wgrantlifeless: Do you want to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bugtaskflat-db/+merge/96520 before it lands?00:00
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bigjoolslaunchpad-developer-dependencies is still uninstallable for me on precise00:03
StevenKbigjools: Pastebin the error?00:03
StevenKbigjools: That's archive skew.00:06
StevenKIE, nothing to do with the LP PPA00:07
bigjoolsStevenK: it's been skewed for >24h then00:07
StevenKWhich mirror are you using?00:07
StevenKHm. Then I think .au is lagged.00:08
wgrantIs it still aarnet?00:09
StevenKYeah. See -ops00:09
lifelesswgrant: if stub is happy, I'm happy. There is a tonne of code :P00:13
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bigjoolslifeless: just saw your messages on #twisted.  PPA email is a total crock right now, it really needs an opt-in subscription mechanism.02:00
bigjools(of varying email types)02:01
lifelessbigjools: yes, I'd like to make it easy to do that02:22
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adeuringgood morning07:59
jtvmrevell: are you familiar with the password-form controversy?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/94456508:38
_mup_Bug #944565: User details and password are separate forms <MAAS:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/944565 >08:38
jtvYou said a few weeks back that we ought to have a discussion about it.08:39
jtvNow I'm looking to implement the UI for an admin changing a user's password, and so the same issue is relevant there as well.08:39
jtv(And on a largely irrelevant sidenote, who came up with the password confirmation field that directly follows the original password input field?  Just right for your fingers to make the same mistake twice, or to send the whole thing in and forget about it before the choice of password has reached your brain)08:42
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* cjwatson upgrades mawson for some more soyuz qa09:13
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wgrantcjwatson: Thanks.09:33
jmljcsackett: thanks for getting that patch landed.09:33
jmlanyone interested in releasing lazr.restfulclient?09:33
gmbdanhg, There are now two Juju-related blog posts for you to take a look at. The split turned out to be pretty trivial, actually.09:50
czajkowskigmb: oh nice looking forward to reading09:51
danhgThat's great gmb, thanks!09:51
czajkowskigmb: got pics in them as well ::) helps when I add them to the fb/G+ pages :)09:51
gmbczajkowski: Ta. And I made no mention of a certain breakfast cereal, either. No pics yet; we'll have to find some.09:51
gmb(I did make a quark-related pun, though).09:52
danhgsorry, that wasn't meant to be anything09:53
czajkowskigmb: hahah09:53
danhgPuns are always welcome!09:53
wgrantShouldn't the old client do?[B[B10:03
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gmbczajkowski, I think bug 969024 is a dupe. That's a problem that's been around for a long, long, long time.11:04
_mup_Bug #969024: Remote watch has two times the 'None, the status of the bug is updated manually' option <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/969024 >11:04
czajkowskigmb: any idea of the original bug :)11:05
gmbLooking for you now :)11:05
gmbI'm not that much of a git :)11:05
gmbczajkowski Well, it's certainly a dupe of bug 93157311:05
_mup_Bug #931573: there are two radio buttons each offering "None, the status of the bug is updated manually" <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/931573 >11:05
gmbBut I'm sure there's an older version...11:06
czajkowskigmb: cheers11:07
gmbczajkowski: Bug 516799 is the earliest one I can find. Let's make that the canonical one.11:07
_mup_Bug #516799: BugTask +edit has duplicated option for tasks assigned to a BugWatch <confusing-ui> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/516799 >11:07
czajkowskiwhat do you mean 'canonical one'11:08
gmbAlso, I will buy a beer for anyone willing to fix it (or at least paypal them some money with which to buy a beer).11:08
gmbczajkowski: Canonical in the sense of "if we see this bug get filed again, we mark it as a dupe of Bug 516799."11:08
_mup_Bug #516799: BugTask +edit has duplicated option for tasks assigned to a BugWatch <confusing-ui> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/516799 >11:08
gmbSo bugs 969024 and 931573 are dupes of 51679911:09
czajkowskigrand job11:09
gmbczajkowski: Should I take care of the duping, since I'm here already?11:09
gmb Coolio.11:09
gmbUgh, not saying that again.11:10
czajkowskinow to tackle the other bugs this morning11:10
czajkowskiam rotating between my check list11:10
czajkowskionto bugs now11:10
gmbI'm still willing to bet £5 that bug #1000000 is from mpt and reads "Launchpad still has too many bugs"11:10
mptgmb, shush, it was supposed to be a surprise11:11
czajkowskiso gonna makr that one invalid :p11:11
gmbczajkowski: Mark it "opinion".11:11
gmbOr did that get taken out yet?11:12
mptalas no11:12
czajkowskihave you reported a bug about opinion mpt :)11:12
mptczajkowski, no, Martin Pool did, bug 77295411:14
_mup_Bug #772954: "Opinion" bug status causes user confusion <opinion-status> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/772954 >11:14
czajkowskiso tempting to change the status to opinion there11:15
mptI could provide citations to get it out of that state11:16
mptMost notably, the people who currently use opinion unwittingly disagree about what it means11:16
czajkowskiit's a better status than won't fix which royally gets on nerves.11:17
mptSome think it means "Well, that's your opinion, but we aren't going to do that" (a synonym of Won't Fix), while others are on record as saying they use it for "We'll come back to this issue in future"11:18
mpt(a synonym of New)11:18
mpt(or more precisely, a synonym of Unconfirmed, which Launchpad weirdly calls "New")11:19
wgrantmpt: Didn't you preside over that particular renaming? :)11:21
wgrant(also, I think one could safely s/Opinion/sabdfl/ :))11:22
mptwgrant, heck no, I've always complained about using New for years-old reports and Triaged for untriaged ones11:22
wgrantI thought you were still around then.11:23
mptI don't actually remember who changed the names11:23
mptI think it was at the same time Triaged was introduced11:23
wgrantI believe so.11:24
wgrantAnd Needs Info -> Incomplete11:24
mpt(which is now also confusing primarily because Unity misuses it)11:24
wgrantWhat do they use it for? :(11:24
wgrantMaybe we should enforce aggressive expiration just to prevent people from abusing it.11:25
mptThey use it for "we're waiting for a designer to decide how to fix it"11:25
wgrantthumper isn't here to harass about his team abusing Launchpad :(11:25
mptYeah, I'd be in favor of always expiring Incomplete bugs11:25
wgrantBad thumper.11:25
mptIf you don't want expiry, don't use Incomplete11:25
mptBug statuses need a purpose, not just a meaning11:26
wgrantAnd Opinion has neither :)11:27
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deryckMorning, all.13:03
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nigelbrick_h: TGIF, eh?13:10
rick_hnigelb: definitely13:10
deryckrick_h, ping for standup.13:32
rick_hderyck: ack, sec13:32
adeuringabentley: mumble?14:07
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deryckdo we not serve feeds off qastaging?14:29
sinzuiI was going to fix some IE bugs today, but it looks like I do not have enough disk to run  everything :( I really do not want to buy a hard drive to run a browser I would never use14:48
rick_hsinzui: run off an ec2 windows machine and expense?14:49
deryckewww, yeah, that would suck to do.14:49
sinzuirick_h, I need it to talk to my local dev instance...I am not putting my lovely computer on the naked net14:49
sinzuiMS provides ideal VMs for their browser, I just do not have enough disk space to accommodate their bloatware14:50
rick_hsinzui: gotcha14:50
derycksinzui, wine?  I've run IE via wine before pretty easily.14:50
deryckapt-get install wine and winetricks then run `winetricks ie9` or whatever version you want.14:51
sinzuiDude! MS provides the real thing with real OS to get the real engine parts that users have14:51
derycksinzui, right, I understand that.  I was just thinking of how you might without being able to run the VM.14:51
sinzuideryck, 90% of Lp's IE users are IE814:52
sinzuiIE9 being an es6 engine mostly works...the moronic guard in our code are disabling IE9 with actually works14:53
sinzuiI tried a thumbdrive, but I think it is too slow. the same vm that runs on my harddrive will not run on the thumbdrive14:54
sinzuiIE9 being an es5 engine14:54
derycksinzui, do you know if feeds should work off qastaging.14:56
sinzuideryck, they should, but I have never tested that they do. They have special configuration and it may not have ever been done14:57
sinzuideryck, they worked in staging so if staging is unhappy, then feeds are really broken14:57
derycksinzui, hmm, I'm guessing that's it then.  http://feeds.qastaging.launchpad.net/~deryck/latest-bugs.atom is just completely unavailable.14:58
deryckI guess I can mark it qa-untestable since it's flag guarded in production.14:58
sinzuideryck, they are not configured to work :(14:59
sinzuideryck, Is the change to staging yet. Feed has a https server setup for them there14:59
derycksinzui, let me see, but I doubt it....14:59
abentleyadeuring: I had a thought about how we could manage routing keys with fast-lane/slow-lane.  The fast lane could be the root name.  So "job.standard" or "job.branch_write".14:59
jcsackettsinzui: re ie9, could you get the vm running on your older machine? then you would just need to have lp.dev setup for remote on your network.15:00
adeuringabentley: sounds good15:00
abentleyadeuring: The slow lane's routing key would tack on ".slow".  So, "job.standard.slow" or "job.branch_write.slow".15:00
sinzuijcsackett, My old computer cannot fit Ms's smallest installation15:01
abentleyadeuring: This is extensible for the number of slow lanes we have.  e.g. with 5 slow lanes, we get job.standard.slow.slow.slow.slow.slow :-)15:01
adeuringabentley: ;)15:02
derycksinzui, ah it is caught up on staging.  awesome, thanks for the tip.15:03
czajkowskigmb: nice post!15:03
sinzuideryck, wine tricks informs me that it does not support 64bit15:41
derycksinzui, ah, I must have wget it from wine itself.  it's just a shell script.15:42
sinzuideryck, but something is running. I guess I need to find an ichoicesource to see if it really breaks as I expect15:43
* deryck has spent a lot of time with wine lately trying to get swtor running15:44
* abentley likes the double meaning of "spent a lot of time with wine"15:45
sinzuideryck, I cannot log into Ubuntu SSO using the wine trick browser. I could using the bloated vm :(15:46
deryckah bummer.15:47
deryckabentley, heh! :)15:47
abentleyderyck: I'm sure when they named that project, they didn't mean it would drive you to drink.  But sometimes...15:48
deryckmost times! (if you're a gamer) :)15:48
deryckok, so I've finished qa and going to put together a deploy request now.15:48
sinzuiAh, I see. ie8 did fail to install. This is ie615:48
deryckwell, actually it is Friday. hmmm15:49
derycksinzui,  I think if you wget the winetricks from wine itself, all will work again.15:49
deryckI forgot I had done this.15:49
sinzuiI will try that now15:50
sinzuiwell I give up. I cannot get wine + ie8 to accept self=signed certificates16:31
czajkowskisinzui: you should talk to YokoZar he is Mr. wine16:34
sinzuiI could. I want to run MS's vm which provides a real foundation to test. I just do not have enough disk space16:35
YokoZarI have been summoned.16:38
czajkowskiYokoZar: meet sinzui win is not being nice16:38
czajkowskiperhaps you could help, maybe16:38
YokoZarwhat do you mean16:38
sinzuiYokoZar, I am trying to test wine + ie8 against a development instance of Launchpad which uses a self-signed ssl certificate16:39
YokoZarwinetricks ie8 is a good start16:41
abentleyadeuring: It appears that only celeryd creates rabbitMQ queues, so be wary of that that in your tests.  I just had to add a sleep() to ensure that celeryd finishes starting up before I try to dispatch tasks.16:42
abentleyadeuring: However, you may not be affected, since the celeryd tests use the system rabbit, so the queues would be preserved for you.16:43
adeuringabentley: ah, ok. thanks for the heads up!16:43
abentleyadeuring: np16:44
sinzuiYokoZar, I started with that. I can see the real Lp, but the development instance uses self-signed certificates. There is no Internet tools to walk through the menus to add my certs to the trusted certs16:44
YokoZarsinzui: you mean the ie8 preferences windows and such don't work?16:58
YokoZarYeah I'm not sure17:00
derycksinzui, can you not open the internet settings and relax the permissions from the browser settings?17:07
sinzuideryck, I do not see how to find the internet settings. Though the browser signature is IE8, It looks like Ie6 with no menus17:11
derycksinzui,  run: winecfg and see if the settings are in there.  if not, `wine control` will bring up the control panel and you can do it from there.17:12
sinzuideryck, in real windows, relaxing the permission does not work (As I understand it), you must register the cert17:12
deryckit sounds like ie8 didn't get installed correctly though17:12
derycksinzui, what do you use in real windows to do this?  I don't recall doing this step before, but maybe I only tested on production.17:13
sinzuideryck, the browser has a link to internet options in the menu and the toolbar. It is absent in wine17:13
sinzuideryck, I cannot login to lp/ubuntu SSO does not work with wine+ie817:18
derycksinzui, I belive if you run `wine control` it should open a panel with "internet settings" showing as an option there.17:21
sinzuiI see it!17:21
sinzuideryck, I have installed Lp's certs and IE can see the lp dev instance.17:32
derycksinzui, nice!17:32
sinzuideryck, but I think I need to remake the cert because I borked the login domain name testopenid.dev17:32
sinzuideryck, I now have a small consolation that the login failure I see on production servers is also see on dev. wine + IE8 is not sending the referrer header.17:57
* sinzui has an enormous head ache.17:58
deryckah interesting.17:58
deryckmorning lifeless17:58
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