FernandoCuevathe ets are calling me I belong to the infinite00:22
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listhey, what do you type in to get apps through terminal00:55
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)00:56
Unit193sudo apt-get install package00:56
listoh thanks00:56
Unit193apt-cache search words   or   apt-cache show package  are also handy.00:57
listwhat do they do00:57
Unit193Searches and shows info.00:58
listoh so is there any more functions00:58
Unit193Linked page should have all the info, and if not, the manpage for each is rather nice.00:58
Unit193Just type in   apt-cache   and it'll show you what it has.00:59
listoh so what goes sudo mean00:59
Unit193sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root")00:59
Unit193gksudo is for GUIs00:59
listcool thanks, GUIs???? huh (lost here)01:00
Unit193Ggraphical user interface == GUI01:00
listoh you mean for graph stuff or a os01:01
Unit193list: What do you mean by "simple browser"?01:04
listjust have the basic functions and not alot of things01:04
Unit193Browser options are generally: Chromium, Firefox, Midori, Opera, Eph(something), and others as well.01:06
listand how to install01:07
Unit193Same way as I just told you. You can also use Synaptic.01:09
listoh o.k.01:09
phillwUnit193: me thinks OP should be using LSC :)01:37
Unit193That's in the newer version, and he asked about terminal as well.01:38
phillwI saw, you can LSC to 11.10 as well :)01:39
FernandoCuevais it necesary to format the file systems of the partitions if the partitions are already set for fat32 and etx301:40
phillwFernandoCueva: yes01:40
phillwlinux will not install on fat3201:41
phillwext3 is quite old now & you should use ext401:41
FernandoCuevafat32 is for the boot info01:41
FernandoCuevais it ok to use it for the boot folder as I did on backtrack01:41
phillwgrub should be okay there.01:42
Unit193phillw: It's not in the default repo.01:42
phillwUnit193: it shows at https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa ?01:43
Unit193We can continue in offtopic if you wish, but that's not in a default install.01:44
FernandoCuevaI have a problem for lubuntu install01:54
FernandoCuevaI am reading the instalation guide but is confusing, it says to make The bootable partition should be FAT16 or FAT32 but when I do press create startp disk nothing happens01:55
FernandoCuevaI have the partition set to ext4 using the whole 4gb drive01:56
FernandoCuevaand is mouned01:58
FernandoCuevaI just notice the problem the guide says Run usb-creator using the -i IMG and I forget to remove IMG02:04
FernandoCuevaok my problem now is I'm getting an error saying failed to install the bootloeader why is that?02:13
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anodesniHi, I can't change the icon theme in lxde,  if I choose elementary it sticks at the gnome icons, any suggestions???07:52
bioterroredit .desktop file07:52
bioterroror what07:52
bioterrorI read without giving a thought07:52
bioterroranodesni, which version are you running?07:53
bioterroractually, sometimes pcmanfm needs to be restarted, I would suggest to logout and log back in after choosing that theme07:54
anodesnibioterror, where is this .desktop file? in .config/lxde-session/?08:01
bioterrorforget about the file08:02
bioterrorlogout and log back in08:02
bioterrorand see if it works08:02
bioterrorafter you have changed the theme08:02
anodesnihmm,  in my .config/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf  I have the line: sNet/IconThemeName=elementary, and I already have this setting for some time, so I've already rebooted my machine08:05
anodesniI also have this line in .gtkrc-2.0 gtk-icon-theme-name="elementary"08:06
anodesniStill I can only switch to nuoveXT theme with lxappearence08:07
bioterrorI have always changed themes with lxappearance, and without a problem08:08
bioterrorand there heg oes08:09
seblabeli finished my lubuntu-rc.xml08:37
seblabelit's a real success !08:37
seblabelthe chain keybinds are great08:37
seblabeli used W-p for material08:38
seblabelwith W-p-e = eject -T08:38
seblabelwhich is used to eject my dvd player08:38
seblabelW-o for openbox management, i saw this on the documentation08:38
seblabelW-o-r = openbox --reconfigure, for example08:39
seblabelW-l is used for launching programms08:39
seblabelthe possibilities are huge08:39
seblabelthank you for the help i received here08:40
seblabeli have a question, how can i open a several selected file in one time in the same editor, i did it with gnome and geany or gedit08:47
seblabelnow, i have to used each time the "open with" option08:47
chojinHi all09:00
chojinI'm looking for some help09:00
pAt_just ask chojin, if you don't ask, you'll never now if somebody can help you ;)09:05
chojinthax, sorry09:06
chojinI upgraded form ubuntu 11.10 to lubuntu 11.10 As my pc is a little bit old I made an outologin in unity2d and now when I strt lubuntu it always told me that it's imposible to star with unity2d and it goes to  lxde default desktop (not the lubuntu one)09:08
chojinHow can I change it again to begin with lubuntu??09:09
chojinI hope you understand me enough09:09
chojinI was looking in google and the wiki, but I find nothing09:11
JohnDoe_71Ruschojin: try remove file  ~/.dmrc09:11
chojinit must be a hidden file in the root ???09:13
JohnDoe_71Rusin home dir09:13
JohnDoe_71Rusyes hidde n09:13
chojinI should reboot, I will return to tell you if it works09:14
chojinThanks anyway09:14
chojinyou are so kind09:15
JohnDoe_71Rusjust logout then login09:15
chojin01JohnDoe_71Rus it works perfectly09:20
chojin01Thanks a lot09:20
JohnDoe_71Rusgreat. i try reconfig ubuntu to lubuntu. got this issue09:21
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jarnosWhat is it that xubuntu has and lubuntu does not have, that makes xubuntu's network manager applet shoe mobile broadband devices automatically?10:41
JohnDoe_71Ruswicd network manager?10:44
jarnosJohnDoe_71Rus, no, Xubuntu (11.04) does not have it10:45
seblabelwhat do you call mobile broadband ? wifi acess ?10:45
JohnDoe_71Rusjarnos: instal it10:47
jarnosseblabel, an usb device10:47
jarnosJohnDoe_71Rus, well I would prefer the same method that xubuntu has.10:48
seblabeldo you use ndiwrapper ?10:48
seblabelis it a material that is not automatically recognized ?10:49
JohnDoe_71Russeblabel: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01) not need10:51
seblabelhow did it worked on xubuntu, did you had to use a windows driver with it ?10:54
seblabelsee ↑10:56
jarnosseblabel, I plugged the usb device in and later an item for the mobile network was shown in the network manager item on panel.10:56
seblabelif this worked, tell us10:56
JohnDoe_71Russeblabel: some chipsets supported by kernel. ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu it doesn't matter11:03
jarnosInstalling network-manager-pptp-gnome did NOT help in 12.04.11:08
orhello all11:08
orim quite new to lubuntu11:08
orset it up in 11.10 alternate install11:09
orworks fine11:09
oronly on startup appears "waiting for network configuration" ... 60 sec more ...11:10
orwith the live cd all worked nicely11:10
oreven with the desktop install11:10
orbut now in alternate not ...11:11
ori saw that this seems to be a bug11:11
oris there a way to fix it or should i install other l/x/ubuntu ?11:11
orstarting nm-applet in terminal appears the tray icon but before says "awaita" not found or something like that11:13
JohnDoe_71Rusdo you edit /etc/network/interfaces?11:13
orthis seems to be an graphical issue11:13
orthere is my interface + network + pw written11:14
ori #commented things out11:14
orbut this doesnt seem to be the problem?    ... i dont understand the loopback stuff ...11:14
JohnDoe_71Rusi get some, then wrong add br0 interface11:15
ori set also in /etc/networkmanager    the manage stuff to true11:15
ori found also that user has to be allowed to use network + wireless11:16
orin the tray icon is everything but vpn connections gray11:16
orand there is gray written "device not ready"11:16
orwith right klick i enabled wireless connections11:17
orparten me JohnDoe ?11:18
orhow can i install the missing packages without network connection?11:19
orI saw that this is a "big bug" in 11.10   also for ubuntu users when they upgrade and for many lubuntu users in alternate (like me), as v12 is full of bugs should i downgrade? install 11.4?11:20
JohnDoe_71Rusor: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html11:21
orthank you I'll go through this11:25
or!   :)11:25
TheCheggsWOOHOO! 27 DAYS!11:32
orim still asking my self if i really should use Lubuntu  or better Xubuntu ...    im working on a fast machine but would like to run a realtime kernel and run audio stuff with it ... but all in an encrypted file system11:42
ordoesnt the encryption slow everything down?11:42
AngelForget28 days to the official release has already love the new version of Lubuntu'm testanto in all ways except for a few bugs but I do fully compliments to you guys12:28
seblabeli'm back12:51
seblabeli need help with pcmanfm behaviour12:52
seblabeli used this in lubuntu-rc.xml :12:52
seblabelpcmanfm /my/special/directory12:52
seblabelas a keybind12:52
seblabelbut, it does not work if no pcmanfm instance has already been started12:53
seblabeland anyway, pcmanfm is still started cause it manages the desktop12:57
seblabelsomeone have this problem ?13:16
seblabeltry to do this :13:19
seblabelpcmanfm /home/yourhome13:20
seblabelin a terminal13:20
seblabelwhat happens ?13:20
seblabelexept if pcmanfm was already running13:20
TheCheggshow is everyone this morning/evening?13:23
seblabelsomeone here ?13:23
TheCheggsi am!13:23
seblabelif someone could try, it would be great13:24
seblabelhey TheCheggs !13:24
TheCheggswhat seems to be the problem?13:24
seblabeltry this :13:24
seblabelin a terminal13:24
seblabelpcmanfm /home/yourhome13:24
seblabelwhat happens ?13:24
seblabelexept if pcmanfm was already running13:25
TheCheggsit comes up with my home13:25
TheCheggsit works for me13:25
seblabelnot here13:25
seblabelsomething is wrong13:25
TheCheggsand you putting a space between pcmanfm and /home/etc13:26
TheCheggswell i am just using openbox standalone and not LXDE but it should be the same thing.13:27
seblabelyes, i put a space between13:27
seblabeli'm using a keybind in lubuntu-rc.xml13:27
seblabelit works when pcmanfm is already started13:28
seblabelbut if not, nothing happens13:28
seblabelso, i had the idea to try in a terminal13:28
seblabeland the result is the same13:28
TheCheggsalright do me a favor, close out pcmanfm and then type pcmanfm /home/yourname/Desktop into the termianl and pastebin the output13:29
seblabelcan it be related with tab creation in pcmanfm ?13:29
TheCheggsi wouldn't think so13:29
seblabelnothing to paste13:30
seblabelpcmanfm /home/myhome13:30
seblabel 13:30
TheCheggscould it be in another workspace?13:30
TheCheggshave you done an update or something?13:31
seblabeli tried pcmanfm --help-all13:31
seblabelbut it's empty13:31
TheCheggstry just typing pcmanfm into the term13:32
seblabelit then open my home13:33
TheCheggslet me log out right quick and get back into LXDE and see if i have the same problem, brb13:33
seblabelthank you!13:33
TheCheggsno worrys just one sec13:33
TheCheggsit works fine13:35
seblabelgood for you !13:35
TheCheggsi don't know what to tell you13:36
seblabeli certainly did something wrong13:36
TheCheggshave you been messing around with config files?13:36
seblabelwith lubuntu-rc.xml13:36
seblabelfor the moment13:36
TheCheggshow about before the problem started?13:37
seblabelwell, i don't know13:37
seblabel<keybind key="W-l">13:38
seblabel<keybind key="s">13:38
seblabel<action name="Execute">13:38
seblabel<command>pcmanfm /home/seb/.scripts/</command>13:38
seblabelhere is the bindkey13:38
seblabelall others work perfectly13:38
TheCheggstry getting rid of the /home/seb/.scripts part13:39
seblabelthis one, only when pcmanfm is already strated13:39
TheCheggsand just leave the command like <command>pcmanfm</command>13:39
seblabelthis way, it works13:39
seblabelas in the original keybind for pcmanfm13:39
seblabelbut it has no interest for my purpose13:40
seblabellet me restart OB and see13:40
seblabelthank you for helping13:40
TheCheggssorry i couldn't help more :\13:40
TheCheggsubeki beki beki beki stan tan14:29
TheCheggshey leszek, how are you?14:43
leszekTheCheggs: fine and you ?14:43
TheCheggsi am doing alright :)14:47
TheCheggsthank you for asking14:47
TheCheggsnothing like a can of off brand chef boyardee spaghetti and meatballs to start the morning off right14:49
TheCheggshey seblabel, you get it working?17:05
seblabelsorry for the inconvenience17:05
seblabeli was catched by the neighbourhood who needed help17:06
TheCheggswhat inconvenience?17:06
seblabelhe is 8017:06
TheCheggsaww man17:06
TheCheggsdon't worry about it17:06
seblabellet's try17:06
TheCheggswhat are we trying?17:06
seblabelit's working17:06
* TheCheggs dances17:07
* TheCheggs is a horrible dancer :\17:07
* seblabel is singing17:07
ErrorXWould some look in het desktop session manager what name there is in default?17:07
* seblabel is also an horrible dancer17:07
TheCheggswhat do you mean ErrorX?17:08
seblabelErrorX: what file should we look at ?17:08
seblabelTheCheggs: so17:08
seblabelthe keybind : W-l-s give me my scripts directory17:08
ErrorXI have changed the windows manager from default to another manager17:08
seblabelwith the command : pcmanfm /home/me/my-scripts17:09
ErrorXAnd I now don;t know the default value?17:09
ErrorXit is something with box or open17:09
seblabelErrorX: in what file should we loook ?17:09
ErrorXprefences --> desktop sessie manager17:10
ErrorXand then advance options17:10
ErrorXen then there is the window manager17:11
seblabelthat is my value : openbox-lxde17:11
ErrorXthanks but if i reboot the other window manager appears17:11
seblabelmaybe an other file to modify17:12
ErrorXi did this tut: http://askubuntu.com/questions/73536/is-there-a-lightweight-way-to-snap-windows-in-lubuntu17:12
ErrorXbut now i can't go back17:13
TheCheggsmy pc just flipped out sorry about taht17:13
TheCheggsnow what was the problem?17:14
ErrorXi want back to the default window manager17:15
TheCheggswhat windows manager are you using now?17:15
TheCheggsah alright17:16
TheCheggsits been a while since i done it so lemme look right quick17:16
ErrorXthanks in advance:)17:16
TheCheggsdo you remember what program you started to change to xfwm?17:17
seblabelwhat is the difference between openbox-lubuntu and openbox-lxde as window managers ?17:17
TheCheggsmost likly themes,17:18
TheCheggsi mean i would imagine17:18
TheCheggserrorx do you remember what you used to switch to xfwm?17:18
seblabelok TheCheggs17:18
ErrorXonly a reboot and cd ~/.config/lxsession17:18
ErrorXmkdir Lubuntu17:18
ErrorXcp LXDE/* Lubuntu/17:18
TheCheggslemme look around a bit more17:19
ErrorXits now default the xfwm17:19
TheCheggsah gotta log out into lxde right quick to properly do this, one second17:20
seblabelErrorX: what do you have in both desktop.conf files ?17:20
ErrorXwhere can i find the desktop.conf?17:20
ErrorXin the ./config17:21
TheCheggsgo to your menu then prefernces then destop session settings17:21
ErrorXi am there17:21
TheCheggsthen click the avanced options tab17:21
TheCheggsand put openbox-lxde17:22
ErrorXokee done17:22
TheCheggsalright click ok17:22
TheCheggsthen reboot and see if that didn't work :)17:22
ErrorXoke a moment17:22
TheCheggsdid it work?17:25
ErrorXthanks it worked17:25
TheCheggs:) great!17:25
ErrorXbut now only my shortcut don't work17:25
TheCheggswhat shortcut?17:25
ErrorXalle shotcuts like ctrl alt d17:25
ErrorXfor the "explorer"17:25
TheCheggsoh to bring it up?17:26
ErrorXnow it does minimize the screens17:26
TheCheggsthen it was most likly window manager specific17:27
ErrorXi have now the "openbox configuration manager" but it seem it didn have a effect on the theme etc17:29
TheCheggsdo you see the button to the right of the menu button?17:29
TheCheggsalright well you can add a shortcut to the file manager on your panel17:30
ErrorXin the left corner i have by default a shotcut to open a file manager17:30
ErrorXbut a shortcut wil be faster17:31
ErrorXwith shortcut do you use?17:31
TheCheggswell i use just standalone openbox17:31
TheCheggsi don't normally use LXDE17:31
ErrorXis openbox without lxde better?17:31
TheCheggswell really its all personal preference17:32
TheCheggsi mean i like it better but you may not17:32
ErrorXthats right17:32
leszekhow can you compare a window manager to a desktop environment17:33
leszekthats just like comparing bananas and grenades17:33
ErrorXopenbox is a windows manager right?17:33
TheCheggswhat leszek?17:33
TheCheggsyeah it is error17:33
leszekErrorX: yes openbox is a windowmanager17:33
ErrorXand lxde a X11 desktop environment?17:34
leszekErrorX: so you can't compare a window manager to a desktop environment17:34
TheCheggsopenbox can be used standalone just fine leszek17:34
leszekthere is only one exception thats called e17, which officially calls itself a window manager but in reality it even has more desktop environment features than lxde17:35
FernandoCuevawhy is it that the only partition that works for lubuntu install using usb creator is fat32? I thought it didn't see that fs17:35
leszekTheCheggs: yes it can, I never doubt that17:35
TheCheggsso what is your deal?17:35
leszekTheCheggs: my deal is that you can't compare a window manager to a desktop environment, because a window manager is only there for handling windows. It does not have any session or theming features and is not meant to be comfortable to use out of the box17:37
leszekFernandoCueva: fat32 can be read by linux17:37
FernandoCuevaso lubuntu install usb drive has fat32 is that allowed17:38
TheCheggsi'd have to disagree with you there leszek, openbox has great theming and is very comfortable with something like tint217:38
leszekTheCheggs: exactly with tint2 . So the window manager itself has no panel . Theming works only for the window decorator but not for the gtk+/qt apps17:39
FernandoCuevais on a fat32 partition I mean17:39
leszekFernandoCueva: what do you want to do ? If you want to install lubuntu on a fat32 usb stick, this won't work due to missing permission management on fat3217:39
ErrorXsabnzdplus chashed totaly xd17:40
TheCheggsso i guess you just run lubuntu bare with no sort of modding except themes?17:40
FernandoCuevais already installed on a fat32 leszek that's why I'm puzzle17:40
leszekFernandoCueva: but it shouldn't boot or run correctly17:41
FernandoCuevausb-creator did it17:41
FernandoCuevait wouldn't allow me use another fs type17:41
TheCheggsopenbox works just a good as a standerd DE17:41
leszekusb-creator does not install anything17:41
ErrorXon every command that i put in the terminal i get bash: /usr/bin/oitop: input/output error17:41
leszekit uses the syslinux bootloader which can only boot from fat partitions17:41
FernandoCuevaand right now is trying to load lubuntu from the usb stick17:41
TheCheggswhat kind of commands are you putting in Error17:42
TheCheggshold on17:42
leszekTheCheggs: openbox is no DE so how can it work as a standard DE ? You need to tweak it. You need to setup autostart for powermanagement, networkmanagement and you need to get a tray with trayer, stalonetray or a panel including a tray just like tint2. So it takes a lot configuration to do this.17:43
leszekThis is what you need to do to have something compared to a DE17:43
TheCheggseverything in linux needs tweaking to get it to work just like you want it17:43
leszekif you only need a window manager than openbox is really ok and enough17:43
TheCheggsand theres alot of people coming in here that are new to linux17:44
leszekbut if you want a out of the box working experience you need a proper Desktop environment17:44
TheCheggsjust becuase they don't know the differnce doesn't mean you have to be harsh17:44
leszekI am not harsh. I just explained properly what the difference between a window manager and a desktop environment ist17:45
TheCheggsleszek> wtf17:45
TheCheggs<ErrorX> thats right17:45
TheCheggs<leszek> how can you compare a window manager to a desktop environment17:45
FernandoCuevaanybody here knows if a usb port uses more energy or less then a cdrom ordvd17:45
TheCheggsseemed a bit harsh to me17:45
ErrorXcd /dvd more17:46
leszekTheCheggs: it wasn't meant to be harsh17:46
TheCheggsthen why did you write "wtf"?17:47
leszekjust a expression of suprise17:49
leszekI could write 'lol' perhaps ;)17:49
TheCheggsalright man, i don't want any agressions but i thought you were being rude17:50
TheCheggsmis communication :)17:50
* leszek goto | grep something to eat17:51
TheCheggssudo apt-get install sandwiche17:51
smile4eversudo apt-get install meal-meta ? :)17:51
smile4everi'm leaving, bye :) good night everyone17:52
TheCheggsi always come in late17:56
TheCheggsand i am back17:58
TheCheggsi got a screen shot for you guys17:59
=== ErrorXx is now known as ErrorX
* ErrorX to TheCheggs got a check disk on reboot18:03
TheCheggsoh crap18:05
TheCheggsdid it come out clean?18:05
TheCheggsoh were there problems reported?18:05
ErrorXit started up but what do you mean with clean?18:05
TheCheggswell did it repair anything?18:05
ErrorXi think no18:05
ErrorXit was done very fast18:05
ErrorXsabnzbplus continued the download but it will crash again in some time18:06
TheCheggsmy system did a check disk randomly about 3 months ago but it aint dead yet18:06
ErrorXdownload is ready but i think its maybe a disk error18:10
TheCheggscrap :\18:10
ErrorXis did the check with the tool in lubuntu, theres no error xd18:12
ErrorXits weird, someone here uses sabnzbd?18:13
TheCheggsi don't18:16
ErrorXim gone18:26
ErrorXthanks for the advice18:26
TheCheggsdang it again18:26
TheCheggsmissed it18:26
seblabelTheCheggs: you seem to have a problem on your screenshot18:26
TheCheggswhat is that?18:29
seblabelin the bottom, it's written facebook18:29
TheCheggsah haha18:30
TheCheggsoh facebook18:30
TheCheggsi talk to a friend on there18:30
TheCheggswhos computer broke18:30
seblabelcertainly a spam or something18:31
TheCheggsi personnaly hate facebook18:31
seblabelwhy do you use it ?18:31
TheCheggsbunch of teenage girls and soccer moms18:31
TheCheggsthat friend18:31
TheCheggsbout the only thing good about it is the ablity to share pictures18:31
seblabeli have a huge quantity of friend18:32
TheCheggsbut i am sure there are other sites that allow for commently18:32
seblabelbut nobody could make me use this18:32
seblabelcause i have something else18:32
TheCheggswell i joined a few years ago becuase my mom wanted me on it18:32
TheCheggsi dont have RL friends so18:32
TheCheggswhat is it?18:32
seblabelan e-mail box18:32
seblabelit's great18:33
TheCheggsi perfer standerd mail18:33
TheCheggsgood ol honest letters18:34
TheCheggsbut all thats used for now adays is magizines and bills18:34
seblabelyou can use jabber or irc for you friend18:34
seblabelwell, i don't want to annoy you more18:35
TheCheggswhoa is jabber foss?18:35
TheCheggsoh i don't mind!18:35
seblabelI read you talking about openbox WM, DE18:36
seblabelit's intersting18:36
seblabeland i have to say that i would love to use only openbox18:37
seblabeli have a old laptop that i use with slitaz18:37
seblabel(slitaz use lxde)18:37
seblabeli would like to use a very epurated system18:38
seblabelon this computer18:38
seblabeland maybe openbox as WM/DE18:38
seblabelcan you give me some advices about this ?18:38
TheCheggswell you are gonna need tint218:38
seblabeltint2 is a panel ?18:39
TheCheggsso you can switch to differnt windows18:39
TheCheggsat the bottom of that screen shot18:39
TheCheggsthats tint 218:39
seblabelalt+tab is not enough ?18:39
TheCheggswell you could use alt tab18:39
TheCheggsi just like having a clock and programs list :)18:40
seblabelvery epurated is my dream18:40
seblabelthat true18:40
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
seblabeli guess that i could install tint2 if needed18:40
seblabelshould i use debian ?18:41
seblabeli mean, for this epurated install ?18:41
seblabelor do you know something else ?18:41
TheCheggslet me give this straight, you want a system that you can build from the ground up to set up exactly like  you want?18:41
TheCheggssomething like that?18:43
Unit193I haven't been following, but if that is true, you can use the Ubuntu minimal CD, but you need to know what you are doing more as nobody else will know what's installed or the configuration.18:45
TheCheggswell i was gonna recommend Arch18:45
TheCheggsif he wanted something like that18:45
TheCheggsi used arch for a while but, not my cup of tea18:47
Unit193Yeah, but that wouldn't be what he's looking for exactly.18:48
CTtechguyTheCheggs: what distro you run?18:48
TheCheggsi have been jumping back and forth between differnt ubuntus and some arch18:48
TheCheggsbut currently lubuntu18:49
CTtechguyI was running Crunchbang for awhile but I am now back on Lubuntu18:49
TheCheggsi was looking a crunchbang18:49
TheCheggsthought about trying it out but18:49
TheCheggsi don't know alot of debian but i know the repos were pretty outdated18:50
TheCheggsand didn't know of anyway to update them18:50
bioterroruse sid18:50
TheCheggsbut then again its the stable version18:50
bioterrordebians stable is stable18:50
bioterrorit's not called stable for nothing18:50
TheCheggsextremely so :)18:50
bioterrorif you want bleeding edge, take Arch's testing ;)18:51
TheCheggsi would never18:51
TheCheggsone of the reasons i don't like arch is its bleeding edgeness but to take it further then it currently is18:51
philipballew_QUESTION: Is there a way to download the Lubuntu screentests and view them offline? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation#Screencasts18:51
philipballew_or is that allowed?18:51
CTtechguyI find myself switching distros every few months18:51
TheCheggsthat would be pretty horrible in my book18:51
TheCheggsme too cttechguy18:52
CTtechguyI need to nail one down because I spend more time messing around with getting it right18:52
bioterrorphilipballew_, quite hard to download them?18:53
philipballew_bioterror, well I was unsure the correct way to download off bliptv?18:53
TheCheggsisn't there tool for that in firefox?18:55
philipballew_TheCheggs, maybe its time I load firefox18:56
philipballew_first time in a few months18:56
TheCheggsyou using chrome?18:56
philipballew_TheCheggs, yeah18:57
TheCheggsthere might be something in there appstore or whatever its called18:57
TheCheggsnot to sure however18:57
TheCheggsnever really used chrome18:58
philipballew_i have ff installed as well. I like both.18:58
seblabelso, i will try a minimal ubuntu with openbox 100%18:58
seblabelhow can i do that ? if someone know18:59
philipballew_seblabel, build drom ground up18:59
TheCheggssounds good seblabel :)18:59
philipballew_i can find you a link seblabel18:59
seblabelthis computer is a 600mhz cpu19:00
seblabeland now 128 mo19:00
seblabelit was 24 mo before, and ONLY slitaz allow me to used it with graphics19:00
seblabeli bought it19:01
TheCheggsis it one of those old lap tops?19:01
seblabela toshiba19:01
TheCheggsi know we have one around here, an HP from 2002 i think it is19:01
TheCheggswith 256meg of ram and 800 mhz if i am not mistaken19:01
TheCheggsis that the one?19:03
TheCheggsis that windows 2000 sticker?19:03
seblabelwith slitaz and the 128 mo, it's now a real rocket19:03
seblabelyes, windows ME19:04
seblabelit was sold with it19:04
seblabel(i wonder how people could used this)19:04
Unit193Mine want to continue on #lubuntu-offtopic.19:04
TheCheggsi was blessed to have never used ME but from what i've heard it stands for Microsoft Eats turds19:05
CTtechguyphilipballew: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/netvideohunter-video-downloade/?src=search19:05
CTtechguywill allow you to dl from blip19:05
philipballew_CTtechguy, thank you19:06
seblabelTheCheggs: philipballew_ link could be interesting for you19:06
TheCheggsi am using openbox right now :)19:07
TheCheggsobmenu is a good tool, sure beats the heck out of editing all that text19:08
seblabelphilipballew_: thank you19:08
CTtechguyI have a dell inspiron c610 with 512gm ram that runs crunchbang very well19:08
seblabelso, here we go19:11
seblabellet's try19:11
seblabeli'm trying debian minimal install19:19
seblabeland if it's ok, i will use openbox only19:20
bioterrorit is okay19:20
seblabeland keybinds19:20
TheCheggsseblabel, i deem you worthy of openbox knighthood, you shall now be known as Sir Seblabel!19:21
seblabeloh my Lord, you gave the greatest honor19:22
seblabelrc.xml will become my Graal19:23
TheCheggsi could share my configs with you :>19:24
seblabeloh yes!19:24
TheCheggs:D i shall package them right away!19:25
bioterrorif I share mine, would it be a threesome then?19:25
TheCheggsAWW YEAH!!!19:25
bioterroractually, I dont have much there, only chromium opens into certain workspace and some window movements19:26
seblabelwhat is chromium ?19:27
bioterrorweb browser19:27
TheCheggsi have just simple configs, nothing special19:27
TheCheggsdo you want my menu config?19:27
bioterrorif I dont have browser running and I click url, it will spawn browser into workspace #219:28
seblabel98% ohhhh19:32
seblabelohhhh yeahhhhh!!19:33
TheCheggsAWWY EAH19:34
TheCheggsi was gonna use mediafire19:36
TheCheggsbut there little pansy boys19:36
TheCheggswith ther eclients now19:36
littlegirlHey there, is there a page anywhere that lists what will change between Lubuntu 11.10 and Lubuntu 12.04?19:42
bioterrorLXDM to LightDM19:43
bioterrorLubuntu Software Centre will be added19:43
littlegirlIs there a 12.04 beta .iso?19:44
littlegirlWe just discovered Lubuntu last night, and my son liked 11.10, but we'd love to see what the LTS will be like. (:19:44
seblabelhey littlegirl, i'm sure that your an old boy19:45
bioterroras awesome as 11.10 ,;)19:45
littlegirlI'm a die-hard KDE user, but my son uses Ubuntu, and he's horrified at the changes to GNOME, and looking for an alternative. (:19:45
littlegirlDo you have a link to the beta? I wasn't able to find it.19:45
TheCheggsi'm trying to find some documentation on 12.0419:45
Unit193littlegirl: cdimage.ubuntu.com19:46
littlegirlUnit193: Oh, nice! Bookmarked! (:19:46
TheCheggsi can't seem to locate one19:48
TheCheggsnice bioterror19:50
TheCheggsbrb all19:50
bioterrorthere really is no big changes in Lubuntu19:51
bioterrormostly the one you will see is that LXDM is now changed to LightDM19:51
littlegirlI'm 35% done grabbing it and will be checking out the LightDM shortly. (:19:52
littlegirlBy the way, that fridge page links to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu and there's no mention of what will be different there.19:53
littlegirlI had never even heard of your project until last night. (:19:53
bioterrorbetter late than never, right?19:54
Unit193bioterror: Some application updates as well, but nothing "major" like switching to Unity. ;)19:54
bioterroror switching to plasma19:54
hosokais there a way where I can report upgrade issues error ?19:55
bioterrorhosoka, launchpad19:56
Unit193Upgrade issues? QA tracker I'd think.19:56
hosokabioterror: can you provide me link please ?19:56
bioterrorhosoka, what kind of issue you have, if I may ask?19:56
hosokaUnit193: that is what I mean, I could not find the correct path.19:56
Unit193qa.ubuntu.com maybe?19:56
littlegirlMy son is saying that somewhere in the forums he saw that the latest version of 64-bit Kubuntu would always be fully backward compatible with 32-bit software. He's wondering if that will also be the case with Lubuntu.19:57
hosokabioterror: upgrade from Lubuntu 10.10 with only the lubuntu-core upgading this till the 11.10 where it fail19:57
bioterrorlittlegirl, yeah you can use 32bit libraries19:58
hosokathe autologin feature hang on on me which resulted no display at all. I believe at the plymouth, not sure, it turns out black.19:58
littlegirlbioterror: Awesome, thanks! I think he's found a new operating system when the LTS comes out. (:19:58
hosokaI would need to report this if someone can do a similar test like this.19:59
littlegirl82% done downloading, and counting... (:19:59
TheCheggssorry i am back20:07
littlegirlOkay, I booted the Live CD and the mouse cursor is different (looks nicer), the network icon is different, and there's the Software Center. Other than that it looks and seems to act like it did. My son will definitely be using it when the LTS comes out next month. (:20:08
hosokawill the new LTS version work below 256 MB Ram ?20:15
littlegirlNo idea. I'm giving it 512MB in my virtual machine. (:20:16
TheCheggshow much ram is it using in virtual box littlegirl?20:18
littlegirlTheCheggs: I'm in the middle of actually installing it right now, but I'll let you know when it's done. (:20:19
TheCheggsohh alright thank you :)20:19
littlegirlThis page talks about the Lubuntu requirements. It doesn't list them, yet, so you might wnat to keep an eye on it: http://lubuntu.net/tags/requirements20:20
hosokaok, just for me to know if I need more RAM in case.20:20
littlegirlAfter it's done installing, I can boot the Live CD again and give it less than 256 MB and see how it does. (:20:20
TheCheggsholy crap20:20
TheCheggsthis hasn't been updated in forever20:20
hosokalittlegirl: thanks20:20
TheCheggslucid haha20:20
littlegirlOr I can change the amount of RAM the installed version uses and probably test it out better. (:20:20
littlegirlhosoka: Any time. (:20:20
littlegirlHow much RAM shall I give it?20:20
TheCheggswell 512 is fine i just was wanting to see how much ram it used idling20:21
hosokalittlegirl: try with less and see what it gives20:21
littlegirlTheCheggs: My son said when I used it last night (but that was Lubuntu 11.10), it used like a hundred and some MB of RAM, and anywhere from 0% - 3% CPU. I'm not sure how much 12.04 uses, but will know shortly. (:20:22
littlegirlhosoka: Will do. It's most of the way done installing now. (:20:22
TheCheggsthanks :D20:23
hosokaI have made a request for testing with the Lubuntu QA forum20:23
littlegirlI'm not sure how much of a difference it will make that this is inside of VirtualBox, either, rather than directly on the hard drive. Does that make any difference when judging how well something runs?20:24
hosokaas I am using less then 512 currently. Frankly speaking not even half of it :-)20:24
littlegirlInstallation complete. Rebooting...20:24
littlegirlI like the new log-in interface. (:20:24
littlegirlIt's using 108 MB of RAM with just the Task Manager open.20:25
hosokaare you log-in putting the credentials everytime ?20:25
hosokais there an autologin feature ?20:26
littlegirlhosoka: Nope. You just have to type your password now. It puts your user name in for you. (:20:26
littlegirlHmmm, will have to reboot and see. (:20:26
littlegirlHow much RAM shall I give it to cripple it nicely?20:26
TheCheggs256 should be nice20:27
TheCheggsand if it runs fine on 25620:27
littlegirlOkay, 256 it will be. (:20:27
hosokatry 196 ?20:27
littlegirlOkay, trying that instead. (:20:27
MrChrisDruiflittlegirl; are you the same I saw the other day on #ubuntu-doc ?20:28
littlegirlMrChrisDruif: Yep - I kind of flit around from place to place. (:20:28
littlegirlI've been helping out with the Kubuntu documentation. (:20:28
hosokaI believe we all need to peak from time to time to Ubuntu :-)20:28
MrChrisDruifWe could use some help with Lubuntu documentation ^_^20:29
KM0201of course20:29
MrChrisDruifIf you'ew interested, ping me on #lubuntu-offtopic littlegirl20:29
littlegirlMrChrisDruif: Well, I now know DocBook and Bazaar. (:20:30
littlegirlMrChrisDruif: Will do in a moment. (:20:30
littlegirlhosoka: I totally forgot. There is no way to auto-log-in from the log-in screen, but it asked me if I wanted that feature when I did the installation, so yes, you can definitely have it automatically log you in if you like.20:31
littlegirlI took a screenshot of the new log-in interface and will post it momentarily.20:31
tatawhichone audio mixer good operate in lubuntu 11.10?20:33
littlegirlLOL, it's using 78 to 79 MB of 183 MB of available RAM. (:20:33
littlegirlI notice a *very* slight slowness to it compared to when I gave it 512 MB of RAM, but nothing you probably couldn't live with. Hmmm, I'm wondering if I should hit the thrift shop and go find some old computer to throw a copy of this onto just for fun. (:20:34
hosokalittlegirl: thanks for that. Found a link for this request on http://www.computersupportforums.com/showthread.php?tid=5198420:35
hosokaSeems that there are more demands for this.20:35
littlegirlhosoka: Oh! So if you don't choose it during installation, it can't be done?20:36
hosokalittlegirl: not sure, as I got stuck on the autologin feature when upgrading to 11.10 where this feature was gone without any reason.20:37
hosokaas I have only 1 pc that is in being used by everyone I cannot test everytime on it if the autologin feature was enabled. With this I need to install the whole system again.20:38
littlegirlhosoka: Well, during the installation it asked if I wanted to use a password and if I wanted to auto-log-in. I chose the password, but at that point you could choose the auto-log-in. (:20:38
littlegirlhosoka: Hopefully the developers will tell you how it can be done, even if it's from the command line. (:20:38
hosokafrom the forums I found out it works but not for everyone20:39
hosokalike me for example :-)20:39
hosokaknowing the it used lxdm or lightdm by default it did not worked for me for a while now.20:40
hosokanot sure if the gdm which I am using conflicts with the currently used display manager by default with the latest distro.20:40
littlegirlhosoka: Well, if you know for sure that you want it, you can choose it during installation, but then it will probably use it forever. I'm not sure if you could change it back without reinstalling. Hopefully someone knows. (:20:41
hosokaI will need to test it on a seperate pc. Or if someone can test with with Lubuntu 11.04 using the GDM display manager with Autologin activated and then from there upgraded to 12.0420:43
hosokasee if this works out. For sure to check this out20:43
littlegirlI suspect that if you upgrade, it respects your existing settings.20:43
hosokaI have tested Ubuntu with the lightDM and the autologin works perfrect.20:43
littlegirlhosoka: Ah, then it should work for you, because that's what Lubuntu uses. (:20:44
hosokanot when you upgrade from 11.04 with GDM to 11.1020:44
hosokasomehow with the 11.10 the autologin feature got kicked out20:45
Unit193Working on one here.20:45
littlegirlI think that's because LightDM uses ldm rather than gdm.20:45
hosokathat's what I thought20:45
Unit193LightDM is a manager like GDM, it doesn't *use* GDM.20:46
hosokaUnit193: but on LightDM have you enabled auto login ?20:46
littlegirlUnit193: That probably explains it, then.20:47
Unit193LightDM is in 12.04, I don't use that.20:47
hosokafor me it does not matters, but for the users on the pc they are used to it, that's why.20:47
hosokaas LightDM in Ubuntu autologin workst different on Lubuntu not ?20:48
Unit193LightDM does have autologin.20:49
hosokait works simply like on this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/51086/how-do-i-enable-auto-login-in-lightdm20:49
hosokaUnit193: I know that it has, but on lubuntu it works different then on Ubuntu20:49
hosokanot sure if in Lubuntu are able to use a gui for example or to enabled it in lxterminal20:50
hosokamany questions regarding this topic and this is another example: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/enable-autologin-in-lightdm-929740/20:51
Unit193https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LightDM#Enabling_Autologin This says how to do it.20:52
Unit193But, generally pangolin support is in #ubuntu+1 as more people that know are in there. :P  (Ask either here or there though, don't crosspost)20:53
hosokaUnit193: thanks I will have a look into it.20:56
hosokaGood night all, will leave now.20:56
FernandoCuevawhat is the recommended partittion layout for lubuntu21:51
TheCheggsstanerd for ubuntu should work fine21:52
bioterrorFernandoCueva, 1.5x the ram for swap and rest for the /21:54
phillwunless you hate pain, and want to make a seperate /home :)22:01
FernandoCuevaif i need to set up a separate /home I have to edit the fstab line correct22:06
bioterroryou have to do it on the installation22:08
bioterrorotherwise you have to edit partition sizes and then edit fstab22:08
FernandoCuevaI just installed opera as webbrowser on lubuntu but the icon doesn't show on internet apps why is that where is it22:40
bioterrorit's located in /usr/share/applications/22:41
bioterrorprobably opera.desktop22:41
FernandoCuevabut why wasn't the icon put on the internet suite22:44
bioterroryou can rise a bug against opera22:46
bioterrorand it should be added22:46
bioterrorjust like firefox and all the others22:47
FernandoCuevabut it added inself in my other pc with ubuntu22:47
bioterroropera is a nice operating system and quite okay web browser inside it ;)22:47
bioterrormy 12.04 doesnt have Opera22:49
bioterrorin the repos22:49
FernandoCuevashame on you22:50
bioterrorso if you installed that from the ubuntu repositories, you should file a bug against opera22:51
FernandoCuevaI downloaded the file from opera site22:52
bioterrorokay, then it's not our problem22:52
bioterrorit's opera's staff who has packaged it22:52
bioterrorFernandoCueva, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser#Install_via_repository_.28recommended.2922:54
bioterrorthat's how you should do it22:54
FernandoCuevawhy the linux kernel in lubuntu doesn't want to upgrade, I type apt-get upgrade but linux-generic linux-headers-generic and linux-image-generic are among the packages that are being kept back23:28
Unit193You'll need to "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" for that.23:28
FernandoCuevaI downloaded 10.04 because it was lts23:29
Unit193upgrade = upgrade is used to install the newest versions of all packages currently installed.23:29
FernandoCuevawill that command upgrade me to 12.0423:29
FernandoCuevaI can't update kernel version if i don't move off 10.04 is that what you're saying23:31
FernandoCuevaI thought 10.04 was lts or still supported23:31
Unit193No it is not what I'm saying.23:32
Unit193sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will install new packages if needed by others while upgrade alone will not.23:32
FernandoCuevagot it23:35
waspwhat's sup players23:42
FernandoCuevawhy when I want to remove chronium it also wants to get rid of the lxde enviroment wtf what does it thinks it is23:45
waspfermandocueva: same thing here but i think yiu cant remove the default browser23:47
wxlFernandoCueva: what browser do you want?23:47
bioterrorFernandoCueva, it wants to get rid of lubuntu-desktop?23:50
FernandoCuevaI want opera alone23:50
bioterrorit's okay23:50
FernandoCuevait's the lxde desktop enviroment I will be blind23:51
wxlhave you made opera the default browser already FernandoCueva ?23:51
FernandoCuevano yet23:51
wxldo so then try again23:51
FernandoCuevathis is an anoyance23:51
bioterrorFernandoCueva, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveLubuntuDesktop23:53
wxlbioterror: nono, he JUST wants to get rid of chromium23:53
bioterrorand chromium is listed in lubuntu-desktop23:54
bioterrorif I remember right23:54
bioterroryou can correct me if I'm wrong23:54
FernandoCuevaso I have to change default browser in order to remove chronium without it asking me to also get rid of lxde23:55
wxlhold on, =checking my theory here23:56
bioterrorFernandoCueva, read again what it suggestss23:56
bioterrorif you remove chromium, it will ask to remove lubuntu-desktop, nothing to deal with lxde23:56
FernandoCuevalet me read you what it says here23:57
FernandoCuevait says it is the lubuntu desktop enviroment23:58
FernandoCuevathis package is the lxde desktop as a lightweight ubuntu enviroment23:59
bioterrorand by that it means lubuntu-desktop23:59
bioterrorwhich is this meta package23:59
FernandoCuevais not gnome?23:59

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