frankbanhi gmb, how are you?08:53
gmbHi frankban. Much better today, thanks. Sleeping most of the day yesterday seems to have fixed me.09:18
bacmorning euros11:21
bacgmb, glad you're better.  despite sleeping all day do you still find yourself tired?  that's what happened to me on tuesday.  all-day napping really takes it out of you.11:22
gmbbac, I feel reasonably fresh at the moment. I expect I'll just crash later on this evening, though.11:22
bachi frankban, i have a question about setuplxc and 'create_scripts'11:25
bacis that supposed to create the scripts in the container or on the host?  i want the former but am seeing the latter.11:25
bacgmb, do you know anything about that ^^ ?11:34
gmbbac, Not a clue, I'm afraid.11:34
* bac thinks his head has lost one level of indirection regarding our environment11:35
frankbanbac: yes, create_scripts creates them on the host11:54
frankbanwhy do you want them on the container?11:55
bacfrankban: right.  i was confused as to which environment i expected them to appear.11:55
frankbanbac: how did your installation go?11:58
gary_posterJust one or two updates in the past 24 hours...by which I mean ~200...11:59
gary_posterrestarting just in case it matters...12:01
bacfrankban: it went well, eventually12:04
bacthanks for your help yesterday12:04
bacfrankban, gary_poster: i'm confused.  </shock>  only the buildbot-slave charm runs setuplxc.  setuplxc installs the scripts /usr/local/bin/launchpad-lxc-*.  however the buildbot master is the one that uses them in its master.cfg.  how does this work?12:06
gary_posterbac, the master has instructions that are run on the slave12:07
gary_posterthe master tells the slave what to do12:07
gary_posterthe master does not need to be able to do the slave's steps itslef12:07
bacgary_poster: ah, so the addSteps are things the *slave* does12:07
gary_posterprecisely bac12:08
bacoi roi oi12:08
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb (are you better?) : call in 2 or asap12:11
gmbgary_poster, I'm much better, thanks.12:12
gmbSleep is a balm for many ills12:12
gary_posterL0( great gmb12:12
gary_posterthat was supposed to be a smiley :-)12:12
gary_posteroff by one error12:13
benjigary_poster: here's the EC2 calculator I was using: http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/calc5.html13:05
gary_postercool benji, that's a "trick" to share :-)13:06
bacgary_poster: would you have time to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/lxc_cleanup/+merge/10015514:12
gary_posterbac, sure will do in one min14:18
gary_posterbenji, for your tty recorder, were you referring to http://0xcc.net/ttyrec/index.html.en or http://sourceforge.net/projects/termrec/ ?14:19
benjigary_poster: the first; the second looks interesting too (and is apparently used for angband, another nethack-like game)14:20
benjigary_poster: if you're interested in running ttyrec or ttyplay, you should install it using apt because debian has accepted several patches that make it more linux friendly (it has some BSD-isms in it) and some other fixes14:22
gary_posterbenji, cool, thanks.  I'll include in meeting minutes (have notifications just died or something?  ugh.)14:25
* gmb -> late lunch / errands; back later14:26
bacgary_poster: and this companion.  sadly it is private since it stacked on the private lpbuildbot.  https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/lpbuildbot/lxc-cleanup/+merge/10015814:32
gary_posterbac, ack.  I'll look now.  I just approved your first branch.  Made a few questionable suggestions, no actual requests (other than sharing your unit tests)14:37
gary_posterbac, approved the lpbuildbot mp too.14:38
bacgary_poster: thanks!14:38
baci've found my new rap anthem:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD8vqYVUPr814:40
bac(ok, so i didn't really have an *old* rap anthem...)14:41
bacgary_poster: re: raw string, were you thinking more than just changing it to r"""...""" b/c that doesn't work14:51
gary_posterbac, cool video :-)14:51
* bac refreshes on raw strings14:51
bacah, lose the triples14:52
gary_posterbac, yeah, I was thinking of that.  Maybe you could do '''...''' to get rid of the \"\"\" instead?14:52
bacgary_poster: yeah, triple singles works14:54
gary_postercool, welcome14:57
gary_posternotifications are on the screen I don't look at, if anyone is curious. :-P14:58
bachey gmb, your blog is up on G+ ... and you have a fan base asking how to build a custom kernel in a PPA.  lucky you!15:26
gary_posterAnd a question about why we used buildbot.  I almost replied before I decided to leave the fun to gmb :-)16:11
gary_posterwell, that question is on the blog, not G+16:11
gary_posterbac, benji, fwiw, I verified locally (& experimentally) that bug 968371 is fixed for both lxc-create and lxc-start-ephemeral.  Starting a slave now, fwiw16:39
_mup_Bug #968371: lxc-create -b is broken <lxc (Ubuntu):Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/968371 >16:39
gmbgary_poster, bac: oh, wunderbar. I'll respond presently.16:40
gary_posterbuildbot slave install failed :-/ investigating way18:03
gary_posterwhy, I mean18:03
gary_posterbac, replied to lifeless about your branch18:39
gary_posterthe buildbot slave failed because it does not have access to the new lxc yet.  I don't know when the ec2 deb repositories are refreshed18:40
gary_posterI think I'll just kill it and hope it is fixed Monday18:40
bacgary_poster, thanks.  i haven't seen his email...looking now18:41
bacthanks for the nice reply gary_poster.  you got the tact gene.18:44
baccool new world meeting scheduler as found by nigelbabu: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/18:45
gary_posterbac, thanks for saying I have tact gene. :-) I do try, at least.18:47
gary_posterhuh, that is cool18:48
gary_posterthe Google cal integration means I might actually use it18:48
gary_poster$$ though, and I haven't felt the need18:49
benjitime.is would be a good compliment to worldtimebuddy.com18:53
gary_posterbenji, I remembered something I was going to mention to you yesterday.  Tim Peters linked to me in LinkedIn.  I wrote back to him excitedly to no reply :-)18:58
benjiyeah, I saw that you two were connected; last I heard Tim was doing remote contract work part-time-ish19:00
gary_posterbenji, did you see his title?  "Supreme commander" :-)19:00
gary_posteron Linked in19:00
benjiI hadn't.  That's funny.19:01
gary_posterugh, httplib2 doesn't keep old versions around on pypi. :-(19:04
gary_posterbreaks versions.cfg19:04
benjipeople who remove old versions are the source of all the world's problems19:07
benjiincluding overly compressed pop music19:08
benjigary_poster: do you have a second to discuss 963463?20:11
benjigary's notifications are broken20:15
bacgary_poster, you ever see your task bar freeze when you hook  up an external monitor?20:16
bacGARY ^^20:17
* bac dang20:17
benjibac: no one can hear you scream in spa...IRC20:19
* bac relocates20:19
gary_posterbac, no :-/20:23
gary_posterbenji, sure20:23
benjigary_poster: I am taking a taxi to our favoite hangout now.20:24
gary_posterbenji, ok, I am cursing notifications20:26
bacbye y'all.  have a nice weekend.20:46

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