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MohammadAleppoOk I am Arabic00:24
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MohammadAleppo<ubottu> Thanks00:32
sneila90How do I install libftdi from source and make apt-get understand that it is installed? 8.10 and LMCE. Need libftdi >=0.17. Has 0.17 all the way to 0.2000:38
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cassioHi. is there a way to rearrange my open applications tabs on the bottom panel in kde 4?01:06
avihaytheoretically, yes, but I found it buggy, and stopped using the default taskmanager01:32
green_has anyone ever seen this: Qt: Session management error: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported02:06
green_gar help please02:07
bazhangwith what02:08
green_can't get an application to run. same error message: Qt: Session management error: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported02:08
bazhangwhich application02:08
bazhangwith irc?02:08
green_nope firefox02:09
bazhangbut you're on irc; would not that mean all of your connections are through tor02:09
green_no. I can't get tor running02:09
green_tor/vidalia/firefox comes as a bundle with an easy start .sh to start firefox02:11
green_when I open in a terminal I get that qt message02:11
green_any ideas?02:12
rtdoshow do i disable the GUI login for Kubuntu and use a text based login?02:13
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode02:13
rtdosis there anyway to make this permanent?02:15
bazhangdid you read the link?02:16
rtdosyes. but i'm gathering it's only temp setting.02:22
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brad__suggestions for  a screen recording program? as in , recording full video and not just pics05:13
skramer_I want to set up SAMBA on my PC running Oneiric and KDE 4.8.1. However, I can´t seem to find the SAMBA configuration und System Settings. Am I missing anything?06:19
avihayI think you need to install a KCM that isn't installed by default06:20
avihayor you can edit samba's config files with a text editor06:20
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:23
* benonsoftware wonders what show06:25
skramer_avihay: The KCM should have been installed together with kdenetwork-filesharing. Maybe it´s in another package now...06:25
coder2Hello. I had to install natty kernel from lucid backports, but system do not shutdown anymore, just rebooting instead. Please help.06:44
lordievaderGood morning06:50
skramer_anybody else experienced problems with"mailto:..." links in rekonq? For me, it opens a new tab giving an error message, while Konqueror normally opens an new empty e-mail...06:56
wifioregonI need to buy a good laptop that works well with kubuntu. Any particluar models better then others? Are there any companies that sell laptops with kubuntu already installed, since I'm going to erase windows anyways? THANKS07:04
lordievaderwifioregon, not sure if there are vendors who install kubuntu on their machines, RedHat is I believe more common, however you could try to get a machine without an OS installed. Sometimes vendors do sell those, lowers cost because Windows doesn't need to be bought07:06
hateballwifioregon: depends on where you are located07:07
lordievaderwifioregon, I guess this will be usefull: http://www.linlap.com/07:07
wifioregonThanks lordievader: someone was just telling me that PC's without OS's are the same price. Is that true?07:07
hateballthere is system76 for US/UK folk07:07
wifioregonVery helpful thanks07:08
lordievaderwifioregon, really? That is kind of strange...07:08
wifioregonlordievader:  Just what someone said07:08
wifioregonIm going to do the research07:08
hateballDepends where you shop07:08
hateballEither way, the refund you can fight to get isnt all that much07:08
hateballFor me personally it's more of a statement thing not to buy with Windows preinstalled07:09
lordievaderI don't really care, I use both anyways...07:09
lordievaderI still don't trust Wine to do photography or audio applications07:10
wifioregonI install a copy of XP with virtual box just for the very rare occasions I need to run something that wine wont handle07:11
hateballOne could argue there are native alternatives ;)07:11
hateballAnd Wine is really good these days07:11
wifioregonyea Wine rocks now07:11
wifioregonI'm able to play all kinds of crazy games with it07:11
lordievaderOh well, lets not start the whole linux vs windows discussion again.07:12
lordievaderwifioregon, good luck on your search!07:13
wifioregonthat linlap.com site is amazing!07:14
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ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:59
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MacSealhi,i have problem with encoding on this plasmoid http://imagebin.org/205670 . with plasmoidviewer sm_hdd is right ,is possible fix it ?09:15
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philippe46привет всем10:05
aboudreaultI was wondering if kubuntu would be stable some day (using 11.10). getting issue with when a wake up my pc (total freeze) and now I lose my mouse icon11:09
aboudreaultdo you have those issue too?11:09
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BluesKajHi all12:27
hateballaboudreault: suspend and hibernate are fickle beasts, that's all I know12:30
aboudreaultk :(12:30
hateballIn my experience, what little it is, suspend to ram works better12:33
hateballthe iwlagn driver tends to crap itself, that's about as far as my issues go12:33
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merlin1991hey I've messed with my xorg.conf and it got broken to a point where I only could remove it13:14
merlin1991now I need the default one back (it had one device, but that's all I remember)13:14
merlin1991where could I get the default from?13:15
tsimpsonthere is no default, by default X detects your hardware and configuration automatically13:16
merlin1991well maybe the nvidia blob package brought something in13:16
merlin1991I never created one myself, but prior to my editing attempt there was one13:17
tsimpsondoes X start anyway, without the xorg.conf?13:19
merlin1991it does, but has ugly artifacts on the loadscreen (the dots)13:19
BluesKajmerlin1991,  nvidia creates it's own config file , sudo nvida-xconfig13:19
merlin1991BluesKaj: hm that generated way more stuff than I had prior13:20
merlin1991BluesKaj: remember my realtek nic problem?13:20
merlin1991well mainline isn't stable enough, yesterday it came back :/13:21
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BluesKajmerlin1991,  you'll have to refresh my memory ..mainline?13:24
merlin1991nic driver for my realtek in mainline creates problems13:24
merlin1991but the module from the realtek page works like a charm13:24
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BluesKajmerlin1991,  ok , then use that13:34
merlin1991BluesKaj: is there some way to have the module compiled with each kernel upgrade?13:34
merlin1991I'm getting tired of having no networking with each kernel update :D13:35
BluesKajmerlin1991,  if it's a proprietary driver , I'm not sure13:36
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merlin1991it's all source the package, there's got to be hook somewhere to include such a thing in kernel upgrades13:37
BluesKajmerlin1991,  there may be a deb builder which you can then use as source like a ppa , but I've never looked into that possibility13:42
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BluesKajmerlin1991,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete13:49
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drdanzHi, I have a netbook with ubuntu installed (yes, that came with ubuntu preinstalled! \o/), I want to switch to kubuntu-netbook, so I immediately installed that, and now I want to remove all the "gnome/ubuntu" stuff16:06
drdanzsudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop gnome-* is safe?16:07
Farsajhello i`ve got blu faces then watchin youtube flash movie((( how i can fix it?16:25
Farsaji'am trying reinstall but this not work for me16:25
BluesKajFarsaj,  check your monitor clour settings16:33
Farsajmonitor is fine this problem with flash player16:35
Farsajanother video also fine16:35
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Farsajсcna you please check video on youtube((16:39
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genii-aroundFarsaj: It's the video itself16:49
Farsajgenii-around> youtube16:50
Farsajgenii-around> flash movie16:50
BluesKajFarsaj,  give us the actual url , not a screenshot , so we can test it16:51
bazhangnope, plays perfectly here16:52
genii-aroundActuallu here too16:52
BluesKajcolours are fine here16:52
bazhangFarsaj, what happens if you download it and play in mplayer or vlc16:53
Farsaj<bazhang>  ok16:55
bazhangFarsaj, what happens?16:56
Farsaj<bazhang> i am downliding right now16:56
Farsajsorry for my bad ebglish16:56
Farsaj<bazhang> in vlc looks fine16:57
genii-aroundLooks like a vdpau issue16:57
genii-aroundhttps://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1078884 ( I know, archlinux, but still applicable )16:57
Farsaj<genii-around> thanks16:58
genii-aroundFarsaj: I would suggest to: create /etc/adobe directory, then make a file there mms.cfg  which contains: EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=017:04
Farsaj<genii-around>Unchecking that box for "Enable Hardware Acceleration" fixed the problem for me thank you17:05
Farsajnow video is fine17:06
genii-aroundFarsaj: Ah, good17:06
* genii-around makes more coffee17:06
gizmobayI want to switch out Thunderbird. Anyone recommend kmail?17:13
Farsaji recommend thunderbird17:15
BluesKajkmail works for some . I couldn't get ti to work . akonaqdi seems to be the problem in my case17:16
gizmobayI started kmail and it gave me errors about akonaqdi17:16
markus_akonadi always quits here when I restart17:16
gizmobayThunderbird causes my system to freeze sometimes and it cuases my screen to turn red sometimes17:17
skramer_for me, KMail works without any problem17:18
genii-aroundEvolution maybe17:18
BluesKajskramer_,  what kind of email server are you cnnecting to ?17:18
skramer_BluesKaj: one is just POP3 account & another one is IMAP. No problem for both17:19
gizmobayevolution looks like TB. I will give it a go17:22
skramer_how could I make rekonq to open new e-mail editor when clicking a "mailto:..." link? Here it opens a new tab with an error message.17:24
skramer_btw: Clicking same link in Konqueror opens the new empty e-mail as expected...17:26
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gizmobayskramer_: I believe you need to set a default app for email17:44
sky100wallpaper changed is lost after reboot ..cant fix it17:49
sky100any one can suggest ?17:49
sky100its only saved & gets to work after reboot if I put them manually in /home/username/.kde/share/wallpaper ....in this directory17:50
sky100loco did u hint somthing  at me ?17:52
locono , plop is hello :)17:52
sky100oh ok17:52
sky100dunno how I can resolve this bug ..17:53
sky100at every reboot wallpaper gets back to default ..17:53
mydogsnameisrudyit is a strange one for sure17:54
sky100mydogsnameisrudy,  i agree with ... & its been bugging me for last couple of day17:54
skramer_gizmobay: In system settings, I have set KMail as standard component for e-mail.17:54
mydogsnameisrudywonder about renaming the defualt image to your image17:55
mydogsnameisrudyguessing here17:55
sky100ok mydogsnameisrudy17:56
mydogsnameisrudylike i said its  a guess17:56
sky100really i have no clue ..17:56
sky100how to get over it17:56
gizmobayskramer_: I don't have rekonq installed. I wonder if you have to set it there as well17:56
skramer_gizmobay: I did not find it in rekonq... However, I shall double check to be sure ;-)17:58
BluesKaj!plop | loco18:02
BluesKaj!info plop18:03
ubottuPackage plop does not exist in oneiric18:03
BluesKaj factoids not up to date...again18:03
mydogsnameisrudyhe said its hello ;)18:03
BluesKajplop is a bootloader for usb sticks on pcs that don't have usb boot capability in the bios :)18:04
mydogsnameisrudyah lol18:04
mydogsnameisrudyi could use that18:04
gizmobayskramer_: I will look at rekonq in a VB18:05
skramer_gizmobay: I can´ t find anything :-(18:07
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Sounds sort of like the boot-o-matic floppies18:08
BluesKajmydogsnameisrudy,  look for a plpbt tarball here , http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html18:08
BluesKajyeah genii-around , think it works for floppies too18:09
genii-aroundrom-o-matic, rather18:09
BluesKajI was trying to set up FreeNAS on my other pc ,which uses a usb loaded with freenas as the OS ... I couldn't get it installed and working properly because the pc has mobo probs18:13
BluesKajand continues to do so18:13
CombatjuanI would like some help getting desktop effects working.  I've been at this for months and I feel like I'm finally close.  kubuntu 11.10, 2 nvidia quadro 295s, 3 monitors, proprietary nvidia driver.  When I enabled destop effects it works great for 10 seconds then locks up for 30 then works great for 5 then locks up for 30 (repeat x~10) then KDE crashes and goes back to kdm login.18:13
CombatjuanOk.  I just tried it again and it worked a bit differently than usual.  Worked well for ~45 seconds.  I clicked on the KDE application launcher it froze for 30 seconds and then kicked my back to kdm.18:17
BluesKajCombatjuan,  I really don't understand exactly what the problem is, but why a proprietary driver ? I have to ask.18:19
CombatjuanBluesKaj: I guess the simple answer is that it seems to work better than me with nouveau.  I can't get any acceleration at all with nouveau.18:21
CombatjuanI'm definitely open to it, but I have 3 monitors and 2 cards and in order to get a window manager to be usable, I need some form of Xinerama (or similar).  But nouveau just flat out won't do HW acceleration + Xinerama near as I can tell.18:22
BluesKajCombatjuan,  what about the additional drivers in kmenu>apps> system , choose the recommended nvidia driver18:25
sky100BluesKaj,  hello18:25
sky100still my wallpaper bug is unresoled18:26
BluesKajhello sky100 ...sorry I'm out of ideas on that18:26
CombatjuanBluesKaj: I didn't know about that menu.  Interesting.  So far I've tried nvidia-current, and then the official nvidia blobs (280, 290, and 295).  I'm currently using the 295 as they seem the most stable.18:26
BluesKajnvidia-current is most likely a version of the 295 driver , Combatjuan18:27
sky100u wanted to see the Autostart screenshot last day .. if ya want to see the sanpshot I can readily post thro imagebin.. would u mind watching ?18:27
BluesKajif it's the recommended driver?18:27
BluesKajsky100,  well, ok18:28
locoin dont know why my cam dont dont work in firefox chat with flash any idea?18:28
sky100just to check if ya can get some ideas...just a chance ...18:28
sky100ok ty18:28
sky100just a min BluesKaj18:29
CombatjuanBluesKaj: I think that it was 283 (or 273)?  I used that dialog to try the one it callse post-release updates (current-updates).  So I guess I'll restart and see if that works.18:30
BluesKajCombatjuan,  ok , hope it eorks for you18:30
sky100http://imagebin.org/206036 <<< BluesKaj  pls check the snapshot18:31
CombatjuanAccording to apt-cache, nvidia-current -> 280.13-0ubuntu6 and nvidia-current-updates-> 280.13-0ubuntu518:31
CombatjuanSu I guess nvidia-current > nvidia-current-updates?  Maybe? That's not intuitive to me.  Either was, those are relatively old but theoretically stable drivers.  Meh.  Here goes.18:32
BluesKajsky100,  it's odd that you have no desktop entries under "Desktop File"18:33
sky100sorry didnt get u BluesKaj18:34
sky100what normalcy is abest !18:34
sky100i dragged the icons on the desktop from Kmenu for my easy operation18:35
BluesKajsky100,  like this , http://imagebin.org/20603918:36
CombatjuanNo luck.  The 280.13 (official nvidia-current package drivers) behave the same with desktop effects on, but seem choppier than the nvidia 295 drivers.18:37
sky100so do u think that if i had an set up like that I would be able to seave wallapers even after reboot ?18:38
sky100BluesKaj, ?18:38
BluesKajCombatjuan,  open a terminal , sudo nvidia-xconfig18:39
BluesKajsky100,  not sure , but it might work . However I'm on 12.04 so the Desktop entry option may not be active in 11.10. I can't recall if it is.18:40
CombatjuanBluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/449354/  I pasted in the nvidia-xconfig one and also the one that I tweaked (added Mosaic) which seems to work a bit better.18:41
sky100how to undo changes in auto start , BluesKaj18:41
CombatjuanBluesKaj: You're a one-person army today.18:41
sky100i mistably removed the setting it was just came up18:42
sky100pls seuggets18:42
sky100it just came up in Auto start18:43
sky100i want to get back to previous state18:43
BluesKajCombatjuan,  my problem with xorg.conf and multiple monitors is not much experience :(18:44
sky100which command to undo changes ?18:44
BluesKajsky100,  what came up in autostart ?18:44
BluesKajI know about nvidia drivers etc , but usage on multiple monitors is beyond my scope , Combatjuan18:45
CombatjuanBluesKaj: I can get it working great with a single card powering one monitor, but I just can't get it working with 2 cards and > 2 monitors.  I guess there are some inherent problems in communicating the state of pixel buffers across cards.18:46
CombatjuanBluesKaj: No problem.  Thanks for your attempt.18:46
brad__I have gnash installed and I'm usng firefox as my browser, and I'm sure that I've installed adobe, but every time I got to watch a video I get an install flash player sign... any ways of trouble shooting in terminal?18:46
BluesKajCombatjuan,  can you get 2 monitors on one card working ?18:47
CombatjuanBluesKaj: Yes, if I use nvidia twinview.  I don't think I have tried doing that with nouveau.  But lack of a third monitor is probably a deal breaker for me.18:48
sky100http://imagebin.org/206036 <, that command18:48
BluesKajnouveau can't handle that, Combatjuan , I'm quite sure18:49
sky100just see it & watch out the lines under SCRIPT FILE18:49
sky100by mistake i removed it18:49
CombatjuanBluesKaj: Ok.  I just headed over to #nouveau to ask.  But I was reading through their web page first.  So you just saved me some time.  Thanks.18:49
sky100now how to undo it18:49
BluesKajsky100,  I don't see anything diffrent18:52
sky100gtk-default theme ,,,<<<that line18:53
sky100i removed it by nistake18:53
BluesKajbrad__,  http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/adobe-flashplugin , download the plugin extract it and copy the libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins with root premissions .18:54
sky100Blq ..hope u could ind what I meant18:55
sky100BluesKaj,  *18:55
brad__BluesKaj; thanks ill try it18:56
BluesKajthat theme file has nothing to do with the desktop entries , sky10018:56
sky100so removal wont harm anything ?19:00
sky100so i how to unlock the plasma deskyop?19:01
sky100nah ..no c;lue ....19:07
sky100ok , gotta go thax fo your co-operation , BluesKaj19:09
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markus_I just did the update and now my computer does not start anymore20:22
markus_I get to the grub20:22
markus_then it says it cannot find a file20:22
markus_tried to install the grub anew but I still get that message20:22
markus_what now?20:22
BluesKajmacele,  did you do , sudo update-grub20:36
BluesKajoops sorry macele , wrong nick20:37
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`Korvinmy flash just stopped working21:09
`KorvinI can't figure out why21:09
`Korvinit says that it isn't enabled in chrome21:09
`Korvinbut it is21:10
loconew version flash buggy21:11
locoreston old one21:11
`Korvinhow can I do that with apt-get21:13
BluesKaj`Korvin, mkae sure you have libflashplayer.so installed in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins21:13
locoKalidarn:  http://www.tips5.com/how-to-uninstalldowngrade-flash-player-in-ubuntu21:14
`Korvinlues, using chroime21:14
BluesKaj`Korvin,  no matter chrome looks in the mozilla plugins for flash21:15
BluesKaj`Korvin,  sudo cp /pathto/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins21:15
`KorvinBluesKaj: I have flashplugin-alternative.so21:16
BluesKajhttp://www.ubuntuupdates.org/adobe-flashplugin ,21:17
BluesKajdownload the plugin, extract it and copy the libflashplayer.so21:17
FloodBotK1BluesKaj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:17
BluesKajignore the floodbot :)21:18
`Korvinlooks like it's installed now, but I can't load up grooveshar21:19
`Korvingrooveshark now ='[21:19
`Korvinjust my luck21:19
BluesKajyoutube is the best test for flash21:19
`Korvinnot really21:19
`Korvinas youtube defaults to html521:20
BluesKajrestart chrome , of course21:20
`KorvinYeah it works now21:20
`KorvinOf course21:20
georgelappiesi cant get vim to work with the solarized color scheme for vim in Konssole... Anybody here maybe know whats the secret?21:20
BluesKajnot here it doesn't , turn off your html5 trial21:20
locoNormally,this problem is due to Flash plugin, especially 64 bit Flash plugin. You will need to check your flash plugin version and make sure that it is the latest stable version21:21
`KorvinBluesKaj: it's for sure working21:21
`Korvinit's no longer my computer =p21:21
`Korvinit's grooveshark at this point21:21
BluesKajok `Korvin21:21
BluesKajgot a url `Korvin21:21
`Korvina url?21:22
`Korvinfor what21:22
BluesKajwhat's grooveshark ? :)21:23
* BluesKaj researches21:24
BluesKaj`Korvin,  works here21:28
BluesKajanyway , got stuff to do ...BBL21:30
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* loco good night everyone22:07
Tsou-LHello Guys.I want to Uninstall a software in Kubuntu 11.10 ..Should i do it from Muon Software Center or is there another better way to do it?22:30
lethuTsou-L, either Muon, Apper, or the apt-get command via console22:34
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meerkatswhat are, according to you, the advantages of kubuntu over ubuntu?23:01
meerkatsfaster? less resource intensive? eye candy?23:01
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avihaymeerkats: it comes default with KDE software so you don't need to install them from ubuntu23:17
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Guest58871hi all, every time i log in i have to give the user password to allow wireless to connect, can this be done automatically?23:34
lethuGuest58871, go to "manage connections"23:39
Guest58871lethu: Hi, ok done that23:40
lethuthen "other" in the left column23:40
lethuGuest58871, then in "connection secrets"23:41
lethuchose store either "in file (unencrypted) or "in secure storage (encrypted)"23:41
lethuGuest58871, the secure storage one may be buggy23:42
lethuin which case chose the unencrypted one23:42
Guest58871ok, its already on 'in secure storage'23:42
lethuGuest58871, does it work?23:43
Guest58871ok, let me reboot and try23:43
Guest58871back shortly23:43
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aussie_mattok, back, that didn't work :( now the connection manager asks for my wireless password23:55

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