change?00:19
SDranthropos, added as the bind_address, just like you suggested :)00:19
anthroposcool, I'm glad it worked.00:19
SDranthropos, I think this is due to some ipv6 thingie. ping localhost returns Reply from ::1:00:20
f3ck4rif im not wrong the only way to help iran and syria is with obfs00:20
anthroposah, yeah. that seems plausible00:20
patrick__I will pastebin soon.00:20
nOObanthropos: ok so hav jst done an nmap scan and the ports open r 80, of which it has bin reconfigured to 8008 , 22, 111, how shud I proceed00:20
SDranthropos, thanks so much :)00:20
anthroposf3ck4r: i think tor works in syria, and i think at least bridges work in iran00:20
anthroposiran blocked https for awhile but I don't believe they do presently00:20
anthroposSDr: no problem, take care00:20
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, I use that perl flash capture script to capture videos off of cnn.com for download and playback using vlc media player00:21
anthroposn00p, an nmap scan of what00:21
f3ck4rwell, iran block tor traffic at least is what they said so that is why they test obfs and do work it00:21
anthroposf3ck4r: they ahve in the past, but i dont think they do presently.00:21
philip__Hello guys. I'm having problems with my HDD not being identified properly by name from the bios and ubuntu as well. While cloning this drive i found out that my partitions are messed up. Could that be the reason? http://pastebin.com/Pe9BCedy00:21
f3ck4ranthropos: nice then D;00:21
nOObantrhopos: am behind a proxy server00:21
f3ck4ranthropos: i ran myself at the time just for help D;00:21
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: seems a little pointless, but whatever floats your boat00:22
anthroposn00b, what did you scan00:22
anthroposf3ck4r: nice :)00:22
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, lol00:22
Resistancephilip__: which of those is "messed up"?00:22
Resistanceoh nevermind00:22
* Resistance misread00:22
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philip__Probably sda4, sda5.00:22
patrick__how would i do the dpkg? it says I need superuser permissions00:23
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, You must have a really fast online connection I just have basic ISP service00:23
heckmanSo, why is Ubuntu no longer using the Linux kernel?00:23
Resistance!sudo | patrick__00:23
ubottupatrick__: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:23
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: 50Mb00:23
f3ck4rheckman: i wanna know this either!00:23
Resistancephilip__: the partition tables might be messed up, and subsequently the identification via BIOS, because of failing hardware, it's (generally) tough to say.00:23
ActionParsnipheckman: it is an does00:23
Resistancephilip__: did the drive give any indications of death before this problem?00:24
Resistance(also, does it still work)00:24
heckmanActionParsnip: "Beta-1 includes the 3.2.0-17.27 Ubuntu kernel which is based on the v3.2.6 upstream stable kernel."00:24
nOObanthropos: its a skuul network, so the admin uses a proxy sever to filter web request, the only allowable port is 8008, which am sure is working, the others r jst wat nmap results displayed on the screen00:24
heckmanThe Ubuntu kernel?00:24
Resistanceheckman: a version of the Linux kernel, modified for Ubuntu00:24
ActionParsnipheckman: yes, thats's a Linux kernel00:24
Resistance!kernel | heckman00:24
ubottuheckman: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)00:24
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, So watching flash videos is a breeze for you00:25
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: very00:25
philip__No, smartcontrol looks clean, and i'm booting from this drive right now.00:25
ActionParsnipQuantum_Ion: 120Mb in summer00:25
heckmanThen it should be the Ubuntu-version of the Linux kernel00:25
anthroposn00b, look at firefox or something working and use that as a reference for finding the correct proxy settings00:25
Resistanceheckman: apropos "Ubuntu Kernel"00:25
ActionParsnipheckman: it will be compiled by the ubuntu team and packaged00:25
anthroposn00b, i dont understand what you nmap'd. i'm guessng you mean you nmap'd the proxy server00:25
Resistancethey're synonyms, no need to argue terminology :P00:25
ActionParsnipheckman: so its the same kernel, just a different version00:25
heckmanI could compile the Linux kernel and package it with a distro and it doesn't make it the Heckman kernel00:25
f3ck4rjust use netstat then00:25
ActionParsnipheckman: there is no ubuntu kernel, its the same kernel code as the other distros, just compiled for ubuntu00:26
Quantum_IonActionParsnip, Wow cool !00:26
ghostconncan anyone recommend a distro more customizable then kubuntu 12:04? I mean hands down its the ultimate competition for 2012..but im still wondering is there anything else in comparison00:26
heckmanActionParsnip: then don't even call it the Ubuntu kernel00:26
heckmanIt's retarded00:26
heckmanKind of like lolnity00:26
Resistanceghostconn: define "customisable" and remember: you're in an ubuntu channel, we're going to lean to an Ubuntu thing :P00:27
Resistanceghostconn: subsequently, 12.04 is in beta, it shouldn't be used for anything except testing at this point.00:27
Resistance(that's obviously an opinion, but still)00:27
anthroposubuntu is in principle as customizable as any other linux distro, but what you probably mean is one that exposes more options for user customization by default via the gui00:28
nOObanthropos: yes I nmapd the proxy sever, and the proxy settings in my ubuntu r 8008, same as that of firefox 8008 that's for the ports in addition to the IP address , am I missing something00:28
anthroposn00b, does firefox (not thru the tor bundle) work if you configure the proxy correctly00:28
ActionParsnipnOOb: could grab the tor browser00:29
anthroposhe has it, supposedly00:29
f3ck4ranthropos: i think slackware is more customizable in that terms00:29
philip__Resistance, right now gparted can only read half of the disk while fdisk shows everything as you saw in the pastebin. It is confusing.00:29
anthroposor archlinux, but both will require you to edit conf files, etc. which you can also do in ubuntu if you're inclined00:29
specieswhat on earth have you guys done to gnome00:29
U_Crazyv1.2.10b_Kernel2.6.21, what is it?00:29
* species is change adverse00:29
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anthroposphilip__: you've rescued all your data right?00:30
Resistancephilip__: sounds like partition table foulups, or the onset of drive death, i have similar situations on some of my dead drives (not the same, but similar)00:30
f3ck4ranthropos: yeah00:30
anthropos(all the data you can)00:30
philip__Im cloning them as we speak.00:30
thunderbugis it still recommended to create a swap partition of your boot drive is SSD?00:30
anthroposyou can create one for it to use in catastrophic situations, but it should almost never be used if you have a reasonable amount of memory00:31
ActionParsnippatrick__: cool, ok what is the issue with the display00:31
anthroposi run my ssd-based system with no swap, but if you want to be sure you don't run out of memory, you should have one00:31
MathuinI want my minecraft server to come up every time I boot the system.  The minecraft server is owned by the user 'minecraft'.  I actually want screen to start up, and I can use .screenrc to actually start minecraft.  How do I start screen from boot as user 'minecraft'?00:31
nOObanthrpos: yeah , firefox accesses the net thru the proxy settings, and am also able to update thru the same, as for the tor bundle, when I excute, it stops somewhere in bootstrapping accordin to the logs,00:31
anthroposset vm.swappines very low00:31
patrick__I have two monitors both at 1920 x 1080 works perfectly in windows but in ubuntu it doesn't detect my second screen.00:31
ActionParsnipMathuin: if you add the command to start the server in /etc/rc.local   (remember to background it with &) it will run at startup00:32
anthroposn00b, did you try to reocnnect to tor via vidalia (without closing it) after changing the proxy settings (THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS A BRIDGE)00:32
ActionParsnippatrick__: in nvidia-settings   hit the 'detect displays' button a few times00:32
MathuinActionParsnip: so something akin to "su - minecraft screen" with the proper .screenrc should do it?00:32
philip__Ok then. The targeted disk is usb from which my bios can't boot. What is the best recipe to resolve that, if one exists?00:33
f3ck4rscreen minecraft00:33
ActionParsnipMathuin: sounds ok if that does it, remember to background it with an ampersand, or the boot will hang00:33
ghostconnresistance- customizable as in the UI,desktop environment. I tried ubuntu 11:10 and i didn't mind it I can't say it's bad or anything but it lacks allot on performance compared to it's cousin kubuntu., I have done benchmarks and the results are brutal lol00:33
anthroposthunderbug: you should also mount your ssd with the discard option in fstab if your drive supports trim00:33
Mathuinf3ck4r: how does screen handle something like (cd serverdir && sh server_nogui.sh) ?00:34
MathuinActionParsnip: I will remember to background it, and put in a few echos so I can see if I forget. :-)00:34
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f3ck4rit handle in a background like an daemon but u can attached and detached00:34
nOObanthropos: yep, I restarted it bt no route is found, shud I purge n reinstall the whole package00:34
f3ck4rlike i ran this irssi session D;00:35
anthroposdid you mess with the bridges, if so undo any of that or reinstall the tor bundle00:35
nOObanthropos: wud try that , thanks00:36
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ghostconnany try pear os?00:36
f3ck4rMathuin: i can just use ctrl+a+d and detached this session but this will still be running in background00:36
Mathuinf3cker: oh, I'm really good at screen, I've been using it since like 1995, I've just never used it to start something at boot like this. :-)00:37
MathuinI prefer C-z to C-a since I like Emacs, but to each their own. :-)00:37
patrick__actionparsnip: thanks but do you also know how to increase gpu fan speeds/00:39
Mathuinhttp://oscarhjelm.com/blag/?p=482 <-- has a one-liner I should be able to hack.  Thanks to both f3ck4r and ActionParsnip for your help!! :-)00:39
f3ck4rMathuin: you can created a script to deal with it or rc.local00:39
philip__Well, i can afford to buy a new hard disk now, but if boot from the usb one fail, then i'd have to cause i'm really tired of not having a working system. Thanks for the help guys.00:41
anthroposbbl, take care all00:42
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=== my_weapon is now known as shadowh511
specieshow do I get back normal gnome?00:51
speciesi tried logging in with gnome-classic but the toolbar seems to have had most of its features disabled00:52
speciessuch as adding an icon to it00:52
speciesand its clear that unity is designed for the mythical non technical users that everybody thinks are going to suddenly start using linux "any day now"00:52
f3ck4rspecies: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG!+Ubuntu!%2900:54
speciesi'd rather not get one of the "alternative ubuntu" distros00:55
adrien2lubuntu is good if you dont like unity or have an older computer.00:55
linuxnutWould ubuntu be a good base for a honeypot00:55
speciesit makes me sad that now ive suddenly become an old stuck-in-the-mud00:55
f3ck4rspecies: im use old gnome as well00:56
adrien2I like lubuntu lxde shell00:56
speciesi dont understand why they thought they should change it00:56
adrien2I never like gnome.00:56
speciesinstead of changing those things they should sort out open office, which is probably the main barrier to linux being for normies00:57
adrien2I wonder too, because that unity shell drove me up the wall, without the launcher it would be usable.00:57
speciesopen office is still fairly terrible for everyday use00:57
speciesive used it for many years, grudgingly00:57
adrien2open office is great00:57
f3ck4rspecies: unity is crappy00:57
OysterCultif open office is bad what do you recommend?00:58
adrien2i dont know why ubuntu comes with those other word proccesor instead of open office00:58
speciesi dont :( its the best of a bad choice00:58
huckleberry78hey does anybody know why I would not be passing SASL authentication today.  It worked yesterday00:58
speciesas i said, ive used it for years, grudgingly00:58
adrien2it works better than word for me00:58
TeamRocket1233cSuccessfully installed X and Fluxbox on a Ubuntu server.00:58
f3ck4rhuckleberry78: did you save the configuration?!00:59
TeamRocket1233cAnd TBH, Fluxbox isn't a terrible server GUI at all.00:59
adrien2i like fluxbox00:59
f3ck4ri don't like fb as well00:59
huckleberry78it had worked for the past few days...00:59
huckleberry78now I get...00:59
adrien2it's actually good for desktop use, but i had to stop using it because it's very glitchy00:59
OU-TeamJadedhah I got all your IP's better watch out00:59
linuxnut irc.anonops.ru01:00
OU-TeamJaded127.0.0.1 yup thats your ip linuxnut01:00
specieshmm, im out of date, we should be calling open office libreoffice now01:00
adrien2i never used libreoffice01:01
TeamRocket1233cadrien2: I'm a much bigger Openbox fan for Desktop use.01:01
adrien2i wish i knew how to remove it01:01
f3ck4rlibre is BS01:01
adrien2my favorite is LXDE01:01
specieslol, there is a game called "bastard tetris" available for download01:01
TeamRocket1233cf3ck4r: LibreOffice is actually a viable alternative to MS Office.01:01
f3ck4rgnome or enlightenment01:01
linuxnutI did not ask what my ip address is ?01:01
adrien2gnome is glitchy and ugly, and enlightment, never used it01:01
speciesthe thing about DE's is that, if you are doing your actual work, the appearence isnt relevant01:02
f3ck4radrien2: i don't think so, but i like it D;01:02
ActionParsnipspecies: +101:02
specieswhat is relevant however is if it has huge icons which take up 5% of the screen01:02
TeamRocket1233cadrien2: GNOME isn't bad at all.01:02
adrien2i believe there's some hardware compatibility problems between my computer and ubuntu01:02
huckleberry78I'm getting this:  [18:43:54] *** Looking up your hostname...01:03
huckleberry78[18:43:54] *** Checking Ident01:03
huckleberry78[18:43:55] *** Found your hostname01:03
huckleberry78[18:44:04] *** No Ident response01:03
huckleberry78[18:44:06] SASL authentication failed01:03
FloodBot1huckleberry78: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:03
huckleberry78[18:44:07] SASL authentication aborted01:03
f3ck4ru can change the icon size u know that right01:03
adrien2so the glitches and such might be hardware related01:03
speciesf3ck4r: please tell me how01:03
TheEmpathgreetings ubuntonians01:03
f3ck4rif im not wrong there is an option where u can set the size of the icon01:03
speciesTheEmpath: im fast becoming not an ubuntonian here01:03
TeamRocket1233cadrien2: And if GNOME Shell won't boot, or if you don't like it, Fallback mode isn't terrible either.01:04
TheEmpathI have a shell scripting challenge and I was curious where I might be able to find some insight on how to solve this and, perhaps, if it has been solved before. https://gist.github.com/2c3c756784b38b0e0b9001:04
f3ck4rGnome Shell is great, I love it!01:04
TheEmpathIt's basically a "grab a bunch of file names, string replace them, jam each one into a template, then output all of it"01:04
adrien2i didnt mind the gnome classic, but it wasted a lot of screen space... LXDE suits my taste for interface01:04
f3ck4radrien2: just remove it01:05
adrien2id like to remove unity too01:05
speciesanother thing, i cant believe the power settings now consists of only two settings01:05
adrien2though i find everytime i change certain things in ubuntu i have to reinstall01:05
speciesthats completely rediculous01:05
linuxnutWould it be possible to write a shell script that will generate every possible ipv4 address01:05
adrien2it defaults to the lubuntu window manager sense i installed it anwyays01:05
specieswho the hell do they think is going to use this?01:05
TeamRocket1233cadrien2: You could just do a minimal install and install X and whatever WM or DE you want.01:05
f3ck4rspecies: idk01:05
tazerlibnl; righht mobnitches01:05
tazeru fufckin pieces ofm snhit love linux rigfhgt01:05
ghostconnI want to try a new distro, im pondering between fedora kde,open suse gnome/kde,or arch01:05
tazeris ur packavege01:05
speciesthis is too simplistic for schoolkids01:06
tazerFUICK Y(!U]01:06
ActionParsnipadrien2: lxde is nice, gets on with stuff and no messing01:06
adrien2next time i have to reinstall I'm geting lubuntu, that way I'll never have to boot into that awful unity shell again01:06
tazerI AM A LINUX ADULT!01:06
FloodBot1tazer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
f3ck4rchange the distro just cuz a window manager?!01:06
adrien2that's what I'm using now, lxde01:06
TeamRocket1233ctazer: You're certainly not acting like it.01:06
f3ck4rjust install the window manager u want01:06
tazerLEARN 2 REED01:06
tazerI AM PRO01:06
FloodBot1tazer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
adrien2well I'm using ubuntu right now, i just dont use unity01:06
f3ck4radrien2: me too01:06
ghostconnunity is the biggest flaw the community has ever seen from linux lol01:06
ActionParsniplinuxnut: sure, simple counter loops01:06
adrien2and lubuntu is great for older computers... so it suites my needs more01:06
tazerSO GUYS01:07
ActionParsnipTheEmpath: did you ask in #bash too01:07
TeamRocket1233ctazer: Seriously, I'm being more mature than you, and I'm a semi-noob at Linux!01:07
f3ck4rold gnome is what i've been using it D;01:07
FloodBot1tazer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
TheEmpathActionParsnip: Good call!01:07
ActionParsniptazer: thats offtopic here01:07
ActionParsnip!ops | tazer01:07
FloodBot1tazer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
ubottutazer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:07
ActionParsniptazer: bye01:07
speciesok, question time; 1) is the version of gnome thats default installed a fork of gnome, or normal gnome just with custom settings?01:07
ghostconntazer or get you're own internet connection you bum01:07
JermBobbye bye01:08
ActionParsnipelky: thanks01:08
adrien2man this is insane.01:08
elkywhat did my keyboard just do?01:08
f3ck4ri think is forked01:08
linuxnuti'm  trying to use $RANDOM but having some fall backs01:08
ActionParsnipelky: haha like your style01:08
TeamRocket1233cThat asshole tazer better have fucking left.01:08
ActionParsnipTeamRocket1233c: gone and gone01:08
pangolin!language | TeamRocket1233c01:08
ubottuTeamRocket1233c: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:08
JermBobelky he will have to aircrack his way out of that one01:08
speciesi thought swearing was not OK in this channel?01:08
ActionParsnipspecies: its not, hence ops ;D01:08
speciesi see01:09
specieswell my question got lost in the flood, can I ask it again :|01:09
ActionParsnipspecies: sure01:09
elkyspecies, no, it's not. nor is yelling in all caps, or talking about cracking01:09
TeamRocket1233cSorry, just that guy was REALLY pulling on my nerves,'01:09
species1) is the version of gnome thats default installed a fork of gnome, or normal gnome just with custom settings?01:09
ActionParsnipspecies: its gnome3, the next version. The shell has changed from gnome-panel to Unity01:10
JermBobanyone that needs to talk in caps to be noticed has no place in a friendly environment01:10
ghostconndont use unity species!!!01:10
JermBobdont need loud mouths01:10
linuxnutbaltilugs here01:10
TeamRocket1233cpangolin: ubottu : Sorry 'bout the language. That guy was grinding on my last nerve.01:10
speciesok so gnome-panel is the DE and gnome itself is the WM? is that how its split?01:10
f3ck4rspecies: the gnome that i've used is more polish the system tray now work01:10
ActionParsnipspecies: gnome is the DE, Compiz is the WM01:11
f3ck4rthe fallback is full of bugs..01:11
nooblikesboobshi all, I have a noob question01:11
TeamRocket1233cspecies: GNOME Panel isn't entirely dead. Look into GNOME Fallback or GNOME Classic.01:11
speciesi tried gnome classic, but it wasn't using the same toolbars (i assume this means it starts up something else rather than gnome-toolbar, which is what im used to)01:11
nate_hhow do I specify the port my http server is running on in gemrc?01:11
ActionParsnipspecies: omgubuntu has a how to for making the current Gnome look like Gnome2, if you want an easier way just use xfce01:11
nooblikesboobsI hear about all this ssh and whatnot, is there any free server where I can ssh, create text files, edit etc to learn?01:11
speciesits not really about looks, i just prefer the functionality of the old gnome toolbar01:12
TeamRocket1233cspecies: Openbox, Fluxbox, LXDE, and Xfce are really good too.01:12
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: openssh-server is a free opensource ssh server available in the repos01:12
speciesmight try lxde01:12
tioxspecies: Xfce is the way to go for GNOME2-like functionality.01:12
f3ck4rspecies: some of the olf functions is not working as it should at all01:12
ActionParsnipspecies: install xfce4 and log off, then log into xfce01:12
nooblikesboobswait, isn't that a software??01:12
tioxAnd on top of it, if you had any GNOME2 panel items you wwant to use, XFapplet exists for that.01:12
nooblikesboobsi'm really new to this please explain a little01:12
ghostconni need a good customizable dristo.. preferably kde any suggestions01:13
linuxnutCan i install openvz ontop of ubuntu ?01:13
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: yes, its a server software you can connect to01:13
speciesnext question: where do I get a proper system settings application? the default one seems to be lacking most functionality01:13
TeamRocket1233cOpenbox and Fluxbox are the way to go, period. They're snappy, low-resource, and relatively easy to use.01:13
f3ck4rghostconn: archlinux or slackware01:13
nooblikesboobsso where is the data hosted?01:13
speciesfor example, it lacks anything to do with dimmin the display, which is pretty stupid01:13
tioxnooblikesboobs: #ubuntu is a family-friendly support channel with people of various ages and cultures participating in the same discussion. It is highly recommended you change your nickname to something clean and appropriate.01:13
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: its just a way to connect to your own system, you will be running commands like you do in a terminal01:13
TeamRocket1233cYou just gotta get used to the having to right-click on the desktop in both of them.01:14
ActionParsnipspecies: look in power options and screen saver options. Its all there01:14
nooblikesboobsActionParsnip: But I don't have a second computer01:14
speciesi can see Unity being hopeless on a laptop which is how im likely to end up using this01:14
TeamRocket1233cAnd possibly having to use the command-line to install new software.01:14
nooblikesboobsActionParsnip: Thats why I was asking if there is something free so I can test01:14
ActionParsnipspecies: just because you can't find something doesn't mean its not there01:14
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: yes, openssh-server is free01:14
f3ck4rspecies: i don't like unity at all even in a laptop01:14
tioxActionParsnip: Just means it's not obvious enough.01:14
TeamRocket1233cUnless certain distros allow you to install software via graphical means.01:14
tioxRemember back int eh day when everything was in a menu?01:15
ghostconnf3ck4r, i want arch so abd i just cant seem to get dual boot working01:15
tioxI miss those days... *sniff*01:15
TeamRocket1233ctiox: Like with Windows 95?01:15
nooblikesboobsActionParsnip : So it lets me connect to my own server? Or some server maintained by the software developers?01:15
rinzlernooblikesboobs: almost anything you can do through terminal, you can do through ssh, it just executes on the remote machine instead of the one in front of you.01:15
nooblikesboobsActionParsnip: this is confusing01:15
itaylor57tiox, i remember back in the day when there was no menu01:15
linuxnutAll the cool things you can do with linux and all you guys talk about is gnome kde fluxbox : (01:15
nooblikesboobsrinzler : but my question is, what remote machine?01:15
itaylor57bsd 4.2 on a vax lol01:16
TeamRocket1233ctiox: You can still get menu-oriented interfaces.01:16
nooblikesboobsI don't have a second computer to test01:16
TeamRocket1233clinuxnut: Fluxbox is a cool WM.01:16
nooblikesboobsnot sure if openssh-server provides the hardware for the server, or how exactly all this works01:16
speciesActionParsnip: next question, how can I make the [MASSIVE ICONS] in unity smaller?01:16
nooblikesboobsplease halp!01:16
TeamRocket1233clinuxnut: Openbox too.01:16
linuxnutI understand the interworkings of fluxbox01:17
tioxlinuxnut: This is a suopport channel for Ubuntu only with occasional discussion of KDE, Xfce and LXDE. Find a different place or poarticipate in #ubuntu-offtopic to go into in-depth detail about non-Ubuntu or more esoteric topics.01:17
speciesi dont have trouble using a mouse, and i dont yet have arthritis, so i dont need 96^2 icons01:17
tioxMy keyboard I swear...01:17
=== Dorito is now known as Guest34667
speciesi suppose my current performance issues wouldnt be a problem if I gave my VM more than 50% of one CPU core01:17
nooblikesboobsActionParsnip: Are you there? Can you give me any links to learn more about this? Googling simply takes me to the software01:18
linuxnutCan someone point me two a more techy chanel01:18
rinzlernooblikesboobs: you have two machines in an ssh connection: server and client. client is the one you ssh from, server is the one you ssh to. you need control of two machines to make any use of ssh. if you need practice, you can ssh to your own computer from itself to see what it feels like but there's not too much difference from a normal shell.01:19
kermitLunar_Lamp: #ubuntu-server01:19
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: install openssh-server  on the system you want to connect to01:19
nooblikesboobstahts my problem, I don't have anything to connect to01:19
nooblikesboobsrinzler : thanks for the answers, that's what I understood too01:20
nooblikesboobsbut I was looking for some free remote server to try out ssh etc01:20
f3ck4rghostconn: i've never used arch but in some days i'll get it running in a box D;01:20
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: so one will be the server and one will be the client, install openssh-server on the server and you can connect from the other system with:  ssh -X username@servername01:20
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: ahh you want to ssh to somethin g on the web01:21
nooblikesboobsso if I ssh to a server, I can access/edit all files?? is there specific folders that are shared?01:21
nooblikesboobsActionParsnip : yes!!01:21
nooblikesboobsalso, what does the -X do?01:21
f3ck4rnooblikesboobs: u can as long as u have permission to it01:22
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: enables X forwarding, so you can run GUI apps, they will display on the client side but be processed on the server side01:22
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: handy for thin clients01:22
nooblikesboobspermission as in read/write permission for the files? Or are there special permissions according to the keys?01:22
nooblikesboobswow that sounds cool01:23
nooblikesboobsSo is there anything free on the web that I can try all this out on?01:23
nooblikesboobsOr do I HAVE to have a second computer01:23
ghostconnf3ck4r, anything a little easier to install haha. i have tried linux mint,ubuntu,fedora,kubuntu & gentoo01:23
f3ck4rnooblikesboobs: yeah, that kind of permission (rw)01:23
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: found this http://shellmix.com/index.php/free-account/free-shell-account01:23
tamed-chinesehi all01:23
f3ck4rghostconn: slackware for me is more friendly since i've used for so many years, now im under ubuntu 12.04 BETA 201:24
nooblikesboobsTY for the link I'll try it out01:24
TeamRocket1233cghostconn: What about Fedora?01:25
nooblikesboobsalso thank you for letting me know "free shell account" is the phrase to search for01:25
ghostconnim running kubuntu 12:04 an i have to say im impressed and will return when it is out of beta... i did not have much linux experience when i tried fedora it was my first distro.. i never tinkered with it, is it any good01:27
TeamRocket1233cghostconn: Fedora's actually pretty good, I've played with both the GNOME and Xfce spins and liked them both.01:27
nooblikesboobsI found it, sdf.org01:28
f3ck4rghostconn: my first was a redhat distro based long time ago..then i found slackware and never leave D;01:28
ghostconni have never once used xfce only gnome and kde.. i prefer kde but still  love gnome for it's elegance01:28
f3ck4rgnome and enlightenment for me was the best D;01:29
TeamRocket1233cghostconn: And my first distro that actually counts is Crunchbang.01:29
Mike9863Icons are showing on menus and buttons even though I have the options disabled under desktop -> gnome -> interface under gconf-editor. How can I disable these icons?01:29
f3ck4rdid u try ubuntu-tweak?!01:30
TeamRocket1233cghostconn: Currently running #! on my dinosaur of a PC, it's snappy, stable, and up-to-date.01:31
ActionParsnipnooblikesboobs: nice :)01:32
ActionParsnipi wish KDE went back to the 2002 era, great days01:32
f3ck4rActionParsnip: yeah01:32
XabsterHow do I get the desktop cube thingy to work? I enabled it in compiz manager and nothing happens on ctrl+alt+down01:33
ActionParsnipXabster: press ALT+F2 and run:  compiz --replace01:33
f3ck4rdays when the only thing that i used is window maker lolz01:33
ghostconnnever hear of it before? what im really after is something super stable.very customizable UI,window manager. I know people say every distro is what you make it true.. but so not true lol01:33
f3ck4rghostconn: a window manager like that is enlightenment and fluxbox01:34
rinzlerActionParsnip: what is Xabster trying to do?01:34
ActionParsniprinzler: seems to have setup compiz, but not getting the effect (cube desktop thing)01:35
danielwhat is the best music player with good  tag support for ubuntu?01:35
Xabsteri think i uninstalled unity01:35
Xabsteror atleast changed it01:35
speciesXabster: congratulations01:35
Xabsteri dont know much about ubuntu so i'm just getting my feet wet01:35
Xabsterdoes desktop cube need unity?01:35
f3ck4rkeep with the good work Xabster =p01:35
rinzlerActionParsnip: sounds cool. do you know if it works with xfce?01:35
ActionParsnipXabster: check it's installed, if its not there you won't get effects01:35
Xabsteris this a we-dislike-unity party?01:36
ActionParsniprinzler: you just replace xfwin4 with compiz01:36
ghostconnf3ck4r, I dont mind compiz i enjoy allot of the effects but im always after something bigger and better.. once i find it and install,set it up the way i like i get board and start all over again with another distro lol01:36
f3ck4rXabster: yeah heheh01:36
ActionParsnipXabster: its like marmite, love it or hate it01:36
speciesalthough unity is so simplistic there is barely anything to like or dislike01:36
=== francisco is now known as Guest76180
rinzlerActionParsnip: I don't really understand...01:36
speciesim not sure it even qualifies as a piece of software01:36
XabsterActionParsnip, can you remind me how to check that?01:36
f3ck4rghostconn: LMAO!01:36
dsnydersHi all!  Is there a relatively easy way of telling if two folders are identical?01:36
ActionParsniprinzler: compiz is a WM, xfwin4 is the default WM in XFCE, so you just replace it01:37
ActionParsnipXabster: dpkg -l | grep compiz01:37
ghostconnhonestly its a a disease lol:p01:37
Xabsterseems to control the stuff01:37
rinzlerActionParsnip: Ahh. cool. Thanks. Just wanting to know what i'm looking for to research it :)01:37
* species installs 9.10 trolol01:38
ghostconni have been told once I try arch i will never leave01:38
ghostconnby allot of people lol01:38
nooblikesboobswow I'm so deep on sdf.org but now I can't do shit coz I don't know the commands, and bash commands don't work01:38
f3ck4rafter install ubuntu the first thing that i do is removing the networking-manager01:38
f3ck4rthen install gnome01:39
pangolinnooblikesboobs, please mind your language and change your nick to a family friendly one.01:39
Xabsterwithout network, f3ck4r?01:39
f3ck4rjust use interfaces, dhcp and so on01:39
Xabsterto me it seems easier to do it the other way around01:40
f3ck4ri don't need that crappy01:40
f3ck4ri don't think so..01:40
darkhalo/usr/sbin/brctl, what is this file? know?01:40
f3ck4rwith 2 network card this thing could be troublesome01:40
f3ck4ri just prefer to do by hand D:01:41
FloodBot1rod: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:42
ActionParsnipdarkhalo: try:   dpkg -S brctl    to see the package01:42
ActionParsniprod: what is the point exactly?01:43
Shojouhm....whats taking so long to ban a nick ?:P01:43
dsnydersPerhaps rod is having keyboard problems.01:43
ghostconnwell i think im going to try mint 12 kde? any thought01:43
ghostconnor reasons to talk me out of it lol01:43
ActionParsnipghostconn: go for it, mint has its own support channels though01:44
TeamRocket1233cShojo: Nice nick! :)01:44
ActionParsnip!ops | rod01:44
ubotturod: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:44
ShojoTeamRocket1233c: is a bot?01:44
ActionParsnipShojo: it can still be kick/banned01:44
TeamRocket1233cShojo: No, I'm not.01:44
TeamRocket1233cShojo: I'm an actual person.01:44
Shojooh, then, thanks01:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:44
dsnydersHi all!  Is there a relatively easy way of telling if two folders are identical?01:45
ActionParsnipdsnyders: md5sum01:45
Xabsterdsnyders, identical contents?01:45
Xabsterfilenames or bytewise comparison?01:45
ShojoActionParsnip: i know bots can be kicked or banned, but i wasn't asking that. Just wondering why rod wasnt kicked01:45
dsnydersActionParsnip, md5sum works on folders.  Cool!  I'll look into it.  Thanks.01:46
elkyActionParsnip, left of its own accord.01:46
ActionParsnipelky: no bad thing, thanks anyway01:46
TeamRocket1233cShojo: I thought you were asking if I was a bot at first,01:46
darkhalook so i'm trying to bridge eth0 and br0 and apperently openvpn doesn't like it. any suggestions?01:46
ActionParsnipelky: I think dr_willis left the cage open agin01:47
dsnydersXabster, Identical contents, bytewise.  When I get a new hard drive I copy the old one onto the new.  I'm several copies deep now with many duplicate folders, and I want to clean things up.01:47
f3ck4rbridge or share?!01:47
Jordan_Udsnyders: diff dir1 dir201:47
nooblikesorangeshi all01:47
ShojoTeamRocket1233c: yes i was and you answered me, and then i wrote to ActionParsnip01:48
TeamRocket1233cnooblikesoranges: Hiya! :)01:48
nooblikesorangeswhat irc client do you use? does it have any specific advantages to webchat?01:48
TeamRocket1233cShojo: But I'm not though. I'm an actual person at a keyboard.01:48
ActionParsnipnooblikesoranges: pidgin and irssi (when I'm at work), andchat from my phone01:48
nooblikesorangesTeamRocket1233c: what irc client do you use?01:49
nooblikesorangesActionParsnip: ty01:49
ShojoTeamRocket1233c:  You *already answered me*01:49
f3ck4rnooblikesor: irssi01:49
f3ck4rnooblikesor: if BitxhX support sasl i would still use it instead of irssi01:49
TeamRocket1233cnooblikesoranges: Actually, I'm unfortunately on a Windows Vista PC, on a crappy 56k connection.01:49
dsnydersJordan_U, does diff do md5sums, or does it just compare filenames/sizes.01:49
TeamRocket1233cnooblikesoranges: As it's the only web connection in the house.01:50
EsoRotticaGuys, I've been struggling all day playing with my video card and cant seem to figure it out. Anyone good with flgrx? and yes, I'm already in #ati01:50
nooblikesorangesTeamRocket1233c: really? where are you from Sahara desert?01:50
f3ck4rnooblikesor: lol01:50
TeamRocket1233cnooblikesoranges: Lawton, OK.01:50
pangolinnooblikesoranges, TeamRocket1233c Please join #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat and keep this channel support related only01:50
TeamRocket1233cnooblikesoranges: Might as well be the Sahara, this town sucks!01:51
nooblikesorangesokay sorry01:51
nooblikesorangesps is there an irc command to talk to a single person?01:51
TeamRocket1233cSorry 'bout that.01:51
faryshtanooblikesoranges, /msg01:51
TeamRocket1233cnooblikesoranges: And /q.01:51
=== nooblikesoranges is now known as nooblikesapples
danielThere is any way to select the predetermined app to open files with some extension?01:52
EsoRotticaright click properties, open with, set as default01:52
ActionParsnipnooblikesapples: /msg name message01:53
Jordan_Udsnyders: Neither, it compares contents.01:53
danielEsoRottica, thanks01:53
danieldo anyone know any app similar to foobar2000?01:54
nooblikesbananasWow, what is happening? I couldnt send to channel hash ubuntu but I could read01:55
nooblikesbananasalso, did you guys get the messages I sent?01:55
f3ck4rdaniel: banshee?!01:55
EsoRotticayeah, banshee!01:55
Xabsternooblikesbananas, how would we know if we got everything you sent?01:55
ActionParsnipdaniel: looks like gnome-mplayer to me01:55
nooblikesbananasXabster: what?01:56
nicmcginnisHi, sorry to butt in on the conversation, but I'm very new to Ubuntu and I'm wondering if someone could help me with Rhythmbox.01:56
ActionParsnipnooblikesbananas: yes I got it01:56
nooblikesbananask ty01:56
TeamRocket1233cI G2G for the night, I'll BBT. Bye!  -wave-01:56
f3ck4rnicmcginnis: what's the deal01:56
nicmcginnisF3ck4r: Well, it keeps telling me there are 'missing files.'01:57
nicmcginnisI add them one day, and they are 'missing' the next.01:57
f3ck4rmaybe is the jpg files that come with the mp3 as well01:57
f3ck4ror could be the mp3 files in a driver that you need to mount01:58
KDEvsGNOMEanybody knows a good angry birds like game on ubuntu?01:58
nicmcginnis(noobness level = over 9000)01:59
faryshtaKDEvsGNOME, warmux.01:59
Shojolol, that's a phone game:)01:59
faryshtaKDEvsGNOME, I think you can install AB on chrome.02:00
f3ck4ryeah mount, meaning that the files should be in a diff hdd02:00
f3ck4rhdd = hard drive02:01
Jordan_UKDEvsGNOME: http://chrome.angrybirds.com , also since Angry Birds uses box2d you may look into other games which also use box2d for physics.02:01
zykotick9KDEvsGNOME: Shojo the windows version of AG works in wine02:01
fabioi have an rfid reader with a cable with serial and a usb02:02
fabiobut when i do dmesg or lsusb02:02
fabionothing appears02:02
nicmcginnisf3ck4r: So I think the problem is that when I originally added the files to the playlist, the HDD was identified with some name, and now it bears another upon reboot, and keeps changing? Could that be?02:02
Shojozykotick9: AG?02:02
nooblikesbananaswow my firefox button is gone02:02
zykotick9Shojo: angry birds02:02
fabioi have both connected02:02
rasustofabio: did you dmesg | tail02:03
rmg3@search pink floyd02:03
no-name-hi. I have a GeForce 7025 and have the current drivers from System > Administration > Hardware Drivers, yet games are much slower on Ubuntu than Windows 7. I'm running 10.04 x6402:03
f3ck4rnicmcginnis: could, but this is cuz it is a diff hdd that why he appears to missing the files.02:03
Shojoisn't that AB? anyways, i was just saying it's a game to play when nothing else to do, i guess a computer can have more interesting things on it:)02:03
nicmcginnisA different hdd from what, though?02:03
faryshta /join #hentai02:03
ActionParsnipno-name-: what version of the driver are you running?02:04
f3ck4rmeaning that the mp3 files should be in another hdd and the hdd should be mounted first then the player will recgonize the location of the files02:04
fabiorasusto: yes02:04
KDEvsGNOMEI get it, what about plants vs zombies02:04
no-name-ActionParsnip: it just says "version current"02:05
zykotick9KDEvsGNOME: it works in wine02:05
ActionParsnipno-name-: run:  nvidia-settings    what version?02:05
nicmcginnisOkay, thanks. Umm. (I've been using windows for years. I'm so sorry to be clueless at this.) What does 'mount' a hdd mean? How do I do it?02:05
rinzlerI have a lynksys wmp11v4 wifi PCMCIA adapter that I'm using with 11.10. Every time I reboot, ndiswrapper looses the ability to control my card and I need to uninstall the driver and reinstall to get the card working again. How can I keep this from happening?02:05
no-name-ActionParsnip: NVIDIA Driver Version: 195.36.2402:05
f3ck4rmount is a command line to mount a diff hdd on the system02:05
ActionParsniprinzler: if you run: sudo modprobe ndiswrapper     does it work ok?02:06
f3ck4ropen your file manager02:06
ActionParsnipno-name-: bit old, uninstall the driver and run this command02:06
Xabsternicmcginnis, it means to enable it and map it is a drive letter (or description)... kind of like you mount an .iso in windows02:06
hugenumbersnicmcginnis dose your backround populate with the hdd containing the media files02:06
nicmcginnisSo, wait, whenever I boot, I need to tell Ubuntu to recognize all my HDs manually?02:06
rinzlerActionParsnip: It doesn't output anything. Just gives me another $02:07
XabsterYou can do it automatically, nicmcginnis, but yes, you need to do something to make Ubuntu see them for the first time02:07
aarossigHey all, I just updated my server from 10.04 to 11.10 along with a hardware refresh and more HD's... I'm having a problem with network file transfers. If I use sshfs or samba... the network will almost "die" for brief amounts of time and then come back. Any ideas?02:07
f3ck4ru don't need to do it manually u can do it by open the file manager and click on it02:07
Xabsteris that not manually, f3ck4r?02:07
ActionParsnipno-name-: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current02:07
nicmcginnisSo I only should have to "mount" them once, and after that, Ubuntu will see them?02:07
ActionParsniprinzler: that means it worked, does the device work ok now?02:07
f3ck4rXabster: partiall manually02:08
aarossigwith sshfs, the cpu usage goes to 0 for a while and then suddenly jumps back up and the file transfer continues as usual02:08
nicmcginnisOnce again, sorry everyone, I am very, very new at this.02:08
zykotick9nicmcginnis: fstab is used to make mounts permanent02:08
f3ck4rntsf3g-config do it02:08
rinzlerActionParsnip: uhm. yes, oh great magician of the internetz. what the heck just happened??02:08
ActionParsniprinzler: the module isn't loading at boot02:09
nicmcginniszykotick9: I'm looking at the fstab wiki page. It tells me I need to edit a file with a bunch of code in it/02:09
rinzlerso would running that command at login work for me?02:09
ActionParsniprinzler: you can make it autoload with:   echo "ndiswrapper" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules02:09
nicmcginnisIs there a GUI version?02:09
zykotick9!fstab | nicmcginnis02:09
ubottunicmcginnis: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:09
rinzlerActionParsnip: ahh. Thanks!!02:09
hugenumbersnicmcginnnis there is a gui version02:10
zykotick9nicmcginnis: i'm not sure there is a GUI method, good luck02:10
nicmcginnisThanks. Wow. I think I might have to go back to windows. I really don't understand any of this.02:10
Xabsternicmcginnis, I'm probably as new as you are and I went to startup applications and made 2 entries, 1 for each drive with the command to mount them02:11
rinzlerActionParsnip: rebooting for test...02:11
Xabsternot sure this is a correct way to do it, but it works02:11
f3ck4rXabster: manually right ;D02:11
Xabsteryes i did something manually02:12
rinzlerActionParsnip: Success!! Thanks!02:12
nicmcginnisXabster: I'm looking up how to do that, thanks02:12
f3ck4rnicmcginnis: the file manager do the trick02:13
nicmcginnisI just need to figure out that the command is, I guess02:13
Xabsternicmcginnis, this is the command to mount my D-drive: udisks --mount /dev/sdb102:13
Xabsterand nicmcginnis, this is my E: udisks --mount /dev/sdc102:13
Xabsternicmcginnis, I don't remember how to find out what the drives are called02:14
nicmcginnisXabster: thanks for the help dude.02:14
Xabsterno problems02:14
rinzlerwhy does ubuntu think that having numlock on is a bad thing. I'm on a desktop machine, and I would like numlock to be on automatically. is there a way to remove the warning and/or make it boot with numlock on?02:14
hugenumbersdoes udisks come install in ubuntu 11.1002:14
Karmaonwhy does my lvm encrypted hard drive not show up as a device?02:15
Karmaoni'm trying to install grub on it because the alt-cd was not succesful02:15
Karmaoni have the live cd on now02:15
nicmcginnisI'm googling around. Should I just try instlaling Storage Device Manager?02:15
hugenumbersnicmcginnis if you have udisks you can run udisks --dump... or run a gui like storage device manager02:16
nicmcginnisThe internet tells me to "click" on the drive in the "places" menu to "mount" it, but Rhythmbox is still telling me all my files are missing... I think because the playlist is pointing to a location with a different name, though it is supposed ot be the same HDD....02:16
nicmcginnisLike one time this HD was called sdb1 or something, and now I've rebotted and the same harddrive is now sdc1, and everything is all messed up...02:17
CmdrButlhgot a question guys whats the bash command to install groups of software like yum groupinstall on RH02:18
hugenumbersnicmcginnis if you have to have the hdd automatically mount at boot02:18
kevdogapt command?02:18
CmdrButlhyes I'm trying to script02:18
fabioi got an joystick connected via usb. I want to know what happens when i press a button02:18
fabiohow to see what string is sent to pc?02:18
kevdogwish I knee02:19
fabioi did lsusb02:19
CmdrButlhkevdog for example if I wanted to install all the programs in the games category all at once02:19
fabioand gives me Bus 002 Device 010: ID 0079:0006 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick02:19
Jordan_UKarmaon:  Do you have an unencrypted /boot?02:19
nicmcginnishugenumbers: yeah, I just have no idea how to get things to automount, and I don't understand the help pages. :( I don't know what a 'mount point' is or what 'file system' I am using.02:19
zykotick9fabio: you could try xev (not sure it'll work though)02:20
kevdog@CmdrButlh: Wish I knew -- I've never thought about doing something that02:20
nicmcginnishugenumbers: I can't apologize enough for my cluelessness. I'm coming from a decade of windows holding my hand.02:20
=== dyngleberry is now known as macjac
rinzlerxchat is not launching. blank window flashes up, but nothing is loaded. any ideas?02:20
fabiozykotick9:  can you explain me how it works?02:21
f3ck4rnicmcginnis: just go to applications and files then click on the drive list and it should be mount manually.02:21
JoseeAntonioRHello! Can I sync my iCloud Calendar with Ubuntu?02:21
kevdognicmcginnis: late to the game, but what's the problem? A mount point is a "directory" where you are going to tell something to mount -- instead of c: it would be like /media/c or /c or any other directory you want to specify02:21
zykotick9fabio: type "xev" then try pressing a button on your joystick, and see if it's outputs the character sent in the xev window/terminal02:22
kevdognicmcginnis: You can setup things like USB sticks, or remote directories on different computers to auto mount at boot by modifying the fstab file02:23
fabiozykotick9:  not works02:23
nicmcginniskevdog: Hi... I have this problem where I imported my media into Rhythmbox, but now it tells my all my files are missing. I tried 'mounting' the HDs by clicking on them in the 'places' menu, but I think Ubuntu is assigning different names to the HDs when I boot, because they are still 'missing'. Though I can see them in the file manager. :P02:23
zykotick9fabio: sorry.  i don't have any other suggestions.02:23
nicmcginniskevdog: The fstab file is waaay above my paygrade, lol. I don't understand a single word on the help pages.02:23
zykotick9fabio: are you sure the joystick is working?02:23
fabiozykotick9: yes02:24
zykotick9fabio: ok, no other suggestions - good luck.02:24
kevdognicmcginnis: Working with Rhythmbox is like above my paygrade.  Your hard drive partitions shouldn't be assigned different names however02:25
nicmcginniskevdog: haha, fair enough. I just want a stable playlist, because scanning every time I open up the program for 15k files takes forever.... I'm experimenting with Ubuntu instead of paying for windows7, so we'll see...02:26
faryshtaIs there a way to set a continuous mouse click on ubuntu?02:26
kevdogLet me try to fire up Rhthmbox and see what happens -- hold on -- I'm going to see if I can do this remotely from an x server over ssh02:26
ILoveUbuntui installed classic gnome but i cant find gconf-editor02:27
zykotick9ILoveUbuntu: dconf-something maybe?02:27
xanguaILoveUbuntu: clasic gnome != gnome2 , gconf-editor is discontinued and not dconf-editor is used02:27
kevdognicmcginnis: logged in but I gotta install rhythmbox from repository -- so give me a bit02:29
jerkchickencan i edit scripts with "less"? i need an editor that can scroll horizontally02:29
ILoveUbuntui get an error when i rud dconf-editor too02:30
kevdogjerkchicken: I think less is like more -- really doesn't do edititing.  Do you need a terminal editor or gui?02:30
nicmcginniskevdog: oh man, it's okay, you shouldn't go through the bother... I'm pretty sure it is because the playlist data is pointing to the 'wrong' hdd name and I need to make the HDD names stable somehow...02:30
jerkchickenkevdog, terminal editor02:30
nicmcginniskevdog: but the 'usual' ways are too hackerly for my miserable skills...02:31
kevdognicmcginnis: hold on -- this really should be that hard to do02:31
kevdogjerkchicken: Can you just increase the width of your terminal box?02:31
jerkchickenkevdog, no. my terminal is on a phone02:32
kevdogjerkchicken: I only use vim of vi from the terminal b/c I'm really stupid02:32
kevdogjerkchicken; Are you using connectbot or terminal emulator?02:33
kevdognicmcginnis: Ok I got the rhythmbox fired up02:33
jlkkljhdoes anybody know how to do an official install/the web site for downloading ???????????????02:33
jerkchickenkevdog, bbssh on my blackberry02:33
xanguajlkkljh: ubuntu.com is the official site02:34
jerkchickenkevdog, then i start irssi for irc. not on it now though02:34
jlkkljhive tried it wont take live cd/or usb02:34
kevdogjerkchicken: Can't help you on that one02:34
faryshtaIs there a way to set a continuous mouse click on ubuntu?02:34
kevdognicmcginnis: Are you trying to import a folder or what?02:34
nicmcginniskevdog: No, I imported all my folders, and upon reboot, I get this error that all the files are missing.02:35
kevdognicmcginnis: Where did you import all the music too? What folder?02:36
no-name-ActionParsnip: I put that command in and have restarted but now things are even slower. When I run nvidia-settings I get a message box saying "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.", but when I run sudo nvidia-xconfig I get sudo: nvidia-xconfig: command not found02:36
jlkkljhactionparsnip: i was talking to you earlier i think but got disconnected02:37
nicmcginniskevdog: Well, I had an existing HD from a previous computer. It already had a directory structure, so I just asked rhythmbox to look at a the folders therein. It took about an hour, but it imported all the media and I could listen to it. Then I rebooted and it lists all the files in the playlist, but says it can't find them.02:37
nicmcginniskevdog: ....even after I 'mounted' the HD in question./02:38
kevdognicmcginnis: how did you mount the hard-drive?  and what is the file system type? windows-ntfs? or linux-ext3,ext4,etc?02:39
nicmcginniskevdog: I mounted it by clicking on the HD in the "places" drop-down menu. I guess it is windows-ntfs because it is from an old windows box.02:39
jlkkljhactionparsnip: i think i was talking to u earlier02:41
kevdognicmcginnis -- Ok -- so you can read the files -- this is good.  Do you know how to use pastebin?  I want you to post the contents of your /etc/fstab file02:41
nicmcginnis# /etc/fstab: static file system information.02:42
nicmcginnis# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier02:42
nicmcginnis# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name02:42
nicmcginnis# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).02:42
FloodBot1nicmcginnis: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:42
EsoRotticaI'm running Ubuntu 11.10 x64, I've installed Flgrx and what I believe to be the latest Catalyst driver, 12.2. Everything appears to be working in the way of the driver, however my card runs at 90C. The card im running is an ATI Radeon HD 5770, Juniper XT. Due to the high temperatures my fan appears to run at 71-85% constantly [18:46] <EsoRottica> I've searched extensively and read most the the stuff at cchtml, but to no avail. if an02:43
kevdognicmcginnis: Just paste a link to where you pasted the contents of the file within pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com02:43
EsoRotticakevdog he hasnt joind back yet.02:44
jlkkljhis there anybody out there that can help we install kubuntu???02:44
nicmcginniskevdog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/901515/02:45
jlkkljhhelp please02:45
EsoRotticajlkkljh go to ubuntu software center and search for kubuntu desktop02:45
EsoRotticainstall, log out, then click the box net to password to load the enviornment02:46
kevdognicmcginnis: You're learning -- I see your device as /dev/sdb1 --  can you paste the results of the command mount in the same vain02:46
nicmcginniskevdog: what is the 'command mount'?02:46
kevdogType mount in the terminal and paste what it outputs02:47
jlkkljhok i downloaded unbuntu-10.04.4-desktop-i386 iso02:47
jlkkljhand wouldnt boot it02:47
EsoRotticaI'm sorry, are you trying to install linux or a linux desktop envornment?02:47
EsoRotticaWaht operating system are you using to create the thumbdrive?02:48
jlkkljhim trying to load an iso from usb02:49
EsoRotticaokay, from what operating system?02:49
kevdognicmcginnis -- Let me take a minute to digest this02:49
jlkkljhit wouldnt detect the iso02:49
jlkkljhwin wp02:49
nicmcginniskevdog: thanks for the assistance. I really appreciate your time.02:49
jlkkljhEsoRottica are u there02:50
teageam i doin it wrong guys?02:50
kevdognicmcginnis -- It looks like right now the drive is mounted under /media/sdb1  -- Can you confirm this?02:52
=== DouglasA is now known as DouglasA`
kevdognicmcginnis: It also looks like along the way, someone or somebody or some program made a modification to the /etc/fstab file so this driver would mount at boot -- its line 13 in the file02:53
=== EsoRottica_ is now known as EsoRottica
nicmcginniskevdog: Sure, how do I go about confirming that?02:54
kevdognicmcginnis: Here is a list of commands (separated by commas): cd /media/sdb1, ls02:54
nicmcginniskevdog: yeah at some point I tried installing pysdm or storave device manager on advice of the internet...02:55
kevdognicmcginnis: Ok no problem -- I use something very similar but I just make the modifications to the file by hand (and make comments in the file so I remember how to do it the next time)02:56
nicmcginniskevdog: "bash: cd: /media/sdb1,: No such file or directory"02:56
kevdognicmcginnis: Ok no problem -- sdb1 (no space)02:56
kevdognicmcginnis: cd /media/sdb102:56
nicmcginniskevdog: nicmcginnis@nicmcginnis-desktop:/media/sdb1$02:57
kevdognicmcginnis: Ok -- good, just do a ls to "list" the contents of the directory02:57
nicmcginniskevdog: it lists the contents of the drive I had dubbed 'tencathalong' in my windows days02:59
willijs3Hello all!03:00
kevdognicmcginnis: Ok that's good03:00
nicmcginniskevdog: an example of a file path that rhythmbox lists as missing is "/media/TENCATHALONG/MUSIC/Mp3s - Random/SONGS/cdrom"03:02
kevdognicmcginnis: If you look at line 13 again -- you can see this drive is mounted with permissions of ro which means read only.  You might or might not want this03:02
nicmcginniskevdog: probably don't.03:03
kevdognicmcginnis: Ok the path is wrong in the first place -- it should be /media/sdb1/.........03:03
willijs3anyone know how I can change the default settings of synclient on a reboot? Adding script to rc.local works on startup, and after doing some research, I created a script and added it to the rc0.d folder, but it's not working for me. Any ideas?03:03
=== f3ck4r is now known as f3ck4r-0ffz
nicmcginniskevdog: should I just uninstall rhythmbox and re-load the playlist and hope the path stays stable?03:04
kevdognicmcginnis: I'm no expert on this area, but lets just take this from the top.  That just means a few modifications to a few files -- that's it.  Let just first install the ntfs-3g package that is going to give you read/write capabilities03:04
kevdognicmcginnis: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g03:04
nicmcginniskevdog: aight, I trust ya :P03:05
kevdognicmcginnis: That's some trust03:05
=== jarek is now known as Guest78041
nicmcginniskevdog: I see 'sudo' and immediately think of all those irc screenshots where people ask the clueless noobs (i.e., people like me!) to delete system32 or whatever :D03:06
nicmcginniskevdog: seriously though THANK YOU.03:06
kevdognicmcginnis: One that's installed -- lets edit the /etc/fstab file ---> gksu gedit /etc/fstab03:06
nicmcginnis"ntfs is already the newest version..." good!03:06
kevdognicmcginnis: ntfs-3g03:07
nicmcginniskevdog: okay, I'm in. I feel like trinity in the matrix.03:07
kevdognicmcginnis: Hardly03:07
nicmcginniskevdog: well, it's fun to pretend.03:07
nicmcginniskevdog: I'm looking at fstab now03:08
=== t0nic is now known as diamonds
kevdognicmcginnis: comment out line 13 -- meaning put a # in front of the line so if all else fails you can revert --- and I think you chose the red pill because you didn't make a backup copy of the fstab file before doing this03:09
nicmcginnisuh, should I make a backup copy?03:09
EsoRotticahe could always create the directory TENCATHALONG in media, then tell fstab to mount the partition, there, volia03:09
AirborneCalavryhey i need help in updating my ubuntu 11.10, I wont let me and apt-get wont work03:09
EsoRotticano need to fix the directory from within rythmbox.03:10
kevdognicmginnis: rule of thumb -- whenever some schmoo like me in the forums or irc tells you to mess with any system file -- the answer would be yes make a backup -- sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak03:10
malkaunshow do u make conky always-on-top?03:11
kevdogEsoRottica: He could probably make a symbolic link however I think he want to make the ntfs partition read-writeable as a baseline03:11
Seppozim trying to install ubuntu on my laptop03:11
nicmcginniskevdog: haha, word to the wise, indeed. This is literally my, what, 4th day running ubuntu? After running ms software since the 90s...03:11
EsoRotticaI was going to suggest that as well :)03:11
AirborneCalavryHi, i need help in updating my ubuntu 11.10, I wont let me and apt-get wont work03:11
KM0201Seppoz: whats the problem?03:11
Seppozim only getting that windows that lets me select weather to install or use03:11
Seppozand its white03:11
Seppozi think so yes03:12
kevdognicmginnis: anyway proceeding on: /dev/sdb1 /media/c/ ntfs-3g defaults,user,locale=en_US.utf803:12
KM0201is there a "safe graphics" mode... in the menu?03:12
kevdognicmginnis: Make sure that the directory /media/c exists -- T03:13
ActionParsnipkevdog: may want to addd 0 0    on the end03:13
AirborneCalavryanyone free?03:13
ActionParsnipkevdog: also may want to use UUID rather than /dev/whateve03:13
ActionParsnipAirborneCalavry: ask away03:13
AirborneCalavryi need help in updating my ubuntu 11.10, I wont let me and apt-get wont work03:13
KM0201AirborneCalavry: what have you tried?03:14
kevdognicmginnis:Ok and add 0 0 on the end as well -- and yeah you could use UUID if you are moving your drives around but if that's happening who cares03:14
ActionParsnipAirborneCalavry: can you use http://pastie.org   and give the output of: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade03:14
SeppozKM0201: i dont see anything its just a white bopx03:14
Seppozlet me see what the gpu is 1 sec03:14
nicmcginniskevdog: sorry, this is going a little too fast now...03:14
=== BO0OT is now known as Vladislas
nicmcginniskevdog: what line should I be modifying?03:14
ActionParsnipAirborneCalavry: be sure that software centre / synaptic is not open and packages are not installinf03:14
KM0201Seppoz: i'm talking about when you first boot the cd/usb.. in the menu... is there an option for "safe graphics"03:14
Seppozits just booting how to see the options03:14
=== AcidRain is now known as AcidRain2012
Seppozits Nvidia Geforce 8200M03:15
Seppozno ATI03:15
KM0201one would think that would work fine03:16
KM0201Nvidia usually "just works"03:16
Seppozhow to eneter the boot menue?03:16
FyodorovnaKM0201, tap the shift at powering on for that first gui hit f6 choose nomodeset.03:16
KM0201Fyodorovna: was just typing that.... Seppoz do what Fyodorovna said03:17
EsoRotticaActionParsnip: how about this one? I'm running an HD 5770 with FLgrx installed and my temp is at 90C03:17
zykotick9Fyodorovna: i mind "hold shift after bios" is typically an easier suggestion.  Seppoz03:17
kevdognicmcginnis: I can see I'm getting a lot of opinions on the forums (multiple ways to skin a cat), add this to line 14 of the file: /dev/sdb1 /media/c/ ntfs-3g defaults,user,locale=en_US.utf8 0 003:18
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: is that a good temp, i've no idea03:18
ActionParsnipSeppoz: did you instal the proprietary driver?03:19
Seppozim suppose to enable nomodeset03:19
Seppoznow do i do that03:19
ActionParsnipSeppoz: add:  nouveau.blacklist=103:19
ActionParsnipSeppoz: as a boot option03:19
EsoRotticaActionParsnip: 90 ºC = 194 ºF90 ºC = 194 ºF03:19
nicmcginniskevdog: oooookay.03:19
curiousxtoo high temp03:19
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: yes, but is it an ok level?03:19
kevdognicmcginnis: Make sure that /media/c exists if not create it: sudo mkdir -p /media/c03:20
EsoRotticaActionParsnip: Absolutely not. :) I do believe i just suffered a thermal shutdown03:20
curiousxbut if its a nvidia gtx 590 and you r playing for example BF3 is common03:20
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: I see, I've not used Ati, I always use nvidia so am not much use03:20
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: which release are you using?03:20
EsoRotticaActionParsnip: catalyst 12.203:21
=== shadowh511-lapto is now known as shadowh511
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: which release of ubuntu03:21
EsoRotticacuriousx: this is an idle temperature.03:21
EsoRotticaActionParsnip: sorry, 11.103:21
nicmcginniskevdog: done that too03:21
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: could try Precise liveCD, see how it is03:21
curiousxEsoRottica: you should install 12.203:21
EsoRotticaActionParsnip: thats 12.4?03:22
curiousxits a ATI graphic card ?03:22
EsoRotticacuriousx: yea, i have catalyst 12.2, i was talking about Oneiric to Action03:22
kevdognicmcginnis: Although you don't really have to do this step: meaning you could do it other ways -- but just for brevity sake -- reboot, then come back on irc.03:22
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: yes Precise == 12.0403:23
EsoRotticacuriousx: yea, its an HD 5770, I have the proper version of everything installed to the best of my knowledge.03:23
=== Eledran is now known as zz_Eledran
nicmcginniskevdog: kk03:23
willijs3anyone know how I can change the default settings of synclient on a reboot? Adding script to rc.local works on startup, and after doing some research, I created a script and added it to the rc0.d folder, but it's not working for me. Any ideas?03:23
thiebaudeEsoRottica: you have an Acer laptop?03:23
EsoRotticacuriousx: the best excuse I've head so far is that having multiple monitors may not allow flgrx to switch powerstates03:23
EsoRotticathiebaude: no, this is a desktop.03:24
thiebaudeahh ok03:24
curiousxyep that could be the reazon03:24
EsoRotticacuriousx: you've had a similar experience?03:24
thiebaudedesktop is nvidia and laptop is ati with the catalyst drivers03:24
* thiebaude nothing like nvidia imho03:25
dj_segfaultHi.  I'm having trouble mounting a hard drive at boot time that mounts fine after boot.  Please see my notes at http://wiki.thekramers.net/Main/JanusHardDriveProblem03:25
curiousxnop, but also heard some like that03:25
EsoRotticaATi was beautiful on Windows for an eyefinity setup. That was the deciding factor, productivity with 3 monitors was nice.03:26
curiousxsry i dont able to help ya =(03:26
kevdogwillijs3: why not add it to /etc/rc.local?03:26
epaphusHey guys.. when I do last -n 10 .. what does this mean?reboot   system boot  2.6.32-220.2.1.e Mon Mar 26 16:37 - 21:15  (04:38)   there is a time range of 4 hours.. is it because the server took 4 hours to boot.. or uptime or what...?03:27
willijs3kevdog it's already in there. It just doesn't work on a reboot. It will work if I shut down and press the power button to boot, but not a reboot.03:28
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kevdogwillijs3: weird, so a cold boot, but not a reboot03:29
willijs3kevdog correct. I can't figure it out. I saw on a few forums that others had the same problem, but nobody had a solution. I figured I'd try here03:30
Seppozjust for the record03:31
kevdogwillijs3: I'm just going to throw out a crazy idea -- probably going to get shot down by the peanut gallery -- however you could try calling your script from a udev startup script03:31
Seppoznomodeset with F6 works out03:31
willijs3kevdog Eh, i'll give it a shot. doesn't hurt to try.03:33
kevdogwillijs3: all the udev startup scripts are kept in /etc/init03:33
KM0201Seppoz: good03:33
Seppozthank you guys for the help03:33
Seppozi think im in a kind of fallback mode now03:33
Seppozdo i have to install nvidia drivers now?03:33
kevdogwillijs3: I've only written one to start my firewall script at boot -- so I'm no expert, but it was pretty easy and it works as best as I can tell03:33
KM0201Seppoz: are you booting an install, or are you on a live cd/live usb?03:34
KM0201if you're on a live version.. you won't be able to install the graphics drivers, you'll have to do an actual install, then install the drivers... the nomodeset is just to get the live cd working, then you may need to use it to get an install working, then install the nvidia drivers, and you shouldn't need it03:34
kevdogwillijs3: I can post my script if you want, but my advice would be the following:  pop open a few of the other udev script (they are all labeled .conf) within gedit or something -- it will give you a variety of the syntax03:34
willijs3I'll give it a shot. thanks for the help03:35
Seppozim instaling right now03:35
VertHow do i list what files, and where a given package installed?03:35
KM0201Seppoz: just pay attention on your partitioning03:35
willijs3I have one open now. I'm still new at this, so it'll be a learning process :)03:35
kevdogwillijs3: I also consulted the udev manual on line that actually was quite readable.03:35
zykotick9Vert: "dpkg -L PACKAGENAME" perhaps?03:36
kevdogwillijs3: If you want I can post mine - its really simple and just runs a script that loads all my firewall rules into iptables03:36
KM0201Seppoz: because, you don't want to accidentally nuke windows03:36
Seppozthats EXACTLY what i want man03:36
SeppozNUKE WINDOWS!03:36
KM0201Seppoz: are you sure?03:36
willijs3kevdog I'll definitely hit that up too. If you want to put it up, i'd love to look at it03:36
Vertzykotick9: perfect thanks03:36
Seppoz100% sir03:36
KM0201Seppoz: as new as you are, thats not a good idea.. dual boot for a while.. or you'll be reinstalling windows by the end of the week03:36
Seppozim not new i just didnt know hot to get that szuff working lol03:37
KM0201oh ok03:37
Seppozim suing it for like 5 years now03:37
Seppozjust not on that laptop03:37
EsoRotticaI nuked windows... entirely. It made me happy.03:37
willijs3me too!03:38
KM0201EsoRottica: i've done it many times03:38
Seppozi bet!03:38
thiebaudei cant til i do03:38
Seppozits one of that magic moments right xDD03:38
KM0201i wasn't saying "don't" do it... just saying if you're new (which i thought he was) it's best to dual boot for a while03:38
thiebaudedarn netflix,lol03:38
Seppozi absolutely agree KM020103:38
EsoRotticaI was sick of it. he has another box, with ubuntu virtualized in it though.03:38
Seppozi also got a windows laptop but i took the decition that i can do all i want for work on linux that is03:39
Seppozi was using it long time in VM03:39
EsoRotticaits taken me... amost 4 months, and finally there is something i jsut cant seem to figure out... FLgrx, xorg and my GPU temp03:39
Seppozbut no reason not to go bare03:39
bonksIs it possible to install ubuntu server with a 256MB usb drive onto the system's harddrive? I don't have a cdrom for the system that's why.03:39
Seppozxorg is just the WM03:39
willijs3kevdog got it. It seems simple enough03:39
willijs3probably not though:)03:40
EsoRotticaI'm with ya..03:40
Seppozbonks: see if ubunto offeres network install03:40
kevdogWhy anyone would want to nuke windows is beyond me?  I'm not saying I'm a fanboy of windows, but does anybody else work in the real world where everybody else uses Windows and you mailed all the proprietary files only windows can open03:40
Seppozbonks: and use the programms that ubunto refere to to flash it on usb key03:40
bonksSeppoz: thanks i'll check that out03:41
thiebaudekevdog: i keep it in case i need it03:41
EsoRotticaKevdog, dont programd adhearing to the ODF all work?!03:41
Seppozbonks: 256 might be a bit small tho not sure if that works out03:41
willijs3kevdog: I've got a second laptop for just that purpose. But in order to learn something new, i had to jump in head first03:41
Seppozbonks: the hard drive is bigger right?03:42
kevdogwillijs3: its easy, the start on, stop on and exec statement are really the only lines that are needed -- the other stuff is either fluff or respawn lines (starts service again in case it suddenly dies unexpectedly)03:42
bonksSeppoz: Yes, the harddrive is 80gb, but i don't have any cdrom or spare flash drives to use03:42
EsoRotticaI recently sat in a Windows enviornment with an HP touchpad (Running ubuntu) and managed a sharepoint install :)03:42
kevdogNewest Excel Format will not open in libre office for me03:42
=== dcpayne is now known as MontanaMan
MontanaManHey there...03:43
kevdogSeems like what I do usually is use my windows computer -- and with the help of xming and ssh, get into my linux box that way03:44
MontanaManEverything else went well with my install except for the sound aspect of my Laptop03:44
Seppozthat one maybe03:44
reasearcher123I have set Login automatically for Administrative account.I get  message "Enter password to unlock your login keyring The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer."When I unlock the PC starts.But I cant set password for this user. What to do?03:45
MontanaManCan't seem to get it up and running.  From what I've seen, it's got a generic driver for the built in sound03:45
willijs3kevdog: I'm gonna go play around with this for a while. Thanks again for the help03:45
KM0201MontanaMan: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pavucontrol03:45
SeppozKM0201: is there something like nomodeset for the system? its installed bt when booting the screen stays black /mouse is there, backlight is on)03:45
KM0201Seppoz: i believe you have to add it to the grub entry for that kernel03:45
Seppozis there a way to do that from the installed syste?03:46
Seppozlike a safe mode03:46
KM0201you have to add the entry to grub... from the grub menu03:46
kevdogwillijs3: Don't overthink it -- its really easy.  The start on line is probably the trickiest since it wont start the service unless the dependencies are already started.  If you don't know what services your script depends on, you might have to look either at documentation, other examples, and just take a wild guesss03:46
KM0201Seppoz: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html03:47
MontanaManI went to the terminal and got the package installed... still no sound03:47
KM0201MontanaMan: go to the dashboard, and do a search for pulseaudio volume control03:48
MontanaManVolume 100%03:49
Vipp3ris there any more rooms  besides this one im new on here?03:49
KM0201Vipp3r: #ubuntu-offtopic  it's for offtopic bantering03:50
jenn_kevdog: still here03:50
MontanaManback...  Sound configuration checks out... still no sound03:50
SeppozKM0201: whats the apt-get command for nvidia drivers03:51
KM0201Seppoz: um, not sure to be truthful, i always just use the additional driver manager03:51
KM0201MontanaMan: what do you have as your settings on the "configuration" tab03:51
kevdogsoundblaster on linux --- sucks!!03:51
jenn_kevdog this is nicmcginnis from another computer03:51
jenn_everything is broken man03:52
jenn_system won't boot :(03:52
MontanaManConfiguration: Internal Audio   Profile: Analog Stereo Output03:52
kevdogjenn_: Ok -- no worries --03:52
kevdogjenn_: Can you boot into recovery mode -- that way we can just manually change back the /etc/fstab file03:53
KM0201MontanaMan: try changing some options on the configuration tab03:53
kevdogjenn_: Or we could just swap back in the backup!03:53
jenn_kevdog: bios starts up, then a black screen03:53
|Slacker|Seppoz, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates then sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get install nvidia-current03:53
jenn_kevdog: blinking cursor top left corner03:53
kevdogjenn_:What happens if you push f103:53
jenn_kevdog: and nothing else03:53
jenn_kevdog: nada03:54
jenn_kevdog: I pulled out the laptop, installed IRC, came back03:54
jenn_kevdog: I can boot into my ubuntu CD, and it sees the harddrives03:54
LinuxRantsMontanaMan, the easiest thing to do is just put an MP3 or something on repeat and mess with those settings until something comes out.03:54
roastedQuestion - I changed my default ssh port away from 22. Is it possible to use ssh-copy-id now? I'm not sure what flag to use.03:54
SeppozKM0201: im in ubuntu now activating the driver thanks to your link!03:54
KM0201Seppoz: good news.. :)03:55
kevdogjenn_: Ok -- well you are in luck then -- can you just move the newly created file to some other file name and then restore or just copy the backup back to /etc/fstab?03:55
jenn_kevdog: I managed to change the fstab back the way it was using the "try ubuntu without installing" environment but it still won't work :(03:55
Seppozfirst time i saw that.. must be the strange laptop gpus03:55
_TristanI switched wireless cards in my laptop and now it won't work. It's seated properly, I think this card just needs a different driver. What should I do?03:55
jenn_I need to boot back into the environment, it will take a minute or two03:55
Seppozinstall the firmware package03:56
KM0201_Tristan: what chipset is the wireless card? thats the first thing to figure out03:56
Seppoz_Tristan: install the firmare package of your vendow.. eg firmware-realtek or so on03:56
kevdogjenn_: Usually a black screen means something wrong with the video adapter in my experience03:56
jenn_kevdog: that seems like an improbable coincidence03:56
EsoRotticakevdog: i think s/he said blinking cursor03:57
jenn_kevdog: besides, everything looks fine when I boot into "try out ubuntu" from the disk03:57
kevdogjenn_: Hmm, yea I gues you were right03:57
zykotick9jenn_: black screen on ubuntu is VERY common these days - typically nomodeset resolves, blinking cursor ususally means something else though03:57
jenn_kevdog: yeah it is my gf's laptop03:57
jenn_it is after I modified values in fstab03:57
kevdogjenn_: You need to make sure the ownership on the file of /etc/fstab is root root --> ls -la /etc/fstab03:58
zykotick9jenn_: that would makes sense with a blinking cursor03:58
jenn_returning them did not help.03:58
MontanaManI've played with all the settings and have an MP3 playing in the background... not working :(03:58
jenn_okay soon as I can get to terminal again I will try03:58
jenn_shit I have to work in the morning :(03:58
kevdogjenn_: Is this mission critical?03:58
jenn_kevdog: Kinda, yeah.03:59
kevdogjenn_: ok03:59
jenn_okay, I'm in terminal from the ubuntu intall cd03:59
MontanaManI guess I'm plum out of ideas.  Is there anything else I cound try?04:00
jenn_kevdog: how do I find out the path to etc\fstab?04:00
roachcan someone hook me up with a ubuntu cloak?04:00
kevdogIts not /etc/fstab?04:00
roachplease and thank you04:00
LinuxRantsMontanaMan: Sorry, I came to the conversation late. What have you done already?04:01
waxstonejenn_,  cd  /etc/fstab04:01
jenn_kevdog: no, that points to the ubuntu installation cd's file04:01
zykotick9!cloak | roach04:01
ubotturoach: To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.04:01
Error404NotFoundI am trying to build duplicity from source but its failing. http://pastie.org/367587804:01
jenn_I need the one on the HD where my installed OS is04:01
kevdogjenn_: What does the mount command list?04:01
jenn_kedog: mount04:01
jenn_kevdog: I think the one I am after is /dev/sdb1 on /media/f530e869-170b-......04:03
jenn_kevdog: that's the UUID right04:03
zykotick9roach: fyi, for an ubuntu cloak, you need to be an ubuntu member, see "/msg ubottu member" for details04:03
KM0201jenn_: sudo blkid     that will tell you what the UUID is of the partition you want to mount04:03
MontanaManLinuxRants: Installed PulseAudio control from the command prompt, fooled around with the settings a bit with an MP3 file playing in the background and still no sound04:03
kevdogjenn_: Just to be clear -- what's not booting -- windows or ubuntu?04:03
roastederr, I don't have an xchat icon and it's open. any idea?04:04
LinuxRantsMontanaMan: Hm, has it ever worked?04:04
KM0201roasted: you mean in your taskbar?04:04
jenn_there is no windows, it is not dual boot04:04
roastedKM0201, in the unity bar, yeah04:04
roastedKM0201, its open, I'm clearly using it, but no xchat icon04:04
KM0201oh, sorry04:04
kevdogjenn_: Your old UUID was this: f530e869-170b-422c-a03d-de1c47b7b6f004:04
KM0201i don't do unity04:04
MontanaManIt's worked in Windows04:04
MontanaManIt hasn't worked in Linux04:04
roastedKM0201, I didn't either, till 12.04. (which I should probably be over there actually)04:04
jenn_kevdog: yes, typing the whole thing made it possible to access the file in gedit before04:04
KM0201roasted: or embrace the horror, choose a new UI..lol04:05
jenn_kevdog: i removed the lines we added and ubuntu still does not boot04:05
kevdogjenn_:So you would find the file at /medial/f530e869-170b-422c-a03d-de1c47b7b6f0/etc/fstab04:05
kevdogjenn_:Did you edit the file as root?04:05
roastedKM0201, failing to see the issue here. I used to passionately hate unity, but 12.04 has presented some nice changes that negate the need to install anything else.04:05
LinuxRantsMontanaMan: Sorry to ask things you've probably already answered.... what's your distro?04:05
roastedKM0201, but this is clearly a conversation for another room. ;)04:05
KM0201true.. :)04:05
jenn_kevdog: I typed in "sudo gedit \f530.....\etc\fstab" to edit it04:05
kevdogjenn_: gksu gedit /media/f530e869-170b-422c-a03d-de1c47b7b6f0/etc/fstab04:06
Karmaonubuntu driver support is shit :(04:06
MontanaManUbuntu 11.10 (32 bit)04:06
KM0201Karmaon: no its not04:06
MontanaManRunning on a Gateway MX7118 laptop04:06
Karmaonfor netbooks04:06
kevdogroasted: Please!04:06
roastedkevdog, hi?04:07
ActionParsnipKarmaon: its very good actualy. I have friends who use Linux due to no drivers in Windows04:07
jenn_kevdog: okay, I'm in04:07
kevdogjenn_: In the file?04:07
KarmaonActionParsnip: thats a surprise04:07
jenn_kevdog: no internet on that computer though so I can't pastebin the contents04:07
roastedKarmaon, yeah, actually it's significantly better than windows.... I've had to support 2 thousand windows machines, and then 3,000 ubuntu machines.04:07
Karmaoni guess i'm the 1% who does04:07
roastedKarmaon, believe me, windows is not in favor there.04:07
ActionParsnipKarmaon: no its very common in my experience, many companies actively make drivers for Linux too04:07
kevdogjenn_:Do you have the link to your old pastebin page (or you could just restore the backup)04:08
roastedKarmaon, really the only drivers youll have to install are broadcom wireless drivers and video drivers.04:08
MontanaManLinuxRants: The last time I did an install from the OEM version of Windows, I had to hunt for the drivers LOL.  It's the bastard laptop from Gateway, as I found out04:08
jenn_kevdog: looking at the contents now, line 14 has been removed, and I've uncommented line 1204:08
roastedKarmaon, everything else is baked in.04:08
kevdogroasted: unity?? really04:08
roastedKarmaon, windows can't even come close.04:08
roastedkevdog, what about it04:08
jenn_kevdog: if you scroll your history the pastebin page should be there, it's not in this window since I had to log in as a different user04:08
Karmaonook i lost04:08
kevdogjenn_:There are supposed to be 13 lines in the file04:08
jenn_kevdog: alternatively, how I restore the bakup?04:09
Karmaonplease don't hur tme04:09
ActionParsnipKarmaon: its not about losing :), it's about learning04:09
roastedKarmaon, no problem. I accept linux's short comings where they exist. but driver support is not one I'd say is a -1 to linux. :D04:09
jenn_kevdog: yes, like 13 says "nls=iso8859-1,ro...."04:09
jenn_kevdog: *line04:09
kevdogjenn_: Line 13 should be the following: /dev/sdb1                                  /media/sdb1  ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,ro,users,umask=000,user,owner  0  004:10
LinuxRantsMontanaMan: Sorry about the delay, I don't have an install of that particular distro, I have a beta of 12.04 is all... but it should be SIMILAR at least.04:10
LinuxRantsMontanaMan: What do you have on the Output tab under the Play sound through box?04:10
kevdogroasted: another time about unity bro -- I'll just spill the beans for me -- don't like it04:11
jenn_kevdog: okay, there was a bunch of spaces between sdb1/ and media for some reason, I removed them, now it looks like you wrote04:11
roastedkevdog, I was with ya too man. I hated it in 11.04, semi disliked it in 11.10, but in 12.04 I'm loving it...04:11
EsoRotticaIf anyone has any experience with fglrx iI would greatly appreciate some help :)04:11
roastedkevdog, whenever you upgrade to 12.04, just give it a shot. it's worth it. :)04:11
MontanaManLinuxRants: Output Devices: Internal Audio Analog Stereo.  Port: Analog Headphones/No Amplifier04:12
kevdogjenn_: Line 12 is the following: UUID=e5908072-e71f-49b9-9387-d792bbad21b5  none         swap  users,sw,user,owner                          0  004:12
roastedkevdog, gotta close down xchat though, so I'll be out of here for a few. Seriously though, try it when you upgrade. Have a good one.04:12
MontanaManLinuxRants: In the Playback Tab, the sound is at 100%04:12
jenn_kevdog: okay, we're good there too!04:12
kevdogjenn_: Line 10 is the following: UUID=f530e869-170b-422c-a03d-de1c47b7b6f0  /            ext4  users,user,owner                             0  104:12
MontanaManall settings04:12
kevdogroasted: I'll see, however I'll try it -- but really I hate the concept of the HUD and the left panel --- ehh04:13
kevdogjenn_:All the other lines are meaningless since they start with a # sign04:13
jenn_kevdog: does it matter how much space is betwee the uuid and the / ext4 users,user,owner ?04:13
dumb_dumbI got an ubuntu server 8.0404:13
roastedwhy is xchat not giving me an icon in the unity bar04:13
kevdogjenn_: I don't think so04:14
dumb_dumbsuddenly the network card is stopping04:14
jenn_kevdog: what about 'proc  /proc  proc nodev,noexec,nosuid'04:14
ActionParsniproasted: is there an option to not use the system tray icon..04:14
jenn_kevdog: what about 'proc  /proc  proc nodev,noexec,nosuid o,o' that is04:14
dumb_dumbbut If i used other linux and boot from the cd the network card is function again04:14
MontanaManLinuxRants: Just exploring a bit, but have the COnexant audio drivers been flaky on Linux setups?04:14
roastedActionParsnip, oh wow, it doesn't even show up in alt tab....04:14
kevdogjenn_: oops sorry I forgot that one04:15
dumb_dumbany idea how can i check the problems on my server?04:15
roastedActionParsnip, weird??04:15
jenn_kevdog: should I have and reboot without the cd in the tray? anything else I should check? (permissions, ?)04:15
kevdogjenn_: save the file and go back to the terminal prompt and check the permissions on the file with a ls -la04:15
dumb_dumbI check the status is already UP04:16
fabiohow to know what is the number of usb port?04:16
fabioof an device04:16
jenn_kevdog: I typed in "ls -la" exactly and got a bunch of.... stuff. Do I need to specify that it is fstab I am interested in? What's the syntax?04:16
kevdogjenn_:  should be something like: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1386 Feb  7 01:15 /etc/fstab04:17
paulus68dumb_dumb: does it get a valid IP?04:17
zykotick9jenn_: if you are in /etc you could use "ls -la fstab"04:17
kevdogjenn_: sudo ls -la  /media/xxxxxxxxx/etc/fstab04:17
jenn_kevdog: okay thanks04:17
dumb_dumbit stop the NIC light is off and it`s not get ip-address04:17
jenn_kevdog: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 847 2012-03-2704:19
paulus68dumb_dumb: then it can't be up either04:19
KM0201jenn_: why did you make a folder called /media/xxxx/etc/fstab?04:19
jenn_km0201: I didn't, the UUID is just too long04:19
kingfarvitotrying to install a harddrive and having issues04:19
kingfarvitogetting the following error04:19
KM0201jenn_: ok, so /media/UUID/etc/fstab04:19
jenn_KM0201: yes :P04:19
kingfarvitomedia test failure check cable04:19
dumb_dumbpulus68 : if I check using ifconfig the i got eth004:20
KM0201just curious why you named it /etc/fstab?04:20
kingfarvitoexiting pxe rom04:20
kevdogjenn_: Ok good -- take cd out of drive and try to reboot04:20
jenn_kevdog: aight. here we go.04:20
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
zykotick9kingfarvito: seems your motherboard doesn't think a HD is connected, so it's trying to network boot04:21
kevdogKM0201: Here is the problem -- made some mods to /etc/fstab and then stated the computer would boot but not get past bios screen -- then booted to live cd to restore old /etc/fstab04:21
jenn_kevdog: ....and straight to blinking cursor in upper-left corner04:21
paulus68dumb_dumb: sudo ifup eth0 what does this give for message04:21
kevdogKM0201: I'm not entirely convinced its the fstab file but I'm just backtracking04:21
KM0201kevdog: most of the time fstab errors (as long as you've n ot jacked up the original /) you can hit Ctrl+(something) to skip any errors,04:21
kingfarvitook so what should I do04:22
kingfarvitoit started up just fine and was ok for about 10 mins04:22
kevdogKM0201: You're right, and the drive it would have choked on would not have been the root partition, so it doesn't make a lot of sense04:22
KM0201kevdog: exactly04:22
fabiohow to know what is the number of usb port?04:23
dumb_dumbpaulus68: it doesn`t give any message04:23
fabioof an device04:23
kevdogKM0201: The problem with helping people on irc or the forums is that you really never know "what else they did"04:23
kingfarvitoI didn't put the screws back yet, could that be it?04:23
kingfarvitoits a laptop by the way04:23
kevdogfabio: /media/usb04:23
KM0201kevdog: this is so true.04:23
jenn_kevdog: I had pysdm installed from prior. Could it be running interference? Any way to remove it from the live cd environment?04:24
KM0201jenn_: maybe i missed it, but can you pastebin the contents of that fstab so i can take a look at it?04:24
fabiokevdog: no04:24
paulus68dumb_dumb: should at least give you the message "interface eth0 is already configured04:24
jenn_KM0201: Can't seem to get internet going from the live cd...04:24
fabiokevdog: says not found04:25
kevdogKM0201: the old fstab was this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/901515/04:25
fabioBus 002 Device 011: ID 0079:0006 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick04:25
dumb_dumbno theres no such message04:25
kevdogfabio: mount04:25
jenn_KM0201: And I'm pretty sure it's the same as that one right now.04:25
dumb_dumbany suggestion to fix this?04:25
jenn_Should I just reinstall or what?04:25
KM0201kevdog: did you gusy remove line 13?04:25
kingfarvitono one?04:25
jenn_km0201: no04:26
KM0201i would start there04:26
kevdogjenn_: Just remove line 13 for now04:26
fabiokevdog: still no04:26
KM0201that line doesn't look right (look at the others that are default, vs that one)04:26
jenn_kevdog km0201: okay, I'll have to get back into the live cd...04:26
anghi. how do i start networking at boot time in 11.04 without network-manager?04:26
paulus68dumb_dumb: type in lshw>lshw.txt this should give you a list of all your hardware in a textfile in your homefolder then pastebinit the outcome here04:26
ActionParsnipang: you can use ifconf or iwconfig04:27
zykotick9ang: /etc/network/interfaces ?04:27
kevdogang  Within a script file in /etc/rc.local?04:27
ActionParsnipang: or you can use the interfaces file ^04:27
angi have an interface file, but on boot nothing comes up,I have to manually ifup both interfaces04:27
kevdogKM0201: 13 was put there by another program, but as I said -- this is an accessory drive so I'm confused04:27
EsoRotticaAnyone know enough about fglrx  that they could help with a heating issue?04:27
ActionParsnipang: do you have:  auto eth0   line in the file?04:27
zykotick9ang: do you have "auto eth0" in there04:28
ActionParsnipzykotick9: zing04:28
daredevilHello guys is there any way to use gnome the old fashion way04:28
angahh, ok04:28
daredevilWithout that Ubiquity thing?04:28
KM0201kevdog: yeah.. something is weird (not totally convinced this is an fstab prob.. cuz like we both know, fstab errors you typically get the option to skip)04:28
kevdogPost your /etc/network/interfaces file04:28
angthat's probably it then :)04:28
ActionParsnipdaredevil: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=5367004:28
daredevilActionParsnip, thank you04:28
jenn_kevdog: taking a while to load....04:29
MTManHello folks.  Having trouble getting the sound to work on my laptop04:29
paulus68is there a good program that does the same thing as Itunes under windows? and is there a good program to take over the desktop remotely under ubuntu?04:29
kevdogKM0201: I'm thinking its a xorg or video driver problem, however shouldn't you still be able to drop to a cmd shell with f6 (or is it f1)?04:29
KM0201kevdog: yes, you should04:30
Karmaonwhich device is generally /boot? sdb1 or sdb2?04:30
Karmaoni meant partition04:30
kevdogpaulus68: What desktop do you want to take over04:30
MTManpaulus68: Banshee looks promising04:30
AI|LoopKarmaon: try the first one04:30
jenn_kevdog: okay, will comment out line 1304:30
paulus68kevdog: my ubuntu at home remotely from another ubuntu pc04:30
paulus68MTMan: thanks04:30
angthx. I got rid of the network-manager as it was giving my NICs weird names like eth1-eth0 and ignoring the udev rules I had for naming the NICs ... time to reboot and test04:31
daredevilmeaning that we have to deal with this until april 26?04:31
kevdogKarmaon: it could be anything, however mine is sda1, however it depends on how you set the drives up04:31
EsoRotticapaulus68: remote desktop viewer?04:31
kevdogpaulus68: Do you need a gui or just a command line?04:31
MTMankevdog: Are there any drivers I could get for a Conexant audio setup?04:31
paulus68kevdog: gui04:32
AI|LoopKarmaon : to add to what kevdog said, use sudo fdisk -l to find out04:32
daredevilActionParsnip, meaning that we have to deal with this until 4/26?04:32
kevdogMTMan: no idea on that one, sorry04:32
jenn_kevdog KM0201: commented out 13, restarting04:32
KM0201jenn_: ok04:32
ActionParsnipdaredevil: how do you mean?04:32
daredevilThe website is saying that the classic will be available in the 12.04 version04:33
MTManI'm going to do some searching in Google to see what I can do... KInda at the end of my rope with this setup04:33
jenn_kevdog KM0201: nope, blinking cursor again04:33
ActionParsnipdaredevil: you don't have to use Unity, Unity is only in one of the 4 official variants of Ubuntu....04:33
kevdogjenn_: Hit f604:33
kevdogor f104:33
jenn_kevdog: nothing04:33
jenn_kevdog: on either04:33
kevdogor all the f keys04:33
angyep. that did it. thanks04:33
ActionParsnipdaredevil: try installing Xubuntu, its very similar to Gnome204:33
jenn_kevdog: i'm just going to move all my data off the main hard drive using the live CD and reinstall ubuntu from scratch (format, etc.)04:34
ActionParsnipjenn_: I suggest you get a backup regime04:34
EsoRotticabah, i need to do the same, what is a good imaging program?04:35
daredevilActionParsnip, I think i am going to use kde4 or xfce until the change this crappy gnome04:35
kevdogjenn_: That might be the fastest way to do it -- particularly if your system is new -- however your setup should definitely be recoverable -- the problem is that I'm just not sitting in front of your computer04:35
ActionParsnipdaredevil: Unity is not Gnome04:35
KM0201jenn_: at this point, i would agree w/ ActionParsnip .... something has happened to your system04:35
ActionParsnipdaredevil: Unity is a shell for Gnome, nothing more04:35
KarmaonWhile running update-grub i get 'cannot find list of partitions (try mounting /sys.)04:35
daredevilOk i want to be able to use native gnome04:35
daredevilnot the shell04:35
jenn_the option to boot in recovery doesn't even appear...04:35
KM0201daredevil: "native gnome" is no more04:36
ActionParsnipKarmaon: are you using a chroot?04:36
paulus68kevdog: gui04:36
EsoRotticapaulus68: did you see Remote desktop viewer?04:36
kevdogWhat happens when you hit escape key during boot process -- oh and one more thing -- is your bios setup to boot from the ubuntu hard drive?04:36
paulus68EsoRottica: no not yet04:36
KarmaonActionParsnip: nevermind, i forgot to mount /sys to /mnt/sys04:36
jenn_kevdog: yeah, I even went to the boot menu to make sure04:36
paulus68EsoRottica: will check it out04:37
daredevilok guys i am kind of confuse but what i am trying to say is that i would like to use gnome as in the old version of gnome 9.0404:37
EsoRotticapaulus68: it is built in.04:37
ActionParsnipKarmaon: thought so ;)04:37
daredevilsorry ubuntu 9.0404:37
paulus68EsoRottica: thanks04:37
ActionParsnipdaredevil: the guide I gave shows how to tweak it04:37
EsoRotticapaulus68: you may need to set a port forwarding rule.04:37
jenn_kevdog: I can ctrl alt del from my blinking cursor to reboot.04:37
kevdogpaulus68: I prefer using an X server and tunneling X or ssh, however there is also a vnc or freenx solution04:37
daredevilOk let me read more04:37
ActionParsnipjenn_: hold shift at boot04:37
kevdogjenn_; but the boot order is set correctly in the bios correct?04:37
jenn_kevdog: yes04:37
fabiohow to know what is the number of usb port of an device04:38
paulus68kevdog: EsoRottica: thanks04:38
jenn_ActionParsnip: it goes straight from BIOS to blinking cursor...04:38
ActionParsnipfabio: do your ports have numbers?04:38
jenn_ActionParsnip: except when I ask bios to boot from the live CD...04:38
ActionParsnipjenn_: hold shift as soon as the system powers up04:38
fabioActionParsnip: how to see?04:39
kevdogActionParsnip: waz up with the shift key? don't know this trick04:39
zykotick9ActionParsnip: sounds to me like jenn_ might be missing grub?04:39
ex0suse the command: lsusb04:39
jenn_ActionParsnip: does nothing... f11 is boot menu, del is bios setup04:39
zykotick9kevdog: grub2 uses shift not esc04:39
KarmaonAfterwards, I also get "/var/lock/lvm: mkdir failed: no such file or directory" thrown at me.04:39
ActionParsnipfabio: it doesn't exist and its irrelevant, it all goes throught the same controller04:39
EsoRotticafabio: lsusb04:39
ActionParsnipjenn_: did you MD5 test the ISO you put on the USB?04:39
kevdogzykotick9: shit, forgot about that crap04:40
fabioBus 002 Device 013: ID 0079:0006 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick04:40
fabioEsoRottica: Bus 002 Device 013: ID 0079:0006 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick04:40
kevdogActionParsnip: Supposedly system was working and then made modification to fstab and now won't boot04:40
jenn_ActionParsnip: I can only boot from a CD I burned, I don't recall checking the md5.04:40
ex0sbus oo204:40
ActionParsnip!md5 | jenn_04:40
ubottujenn_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:40
EsoRotticai thought md5sum filename?04:41
aleximis there an aptitude command to restore default config files, specifically for apache2?04:41
ActionParsnipfabio: https://systemausfall.org/wikis/howto/EMC2GamePad04:41
AI|Loophow do I go about having someone write the drivers for new hardware? (The lan controller in a Gigabit Guerilla motherboard :: freescale microchip)04:41
ex0sfabio: all the info is there04:41
kevdogjenn_: Its possible your partition is corrupt, could burn a gparted distribution, boot into that from cd, and I think check your drives with that utiltiy04:41
ex0sor just boot from another live cd04:42
jenn_kevdog: it smells like sudden hardware error, doesn't it04:42
ex0srun goarted or a progrqm or the like04:42
jenn_kevdog: like the boot partition got corrupted?04:42
kevdogjenn_: not sure -- its kinda weird04:42
fabioex0s: i want to know what port is...04:42
ssfdre38what is the command to get the restricted dvd formats from apt04:43
EsoRotticacould you syslinux the drive to fix it? extlinux?04:43
jenn_kevdog: yeah. I should go to bed. The install is relatively fresh, I can always just format and start over and not play with settings until I know what I am doing.04:43
zykotick9!dvd | ssfdre3804:43
jenn_kevdog: lesson learned.04:43
ubottussfdre38: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:43
ex0sfabio:  on ur machine??  u cant physically see it??04:43
jenn_Still, this kinda sucks.04:43
fabioex0s: ....04:43
ex0si dont know what u mean bro?04:44
fabioex0s: i want to see the inputs of an device04:44
kevdogjenn_: I use gparted sometime if something goes crazy with my partition table, however if you really don't have anything on the install it probably is quickest just to "start over" however it just depends how much you want to invest "learning", nothing teaches you more about linux than borking your install and then fixing it04:44
ActionParsnipkevdog: +104:44
fabioex0s: when i press the button what the device send to my pc04:44
ex0slike check out /dev04:44
paulus68kevdog +104:44
jenn_kevdog: the problem is so opaque to me I wouldn't know where to start.04:45
ex0summ  i dont think u can never heard ofthat dude04:45
MontanaManI think I figured out my problem04:45
MontanaManAt any rate I did get the sound to work...04:45
fabioex0s: how to know witcg oirt us04:45
MontanaManThis Conexant crap is the PITS!04:45
ex0stry: dmesg04:45
kevdogjenn_: hate to tell you this, however I was in the same boat as you a few years ago :p04:45
fabio*how to know witch port is04:45
paulus68kevdog: or use virtual box to play arround if you want to experiment04:45
jenn_kevdog: though I respect the open source ethos when it comes to, you know, self-learning04:45
ex0sdmesg :  is the command u want04:45
fabioex0s: dmesg dont gives me notning04:45
Karmaonis the /var/lock/lvm not existing just a bug with oneiric?04:45
MontanaManLinuxRants: Got 'er figured out... just installed a 3rd party driver04:45
ex0slol... unplug the device plug it back in then run dmesg04:46
jenn_kevdog: anyway, I'm going to go to bed,. thanks for trying to help me out.04:46
kevdogjenn_:again if its mission critical and you need just a running system, probably quickest to just reinstall04:46
fabio[26874.380220] usb 2-1.3: new low speed USB device number 13 using ehci_hcd04:46
fabio[26874.480627] input: DragonRise Inc.   Generic   USB  Joystick   as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.3/2-1.3:1.0/input/input1504:46
fabio[26874.480847] dragonrise 0003:0079:0006.0004: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.10 Joystick [DragonRise Inc.   Generic   USB  Joystick  ] on usb-0000:00:1d.0-1.3/input004:46
fabio[26874.480889] dragonrise 0003:0079:0006.0004: Force Feedback for DragonRise Inc. game controllers by Richard Walmsley <richwalm@gmail.com>04:46
FloodBot1fabio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:46
ex0sthats all the help i got for u.  trygooglebto04:46
ex0swhat more do u want fabio..04:46
kevdogfabio: what are you trying to do?04:46
ex0sgave u the commands for what he asked for i dunno what elae to tell em04:47
fabioim trying to get what the computer see when i press the button of pad04:47
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ex0sur talking about binary04:48
ex0scode dude04:48
kevdogfabio: come to think about it, I do remember you telling me that a ways back04:48
fabioex0s:  anything...04:48
fabiokevdog:  still dont get awnsers04:48
ex0surnot going to be aboe to seeit04:48
Karmaoni guess i'm out of luck since there's only one bug report on lauchpad and no responses are on it04:48
MontanaManQuick question.  How do I resolve the "Firmware is missing" message on my built in Wireless Networking setup04:48
ex0sgoogle that dude with ur wireless card04:49
fabioex0s:  of corse is possible04:49
fabiosome kind of monitor04:49
ex0slol never heard of it man ur in the wring place04:49
kevdogMontanaMan: Whats your chipset of the card? or is this usb?  I'm betting this is a broadcom04:49
ex0snot lie what ur askin04:49
MontanaMankevdog: You hit that nail right on the head.  It's a broadcom04:50
MontanaManThe only way I'm connected to the net with this thing is with it wired into my LAN04:50
kevdogfabio: I'm not certain -- I've only done what you want to do with serial ports back in the day -- I'm not accustomed to this new USB stuff04:50
MontanaManBut I'd sure like to use it wirelessly04:50
kevdogMM: You are going to have to download the firmware04:50
MontanaMankevdog: Where would I get the firmware?04:51
kevdogMM: Let me look that up -- I've done it before -- but you kind of forget once everything "works" for a really long time04:51
ghostconnwell i just installed mint 12 kde. should i update to 4.3.8 or no?04:51
zykotick9!broadcom | MontanaMan perhaps this will help?04:51
ubottuMontanaMan perhaps this will help?: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:51
ghostconnany suggestions ?04:51
dumb_dumbpaulus68: http://pastebin.com/pRXNMFMy04:52
MyLinuxRigHey, I got a theoretical question. If compilers still cost money these days, why wouldn't you be able to pirate one?04:52
MrKeunerhello, Lucid here... How can I install latest ubuntu one?04:52
MrKeuneralso removed my computer from machines, cannot add again :) in 1.2.204:52
theduncei'm facing a problem with wi-fi connection on my ubuntu 10.04 running on a dell inspiron i5. Can connect easily using a wired connection. Cannot detect wi-fi.04:53
kevdogMM: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer04:53
zykotick9!tab > kevdog04:53
ubottukevdog, please see my private message04:53
wyldeghostconn: Mint isn't supporeted here04:53
wylde!mint | ghostconn04:54
ubottughostconn: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:54
dumb_dumbany one could help me with my ubuntu server 8.04 NIC problem04:54
kevdogzykotick9: Thanks -- didn't know that04:54
kevdogMontanaMan: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer04:54
dumb_dumbthe NIC is UP but not working04:54
dumb_dumbevent the LED is turn off04:54
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: does the interface have an IP?04:55
dumb_dumbright now is no04:55
dumb_dumbbut a few days ago it works fine04:56
MontanaMankevdog: Got it.. Now how about the command that would get this driver on-line04:56
dumb_dumband if I`m using the CD and boot from the CD the network card is working fine04:56
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: if you restart the networking service, then pull the interface down then up, are there any clues?04:56
kevdogMontanaMan: Working from command line or do you just want to use network manager?04:57
dumb_dumbthere`s no clue at all04:57
rogstdumb_dumb: does the inteface have a static ip or dhcp?04:57
MontanaMankevdog: Either or04:57
dumb_dumbit used have a dynamic IP04:57
dumb_dumbif I used ifconfig the eth0 state is already UP04:58
musheSUP NIGGAS04:58
MontanaMankevdog: Checked under settings then Network.  IT says "unavailable" under Wireless04:58
kevdogMontanaMan: I think Network Manager would be the easiest -- cant you just take the wired connection down and pull up the wired connection or you might have to run sudo service networking restart command first04:58
musheim installing xubuntu HIGHFIVES04:58
musheyall use xubuntu?04:59
MontanaManok... will do.. let me get the credentials from my wireless network04:59
rogstdumb_dumb: have you tried sudo dhclient -r ?04:59
dumb_dumbrogst : if its the DHCP problems the NIC LED should on the on state right?05:00
dumb_dumbright now the state is off05:01
dumb_dumbthis that make me confused05:02
rogstdumb_dumb: does your log files tell you anything?05:02
kevdogdumb_dumb: At the risk of self promotion: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118805:03
kingfarvitoany idea how to make my compy see this damned drive?05:03
benwalburnI'm trying to install a gimp plugin but I've never done it before. The directions say to use "make install" but I've never done that either. Can anyone help me?05:03
ActionParsnipkingfarvito: does the partition show if you run:   sudo fdisk -l05:04
kingfarvitothe computer wont even try to boot from the drive05:04
dumb_dumbkevdog : i`m using wired network05:04
dumb_dumbcan i used the same method as your link?05:05
dumb_dumbrogost: where can i find it? I`m not ubuntu expert05:05
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=== Guest48032 is now known as eddie_
ActionParsnipkingfarvito: is this to install with, or is it an installed OS?05:05
kevdogdumb_dumb: Considering I wrote what was in that link, I could say its a pretty safe bet :p05:05
kingfarvitoits a hardware issue I'm installing a new drive in a laptop for a friend05:06
kevdogbenwalburn: Are you compiling from source?05:06
ActionParsnipkingfarvito: ok, does it show in BIOS?05:06
kingfarvitoits a WD drive05:07
ActionParsnipkingfarvito: then its a hardware issue,05:07
dumb_dumbthis is my lshw log : http://pastebin.com/pRXNMFMy05:07
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benwalburnkevdog: I'm guess I am, sorry I'm new to this. I'm trying to install the addon found here http://members.ozemail.com.au/~hodsond/dbp.html05:08
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soreauI get the inevitable, platform_wayland.c:601:7: error: implicit declaration of function 'wl_buffer_damage'05:11
ActionParsnipkingfarvito: is it an internal drive?05:11
kingfarvitobrand new out of the box05:11
ActionParsnipkingfarvito: I'd ask in ##hardware05:11
kingfarvitothe connector is different though05:11
kevdogbenwalburn: Its not hard to do -- its really easy -- but have you ever compiled anything before?05:12
benwalburnkevdog: no, I haven't05:13
rogstdumb_dumb: run lspci | grep Ethernet and note the numbers in the first column e.g. 04:00.0 then run lspci -v -s 04:00 thee you can se i fo aboit the driver loaded for the evice05:14
dumb_dumbrogst : let me try it05:14
FerchoArgI think ar.archive.ubuntu.com is down or at least it's unreachable from my location05:14
FerchoArgis it possible to redirect it to "es.archive.ubuntu.com" for example without editing sources.lst?05:15
FerchoArgI mean something like etc/hosts, but only with hostnames?05:15
rogstFerchoArg: yes in /etc/hosts05:15
sacarlsonFerchoArg: in synaptic you can select another country in the gui05:16
kevdogbenwalburn: Ok -- install dependencies right now -- sudo apt-get install build-essential g++ libgimp2.0-dev05:16
kevdogbenwalburn: I would then download your plugin -- unzip/tar it, change into the source directory, and simply type sudo make install -- and pray05:17
FerchoArgah ok, thanks!05:17
FerchoArgthanks sacarlson05:17
ActionParsnipFerchoArg: use software centre to change source05:17
benwalburnkevdog: ok, I'll try that as soon as I can. my internet is slow, so this download will probably take a while05:17
FerchoArg(I have to set an easy shortcut to "Nickname:"  :P )05:18
kevdogbenwalburn: I'm heading to bed, but most likely you will probably need more packages than I listed (it always seems to be the case when compiling).  If you need more help from me (maybe tomorrow), drop a post in the ubuntu forums05:19
dumb_dumbrogst : I already do that05:19
ActionParsnipFerchoArg: use tab to autocomplete nicks05:19
benwalburnkevdog: alright, thank you05:19
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dumb_dumbwhat next05:20
kevdogbenwalburn: And don't worry too much about it -- what you want to do is really easy and great way to learn how to compile something from source -- a skill all linux users should be able to do!05:20
FerchoArgActionParsnip, nice!05:20
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: if you get chance, reboot and run:  dmesg | less     see what is going on.05:20
ActionParsnipFerchoArg: same in terminal :)05:20
FerchoArgyes, I did use it in terminal, but It never came to my mind trying it here. shame on me05:21
dumb_dumbActionParsnip : after rebooting then i run dmesg | less ??05:21
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: yes, it will show the interface being detected and so forth05:21
ActionParsnipFerchoArg: its all learning :05:22
dumb_dumbok let me reboot it first05:22
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
benwalburnkevdog: if you're still here, thank you. the executable file (or whatever) was made and now I'm moving it to the proper directory05:24
webnethey all odd problem. i cant access my terminal at all root or therwise i receieve this error:05:24
webnetThere was an error creating the child process for this terminal05:24
webnetgetpt failed: No such file or directory05:24
kevdogbenwalburn: Shit -- can't believe that actually worked the first time05:24
ActionParsnipwebnet: if you run xterm, is it ok?05:24
webnetActionParsnip, xterm?05:24
ActionParsnipwebnet: yes, xterm05:24
webnetwhat is x-term?05:25
ActionParsnipwebnet: a terminal, like gnome-terminal05:25
rongyanlHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 10.04, however, during the step "installing the base system" it stucks at about 75% with the error message "Please insert the disc labeled ..." Any help from here?05:25
benwalburnkevdog: lol don't jinx me, murphy's law loves me05:25
webnethow would i access it ActionParsnip ?05:25
ActionParsniprongyanl: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?05:25
=== guest7276 is now known as nijo
ActionParsnipwebnet: press ALT+F2 and run:  xterm   just like you do ANY other app05:25
kevdogbenwalburn: oh snap!05:26
rongyanlActionparsnip, could you please tell me how to do that?05:26
ActionParsnip!md5 | rongyanl05:26
ubotturongyanl: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:26
kevdogIf you've pulled a git repository, what's best way to figure out the revision number you currently have on your system05:27
webnetActionParsnip, ALT+F2 isnt working05:28
ActionParsnipwebnet: then run it from your menus / dash etc05:28
alazare619anyone here have knowledge of how to get vnc working over ssh using windows putty05:29
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:29
webnetnothing is working ActionParsnip.05:29
dumb_dumbActionParsnip : I got ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP) : eth0 : link is not ready05:30
webnetmenus are non responsive.05:30
kevdogalazare619: yes - but I prefer running X over ssh since I think its faster, but this won't work if you cant install xming on the client -- in that case you'll need portable apps like putty,05:30
dumb_dumbany clue ?05:30
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: if you unload then reload the module, is it ok05:30
webnetActionParsnip, im actually surprised xchat is working05:30
ActionParsnipwebnet: press CTRL+ALT+F1 and you can run stuff there05:31
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: thought about using a later release, Precise is LTS and out now in beta but will be out next month, could also install Lucid server which is LTS also05:31
webnetActionParsnip, still nothing. im on 10.10 by the way. idk if you are giving me unity shortcuts05:32
ActionParsnipwebnet: CTRL+ALT+T and CTRL+ALT+F1 work in all DEs05:32
ActionParsnipwebnet: considering Maverick is EOL next month, I suggest you get a newer release installed05:33
webnetCant sir05:33
webnetmy comp doesnt support it05:33
kevdogShit I'm still running feisty fawn...05:33
ActionParsnipwebnet: if it supports maverick  it will support Oneiric and Precise05:33
ActionParsnipkevdog: wow, that much be a record of some kind05:33
tr0nwhat happens when they run out of letters of the alphabet for release names?05:34
kevdog...on one computer (clarification)05:34
dumb_dumbso actionpasnip : could you tell me the default mysql folder to store data?05:34
webnetActionParsnip, actually no its a kernel issue. everything after 2.2.35 my monitor doesnt function05:34
ActionParsnipdumb_dumb: no idea, sorry05:34
kevdogAnd you know what --- things were so much simpler back in the day -- just my opinion05:34
ActionParsnipwebnet: there are boot options to make monitors work with GPUs, its a common thing05:34
webnetActionParsnip, the lcd works but the backlight doesnt function05:34
webnetwent rounds about it on here for months after 11.04 came out05:35
ActionParsnipkevdog: absolutely, I still miss Karmic :)05:35
kevdogI'll answer my own git question: git rev-list --max-count=1 <branch name>, so something like this: git rev-list --max-count=1 master05:35
kevdogNever ran Karmic, hated edgy, but Feisty was a true love.05:36
webnetbut nonetheless, terminal doesnt open ctrl alt f1 does nothing alt f2 does nothing05:36
sacarlsondumb_dumb: you can look in synaptic for properties on mysql  to see what files are in it.  but I know that data bases are in /lib/?05:36
ActionParsnipkevdog: started Ubuntu at Gutsy05:36
neo1691Hi i am trying to share my ethernet connection for my andriod device from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/ShareEthernetConnectionThroughWireless but when i type this in terminal sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager stop it says sudo: /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager: command not found05:36
sacarlsondumb_dumb: opps /var/lib/?05:37
webneteverything i had open except x chat has crashed out already ActionParsnip05:37
ActionParsnipwebnet: what about if you create a desktop launcher to run xterm05:37
kevdogActionParsnip: I started at Edgy Eft, but Gutsy Gibbon -- that wasn't a bad release either05:37
naryfawhat's up05:38
webnetnothing opens from the launcher05:38
webnetActionParsnip, ^^05:38
ActionParsnipkevdog: was ok, I was on Mandrake / Mandriva before that, wanted to see what the hubub was05:38
sacarlsondumb_dumb: a bit closer to /var/lib/mysql05:38
ActionParsnipwebnet: if you reboot and press CTRL+ALT+F1 on the login screen, create a new user there and log in as a new user, is it ok..?05:38
kevdogActionParsnip: and then what? You stayed around?05:38
ActionParsnipkevdog: seemed to work so I hung out, then I became a member :)05:39
webnetActionParsnip, im sort of afraid to reboot...05:39
wyldekevdog: you should see the karma points ActionParsnip has collected heh :)05:39
kevdogActionParsnip: I had no idea you were a member -- congrats on the acheivement.  Members now a days are really good05:39
ActionParsnipwebnet: you just need to logoff if you can, or hit CTRL+ALT+BackSpace to restart X05:39
ActionParsnipkevdog: TY man, thats how I gots cloak :)05:40
naryfait isn't always enabled05:40
ActionParsnipnaryfa: sup?05:40
kevdogHardy running e17 from svn -- that was another dreamboat of mine05:40
naryfaActionParsnip: no I was saying that this keyboard shortcut isn't always enabled05:40
kevdogActionParsnip: Holy crap -- just realized the cloaking going on --05:41
ActionParsnipnaryfa: I believe it is ni Maverick, I could be wrong05:41
zykotick9ActionParsnip: lucid used alt+sysrq+k05:42
ActionParsnipzykotick9: ah yes05:42
ubuntu64bitwhat is the general chat ubuntu room?  forgot?05:43
ActionParsnipubuntu64bit: #ubuntu-offtopic05:43
kevdogI'm heading out for the night -- see you guys --05:44
kevdogand girls -- not to offend anyone05:44
pengw_hi all05:44
pengw_i try to do something with opencl05:44
pengw_who know how could i configure my code block to work with openCL?05:45
rongyanlHi Actionparsnip, I've done the md5 check with my iso file, it has no problem.05:48
neo1691anybody?? help me ethernet connection sharing via wireless card?05:48
interludeI'm running ubuntu 10.04 and ran chkrootkit which brings up the following: eth0: PACKET SNIFFER(/sbin/dhclient3[870]) is that serious?05:49
CFHowlettewanjojo   greetings05:50
ewanjojoada org malaysia?05:50
webnet_awayActionParsnip install is bricked05:50
wyldeinterlude: probably if you're not purposely running one yourself.05:51
ActionParsnipwebnet_away: no idea then, al I can suggest is reinstall then. And please don't use the '_away' thing05:51
rongyanlI'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 10.04, however, during the step "installing the base system" it stucks at about 75% with the error message "Please insert the disc labeled ..." Any help from here?05:51
ubottuewanjojo: bantuan bahasa melayu? sila /join #ubuntu-my05:51
webnet_awaysoon as i hit logout boom black screen for a sec then bios.05:51
tr0nrongyanl: use the md5 to verify the disk05:52
webnet_away_away is for when im on mobile05:52
interludewylde: so it would not be a false positive05:52
ActionParsnipwebnet_away: have you tested your RAM?05:52
rongyanltron, yes i've done the md5 check, it has no problem05:52
=== webnet_away is now known as webnet
drounseIs ubuntu as customizable as arch?05:52
lotuspsychjewhats the best video converter for ubuntu05:53
webnetno but i think it may have something to do with u customizer...05:53
CFHowlettrongyanl   this is on a cd/dvd?  Try creating a USB bootable and see if that works.05:53
wyldeinterlude: it could be. you'd have to look into it further to know. Not much info in that statement.05:53
webneti was using that a few minutes before it all went fubar05:53
rongyanlCFHowlett, i've tried both cd and dvd, all giving such error message05:53
ActionParsnipdrounse: yes05:53
supsoncan you explore googles wifi maps ?05:53
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: there is no single best anything for any OS05:54
supsontrying to find their mapping of wifis around the globve05:54
CFHowlettrongyanl   I'm wondering if you disk driver is failing so suggest you try a USB boot05:54
drounseActionParsnip, so should I start with ubuntu server cd and build?05:54
ActionParsnipdrounse: build what?05:54
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: actually i have a bunch of greatest packages for ubuntu05:55
drounseActionParsnip build ubuntu as if it were arch05:55
interludewylde: i ran ps aux | grep 870 and got this result: root       870  0.0  0.0   2232  1016 ?        S    22:36   0:00 /sbin/dhclient -d -sf /usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action -pf /var/run/dhclient-eth0.pid -lf /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient-1f0eb822-9b07-461c-a70c-b5c02f37a141-eth0.lease -cf /var/run/nm-dhclient-eth0.conf eth005:55
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: thats based on your opinion, it os not concrete05:55
ActionParsnipdrounse: I'd start with the minimal ISO instead then05:55
webnetActionParsnip also. i dont think its the ram because the bois splash shows up and then grub and then a few seconds of the plymouth boot screen, then black screen with the text system has failed to boot05:56
drounseActionParsnip is that going to give me click05:56
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: every reply for a great package, would also be a single opinion (what a chat is for)05:56
wyldeinterlude: false positive then. Byt the look, although I'm no expert .05:56
ActionParsnipdrounse: what is 'click'?05:56
drounseCli *05:56
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: exactly, which is why asking what the best solution for someting is a worthless endevour, its also offtopic here05:57
drounseActionParsnip sorry I'm on my tablet stupid autocorrect05:57
ActionParsnipdrounse: minimal will install boot loader, kernal and drivers and basic packaging tools and so forth05:57
ActionParsnipwebnet: its a good thing to isolate as not the cause of the issue :)05:57
ubuntu64biteverything works great so far only noticiable flaw is when i hit ctrl-alt-f1 to switch from gui to usermode then switch back from usermode to gui the screen that boot's is garbled to get it back to normal i have to minimize the first window and maximize it back to clear out the garbled window :P05:57
drounseActionParsnip ok thank you05:57
interludewylde: thanks. just for future reference what in the process would indicate that it's a false positive?05:58
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: you will find most GUI converter things are basically frontends to mencoder and/or ffmpeg05:58
lotuspsychjeall this rules and ego mess up all irc, but to help someone would be very easy05:58
webnetActionParsnip. i suppose so, but wouldnt it not get past bios splash if it were the ram?. would the use of U-Customizer have anything to do with it?05:59
lotuspsychjeill try google next time05:59
scientesdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable05:59
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: ok, riddle me this. What is the best colour?05:59
scientesi cancelled the ttf-mscorefonts installer cause i didn't want to agree with the license05:59
scientesand now it fed up my dpkg05:59
scientesthats a bug if i ever saw one05:59
ActionParsnip!aptfix | scientes06:00
ubottuscientes: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »06:00
wyldeinterlude: I'm basing my opinion that it's a false positive on dhclient and NetworkManager are known native processes06:00
ActionParsnipscientes: no, you killed the process, probably with CTRL+C, so not a bug06:00
wyldeinterlude: but, if you have reason to suspect there's a problem you should really look into it further.06:01
scientesActionParsnip, well, there is no way to no agree to the license06:01
scientesit only has the option <ok>06:01
scientesand not <cancel>06:01
scientesalso ActionParsnip i am use to aptitude and dpkg lock, but this is /var/cache/debconf/config.dat06:01
ActionParsnipscientes: that sounds more like a bug.06:01
scientesit use to not present the license IIRC06:02
neo1691I am unable to stop the network manager using sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager stop06:02
scientesi mean, why cant wine just depend on RedHat's librefonts replacement of mscorefonts for the web06:02
ActionParsnipscientes: could suggest that in the bug :)06:03
CFHowlettscientes   perhaps you might suggest that to !winehq06:03
EsoRotticaokay, now i feel retarted.06:03
EsoRotticawhere is 12.94?06:03
ubottuesorottica: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+106:03
ActionParsnipEsoRottica: ask in #ubuntu+106:04
interludewylde: cool thanks. i've ran chkrootkit before and don't remember seeing this. but i'm guessing it could be due to a system update06:04
malkaunshow do u make conky always-on-top?06:05
wyldeinterlude: I believe there's a channel on freenode for security as well, could probably get some good input from there too.06:06
interludewylde: thanks. do you know the name of the channel?06:07
wyldeinterlude: ##security I believe06:08
pengw_ok  i figured it out06:09
interludewylde: thanks06:09
Doodieis there a way to see if anyone from my network is pinging my address?06:09
ActionParsnipDoodie: I'd check router logs06:09
DoodieActionParsnip, where do i find that?06:10
sacarlsonDoodie: I think wireshark with maybe an added filter to see attepted pings06:11
scientes Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should06:12
fartofagony"NASM is an auto−configuring package: once you’ve unpacked it, cd to the directory it’s been unpacked into06:13
fartofagonyand type ./configure.". i type ./configure in the command prompt and get the error message: "bash: ./configure: No such file or directory". i cant find a solution for my problem anywhere06:13
scientesfartofagony, try ./autogen.sh06:14
scientesalso, you have to be in the right directory fartofagony06:14
fartofagonyam in the right one06:15
scientesdid you try autogen?06:16
fartofagonywhere the subdirectory is which was extracted there06:16
scientesyou ahve to be IN the directory06:16
fartofagonyno iidea what that is, im a windows user who just started with linux06:17
scientesalso, your going to need to do apt-get install build-essential06:17
fartofagonyhave so much to learn :(06:17
scientesin general however fartofagony, you should stick to the software in the ubuntu repositories06:17
scientesyou system will be alot stabler that way06:17
scientesalso !checkinstall if you need something that isn't in the repos06:17
webnetActionParsnip do you think my running u customize may have had anything to do with it.  Juts swapped out to new ramp and still no beans.06:17
fartofagonyscientes: yeah, but the one you may be refering to is behind in versions06:18
scienteswhat package is it?06:18
scientesits not behidn06:19
fartofagonyhmm im sure it was, let me check again06:19
scientes2.09 vs 2.1006:19
scientesunless you are using lucid, that is06:19
fartofagonyi guess the best thing to do is to jinstall the 2.9 one06:20
scientesyeah, that really is recommended06:20
scienteshowever, yes they use autogen06:21
scientesso you have to ./autogen.sh06:21
scientesthat was the problem06:21
scientesso its ./autogen.sh; make; checkinstall make install06:21
fartofagonytyped it down for later research06:22
scientes(checkinstall is recommended so you can do clear uninstalls of manually installed packages06:22
fartofagonybeen up exactly 20 hours trying to install it06:22
scientesyou could also download the debian package and upgrade it, and then do dpkg-buildpackage06:22
scientesbut for any of that, you need a c compiler and other tools06:22
scientesso apt-get install build-essential is very useful06:22
fartofagonyhm raises another question:06:23
fartofagonya stand-alone c compiler. is there one?06:23
scientesalso, its generally nicer to get sources with git06:23
scientesfartofagony, what do you mean by stand-alone?06:23
fartofagonyor perhaps they use the linker of c too06:23
scientesgcc can target bar metal06:23
scientesand ubuntu also packages an arm cross-compiler in the amd64 (and i386?) repos06:24
scientesarmel (EABI) and armhf (armv7)06:24
scientesso you don't have to build it yourself06:24
scientesif you needed other arches emdebian packages basically every sensible cross-compiler06:24
scientesin a very ubuntu-friendly format06:25
scientesthere is also06:25
scientesdpkg: llvm06:25
scienteswhatever, llvm06:25
scientes+ clang06:25
nemospam issues here with pop3, any help ? here's the log http://pastebin.com/i6PJ1cv0 and the pop3 config http://pastebin.com/FuFenXdc06:25
scientesfartofagony, what are you trying to do, may i ask?06:25
nemosauthdaemond: pam_winbind(pop3:auth): pam_winbind_request: write to socket failed authdaemond: pam_winbind(pop3:auth): internal module error (retval = 3, user = 'xxxxx')06:26
scientes<fartofagony> a stand-alone c compiler. is there one?06:26
scientesbuild-essential, will give you a full-fledged POSIX build environment06:27
ghostconndose kde support compiz?06:27
scientesghostconn, yes06:27
fartofagonyscientes: been studying c++ for a while now, and i got depressed when i read what asm languages were, so i built the desire to learn coding in nasm in linux enviroment06:27
fartofagonyscientes: 20 years windows, life wasted on gaming and such06:27
scienteshowever i think you are targetting to low a level06:27
scientesesp as ARM is getting big in a very big way06:28
scientesnasm doesn't work on ARM06:28
scientesand you should really leave the algorythms to the libraries06:28
ghostconnkk, another question how Im running mint 12 with kde 4.7.4 how would i update to the latest version06:28
fartofagonyscientes: youre probably right06:29
scientesfartofagony, this was a great video i watched earlier www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kEfedtQVOY06:29
scientesmeh, maybe that isn't right06:29
iceroot!mint | ghostconn06:29
ubottughostconn: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:29
ghostconnthers not a single person in that channel06:29
scientesbut there is alot required for good code, and letting the computer do some of the low level stuff helps06:30
icerootghostconn: its on another network06:30
icerootghostconn: and mint is offtopic here06:30
fartofagonyscientes: only problem is, its a woman talking06:30
ghostconnhow do i get there, sorry guys06:30
scientesghostconn, irc://irc.spotchat.org/linuxmint-help06:30
icerootghostconn: /connect irc.spotchat.org06:30
scientesghostconn, right click on that and click "connect"06:31
ghostconnthanks allot guys. great community over hear06:31
scientesfunny thing, is that that is how i get to odd servers too06:32
scientescause its alot easier than the other ways to configure xchat06:32
scientesfartofagony, I personally recommend starting with perl, ruby, or python06:33
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest346
=== Guest346 is now known as syn-ack
becom33I closed my skype window I see people coming online and going offline but I cant find the skype window . when I open skype from the new panel in ubunut a new window comes up . help please06:35
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga06:36
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga06:36
scientes^^^^skype is insecure/defective by design06:36
becom33I've used skype in ubuntu . I just cant find where is hidden06:36
scientesZRPT is where it is at06:36
becom33in not on the dorks06:36
scientestry alt-tab06:37
scientesor hold the superman key and read what it says06:37
becom33scientes: I tried alt n tab doesnt work06:38
becom33whats superman key ?06:38
scientesthe one with the superman cape on it06:38
bazhangsuper key= windows key06:38
scientesor if your on a mac, Command key06:39
becom33scientes: tried its just numbering up the dork menu06:39
scienteswell i use gnome-shell06:40
becom33um sorry wat ?06:41
scientesaka, not the dork menu06:41
penguinlinkwhats the dork menu?06:41
scientesi think becom33 is referring to unity06:42
almoxarifepenguinlink: you know, the 'dork' menu06:42
ubuntu64bitbecom33: i have alot of the same problems lol so i downloaded cairo-dock and click the applications menu icon to find what i'm looking for alot of times06:42
becom33still I cant find my opened skype :/06:42
almoxarifebecom33: perhaps its not open?06:43
scientestry alt-f206:43
scientesand then type "skype"06:43
nullcallhi all i have problem i load ubuntu 11.04 on my P4 machine on Gigabyte mother board with 1.5 GB RAM it installed fine but might be prob with display its filkering....06:43
scientesnullcall, nvidia or ati/amd graphics?06:44
ActionParsnipnullcall: what video chip do you use?06:44
scientesnullcall, did it work on the livecd before the install?06:44
nullcallscientes: install06:45
scientescommon type, based on the layout of the keyboard06:45
scientesi do that one all the time06:45
CFHowlettnullcall   pentium 4?  pretty old - as is your GPU I'm guessing.  I suggest you look at xubuntu or lubuntu.  both are designed for older, lower spec machines like yours.06:45
scientesbut he has 1.5 GB ram06:46
scienteshe could just use gnome classic or unity-2d06:46
nopleasenoMy mouse lags. The cursor moves about a second after I move the mouse. I shut the computer down yesterday evening, all was fine. I booted it this morning, now my mouse lags. What is wrong, how do I fix it and most importantly who do I blame?06:46
ActionParsnipnullcall: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga06:46
nullcallscientes: all are installed perfectily all settings are fine but might be probliem with screen i m using 29" LCD and there i cant see menus or any thing proparly06:46
CFHowlettscientes   p4 and I'd bet older gpu...06:46
becom33scientes: tried but it opened a new window , and almoxarife it is open I see people going online and offline06:46
nullcallActionParsnip: i cant see anything proparly i cant running any commands06:46
scientesbecom33, click on the skype logo in the top right06:46
malkaunsany conky experts here?  how do u make conky always-on-top?06:47
scientesnullcall, do you get the login window?06:47
scientesmalkauns, yuck06:47
ActionParsnipnullcall: press CTRL+ALT+F1  and run it there06:47
scientesmalkauns, use htop or something a little better06:47
nullcallbefore login all are fine06:47
becom33scientes: there is no logo06:47
nullcallmean screen and ll06:47
malkaunsscientes, i use conky for 1 thing, cpu ring indicator06:48
scientesnullcall, you need to select unity-2d before logging in, click on the ubuntu icon next to your name (to the right)06:48
malkaunsscientes, pretty sure htop doesnt do that :P06:48
ActionParsnipnullcall: log in to unity2D, may help.06:48
ghostconnwhere would i find my banshee plugins folder in kde?06:48
ghostconnwhats the directory? i need to install a plugin06:48
ActionParsnipghostconn: same place as in gnome DE06:49
scientesmalkauns, what is cpu ring?06:49
scientescould you cant possibly measure system/user mode ring stuff06:49
nullcallActionParsnip: & scientes: i'll do that n get back to you after that tx06:49
syn-ackscientes, You don06:49
malkaunsscientes, a graphical ring that shows cpu usage06:49
research4oscari am trying to install webmin on my fresh ubuntu installation but i get failed due to dependencies.06:49
syn-ackI was thinking of process rings.06:49
ghostconnactionparsnip, i honestly cant find it06:50
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.06:50
ActionParsnipresearch4oscar: its not compatible with ubuntu06:50
scientesmalkauns, well anyways, you can use devilspie06:50
scientesmalkauns, actually, apt-get install compiz-settings-manager06:50
malkaunswhat does that do?06:50
ActionParsnip!ebox | research4oscar06:50
ubotturesearch4oscar: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).06:50
malkaunsscientes, does that do what i am talking about?06:50
ghostconnand in gnome is would be int he gnome folder? lol06:51
scientesmalkauns, yes, you can do it with compiz settings manager06:51
scientesOR with devilspie, but that is generally for use with metacity06:51
research4oscarActionParsnip: thanks i will take a look06:51
_nedRhello, i was trying to compile latest version of vlc but it seems to need latest version libv4l.. i think these are available at packages.ubuntu (precise).. would downloading and installing these version break or mess up anything?06:51
malkaunsscientes, how do u get a graphical cpu usage indicator with compiz settings manager?06:51
scientesmalkauns, you can get conky to stay on top with it06:51
ActionParsnipmalkauns: if you use devilspie, grab gdevilspie from googlecode. Makes config a lot easier06:52
malkaunsscientes, how?06:52
scientesto satisfy your freaky ricer needs06:52
scientesin fact, i bet you could waste days messing with gdevilspie06:52
malkaunsi tried window rules "(class=conky)" but it didnt work06:52
almoxarife_nedR: it should not06:52
scientesmalkauns, there is a way to query the variables ties to a window06:53
research4oscarActionParsnip: just to be sure, i installed ubuntu 11.0406:53
ActionParsnip_nedR: mixing debs between releases is not advised or supported06:53
scientesBAD idea06:53
scientesalso, when will launchpad build for debian?06:53
malkaunsscientes, i tried that but using the plus shaped cursor but it doesnt seem to recognize the conky object06:53
ActionParsnipresearch4oscar: its not compatible with any ubuntu06:54
_nedRthanks for replies.. ActionParsnip: what is the recommended course of action06:54
ActionParsnip_nedR: there is a vlc ppa. Try that06:54
scientesvlc FTW06:54
_nedRwell i want to compile vlc not get latest version06:54
ActionParsnipGnome-mplayer ftw06:55
scientesmplayer FTfail06:55
_nedRi mean compile the latest versions06:55
scienteseither gstreamer or vlc IMHO06:55
scientesand i tend to lean towards gstreamer06:55
scientesbut i like vlc's interface better06:56
sacarlson_nedR: ppa sometimes has daily builds but if you want to compile then you'll need to install all the -dev dependancies06:56
research4oscarActionParsnip: i meant to ask that if the recommended zentyal might be appropriate for ubuntu 11.0406:56
scientes_nedR, if you want to compile apt-get build-dep vlc06:56
ActionParsnipVlc remote is awesome06:56
foobArrrgstreamer? I thought that is a library and no player. Am I wrong?06:56
ActionParsnipresearch4oscar: should be, yes06:56
ghostconnwhere is application data stored with kde?06:56
sacarlsonActionParsnip: oh and the later version of vlc remote doesn't work over my android phone any more06:57
scientesfoobArrr, gstreamer, yes is a library, but gnome's player that uses it is labled "media player"06:57
ActionParsnipghostconn: ~/.kde for kde apps06:57
research4oscarActionParsnip: thanks.06:57
_nedRyes i did all that already ... but this one dep libv4l-dev is outdated .. as off the latest git version of vlc.. my question  really is if i download these from packages.ubuntu.com will it come back to bite me later06:57
scientesso the whole thing is basically known as gstreamer06:57
scientesin my world at least06:58
sacarlson_nedR: might try ppa for the libv4l-dev then06:58
scientesyeah do the build-dep after installing the ppa06:58
scientesif you are crazy about bleeding edge, you might also be interested in ppa:xorg-edgers06:59
ActionParsnip_nedR: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc06:59
sacarlson_nedR: that's what backported libs in ppa are for to prevent it from breaking your system06:59
_nedRok will look for a PPA..07:00
_nedRi am on oneiric ActionParsnip07:00
almoxarifescientes: I have edgers, its not that radical, without it I would crash opengl pretty often, since adding edgers I have not seen one issue related to graphics, I would recommend edgers to anyone07:00
scientesalmoxarife, well, i have always felt that way about the kernel, but not quite--the latest stable by gregkh instead of torvalds07:01
scientesalthough i use torvalds07:01
scientesalmoxarife, for very recent hardware, i wouldn't be suprised if that was true07:03
almoxarifescientes: kernels on edgers?07:03
=== nidal_ is now known as __nedR
__nedRsorry got disconnected07:04
__nedRso PPAs won't come to bite me later.. right07:04
ActionParsnip_nedR: sudo add-apt-repository ppa :ferramroberto/vlc; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install vlc07:04
scientesthey certainly can07:04
almoxarife_nedR: no, in general they will bite you later07:04
ActionParsnip_nedR: remove space after the colon07:05
scientesalso, by running from git, you are helping debug07:05
scientesand speed up development07:05
scientes(if you file bug reports, that is)07:06
=== dhruvasagar_ is now known as dhruvasagar
foobArrrBug reports? I prefer complaining on IRC. :P07:07
=== __nedR is now known as _nedR
scientesfoobArrr, hahaha, I do too07:07
scientesits faster07:07
scientesbut not as effective....07:07
_nedRActionParsnip, i am not interested in getting latest binaries of vlc.. i am interested vlc source code.. yeah i am looking for PPAs of libv4l-dev07:09
robinsmidsroddoes anyone have a preseed.cfg that sets everything but disk and mbr install location?07:09
* robinsmidsrod needs an example07:09
almoxarifeany putty users? ssh/x11? I can't run a lot of apps lately that I would not have problems with before, not sure what I did to cause it, I think I removed something but I can't figure out what07:09
robinsmidsrodthat works with 10.0407:09
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: do you have xauth installed?07:10
almoxariferobinsmidsrod: not sure, I will check07:10
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: installing that worked for me in getting x11 apps through to my local xming server07:11
robinsmidsrodvia generic putty x11 forwardning07:11
Stormshadowhi all quick question -- how can i change or set the keyboard layout when switching to VT2?07:11
robinsmidsrodStormshadow: loadkeys <name-of-layout>07:11
kjeethi, i was wonderign what parts of the ubuntu system are gnme07:11
uBUXUBudesktop environment07:12
robinsmidsrodStormshadow: but you might try dpkg-reconfigure console-setup for something more permanent07:12
kjeet**gnome... or rely on the gnome desktop environment07:12
almoxariferobinsmidsrod: installed on the server or the client? its on the server07:12
kjeetwhat happens if i rip it out07:12
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: on the device you're ssh'ing into07:12
scienteskjeet, alot of functionality goes away07:12
uBUXUBukjeet, what do u mean07:12
almoxariferobinsmidsrod: yea, its there07:12
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: your client obviously must be running an x server07:12
_nedRkjeet: you get gnome's entrails all over your shoes07:13
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: your client isn't a windows machine?07:13
uBUXUBukjeet, gnome is a bit slow but is really the best overall07:13
almoxariferobinsmidsrod: both linux, 12.04 client, 11.10 host07:13
scientesyeah just use ssh -X07:13
_nedRfaster than unity though (talking about the desktop)07:13
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: oh, I've never used putty in that setup, only used it on windows07:14
almoxarifescientes: I am using ssh -X07:14
almoxariferobinsmidsrod: it just takes the pain out of the command line07:14
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: I agree with that07:14
uBUXUBui like my unity07:14
robinsmidsrodalmoxarife: I use it mostly because of the excellent terminal emulator07:15
ghostconnwhat is the file permission commadn for kde? i know for gnome it's gksudo nautilus07:15
almoxarifeghostconn: kdesudo07:15
uBUXUBuno thats not it07:15
scientesor pkexec07:15
robinsmidsrodso nobody's got a preseed.cfg that skips everything but disk/mbr questions?07:16
scientespkexec, pkexec07:16
Stormshadowhi robinsmidsrod..thanks07:16
Smith_Hey, I installed ubuntu, and I'm trying to configure dual monitors07:17
robinsmidsrodStormshadow: np07:17
Smith_I'm using the nvidia drivers with my gtx 460, but it doesn'07:17
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: there is a gui tool to create preseed.cfg but I've never used it07:17
Smith_doesn't let me move windows between screens, is there a way to do this in ubuntu07:17
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: do you have a name for that?07:17
Stormshadowi see that loadkeys uses ckbcomp ... does this use some sort of external key maps?07:17
robinsmidsrodStormshadow: I usually just say "loadkeys no" and my keyboard works (norwegian layout)07:18
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: it's kickstart  but the verison in ubuntu 10.04 didn't work07:18
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: kickstart and preseed are different things - same tool does both?07:19
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: kickstart is the gui that creates the proseed.cfg file for you07:19
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: well, from what I can see, it creates ks.cfg, not preseed.cfg, which are two vastly different config files07:20
kjeetscientes, uBUXUBu, its not really about slowness, im asking more just to understand what role it plays... linuxfromscratch seems liek overkill t figuring this out07:20
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: or maybe I'm confused it with something else,  oh ok but it creates a config to automate install, is that what preseed.cfg does07:21
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: kickstart is the redhat-derived autoinstall configuration system, but preseed is the debian-installer specific one07:21
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: afaik, ks.cfg is not very well supported on debian07:21
_nedRhello..i can't find any PPAs for libv4l-dev or v4l for that matter.. what is the next course of action07:21
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: well I pulled kickstart from ppa that supports ubuntu07:22
=== zaz is now known as Guest14
scienteskjeet, install htop, will let you see what is going on to a large degree07:22
scienteskjeet, also, strace and ltrace which it can use07:23
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: do you have a URL to that ppa?07:24
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: not off hand but this is the first I found http://serverfault.com/questions/295174/upgrade-the-ubuntu-puppet-package-within-kickstart-process07:26
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: also note I've never used it just looked at it and was thinking of using it07:27
ghostconnhow would i get file permissions using dolphin07:27
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: well, the system-config-kickstart gui program works, and it does create a config file, but I need preseed, not kickstart, because kickstart is too coarse to handle the details I want to configure.....07:29
UbubeginAny editor which can open two source file side by side for *editing* not comparing..07:29
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: I've been working actively on my pxe network booting setup for some time now (using the awesome ipxe) and now I'm trying to minimize the amount of typing I have to do on each ubuntu install07:31
robinsmidsrod(because I'm soon going to put them on iscsi07:31
sacarlsonrobinsmidsrod: sounds cool,  I never seen ipxe before,  I have a standard pxe boot install setup for iso files07:32
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: the main benefit is that it supports loading files via http, which is so much faster than tftp07:32
robinsmidsrod(for downloading memdisked ISOs particularely)07:32
robinsmidsrodsacarlson: if you're into it, please join us in #ipxe07:33
robinsmidsrodUbubegin: GUI or text mode?07:34
robinsmidsrodUbubegin: I do believe I've seen someone with a vi setup that does that - can't recall where I saw it though...07:35
=== JKAir is now known as jumpkick
scientesfartofagony, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verilog07:36
scientesfartofagony, also, you can put asm in c code, with gcc extentions07:36
Ububeginrobinsmidsrod: Yeah, I already do it in vim using vsplit.. But looking for a similar setup in a text editor of sorts..07:37
robinsmidsrodUbubegin: you mean a x11-based one?07:38
Ububeginrobinsmidsrod: not sure what is x11 mean.. But I am looking similar to scite or geany..07:40
robinsmidsrodUbubegin: a graphical one, not text mode (read: gnome or kde)07:41
robinsmidsrodUbubegin: but no, I don't know about any, unfortunately - hope someone else can help you out07:41
=== andy_ is now known as Guest37047
fidelUbubegin: afaik Sublime Text should over a side-by-side view07:44
uBUXUBuis thunderbird an email client in itself or just a way to route your current already established email account into ubuntu?07:44
Ububeginrobinsmidsrod: Oh, I am gnome based... Btw, I know eclipse can do that.. But looking a light weight editor07:44
fideluBUXUBu: TB is a full mailclient07:45
Ububeginfidel: Sublime Text..hmm, will check it bro..07:45
uBUXUButhen why cant i set it up07:45
uBUXUBui put a name in and it doesnt put @thunderbird.com after it??07:45
fideluBUXUBu: ask yourself ;) the setup-assistant mozilla offers is pretty ugly i know07:45
uBUXUBuam i supposed to add in the the rest07:45
fideluBUXUBu: why do you think a mailadress should end with @thunderbird?07:46
robinsmidsroduBUXUBu: thunderbird is an email CLIENT, it doesn't let you create email addresses -  you need an email provider for that07:46
uBUXUBuwhat does it end with?07:46
fidelits a mail client you can use with any mail-adress you have access to . config the account and thats it07:46
fideluBUXUBu: its a mail-client07:46
keno10pls where is wiki now ?07:46
uBUXUBuok so how and why do i use tbird07:46
robinsmidsroduBUXUBu: but TB supports hotmail, gmail, yahoo and a bunch of other free service providers07:46
uBUXUBuso i put in my gmail there right?07:47
robinsmidsroduBUXUBu: you can do that07:47
fideluBUXUBu: we cant answer you why you use a program - while we can try to help you understanding it maybe ;)07:47
uBUXUBuso it routed my gmail thru ubuntu is that it?07:47
Ububeginfidel: eeeks, is it shareware...07:47
fideluBUXUBu: a serious mailclient should be able to access almost all existing mail-addresses (hosted by whoever)07:48
uBUXUBuwell i only have 207:48
fidelUbubegin: yeah - i remember a bloody license or similar07:48
keno10i cant find old style wiki on ubuntu.com07:48
fidelbut afaik you can use it without paying (trialmode forever07:48
kilonuxI think I will try to reinstall my java stuff, it makes FF crash, I have a little questoin.07:52
keno10some advice ? where i can find old style wiki (as http://wiki.ubuntu.cz/ ]07:52
kilonux All this is installed :   Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 6  +  sun-java6-jre  +  openjdk-6-jre  + icedtea6-plugin07:56
kilonuxI would maybe follow these lines : http://www.duinsoft.nl/packages.php?t=en07:57
=== mike_ is now known as mopar
kilonuxshould I uninstall everything first?07:58
san04Should one unmount encrypted drives by the commands given by the particular programms (e.g. luks using the luks-command: cryptsetup luksClose, or truecrypt using the GUI to unmount) or is it possible to unmount them by console using "umount" or just unmount them in nautilus. Is the effect the same or is it recommended to use the first-mentioned method?08:02
sockethey, im trying to install php GD (apt-get install php5-gd) it starts ok but then i get a 404 not found error, for the package file08:11
socketwhat can i do ?08:11
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
uBUXUButry just sudo install08:13
uBUXUBusudo install php5-gd08:14
ericdoes iptables run at boot time automatically on 10.04?08:18
=== eric is now known as Guest94458
ZeloZelosWOW! ive never seen this room so quiet b408:22
socketuBUXUBu: it wants a destination ?08:24
=== ajay_sd_ is now known as ajay_sd
uBUXUBuTry to use aptitude command instead of apt-get, which deals with dependencies better than apt-get.....sudo aptitude install php5-gd08:27
uBUXUBusocket, sudo aptitude install php5-gd08:27
prashant_123456how to take backup of file in ubuntu ??08:31
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dalek_Is there any way to prevent Windows 7 destroying grub boot loader when it does a Windows update?08:36
Squall5668dalek_ it doesn't iirc? are you sure it does?08:37
scientesSquall5668, IT DOES override the mbr08:37
scientesdalek_, its easy to just rewrite it afterwards, by using a liveCD, then chrooting into your installed system, and then doing grub-install /dev/foobar from the chroot08:38
Squall5668ah i see, sorry, long time since i used dual booting :)08:38
shaibnHello :) When I run /usr/sbin/update-grub2 ; it creates a section in /boot/grub/grub.cfg ; which is titled /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ; and has tons of kernels I don't have installed in my system. Why does it add them if they aren't installed?08:38
scientesdalek_, you could also backup the mbr, but that way grub wouldn't detect the windows installation and be able to boot it afterwards08:38
dalek_My friend has a netbook with dual boot Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7. Occasionally, it will get an update which thinks it needs to re-write the MBR and I have to re-write the grub boot loader. I want to know, is there ANY way to prevent Windows updates from wrecking everything in the first place?08:39
scientesSquall5668, why its recommended to install windows first, yeah i don't run windows either08:39
Unknown0BCHi, will ubuntu ocelot the latest version give problems installing on a new AMD like a Athlon II X4 ?08:39
Stormshadowhi all again...how is it possible to customise the 'ls' command colours in X xterm08:39
scientesdalek_, use autopatcher, which is way better than windows update08:39
Unknown0BCThe prices on AMD seems a lot lower than for intel yet they perform very well.08:40
Squall5668scientes, yes i know about installation, i just didn't recall updates overwriting the mbr08:40
scientesdalek_, also, MSFT are asshole, like apple ppl, XP would never rewrite mbr, except on installation08:40
scientesSquall5668, yeah, i thought the same08:40
scientesI dont think it does either08:40
Unknown0BCAre the changes better for problems install on AMD ? Someone said intel works better, generally speaking.08:40
scientesdalek_, does /boot/grub/grub.cfg use UUID's for rootfs08:41
scientesdalek_, like root=UUID=jdfkljadskfl08:41
scientesUnknown0BC, that is a bunch of FUD, everything works on both08:41
dalek_I have to make a live USB flashdrive first. There is no DVD/CD drive in this netbook08:42
Unknown0BCscientes, I remember some years back you had a bit more trouble on AMD.08:42
scientesUnknown0BC, also, AMD helps coreboot08:42
linuxyou can download a live USB08:43
scientesUnknown0BC, not at all, main limitations of GNU/Linux: BIOS, graphics 3D drivers, broadcom wireless driver08:43
scientesUnknown0BC, amd came out with amd64 first, which its use on linux cause them to earn tons of profit08:43
supsonanyone here uses bitcoins?08:44
scientes!ot | supson08:44
ubottusupson: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:44
supson ...08:44
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shaibnAnyone knows?08:44
scientesshaibn, do they show up in "older kernels" or the main grub window?08:45
scientesshaibn, cause it will boot kernels/OS's on other partitions08:45
scientesand auto-detect them08:46
shaibnscientes, oh ok .. I do have an older HDD connected to this PC .. so you're saying it recognized that old HDD and that's why they show up in the menu list?08:48
Unknown0BCI might get a netbook whithout a DVD-drive, so I plan on booting from a pendrive. Can the installation shrink a windows partition ? To repartition, yet keeping the original installation of windows ?08:48
scientesshaibn, that is likely, yes08:48
shaibnscientes, I noticed it will do that even if the older HDD isn't mounted... how can I have it ignore /dev/sdb1 ?08:49
scientesUnknown0BC, yes, the installer can shrink a windows partition, or you can also install to SD or usb driver (although this is much slower)08:49
dalek_Unknown0BC, Yes, you can.08:49
scientesshaibn, look at the files in /etc/grub, which are compiled into /boot/grub/grub.cfg when you run update-grub08:49
Squall5668Unknown0BC you should shrink windows partitions from the windows tools to lower your chances of data loss, but yes you can shrink it like scientes said08:49
scientesSquall5668, now gparted can move data on ntfs, so its not as limited as it use to be08:50
dalek_There was no problem shrinking the win7 partition on my friend's win7 netbook.08:50
Unknown0BCCan I do a basic install from a pendrive without a network connection ?08:50
hubertus_anybody using smuxi and knows how to filter join/leave messages here ?08:50
Squall5668scientes i am aware of that, but im sick of loosing stuff08:51
scientesmost imp is that you cant resize a partition if it wasn't unmounted correctly (if you unplugged the windows, instead of shutting down before install)08:51
* Unknown0BC catches tips08:51
scientesyou should always backup before installs08:51
scientesand in general08:51
Unknown0BCI would like to do a basic install form a pendrive without a network connection if possible. Then later get all the repositories on my HDD and install more from there. I would like to be able to uninstall and install packages from my HDD without the need for an internet connection.08:53
scientesUnknown0BC, ubuntu doesn't require an internet connection, although you might want to periodically copy security update to the comp to install08:53
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mofaph#join /debian08:53
scientesUnknown0BC, if you use synaptic you can save changes, and then use another computer to download the files, you can also manually download packages from packages.ubuntu.com08:54
scientesor download the alternative DVD, for a large offline collection of software Unknown0BC08:54
scientesSquall5668, i'd just whipe the windows :P08:55
Unknown0BCscientes, great. However, my last Ubuntu install gave a lot of trouble with using repositories from DVD. It went smoothly when doing it all from the net though. I suppose this problem has been solved. It mounted the wrong device the whole time. Took  long time to get a work-around.08:56
scientesalmost suggested that....08:56
scientesUnknown0BC, use apt-cdrom08:56
scientesaka apt-cdrom add08:56
Unknown0BCah. Yeah. Well thanks. I think I am going off the the shop to get me that netbook. Or maybe a notebook. And probably and AMD, so much lower priced !08:57
tr0nnetbooks are crap, the batterys dont last long08:57
scientes..... netbooks are generally Intel Atom08:57
Unknown0BCAlthough Intel always sounds so much better. Seems it is'nt really.08:58
scientestr0n, bullshit, netbooks have the best battery lifes08:58
scienteshowever the E-350 AMDs have some of the best graphics on a low-energy system08:58
Unknown0BCoooo. I am getting me a netbook for that good battery life.08:58
scientes..for x86 that is08:58
tr0ni know someone who has one, the battery stopped holding a charge aftera year08:58
* Unknown0BC catches buying tips.08:58
scientestr0n, well, you need a 6 cell, also windows eats battery alot more08:58
scientesalso, SSDs are definitely the way to go08:59
Unknown0BCwhat is SSD ?08:59
scientesinstead of those harddrives they put on them now for stupid windows-related reasons08:59
tr0nbetter to wait for the spark linux tablet ;)08:59
Hail_SpacecakeI'm trying to install ubuntu onto a usb drive from arch linux08:59
Hail_Spacecakeusing unetbootin08:59
Hail_Spacecakeand I keep getting error no configuration file found08:59
Hail_Spacecakeand none of the fixes I find by googling are working for me08:59
scientesHail_Spacecake, just use cat /path/to/the.iso > /dev/thedrive09:00
scientesbe careful to get the target right however, and you have to be root09:00
=== ajay_sd_ is now known as ajay_sd
Unknown0BCDo netbooks generally come out with Solid State Drives ?09:00
Hail_Spacecakescientes, do I want the drive or the partition?09:00
Unknown0BC(   :D   )09:00
scientesHail_Spacecake, the drive09:00
scientesbe careful you dont while your hard drive however Hail_Spacecake09:01
shaibnscientes, thanks! that helped me :) What I did was just add GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true ; to /etc/default/grub09:01
Jordan_UHail_Spacecake: Make *absolutely* sure you have the correct device before doing that. And while cat and shell redirection works, I'd generally go with dd.09:02
Unknown0BCwell am I ready to go shop ?09:02
scientesJordan_U, so did I, but dd's syntax is wierd, and if and of are too similar09:02
scientesand you have to use count= to get decent speed09:03
Unknown0BCThis would be my first brand-new computer. I always used second hand low end crap. Time for a change in life !09:03
Jordan_UHail_Spacecake: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX #Be absolutely sure that sdX is correct, as it's the drive whose contents you are about to destroy09:03
Unknown0BCadios guys. Thanks for the input.09:03
scientesthis actually happened to Linus Torvalds when he was developing Linux09:04
scientesand was a big part of him making it self-hosting09:04
scienteshe whiped his whole system in the early days09:04
scientes(this was after GNU was quite a ways along)09:04
hiexpomi3, hi what you need?09:10
mi3nothing, hiexpo09:11
Jordan_UUnknown0BC: If you didn't know, there are companies that sell computers with Ubuntu pre-installed.09:14
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puneetgoyalhello, I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and my software centre is not working09:15
puneetgoyalI tried googling it09:15
krnli've a vps. when i type "df -h" in console, i get a lof of varrun and varlock type filesystem but all in 96M size, and all are mounted to /var/lock and /var/run. thus i dont know how much free space i have on my "real" hd. how can i determine it?09:16
puneetgoyalbut it is not giving me any error too and all the problems that are listed in google are with some error......09:16
mxany body ?09:16
clone1018most likely the top one09:16
hubertus_usually your harddisk is /dev/sda109:17
hydrox24mx: just keep the language down on this channel please, it's designed to be family friendly.09:17
almoxarifepuneetgoyal: not working how?09:18
gebbionehi , after restore i see my screen stuck with some of the graphical elements visible but the unlock screen is not coming up ... anything i can do?09:19
Tm_Tmx: language, please09:19
hydrox24gebbione: This is persistant despite reboots?09:20
keno10i need help with minecraft09:20
gebbioneif i reboot i loose all the windows/application i had before hibernate ... and yes i am restoring from hibernation09:21
keno10it dont run tested with sun and open java09:21
tr0not | keno1009:21
hydrox24tr0n: I think it may well be on topic09:21
gebbionemost of the times it works ... but sometimes it gets stuck for a few seconds before coming up with the unlock screen ... now it wont come up since 20 min09:21
FourDollarskeno10: What is your java version?09:21
FourDollars$ java -version09:22
FourDollarsjava version "1.6.0_23"09:22
FourDollarsOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11pre) (6b23~pre11-0ubuntu1.11.10.2)09:22
FourDollarsOpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.0-b11, mixed mode)09:22
FourDollarskeno10: I can use this to play MineCraft.09:22
FloodBot1FourDollars: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:22
hydrox24gebbione: Hibernation is a continuing issue for linux as per a lack of support from computer manufacturers (It's known to be temperamental even in Windows) so I would have to simply recommend not using hibernate09:22
hydrox24gebbione: Alternatively, look into your laptops hardware and see if there are patches/workarounds for your HW (HardWare)09:23
almoxarifegebbione: what's wrong with 'suspend'? same issue?09:23
keno10java version "1.7.0_04-ea"09:24
keno10Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_04-ea-b17)09:24
keno10Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.0-b18, mixed mode)09:24
gebbionealmoxarife: my ubuntu box is a desktop ... and suspend is like leaving it on09:24
sshdi use ubuntu 12.0409:24
sshdafter last upgrade i have problem with ssh09:25
almoxarifegebbione: suspend works on a desktop as well09:25
sshdi can not connect to any devices or servers via ssh09:25
Myrttisshd: you might want to try #ubuntu+109:25
gebbionealmoxarife: doesnt stop the fans though ... i think09:25
gebbionealmoxarife: it is like always wasting a lot of electricity as compared to hibernate09:26
almoxarifegebbione: it does stop everything except a trickle of voltage09:26
=== serena is now known as Guest11591
gebbionealmoxarife: i ll have to try ... but anyway ... is there maybe some sort of short cut to bring up the login/unlock screen? something like ctrl alt esc in winzoz09:27
hubertus_maybe alt-f709:28
almoxarifegebbione: probably not, the issue is restoring from 'hybernate', and it sounds like your desktop does not09:28
gebbionealmoxarife: it does all the times ... for some reasons not this time ... (i hope it is not a ram issue) but in general i always experience something weird ... even when the energy saving kicks in ... then i go back to move the mouse .... the previous screeens come up (multimonitors) i can see al windows and then after some seconds the unlock screen comes up09:30
FourDollarskeno10: Try openjdk-6-jre09:32
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=== mtrd is now known as mtrd[at]work
morphixhey guys09:36
AbstractAcehey whats this thing in the terminal that lets us edit sounds?09:36
AbstractAcesometing with a09:36
Benkinooby2hi, my graphic card (laptop) can not handle two monitors, so i want to use only the (bigger) exernal one... but when i diable the laptop monitor in the display menu, the external montor won't get signals... any help ideas? google wasn't very useful until now...09:37
gordon39hi there09:38
LjLBarbo91: it's /join #ubuntu-it-chat09:46
alerayhi, I have created a bootable stick but unfortunatly my computer doesn't recognize it at boot, although it mounts well otherwise. Am I missing something?09:48
mi3aleray, it seems you forgot to change the boot order09:49
mi3the primary boot order should be your stick, then your hdd incase you want the stick to boot09:50
aleraymi3, that's the problem: the stick doesn't show up in the device list09:50
fractingHello, libreoffice 3.4.4 from ubuntu 11.10 official repo works for me, and libreoffice 3.5.1 from ppa also works for me, but after i install Lo3.5.1, remove Lo3.5.1 and reinstall Lo3.4.1, it crash at startup. Should this problem consider a bug? This issue prevent me to reproduce my recently reported bug 96604609:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 966046 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Libreoffice startup (soffice) GUI glitch: side bars are not refreshed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96604609:55
st1anyone got hibernation working with swap file?10:00
carlesoriol_st1, yes. With no changes or special configurations10:01
carlesoriol_st1, in a lot of computers10:01
st1carlesoriol_: really? not even updating grub and initramfs?10:02
st1carlesoriol_:  are you using uswsusp or kernel version?10:04
QAhey all, anyone running cacti?10:05
research4oscarshould i install proftp as standalone or inetd?10:05
carlesoriol_st1, no changes at all. Usign diferent kernl versions10:06
research4oscarat most two people will be connecting through ftp but probably transferring files throughout the day.10:06
st1carlesoriol_:  can you pm me the result of "cat /proc/cmdline" and "cat /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume" ? if you are on a computer that's using swap file10:08
ubottukiga: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:10
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rageIs there an easy way to echo commands into an ssh session from a local machine? Something like echo "sh memory" > ssh router ?10:18
rageand get the output back?10:18
=== jeremy-4201 is now known as jeremy[away]
hubertus_simply do a ssh hostname command10:23
puneetgoyalalmoxarife: sorry was away...it just stops working...didnt gave any error10:24
quielis anyone here using midnight commander (mc)? I'm trying to change the colors, but the file ".mc/ini" is not respected by the program10:24
ragehubertus_: Works well for Linux sshds, no so well for Cisco IOS10:24
icambridgeAnyone know why I would get "touch: setting times of `rdsfa': No such file or directory" when doing "touch /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/expose/rdsfa"?10:24
hubertus_rage: whats the issue with cisco ?10:26
ragehubertus_: If I try to string commands together it breaks10:28
CalvinMcGeeI'm a new developer at this company and we have a deploy script. I would like to see the sources to the script, where do you specify paths to general commands?10:29
ragehubertus_: For example: enable, show memory10:29
hubertus_rage: so it works with basic one-word commands ?10:29
ragehubertus_: Yes10:29
llutzrage: ssh router "sh yourcommand"10:29
ragellutz: Can you write shell scripts on cisco ios?10:30
llutzrage: idk10:30
ragellutz: Yes that would solve all my problems :-)10:30
ragellutz: I'm shell scripting this thing from my ubuntu machine10:30
hubertus_rage: can it be an issue with the quotes ?10:32
rageI know it can be done. I've done it quite some time ago. I've just completely forgotten how :-S. I had to ssh into a ancient AIX machine and type commands into a non-scriptable interactive program10:32
ragehubertus_: Perhaps10:32
=== ajay_sd__ is now known as ajay_sd
ragehubertus_: Just tried, '' "", no joy10:33
ragehubertus_: Cant use none as the shell would interpret the ; as a EOL10:34
hubertus_and without any quotes ?10:34
hubertus_ssh hiserver ls -l works on linux as well as ssh hiserver 'ls -l'10:34
ragehubertus_: Nope, as expected bash (without quotes) sees the ; and treats it as EOL10:35
ragehubertus_: then attempts to run sh memory10:36
ragehubertus_: Which fails obviously :-) since that is a cisco command10:36
Mango_ManWould anyone possibly know how to fix this broken package error? http://pastebin.com/mzv2EP1N I tried this (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5962046&postcount=9) solution on the ubuntuforums, but it didn't work10:36
hubertus_rage: sorry ran out of ideas - and no cisco at home ....10:38
ragehubertus_: Thanks for the help anyway. Always appreciated :-)10:38
rageNext router is definitely going to be a Linux router. This particular off the shelf solution has done anything but save time :-)10:39
ErquintCan someone here help an ubuntu-noob with an uneasy question?10:42
execan some1 here please help an ubuntu-noob [first time with ubuntu seedbox] with setup auto-dl irssi please ?10:43
prodnixHi guys, I need an idiot proof way of setting up a email server, I need it to receive and read mail via a UI of any sort, I have bought the domain and changed the A record to my cloud serverws IP but I cant seem to get it working. Any help will be hugely appreciated10:46
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
prodnixAll the guides online are too technical and not very noob friendly10:50
olegbprodnix: maybe because setting up a emailserver right is a technical task and shouldn't be done by a noob :-)10:53
prodnixI had a feeling someone would say that.10:53
research4oscarwhat is the command to change a folders group setting10:54
prodnixIm not a total beginner but the guides are still quite confusing. My experience with DNS is letting me down i think10:54
ErquintOk. Maybe if i type a big message -- someone would notice me: I am using Ubuntu 11.10 for like a couple of months now and i am REALLLLLY tired of permission system. I made changes to "sudoers" file, but it seems to be working only for terminal and i know i can make everything using it(and often do), but it eats my time hard. I am the only user of PC and give no phat buddy about security risks. It's just came to a state when i am angered10:57
Erquintso much that i just want to log off and never log back in Ubuntu again. Worst thing is that sometimes when i lack some privilege  Ubuntu DOESN"T prompt me for password and i have NO qqqing way to explain it that i am the boss here! Do somebody of you know how to override this behavior? Cause i like most things about Ubuntu and feel comfortable with it, but i desperately need to be a boss of my PC!10:57
=== gustav- is now known as beerbro
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
ErquintWill rooting remove all that?10:58
olegbErquint: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:59
=== Max is now known as Guest6634
shawnyCan anyone suggest a simple SIP proxy server that can run on 8.04?11:03
anwayaIf the ls command in terminal shows a directory highlighted in green and it's name written in blue , what does it mean..?11:04
fidelanwaya: colors heavily depend on your terminal-config11:05
TeamRocket1233cMorning guys! Won't be on very long.11:05
research4oscarwhat is the command to create a folder with a specific owner and group11:05
olegbresearch4oscar: mkdir && chgrp && chown11:09
eypalanybody from Canonical here?11:13
Zizzui am from italy11:13
BartzyIs there anyway to target a window that is minimized to tray (not in the taskbar) , with xdotool for example? wmctrl -xl doesn't find minimized-to-tray windows.11:16
scotty^I'm currently using XChat-GNOME on Lucid.  I'll soon be setting up some Precise systems and am wondering what would be best suited to Unity - XChat-GNOME or plain XChat?11:16
ikoniascotty^: try them, you can remove the one you don't like11:17
scotty^Yeah, I was kinda hoping to skip that step :) But it's not a big deal.11:18
orflonhello, I have a working ubuntu 7.04 on my machine. My problem is that I don't have a cd drive, is it preferable to make upgrades till the latest or install it from scratch? (is there any other way apart from usb? through the current system..)11:19
scotty^If I want to talk to the GNOME folks about Evince, are they in #gnome on Freenode?11:20
Squall5668orflom: install from scratch, usb :)11:20
orflonSquall5668, isn't there any other way apart from usb? I'm afraid a bit of the procedure and issues of usb-install11:20
ikoniascotty^: the gnome website lists the offical IRC channels11:20
scotty^ikonia: Cool.  Thanks mate.11:21
TeamRocket1233corflon: Squall5668 : LiveCD or LiveDVD.11:21
orflonTeamRocket1233c, I don't have a cd drive.11:21
Squall5668TeamRocket1233c he said he has no drive11:21
orfloncan't that be done through the current system?11:21
TeamRocket1233corflon: Squall5668 : I  usually use LiveCD's as they'll work on a PC no matter what.11:22
orflonat least skip some other stages like 7.0911:22
TeamRocket1233corflon: Squall5668: Web install, if that's possible?11:22
eypalanybody from Canonical here? I have been trying to contact Canonical with a sort of business related thing but haven't gotten any replies :(11:22
scotty^Hmm, seems GNOME are seeking donations to "Help us make 2012 the year of accessibility!"11:22
orflonis there a web install ?11:22
ikoniascotty^: not really something #ubuntu is interested in11:23
TeamRocket1233corflon: If it's possible, I read something about a Solaris web install.11:23
ikoniaeypal: IRC is not the medium for that sort of thing11:23
ikoniaeypal: I'm sure you'll get an email if it's appropriate11:23
orflonTeamRocket1233c, what about ubuntu?11:23
scotty^well not officially, but some of us users might be.11:23
scotty^but I'm getting off-topic11:24
ikoniascotty^: this is a support channel, so it's not anything to do with this channel11:24
TeamRocket1233corflon: Looking that up right now.11:24
orflonthanks mate11:24
Squall5668orflon, until TeamRocket1233c find whatever it is he is looking for, might i suggest you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation the part about "Installation without a CD"?11:29
orflonSquall5668, i'm reading that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet11:29
orflonseems that it does what I want.11:29
TeamRocket1233cHopefully this should be of help. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot11:29
eaxwhen is 12.XX get in in public Beta?11:30
orflonshould I need an ethernet connection for that? is wireless dangerous in terms of drivers etc.?11:30
TeamRocket1233ceax: I think 12.04 beta's already out. 12.04 final release is due out the 26th.11:31
LowfoxCan I get some help with grub and btrfs11:32
TeamRocket1233corflon: A wired connection would be a safe bet.11:33
orflonTeamRocket1233c, in the tutorial it talks about a initrd file, but I can't find it.11:34
curiousxciao a tutti11:34
curiousx!it | curiousx11:34
ubottucuriousx, please see my private message11:34
sipiorLowfox: easiest if you ask a specific question11:34
orflonTeamRocket1233c, ok found it.11:35
curiousx!ask | Lowfox11:35
ubottuLowfox: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:35
TeamRocket1233cI G2G now, I'll BBL. Bye! -wave-11:37
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|znc
randomqwertyhow can I keep ssh server installed and still never start it at boot but only manually?11:38
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
LowfoxI updated ocelot to penguin beta 1 and it fucked up my grub after using boot repair from penguin livecd - it now says no operating system. Can somebody take a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/901990/11:39
Tm_TLowfox: please watch your language11:40
soreaurandomqwerty: afaik, installed services are started at boot up. You can 'chmod -x /etc/init.d/service' to stop it from being executable, +x to re-enable it11:40
Lowfoxsry Tm_T11:40
Lowfoxno harm intended11:41
Lowfox"it broke my grub..."11:41
randomqwertysoreau: that would also stop me from using service ssh start, to start the deamon when I want, wouldn't it?11:41
soreaurandomqwerty: yes, you'd have to reset the executable flag before starting it11:42
Dj_FlyByis there some kind of limit to the size of a partition inside Ubuntu. I just bought 4 2.5TB hdd's and I keep getting errors when trying to make them into 2.5TB partitions (tried both NTFS & EXT4)11:47
stevegjacobsjoin #joomla-dev11:47
stevegjacobsjoin /#joomla-dev11:47
Picistevegjacobs: /join #channel11:47
Lowfox I need some assistance please: I updated ocelot to penguin beta1 and it broke my grub after using boot repair from penguin livecd - it now says no operating system. Can somebody take a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/901990/11:47
ikoniaLowfox: why did you not use an ubuntu CD with a compatible grub ?11:48
Lowfoxikoneia: like an ocelot one?11:49
LowfoxI didn't know it was necessary11:50
=== king is now known as Guest76203
jayarhow do i find what drive i want to mount, via ssh?11:52
ispirtohello, is there a way I can drop packages starting with some string by iptables?11:52
jayari know its sudo mount /dev/sd? /media/160gb but dunno which disk it is11:52
detch1when i enter phpmyadmin after i write the password                            ---------   Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed11:54
Dj_FlyByis there some kind of limit to the size of a partition inside Ubuntu. I just bought 4 2.5TB hdd's and I keep getting errors when trying to make them into 2.5TB partitions (tried both NTFS & EXT4). Any suggestions?11:56
=== MartinS is now known as Guest90589
=== Evil is now known as Guest39783
jayarDj_FlyBy: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/fdisk-unable-to-create-partition-greater-2tb.html11:58
jayardetch1: http://www.rvdavid.net/how-to-fix-phpmyadmin-error-connection-for-controluser-as-defined-in-your-configuration-failed/11:58
ldiamondI'm trying to get that layout right: http://jsfiddle.net/ldiamond/UfG4J/12:01
ldiamondBasically I want the footer to stay like that, hidden below the page12:01
ldiamondthe page content should take up 100% of the screen12:01
ldiamondThe few issues I have is with the fixed header, I need to get the content to start below it rather than under it.12:01
Dj_FlyByjayar: thanks....  sadly I am just not up to recompiling the kernel though.12:02
ldiamondI considered adding a dummy div to take up the space but it seems rather like a bad practice12:02
rnsis there a way to save my terminal tabs?12:02
ldiamondThe other issue is that if I add padding or margins, everything gets messed up. I.e. the 100% width now becomes 100% + whatever margin/padding I add12:02
sipiorldiamond: i think you've mistaken this for a web development channel :-)12:03
ldiamondoh crap, I though this was #css12:03
ldiamondwrong window12:03
escottrns, in what sense? tried screen?12:03
okanbasogludoes anyone know if ubuntu has iptables service?12:04
escottDj_FlyBy, you are probably hitting a gpt/mbr limit12:04
sipiorokanbasoglu: yes, it does.12:04
rnsescott, when I restart I would like to be able to open up the 15 files (each in a tab) in the terminal, without manually opening them all up.12:04
Dj_FlyByescott: I didn't even know there was a limits, lol12:04
escottrns, you'll have to write a script to do that12:04
jayari thought ufw took over for iptables in 8.0412:05
escottDj_FlyBy, there are limits on the filesystem sizes (which are tunable) but based on where you are hitting i suspect an mbr issue, and that your partition table just cant make a partition that large12:05
escottjayar, ufw uses iptables12:05
=== Guest39783 is now known as Evil101
okanbasoglubut it gives me unrecognized service when i tried to get status12:06
danideko_hey evil 10112:06
=== tkkk is now known as tkruise
jayaroh i thought it replaced it12:06
Evil101wassup DK12:06
jayaralthought you could still use iptables, ufw was easier or somethin12:06
escottjayar, iptables will never go away12:06
Dj_FlyByescott: these are brand new drives used for storage... there is no distro on them12:07
okanbasogluso i should restart ufw service instead ?12:07
danideko_wat u doing12:07
Evil101am doin yo mamma12:07
=== danideko_ is now known as Mad202
Mad202well ur mama was doing ma dog12:08
smokie_wow bad mom....12:08
smokie_can anyone help me out with installing a theme/appearance into ubuntu 11?12:08
Evil101While ma dog wz doin yr dad12:08
Mad202eww gay ape12:09
escottDj_FlyBy, (a) check what kind of partition table you have. is it gpt or mbr/msdos? (b) you can check these limits but they are not likely the cause http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext2#File_system_limits12:09
okanbasogluall i am trying to do is share my wireless connection to eth012:09
Evil101yr dad z a gay ape???12:09
okanbasoglui found couple of iptables commands to execute12:09
okanbasoglubut it says i need to restart ip tables12:10
OerEvil101, Mad202 , please stop the bad language from same ip.12:10
escottokanbasoglu, there is a ufw service which you can start but it doesn't have a running process. it just loads the iptables rules into the kernel and exits12:11
okanbasogluthanks escott12:11
okanbasogluthan i think its fine to just stop and start the ufw service12:12
escottokanbasoglu, you can run "sudo iptables -L" to print your current rule set. if its more than 3 lines your ufw rules are already loaded12:12
Sidewinder1ikonia, Thanx.12:12
okanbasogluyes escott it gives lots of lines but not the ones i added12:13
escottokanbasoglu, are you trying to add custom rules? those go in /etc/ufw/*.rules12:13
okanbasogluescott, what i am trying to add is "iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE"12:14
Dj_FlyByescott: There was no partition table on the drives (brand new). I was attempting to this with the "disk utility", but from the way you are talking I should be doing it another way. I've never made a gpt partition table so I guess I better start there. All the other drives in the server are either 1.5TB or 2TB12:14
escottDj_FlyBy, you should use a dedicated tool for partitioning, either gparted (gui) or gdisk or parted (cli)12:15
escottDj_FlyBy, so that should probably be put in /etc/ufw/after.rules12:16
escottokanbasoglu, ^^ not Dj_FlyBy12:17
okanbasogluescott, i think uwf/after.rules for me12:17
okanbasogluthanks man12:17
okanbasogluill check this one12:17
okanbasogluthanks a lot for your help12:17
escottokanbasoglu, also you need to adjust the rule to apply to the correct chain. that may be the real problem12:18
orflonI just installed from netboot 12.04 with no problems during install. After rebooting I get a black screen... I read somewhere that's it's a graphics issue. any clues?12:18
lotuspsychje!precise | orflon12:19
ubottuorflon: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:19
smokie_so can anyone help me with installing a new Theme to my ubuntu desktop or am i in the wrong place?12:19
sysf1请问中文如何进入?不是?/join #ubuntu-cn ?12:19
orflonlotuspsychje, and that means..?12:19
lotuspsychjeorflon: join the ubuntu 12.04 channel for support12:20
orflonah ok thanks12:20
escottokanbasoglu, for instance I wanted to add a rule to the OUTPUT chain, but since ufw binds to that I added my rule to the ufw-before-output chain instead12:20
Dj_FlyByescott: already I assume the problem is something I am unfamiliar with. With disk utility it shows the hdd as being 2.5TB but in gparted it says 2.27TB12:21
escottDj_FlyBy, thats TB vs TiB12:21
hot2trotthis is terrible, but does anyone know the mac or osx channel?  I tried #osx and #mac, neither of which let me join...12:23
hot2troti'm a regular UBUNTU user I swear12:23
escott!alis | hot2trot12:23
ubottuhot2trot: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:23
anand_i need a help. how can i check whether theres is ipvs module installed or not? any help will be great12:23
hot2trotthank you12:23
escottanand_, lsmod | grep ipv12:24
Dj_FlyByescott: ohhhhh.. well, either way I can learn about that later. For now it has worked out perfectly and now all drives are partitioned and formatted and ready for use.  Thanks12:24
okanbasogluescott, let me check that12:24
sadjow_I'll ask a good thing...12:24
anand_escott: it show that i have ip_vs loaded12:24
sadjow_Please remove the unity in the next version of ubuntu. Put something better. Please.12:24
escottDj_FlyBy, base 1000 vs base 1024. they market using the base 1000, but the normal base for block devices is 1024=2^1012:25
lotuspsychje!unity | sadjow_12:25
ubottusadjow_: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity12:25
anand_escott: i am trying to configure LVS on my ubuntu 10.04 but i am unable to get a reply from the real server can u help me on that?12:26
escottanand_, i dont know what LVS is?12:26
tony__guten tag liebe ubuntu community ^^12:26
escott!de | tony__12:27
ubottutony__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:27
anand_any one here with some working knowledge on how to create a Linux virtual server ..i need some help12:27
sadjow_!notunity | sadjow12:27
ubottusadjow: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:27
lotuspsychjesadjow_:you can always install lubuntu-desktop or gnome-shell12:28
WilsonBradleyAnyone else use Live Linux boot of a USB  Persistance / Casper-rw ? Simple question.. Can I increase the Filesystem size? Trying to do an  update on it and it says it's to small to do a 1+gb partial update. Maybe I should just download the LATEST build?12:29
escottWilsonBradley, you dont want to do a big update on a persistent usb12:29
wrektjetmsg nickserv identify tziona2612:29
Squall5668i suggest you change that12:30
WilsonBradleyYa, prob better to download a nightly Ubuntu ISO12:30
lianghi,all, when I install somethings, I have got err: No package 'gtk+-2.0' found , who can tell me how to install gtk+-2.012:32
curiousxliang: try sudo apt-get -f install12:33
escottliang, sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-012:34
supsoncan someone go to https://sealswithclubs.org/ plz12:34
supsonand tell me if it works for them12:34
supsoni get a security warning12:35
supsonthat i never had before for this site12:35
lotuspsychjesupson: firefox warns for some https sites12:35
supsondoes the same with chrome and ff12:35
supsonIve used this site a lot12:35
curiousxsupson: this site dont have a valid ssl certificate12:35
supsoni did just 5 minutes ago12:35
supsoncuriousx, lots of site dont, and i dont get this warning12:36
supsonThis is probably not the site that you are looking for!12:36
supsonYou attempted to reach sealswithclubs.org, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as sealswithclubs.eu. This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of sealswithclubs.org. You should not proceed.12:36
sacarlsonsupson: it's certificate isn't matching it's site name so will flag12:37
liangcuriousx, ok, try it12:37
curiousxverisign give you a valid certificate to your site in order to dont warning aboout the certificate12:37
=== root is now known as Guest11822
curiousxbut you have to pay =P12:37
supsonbut I was using the site just 5 minutes ago with no troubvle12:37
supsonwhy does it do this now12:37
liangescott, thx I am waiting the installing12:38
fidelsupson: i doubt we can answer that for sure12:38
sacarlsonsupson: the cert I see is for sealswithclubs.eu12:38
Squall5668supson this is not ubuntu related. 5 minutes ago the server settings where correct, now someone messed them up, it happens12:38
supsonoh shit12:38
supsoni thought i was on bitcoin12:38
FloodBot1supson: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:38
supsonsorry guys12:38
lotuspsychjelol, the best ubuntu support happens when ops are ayway12:39
supsonsorry guys12:39
ikoniasupson: not a problem12:39
Guest11822who can explain what is ubuntu?12:39
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com12:40
=== jono is now known as Guest14100
=== Guest92496 is now known as denysonique
Guest14100i was setting postfix dovecot and mysql for mail server but my smtp server not running after that and i can't send message .. can you help me ?12:40
curiousxi think noone can explain, you have to use it the more you can to figure out what is it, i thin isnt like flying but is some like that =P12:41
=== Guest14100 is now known as adha
adhai was setting postfix dovecot and mysql for mail server but my smtp server not running after that and i can't send message .. can you help me ?12:41
Guest11822what differents between ubuntu and backtrack?12:42
ikoniaGuest11822: I'd do a little more research backtrack is based on ubuntu but is targeted at different functions,12:42
fidelGuest11822: backtrack is afaik a live-cd12:42
fidelconsider reading in wikipedia.org - as it offers tons of structured informations12:43
Guest11822who know "anonymous" team? can explain to me who is them ?12:43
curiousxGuest11822: the desktop and the software by default and the kernel12:43
yzhdHi guys12:44
fidelGuest11822: how is that ubuntu-specific question?12:44
=== jost__ is now known as jost
yzhdIs there anyone here that can help me ? (5 mins)12:44
lotuspsychjefidel: because backtrack has now an ubuntu variant12:44
fidellotuspsychje: i was talking about the anon question12:45
lotuspsychjefidel: ok my bad m812:45
escott!ot | Guest1182212:45
ubottuGuest11822: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:45
fidelshould have pointed that more clearly12:45
Guest11822how ubuntu can transformation be backtrack?12:46
fidelGuest11822: try to rephrase - as this question isnt really clear - at least to me12:46
ikoniaGuest11822: what ?12:46
Squall5668Guest11822: what is your native language? maybe there is a support channel more suited for you?12:47
Guest11822i'm sorry..12:47
yzhdI am going to instal ubuntu 11.10 on my windows vista PC. I have ISO downloaded, and I have a DVD+R. I'm going to burn the iso on the dvd and install it.. but I have a catch.. I shrinked my hard drive yesterday 40 GB.. and I want to install UBUNTU on that shrinked partition.. nothing else. I must not lose data, as I don't have anything to back it up on. Can anyone help me here ?12:48
jribyzhd: leave the space you want ubuntu to use unpartitioned and then tell the installer to use the unpartitioned space12:48
jribyzhd: by the way.  If you do not back up your data, then you do not mind losing it.12:49
OolHi, How to show or not the choice: "other users.. " in lightdm to log in12:49
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
escottyzhd, there are lots of free online ways to backup crucial files. if you "must not lose data" and "you have no backup ability" I would suggest you lock your computer in a fire proof vault and never turn it on12:49
Guest11822thank you :D12:49
ubottukiga: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:49
fdumplingHell MrBean12:54
=== smokie__ is now known as smokie-
=== smokie- is now known as smokie_
yzhdI know, I can backup online.. but I have slow internet connection12:54
yzhdthere like.. only 5 % chance of losing data right ?12:54
fidelyzhd: as pointed out earlier: if you consider your data important - backup them12:55
adhayzhd : you had better prepare a free partition and install on it.. move your data from that partition to your windows..12:55
fideland dont calculate on % chances of data-loss12:55
fidelif you dont backup them - at least expect that you may loose something.12:55
=== diegovieiraeti is now known as Guest33668
escottyzhd, that probability can range from -8.632% to 469.37%12:56
yzhdhave any of you tried the method I'm going to do ?12:56
yzhdshrink, then install on that partition ?12:56
w83hi, stupid gimp 2.7.512:56
=== Guest33668 is now known as diegovieiraeti
escottyzhd, yes and successfully many times, but i've also done it many times and know what to look for.12:56
Sidewinder1yzhd, Did you md5sum the ISO prior to burning/copying to USB?12:56
fdumplingHello ,MrBean12:57
yzhddoing it right now12:57
w83after this repository mess I can't even get 2.6 working and the themes are messed up :(12:57
escottyzhd, it sounds like you have passed the big hurdle, but we can't verify that12:57
yzhdwhat is tthe correct md5 ?12:57
escott!md5sum | yzhd12:57
ubottuyzhd: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:57
Sidewinder1!hashes | yzhd12:57
ubottuyzhd: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/11.10/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release12:57
fdumplingHello MrBean12:57
yzhdI have a md5 sum checker already12:58
yzhdthanks ubottu lol12:58
escottyzhd, that link will have a link to the md5sums12:58
yzhdit matches ;)12:58
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
yzhdGuys, what do i do? I have burned the .iso on my dvd+r. When I am inside ubuntu installer, I select the first option? then I select the partition (shirnked one 40gb) ?13:04
w83anyone managed to install gimp 2.7.5 on u11.10 ?13:05
sacarlsonw83: did you try this ppa https://launchpad.net/~matthaeus123/+archive/mrw-gimp-svn13:09
sacarlsonw83: I'm getting this error from that one Depends: libgimp2.0 but it is not going to be installed13:11
MrHeatHi! Can someone help me with this error:   sudo: Can't open /var/lib/sudo/lis/1: Read-only file system13:11
AngtagapagligtHey does anybody have a link to a good Windows XP image? Need one to get this corrupt Windows XP PC fixed... The user doesn't find his CD anymore. -.-13:12
jribMrHeat: "Read-only filesystem"13:12
jribAngtagapagligt: offtopic13:12
MrHeatjrib: I think i f**** my sudoers, just it, but dont know how to fix it.13:13
jribMrHeat: what is the output of « mount »?13:13
MrHeatjrib: http://pastebin.com/Q6eQBw6M13:14
escottMrHeat, read only FS suggests that your root partition is mounted ro which can happen if it is corrupted and you need to run fsck13:14
MrHeatescott: it can be because i edited my sudoers file, or just coincidence?13:16
w83sacarlson: did you manage to apply these additional repos and get the 2.7.5 to work ?13:16
sacarlsonw83: I just added the other 2 needed ppa13:16
w83and it worked ?13:17
sacarlsonw83: no still same error Depends: libgimp2.0 but it is not going to be installed13:17
w83:) me too13:17
smokie_hey guys, can someone help me on how to install a Theme for ubuntu desktop 11.10? like this Theme for example http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/give-your-linux-desktop-new-hope-with-this-gtk3-theme/13:18
sacarlsonw83: maybe you needed to install the older one before installing the new one?13:18
w83as far as I understood you need to upgrade gtk - but that might be tricky13:19
jribMrHeat: are you able to write to the disk now?  Try: « touch ~/randomfilenamehere ».  Does the file get created?  What changes did you make to sudoers exactly?  Did you use visudo to make them?13:19
escottMrHeat, the output of mount seems to contradict that theory, but i dont know what this xvda device is and maybe something weird is happening there. In any case sure its possible that editing sudoers could have been done wrong and that your error message is just wrong. i would check if you can touch (as root) a file in /var13:19
MrHeatNo, i can't touch this... i think it really corrupted x.x13:20
plmWhen will be released the Ubuntu 12.4. The first day of appril?13:21
smokie_is installing a theme so difficult in ubuntu 11.10 that i cant even find a proper way of doing it by googling13:21
bazhangplm, late april. #ubuntu+1 for more13:21
escottyzhd, im wary to give you instructions given your previous comments on how you cannot lose data, but you might want multiple partitions. usually you have 2 one for / and one (~2xRAM) for swap13:21
escott!precise | plm the release schedule is online13:22
ubottuplm the release schedule is online: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+113:22
yzhdI have to ?13:22
fidelyzhd: please do a backup ;)13:22
escottyzhd, no you dont have to have swap, but its a good idea13:22
* nibbler__ opposes the swap = 2xRAM rule13:22
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
yzhdI just inserted my dvd+rw.. then I clicked on format with a mistake.. now when I insert the dvd+rw.. it opens the dvd.. but it is empty. There is no way to unformat it? / burn the .iso on it now ?13:23
escottyzhd, this is why we want you to have backups :)13:23
waxstoneMrHeat,  what type of drive is /dev/xvda113:24
yzhdthere is no way to unformat my dvd+rw ??13:24
escottyzhd, nobody wants to be responsible for giving you instructions without being present only to find that you had the wrong checkbox clicked13:24
MrHeatwaxstone: It's a virtual harddrive ('i m running a virtual kernel on xen)13:24
escottyzhd, maybe but its probably easier to reburn13:25
waxstoneMrHeat, ok ty13:25
yzhdescott, could you help me out with teamviewer ?13:26
yzhdjust buring the dvd13:26
sacarlsonw83: from what I can see it depends on libgtk-2  and onric only goes down to libgtk-3 so have to backup version of ubuntu to run13:26
escottyzhd, you might want to see if there is a LUG in your area. they will have install fests and will most likely be more than happy to help you setup a backup13:27
w83sacarlson: true - ok I'll stick with 2.6 for time being13:28
=== hsps_ is now known as coderhs
yzhdcan't make the program to burn on my dvd+r.. I guess this is a sign.. getting a new comp in the summer.. better wait for that then -.- :(13:30
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
=== james is now known as Guest38863
fdumplingHello MrBean13:36
MrBeanHello! I'm Bean, what can do for y?13:36
yzhddo you know how to erase a dvd+r cd `?13:37
fdumplingHi all13:37
bhaveshhow do I find on which drive my MBR is installed? (hd0/hd1 etc) for installing BURG13:37
=== companion is now known as Companion
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|znc
compdocbhavesh, gparted should show, but le me check13:39
bhaveshcompdoc: it shows boot flag on my /dev/sda1 so is that hd0?13:40
escottbhavesh, no13:41
escottbhavesh, best policy is to install it on both13:41
fdumplingHello MrBean13:41
MrBeanHello! I'm Bean, what can do for y?13:41
bhaveshescott: right13:41
compdocbhavesh, my boot drive show the boot flag, and the others do not13:41
sacarlsonw83: these guys look to be working on it so maybe just wait for there solution to apear http://askubuntu.com/questions/112142/prioritize-ppa-repos-with-the-same-host  but I see no real solutions13:41
RobertPlummerHey guys, I'm having trouble getting my taskbar buttons set to the left. I installed gnome tweak tool and it has pushed them to the right.  Can i get any pointers?13:41
fdumplingHi MrBean13:42
RobertPlummerSetting things in gconf-editor seem not to work.13:42
Picifdumpling: Please do not test your bot in here.13:42
fdumplingPici, ok, got it13:42
RobertPlummerI've changed /desktop/gnome/shell/windows/button_layout to "close,minimize,maximize:" and I get no dice.13:42
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
w83sacarlson: I guess i'll wait for 12.04 :P13:43
RobertPlummerI'm currently running 12.0413:43
RobertPlummerAnyone? I've been googling for 3 hours, and I feel like I tried just about everything.13:44
bazhangRobertPlummer, #ubuntu+1 for that13:44
escott!precise | RobertPlummer13:44
ubottuRobertPlummer: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+113:44
NetWalkHi there13:45
NetWalkcan i ask a question about CLAMFS ?13:45
bhaveshcompdoc: I just have one hard drive so it must be hd013:45
compdocmust :)13:46
MonkeyDustNetWalk  i'm not familiar with clamFS myself, but ask up and wait if someone knows the answer13:47
NetWalkMonkeyDust:  i'm trying to use it in samba setup and it's not working well,  rights problem as i start clamfs, i really need help13:49
NetWalki have to say that i use clamfs with extended ACL, and the culprint came from there,  lost of writing rights  ;-(13:51
bhaveshWhen I boot into Ubuntu I have a black border to the left of the screen. If I fix it with auto-ok (monitor button) then in Windows I have a black border towards the right side of my screen. How shall I fix it?13:51
NetWalkany sysadmin using clamfs on access scanning with extended acl ??13:52
NetWalkany other channel i can get help for clamfs on IRC ?13:55
helo1Using Ubuntu 10.04 (I have observed the same behavior on a 11.10 install as well), I am unable to mount a samba share as writable via command line. When I mount it using nautilus, it works no problem. What am I doing wrong? I used this command when mounting the share: sudo mount.cifs //nas2/storage /mnt/storage -o guest,rw13:55
XabsterDoes Ubuntu 11.10 have any feature like Windows 7's audio mixer? So that I can turn up volume of the browser and down for the VLC and up for my radio and down for my game all at the same time?13:57
escottXabster, the volume control tools should allow you to do that13:57
compdochelo1, hmmm, after installing samba, did you log out?13:58
sacarlsonXabster: normaly each application has it's own volume control seperate from the full system mixer13:58
Xabstersacarlson, I can't find that controller in "radio tray"13:58
Xabsterescott, I don't see them anywhere13:58
escottXabster, are you running normal ubuntu?13:59
bastidrazorXabster: click the sound icon > sound settings > applications13:59
helo1compdoc: Client or Server? I didn't need to install anything on the client. The server has been rebooted numerous times.13:59
sacarlsonXabster: you might want to install the gnome alsa mixer13:59
Xabsterbastidrazor, I'm running GNOME, does that make a difference?13:59
compdochelo1, what command do you use to mount?14:00
Xabsterescott, I changed some stuff but I'd say it's normal Ubuntu 11.1014:00
Xabstereg. I'm not running Unity14:00
bastidrazorXabster: in 11.10 those steps will work. and in 10.04 as well14:00
escottXabster, so if you are running gnome shell click on the volume icon and click on sound settings. each running app should have its own level control14:00
Xabsterbastidrazor, want a screenshot that shows it's not there in mine? :)14:00
XabsterGod damnit14:01
XabsterI'm a fucking idiot14:01
ola_when is 12.04 live on update?14:01
escottXabster, if the app is not currently playing sound then it wont show there14:01
XabsterI'm sorry, I need to learn to open my eyes14:01
PiciXabster: Please mind your language here.14:01
XabsterYeah, sorry about that14:01
Piciola_: April 26th, if all goes as planned.14:01
bastidrazorXabster: sound preferences in 10.0414:01
ola_thx Pici14:01
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=== Guest76046 is now known as adha
Xabsterless than a month Pici14:01
bhaveshhelo1: I guess its alsamixer but its display looks quite old.14:02
=== plusEVV is now known as plusEV
Dj_FlyBycan a dlna device read from any filesystem type? For example I know it can read from NTFS but could it read from EXT414:02
dabbui had installed MATE,linux mint desktop on ubuntu 11.10, everytime i restart /etc/lsb-release this file changes ...its changes the system release to linux mint..any solution?14:03
helo1compdoc: "sudo mount.cifs // /mnt/storage -o guest,rw"14:03
helo1bjavesh: was that meant for me?14:03
escottDj_FlyBy, whatever your dlna server can read14:03
adhahello ?? anybody here ?14:03
escott!mint | dabbu14:03
ubottudabbu: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:03
dabbuescott: i am facing problem on ubuntu 11.1014:04
Frazhow can i change the number of workspaces in 11.10?14:04
Frazi want to have 6 or maybe 814:04
Dj_FlyByescott: well the dlna server (mediatomb) can read from any partition, just wasn't sure if the dlna device (my dvd player) would be able to see those shares14:04
NetWalkany sysadmin using clamfs on access scanning with extended acl ??14:05
nibbler__Fraz, right clicking the workspace-selector applet does not give you preferences?14:05
Fraznibbler, no14:06
escottdabbu, yes because you are using mint packages. complain to them14:06
auronandacedabbu: mate and cinnamon are not currently supported on ubuntu14:06
escottDj_FlyBy, the dvd player doesn't read the data directly off the drive it requests it from the dlna server so i shouldn't matter14:07
=== Shinkamu1 is now known as shinkamui
Dj_FlyByescott: sweet. that's what I was hoping for14:07
fernandocuevaI want to know why ubuntu 10.04 has flaws on the taskbar menu14:09
helo1What is the correct cli command to mount a samba share as writable?14:09
fernandocuevawhen I restart sometimes my username is overlapping the shutdown button and I have to readjust shape of the taskbar to see it14:09
fernandocuevahow to solve that bug14:10
merniliogreetings fellow ubuntitarians!14:12
mernilioor, hello! :-)14:12
f3ck4rhi ppl D;14:13
escotthelo1, samba are you/do you need to specify the uid/gid parameters14:13
mernilioThe fist of death! Thats my middle name!14:14
fernandocuevathat's a long middle name14:14
compdochelo1, try it this way:     sudo mount -t cifs // -o username=user,password=pass /mnt/storage14:14
merniliofernandocueva: maybe so.. ;-)14:14
helo1fernandocueva: I have the same issue and cannot find a solution. My workaround which usually fixes it for the session is to right click it and go to properties. Then switch the orientation to left or right, and then back to top. It reloads correctly after that.14:15
helo1escott: How do I find those parameters?14:15
compdochelo1, and make sure /mnt/storage has permissions14:15
helo1compdoc: Which permissions? The samba share is shared to guest. There is no user/pass.14:15
NetWalkany sysadmin using clamfs on access scanning with extended acl ??14:16
escotthelo1, samba doesnt support unix permissions so you need to specify who will own the files. if its uid=1000 then you need to specify that option14:16
compdochelo1, the directory /mnt/storage on the target system needs to have permissions (where you are mounting it)14:16
=== Guest44167 is now known as Jens
=== Jens is now known as Guest27247
helo1compdoc: /mnt/storage is owned by nobody.nogroup and has 755 permissions. Does it have to be 777 for it to be writable?14:18
sheenzzhey, i cant update my pc to 11.04. why?14:18
f3ck4rsheenzz: how can you can't?!14:18
fidelsheenzz: whats the output if you start the upgrade from cli?14:19
helo1escott: When I mount using nautilus all files I create are owned by nobody.nogroup14:19
fidelor the error-message you get14:19
helo1escott: I want to achieve the same with a cli command so I can script the mount process14:19
escotthelo1, so set the uid to nobody14:19
sheenzzi just a error message14:19
fidelsheenzz: and the error is?14:20
ubottucondor_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:20
sheenzzfind a error in a file which i cant remember the file name14:21
gvandeweyerWhat would be the expected read/write speeds on a C5 - R1/R5 for PERC H700, Exactly 2 Primary + 3-4 Additional Drives14:21
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:22
gvandeweyerwith 4 TB near sas 6BGps 15K 2.5'' disks and 2 146Gb SAS 6BBPS 15k 2.5'' ?14:22
helo1compdoc: when I tried setting the /mnt/storage dir to 777 it is now owned by root and will not let me change it14:22
escotthelo1, uid=65534,gid=6553414:22
fidelsheenzz: try to start the process again and report back the error-message14:22
gvandeweyeri'm getting only 10 to 15 Mb/s14:22
fidelits pretty hard to give you hints if you dont provide an error-message in the first place14:22
compdochelo1, how did you change perms? what command?14:23
sheenzzoh o.k one sec14:23
condor_grazie. ciao14:23
Frazis it possible to lock windows in a workspace?14:23
gvandeweyerSo, what would be the read/write speeds to expect from a read5 with four disks?14:23
helo1compdoc: sudo chmod 77714:23
helo1compdoc: sudo chown has no effect or output after the 777 command14:23
MadsRCIs there any other way to connect to a windows share from Ubuntu, than using the "Connect to Server" from Nautilus? Cause using that one allows me to browser and edit the files, but If I want to open one of those files from within a program (like VLC) it won't allow me to browse the share, only the local disk...14:23
escott!cifs | MadsRC14:24
=== zz_gear4 is now known as gear4
escott!samba | MadsRC should have some example fstab entries14:24
ubottuMadsRC should have some example fstab entries: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.14:24
=== ccadmin is now known as linztm
helo1escott: Setting those options seems to have had no effect at all14:25
escotthelo1, you remounted with uid=65534? what does ls -l say on the folder?14:25
compdochelo1, I think youre fighting permissions. why not create a directory in your user's Home directory? Also, using Guest is tricky. Add your username and password to samba, and use that until you get it working. Then, you can play with Guest14:26
gear4Why do I not have sound in my Ubuntu 11.10 ?14:26
helo1escott: link to pastebin?14:27
escott!sound | gear414:27
ubottugear4: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:27
gear4I've had no sound since Ubuntu 11.04, then it just broke14:27
escotthelo1, sure14:27
gear4escott, i done that14:27
gear4in AlsaMixer, I can't change my master volume14:27
escottgear4, is anything muted in alsamixer?14:27
gear4Nothing's muted14:28
w32stuxnethi guys, I just set up apache2, php and mysql on a ubuntu box hosted for me by a friend. I have access to it by IP, and can confirm that apache is running through the browser. However, I really want to get bind9 up and running so that I can point some domains to my virtual hosts.14:28
gear4But the master's colored red14:28
helo1escott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/902211/14:28
w32stuxnetIs there a good tutorial available for anyone in my situation?14:28
gear4And it's stuck on 0014:28
w32stuxnetI am having tons of trouble figuring out how to configure and run bind properly14:28
escotthelo1, so thats nobody:nogroup 755 is that not what you want?14:28
oogabooga_hi, i'm running ubuntu from a liveusb i created using lili14:28
IceGuest_77liveusb thats neat14:29
oogabooga_and the usb is mounted on /cdrom14:29
=== IceGuest_77 is now known as angelica
oogabooga_and i need to copy some things to the usb.14:29
oogabooga_but it says that it's a readonly disk.14:29
=== angelica is now known as angelofunix
peterkleinjeed  help14:29
oogabooga_does anyone know of a workaround?14:29
helo1escott: It is exactly what I want except I can't delete, modify, or create new files in the share.14:29
escotthelo1, are you nobody?14:30
helo1escott: no, I'm danny14:30
f3ck4rw32stuxnet: http://www.howtoforge.com/two_in_one_dns_bind9_views14:30
escott!permissions | helo1 then why would you expect to be able to create files in nobody's folders?14:30
ubottuhelo1 then why would you expect to be able to create files in nobody's folders?: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:30
zykotick9oogabooga_: use a different USB and copy to that (you can't copy to a liveusb most likely, you'd need something with persistance for that)14:30
w32stuxnetf3ck4r thanks!14:30
helo1escott: but the files in the share are to be accessed by 3-10 clients simultaneously with multiple having write access14:31
gear4escott, should I upload a picture of what I mean ?14:31
escotthelo1, you don't want 755. sounds like you want 77714:31
oogabooga_zykotick9: is there absolutely no way to do it?14:31
helo1escott: yes but when I 777 them everything becomes owned by root... Do I want that?14:31
escotthelo1, you need to specify a umask in your mount command as well14:32
nibbler__oogabooga_, some usb devices try to be even usable if in companies thet deploy endpoint security - so they forbit usb sticks. so these usb sticks register as cd-rom, and are not writeable by default. you need some modeswitching (u3 or how is this called) to get access to the real part of the stick, or get a proper stick14:32
escottgear4, more helpful if you could identify the hardware with lshw14:32
zykotick9oogabooga_: well, not that i'm aware of.  perhaps someone else knows?14:32
gear4escott, busy with that now14:33
helo1escott: And what user do I want that to be? nobody?14:33
escotthelo1, it would be umask=77714:33
=== angelofunix is now known as flyleaf
=== flyleaf is now known as sirenia
gear4k, escott, should I pastebin it ?14:33
=== sirenia is now known as noctura
escottgear4, we dont want the whole thing just lshw -C audio14:33
zykotick9escott: umask=777 means no permission (is that what you/OP wants?)14:33
escottzykotick9, thanks. helo1 000 rather14:34
gear4escott, I got nothing14:34
helo1Thanks. Trying14:34
w32stuxnethow do I quit out of a byobu screen?14:34
f3ck4rw32stuxnet: ctrl+a+d14:34
kirklandw32stuxnet: F6 to detach (and keep your programs running)14:34
kirklandw32stuxnet: ctrl-a-k to kill everything14:34
w32stuxnetI'm ssh'd into this using mac terminal, I don't think f6 works for me :/14:35
craigbass1976Ok, I'm obviously stupid...  I'm trying to copy someones files off another hard drive onto my computer.  links are coming too, and referring back to the original drive.  I need that to stop, and thought cp -Hr would do it.  Not so much.  What's the right switch?14:35
zykotick9kirkland: "everything" isn't correct, it will till the selected screen (but it's possible to have more then one, and the others survive)14:35
helo1escott: is there any way to see what nautilus does to mount the share? All this seems so complicated meanwhile it works exactly the way I want with nautilus. Files are all writable and have a mask of 755 and are owned by nobody14:36
nibbler__craigbass1976, cp -x, stays on the initial fs14:36
neo1691hi everyone.. suddenly my wifi has stopped working!! Please help!! wireless network which is my ad-hoc connection shows disconnected in that applet..14:36
gear4escott, I got nothing14:37
MadsRCWhen creating a directory for a smb mount, should the directory be in /dev/ or in /mnt/ ?14:38
f3ck4rMadsRC: can be whatever you want14:39
neo1691Problem solved!! :D14:39
MadsRCJust wondering what best practice is :D14:39
craigbass1976nibbler__, that made a link as well.14:39
f3ck4rMadsRC: then /mnt or /media14:39
MadsRCThanks :D14:40
auronandaceMadsRC: /dev/ contains devices, /mnt/ and /media/ is used for mountpoints14:40
peterkleinneed  help14:41
peterkleinneed  help14:42
escotthelo1, you could just run `mount` after opening in nautilus14:42
auronandacepeterklein: then you also need to explain your problem14:42
=== smellis_ is now known as smellis
zykotick9auronandace: i've been watching all the mount point suggestions rolling by, and have been bitting my toungue.  /mnt is technically only for "temporary" mounts - see "man hier".  Subdirectories under /srv makes more sense for permanent mount points.14:42
peterkleinwhich problem14:42
gear4escott, I got nothing for "lshw -C audio"14:42
escottgear4, use "sound" instead of "audio"14:42
peterkleinwhich problem14:43
KyshtynbaiHi everyone. When I copy files via nautils in gnome 2, when there're 2 files with the same names, nautilus doesn't suggest to rename the file I copy. How do I fix it?14:43
peterkleinneed  help14:44
craigbass1976I'm worried that after I copy this and wipe the original drive, I won't have any files because the link are being copied instead of the actual files.14:44
peterkleinneed  help14:44
f3ck4rgear4: are r user been part of the plugdev group?!14:44
nibbler__craigbass1976, it makes the link maybe, but it does not follow it14:45
gear4f3ck4r, sorry ? >.>14:45
jatthi why are the following filesystems being loaded (ubuntu 11.10)?14:45
jatt[22513.017929] QNX4 filesystem 0.2.3 registered.14:45
jatt[22513.068999] Btrfs loaded14:45
auronandacepeterklein: to get help you need to explain what you need help with14:45
jattI only use ext414:45
gear4I don't understand ..14:45
helo1escott: I guess nautilus does it some other way, which explains why the mount command is giving me so much trouble. There is no entry for the nautilus mounted version when I run the mount command14:45
f3ck4rgear4: you have some problem with your audio/sound right?!14:45
peterkleinauronandace: nobody will help me!!! :(14:45
gear4f3ck4r, yes14:46
monserhello all14:46
escotthelo1, i thought it would appear in gvfs, but it might just be running everything through smbclient14:46
monserhow to check what is my kernel from terminal?14:46
escottjatt, blacklist them if you want14:46
auronandacepeterklein: nobody can read your mind, how can they help if you don't tell them what you need help with14:46
jattescott: how?14:46
zykotick9monser: "uname -a" is one way14:46
peterkleinauronandace: i do not need help i only have a question14:46
zykotick9monser: "uname -r" is correct answer14:47
gear4escott, http://paste.ubuntu.com/902232/14:47
f3ck4rgear4: so, make sure your user are in the plugdev group14:47
helo1escott: there is this entry "gvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/danny/.gvfs type fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=danny)" But it is there both with the share mounted and after ejecting it...14:47
auronandacepeterklein: then why haven't you asked your question?14:47
peterkleinauronandace: oh did i forgot14:47
gear4f3ck4r, nothing is working14:47
gear4Not even root14:48
f3ck4rgear4: and if it is, try to config the audio tho the alsamixer14:48
gear4I can14:48
gear4I can't14:48
gear4f3ck4r, it is14:48
peterkleinwell i will explain something about me and my problem14:48
f3ck4rgear4: id and then u can confirm14:48
gear4f3ck4r, I can't change anything14:48
escottjatt, /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf14:48
peterkleinI am 21-years old . .. i was born in oldenburg its a town in middle germany14:48
peterkleini have got  birth on  ß7.04.198814:49
f3ck4rgear4:  just sudo alsamixer14:49
escottgear4, and you say it was working before?14:49
jattescott: thanks14:49
peterkleinand my name is norwegian name14:49
Picipeterklein: Does your question have anythign to do with Ubuntu?14:49
peterkleinPeter and little14:49
peterkleinPici: yes14:49
gear4f3ck4r, not working ..14:49
Picipeterklein: Please keep it on one-line then.14:49
gear4escott, yes, perfectly14:49
peterkleinPici: sure why do you think my question is not about ubuntu. i am in #ubuntu channel14:50
escottgear4, did you change anything in the meantime, can you identify what might have been updated?14:50
Picipeterklein: Because it doesn't sound like one so far.14:50
f3ck4rgear4: what is the exactly output14:50
peterkleinPici: i have to say about me much that my people do understand me and my thinkings14:50
gear4escott, I changed nothing14:50
gear4f3ck4r, can't change anything14:50
Picipeterklein: Just ask the question.14:51
auronandacepeterklein: no you don't, just state what you need help with14:51
peterkleinOk: i need help with UBUNTU14:51
auronandacepeterklein: you can stop trolling now please14:51
f3ck4rthe output when u try to open the sound settings?!14:51
gear4f3ck4r, can't change anything14:51
_Marcusauronandace: Just ignore the troll14:51
Picipeterklein: You'll need to be more specific than that.14:52
peterkleini found a ubuntu 8.04 cd yesterday14:52
gear4f3ck4r, it opens14:52
gear4f3ck4r, but I can't change the values14:52
monserwhat is the command in the terminal which will reveal what is my kernal version14:52
peterkleinand i installed it. now he told me: there is something to upgrade14:52
gear4f3ck4r, they're all red14:52
craigbass1976mongy, uname -a14:52
peterkleina window came and told me" please upgrade to 11.1014:52
Picimonser: Didn't zykotick9 answer you earlier?14:52
zykotick9Pici: i thought so, but guess no ;)14:52
monserI did not see it14:52
monserdid he?14:52
f3ck4rlspci then14:53
Picimonser: uname -r14:53
MadsRCOkay, this is wierd. When connecting to my NAS with smb share using Nautilus I can only squeeze out 7.8MB/s, but being on a 100mbit, that was acceptable... But now that I've mounted it through fstab instead, and everything is owned by root, I can now transfer with 12MB/s...14:53
peterkleina window came and told me" please upgrade to 11.1014:53
monserok Thank you14:53
peterkleini found a ubuntu 8.04 cd yesterday14:53
peterkleinand i installed it. now he told me: there is something to upgrade14:53
peterkleina window came and told me" please upgrade to 11.1014:53
dellhello everyone14:54
LjLpeterklein: the Desktop version of 8.04 is no longer supported.14:54
_MarcusHello dell14:54
f3ck4rdell: hi14:54
dellhow's the morning so far?14:54
peterkleinLjL nooo?14:54
LjLpeterklein: you should either upgrade, or install a recent version afresh14:54
f3ck4rdell: nice14:54
peterkleinLjL: oh this is shit14:54
_Marcuspeterklein: Language please14:55
mhsypeterklein, it's 4 years old14:55
peterkleinand the newer versions of ubuntu are they free?14:55
_Marcuspeterklein: I don't think any Ubuntu cost14:55
peterkleinok and do they have gnome14:55
w32stuxnetso, if I set up bind on my server, and then set in one of its zone files ns1 to be pointed to
w32stuxnetwill that work?14:55
mhsytechnically yes14:55
f3ck4rw32stuxnet: it is14:55
mhsyyou can install it14:55
peterkleinok and do they have gnome14:56
f3ck4rw32stuxnet: if u need some help lemme know14:56
_Marcuspeterklein: They come with Unity, but you can remove it and install Gnome(I did this on a virtual machine)14:56
peterkleinok but i need the old gnome 214:56
mhsyit comes with unity by default, but you can install gnome-shell and/or gnome-panel14:56
f3ck4rpeterklein: then install14:56
kuwrefempeterklein:  or you can install 10.04 which comes with gnome 2.3x by default14:56
Squall5668!notunity | peterklein14:56
ubottupeterklein: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:56
peterkleinwhy not 11.10 with gnome 2???14:56
auronandace!gnome2 | peterklein14:57
ubottupeterklein: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.14:57
dell10.04 will not be maintained much longer though will it14:57
_Marcuspeterklein: Because they removed it and added Unity14:57
peterkleinoh shit they stopped gnome2 ???14:57
f3ck4rpeterklein: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG!+Ubuntu!%2914:57
zykotick9dell: another year for desktop14:57
_Marcus!language | peterklein14:57
ubottupeterklein: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:57
w32stuxnetthanks f3ck4r14:57
f3ck4reven 12.04 BETA 2 can use gnome 214:57
delloh I thought they dropped the lts support when the new one released sorry14:57
_Marcusf3ck4r: That's for 12.04, I think he wants 11.1014:57
helo1escott: could I use smbclient?14:58
f3ck4rdoesn't matter the version will work on all version14:58
zykotick9f3ck4r: 12.04 has gnome2?  i dont' think so14:58
mhsyfallback mode for gnome3 is gnome214:58
gear4escott, still waiting ..14:58
f3ck4rzykotick9: im using right now14:58
mhsyyou can select it in lightdm14:58
zykotick9f3ck4r: fallback != gnome214:58
mhsylooks the same14:59
peterkleini saw ubuntu 11.10 uses unity14:59
f3ck4rzykotick9: fallback is full of bugs this one is more polite14:59
mhsypeterklein, are you looking for anything in particular or just the interface?14:59
ratcheermhsy: It looks like Gnome2, but it is actually a shell of Gnome314:59
dellI'm glad I don't use gnome14:59
waxstonesmells a troll14:59
zykotick9ratcheer: ahhh, thank you.14:59
dellwaxstone: where?14:59
peterkleinwhich ubuntu uses unity14:59
escottgear4, its hard to say when you haven't been able to tell us anything useful14:59
_Marcuspeterklein: You must be hard at hearing. So let's try this in a way you can understand. YOU CAN SWITCH TO GNOME14:59
gear4escott, what can I say ..14:59
auronandace!unity | peterklein14:59
ubottupeterklein: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity14:59
escottgear4, check dmesg14:59
f3ck4runity is crappy15:00
gear4My /dev/audio and /dev/dsp etc.etc. are all missing15:00
f3ck4ri don't like it15:00
peterkleinunity is crappy15:00
peterkleinyou are right15:00
peterkleinunity is shit15:00
dellf3ck4r: so switch to something else15:00
f3ck4rbut u know u can dling and use whatever wm u want it15:00
waxstone!ops| peterklein15:00
ubottupeterklein: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!15:00
auronandacelets all grow up and stop name-calling and acknowledge that there are alternatives15:00
f3ck4rdell: yeah i do it already15:00
jpdspeterklein: No.15:00
peterkleinjpds: what no15:01
dellkick 1 of the day15:01
gear4escott, would this work: dmesg | grep audio15:01
felipe_araujoanyone here know the server of linux from scratch?15:02
=== qbert is now known as qubit[0|1]
auronandace!alis | felipe_araujo15:02
ubottufelipe_araujo: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:02
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|znc
_Marcusfelipe_araujo: Try their website15:03
dellfelipe_araujo: google would be your friend use it15:03
escotthelo1, using the wrong mount options evidently "mount -t cifs -o guest,uid=65534,gid=65534,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777 //buffalo/Shared /media/test/"15:03
felipe_araujothx all15:03
_Marcusdell: Everything asked here can be found on Google if you search hard enough :P15:03
gear4escott, would this work: dmesg | grep audio15:04
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
anti_theoconanyone here tried to install teamspeak client on latest ubuntu?15:04
dell_Marcus: he was asking about something non related to Ubuntu thats why I said that15:04
escottgear4, i don't know. have you tried it? does it tell you anything useful?15:04
gear4escott, i tried it, nothing came out15:04
_Marcusdell: Ah15:04
anti_theoconit crashes upon connect15:04
zykotick9anti_theocon: what version is "latest ubuntu" for you?15:04
dellI have to admit I am actually liking Ubuntu with fluxbox :-)15:05
anti_theoconi can't remember but i just downl;oaded the latest stable release last week15:05
eLiamhi, I'm trying to forward all incoming packets on port 25 to an internal mail host using DNAT with no luck.  Can anyone help me? (http://paste.ubuntu.com/902273/)15:05
f3ck4rdell: =p15:05
zykotick9anti_theocon: ok, just checking you wheren't talking about the beta15:05
anti_theoconthe client is in the repositories and it installs nice, but crashes when connecting to a server15:05
zykotick9anti_theocon: fyi "lsb_release -a" in a terminal will show you what version you have15:05
dellalthough the newest kernel dropped the module for my audio15:05
=== dan3son is now known as danielson2
dellgonna have to recompile it and add the module back to it15:06
hujiafujust passing through15:06
helo1escott: In the command you just sent, can you explain what the uid gid file_mode dir_mode actually set? Are they settings for the creation of new files? or the user spoofed when reading? I am a little confused by all that.15:06
f3ck4rhard work ;>15:06
=== hari_ is now known as harikt
CharminTheMooseAre ubuntu remixes that change configuration files/ add/remove packages from official ubuntu repos supported here?15:07
i7cwhat skype alternatives for ubuntu can be recommended?15:07
yzhdhHi guys. I just booted ubuntu 11.10 from live cd. I'm in ubuntu right now. I want to install it, when I click on the icon on the home screen  @install ubuntu 11.10@ nothing happens15:07
yzhdhany idea _15:07
escotthelo1, samba (without extensions) doesn't support unix permissions. so you have to tell it what permissions to set. here we are setting the owning user/group, and specifying a permission set for files and directories15:07
escotti7c, there are a number of sip phone clients. gnome-meeting is one15:08
=== nothing is now known as Guest46946
zykotick9i7c: the !skype factoid suggest ekiga (i wouldn't call it an alternative however)15:08
dellwhat's the deal with tis near-by thing in my empathy?15:09
dabbuhow to check if the connected wifi has internet access?15:09
yzhdhanyone _15:09
helo1escott: So those are permissions for newly created files then? Also, using the new command you sent me produces the same issue. Read only.15:09
=== zz_Eledran is now known as Eledran
i7cescott, zykotick9: mhm okay, i'll have a look. i'm looking only for video calls. calls to landlines etc is not necessary for me.15:09
ratcheerdabbu: Disconnect your ethernet connection, then see if you still have access.15:10
escotthelo1, those are permissions for all files in the share. if you are connecting to a samba server that has unix permission extensions apparently you can try using noperm15:10
zykotick9CharminTheMoose: only official ubuntu releases are supported in #ubuntu (ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu)15:11
gear4escott, can I try: [ ! -f './purgeconfig.sh' ] && wget http://purgeconfig.sf.net/ purgeconfig.sh && sudo bash15:11
gear4./purgeconfig.sh alsa=base alsa-utils linux-sound-base libasound215:11
MonkeyDustdabbu  ping to some website to find out15:11
gear4Sry, my client newlines ..15:11
escottgear4, i dont know what that does/can't advise you on that15:11
gear4It re-installs ALSA15:12
gear4Safely *15:12
helo1escott: The server is Ubuntu running samba out of the box with minimal changes to the .conf. Does that support extensions?15:12
escotthelo1, don't know15:12
gear4escott, It re-installs ALSA15:12
gear4escott, Safely *15:12
gear4.. nevermind15:14
helo1escott: thanks for all your help... Still stuck :(15:14
=== gear4 is now known as zz_gear4
LifeMaskhey guys15:17
shammancerHello everyone. Is there a way to combine separate partitions. While I installed Ubuntu on my computer I made a separate boot partition and now it is running out of space. Is there a way to recombine it with the main partition?15:18
LifeMaskhey shammancer15:19
LifeMaskhow's it going15:19
coderhshow about u make a logical volume using those two physical volume15:19
bastidrazorshammancer: you could uninstall unused/old kernels15:19
monserboot partition should be around 200mb15:19
Newb10101Hey guys this might be a newb question, but I've searched forums and tried many different things. I put a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 on a win 7 computer and it installed correctly. I could NOT get anything beyond 640x480 resolution. I tried installing additional drivers for my Nvidia gt430 GPU and the Nvidia X server application didn't do me any good. Now I go to boot into Ubuntu this morning, and it won't even boot. It gives me15:20
shammancerHow can I tell which one is unused?15:20
coderhsshammancer: u could use, gparted but i am not sure if the files will be lost or note15:20
bastidrazorshammancer: normally, you're using the highest version so anything below that is old/unused15:20
Lunar_LampNewb10101: your message was cut off after "It gives me"15:20
monserboot partition contains very few files15:20
monserthis is what i think15:20
Newb10101it gives me a bout 3 lines of text15:20
bastidrazorshammancer: do you use synaptic or apt-get for package management?15:21
monseryou can use gparted to resize the boot partition15:21
monserand add the unused space to your root or home partition15:21
Newb1010113.9222396\ ieee80211 phy): wl_ops_bss_info_changed: arp filtering: enabled true, count 1 (implement)15:22
roastedQuestion - is there a way to get my programs to list a-z in the unity menu?15:22
shammancerI did make a buffer for the boot directory15:22
dellI think I am going to install the new Ubuntu when the release is out and keep it till the next lts15:22
Dj_FlyByIve changed the power settings so that the PC stops turning the monitor off and going into sleep mode, but it is still happening regardless. Is there something I am missing here?15:22
bastidrazorshammancer: apt-get autoremove remove linux-image-*then hit tab to autocomplete but pick the lower version numbers. you can use 'uname -r' to determine your current kernel15:22
ratcheerdell: I wish I could do that.15:22
dellratcheer: why could you not?15:23
ratcheerdell: Willpower. I like the bleeding edge.15:23
ignerioushey anyone knows how to establish a network connection in opensuse15:24
_Marcusignerious: OpenSUSE?15:24
dellratcheer: if you like bleeding edge you should go with a rolling release15:24
_Marcusignerious: This is Ubuntu support15:24
mkultra_should be "ifconfig" in terminal15:24
mkultra_ifconfigs a rather generic command15:25
igneriouswhere did i get information about this15:25
mkultra_man ifconfig for the manual15:25
ratcheerdell: I just gave up on my test installations of Arch and Sabayon. Too much trouble to keep up.15:25
_Marcusignerious: Try OpenSUSE's IRC room15:25
ratcheerI had been using Arch for 6 months...15:25
mkultra_alt + f2 = terminal alt + f7 or f8 is your os15:25
dellratcheer: I run arch on my other desktop and laptop15:25
ratcheerdell: I liked Arch, but it was like pulling teeth.15:26
_Marcusignerious: On Freenode it's #SUSE15:26
dellratcheer: nah, just have to stay on top of it15:26
_Marcusignerious: On irc.opensuse.org it's #openSUSE15:26
Newb10101Lunar_lamp did you read what I typed?15:26
shepersonis it OK if I use the same /home partition for different Linux distros? (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.)15:26
dellratcheer: cost of being on the edge15:26
Dj_FlyByIve changed the power settings so that the PC stops turning the monitor off and going into sleep mode, but it is still happening regardless. Is there something I am missing here?15:27
zykotick9sheperson: you could try - expect issues15:27
dellsheperson: you should be fine15:27
shepersonzykotick9, what kind of issues?15:27
zykotick9sheperson: i couldn't say (it's not a good idea)15:27
mkultra_config files are stored in home15:27
ratcheerdell: Ubuntu is a happy medium.15:27
mkultra_just make another user15:27
mkultra_name your user ted instead of ned in fedora15:27
Lunar_LampNewb10101: you sent a single line of text, about arp filtering, which is not likely to be realted to any issues. Does the system just freeze there, or reboot etc?15:27
shammancerAwesome I removed the ones I did not need thanks guys15:27
dellratcheer: yeah it just has the best support15:28
shepersonmkultra_, nice idea!15:28
mkultra_yeah that will clear up issues15:28
mkultra_you should be able to share a vsftpd on both os's too15:28
thweston 10.04, how do i upgrade to python 2.7? I did apt-get update, but install doesnt want to upgrade it15:28
shepersonmkultra_, are you talking to me?15:29
Lunar_LampNewb10101: you might want to try booting with an older kernel, in case the current one is causing issues. http://askubuntu.com/questions/82140/how-can-i-boot-ubuntu-11-10-with-an-old-kernel-version (scroll down for an explanation of how to do this while it's booting)15:29
shepersonwhy I should I share a vsftpd?15:29
Newb10101Lunar_lamp that was an example of one of the lines it gives. here I took a picture. http://imgur.com/M7LfM              It just freezes right there, I have to power it down afterwords15:29
shepersonmkultra_,  why I should I share a vsftpd?15:30
zykotick9sheperson: i'd suggest you be very carefull with info from anyone recommending FTP anything.  FTP SHOULD DIE.15:30
mkultra_make the node a network share?15:30
mkultra_using ftp instead of sshfs15:30
karzansome times my mouse stop working so i have to restart to fix it15:30
mkultra_or nfs15:30
shepersonmkultra_, I got it15:30
yzhdhi guys15:31
zykotick9"ftp instead of sshfs" oh my.15:31
yzhdanyone here that can help me with ubuntu installation _15:31
mkultra_install from a flash drive15:31
karzanyzhd, JUst ASk15:31
mkultra_expect for things to get wiped15:32
karzansome times my mouse stop working so i have to restart to fix it, any help?15:32
etzerdhello all15:32
yzhdI\m on a windows vista. I shirnked my hard drive. I now have 44 gb of unnalocated space. I want to install ubuntu on that space. I have inserted the live cd, and when I\m in the installation screen what do I do+_15:33
dellhello etzerd15:33
etzerdwhat is ubuntu  2D?15:33
yzhdI selected the 3rd option.. but it didn\\t work15:33
ctjctjI'm  working with 12.04.  In the Network Manager menu the "connect to vpn" menu option has gone away.  Where do I find documentation/help on getting this back.15:33
zykotick9ctjctj: reask in #ubuntu+115:33
ctjctjThanks zykotick915:33
delletzerd: it just dosn't have the effects, like shadows, and such15:33
etzerdok thanks15:34
zykotick9etzerd: and it's Unity2D not Ubuntu2D ;)15:34
etzerdlol.. thanks15:34
dellzykotick9: in the login it does say Ubuntu 2d15:34
waxstoneyzhd, select install alongside othe ros option15:34
zykotick9dell: really, oh.  etzerd my bad! sorry.15:35
etzerdis it safe to install the new version 12.04?15:35
yzhdwhen I got an error when I did that _15:35
waxstone!12.04 | etzerd15:35
ubottuetzerd: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+115:35
yzhdI will try it again15:36
Shinobi_is there a way to run scripts when a file is created, modified, deleted, etc..15:36
It_2927so 12.04 is still in beta testing?15:36
yzhdim in ubuntu live cd try ubuntu thing15:36
zykotick9It_2927: yes15:36
waxstoneyzhd, yes install form live cd15:36
It_2927when do you think it will come public?15:36
It_2927few months?15:37
MonkeyDustIt_2927  April 2615:37
ratcheerend of april15:37
It_2927im on 11.1015:37
MonkeyDustIt_2927  04 = the 4th month, april15:37
dellIt_2927: #ubuntu+1 can give you all the info on the new release15:38
yzhdI get ERROR, unable to satisfy all contraints on the partition15:38
dellIt_2927: np15:38
hubertus_Shinobi: take a look at iwatch15:39
PeaceMakerIs it possible to backup the system disk of a live system?15:39
It_2927I use xfce and have modified the system alot so i'll probably be waiting till the official release of 12.0415:39
rodhashGuys... How can I mount the VGs / FS located in other partition? I have a dual boot with ubuntu and red hat... any idea pls?15:40
It_2927can you be a little more specific15:40
wylde!info incron | Shinobi_15:40
ubottuShinobi_: incron (source: incron): cron-like daemon which handles filesystem events. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5.9-5 (oneiric), package size 109 kB, installed size 368 kB15:40
helo1If I have ssh access to an Ubuntu server flavor, is there a way to install a gui and launch it remotely (vnc?)?15:40
zykotick9rodhash: what is VGs?15:40
PeaceMakerOr any other operating systems offer this feature, snapshot backup of live system ?15:40
rodhashVG == Volume Group15:40
It_2927helo1 yes15:41
zykotick9rodhash: ahhh LVM - something i know nothing about ;)  sorry to bother ya.15:41
tomvolekhi, a newbie , how can i find my dns server ?   ifconfig doesnt show it15:41
MonkeyDusthelo1  I'm on a remote debian pc as we speak, controlled with ubuntu15:41
It_2927but you will need to get the software15:41
It_2927to connect15:41
It_2927and set it up15:41
It_2927but im pretty sure its possible by way of vnc15:41
yzhddevice for boot loader installation, which one shall I select_15:41
zykotick9!enter | It_292715:41
ubottuIt_2927: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:41
MonkeyDusthelo1  ssh to the remote pc and type apt-get install whatever-the-debian-gui-is-named15:42
yzhddev sda dev sda1 dv sd2 _15:42
It_2927Okay, i will remember that in the future, ubottu.15:42
Shinobi_hubertus: tx15:42
PeaceMakerhelo1, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:42
yzhdanyone __15:42
helo1After installing a GUI with apt-get, how can I launch a remote session to it?15:43
Shinobi_wylde: Ubottu: I looked into incron, but from what I understand, it cannot monitor a directory structure, just a directory. Is this correct?15:43
It_2927or -  sudo bash then apt-get install (program)15:43
zykotick9It_2927: "sudo bash" is a terrible suggestion - just sayin'15:43
mbeierltomaw, cat /etc/resolv.conf15:43
MonkeyDusthelo1  type with gnome-panel and nautilus15:43
MonkeyDusthelo1  with gnome-panel and nautilus15:43
It_2927It sets you as root via. terminal15:43
XeliHey, I've added an ftp share via nautilus, where is this share mounted on my filesystem? if it is at all15:44
MonkeyDustXeli  type mount to find out15:44
PeaceMakerhelo1, an easy way is to use freenx15:44
zykotick9Xeli: you probably won't find it :(  good luck.15:44
wyldeShinobi_: with the proper settings it can, I believe. It may require Inotify as well.15:44
sheenzzhey i tryed to updated my pc and a error came up saying memory something something15:44
It_2927In my mind, thats incredibly useful due to the fact you dont have to keep typing sudo and your password alot of times...15:44
XeliMonkeyDust: ah good one, thanks15:45
zykotick9It_2927: you are wrong.  "sudo -i" if you REALLY need a root terminal15:45
PeaceMakeror reboot then start vnc server.15:45
Xelizykotick9: its on ~/.gvfs :)15:45
hubertus_Xeli: should be in ~/.gvfs15:45
zykotick9Xeli: ahh, gvfs wasn't installed be default for a while - i missed it greatly15:45
PeaceMakerIs it possible to backup the system disk of a live system?  Or any other operating systems offer this feature, snapshot backup of a live system?15:45
It_2927lmao it does the exact same thing15:45
zykotick9It_2927: you are wrong.15:46
zykotick9!wfm > It_292715:46
ubottuIt_2927, please see my private message15:46
Dj_FlyByIve changed the power settings so that the PC stops turning the monitor off and going into sleep mode, but it is still happening regardless. Is there something I am missing here?15:48
yzhdguys, is swap recommened _15:49
bastidrazorDj_FlyBy: there are two places you have to set that. oddly enough. power settings and.. let me find it15:49
ruud_Ik heb al een paar dagen dat het netwerk slecht is bij jullie, kan dat want ik heb 82% bereik15:49
zykotick9bastidrazor: and screensaver i believe?15:49
MonkeyDustruud_  verkeerd kannal, type /j #ubuntu-nl15:50
bastidrazorwait.. i'm on 12.04 and the menus have chagned a bit. :|15:50
It_2927what do they look like bastidrazor?15:50
roastedQuestion - is there a way to get my programs to list a-z in the unity menu?15:51
bastidrazorDj_FlyBy: mine shows under Brightness and Lock in 12.04.. its something similiar in 11.1015:51
XabsterDoes IDEA have a Gui builder for swing?15:51
MonkeyDustXabster  what's IDEA exactly?15:52
MonkeyDustand swing?15:52
Xabsterwrong channel, sorry15:52
hubertus_Xabster: yes it has15:53
bastidrazorlinuxnewb: equal what RAM you have.15:53
linuxnewbhow much swap should i have15:53
zykotick9linuxnewb: a little more then RAM if you want to use hibernate15:54
linuxnewbI have 3gb ram15:54
linuxnewbwould 5 gb swap be to much15:54
hubertus_once it was said to use double the ram size for swap iirc15:55
linuxnewbso i need 6 gb swap15:55
zykotick9hubertus_: that's a bit of an old rule at this point15:56
hubertus_but i believe it was before we had gigs of ram - but anyway more than ram for hibernate15:56
linuxnewbhow much would you recommend15:57
linuxnewbi have 3 gb ram15:57
linuxnewbwould 5 gb ram swap be ok15:57
NewWorldlinuxnewb:  Maybe you should have no swap since you have so much RAM.15:57
zykotick9linuxnewb: we can't really say for sure (depends what you are doing).  but most likely yes.15:57
zykotick9NewWorld: no swap is a BAD idea - makes your system slower15:58
linuxnewbIm going to compile cm7 build android roms15:58
linuxnewb3 gb swap would be enough15:58
NewWorldzykotick9:  How's that? I have had no swap and only 2GB of RAM for 2 years now. What's the point of swap if the RAM never goes over capacity?15:58
linuxnewbfine... Im going for 2gb swap15:59
linuxnewbthanks guys15:59
MonkeyDustme too, i've disabled swap15:59
=== puneetgoyal_ is now known as puneetgoyal
linuxnewbdoes swap make the pc slower _15:59
sipiorNewWorld: holding memory reservations that are unallocated.15:59
zykotick9linuxnewb: no, faster.15:59
linuxnewbdo you think 2 gb is enough15:59
TorbenBetaIs there a command which shows the cpu usage of a program like system monitor?16:00
bastidrazorlinuxnewb: do 5gb and be done with it. you're going in circles16:00
NewWorldsipior:  What reserves unallocated memory? My RAM rarely goes above 1GB used16:00
helo1TorbenBeta: top16:00
MonkeyDustTorbenBeta  or htop16:00
zykotick9TorbenBeta: "top" by default.  "htop" is an improved version16:00
helo1What does htop add to top16:01
TorbenBetazykotick9, should I install htop? Is it much better than top?16:01
NewWorldTorbenBeta:  yes much much better16:01
zykotick9TorbenBeta: htop is IMO much better yes16:01
a-sainthello guys is blackbuntu supported on this channel16:01
MonkeyDust"Htop is an ncursed-based process viewer similar to top, but it allows one to scroll the list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and their full command lines."16:02
sipiorNewWorld: most applications reserve more memory than they eventually require. the swap is not used, in the sense that data is written to disk. it is used to move empty reservations out of memory so that they do not interfere with other applications.16:02
Dr_willisa-saint,  no.16:02
zykotick9a-saint: no, only official releases16:02
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NewWorldhmm interesting, I'll read up on that16:03
helo1JUst installed htop16:04
swexhi there! question if I have 2 modules both supports the same WIFI usb dongle, how to choose which one will handle this device?16:05
helo1Amazing. Wish I found it sooner16:05
hiptobecubicIn 10.04 11.04 or 11.10 or 12.04 both kubuntu and ubuntu:  After choosing a language during install, the keyboard stops working. It works to choose the language and then stops.16:05
FalconCan anyone help with No sound issue.pc connected with HDMI. XBMCbuntu 11? can provide more details if you need reg my HW.16:06
hiptobecubicIt's a usb keyboard.16:06
moodboomhey all - anyone boot up ubuntu on a macbook pro?  trying to set up my hybrid MBR and it's killing me :P16:06
Dr_willisFalcon,  many hdmi audio outs dont have supported drivers. id suggest checking the askubuntu.com site for your specific hardeare.. and we really dont support xbmcubuntu here.16:07
swexhiptobecubic, try some of this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions16:07
hiptobecubicswex, thanks.16:07
Falconthanks Dr_willis got no help over at #XBMC either. will try elsewhere.16:09
hiptobecubicswex, which part of 'some' :)16:09
lotuspsychjeis there a website about LAMP security?16:09
zhxkhello, how to set locale LC_ALL=C?16:09
moodboomI'm using rEFInd, a fork of rEFIt.  i really don't understand why refind shows only mac os on the boot screen.  i'm only seeing Mac OS but i have ubuntu and windows partitions too16:10
zhxkhello, how to set locale on cli, let LC_ALL=C?16:10
liangwho knows, where g_hash_table_lookup locates?16:12
lotuspsychjeis a LAMP server protected against sqlinjection?16:12
hiptobecubicOk, apparently the keyboard is PS/2, not usb16:12
specieslotuspsychje: sql injections are something for the programmer to worry about16:12
=== PatrickC_Away is now known as PatrickC
lotuspsychjespecies: the user installing a server cannot worry about security?16:13
specieslotuspsychje: they can, but not in the case of sql injections16:13
speciesthose are not a flaw in the server, they are a flaw in the code you write16:13
speciesthe SQL interpreter cannot distinguish between injected code and intended code16:14
hiptobecubicThe keyboard works at only the first page, when choosing a language. Then it stops16:14
fartofagonywhat texte editor is good to save text in asm format?16:14
lotuspsychjespecies: ah, so even if you protect yourself, a flaw could be injected?16:14
specieslotuspsychje: read this, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_injection#Technical_Implementations16:14
lotuspsychjespecies: tnx lemme read16:14
specieslotuspsychje: you need to understand how it works because you seem to have misconceptions16:15
hiptobecubicOk, i'm getting more information over the phone....16:15
speciesits not like a buffer overflow attack where the server itself is at fault16:15
Vinnohow do you list a directory in terminal??16:15
hiptobecubicVinno, ls16:15
a-saintDr_willis zykotick9 I see because joining blackbuntu channel had only me and another user i thought ubuntu might be the channel support16:15
Zaitzevhow can i logout of ubuntu using terminal, via ssh? system has froze, AGAIN.16:16
zykotick9a-saint: perhaps there isn't much in the way of support for blackbuntu?  wouldn't surprise me - level of support should be one factor in your choice of distros.16:16
hiptobecubicZaitzev, "sudo shutdown -R now"16:16
Zaitzevit's getting ridiculous16:16
Zaitzevi dont want to shut down though.16:17
hiptobecubicAPPARENTLY, after choosing a language it drops to tty, leaves a blinking cursor in the upper left and is totally unresponsive16:17
terry420can any one can help me install ubuntu 10.04lts on lifebook LH531 ?16:17
hiptobecubicZaitzev, if i recall, perhaps... "sudo /etc/rc.inti/gdm stop"16:17
moodboomis anybody even using a macbook?16:17
a-saintzykotick9, right now am on ubuntu is there any pentesting tool package that is similar for blackbuntu I might install or any ubuntu supported pentesting release16:18
fartofagonywhat texte editor is good to save text in asm format?16:18
zykotick9a-saint: sorry, i have no idea.  not my area of expertise ;)16:18
fartofagonynotepad++ is very good in windows, anyone know what is very good in linux?16:18
Aciidfartofagony: sublime text 216:18
Zaitzevkinda difficult to do anything via ssh on my iphone lol16:19
lotuspsychjespecies: interesting, but would a LAMP server be safe or not to use?16:19
a-saintZaitzev, you should get n90016:19
fartofagonyAciid: thanks. have to researsch just to make sure its not some random guy trolling16:19
specieslotuspsychje: SQL injections are a fundamental weakness of string based query systems and it is impossible to secure a server against them.16:20
Aciidfartofagony: http://www.sublimetext.com/16:20
Xabsterspecies, it is?16:20
Aciidthis editor is serious biz16:20
Zaitzevwhat i should get is a linux distro that isn't causing constant problems every single day.16:20
bastidrazorhiptobecubic: since 10.04 'service' is in use. sudo service gdm stop  for example16:20
speciesthe server only ever recieves a string, it doesnt know which parts are OK and which are injected.16:20
iceman84xhi all16:20
lotuspsychjespecies: lets say you iptable secure a server it still possible to inject?16:21
specieslotuspsychje: yes16:21
XabsterInject is a bad term here16:21
Xabsteryou're not injecting into anything16:21
Xabsteryou're just running a query16:21
speciesif you write a dodgy query string that is vulnerable to injections, the server has no way of knowing16:21
GlaceeUse Mongodb instead :016:21
lotuspsychjespecies: no wonder the whole world is getting hacked on injections16:21
specieslotuspsychje: yep16:22
XabsterI don't understand your problems lotuspsychje/species16:22
hubertus_lotuspsychje: GreenSQL could be something to look at16:22
lotuspsychjespecies: any sql package without flaw codes in it?16:22
XabsterYou can just escape your input...? isn't that enough?16:22
speciesXabster: he is asking how to secure a LAMP server against injections and im trying to tell him he needs to secure his own code16:22
Xabsterright, yeah, securing the server doesn't make much sense16:23
speciesbut he keeps coming back to the server itself with more questions16:23
speciesits like trying to secure your door against the wrong person turning the key16:23
lotuspsychjeok ok i got it16:23
bastidrazorgreat analogy.16:23
specieslotuspsychje: a good practice is to wrap all your queries in a function that takes the paramaters and forms a query string internally, preferably using an API designed for that purpose16:25
speciesnever write a query string directly16:25
a-saintsomeone knows a penetration testing distro supported by ubuntu16:26
speciesbut this is going beyond the scope of this channel now16:26
lotuspsychjespecies: isnt there like a package to protect the code?16:26
specieslotuspsychje: an SQL injection isnt done by modifying your code, its done by putting things into data that the user can enter16:26
specieslotuspsychje: a classic example is a login form16:26
speciesuse the username of whoever you want to hack and set the password to an injection string such as those shown on the wiki page16:27
madurax86hello is net_prio cgroup support is in ubuntu?16:27
ZaitzevI've learned one thing, and that is that if a program, for example XBMC, or Minecraft (Java), freezes up, it freezes completely. Killing the process does not help at all, I have to restart the PC.16:28
UnluckyUser324Got a HUGE problem. Power supply went down and now when i boot up i get "init not found" and nothing happens. Iwe changed the powersupply, systems works. But how do i fix my hd ?16:28
hiptobecubicZaitzev, depends on why it's freezing. I can't say I've had that problem.16:28
speciesyou need to kill it properly using top16:28
speciesjust closing the window doesnt always kill it, especially if its hung16:29
Zaitzevhiptobecubic: I have absolutely no idea what's happening. It's random, happens regardless of whether I'm interacting at the moment, or doing nothing.16:29
madurax86Zaitzev: if the whole system freezes and doesnt respond to alt+b+sysrq(prnt scr) then u have a hardware problem16:29
escottZaitzev, you could xkill it and disconnect it from the X server16:30
Zaitzevmadurax86: I can SSH in and stuff. Like I did just moments ago asking about logging out via ssh.16:30
ZaitzevWhich of course didn't work at all.16:30
Zaitzevescott: What, xkill?16:30
MonkeyDustZaitzev  with xkill the mousepointer turns into a process killing pointer16:31
madurax86Zaitzev: then its a minor problem of software, your kernel is up and a good amount of ubuntu is running, only the screen has frozen;might be due to drivers for xorg or xorg itself..may be you are better off with a fresh install16:31
Zaitzevmadurax86: this IS a fresh install, just days old.16:31
madurax86Zaitzev: is this 12.04? :P its still on testing16:32
escottZaitzev, it doesn't directly do anything to kill the process, just severs the connection to the X server. most programs are unable to handle that and segfault shortly thereafter16:32
Zaitzevmadurax86: No it's 11.1016:32
lotuspsychjespecies: ok mate tnx for info16:32
Zaitzevescott: sounds dangerous >:)16:32
madurax86Zaitzev: I see, how often and when does it freeze, how can you reproduce a freeze?16:33
Zaitzevmadurax86: Can't really reproduce. It happens randomly, and it happens whether I'm interacting at the moment (moving the mouse, clicking mouse or keyboard), or simply looking at the program.16:33
escottUnluckyUser324, you might need to boot a livecd and run fsck on the filesystems16:34
madurax86Zaitzev: is this a notebook?16:34
Zaitzevno, desktop16:34
UnluckyUser324escott: Will a permenent hd do ? Im running lastest ubuntu on it. Could just pop in the bad hd and run any tools from my new hd16:35
madurax86Zaitzev: can you post the dmesg after a freeze?16:35
souzaHello folks.16:35
UnluckyUser324escott: And thx so much for answering, it means the worold16:35
=== kwehfkwjer is now known as samuel
escottUnluckyUser324, your could try, you would have to switch your boot devices in the bios16:35
Zaitzevmadurax86: since the freeze happened just moments ago, can I somehow find out where in dmesg that happened?16:35
UnluckyUser324escott: Sure np. ubuntu have a disctool as well, might just try that as well. got the commands you mentioned under control16:36
escott!sysrq | Zaitzev (don't know if you have been sent this)16:36
ubottuZaitzev (don't know if you have been sent this): In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key16:36
souzai'm having a problem in ubuntu i cannot download some packages, it prints a stack with several problems like this >> " Err http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main libxslt1.1 amd64 1.1.26-8ubuntu1   Temporary failure resolving 'br.archive.ubuntu.com'"16:36
Zaitzevescott: I'm getting really tired of rebooting the system every time something freezes. I've rebooted 4 times today alone.16:37
madurax86Zaitzev: well depends if you restarted the dmesg just shows u the msgs for the current boot not the prior then u should see /var/log/kern.log16:37
xanguasouza: pangolin is not supported here16:37
MonkeyDustsouza  precise is in development and not ready yet, type /j #ubuntu+1 for support16:37
a-saintsomeone knows a penetration testing distr supported by ubuntu16:37
escottZaitzev, that might ensure that your kernel ring buffer if flushed to the dmesg.log if you cannot access it otherwise16:37
souzaOk, thanks guys16:37
a-saintmadurax86, isn't this a vga driver issue16:38
lotuspsychjea-saint: backtrack has an ubuntu version16:38
madurax86a-saint: it can be, logs will explain i guess16:38
muktiIs there a site where I can search packages that are available? I know I can use apt-cache search, but I was looking for a web based search16:38
escottmukti, packages.ubuntu.com16:38
muktiescott: thanks16:39
hubertus_a-saint: blackbuntu16:39
madurax86can any one tell me netprio cgroup support is compiled in ubuntu 12.04?16:39
a-saintlotuspsychje, I have backtrack r2 and is ubuntu based i know but I want something supported by Ubuntu as official ubuntu16:39
mobiusstriperhi all, is there such an option as "install as a dependencies" in aptitude/apt-get?16:39
MonkeyDustmukti  try appnr.com16:39
a-sainthubertus_, I can't even download the torrent from there website16:40
lotuspsychje!precise | madurax8616:40
ubottumadurax86: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:40
ZaitzevI bet if I reinstall Ubuntu, it'll install random different programs then too.16:40
nuiokGuys i'm a newbie to the entire backtrack/linux world can anyone be my mentor :$16:41
madurax86lotuspsychje: :)16:41
xanguanuiok: cacktrack is not supported here16:41
MonkeyDustZaitzev  not "random"16:41
hubertus_a-saint: and the .iso from sf ?16:41
chrislspYouTube can be you mentor16:41
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:41
nuiokYoutube is time consuming , I rather someone teaching one on one just the basics16:42
ZaitzevMonkeyDust: Well, what is it then? Because I started using Ubuntu a little over a month ago, and I have (re)installed Ubuntu twice since then. And all 3 times there has been differences in what got installed. WITHOUT my explicit input/choice16:42
cuddylierI have a mysql server on Ubuntu, When I use the database locally I get this error "Access denied for user 'ryan'@'@'localhost'16:42
a-sainthubertus_, isn't this a 64bit16:42
cuddylierWhy it it not giving permission to what I want to use it with?16:42
xanguanuiok: i don't thin someone will take you and teach you personally here16:42
MonkeyDustZaitzev  idd, that sounds strange16:42
nuiokI realize :/16:43
chrislspMy dear friend, one on one is the king of relationship between you and the pc.. anything else will drive you away from what you wanna accomplish with backtrack ;)16:43
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:43
cuddylierI have a mysql server on Ubuntu, When I use the database locally I get this error "Access denied for user 'ryan'@'@'localhost'16:43
ZaitzevMonkeyDust: That plus the fact that things like Flash doesn't work correctly, I can't get the microphone working (even tried with alsamixer), and a bunch of other minor annoyances.16:43
nuiokwell @xangua can you atleast tell me how to move around in the terminal of backtrack?16:44
MonkeyDustZaitzev  everything works fine here, so ubuntu is not to blame16:44
xanguanuiok: i said again, backtrack is not supported here, this is Ubuntu support16:44
hubertus_a-saint: i see . but the KDE edition seems to be 32bit - strange %-)16:44
nuiokCan i get the irc name of a backchat chatroom?16:44
ZaitzevMonkeyDust: It's weird how it turns out slightly different, and the hardware is not the issue, everything works fine in Windows.16:44
xangua!backtrack | nuiok16:44
ubottunuiok: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition16:44
hubertus_a-saint: but does it matter ?16:44
cuddylierI have a mysql server on Ubuntu, When I use the database locally I get this error "Access denied for user 'ryan'@'@'localhost'16:44
a-sainthubertus_,  I don't use KDE16:45
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:45
a-sainthubertus_,  I don't have 64bit computer / laptop for now16:45
Picifartofagony: What do you mean by "it doesn't work" what happens instead?16:45
Xabstercuddylier, what does that tell you?16:46
johnjacobjingerquick question about LAMP... i want to install osTicket which according to requires LAMP16:48
a-saintchrislsp I have backtrack on my sda and want an another pen test dist for my xternal SD16:48
johnjacobjingeri already have Apache installed... if i install lamp-server will that conflict with my apache16:48
cuddylierI have a mysql server on Ubuntu, When I use the database locally I get this error "Access denied for user 'ryan'@'@'localhost'16:50
cuddylierError is on the right >>>>16:50
johnjacobjingercuddylier you need to edit the mysql config to allow that user16:50
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:50
cuddylierWhere is the config file?16:50
cuddylierOr what is the command?16:51
Picijohnjacobjinger: LAMP is just an acronym for a set of server applications.  If you already have Apache installed, then you just need php and mysql.  The lamp-server task will not override your apache install (assuming that you used our repositories to install apache)16:51
Picifartofagony: You never answered my question.16:51
cuddylierAnd once I type the command what do I type to make sure it picks up the changes?16:51
johnjacobjingerPici i did i was just making sure Insall lamp wouldnt mess it up16:51
johnjacobjingerlet me look cuddylier give me a minute16:52
Xabstercuddylier, this is a mysql problem and this channel is #ubuntu16:52
cuddylierThanks so much16:52
cuddylierBut, I thought since it's to do with ubuntu16:53
cuddylierI'll see if John has the answer..16:53
cuddylierIf not I'll go to their channel16:53
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:53
Picifartofagony: What do you mean by "it doesn't work" what happens instead?16:54
It_2927I think he/she means that it saves as a normal text file rather than the desired format.16:55
cuddylierWhat is the mysql channel?16:55
Picicuddylier: #mysql, oddly enough16:55
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)16:55
cuddylierI'll wait for john first :)16:56
Piciana__: can we help you?16:56
m3xiaits like i put on charge and im using the laptop some time and when i remove the cable its only 26m left  my battery is addicted but lasts 56m on windows16:56
m3xiacan someone help?16:56
ericcan someone tell me how to install this? packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/linux-headers-2.6.38-13-generic16:57
cuddylierThe channel isnt #mysql :(16:57
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:57
Picicuddylier: Yes it is.16:57
=== eric is now known as Guest76005
escott!work | fartofagony16:57
ubottufartofagony: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.16:57
chrislspm3xia I'm not sure if theres a solution to that, I had tha same problem and didn't find anything Its just how ubuntu works i guess16:58
cuddylierIt says "Cannot connect to channel #mysql"16:58
It_2927cuddylier, you're name says it all16:58
speciesi think he wants it to become executable16:58
a-sainteric apt-get update ......... apt-get upgrade16:58
Pici!register | cuddylier16:58
ubottucuddylier: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:58
Picicuddylier: read the topic next time.16:58
Guest76005sorry i meant this http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/linux-headers-2.6.38-13-generic/download16:58
Guest76005need to know how to install that16:58
FloodBot1cuddylier: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:58
cuddylierSorry floodbot16:58
johnjacobjingercuddylier: maybe this can help u with the sql issue:  http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialMySQL.html16:58
fartofagonyhow do you save text with gedit in other formats? making the extension .asm doesnt work16:59
chrislspfartofagony I don't get it.. You open gedit, type, save as.. choose all files and type the extension your self :/16:59
speciescuddylier: floodbot is a bot, in case that wasnt obvious16:59
MonkeyDustfartofagony  this is not strictly ubuntu, but maybe it helps http://paste.ubuntu.com/902479/16:59
ctuschi have an old eee pc 901 (4 GB of disk space). is there a ubuntu version which isn't so large? i always have disk space problems and therefore can't upgrade to new releases etc.16:59
It_2927use haiku-os17:00
johnjacobjingerctusch: hard drives are cheap now.. feel free to get a larger drive ;-)17:00
m3xiadoensnt anyone has the same problem?17:01
ctuschlt_2927: seems to be in alpha state17:01
escott!minimal | ctusch17:01
ubottuctusch: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:01
It_2927m3xia, if you can't find your answer in this irc channel, why not check ubuntu forums?17:01
It_2927Just because its in alpha, doesen't mean its bad17:02
It_2927It already has a flash player ported17:02
ctuschjohnjacobjinger: i don't think i can change the ssd in this one17:02
It_2927ctusch: how so?17:02
auronandaceIt_2927: you can continue supporting him in #haiku17:02
=== root is now known as Guest99402
ctuschescott: thanks, sounds promising17:03
ctuschlt_2927: IIRC it's soldered17:03
escottctusch, it doesnt really help that much but its a base from which you can be more selective about packages17:03
monserhello there are some packages named generic and generic-pae17:03
monserwhat is the difference17:03
It_2927Maybe you should try ubuntu with a different desktop enviroment that takes up less space..17:04
monserwhat is pae17:04
=== Guest99402 is now known as johnjacobjinger
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info17:04
auronandacemonser: physical address extension,17:04
Amoz!pae | monser17:04
ubottumonser: please see above17:04
auronandacemonser: lets 32bit use more than 4gb of ram17:04
ctuschlt_2927 is this easy to change?17:05
monseri see17:05
monsergeneric can only use up to 4gb of ram, pae more17:05
It_2927ctusch there are pre-configured ones17:05
It_2927such as Lubuntu17:05
It_2927and Xubuntu17:05
It_2927these may be better options, but you could always try a lighter distro?17:05
auronandacemonser: well, 3.2gb to be precise but yes17:05
monserauronandace:  thank you17:06
auronandacemonser: usually it would be better to use 64bit than 32bit with pae17:06
Dj_FlyByhow come after adding NTFS partitions to fstab they are appearing twice in the Nautilus window?17:06
=== hubertus_ is now known as hubsinger
ctuschlt_2927: thought about it, but i think ubuntu is quite mature and works out of the box with my eee pc. i haven't had that much luck with other distros. i don't want to do any tinkering. :)17:07
It_2927you don't have too :)17:07
It_2927just use Xubuntu or Lubuntu?17:07
cuddylierHow do I send a message to the #mysql channel? Sorry to ask here, it says "Cannot send to channel #mysql"17:08
It_2927its just ubuntu with a different desktop enviroment..17:08
Amozcuddylier, I need to join it I think17:08
escottDj_FlyBy, what does your fstab entry look like17:08
Amozcuddylier, /join #mysql17:08
sacarlsonctusch: eeepc was designed to support linux so likely it still will17:08
ctuschlt_2927: yeah sure, those ones i will try. :)17:08
Dj_FlyByescott: paste here?17:08
sl33k_Any way in which I can open an xps file on ubuntu? googling shows otherwise17:08
cuddylierIt says that error17:08
auronandacecuddylier: you using a registered nick?17:08
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
escott!paste | Dj_FlyBy17:08
ubottuDj_FlyBy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:08
auronandacecuddylier: you need to17:08
auronandacecuddylier: you were given the link earlier17:09
auronandace!register | cuddylier17:09
It_2927ctusch, you also may want to try doing a custom install17:09
ubottucuddylier: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:09
It_2927making the swap partition smaller.17:09
speciescuddylier: some channels require you to register with freenode before you can enter17:09
Dj_FlyByescott: ok so you want the whole fstab then? or just a line for the ntfs?17:10
escottDj_FlyBy, whole fstab is best17:10
ctuschlt2927: i've already did that17:10
ctusch4 gb just isn't that much :|17:10
It_2927ctusch: these other alternative enviroments may give you a 2nd chance then17:10
It_2927if it really is so old17:10
It_2927Maybe Lubuntu is for you.17:11
AmozDj_FlyBy, my guess is that one instance is mounted because of fstab, and the other one is "auto-discovered" in the "Devices" list17:11
auronandacectusch: you could get a 16gb usb stick17:11
sacarlsonctusch: I just upgraded to 4gb ram, thinking that was big as 512meg is all you really need17:12
dev_Hi I can't get mysql server to start - i've uninstall manually remove all mysql conf and dirs and still i get in the log /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can't find file: './mysql/host.frm' (errno: 13)17:12
ctuschlt_2927: great, i will try them!17:12
MonkeyDustDj_FlyBy  maybe you need not add it in fstab, clicking it in nautilus will do17:12
ctuschsacarlson: disk spac e:)17:12
sacarlsonctusch: oh for disk space 6gb is what I think I need17:12
It_2927ctusch: i hope my advice has helped17:12
ctuschauronandace: yeah sure, but i would prefer having it on my internal drive17:13
Dj_FlyByMonkeyDust: don't want to click it to mount it. This machine will become headless. Just wondering now why it is there17:13
dev_what else can  i do17:13
ctuschlt_2927: definitely! thank you!17:13
It_2927can linux be actually installed to a usb stick17:13
It_2927how so...17:14
auronandace!usb | It_292717:14
ubottuIt_2927: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:14
matt__I have a drive shared on my xp pro computer that i would like to see on my ubuntu 11.10 laptop, any suggestions?17:14
It_2927Lol! i understand you can install it from them17:14
tyler_dIt_2927: you would select it has your hard-disk during installation17:14
It_2927that actually works?17:14
tyler_dIt_2927: it does indeed17:14
It_2927....im going to rule the world17:14
Dj_FlyByit's just quite annoying to see this for 12 different hdd's; some of which have more than one partition17:14
It_2927with this new discovery17:15
tyler_dIt_2927: you can even use a portable h/d if you would like17:15
sacarlsonmatt__: just mount it and start using it17:15
It_2927thats exactly my plan17:15
dev_got it17:15
dev_permission issue on /var/lib/mysql17:15
tyler_dIt_2927: limiting factor btw, is that the machine you plug it into has to support boot from usb17:15
dev_chown mysql:mysql17:15
It_2927the machine i have supports it17:16
tyler_ddev_: throw a -R for good measure17:16
It_2927all my machines do...17:16
It_2927i shall rule the universe...17:16
nooblikespearhi all17:17
Dj_FlyBywow, pastebin is crawling like a snail trying to submit my post17:17
It_2927so let me get this straight... i can install linux to a usb stick...17:17
auronandaceIt_2927: yes17:17
nooblikespeari can't believe how awesome that is too17:17
It_2927This is impossible!17:17
nooblikespearblew my mind last year17:17
It_2927I have to try it and see for my self..17:17
nooblikespearyou'll never go back17:18
=== dpac is now known as Hmm
It_2927i have about 5 usb devices17:18
=== Hmm is now known as dpac
It_29276 if you include my exernal hard drive17:18
nooblikespearaka you have 6 computers17:18
nooblikespearinstall 6 different distros17:18
tyler_dIt_2927: you should use a usb hub and softraid them then install linux17:18
sacarlsonlt_2927: you can make one of you 5 usb devices 6 different verison of linux17:18
tyler_dIt_2927: now that would be hot17:18
It_2927How do i softraid them?17:19
It_2927i have 2 usb devices with me that work17:19
It_2927ones big enough for 2 distros17:19
escottIt_2927, like biosraid? usually not recommended, but dmraid supports some17:19
It_2927I don't understand17:19
dev_arggggghh it was mysqld safe mode which i got to run fine17:19
sacarlsonlt_2927: never tried raiding several usb devices but I guess it can be done17:19
It_2927what is that?17:19
dev_but i can't run the normal mysql service17:19
dev_job failed start17:20
It_2927this... raid thing....17:20
dev_running on LTS mysql 5.117:20
tyler_dIt_2927: now your talking. get more into it and you can ask more questions17:20
fernandocuevawhat is the undelete options for linux17:20
auronandaceIt_2927: redundant array or inexpensive disks17:20
escott!undelete | fernandocueva17:20
ubottufernandocueva: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel17:20
NewWorldfernandocueva:  libtrash17:20
sacarlsonlt_2927: raid is just combining several hard disks to act as one with some modes acting as fail safe in some cases17:21
It_2927I see..17:21
It_2927i can combine my 2 usbs with me then17:21
It_2927how can i do this?17:21
dev_can anyone please help with mysql service i can't get it to start17:21
auronandace!raid | It_292717:21
ubottuIt_2927: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto17:21
FacedeProutanybody can help with ubuntu 10.04 update/upgrade issues?17:22
sockethey, i've install php5 which doesnt seem to have mysql/mysqli support, how do i add it ?17:22
sacarlsonlt_2927: it would get a bit complicated if booting from a usb device as the limits of bios booting usb has limits17:22
ejvof course it has mysql support17:22
It_2927like what17:22
It_2927the bios saying17:22
escottIt_2927, once you boot the kernel it shouldn't matter how the raid devices are connected17:23
dooma09Hello. I was able to pxe boot Ubuntu ISO. This entry from /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf: option domain-name-servers, caused this entry in /etc/resolv.conf: nameserver ''.The single quote is causing DNS failure to browse internet. Manually removing the quote solves this issue. Any idea how to I get rid of the single quotes?17:23
tyler_dIt_2927: mdmadm is the software raid configuration tool used by linux... but I cannot get ubotu to tell me anything about it.17:23
sacarlsonlt_2927: too complicated in a one liner here but the standard  file system format for boot from usb is fat3217:23
It_2927so i need to change it to ext4?17:24
socketejv: im trying to install piwik, which says "Piwik requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions" so........ it seems it's missing17:24
sacarlsontyler_d: you need info on mdmadm boot?17:25
escottIt_2927, your bios likely won't boot a usb device that is not formatted in a special way. some bioses *might* boot a usb device treated as a usb mass storage but thats bios dependent17:25
nooblikespearGuys what session manager do you use? Do you stick with the default Unity?17:25
dev_ init: mysql pre-start process (15559) terminated with status 117:25
sortergnome classic all the way17:25
tyler_dsacarlson: was trying to forward to It_292717:25
nooblikespearI changed to xfce and it's just WONDERFUL17:25
nooblikespearUnity didn't do it for me GG17:25
FacedeProutI have the old 10.04 LTS Ubuntu I havent touched in a while on a 64bits machine. When I try to update or upgrade I get "Failed to fetch" or "Unable to connect" errors17:26
nooblikespearI tried Gnome  I got basically the same thing, same Dash etc17:26
FacedeProutDist upgrade doesn't work either :(17:26
tyler_dFacedeProut: is it online?17:26
Amoz!offtopic | nooblikespear17:26
ubottunooblikespear: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:26
nooblikespearI had 10.04 in my old laptop too, it was perfect17:26
auronandacenooblikespear: unity and xfce are desktop environments (not session managers)17:26
FacedeProutI am online right now17:26
escottFacedeProut, switch mirrors17:27
It_2927im using xfce right now17:27
ejvyour DNS sucking wind?17:27
FacedeProutis there a way to update mirrors?17:27
nooblikespearme too17:27
tyler_dIt_2927: if you have 5 usb's I would suggest checking out raidz very nice option.17:27
ejvdouble check your DNS resolution / change your mirros17:27
escottFacedeProut, synaptic has a mirror selection tool17:27
monserto change?17:27
FacedeProutescott : thanks ill check that17:27
sacarlsonlt_2927: you can play with expermental raid as I did in virtualbox17:27
It_2927tyler_d: I will look further into this "raid"17:27
tyler_dIt_2927: raid = good clean fun17:28
nooblikespearDoes anyone know the difference between Xfce session and Xubuntu session at the login screen options?17:28
ejvpersonally, i'd use the google DNS, residential ISP DNS is typically awful.17:28
ejvthat or OpenDNS17:28
It_2927Getting usb's and Gparted ready17:28
It_2927Im doing some serious action ;D17:28
tyler_dnooblikespear: difference? they are as different as kde vs gnome so far as I thought.... what do you mean?17:28
sacarlsontyler_d: and with virtualbox you can experment with a raid  of 6 disk even if you only have 1 disk17:28
nooblikespeartyler_d, well I haven't tried the Xubuntu session, but I don't think I ever installed it. I just installed Xfce and Xubuntu is on the list17:29
tyler_dsacarlson: I haven't played with that so much, but thats excellent to know.17:29
Dj_FlyByescott: wow that took long to submit....   --->   http://pastebin.com/YZEShU1Y17:29
nooblikespeartyler_d, that explains why it took so long to install Xfce, apparently I installed a whole new Operating System?17:29
It_2927oh and one thing17:29
tyler_dnooblikespear: xubuntu I would assume would be a generic stripped down version of X17:29
It_2927is it possible to dual boot17:29
ejv!enter | It_292717:29
ubottuIt_2927: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:29
It_2927triple boot17:30
It_29272 distros of linux, windows and nothing else, if so how can i do this?17:30
tyler_dIt_2927: dual booting is normally something I personally avoid, but if you get windows on first then sure; don't see why not, but you cannot use the raid then right.17:30
sacarlsonlt_2927: 10 boots 20 boots just more and smaller partitions17:30
nooblikespearJust got back to Ubuntu after a year in Windows, they have taken sucking into a whole new level with Unity17:30
ejv!offtopic | nooblikespear17:30
ubottunooblikespear: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:30
nooblikespearhow is this offtopic??17:31
tyler_dnooblikespear: thats not really relevant? what did you want to change?17:31
nooblikespearand why do you always get so mad whenever someone mentions Unity and how much it sucks ass?17:31
tyler_dnooblikespear: have you attempted to use gnome-317:31
sockethmm, i've reinstalled php5 and now i dont have mysql support, the php mysql driver is missing. any suggestions ? how do i make a clean install ?17:31
nooblikespearI tried gnome shell, I got basically the same thing17:31
tyler_dsocket: of which one?17:31
nooblikespearthen I tried Xfce and it seems perfect17:31
sockettyler_d: php5-gd17:31
nooblikespearafter I customized it to look just like 10.0417:31
=== PioneerAxon_ is now known as PioneerAxon
escottDj_FlyBy, seems ok. is it storage-vault1 or 3 that is the problem?17:32
It_2927how can i triple boot - backtrack, Xubuntu AND windows 7.......17:32
escottDj_FlyBy, and where did the UUID come from for storage-vault117:32
FacedeProutescott, here is what I get : http://paste.ubuntu.com/902517/17:32
ejvnooblikespear, nobody is mad, this is simply the support channel for support related assistance, please join #ubuntu-offtopic and you can go crazy over there with your views on Unity.17:32
tyler_dsocket: sudo apt-get remove bar --purge... or such would get rid of it completely17:32
sacarlsonsocket I would just install phpmyadmin  that will have to install what you need17:32
tyler_dsocket: what is the end goal here? LAMP?17:33
nooblikespearejv : ok but that still doesn't explain why you're so mad17:33
escottFacedeProut, looks like you have a proxy in your setup that is down. how about "unset http_proxy"17:33
ejvnooblikespear: no one is upset, including me, it's part of the steps to keep the channel flowing and less chaotic. please move along.17:33
tyler_dnooblikespear: ubuntu, even linux is not for everyone, but without expressing a specific problem.. complaining about it should be kept elsewhere imho.17:33
sockettyler_d: thanks17:34
ejvIt_2927: dual, triple, or quadruple boot, the same steps basically apply: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot17:34
sockettyler_d: yes, a dev box with apache, mysql, php - it was working fine untill i used aptitude for some upgrade17:34
tyler_dsocket: do you know what upgrade, and what was the behaviour afterwards please? what was failing?17:35
=== Mikero is now known as Mikero101
It_2927on installing the 2nd distro17:36
=== jost_ is now known as jost
It_2927should I let it install grub again17:36
It_2927or NOT?17:36
tyler_dIt_2927: I think you have about 2 weeks of reading... and more if you want to get into what is faster :)17:36
ejv!enter | It_292717:37
ubottuIt_2927: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:37
sacarlsonlt_2927: grup-install will just detect each bootable partition and add it to the mbr so do as you wish with grub217:37
monserhow to see what is the default editor17:37
ShinobiUbuntu 10.04: ls -i gives a directory listing (files and direcories) with inodes. ls -i myfile lists inode and file. ls -i mydir lists nothing. Is this normal?17:37
monserwhat is the variable for that17:37
It_2927So I don't need to let it install grub again because it's already there?17:37
monserI mean in the terminal17:37
sacarlsonlt_2927: it will want to update the menu list so let it17:38
bastidrazorShinobi: you need -d switch to list a directory17:38
bastidrazorShinobi: ls -id dir will list it17:38
sacarlsonlt_2927: as long as you install windows X first all should work as far as I know17:38
monserhow to see all variables like $SHELL17:39
monserwhat is the command for that?17:39
Amozmonser, echo $SHELL17:39
Shinobibastidrazor: Thanks! So much for consistency... :)17:39
Amozdunno about all though..17:39
monserno I want all others variables17:39
bastidrazorShinobi: you're welcome.17:39
Amozmonser, looks like it17:40
ejvmonser: printenv17:40
ejvhttp://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/chap_03.html this is always helpful to read.17:41
monserejv: thanks17:41
ejvmonser: yw17:41
monserwhat is yw?17:42
ejvyou're welcome.17:42
socketwhere do i find php.ini ?17:43
monserI gues when one uses man pages it is done via some kind of text editor.Am I right?17:43
ejvmonser: typically something like `less` yes17:43
monserhow to change the editor for that?17:43
monserthere is not variable editor or edit17:44
It_2927can more than one install use the same swap partition17:44
sacarlsonsocket: sometime in the root of the dir of the /var/www/??  you hapen to be working in I think, but also starts from /etc/apache2/??17:44
It_2927or will another need to be created?17:44
ejvmonser: sudo update-alternatives --config editor17:44
SubDIf I want to copy a folder from disk a to disk b does "sudo cp /media/1tb/shows /media/2tb" work? this is theyr mounting points17:44
sacarlsonlt_2927: yes they can all share swap17:45
bluefrogIt_2927, can use same17:45
escottejv, man is just a processor that pipes output to "pager" which is aliased to less you can change your pager with /etc/alternatives/pager17:45
auronandacemonser: you want to edit the manpages?17:45
It_2927the more distrobutions = make the swap bigger?17:45
monserI want to browse them with nano17:45
sent.gui apply17:45
ejvSubD: best to explicity state you want a recursive copy with -R17:45
bluefrogIt_2927, no17:45
auronandacemonser: why?17:45
monsernot to edit them17:45
It_2927so just leave it alone17:45
sacarlsonSubD: I think you might want to add cp -a /from/path /to/path17:45
monserdoes that really matter why?17:45
escottmonser, you could try man something | nano17:46
ejvescott: im a gentoo user, i'd just use eselect to get the job done ;)17:46
auronandacemonser: whats wrong with: man nameofpage?17:46
sacarlsonSubD: see man cp17:46
escottejv, sorry meant to tell monser to change /etc/alternatives/pager but sent to you instead17:46
SubDsacarlson ejv what's the different of using -a or -R?17:46
ejvi thinkg using update-alternatives is the appropriate interface17:47
It_2927im giving 10 gb ext 4 to backtrack17:47
escottSubD, permissions get preserved with -a17:47
ejv!backtrack | It_292717:47
ubottuIt_2927: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition17:47
SubDah ok thanks escott17:47
sacarlsonSubD: -a is arcive will save recusive the user:group  and permisions ;  -R will go recursive but not sure what it saves in permisions17:48
Dj_FlyByescott: it's all the StorageVault drives... as for the UUID it came from 'sudo blkid'17:48