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JontheEchidnakdebase-runtime transition done in time for LTS \o/00:58
JontheEchidnawe could remove the package and not have to carry it for 5 years00:59
JontheEchidnaoh, haha. not quite. just done for my PC personally :P01:07
JontheEchidnabut the entire archive should revolve around the packages installed on my computer :D01:07
JontheEchidnathough this does raise an interesting question, do we want to try to complete the kdebase-runtime -> kde-runtime transition this cycle so we can drop kdebase-runtime for LTS?01:11
micahgJontheEchidna: don't you need it for LTS -> LTS upgrades?02:07
JontheEchidnaoh, yeah02:08
JontheEchidnaI guess we don't need it after this release if it's already a transitional package though02:08
JontheEchidnaRiddell: bug 968234 sounds like the crash you were having with amarok03:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968234 in kde4libs (Ubuntu) "kmix crash in MDWSlider::update() when last.fm plays next title" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96823403:42
DWonderlyapachelogger: ping06:32
Tm_TI feel a slight blame on myself everytime "Kopete is not maintained" is said /:07:06
apacheloggerDWonderly: yus?07:26
apacheloggerTm_T: good, maybe you should fix that then :P07:26
apacheloggerJontheEchidna, Riddell: why would amarok crash with a kmix  backtrace?07:26
* Mamarok wonders as well07:32
Tm_Tapachelogger: if I could, I would07:33
* Mamarok has kde-telepathy running fine here with ICQ and jabber07:34
Mamarokand Google talk works fine as well07:36
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Tm_TMamarok: double-clicking contact do launch empathy here07:59
Mamarokfacebook chat works as well, although it uses the jabber protocol, so not a surprise08:02
Tm_Tbut yeah, contact list works08:02
Mamarokdouble-click where?08:05
Tm_TMamarok: on contact list08:07
Mamarokit opens a telepathy chat window08:08
Tm_Tor trying to initialize a chat in any way08:08
Mamarokfor me08:08
Tm_TMamarok: KDE-telepahty?08:08
Tm_Tas empathy is telepathy too (:08:08
MamarokTelepathy text Ui08:09
Mamarokand there is an about KDE in the help menu as well08:09
Tm_Tnot for me08:09
MamarokI just installed it and it works out of the box08:09
MamarokI don't know if I have empathy installed though08:10
MamarokI do, but it doesn't pop up08:10
MamarokTm_T: weird08:19
Mamaroklatest packages?08:19
Tm_Tfor oneiric, yes08:22
RiddellTm_T: what's happening there?08:40
Riddelloh "double-clicking contact launched empathy"08:40
Tm_TRiddell: same with any other method on trying to get chat, though /:08:41
Riddellask upstream preferably, maybe you don't have the necessary ktp bit installed or maybe it's giving empathy priority for some reason08:41
Tm_TRiddell: I installed all the ktp packages, so yeah, I suspect it's telepathy doing funny things in background08:42
Tm_Tbut this is something we do not want to happen when we're having ktp as default, I'd say08:42
Riddellit wouldn't have happened if you hadn't installed empathy :)08:43
Tm_Tthat's not an excuse I would be ready to use for users though (:08:44
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Riddellapachelogger: time to tally up the votes on ktp vs kopete?09:27
shadeslayerQuintasan: I haz Kubuntu Active on transformer, but no hardware acceleration09:48
* shadeslayer needs to send in his vote as well09:48
Quintasanwhere did you get arm builds?09:48
Riddellthere are no arm builds09:48
shadeslayerQuintasan: uh, I used lilstevie's ubuntu.img from this OLiFe tarball09:49
Riddellfor arm use an ubuntu server image and install kubuntu-active09:49
Quintasanshadeslayer: I'm asking about Active09:49
shadeslayerQuintasan: oh, by Kubuntu Active I meant got Plasma Active on Kubuntu09:49
shadeslayerdoesn't that qualify as Kubuntu Active? :P09:49
QuintasanYes, how did you build it?09:49
shadeslayerQuintasan: it's packaged in Precise09:49
shadeslayerso I just upgraded to precise09:50
Riddellshadeslayer: nearly yes09:50
shadeslayer~Kubuntu Active on transformer then :P09:50
Riddellshadeslayer: install kubuntu-active and work out what's missing to include in it09:50
Riddelland do all the active apps work like Kontact and Calligra09:50
shadeslayerRiddell: I have no idea what's wrong with kubuntu-active but it doesn't pull in anything09:50
* shadeslayer can install those09:50
Riddellshadeslayer: does it depend on anything09:50
Riddellno, damn, it's broken again09:51
shadeslayerRiddell: I haven't had the time to look at the package09:51
Riddellshadeslayer: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-active^  then09:51
Riddelleasily fixed09:51
shadeslayerI was building le 3.1 kernel all week09:51
shadeslayerRiddell: I installed plasma-active which pulled in most of the stuff09:51
Riddellbut not all the stuff09:51
Riddellsudo apt-get install kubuntu-active^09:51
Riddelllike that, with the carrott09:51
* shadeslayer installs09:52
shadeslayerthe keyboard doesn't work properly though09:52
shadeslayeroh yes, stuff is not installed09:53
apacheloggerRiddell: I'd still wait for david and christian to put out a definite vote09:53
Riddellapachelogger: can you nudge them?09:54
apacheloggeralready did09:55
apacheloggerchristian doesn't feel able to make a decision as he has not used ktp, so I asked him to read the discussion and either make a choice based on what was said there or do a +009:55
apacheloggercouncil-wise we have 1 ktp and 3 kopete I think, so their vote could create a tie09:56
apacheloggerwhich actually makes me wonder what we do in such a case09:56
apacheloggercause I do not remember us having a tie breaking policy in place09:56
shadeslayerRiddell: want me to file a bug against kubuntu-active?10:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: oh question, I managed to get the kernel to build, but I can't figure out how to make a initramfs against that kernel10:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: do you have a tutorial for making a minimal initramfs?10:01
apacheloggertake the existing initramfs and replace the kernel inside it...10:02
apacheloggerRiddell: what's the word on the UIFE?10:02
Riddellapachelogger: what UIFE?10:02
apacheloggerthe one for new splashes10:02
Riddellshadeslayer: nah I'll just fix it10:02
Riddellapachelogger: oh what's the number again?10:03
apacheloggerbug 96811410:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968114 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "user interface freeze exception for kubuntu splash remaking" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96811410:03
apacheloggernumbers will soon be too long to remember, zomg!10:03
Riddellapachelogger: looks like a nice ubuntu-release member just aproved it10:04
apacheloggerperfecto, I'll upload this evening then10:04
apacheloggeryofel: did we actually reach a solution for where to put wallpapers?10:04
shadeslayerapachelogger: I have no /boot in my initrd10:04
Riddellapachelogger: bling bling!10:04
* shadeslayer always packaged the zImage with the initrd into a bootimg10:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: /boot in initrd? Oo10:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: you said that replace the kernel in the initrd10:05
* shadeslayer headdesks10:06
apacheloggerbut what does it have to do with /boot?10:07
apacheloggerthat does not even make sense10:07
* apachelogger blows a kiss to Riddell10:14
* Riddell will never wash this face again10:15
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shadeslayerRiddell: calligra mobile doesn't work, says that KLauncher either died or failed to start the app10:52
* shadeslayer tries KPat10:52
shadeslayerhmm .. not sure how to start a new game, can't double click >.>10:54
Tm_Tdoupletap? doublejump?11:03
apacheloggerMamarok: how does one get overlord permissions on bugzilla btw? so that say a phonon developer could add new phonon versions etc.11:03
apacheloggershadeslayer: if you needed to use double click that would be a user experinece bug btw :P11:04
apacheloggerkde has a single click paradigm11:04
shadeslayerplus, they seemed to have gotten rid of the app menu that used to slide down from the top11:05
shadeslayerthat was cool11:05
shadeslayernow they have a more "Put everything in widgets" paradigm11:05
apacheloggerno clu what u be talking about11:07
apacheloggerdid you read that in your /boot in your initramfs? :P11:07
shadeslayerapachelogger: in PA 1 there was drop down menu like thing, kind of like the App drawer of Android11:07
shadeslayerand you clicked on a application and it launched11:07
shadeslayerPlasma Active11:08
apacheloggerdon't usePA11:08
apacheloggerPA = PulseAudio11:08
shadeslayerhaha :D11:08
apacheloggerbecause it is spelled11:08
shadeslayerPulse Audio is causing issues with lightdm on precise for me on the tablet11:08
shadeslayermakes lightdm crash and relaunch and crash again11:09
apacheloggerfix it11:09
shadeslayerapachelogger: afaik it's a kernel issue11:09
shadeslayeror rather, it looks like one11:09
apacheloggeryour broken kernel?11:09
shadeslayerthe one I got from lilstevie's thread, yes11:09
shadeslayerPulseAudio from precise is probably incompatible with the 2.6.36 kernel11:10
* shadeslayer didn't check11:10
apacheloggershadeslayer: that sounds very reasonable11:26
apacheloggeror the graphics driver :P11:26
shadeslayercan't be, iirc the logs showed a assert failiure ... 11:26
shadeslayersomething in libpulse core11:27
Peace-apachelogger: try to exit => kdm instead to offer the window with logout restart etc11:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: asserts can fail for a great many reasons :P11:27
Peace-with the latest upgrade => user try to exit clickin on exit => kdm :D11:27
Peace-it should offer logout restart turn off pc etc11:28
apacheloggerwell, #ubuntu-x11:28
apacheloggerclearly your X is crashing11:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: sure, but the main priority is first getting a kernel that is compatible with the drivers11:28
Peace-apachelogger: ah11:28
shadeslayer*graphics drivers11:28
Peace-apachelogger: right 11:28
shadeslayerPeace-: kdm or lightdm?11:28
apacheloggershadeslayer: yes11:28
Peace-kdm shadeslayer11:28
shadeslayeroh ok11:28
apacheloggershadeslayer: on that note... you might want to take the current ubuntu kernel and apply the patches ontop of that11:29
apacheloggerthat way you can be sure it will be compatible11:29
shadeslayerPeace-: look at /var/log/kdm.log maybe?11:29
apacheloggerit is an X crash11:29
apacheloggerread the description :P11:29
* shadeslayer reads backlog11:29
apacheloggerthere is no way you can get from desktop to kdm without X crashing :P11:29
* Peace- apachelogger +1 X crash11:29
shadeslayerapachelogger: uh, iirc if kdm crashes and restarts, wouldn't it get you back to kdm?11:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: and how is that related to the logout dialog displaying?11:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: the main issue with getting patches applied to the ubuntu kernel is that I don't have a point of reference to genrate patches ( I have no idea when ASUS forked the kernel )11:31
shadeslayerthus the changes could be either in mainline or could be specific from ASUS, I don't have a way of knowing ( except manually looking at every line in the diff )11:31
apacheloggerthey only published patches but no entire repo?11:31
Peace-shadeslayer: btw this is the file http://paste.ubuntu.com/90706611:32
shadeslayerno no no11:32
shadeslayerapachelogger: they published the entire sources11:32
shadeslayerno patches11:32
shadeslayerbut I have no point of reference when they forked the kernel11:32
apacheloggerso you do clearly see when the commit hashes start differing from kernel.org :P11:32
shadeslayeruh again, they published sources, no git history :P11:32
shadeslayerjust a source tarball :P11:33
shadeslayerPeace-: apachelogger was right it seems :P11:33
* Peace- has tested successfully ghns with servicemenu11:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: All I have to go on is this : http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_Pad/Eee_Pad_Transformer_TF101/#download11:34
Mamarokapachelogger: I will ask for you11:34
shadeslayerabsolutely nothing more11:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: how crappy is that11:35
shadeslayervery 11:35
apacheloggereven archos managed to publish their entire repo11:35
apacheloggerit's not like they can hide code anyway :P11:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: now do you get the problem of patching the ubuntu kernel ? :P11:35
apacheloggeractually no11:36
apacheloggerwhat version of the kernel is it?11:36
shadeslayerthe one by ASUS?11:36
shadeslayer2.6.36 iirc ... 11:37
shadeslayerEee Pad Kernel Code for Android 4.0.3 OS (V9.2.1.17) >.>11:37
apacheloggerlook at the makefile?11:38
shadeslayerNAME = Flesh-Eating Bats with Fangs11:39
apacheloggerso I presume it was branched from the v2.6.39 tag :P11:40
apacheloggereitherway it was branched between that and v3.0-rc111:40
apacheloggerwhich IIRC was taggled only shortly after .3911:40
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I misspoke, I meant Ridell's amarok related kmix crash12:01
apacheloggerwhy yes12:02
apacheloggerI think esken reintroduced one of the thread pollution issues I fixed12:02
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: could also be a bogus pointer though12:06
apacheloggerkmix is one gigantic pile of hack12:06
apacheloggerneeds a major rewrite with clear code design etc.12:06
yofelapachelogger: we did not, and I didn't have time to worry about it until today12:07
apacheloggerRiddell: was the crash random?12:07
apacheloggeryofel: so I'll package the wallpaper resolutions in a new package12:07
apacheloggerall except 800x600 which goes into plymouth12:08
apacheloggerand is symlinked into the other package12:08
yofelsounds good12:08
yofelwhat are we doing with kdm? Copy spash theme or adjust Ariya to use the other background?12:09
apacheloggerariya background is fine12:09
apacheloggerkdm gets the new splash too12:09
yofellooks out of place though sandwitched between the 2 splashes12:09
kubotuapachelogger meant: "kdm gets the new background too"12:10
apacheloggerksplash also gets a new splash!12:10
yofelah, that's what I was asking. Fine12:10
apacheloggerwe have a streamlined experience as originally intended by the oxygen team12:10
apacheloggerfrom plymouth to kdm to ksplash we have the ariya version without the stripes12:10
apacheloggeronly on the desktop we have the stripe version12:10
yofelyeah, that's what it should be. 12:11
apacheloggershadeslayer: color on grub works now?12:11
shadeslayerhaven't updated in a bit12:11
yofelapachelogger: color is fine12:13
yofeldark enough12:13
apacheloggerdid you also try editing an entry?12:14
apacheloggerIMHO the previous background had the worst issues there12:14
yofelhm, no. Doesn't that use the same colors?12:14
yofelI'll try it later12:14
BluesKajHi all12:28
apacheloggeryofel: yes it does, but the amount of text there highlights bad color choices ^^12:37
yofeloh, 4.8.2 tars are up12:46
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Splash Screen Testers Needed | Precise: Beta 2 Released - Bug hunting: http://ur1.ca/8kam4 | http://ur1.ca/8kamo TODOs! |http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.04-lts-announce |wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/UDSQSeries | Milestoned beasties http://goo.gl/9iyUD | KDE 4.8.2: http://ur1.ca/8kalp
ubottuNinja Time! apachelogger, bulldog98, debfx, JontheEchidna, Lex79, maco, neversfelde, nhandler, Quintasan, rgreening, Riddell, ScottK, stalcup, txwikinger, yofel12:52
apacheloggeralso a new dirk needs to be found12:52
yofelwell, he never got the svn/git stuff right...12:53
apacheloggeror his scripts12:53
apacheloggerif there are any12:53
apacheloggercuz there is no documentation :P12:53
shadeslayeranyone doing kdelibs?13:03
shadeslayerkgetsource is now broken13:06
* shadeslayer fixes13:06
apacheloggerhow got it broken?13:07
shadeslayerno more bz213:07
shadeslayeronly xz13:07
* shadeslayer tests13:09
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CIA-42[kubuntu-dev-tools] Rohan Garg * 132 * bin/kgetsource Upstream now uses xz compression \o/13:19
jtechidnathe more that I look at the kde-runtime bug page, the more I think that the sole purpose of nepomuk is to stomp on areas of memory it shouldn't have access too13:24
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/meta-kde] Philip Muškovac * 33 * debian/ (changelog rules) Bump KDE version to 4.8.213:27
yofelshadeslayer: you working on kdelibs?13:32
apacheloggerjtechidna: isn' that the defintion of semantic?13:40
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kamilnadeemAre any Ubuntu developers active here? Have a few suggestions to give?14:07
Mamarokkamilnadeem: suggestions as in?14:07
kamilnadeemAs in shipping Kubuntu 12.04 with the Ubuntu one client.14:08
apacheloggeryeah, talk to canonical about that14:08
kamilnadeemKubuntu is a community distro right?14:09
Mamarokbut Ubuntu one isn't14:09
kamilnadeemSo you can't provide it. Strange 14:09
Mamarokkamilnadeem: there is no KDE client for that14:10
kamilnadeemGot it 14:10
kamilnadeemOk please don't change the name of Kubuntu 14:10
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kamilnadeemKubuntu is a Bemba word which means "kindness towards Humanity".14:10
MamarokI don't see your point, sorry. You should read up about the attempts to make a KDE client in the past I suggest14:11
kamilnadeemMamarok I get that 14:12
kamilnadeemIs there any consensus on changing the name of Kubuntu14:13
Mamarokwhy should we?14:13
kamilnadeemPlease wait a sec.14:13
kamilnadeemJonathan in an interview said "But do we need a new name? Kubuntu has never been a great name, it was actually a joke name made up by the original Ubuntu developers for the KDE side. I wonder if a new name would give us a new lease of life like Calligra has. Suggestions welcome "14:15
d_ed_Riddell said that?14:15
MamarokI don't think there ven is a discussion about that, at least there isn't on the mailing lists14:16
Mamarokwhat interview?14:16
tsimpsonkamilnadeem: the mailing list (kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com) would be the best place to start a discussion14:17
Mamarokthat is what I just said :)14:17
tsimpson(and it was a blog post, rather than an interview iirc)14:17
Mamarokand I haven't seen Riddell talking about that in here nor on any mailing list related to the project14:17
Mamarokmight have been tongue in cheek14:17
Mamarokwell, I didn't read the interview14:18
kamilnadeemAnyways , I want to thank you developers 14:18
Mamarokone should read the context14:18
kamilnadeemfor making 11.10 such a good release14:18
kamilnadeemlooking forward to 12.0414:18
kamilnadeemMy mistake 14:19
tsimpsonMamarok: http://blogs.kde.org/blog/57 for reference14:19
Mamarokand nobody reacted on that14:20
kamilnadeemYeah I made a mistake , sorry 14:20
tsimpsonvery last paragraph14:20
Mamarokknowing Jonathan I think that was more tongue in cheek than really menat as a discussion14:20
kamilnadeemThat is good14:21
kamilnadeemphew! I really like the name Kubuntu :-)14:21
Mamarokbut we should ask the man rather than guessing :)14:21
kamilnadeemIs he here?14:21
tsimpsonit's an idea that he threw up in the air, nothing is actually planned or anything14:22
Mamarokkamilnadeem: as already said: write a mail to the devel list14:22
kamilnadeemHmm. I have never looked into the mailing list part but will check it now14:23
kamilnadeemAlthough you all would already know you did a good job with Kubuntu 11.10 but if you want to verify check this http://mknadeem.blogspot.in/2011/12/kubuntu-1110-komprehensively-explored.html14:24
apacheloggerkeep brining up th efact that we do not own the trademark kubuntu :P14:24
apacheloggerapparently people still fail to appreciate the issue in that :P14:24
Mamarokapachelogger: right...14:24
Mamarokbut that is not for precise anyway14:24
tsimpsonkamilnadeem: you can sign up at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Kubuntu-devel (relatively low-frequency list)14:25
tsimpsonI think another part of the issue is that Kubuntu "sounds" like a derivative of Ubuntu, rather than something like a "sister" project14:26
apacheloggerit is a silly name to begin with :P14:27
kamilnadeemIt has a beautiful meaning Sir14:27
tsimpsonwhich most people are completely unaware of14:27
kamilnadeemkindness towards Humanity14:28
tsimpsonand of those who are aware, few probably care very much ;)14:28
kamilnadeemthat is why Kubuntu site needs updation14:28
tsimpsonmost people just want an OS that works for them, rather than a philosophy14:28
kamilnadeemI filed a bug but no one took any notice of it :(14:28
kamilnadeemNot true14:28
tsimpsonmost uses of computers don't care about the philosophy, they just want a system that works14:29
tsimpsonthat's what happens when "alternative" OS's shift towards the mainstream14:29
apacheloggerwell, that seems reasonable to me, no?14:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893997 in Kubuntu Website "The Kubuntu sites is archaic(both in content and design), an updation is must. " [Undecided,New]14:29
tsimpsonapachelogger: yep, it's completely reasonable to expect that14:29
apacheloggerkamilnadeem: feel free to work on the website :)14:30
apacheloggertsimpson: it doesn't mean that you need to bend to be mainstream though14:30
tsimpsondevelopers are usually not great graphic designers ;)14:30
apachelogger<-- decent one14:30
kamilnadeemI would love to if I just had the skills 14:31
tsimpsonapachelogger: I'm just saying that the meaning behind the kubuntu name isn't the most important thing in the grand scheme14:31
kamilnadeemHey did you guys check the Xubuntu site recently>?14:32
apacheloggerkamilnadeem: in that case I don't see things moving there any time soon as everyone is busy with other more pressing matters14:32
apacheloggerkamilnadeem: no14:32
apacheloggerkamilnadeem: I do however know the lead artist of xubuntu14:32
apacheloggerwe worked together on amarok back in the days14:32
kamilnadeemcheck it brothers , they have out in great effort and the end result is beautiful14:33
kamilnadeemHey 14:33
apacheloggerhow does that help the lack of time and/or expertise on our side?14:33
kamilnadeemWhat I can do is provide content for Kubuntu site and screenshots14:34
kamilnadeemLike the info on the features page is OLD so I can update it14:34
apacheloggerthat's a good start I suppose14:36
BluesKajI wish there was an option in amarok to not save everything to a playlist ...I don't give a damn about playlists. Why this obsession to emulate WMP . which is also flawed ...we don't need a player that makes decisions for us,  just one that doesn't become clunky in the process of playing selected music14:38
apacheloggerfails to compute14:38
BluesKajthat's my rant for today14:38
kamilnadeemOk so what I do is, sign up on the mailing list , then make content for the Kubuntu.org in light of 12.04 release with correct and update info and screenshots and then send it to the mailing list or is there another way  14:39
apacheloggersounds about right14:39
BluesKajis ia32-libs going to be eliminated completely from 64bit OS versions ?14:43
yofelthat's the plan at least14:44
yofeloh, a website content creator \o/14:44
BluesKajapps like google-earth won't run without ia32-libs , since google hasn't seen fit to offer a true 64 bit version14:44
* yofel welcomes kamilnadeem and gives him a hug :)14:44
yofelBluesKaj: well, it's a transitional package right now, and probably will stay for a while14:45
BluesKajI suppose google maps is a decent substiute in the interim'14:45
BluesKajyofel,  yeah , it's not a rel big issue with me ..was wondering is all 14:46
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/oxygen-icons] Philip Muškovac * 95 * debian/changelog New upstream release14:47
shadeslayernew symbols in kdelibs14:47
apacheloggertime to show that you read up on the topic14:48
shadeslayeryes indeed14:48
kamilnadeemWould you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest? 14:53
kamilnadeemYes or No?14:53
yofelthe list is usually low volume, so you probably won't need that. But it's your choice14:53
kamilnadeemNo it is :-)14:53
kamilnadeemI am on it brothers :-)14:55
kamilnadeemThanks 14:55
kamilnadeemIf anybody is on G+, it will be great to have some Kubuntu in the #showyourdesktopfriday https://plus.google.com/u/0/112759940931397244391/posts/R5pW7ACE2Yi15:00
kamilnadeemmy HD is going for replacement otherwise I would had provided it myself 15:00
kamilnadeemTake Care everyone15:06
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs] Rohan Garg * 403 * debian/ (changelog libkio5.symbols libkparts4.symbols) * New upstream release - Update symbols for libkparts4 and libkio515:43
shadeslayermy upload speed is really really sucky for some reason right now15:48
shadeslayerwendar: did you get Ubuntu running on the tablet ? :D15:51
wendarshadeslayer: haven't had time to play with it yet, had an astrophysics assignment due yesterday15:51
wendarshadeslayer: will definitely try it over the weekend :)15:52
shadeslayerah :)15:53
shadeslayerwendar: fwiw kubuntu-active ( the meta package ) doesn't pull in the required deps right now15:54
shadeslayerand precise is pretty buggy15:55
wendarokay, that's helpful15:55
shadeslayeryofel: kdelibs is up16:06
BluesKajmucho apps being held back in the latest 12.04 upgrade17:45
Riddellanyone started on 4.8.2?17:49
yofelRiddell: see wiki17:49
* yofel takes kdepimlibs17:50
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Splash Screen Testers Needed | Precise: Beta 2 Released - Bug hunting: http://ur1.ca/8kam4 | http://ur1.ca/8kamo TODOs! |http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.04-lts-announce |wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/UDSQSeries | Milestoned beasties http://goo.gl/9iyUD | KDE SC 4.8.2: http://ur1.ca/8kalp
RiddellKDE -> KDE SC, perniquerty but important :)17:52
* yofel likes versioning people though17:52
jtechidnaand packaging them in to boxes is always fun17:52
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-wallpapers] Philip Muškovac * 28 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release17:57
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kactivities] Philip Muškovac * 12 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release18:12
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bulldog98yofel: is kdepim on hold? because of the assert?18:26
yofelon hold?18:27
yofelah, yes, should be18:27
Riddelldebfx: how's Qt 4.8.1 getting on?18:29
debfxRiddell: it's in the experimental ppa waiting in the build queue18:30
debfxprobably should have started it in the ninjas ppa18:30
Riddelloh good.  public is best no reason to keep it secret18:33
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bulldog98debfx: i386 is already build18:38
debfxRiddell: I mean building in the ninjas ppa and then copying the binaries over18:39
yofelyou could just bump the urgency if you have a reason to have it built fast18:40
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ronnocGood Friday, everyone! 18:57
Riddelldebfx: mm, yes18:57
Riddellhi ronnoc 18:57
Riddellyofel: how's that done?  on launchpad or the changelog field?18:58
ronnocHi Riddell. BTW - I contacted the Canonical Sys Admins re: the social media stuffs we talked about. Awaiting reply...18:58
Riddellronnoc: thanks, they don't have the best reputation for being responsive18:58
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ronnocRiddell: Nor does their Launchpad page list anything to do with Kubuntu or any Community version AFAICT. I'm going to keep bugging them though :)18:59
Riddellronnoc: which page?19:00
Riddellthere's no paticular reason that page should mention kubuntu19:01
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ronnocRiddell: I suppose not; I just figured since it was a sub-group of the “Canonical Website Admins” team and "Ubuntu Website Admins", that I was expecting something regarding Kubuntu there somewhere. No biggie though.19:04
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Riddellrbelem: your colleagues making a web browser now? http://snowshoe.qtlabs.org.br/19:29
bulldog98Riddell: would be better if they would work on rekonq -> qml19:30
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Riddellbulldog98: well that needs kdewebkit ported and that can't be done19:36
Riddellkdewebkit needs rewritten as part of webkit19:36
rbelemRiddell, yup :-)19:54
rbelemRiddell, i think we can put it in a ppa for kubuntu active users :-D19:55
Riddellrbelem: well needs Qt 5 packaged first20:00
Riddellso not a quick job to do20:01
rbelemRiddell, we can provide a simple qt5 build installed in a custom path :-)20:02
rbelemRiddell, do you think we will have qt5 in the next cycle?20:03
Riddellrbelem: yes I'd certainly expect that to be a target for next cycle for 20:04
kubotuRiddell meant: "rbelem: yes I'd certainly expect that to be a target  next cycle for"20:04
rbelemawesome :-D20:04
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georgelappiesi cant get vim to work with the solarized color scheme for vim in Konssole... Anybody here maybe know whats the secret?21:19
yofelthat's something for #kubuntu21:20
sreichgeorgelappies: just enable the colorscheme for konsole and disable colorscheming for vim21:31
georgelappiessreich: tried it but my letters have no color at all...21:33
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