SpamapSimbrandon: I'd assert the keys I trust separate from the sources.list I clone. :)00:00
imbrandonnew machione ; scp source.list ; autokey; apt-get update00:00
SpamapSimbrandon: you really should be automating this.. you know.. with something like juju :)00:00
imbrandonyea i actually am00:00
imbrandonthus breaking out the old crifty00:00
imbrandonits all in ant scripts right now00:01
imbrandonso semi00:01
imbrandonbut not all machines will be in the cloud :( i do my local dev vms like that00:01
_mup_juju/relation-id-option r518 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:02
_mup_Fixed log assertion00:02
SpamapSimbrandon: you mean your local dev lxc containers?00:02
imbrandonheh osx !lxc00:02
imbrandonvmware esxi accross the room with vsphere ftw00:02
imbrandonnice beefy desktop with 5tb of sata drives filled with esx images :)00:03
SpamapSimbrandon: see, if you just used containers you could use a single machine with just a few MB and use overlayfs for testing stuff out. :)00:03
SpamapSI really want to see juju embrace that way of doing things for dev... so we can have a shared VFS and not re-do so many operations00:04
imbrandonyea but i can run osx ( leaglly and winsdows ) on vmware00:04
imbrandonas well as linux00:04
imbrandoni mean i do see the good parts00:04
imbrandonbut there is parts i would have to replace othher ways00:05
imbrandoni use my osx vm's to test app store apps before i submit them00:05
SpamapSimbrandon: I think we'll always see other OS's in vms. But you were, I thought, talking about Ubuntu server dev.00:05
imbrandonyea ... i r lost00:05
imbrandoni'm thinking i can probablt slipt up the esx machine though00:06
imbrandoneasy i dont nearly use all of it00:06
imbrandonand have esx run as a dom00:06
imbrandonerr xendom00:06
imbrandonthen the rest be one beefy ubntu server00:07
imbrandonwith lxc containers00:07
imbrandonlike a vm inside a vm inside a lxc , i'm gonna need a lot of lsd to figure that all out00:07
* imbrandon hrm00:08
imbrandonSpamapS: yea i was talking about ubuntun server dev, i did one of those assume things again and assumed you magicly knew what hardware i was working with localy :)00:09
imbrandonright now my setup is as follows, 4x 1024 linodes ( that will likely go away to aws or hp cloud ) , 2 aws micros for misc cruft reimaged often , my mac mini thats my main pc , mac book pro that never gets turned on , small ubntu file server running on a 1ghz via cpu with 4 1tb hdd raid 5'd for like  my mp3s and crap , and then a beefy desktop i forget specs but core i3 dual core with 8gb ram running esxi with all my "dev" vm's that i connect to wi00:13
imbrandondesktop is headless , basicly a poorman server00:14
SpamapS3tb for mp3s.. thief. ;)00:14
imbrandonheh and movies and misc ( aka pr0n ) haha ok no pr0n00:15
SpamapSok, time to EOD for me..00:15
SpamapSbut. .later tonight.. I swear I'll do some charm review/feedback :-P00:15
imbrandonheh kk, taker easy man00:15
SpamapScrazy week. :-P00:15
imbrandonhalf sec, check this00:15
imbrandon@zeus:~$ ls -l Music/|wc -l00:16
imbrandonnot tooo many :)00:16
imbrandonSpamapS: ^^00:16
SpamapS$ find ~/Music -type f | wc -l00:17
SpamapSnot enough00:17
imbrandonheh www.bobs-library.com00:17
SpamapSbut.. thats pretty much all the songs I actually like and listen to .. and you know.. *paid for* ;)00:17
imbrandon( thats my step dads website, has all my music on it too )00:17
imbrandonif you want when you get $home , i'll give you a user/pass00:18
SpamapSI work at home00:18
SpamapSits time to LEAVE home :)00:18
imbrandoni tossed it up and it makes list from cron00:18
imbrandonahhh :)00:18
SpamapSimbrandon: no thanks, I'll stick to a system that compensates artists kthxbai. :)00:19
imbrandonforgot about that, used to ppl leaving the house that i tlak to lol, but yea i know that feeling , been working from home a few years now00:19
imbrandonSpamapS: i buy 99% of it00:19
imbrandonand videos00:19
imbrandonand extended albums00:19
imbrandonlike for real00:19
SpamapSand yes, I'm a prick about this. Ignore me.00:20
imbrandoni probably spend more money on music and ebooks than most on $tv + other entertain00:20
imbrandonas that is most of my enterain :)00:20
imbrandonno i hear ya, i make a good little income on the side from app store, so i know the feeling00:20
imbrandonthus passwd protected site and limited few get the credentials :)00:21
imbrandonbut i do share a bit , but i thinks thats ok imho00:21
imbrandona LITLLE00:21
imbrandonnot with the internets00:21
imbrandonya know ;)00:22
imbrandonbut yea the little i have thats not paid for is either crap that wasent released or way way way back on the orig napster i probably have a dozen or so tracks left misxed in00:22
* imbrandon forgot that all his tunes are in iTunes Match cloud too, soo they have to be legit or apple gets nasty with ya :)00:56
imbrandonSpamapS ^ :P00:56
imbrandonohhh http://blog.openwebosproject.org/  <-- posted 1 day ago, opening up all of webos, already realeased some major componets of it 2 hours ago ( just seen on twitter ) ... hrm01:03
imbrandonmarcoceppi: https://build.hpcloud.com/cli/unix rubygem , looks to be their awnser to s3cmd01:22
_mup_juju/relation-id r498 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com02:28
_mup_Merged trunk02:28
_mup_juju/relation-id r499 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com02:46
_mup_Fixed patch issues02:46
marcoceppiimbrandon: cool03:03
imbrandonmarcoceppi: need a guiney pig or help lemme knw, i havent got to that omg stuff yet but i'll likely do it sometime tonight and just leave ya a note for whenever you get time03:04
imbrandonunless joey put all the keys on like jcastro mentioned and i can just update stage, whatever however03:05
marcoceppiThere's no joey account yet, and no staging yet03:05
imbrandonahh i thought staging was pointing to some micros03:05
imbrandonu get some hp glue happenin and we'll toss it there ( staging ) heh03:07
_mup_juju/relation-hook-context r515 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com03:34
_mup_Merged trunk, resolved conflicts, and updated for subordinate support03:34
_mup_juju/relation-hook-context r516 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com04:23
_mup_More subordinate fixes04:23
_mup_juju/relation-hook-context r517 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com04:34
_mup_Return internal relation and scope04:34
shazznerok question05:11
shazznerI've been following this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65359/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-local-usage05:11
shazzneryet I'm unable to connect via browser to the public-address05:12
shazznerping'ing the address shows it unreachable05:12
shazznerany ideas what could be up?05:12
_mup_juju/relation-hook-context r518 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com05:17
_mup_Fix remaining failing test (due to cached relation hook contexts requiring a complete topology)05:17
imbrandonSpamapS: hahah i forgot too, part of my cron ( php cli app ) that builds out the site for that music also makes cache files ( two of them ) per mp3, one _filename_.json with the id3 meta data and one _filename_.serial with php binary serialized data , so my website can not do any mp3 reading at runtime and use the id3 json easy in javascript and and php can also load the object back up just one at a time to play ( flash player ) and show other det05:53
imbrandontl:dr , there was only 1/3 actual media in that dir the more i thought aobut it :)05:53
_mup_juju/relation-ids-command r509 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com05:56
_mup_Merged upstream05:56
_mup_juju/relation-id-option r519 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com05:57
_mup_Merged upstream & resolved conflict05:57
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sc-rmHi, I'm trying to set up the openstack environment in my own private cloud for juju. I'm able to start/stop instances through openstack-dashboard and also log into those without problems. But I'm for now failing at making juju bootstrap an instance so the juju environment can get up and running. I get "2012-03-30 13:35:42 ERROR nova.api.ec2 [-] Unauthorized: Not Authorized"11:39
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fwereade_sc-rm, have you set "access-key" and "secret-key" in your environments.yaml (or set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY in your environment)?12:24
fwereade_sc-rm, and also made sure you have the correct "ec2-uri" and "s3-uri" in your environments.yaml?12:25
sc-rmfwereade_:   openstack:12:35
sc-rm    type: ec212:35
sc-rm    default-instance-type: m1.small12:35
sc-rm    control-bucket: juju-openstack-bucket12:35
sc-rm    admin-secret: my_password12:35
sc-rm    ec2-uri:
sc-rm    s3-uri:
sc-rm    default-image-id: c4e58b59-80e1-4e92-9479-d3be7135b82612:35
sc-rm    access-key: admin:novaproject12:35
sc-rm    secret-key: f1405188-3bdf-4058-be45-ecf9e607a13f12:35
sc-rm    default-series: precise12:35
sc-rmwhere is the ip of the cloud controller12:36
fwereade_sc-rm, hm, nothing springs to mind -- would you try a "juju -v bootstrap" and pastebin me the result?12:37
sc-rmfwereade_: http://pastebin.com/XXuXszYk12:38
fwereade_sc-rm, hmm, so it's the security groups it won't let you see12:41
fwereade_sc-rm, can you run euca-describe-groups with those credentials?12:42
sc-rmfwereade_: no12:43
fwereade_sc-rm, hmm, that would seem to be the problem then... but I'm not sure where to go from here12:43
fwereade_sc-rm, I think yu may need to give yourself the "netadmin" role12:47
hazmatsc-rm, have you tried the nova client tools?13:06
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hazmatsc-rm, it sounds like a problem with your keystone auth setup13:07
hazmathi al-maisan13:07
al-maisanhello hazmat13:07
hazmatfwereade_, i think that's just the first ec2 api used for bootstrap, its not clear the endpoint is wired up to the auth mechanism13:09
hazmatal-maisan, re euro py.. what'd you have in mind for your talk?13:09
fwereade_hazmat, ah, could be13:10
fwereade_hazmat, I'm not really familiar with openstack tbh13:10
al-maisanhazmat: I thought of giving an intro, a quick comparison with AWS SWF and a simple example13:10
sc-rmhazmat: I'm able to start instances through openstack-dashboard(horizon)13:15
hazmatal-maisan, doing a high - low split sounds good.. there's some chance i may have to bow out.13:15
sc-rmfwereade_: so a new role in keystone called netadmin?13:15
fwereade_sc-rm, I may be wrong, I was just looking at the docs myself: http://docs.openstack.org/cactus/openstack-compute/starter/content/Network_Administrator_netadmin_-d1e2232.html13:16
hazmatsc-rm, right but the cli nova client / or eucatools are a closer to juju usage validation13:16
al-maisanhazmat: hmm .. I see, so I'd stick with what I've outlined above and you can give the advanced presentation if things work out for you13:16
hazmatal-maisan, sounds like a plan13:17
al-maisanhazmat: great :-) thanks for touching base!13:17
hazmatal-maisan, i'll see if i can clear up my attendance soon to not split the vote13:17
fwereade_sc-rm, ...and, yeah, looks like I'm wrong, the admin role should be able to mess with security groups according to http://docs.openstack.org/cactus/openstack-compute/starter/content/Tabular_representation_of_Roles-d1e2292.html13:18
sc-rmfwereade_: okay, is there any log on the cloud-controller where I'm able to see some information about where it tries to validate my credentials?13:21
fwereade_sc-rm, ...no, it's a little murkier than that, the "cloudadmin" role can do anything; "sysadmin" can start/stop machines; "netadmin" can change firewall rules13:21
fwereade_sc-rm, hmm, maybe try something like:13:23
fwereade_sc-rm,  `nova-manage role has --user=novaadmin --role=cloudadmin`13:23
fwereade_sc-rm,  `nova-manage role has --user=novaadmin --role=netaadmin`13:23
fwereade_sc-rm, but with the appropriate --user13:23
al-maisanhazmat: cool, it would be nice to meet in Florence nevertheless :-)13:25
sc-rmfwereade_: it returns false, so I guess that is the problem, I'll try to add the roles to the admin user13:25
fwereade_sc-rm, cool13:25
fwereade_sc-rm,  `nova-manage role add --user=novaadmin --role=netadmin`13:26
sc-rmfwereade_: now the above commands return true, but still no luck in do euca-describe-groups13:29
fwereade_sc-rm, bother :(13:29
sc-rmfwereade_: yep ;-) but will find the problem anyhow13:30
fwereade_hazmat, what was that you were saying about wiring the endpoint up to the auth mechanism?13:30
sc-rmfwereade_: I figured it out now, so juju is able to create instances, the trick was to go to the dashboard -> settings -> ec2 credentials -> download and use that access-key and secret-key instead.13:56
fwereade_sc-rm, awesome :D13:57
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SpamapShey.. ~charmers.. wtf.. you guys left me no charms to review. ;)15:14
SpamapS*NICELY DONE*15:14
jamespageSpamapS, lol15:16
SpamapSattention Juju distro version users.. new, incompatible version landing in precise15:19
marcoceppiSpamapS: does it affect PPA users as well? or is this just a "We're catching the distro package up"?15:20
robbiewSpamapS: you mean the PPA version is getting sync'd, right?15:22
SpamapSrobbiew: right15:23
SpamapSPPA users will be completely unaffected15:23
robbiewmeh...welcome to beta!15:23
robbiewSpamapS: were you around when we switched to upstart...that was at a beta too :P15:23
robbiewtalk about new and incompatible15:24
* SpamapS spit takes15:26
SpamapSrobbiew: I joined at UDS-M (and wa a Debian person before that .. ;)15:27
robbiewso you missed it15:27
robbiewit was awesome...we broke everything!15:27
SpamapSrobbiew: *nice*15:31
SpamapSrobbiew: was that the karmic upstart change, or the hardy upstart change? IIRC there were two big shifts15:32
fwereade_gents, I need to be off early, I'll probably pop back in later15:32
robbiewhardy was just introducing it...karmic is where we actually went to using it with force15:32
robbiewof course that was only desktop...server was ignored15:32
robbiewand paid the price...but you know that ;)15:33
SpamapSrobbiew: *obviously* ;)15:33
SpamapSthe chroot issue is still quite troubling actually..15:33
SpamapSeven with chroot support, people can't run Ubuntu in a chroot from a non-Ubuntu system.15:33
robbiew"people can't run Ubuntu in a chroot from a non-Ubuntu system"15:34
robbiewthat last part is their problem15:34
SpamapSalso you can't run Ubuntu in an lxc container that is not network namespaced15:34
SpamapSWhich would have been quite nice for us to be able to use LXC in juju w/o the network complexity15:35
SpamapS(don't worry I intend to suggest this as a feature for 12.10 :)15:35
jamespagehow do charmers feel about using the HEAD of the master branch of an upstream project in a charm?15:41
jamespageetherpad-lite is currently bust as 1.0 wants nodejs 4 and npm 1.x but thats not a happy pairing anymore15:41
jamespagecurrent dev is good with nodejs 6 + npm 1 from the PPA we are all using....15:42
SpamapSjamespage: HEAD is a bit aggressive, I'd love for that to just be an option, but pick a tag by default15:44
jamespageSpamapS, I'll give upstream a poke and see when the next release is due15:44
SpamapSjamespage: for exactly the reason you're seeing.. integration is hard, mmmkay :)15:44
jamespageSpamapS, I may be able to kludge 1.0 to work as well15:45
SpamapSjamespage: I've been messing with a charm called 'extrappa' that I splice onto my other charms to test things with different PPA's enabled.15:45
SpamapSjamespage: It might be interesting to use that to test charms w/ newer versions of stuff15:46
SpamapStho this seems like the other way around15:46
jamespageSpamapS, I think I'll pick a know good commit for the time being15:49
SpamapSjamespage: do they not use tags?15:53
SpamapS<sigh> .. juju doesn't either.. ;)15:53
jamespageSpamapS, they do - but they only have "1.0" which is now 7 months old15:53
jamespageSpamapS, going to make it a config parameter to make it easier to change later15:54
jamespageor for people to tweak if they are brave :-)15:54
jamespagejcastro, did you hear anything back from the chris lea (guy who owns the nodejs PPA's we seem to be preferring?)15:56
SpamapSjamespage: I think you might also consider just making the node PPA the default16:10
jamespageSpamapS, for etherpad-lite? yes absolutely16:11
SpamapSjamespage: from what I saw, npm is totally broken and dead in older releases of Ubuntu/Debian anyway16:12
jamespageSpamapS, it is in the current dev release of Ubuntu/Debian16:12
jamespageSpamapS, the debian maintainer has stuff in pipeline16:13
jamespagebut the upstream release pace is very fast IMHO16:13
jamespagereminds me of working with jenkins16:13
SpamapSjamespage: btw, great quote from Jay Pipes last night at the OpenStack LA meetup. "[Jenkins] is like a suped up cron."16:15
jamespageSpamapS, that is spot on16:15
m_3with green balls :)16:15
jamespagecron with 200 x the memory footprint at least!16:15
_mup_juju/relation-id r500 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:35
_mup_Minor docstring update17:35
jimbakerbeginning of relation-id support is now in trunk - 3 more branches to get approved17:46
SpamapSjimbaker: woot17:52
m_3dang, looks like I've got to flush and rebuild the lxc cache nightly for local charm testing17:53
SpamapSits going to get ugly when we add the next feature to charm API and there's no --version ..17:53
m_3it's getting... stale17:53
m_3+1 for somebody to add --version17:53
SpamapSwhat we really need is 'charm-api-version' so conditional logic can be used in charms17:54
m_3it doesn't even require hard versioning... just spit out what it can... bzr480 is perfectly fine imo17:54
SpamapSm_3: hrm, I'd like to see us actually version the charm API17:54
m_3we've had other problems than just charm api17:55
m_3but ok17:55
m_3I'd really like the api between the juju cli <-> juju bootstrap node to be versioned17:55
m_3that's bitten me hard before17:55
SpamapSm_3: that is versioned since its basically the schema18:09
marcoceppiWhat do we use "s3" for and what's the benefit of having a storage bucket vs just having that information on the bootstrap?18:10
SpamapSmarcoceppi: storing charms and the "map" that clients use to find the ZK node18:16
SpamapSmarcoceppi: in orchestra we *do* store these things on the bootstrap node.18:16
SpamapSmarcoceppi: and the local provider as well. Just not on EC2.. since S3 simplifies things18:17
marcoceppiSpamapS: so, if a provider didn't have an S3* like cloud, it could be setup to use the bootstrap?18:17
SpamapSmarcoceppi: we'd have to rewrite code in the ec2 provider to make that work, but yes18:17
SpamapSmarcoceppi: you'd need to have a way to find the ZK node.18:17
SpamapSmarcoceppi: in orchestra, the orchestra-server env setting is used (and maas-server in maas)18:18
SpamapSmarcoceppi: but in a cloud.. that address is harder to predict. :)18:18
marcoceppiI see, I was referring to a provider that wasn't a traditional EC2-like provider, I imagine they would need to code their own provider code18:19
marcoceppiLike, at POSSCON we chatted with the Linode guys and their API, they have a bit of a different setup though on how they manage their "VPS" servers18:20
marcoceppiSo, right away I noticed a few things that wouldn't jive right, was trying to figure out what it would take if someone were to write provider code for Linode18:21
SpamapSmarcoceppi: the API needs some place where admins can agree to share a map to the zookeeper node.18:26
SpamapSmarcoceppi: if linode has some way of tagging VMs, that works18:28
SpamapSargh.. why do we try to mkdir ~/.juju with --help18:40
SpamapSyeah, silly18:40
SpamapSmakes it so we can't use help2man to generate man pages for juju18:42
* SpamapS monkey patches18:43
SpamapSoh what a mess18:44
SpamapSenv config is used to set defaults for the parser18:44
SpamapSwow.. this sucks18:53
SpamapScan't push the default config out of "~/.juju"18:53
SpamapSso cannot run --help without a writable ~18:53
SpamapSwhich means, cannot run --help during package build. :-P18:53
hazmatSpamapS, it can solved with another layer of indirection19:02
hazmatSpamapS, what's the goal?19:02
SpamapShazmat: run --help without trying to write to the filesystem19:03
SpamapShazmat: buildds run as a user which has no home dir19:04
SpamapShazmat: help2man will run 'juju --help' and parse that into a nice man page19:04
hazmatSpamapS, gotcha19:04
hazmatSpamapS, and you can have it generate the aggregate from all the subcommands?19:05
SpamapShazmat: since --help is generated from the parser object, which needs the environments for some defaults.. (IMO, the wrong layer to do that..) this is not so simple. :(19:05
hazmator just the top level?19:05
SpamapShazmat: no, that would be the bomb, but for now, I'm happy with a singe man page just listing the subcommands and a link to the docs19:05
SpamapShazmat: I can get it to generate a man page per-subcommand tho19:05
SpamapShazmat: and probably from that, I can squish them all into one. :)19:06
SpamapSbut.. baby steps19:06
SpamapSfirst.. have to be able to run --help without a homedir19:06
hazmatSpamapS, un momento19:06
SpamapSanyway, have an appointment.. bbiab19:06
hazmatSpamapS, this solves that.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/907710/19:07
hazmati'll commit the fix to trunk19:08
_mup_juju/trunk r508 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com19:12
_mup_[trivial] juju only initializes the sample when given a command, post cli parsing19:12
SpamapShazmat: thanks btw! :)21:52
SpamapShazmat: did you forget to bzr push ?21:54
shazznerfor some reason I'm unable to do juju status without it timing out22:05
SpamapSshazzner: how's it going? :)22:05
SpamapSoh, so.. not awesome :P22:05
shazznerSpamapS: good, back with more problems :p22:06
SpamapSshazzner: what provider?22:06
SpamapSshazzner: did you reboot?22:06
SpamapSshazzner: reboot == dead local provider environments22:06
shazznerthat blows man!22:07
shazznerok I'll rebootstrap :)22:07
_mup_Bug #955576: 'local:' services not started on reboot <juju:New> <juju (Ubuntu):Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/955576 >22:07
SpamapSshazzner: /win 1022:07
SpamapShah doh22:08
shazznerSpamapS: thanks :)22:08
SpamapSshazzner: there are > 100 bugs that need love.. ;)22:08
shazznerI wish I could help with them, I'd only introduce worser bugs :p22:09
SpamapShazmat: that patch breaks a test22:30
SpamapShazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/907956/22:31
SpamapShazmat: very easy fix22:31
hazmatSpamapS, huh.. yeah.. that's what i merged to trunk23:05
hazmatexcept i used ['bootstrap']23:06
SpamapShazmat: you never pushed23:06
hazmatoh.. right.. i forget i unbind'd on the checkedout23:06
SpamapShazmat: I chose status since it is the most benign command. ;)23:06
hazmatSpamapS, fair enough.. i choose boot as benign initial command23:07
hazmatwell not benign23:07
hazmatSpamapS, its pushed23:07
SpamapShazmat: cool. I'll pick it up on the next (hopefully final) upload of juju to precise ;)23:28
_mup_Bug #969706 was filed: juju.unit.tests.test_workflow.UnitRelationWorkflowTest.test_depart_hook_error non deterministic behavior <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/969706 >23:58

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