vilahi all !06:52
mgzmorning all08:16
vilamgz: hey !08:22
vilamgz: pm'ing08:33
ggherdovhi all. is the Hudson page for the bzr project publicly available ?08:34
ggherdovDo you have an URL08:35
vilaggherdov: http://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/08:36
ams_csjelmer: ping08:36
ggherdovvila: great. thx08:36
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mgzho hum hum.10:33
* vila hears Santa Claus, waits for gifts10:35
mgzthough I have a beard currently, I lack the hat.10:35
vilaI don't require a hat to accept gifts ;)10:46
Riddellso mgz jelmer and vila will be fighting it out for a management payrise? :)11:24
mgzfighting it out to avoid it, I think11:27
mgzthe news is... not yet finished Riddell, there'll be some more announcements...11:28
mgzand not on anything apart from internal lists, so no leaking :)11:29
Riddelloh look a shiny thing over there!11:30
mgzoo, shiny!11:30
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mgzthey were just doing the wasteland on the radio, while I was cooking lunch14:02
mgzsomewhat apt.14:02
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hazmathi folks, has something about bzr's interaction with lp changed recently..14:50
hazmatthis for example used to work on a machine with no lp login..14:50
hazmatbzr branch lp:~fwereade/juju/warn-ignored-constraint14:50
hazmatbut now in addition to the lp login message.. it errors with14:50
hazmatbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fwereade/juju/warn-ignored-constraint": no supported schemes14:50
rawrprobably bug 85471314:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 854713 in Bazaar "InvalidURL "no supported schemes" resolving missing branch without launchpad login" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85471314:51
hazmatrawr, that's the cause, thanks14:59
vilamgz: mumble ?15:20
mgzsure, will just get coffee15:20
vilagood idea, doing the same (for once)15:22
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jmldoes lp-propose have a default file it looks in to populate the MP initial description?18:32
jmlI'd like to build my review cover letter as I go, if possible.18:32
james_wjml, I think it has a hook that does it, there's a lpreview_body plugin or something that would be an example I think19:41
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SeriousRayHey there. I'm trying to connect to a remote repository via SFTP/FTP. However bzr explorer automatically assumes my username on the remote repo to be the same as the one on my local machine. Now there is this authentification file, however apparently I can't to find any documentation on what to write there.19:59
fullermdTry putting the username in the URL.20:00
SeriousRayOk thx. It semi worked. I had to specify the password in the url aswell :S.20:19
SeriousRayWhen i specified only the username it gave me an exception error.20:19
SeriousRayook seems like it was caused by me specifying only the username in the previously named config file.20:26
SeriousRayonce i deleted it i could also only specify the username.20:26
SeriousRayspecifying only the username in the authentification config doesn't work neither.20:27

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