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neglesaksbecause the beta 2 is still a development release, and not released to the general upgrades yet00:05
neglesaksgood night :=900:05
aguiteli am in 11.10 triyng to upgrade to 12.04 ,when i type in command line sudo do-release-upgrade -d it say :No new release found ,why ?00:15
glosoliaguitel: it's not officially out ?00:21
aguitelglosoli, not00:22
glosoliaguitel: so that might be the problem :) ?00:23
glosoliaguitel: Beta 2 was released recently00:23
aguitelglosoli, in other pc it work00:23
glosoliaguitel: aa sorry then hmm, do you use the same mirrors00:23
glosoliin both pcs ?00:23
aguitelin that i am now not00:24
glosoliyou could try switching to main mirror00:25
glosoliaguitel: maybe it would help, I am not sure00:26
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oscarpaatsHi. How to enable webGL in Google Chrome?01:09
oscarpaatsI tried the terminal one but does not work01:09
trismoscarpaats: it works on my nvidia desktop with chromium, but not on this netbook with intel, this page: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1220892 vaguely indicates that mesa < 7.9 is required to work with intel, but we have 8.0 in precise, so that may be a reason01:23
simononlaptopIs it possible to update 11.10 to 12.04 through termianl yet01:38
mkultra_doubt it01:38
mkultra_download the 12.04 image and install it to a flash drive and boot from the flash, check it out, i think i put beta 1 on here, and upgraded to beta 201:39
NFisherHi all! how do i get transperent gnome panels in 12.04?01:39
simononlaptopI have awful internet  thats why i asked lol01:40
mkultra_i would turn compiz on fisher01:41
ratcheersimononlaptop: Upgrading via terminal or GUI shouldn't make much difference for the internet access.01:41
mkultra_and use transparency plugin01:41
mkultra_make sure to get the plugins for compiz01:42
mkultra_and ccsm to enable your plugins to enable transparency through that01:42
simononlaptopanything is a difference on 20kps down01:42
NFisherdid it for me :)01:42
trismNFisher: you can use gnome-tweak-tool to change themes, also System Settings/Appearance lets you change between a few hardcoded themes01:43
NFisheroh ok thx!01:44
trismNFisher: yes, transparent panels weren't working so well with the applets last time I tried01:44
NFisheromg :/01:44
mkultra_brightness opacity and saturation01:44
mkultra_alt + mousewheel opacity on everything01:45
NFishercan you tell me which font was default in 10.04?01:46
mkultra_nope, 10.04 is really old01:47
mkultra_i went from 10.10 to 10.04 and it was horrible01:47
trismNFisher: sans on my desktop, but I may have messed with them01:47
NFishertrism, yeah just switched it to sans ;)01:47
mrd_iam using 11.1001:49
trismNFisher: I kind of like the ubuntu font for some things, oh and I found bug 941412 for the future port of human to gtk301:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941412 in human-theme (Ubuntu) "Human theme does not apply in some apps (e.g. gedit, nautilus)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94141201:49
mrd_how to upgrade to 12.0401:49
mkultra_i need my old gtk 2 theme moved to gtk301:49
mkultra_its a mess right now =(01:49
mrd_iam using 11.10 how tgo up grade to 12.04 and is it stable i dont want crashing or any thing01:49
trismmrd_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview/Beta2#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_11.10_or_Ubuntu_10.04_LTS01:49
mkultra_i downloaded a iso of 12.04 and installed it to a flash drive01:50
trismmrd_: it isn't too bad, but there are still bugs (I had unity-greeter crashing constantly earlier today)01:50
mrd_i think i will wait for complete version01:51
mrd_one more thing01:51
mrd_iam using 11.10 i use a alkternative for the flash lightgrab some time its not working01:51
NFisherthing is, i need to change this black color in wich the far left "Applications" and "Places" Menus, and on the far left user-switcher etc. is. They wont change by changing themes :(01:52
mkultra_i use xfce, its a simpler life style lol01:54
bitplane-Hi guys, since the upgrade I can't choose hibernate as an option in power settings. Any idea where I should start digging?01:54
mkultra_i try to stray from hibernation and sleeping computers01:55
mkultra_on or off for me =/01:55
bitplane-I don't wanna shut down and close all my work just because I've run out of battery01:56
NFisherit looks pretty messy atm : http://oi43.tinypic.com/11ufg5y.jpg01:56
bitplane-might have three workspaces of apps open01:56
bitplane-anyway, my question is: any idea where gnome gets this info, and what I can do to debug / confirm whether it's a bug / fix?01:57
trismNFisher: here's the bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/gnome-panel/+bug/966697 seems to be a bug in gtk01:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 966697 in GNOME Panel "Transparent panel has themed widgets" [Medium,New]01:57
mkultra_user name, "damn"01:57
NFisheroh man...01:59
bitplane-hrm since I joined this channel empathy's main window is dead and gnome-settings-daemon is using 100% cpu02:01
mkultra_fisher id ask in #gnome for them to repair ur problems02:01
trismbitplane-: it is disabled by default in precise, but see http://askubuntu.com/questions/94754/how-to-modify-policykit-to-allow-hibernation-in-upower02:01
bitplane-superb, thanks02:01
mkultra_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pangolin wow thats a crazy animal02:05
bitplane-okay, so how do I add my XPS to the list of devices that will happily suspend/hibernate/resume? I've never had problems with it on this laptop02:05
mkultra_ive not trusted it since win2k, its a trap02:06
mkultra_though it does sound much better than years ago from what your saying about it02:07
trismbitplane-: I don't think there is actually a list, it is just disabled for everyone by default, the first answer shows a method to enable it again02:08
bitplane-ah, that's a pretty crappy decision IMO02:09
bitplane-hacking around with settings files in admin mode to enable a bread-and-butter feature02:09
bitplane-oh well, time to reboot and see if it works02:10
RedBunnywould someone tell me how to change the system font,...?02:26
mkultra_ubuntus easier than windows if u know how to go about it02:28
mkultra_way back in the day i learned slackware with kde 3.5, and that was windowsy enough for me to cross over to the dark side02:29
RedBunnyyeah i was on linux back with slackware 7 and redhat 7 ,... back in '00 - '0302:37
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RedBunnyhey i donw loaded that program but its  not showing up ,... where do i look for it at02:38
RedBunnyfor the fonts02:38
mkultra_try $HOME/Downloads02:38
RedBunnyit seemed to not download the whole thing , cause it downloaded in like 5 seconds ,... i found it on the software repo though and am dnlingit ,...thanx02:41
scar3crowsince there is no xorg.conf... which file do I edit to specify the amount of shared vram for my system pls02:46
scar3crowbjsnider: create the file and place it in /etc/X11?02:55
scar3crowI don't suppose you know the correct syntax to set vram in xorg.conf...02:56
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NFisherHI all, me again:)... I just created a Start-up-USB-Stick within Ubuntu 12.04 Beta2 using the given Start-Disk creator. I want to creeate a bootable version of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Now as the creator finished, and i tried to boot from the USB-Stick the following Error occurred (i created it 2 times by now, same error): "Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot ; vesamenu.c32: not a COM32R image ; boot:" what do i do?!?02:57
trismNFisher: I usually use unetbootin to workaround that problem (usb-creator tends to use options older versions of ubuntu don't support, and it is a pain to manually edit them)02:58
NFishertrism, ill give it a try, thx!02:59
mkultra_yeah unetbootin key works good03:03
mkultra_nice to be able to boot to it and test if its my end or not03:04
RedBunnyi sed pendriveelinux just this week to install ubuntu 12.0403:07
RedBunnycan someone tell me how to set up the google calader function in Thunderbird ,...03:08
etfbVery impressed with 12.04.  Can't wait to get the rest of my family onto it.  Looking good so far!03:08
RedBunnyi have the section but dont know the url to put in ,....03:08
micahgRedBunny: install lightning-extension03:09
RedBunnyyeah i havent been on linux since 2003 and then i was a Slackware fanatic,... this rocks03:09
micahgRedBunny: that is xul-ext-lightning03:09
RedBunnyactually i think i installed it already but its asking for a google url03:09
RedBunnyshould it be asking for a google url or have i installed a wrongplugin ,...?03:10
micahgumm, I would think one is needed to access a google calendar, but idr03:11
RedBunnyone what ,.. i do have lighting working,,,, but looking to connect it to google calader03:13
etfbOne thing I noticed, never having used a pre-release Ubuntu before, is that the automatic upgrade doesn't happen.  I can sudo apt-get dist-upgrade whenever I remember, but what do I do to automate the process?03:14
micahgRedBunny: yeah, there should be instructions in google calendar for adding it to clients03:14
micahgetfb: update-manager should be prompting you when there are updates waiting03:15
scientesanyone else finding that cups is broken ?03:15
etfbscientes: I seem to be printing OK, without any extra fiddling.03:15
scienteswell im not trying to print03:16
scientesi get dpkg problems03:16
etfbmicahg: Not for me. How do I check if it's running?03:16
scientesi tried purging and reinstalling and it didn't help03:16
RedBunnyaye good point03:16
micahgetfb: is update-notifier running?03:16
scientesinvoke-rc.d: initscript cups, action "start" failed.03:17
scientesthats the error ^03:17
etfbmicahg: Apparently, yes.  ps says it is, anyhow.03:17
etfbBut I don't think it's ever notified me of any updates.03:17
micahgscientes: cups uses upstart03:17
scientesi am using upstart03:18
scientesbut im using a mainline kernel03:18
scientesif that makes any difference03:18
micahgscientes: service cups status03:18
scientesthat error makes dpkg unhappy03:18
micahgoh, hmm, on upgrade?03:18
micahgscientes: hmm, might be worth filing a bug03:19
scientesi had to remove cups in order to upgrade other stuff03:19
micahgI see Bug #96874803:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968748 in cups (Ubuntu) "package cups 1.5.2-8bzr2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96874803:20
micahgwhich is about lpstat not working03:20
etfbmicahg: I've switched everything on in update manager anyhow. I'll see if that works.  It might have only been checking weekly and I didn't notice.03:21
scienteswell i though that i had disabled it, so i did update-rc.d cups defaults03:21
scientesafter i tried a reinstall03:21
etfbHas anyone got VMWare Player to work in 12.04?03:21
scientes>VMWare Player03:22
scienteswhat OS is the host etfb ?03:22
scientesand well, the person that filed that bug was using 12.04 with vmware03:23
etfbCan't get as far as running a VM, scientes -- it won't compile itself because of problems with the VMWare Network Drivers, apparently.03:24
scientesoh that03:26
scientesjust use virt-manager + qemu-kvm03:27
etfbAh, looking at the errors, it appears they haven't updated yet to handle the latest kernel.03:27
scientesVMWare player is serious anti-feature software anyways03:27
scientesyes, that is the problem, just use the great KVM, which is faster03:27
scientesand has the awesome baloon memory driver03:27
scientesso you can reallocate guest memory on the fly03:27
etfbNo, I've tried VirtualBox and the abortive Microsoft equivalent. Both are hideously flaky. VMWare has always been excellent.  Unless I can easily port my dozens of virtual machines, I'm not going to try any alternatives.03:28
scientes(if its a linux guest)03:28
scientesvirt-manager works on native vmdk files03:28
scientes*qemu does, but virt-manager is just a qemu/virsh front-end03:28
etfbI don't need clever features.  I need a VM system that doesn't crash when I do controversial things like moving the mouse or pressing the Ctrl key.03:28
scientesall you have to do is apt-get install virt-manager qemu-kvm03:28
* scientes has never had those problems03:29
etfbWell, if it won't break my VMs, I'll try it.  VirtualBox soured me on FLOSS VMs though.  Such an ugly, broken piece of software...03:29
* scientes doesn't like VirtualBox03:29
scientesvirt-manager and kvm are heavily red-hat funded pieces of software03:30
etfbThe only downside to VMWare is waiting up to a month for it to work with each major kernel upgrade.03:30
scientesthe only thing you don't get with KVM is it wont work on computers without virt extensions03:30
etfbAh, that makes a difference.  Not impressed with RH or Fedora as distros, but you have to respect a company that can make a billion dollars at something.03:30
etfbVirt extensions?03:31
scientesAMD-V and vt-X, the cpu extensions that make virtualization perform well on cpu stuff03:31
scientesVMWare, Xen, and kqemu work without those extensions, all the other platforms require them03:32
etfbI'm on a relatively recent ThinkPad, so I'll presume I'm safe.  I'll have a look.03:32
scientesyes, you are safe, although intel did segment it's processor market with that feature for a while (AMD never did)03:32
scientesegrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo03:33
scientestype that into your terminal to check03:33
scienteswow, that -c is stupid03:33
etfbE: Unable to locate package virt-manager03:35
etfbE: Unable to locate package qemu-kvm03:35
etfb 03:35
scientesyou have to turn on universe03:35
etfbFunny - I thought I had.  Lemme check that...03:35
scientesalso, which not strictly required, i recommend running 64-bit OS03:35
etfbOh, I don't...03:36
etfbI just barely survived the move from 8 bits to 16, and I'm still suffering from the introduction of 32 bits.  I don't want to risk doubling down again for at least another thirty or forty years.  The nightmares!03:37
etfbUniverse is on.  Might need a kick in the repositories...03:38
scientesLinux has done VERY well in the transition03:38
scienteshowever there was some problems with 32-bit compat in 64-bit linux03:38
scientesnow ubuntu has multiarch03:38
scientesso that works well again03:38
scientes32-bit and 64-bit libraries are co-installable03:38
etfbAh - apt-get update fixed it.  Happier now.03:39
scientesafter install you have to do sudo adduser $USER libvirtd; sudo adduser $USER kvm03:45
scientesand the logout and log back in03:45
scientesif you want to use virtual machine as non-root03:46
onoez_omgi'm experiencing problems with hostapd, it worked with the same config on 11.10 but refuses to start at 12.04, should i compile hostapd manually? is it a bug?03:51
scientesetfb, doing good?03:51
scientes<etfb> Ah, that makes a difference.  Not impressed with RH or Fedora as distros, but you have to respect a company that can make a billion dollars at something.03:55
scientesfrom FLOSS too!03:55
mkultra_i have unresolved wifi problems myself, im running cat 5 till then04:00
cc11rocksAny major bugs in Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2?04:03
mkultra_try it out04:05
mkultra_find them04:05
mkultra_send bug reports04:05
cc11rocksAre there any release notes for it?04:05
mkultra_i reported bugs and they were fixed04:05
cc11rocksI couldn't find them...only the "new features" part04:05
onoez_omgi'm experiencing problems with hostapd, it worked with the same config on 11.10 but refuses to start at 12.04, should i compile hostapd manually? is it a bug?04:17
onoez_omgguys, i desperately need help on the subject, anyone?04:25
kyoushuuIs it still possible for merges from Debian Testing to be done?04:29
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ubottuA schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule04:40
bazhangJanuary 12thLTS DebianImportFreeze  kyoushuu04:42
micahgkyoushuu: yes04:42
kyoushuuaww, so why does "Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update" is asking to help for merges?04:43
micahgkyoushuu: merges are fine still, but subject to Feature and UI freeze04:43
kyoushuuhttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/ubuntu-12-04-development-update-20/ -> "Things which need to get done", first in list04:43
kyoushuuah... so is it possible to merge the newest zlib from Debian Testing? https://merges.ubuntu.com/z/zlib/REPORT04:45
micahgkyoushuu: you can get more help with merges in #ubuntu-motu04:45
micahgkyoushuu: no, I don't think we'd take the new zlib at this point04:45
anthroposis anyone else having trouble /w searhose (the passwd manager) in 12.04 ?04:48
anthroposit won't save any of my plaintext passwords04:48
anthroposwhen I add one it simply doesn't show up in the keyring04:48
gnome2Could anyone tell me if Ubuntu-panel is a fork from Ubuntu?04:57
gnome2or just Gnome-fallback or classic04:57
gnome2and if in the next LTS will be removed04:57
frybyeHi - when trying to use live-cd of 12.04 Beta-2 on my amd-64 with nvidia gt240 all I get is a mess of a screen - what to do...?05:28
anthropostry adding nomodeset to the kernel options05:28
frybyeanthropos: was that for me?05:29
frybyeanthropos: how do I do that?05:29
anthroposit might already be set for the live cd, I'm not sure. you should be able to add it as a boot parameter in the grub menu somehow05:29
anthroposi don't relaly remember exactly how05:29
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:29
frybyecool - thanks...05:30
Fyodorovnano problem05:30
ozzfan76installed 12.04 on a Lenovo G570 laptop. Things work fine except a USB 3G CDMA USB modem. It is not automatically listed in Network Manager so I cannot configure it. It used to work well in 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10.05:38
anthroposozzfan76, did you check what module it's using on 11.1005:41
anthroposand see if thats loaded in 12.0405:41
ozzfan76how do i check the module?05:41
ozzfan76i read in a bug report somewhere that there is a problem with udev and it affects CDMA modems.but i'm not sure what it really means05:43
anthroposthere should be a module related to it shown by lsmod05:43
anthroposi think it'll also say in lshw -C network05:43
anthroposthe driver, that is05:43
ozzfan76anthropos, this is where i read the bug report..  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/92547305:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925473 in udev (Ubuntu) "USB 3g modems dont switch to ttyUSB until udevadm trigger" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:44
frybyere: I have now been able to boot to the 12.04 b2 live cd by using nomodset. What do i need to do now so that after installing the system (as dual-boot with win7) so that when it starts the screen is not a mess... is there some way to install the proprietory nvidia drivers during the install of 12.04 even before it re-boots?05:44
ozzfan76but even with the sudo udevadm trigger command, nothing really happens05:45
frybyeah - I have got it - after the install I can still select nomodset on first boot and then install the nvidia drivers.. sorry I was still sleeping apparently.. ok bye now...05:46
anthroposyou cna also add nomodeset in /etc/default/grub05:47
frybyeanthropos: If i am not mistaken I only need to use it once and then install the nvidia (tm) drivers...05:50
anthropospossibly, but just keep the aforementioned in mind05:51
anthroposif you have the same prob, just boot once by specifying nomodeset manually, then enable it permenantly using /etc/default/grub05:51
frybyeanthropos: ok thanks.. (sorry i let the keyboard slip... ;=)05:52
ozzfan76ok anthropos, i suppose i have to wait for the release so that this is sorted out.05:54
anthroposozzfan76, I don't know about the bug.. but I would check what I suggested first. i.e., is the module even loaded?05:54
ozzfan76ok.. i'm on windows on so i'll have to reboot to try it out05:55
ozzfan76how do i load the module if it isn't loaded already?05:55
anthroposyou can use modprobe to do so05:56
anthroposbut if it's not loaded, chances are there is a reason05:56
anthropose.g. its broken or blacklisted05:56
anthroposdo you have another comp you can use so you can bei n here while you try?05:56
ozzfan76anthropos: no :( not right now.. but i'll try later and let it know in here05:58
anthroposk. the output of lsmod and sudo lshw -C network06:01
anthroposcould both be useful, if you can save them somehow06:01
ozzfan76anthropos: ok i'll do that. cya later :) thx.06:03
frybyeanthropos: the pc boots straight to win7 and does not offer the grub menu to select os?? Grrr..... hehe06:10
anthroposhold shift as its booting frybye06:11
anthropossee if that brings up grub06:11
frybyeok - thanks - give it a try...06:11
anthroposlet me know how it goes06:11
frybyeanthropos: nope - still goes straight to win706:12
frybyeanthropos: perhaps dosen#t help that I have a MS wireless keyboard...?06:13
arandfrybye: Did you install the windows bootloader on top?06:13
frybyebut the keyboad normally works from first second so...06:13
frybyearand: I just did the installation "parallel to win7" as offered from the live cd06:14
frybyearand: normally I would have expected the os selections menu to appear  - cos nothing out of the ordinary was done after the 12.04 dual boot install06:15
arandMaybe it failed to get grub in the mbr then, see if you can boot the liveCD and run the bootinfo script..06:15
ubottuBoot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).06:15
anthroposfrybye, you can try to reinstall grub using the live cd06:19
anthroposarand is giving you good advice that will lead to that if necessary06:19
frybyeanthropos: how do I do that please?06:19
anthroposthere should be docs on it online. folow arand's link or google for something like "ubuntu 11.10 live cd reinstall grub"06:19
frybyeanthropos: to be honest i see little point in a lot of diagnostics - just reinstall grub would do it I hope or.ö.?06:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:20
arand^ RestoreGrub06:20
anthroposreinstalling grub will probably work06:20
anthroposdo the lost grub installing windows one above06:20
frybyehmm.. the lin is on other pc of course.. bit complicated..I wll google with the live install...06:20
anthroposeven though you apparently didn't lose it doing that06:20
arandHowever, if it is indeed the case that it failed to install grub, it would be very nice to confirm that via the bootinfo script and report a bug on ubiquity, so that it may get fixed.06:22
RedBunnyhow do i add a folder to the file manager ,... i ve added a Websites folder to my home folder but want it to show up on the left06:25
arandRedBunny: You can simply drag it there, I think, or use ctrl+d to bookmark the current folder.06:26
RedBunnyok ill try06:26
MCRarand: I did not know about boot repair yet - interesting :)06:27
RedBunnynope didnt work06:32
frybyeanthropos: arand - thanks you guys - this is now working fine.. the nividia driver (tm) had already been installed during install - i did not even have to use nomodset once...06:33
frybye- after install I mean...06:33
ozzfan76anthropos, i'm back.. i have the output from lsmod and lshw -C network in a text file. Can i post the contents here?06:34
arandfrybye: So reinstalling grub fixed it?06:34
RedBunnyis there a program manager to force quit a program ,... like task manager .?06:34
frybyearand: yes - using the automatic repair option...06:35
arandfrybye: In that case, report a bug on ubiquity (the installer) since failing to install grub is quite a major issue.06:35
anthroposozzfan76, yes pastebin it06:35
anthroposRedBunny, open a terminal and type 'kill -9 <pid>' where the PID is the process id you get from 'ps aux' or something similar06:36
arandRedBunny: system monitor (gnome-system-monitor)06:36
anthroposor that...06:36
frybyearand: ok - in a bit...06:36
arandfrybye: I think you should be able to use "ubuntu-bug ubiquity" for that.06:37
frybyeok - thats cool06:37
ozzfan76anthropos, here is the output of lsmod, http://pastebin.com/UWjchKJG06:39
RedBunnythanx system monitor worked06:40
anthroposozzfan76, do you have the output of these for the working version of ubuntu, also?06:40
arandfrybye: If it does not automatically please attach the contents of /var/log/installer/06:41
arandto the bug report06:41
ozzfan76anthropos, no not right now06:41
ozzfan76i do have the device id of the CDMA modem06:41
ozzfan76will that help?06:41
anthroposdo you have the output of lshw06:42
RedBunnycan someone help... where there are suppost to be 'commas and appostraphies, ,', ', they are showing like o's w/ filagree and stuff ,... how did i get this to happen ,...?06:43
RedBunnywhereever somehting has run outt of room to be shown06:43
ozzfan76anthropos, here is is the lshw output: http://pastebin.com/xbsAkJGc06:48
anthroposis it the wifi or ethernet you want to get working06:50
ozzfan76the wifi and ethernet are working06:51
ozzfan76that is how i am using the net06:51
anthroposso it's a dialup modem?06:53
ozzfan76what isn't working is a modem, a CDMA modem, device id 1c9e:9e00, which would previously get detected automatically and be listed in the Network Manager so I could connect to the net with it06:53
ozzfan76yes i think its a dial up modem .. USB 3G modem06:53
anthroposwell these devices in lshw aren't it. you might need to use lsusb -v06:53
anthroposor lshw without the -C06:54
ozzfan76ok checking06:54
ozzfan76it is listed in lsusb as: Bus 002 Device 005: ID 1c9e:9e00 OMEGA TECHNOLOGY06:55
anthroposany other info?06:57
anthroposit would be best to have access to the working distro06:57
anthroposyou need to figure out what module is loaded that correspondsto that when it's functioning06:57
ozzfan76ok i'll check that when i'm home. Sorry i don't have a working distro here.07:01
RedBunnywhere do i set the encoding for writting ,...?07:04
coz_hey guys,07:05
coz_ any issues with latelest updates including nvidia?07:05
coz_sbefore I restart? :)07:05
coz_latest rather07:05
RedBunnyi somehow loded gnome desktop onto my sys, when i logout it now loads into gnome is there a way to make it just unity07:26
FyodorovnaRedBunny, choose the desktop from the gear dropdown at the login.07:27
RedBunnyi know but i want it to auto boot into unity07:27
FyodorovnaRedBunny, it will autoboot the last desktop run.07:28
RedBunnyand i looked at my system programs and gnome isnt installed07:28
RedBunnywell it booted into gnome andi was in unity07:28
RedBunnythe system update must have changed things07:29
FyodorovnaRedBunny, I had that happen once not sure if it had to do with actually rebooting rather then logging out.07:29
RedBunnycan some one tell me how to change the system encoding ,......?07:30
=== ron__ is now known as frybye
frybyeanthropos: re: Hi I am here in 12.04 using konversation now - first impressions of 12.04 b2 are positive...07:49
frybyearand: are you still active now here?07:50
frybyeso far I have seen no dialogue for some reason...?07:50
anthroposnobody is talking :)07:53
frybyeanthropos: right - so that makes sence... heheh07:53
frybyethe general impression from 12.04 is rather clean and tight somehow - good...07:54
bodhi009i don't care if it remains gnome07:54
frybyeit even worked -out-of-the-box with my creative x-fi soundcard.. which in the past has never worked with linux07:55
UrBon 3rd install of 12.04 here and indeed things are starting to look nice and stable, though I am running gnome307:55
UrBhaven't dared to try out bluetooth yet to not spoil this moment of satisfaction07:56
frybyeoh that's an idea - I have a blutooth plugin thingy in this pc .. can see if it works with the nokia headset...07:56
frybyewow - the BT headset works fine...08:02
frybyehmm... the audio settings not showing up when trying to switch back to speakers...08:03
frybyegot it - was already open in background...08:04
frybyeUrB: perhaps I have encouraged you a bit??08:05
frybyedepends a bit on what one exactly wants to do with BT maybe...08:06
UrBfile transfer mainly08:10
UrBand that has been broken for quite a while08:11
joeliostrange issue on precise.. seem to have lost my ability to alt-tab, alt-F10 etc and some other shortcuts in gnome-sehll (fresh install).. although custom ones work08:56
=== Eledran is now known as zz_Eledran
jokerdinojoelio: no issues here08:58
lesseni just upgraded to 12.04 and i noticed i can no longer "browse" my password in the seahorse gui. Is this the normal case now?09:12
RedBunnyhow do i add a folder to the left side of my file explorer ,... under the computer heading ,.. i want to add my Websites folder10:17
jokerdinoRedBunny: that's not possible, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/79150/how-to-remove-the-nautilus-bookmarks10:17
jokerdinobut, you can add it under bookmarks heading10:19
OnlyodinI've just upgraded to 12.04 (Beta 2) and finding that the unity/Ubuntu shell leaves me with no panels.10:19
OnlyodinUbuntu 2D/Unity 2D seems to work (as well as expected, I guess)10:20
Onlyodinany suggestions?10:20
jokerdinoOnlyodin:  you got only wallpapers to stare at, i suppose10:20
OnlyodinWallpapers and desktop icons10:20
jokerdinoit is a known bug, bug 96363310:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 963633 in Unity Distro Priority "Unity 5.8: Login to blank screen (all black or just wallpaper)" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96363310:21
Onlyodinahh right10:21
jokerdinoit will be fixed, pretty soon.10:22
OnlyodinI don't know if it's 12.04 or the "2D" desktop, but these fonts are gonna take some getting used to!10:22
jokerdinoas a workaround, you can try running the command unity --reset in a terminal10:22
Onlyodinwill do. brb10:23
OnlyodinNow when I log in using "Ubuntu" instead of "Ubuntu 2D" I get the same gumby unity panel that Ubuntu 2D had/has10:26
jokerdinohow sure are you that you are using unity - 3d?10:28
RedBunnyi have a 1.5 tb hd from my win install that holds movies & music ,... how do i change the permissions to be able to back up to there ,...?10:29
jokerdinono idea RedBunny..10:34
OnlyodinWell, unless selecting "Ubuntu" instead of "Ubuntu 2D" isn't sufficiently accurate, then I suppose I cant be sure.10:34
jokerdinoOnlyodin: echo $DESKTOP_SESSION10:37
Onlyodin$ echo $DESKTOP_SESSION10:40
jokerdino3d then10:40
jokerdinoI am leaving for dinner now.10:44
brendandOnlyodin, /etc/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p10:57
Onlyodin$ /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p11:28
OnlyodinUnity 3D supported:       yes11:28
Onlyodin(yes to everything else too)11:28
jokerdinoOnlyodin: so what issue do you have now?11:31
OnlyodinI've gone into ccsm and adjusted the unity settings so they're closer to what they used to be.11:33
OnlyodinI'll live with it until updates come through, thanks all11:34
jokerdinoHappy to see a happy user.11:34
tegracan i update an ubuntu 11.10 in precise ?12:09
bazhang!upgrade | tegra12:09
ubottutegra: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:09
bastidrazorsweet.. more updates today12:11
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
MCRlatest update broke smtube here (youtube browser used by smplayer and umplayer) :P12:19
tegrathere isn't a guide for 11.10 to 12.04 ?12:22
PiciA guide?12:23
Onlyodinupdate-manager -d ?12:23
PiciThere should be some information in the release notes in the topic as well.12:23
WhinisMy unity lens home,app,files and music are empty but video lens is showing online videos ( but none on my computer) anyone have an idea ?12:24
aguitelhow install cinnamon in 12.04 ?12:25
tegraOpen the terminal and run the following commands12:27
tegrasudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable12:27
tegrasudo apt-get update12:27
tegrasudo apt-get install cinnamon12:27
WhinisAny ideas for debugging my problem atleast ?12:29
aguiteltegra, do install it ?12:51
aguiteltegra, it say :E: Unable to locate package cinnamon12:54
tegraCinnamon for Precise has been removed from the PPA12:56
tegraaguitel, sorry12:57
aguitelanyway to install it ?12:57
ironmHello. I hope I can report here some ubuntu 12.04 beta issues (or wishes). When I install precise 12.04 beta (all versions including the today's daily one) on HP DL 385g7 servers with additional NX network card there is an error message: "Missing Firmware Files phanfw.bin and nx3fwct.bin". There is no such message when installing ubuntu 11.10.13:01
tsimpsonironm: you should report a bug on Launchpad about it (or look if there already is one)13:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:01
ironmthank you in advance for any info if this file will be included in 12.0413:02
philinuxironm: Wishes are out as it's frozen now. Only bug fixes now13:02
ironmthanks a lot tsimpson13:02
tsimpsonmissing files and error messages should probably be fixed before release though ;)13:02
ironmphilinux, is such issue a bug for you?13:02
ironmthank you both of you :)13:03
philinuxironm: No but I'm running a desktop and a laptop with normal gui desktop13:03
ironmphilinux, It is important for the server13:03
philinuxironm: open a terminal and run ubuntu-bug linux and report it13:04
philinuxnot sure how to do that from a server never run one13:04
ironmI guess no one runs an HP DL385g7 with two opterons as desktop ;)13:04
XunilHi everyone, I got the following problem when updating/installing (I hope 3 lines are ok:)13:04
XunilE: Encountered a section with no Package: header13:04
XunilE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/at.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_restricted_binary-i386_Packages13:04
XunilE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.13:04
DaekdroomOh. 246 updates.13:05
tsimpsonXunil: I would suggest that you try removing that file via "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/at.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_restricted_binary-i386_Packages", then run "sudo apt-get update", see if that works13:05
DaekdroomI love Unfreezes.13:05
Xunilthanks, has helped, I guess13:08
Xunilyou know what the problem cause could be?13:08
jpdsXunil: Corrupted file download.13:09
ironmphilinux, it looks like I need a launchpad account to be able to report a new bug. I have already tons of different accounts and continue in such way to get more is not a good idea ....13:12
philinuxironm:  similar bug > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/88054113:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 880541 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu Precise) "Missing Firmware HP dual port 10G" [Undecided,Fix released]13:14
ironmphilinux, the servers have only 1GBit network cards with NX chip set13:15
ironmubunte oneiric doesn't have this issue13:16
philinuxironm: You could asked the question in the forums? http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=41213:16
ironmI am speaking about ubuntu-server13:16
philinuxironm: I'd stick with 11.10 then for now13:16
ironmphilinux, yes .. however I wanted to help a bit with testing of 12.0413:17
ironmit doesn't make sense for me to ask such questions in a forum .. it is simply an issue for the new release 12.04 ...13:18
philinuxironm: There are plenty of peeps to help in that forum and the QA people turn up too13:19
philinuxStill 3 and a bit weeks to go13:19
ironmthank you very much philinux  .. I don't need any help. I want to help ubuntu ;)13:20
philinuxironm: But the people in that forum are all testing 12.0413:20
ironmphilinux, to post in a forum I need also a new account I guess ...13:21
philinuxAh well yes13:21
MCRSomeone here using smplayer ?13:21
MCRor dragonplayer ?13:22
PiciThe best thing to do is to post a bug report, those will get seen by developers, the forums and irc are hit or miss.13:22
ironmPici, what email address could I use to post a bug?13:22
MCRor umplayer ?13:22
philinuxironm: I used my hotmail account to sign up13:23
philinuxironm: I also have same username here, launchpad and the forums13:23
tegrawhat kernel use 12.04 ?13:24
ironmphilinux, it should be possible to post a bug without signing. It is difficult to manage all these accounts for every software ...13:24
ironmtegra, 3.2.0-20-generic13:25
ironmtegra, #33-ubuntu13:25
Pici!info linux13:25
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 31 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel armhf powerpc)13:25
ironmPici, I checked it just with the today's daily version of precise13:26
psypher246hello all. for a while now I have been experiencing a multitude of issues when using the compiz spread feature and just wondering  if I must wait to log those bugs till the new work being done on spread is realesed or should I log those bugs now13:26
Piciironm: yep13:26
philinuxironm: When you use ubuntu-bug linux it collects all the hardware info for the devs from your specifi machine. Sorry but you have to create a user ID13:26
philinuxironm: Not sure how you would do that from a server anywho as it needs a browser to get to launchpad13:28
MCRSometimes I ask myself why I am doing all those updates, when each time something new breaks :P13:29
MCRThis time smtube :'(13:29
ironmphilinux, I just try to run ubuntu-bug (on the server without internet connectivity). I hope to save it as text file or like that13:29
MCRI guess it is the new libwebkit, but how can I connect the smtube maintainers ?13:30
philinuxironm: from man page apport-cli  or even use the --save option13:31
ironmphilinux, I have ust startet ubuntu-bug ...*but* it requires a package name and there is no choice for such "special" install issue like missing firmware files13:33
philinuxironm: E.G. apport-bug linux --save ~/Desktop/linux.bug13:34
=== mike_ is now known as Guest1812
ironmphilinux, really thank you very much for all your hints.13:38
philinuxironm: No worries. Good luck with it13:38
ironmphilinux, can I sent this bug description to bugs@ubuntu.com or like that?13:40
tsimpsonironm: no, we only use Launchpad for bug tracking13:41
ironmthank you tsimpson13:42
tsimpsonyou only need to sign up to LP once, and it allows you to track the progress of the bug and for developers to ask questions13:43
ironmyes .. just a new account13:43
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
kri5_Hi there14:20
kri5_I'm currently trying to install 12.04 through pxe with kickstart14:21
kri5_But installation hangs out on installing the linux-generic package14:21
kri5_the error is the following14:21
kri5_"An error was returned while trying to install the kernel into the target system"14:21
kri5_"Kernel package : 'linux-generic'."14:22
kri5_Any ideas?14:22
MCRMy current summary on Precise Pixel Perfect:14:25
MCR1) Compiz unusable here: mad flickering all the time, so I am forced to use Unity2d14:26
MCR2) The HUD feature always crashes on me (Unity2d) and I am already trying to avoid tapping ALT14:27
MCR3) Docky always closes randomly and I have to reopen it all the time14:27
MCR4) smtube the smplayer's youtube browser segfaults14:28
glosoliMCR: have you reported bugs ?14:28
MCR5) google earth was a pain to install and it does not show pictures correctly14:28
MCRglosoli: sure, but many of the problems observed are not Ubuntu maintained packages14:29
MCRglosoli: but it is kind of hard to use a system without applications14:30
MCR6) chromium browser sometimes needs to be opened twice to start14:31
MCR7) no way to get Emerald to work and no support ot get it working14:31
glosoliwell try Google Chrome not Chromium just in case14:32
glosoliGoogle Earth depends on wine14:33
MCR8) minitube does not play all videos14:33
glosoliand Emerald  - I don't pay too much attention to smth that old14:33
MCRglosoli: what are you talking about ?14:33
MCRglosoli: "Google Earth depends on wine" == bullsh*t14:33
glosoliMCR: it doesn't ?14:34
MCRglosoli: Chrome is not open source14:34
MCRglosoli: ofc not14:34
glosoliSo what ?14:34
glosoliit's not open source but it works14:34
MCRglosoli: but it depends on ia32-libs14:34
frybyeHi - I have 12.04 b2 with sb x-fi xtreme audio and for some reason the sub-woofer is not working - any tips -14:34
Rivieragoogle earth runs in chrome?14:34
frybyeI already got hold of gnome-alsa-mixer but made no progress with it...14:35
MCR9) No way to enable the internal speaker in my machine when I have line-out attached also14:35
MCR10) I do not want to be forced to pull the cable to change a setting14:35
glosoliMCR: let me check again why can't you try Google Chrome ?14:37
bobweaverHello thre any one know why qemu launcher is not working with 12.04 ?14:37
MCRglosoli: why should I want to ? I am just reporting that Chromium needs to be started twice on Precise sometimes...14:39
E3D3Have Beta a troubleshoot webpage ?14:39
glosoliMCR: are you sure it's twice, or it just takes too long  ?14:39
MCRglosoli: it is getting pointless ;)14:40
bobweaverMCR,  what happenes when you open in terminal verbosely ?14:40
MCRbobweaver: that is an idea worth pursuing, I will try next time to see the console output... (this is just a minor issue)14:42
sliptteeswhere change keybord layout in precise14:42
sliptteesi have IBM keyboard T6014:42
ironmme again. In the meantime I have signed is and just now on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs looking around how to report an issue for ubuntu server (precise 12.04).14:43
ironmthank you in advance for a short hint (where to find the right link)14:43
sliptteeswhere select ThinkPad layout in precise/14:44
E3D3Boot gives an error: argument not found. How can I solve this14:47
ironmhello again. anyone here familiar with launchpad. I am on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=precise14:53
sliptteesi need configure my keyboard layout to thinkpad t60.14:53
sliptteeshow can help?14:54
ironmand I would like to open a new issue. What I am missing is the link14:54
ironmthank you in advance for any hints ;)14:55
sliptteesdead channel ironm ?14:56
astraljavaGuys, beta-2 images are fresh outta oven. Give the devs a little break for all their hard work. :)14:56
bobweaverOk I have a major problem  qemu  will not launch in 12.0414:56
bobweaverqemulauncher is not working neither is it from the command line14:57
ironmslipttees, my brain seems to be dead as I don't find the right link (maybe I need some glasses ;)14:57
astraljavabobweaver: Launch it in terminal, file a bug and include the output.14:58
MCRastraljava: I want to apologize for my 10 points officially :)14:58
astraljavaMCR: No no, that's not what I meant. :)14:58
astraljavaJust nagging about people not responding in a matter of minutes after all that effort... not cool. :)14:58
bobweaverastraljava,  I am on it thanks !14:59
astraljavaironm: For me, the 'Report a bug' link is there on your right hand upper corner.15:00
sliptteesi need configure my keyboard layout to thinkpad t60.15:00
sliptteeshow can help?15:00
astraljavaironm: A little down from your login info.15:00
astraljava!patience | slipttees15:00
ubottuslipttees: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:00
ironmastraljava, it is only a long help page without the right link15:01
astraljavaironm: Not like this? http://astraljava.kapsi.fi/bugpage.png15:02
ironmastraljava, I would like simply an issue for ubuntu server 12.04 beta *but* can't find the entry point15:02
astraljavaironm: What's the problem specifically? It's likely you won't want to file the bug against the whole image, but rather a package in it.15:02
ironmastraljava, yes .. I am already there ..15:02
astraljavaironm: Well, you can see, in the upper right corner, a little down from my name and nick 'Janne Jokitalo (astraljava)' and the log out button, there's the link for 'Report a bug'.15:03
astraljavaironm: Does it not look the same for you?15:04
ironmit is an install issue astraljava  .. "Missing Firmware Files phanfw.bin and nx3fwct.bin" when installing 12.04 on HP DL 385g7 with an additional network card (NX chip set)15:04
astraljavaironm: Ok, then the bug should be filed against some linux firmware package.15:04
ironmastraljava, I see it .. but where can I start a new bug ?15:04
astraljavaironm: Let me find the correct package, hold on.15:04
ironmthanks a lot astraljava :)15:04
astraljavaironm: Go here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+filebug15:05
ironmthanks a lot astraljava15:06
astraljavaNo worries, thanks for helping improve Ubuntu. :)15:06
ironmastraljava, may I ask where have you found this link? (on this page ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=precise)15:07
astraljavaironm: No, I went to the LP front page, searched for linux firmware, and chose the source package from the hits.15:08
ironmOK .. thanks again. it would be helpful if there would be a link like "file new bug"15:10
astraljavaironm: Well, the link is there, but you have to do a little research before you can find it. Which makes sense, because just blindly filing bugs against wrong packages etc. makes the triagers' work much harder.15:11
rmrfslashcan someone paste their apt/sources.list file, I just deleted mine accidentally15:11
astraljavaironm: If you are interested in bug work, I suggest you join the #ubuntu-bugs channel, and ask for guidance there.15:11
roastedHello! I noticed in 12.04 on this particular laptop, if I hold the super key, I never get the shortcut menu. Also, if I hit SUPER + A (to open the applications lens by default) it does nothing. Has anybody seen any weirdness like this?15:14
ironmastraljava, I have just opened an issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/96930415:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969304 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "Regression: Missing Firmware Files phanfw.bin and nx3fwct.bin (precise 12.04 beta)" [Undecided,New]15:14
astraljavarmrfslash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/907346/, please ignore the spotify repository in the end if you don't intend to use it.15:15
ironmastraljava, I hope there is enough info inside ...15:15
astraljavaironm: That's good, thanks. The triagers will ask for additional info if that is required in order to fix the problem.15:15
MCRoh, a libwebkitgtk upgrade :) <- maybe this fixes smtube - we'll see15:16
ironmgreat .. thank you very much for your kindly support and patience astraljava15:16
astraljavaironm: Oh, no problem. We're all in this together. :)15:16
rmrfslashastraljava: thanks15:17
astraljavarmrfslash: You're welcome.15:17
glosoliis there any way to restart Unity Panel without logout or reboot ?15:18
astraljavaMCR: What was it about UFO:AI that you spoke about the other day?15:18
rmrfslashastraljava: Do you know how I can correct these warnings http://pastebin.com/1VB4fNS9  (I've run apt-get update a number of times, I still get these warnings)15:18
ironmare there some plans to include MariaDB packages for ubuntu server Precise 12.04 ?15:18
ironmin the tasksel menu there is only postgresql15:19
jsebeanHey folks, I have ubuntu 12.04 beta 2 installed (64bit). I am trying to get OpenJDK running. I can't find OpenJDK in my software centre so I tried the command sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre and it installed, however, when i try to run minecraft openjdk doesnt appear int he open with15:19
MCRastraljava: we branched 2.4 and are in the test-phase for the release: www.ufoai.org/news15:19
astraljavaMCR: Oh, right. Okay, I'll do some test-playing over the weekend, then. Thanks!15:19
MCRastraljava: You're welcome.15:20
astraljavarmrfslash: It's likely that some duplicate files are left in /var/lib/apt/lists/ directory.15:20
astraljavarmrfslash: It should be safe to delete them all, and then run `sudo apt-get update` again.15:20
anadonHey, dd is putting out corrupted data when copying .iso's to USB devices15:21
jsebeanI can run it by using command java -Xmx1024M -Xms32M -Xincgc -jar '/home/jbean/minecraft.jar'  but how to I get java to show up in openwith so I can set it as default?15:21
jsebeanOpenJDK that is.15:21
anadonO-minecraft has a bug right now that they have to fix.  This isn't a Ubuntu issue.15:22
anadonI have the same problem.15:22
jsebeananadon: you talking to me?15:22
jsebeananadon: or someone else?15:22
anadonjsbean: yes15:22
jsebeananadon: this isnt a minecraft issue15:23
anadonO, sorry...15:23
jsebeananadon: it's an openjdk issue15:23
anadonjsbean: openJDK is masked I think by icedtea web start.15:23
jsebeanOpenJDK isn;t listed in the software centre nor will it show up in open with for when I try to open .jar files (such as minecraft)15:24
anadonjsbean: I have the same thing, but I just created a minecraft launcher and use that.15:24
anadonnautilus should have a setting to modify that menue.  Did you try poking around in there?15:24
jsebeanI don't know if it's because I'm using 64bit now or if it's something else, since this is my first time using 64bit ubuntu, 12.04 beta15:24
anadonna, it's the distro.  It's a small bug.15:25
jsebeananadon: jsebean not jsbean im not getting beep15:25
jsebeananadon: it's a bug in the beta?15:25
jsebeananadon: of ubuntu 12.04 so will be fixed in final release?15:25
anadonShould be, but it needs to be reported..15:25
astraljavajsebean: Do not assume it'll be fixed without filing a bug about it.15:26
jsebeanastraljava: where do I report it?15:26
anadonjsebean: launchpad15:26
astraljavajsebean: Ubuntu uses https://launchpad.net for bug management.15:26
genii-aroundjsebean: Does update-alternatives --list java       show proper java version?15:26
rmrfslashastraljava: I completely moved that directory to lists.old, ran apt-get update and received the same warnings... hrmmmm15:27
anadongenii-around: no, it doesn't appear in that either.  I have the same issue, but have been ignoring it.15:27
jsebeangenii-around: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java15:27
genii-aroundjsebean: Yeah, that looks fine15:28
jsebeangenii-around: then must be a bug ill go report15:28
astraljavarmrfslash: Is it possible you made a mistake in copying the /etc/apt/sources.list from the pastebin? Please pastebin it again (you can install pastebinit package to ease the process if you like, then just run `pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list` and link to it here.15:28
astraljavaEhh... closing bracket missing... whatever. I've had some sparkling. :)15:28
anadonanyways, can someone help me with figuing out why dd is giving corrupted output?15:29
astraljavaanadon: What gives you reason to believe it does?15:29
rmrfslashastraljava: http://paste.ubuntu.com/907384/15:29
anadonastraljava: because I've tested it with several images on 4 different devices, and they're all corrupt despite multiple and re-downloaded .ios's15:30
astraljavarmrfslash: Ok, I'm stumped. Maybe someone else knows, sorry I can't help with you further.15:30
astraljavaanadon: And have you md5sum'ed the .iso's?15:31
anadontorrented, so transmission checked a few, I haven't done the others.15:32
anadonastraljava: torrented, so transmission checked a few, I haven't done the others.15:33
astraljavaanadon: Ok, I wouldn't know whether there could be problems with the P2P network software. I suggest you file a bug about it, and help triaging the issue.15:33
ironmare there some plans to include MariaDB packages for ubuntu server Precise 12.04 ? .. deb http://mirrors.fe.up.pt/pub/mariadb/repo/5.3/ubuntu oneiric main15:33
astraljavaanadon: Wait, what is the procedure that you're using?15:35
astraljavaanadon: I mean, trying to utilize the images.15:35
rmrfslashastraljava: well, I don't know if this makes sense but, I removed a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/oneiric-partner.list which contained the single line "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner #Added by software-center" which also happens to be in /etc/apt/sources.list. Ran a apt-get update and the warnings are no longer present.15:35
bobweaverI am also haveint troubles with ubuntu software center this is what I get when I launch it http://imagebin.org/20600915:36
bobweaverhaving *15:36
rmrfslashastraljava: and by "I don't know if this makes sense" I mean, I hope this doesn't break anything15:36
astraljavarmrfslash: Of course, that was for oneiric. You can't really have two releases at the same time. :)15:36
rmrfslashastraljava: yes,but the contents of that file referred to a "precise" repository15:36
rmrfslashastraljava: which I found odd15:37
astraljavarmrfslash: Right, ok. But it still explains the duplicate warning.15:37
astraljavarmrfslash: I don't know anything about Software Center, so can't explain why it was there.15:38
rmrfslashastraljava: I suppose I'm not really sure why there are these little files and a sources.list15:38
astraljavarmrfslash: It's in constant stage of progress, so I'm not sure either.15:38
rmrfslashastraljava: yeah, it seems to me that the contents of these files can be thought of as an extension of sources.list15:39
roastedAnybody using Unity in 12.04? Does your Super + A key combo work?15:40
astraljavarmrfslash: Yeah, they help in unison with /etc/apt/sources.list, but I'm not sure which tool uses which file.15:42
ratcheerroasted: What is it supposed to do?15:42
roastedratcheer: you know when you open the dash and select the applications lens at the bottom? Super A defaults to that lens.15:42
rmrfslashroasted: if I hold down the super key I just get the launcher with each icon enumerted, if I press super+a or super+shift+a I get nothing special... just recognizes that I'm holding down the super key15:42
ratcheerroasted: Ok, I'll try it and let you know.15:43
roastedrmrfslash: so weird. yesterday it worked great, today, no dice.15:43
rmrfslashroasted: what's it supposed to do?15:43
roastedrmrfslash: ratcheer: do you guys get a shortcut menu if you hold down the super key for a few seconds?15:43
ratcheerroasted: Yes, it works.15:43
rmrfslashoh, I don't get any shortcut menu15:43
roastedratcheer: what does, shortcut menu or super A?15:43
ratcheerroasted: Super A. You asked the other question while I was doing that.15:44
roastedratcheer: drat. wonder why mine doesn't work.15:44
roastedratcheer: my desktop and laptop do but this netbook doe snot15:44
roasteddoes not15:44
ratcheerYes, I get keyboard shortcuts if I hold Super15:44
roastedwhere did mine gooo :(15:45
ratcheerThat is cool, where did you learn this stuff?15:45
roastedI hated the fact that my unity dash doesn't default to apps. I mean, I don't care about recent items. I want my apps. I asked on askubuntu.com and someone told me super A would do that.15:46
roastedI remembered there was a shortcut menu and go figure the shortcut menu told me right there about super A. I just didn't look ahead of time.15:46
roastedproblem is, I somehow lost them on this laptop. :(15:46
roastedI did a full update + upgrade, rebooted, no dice15:47
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rmrfslashroasted: I described what I get... when I hold down super my launcher is revealed and each icon has a little number over it 1-N, the workspaces icon has a "s" and trash has a "t"15:59
rmrfslashroasted: I'm not really sure what is the utility of that feature... but that's what I get16:00
itaylor57if i hold down the super key i get keyboard shutcuts screen16:03
itaylor57sorry wastn't watch closely, super + a for applications16:06
MarcoGuestI'd just tested the latest 12.04 beta and saw that maximized apps no longer hide the dash. Is there a way to re-enable the old behaviour for maximized apps to hide the dash?16:16
itaylor57MarcoGuest, look in System -> apperance16:17
itaylor57system settings _> apperance16:17
chmacThere was a setting in ccsm where moving my mouse onto a new window would cause it to become active. I just ran some upgrade, now I can't find it...16:18
MarcoGuestitaylor57: There's the autohide option. But (at least in unit2d) it simply automatically hides the dash, the behaviour is not the same that was in 11.1016:18
itaylor57i am running 3d not sure what 2d has16:18
trismMarcoGuest: the dodge behavior was removed, it either autohides now or is there always16:19
MarcoGuestitaylor57: Does the autohide option re-enables the old behaviour for maximized apps?16:19
itaylor57MarcoGuest, what trism said16:20
MarcoGuesttrism: hmmm... I'd love to have the option to only hide if there is a maximized app16:20
MarcoGuestthan maximize would be the same as fullscreen16:20
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=== revolts is now known as diegovieiraeti
trismMarcoGuest: bug 93014816:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930148 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93014816:23
MarcoGuesttrism: Thanks!16:23
MCRseems a new version of Compiz is comin'...16:37
philinuxMCR: linky ?16:38
MCRupgrade, but just compiz is ready yet16:38
philinuxMCR: Coming down the wire now16:39
jeremydeianyone here tried using ruby1.9 in precise?16:55
jeremydeifor me the packages are all broken (deps)16:55
bazhangjeremydei, filed bugs yet?16:59
trismjeremydei: did you try ruby1.9.3? just ruby1.9 tries to select a bunch of packages by regex16:59
jeremydeilemme try the real thing then16:59
jeremydeino bugs filed yet no, but i did search for bugs16:59
triscuitI noticed python 2.7 was listening on like 8 ports today, that was part of a 12.04 update17:01
dashhey. so i'm using precise and it seems like the menus in all my gtk3 apps are busted17:04
dashin rhythmbox for example, if I click on a menu title the menu either doesn't appear or tries to draw itself as a 3 pixel high thing in the top left corner of my screen17:05
dashand i'll occasionally get stuff like:17:06
dash(rhythmbox:4674): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_get_preferred_width_for_height: assertion `height >= 0' failed17:06
dashi don't have appmenu-gtk3 installed, $UBUNTU_MENUPROXY is not set17:07
dashanybody else seen this?17:07
sddhrthrtdash: yes!17:13
sddhrthrtdash: happened. but didn't investigated!17:13
dashsddhrthrt: now we just need to find someone who knows why it happens :)17:14
tegrai want precise with kernel 3.2.1317:14
tegrai need to compile only ?17:15
sddhrthrtdash: haha. no, i left ubuntu 12.04 long ago. had upgraded from 10.04, ruined the whole setup!17:15
trismtegra: 3.2.0-21.34 is 3.2.1317:19
trismtegra: plus ubuntu patches of course17:19
dashsddhrthrt: so what do you use now? 12.10? :)17:19
sddhrthrtno, LTS! 10.0417:19
tegraoh ok thanks trism17:19
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=== diegovieiraeti_ is now known as diegovieiraeti
jeremydeitrism, sweet, thanks for the tip on ruby1.9.3 works great.  the ruby1.9 regex thing was really weird, there's so much output that i didn't realize it was just a regex..17:23
maxb"resolvconf is now used to manage /etc/resolv.conf on all Ubuntu systems. For systems using Network Manager DNS resolution is now done through dnsmasq, which should help split-DNS VPNs and faster DNS resolution." --- *blink*   Wow. That's major, but rather nice.17:24
jeremydeitrism, do you happen to know anything about the rubygems? appears it's still 1.8 related, would i need to install from source instead of a package? (sometimes i try to get by with the system's rubygems)17:25
oconnoreafter the update yesterday, lightdm flashes on and off forever17:27
jeremydeigah, nevermind it's included in the ruby1.9.3 package i think17:27
oconnorelightdm starts up, and works fine until I click my mouse or press a key on the keyboard17:28
roastedhello friends!17:29
trismoconnore: might be bug 967343 , I was getting that yesterday17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 967343 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "unity-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in background_loader_ready_cb()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96734317:35
ironmhello. does anyone know if the current ubuntu live image (precise) would boot from a USB stick on "old" PowerPC based MACmini? Thank you in advance for any hints.17:35
trismoconnore: as a workaround, if you can manage to stop lightdm from a tty, you could install lightdm-gtk-greeter and change unity-greeter to lightdm-gtk-greeter in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf until unity-greeter is fixed17:37
=== psharmor is now known as tekoholic
roastedAttention Unity Friends - Can you guys hold down the super key? What happens? Do you get a shortcut menu or does your bar come out with each item numbered?17:48
glosoliI get both17:50
roasteder, what?17:50
roastedI don't have a shortcut menu. I seemed to have lost a great deal of my shortcuts.17:51
tegratrism, i have 3.2.0-20 now17:51
roastedI had grown to really like super + A to bring up my applications lens by default too :(17:51
glosoliroasted: dunno i really get bothg17:51
roastedglosoli: have you updated recently?17:51
trismtegra: -21 was uploaded about 20 hours ago, they probably haven't updated linux-meta yet17:51
glosoliall up to date17:51
roastedglosoli: todya?17:51
glosolihour ago17:51
roastedglosoli: me too. :(17:51
roastedmore like 4 hours ago17:51
roastedmaybe I'll try again...17:51
roastedglosoli: what did you run specifically to update? I just want to make sure I'm mimicing what you did since you're having more success than I17:52
roastedsudo apt-get upgrade?17:52
tegratrism, how can i update ?17:52
glosoliroasted: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:52
roastedah I didn't do dist-upgrade17:52
roastedlet me try17:52
roastedappreciate it sir!17:52
glosolibut be warned17:52
glosolidist-upgrade may try to remove some important stuff17:53
glosoliso watch out all the messages it says17:53
tegrai did apt-get dist-upgrade17:53
tegrabut kernel not update.17:53
trismtegra: as I said, linux-meta doesn't seem to be updated yet, but the new kernel is in the repo if you just can't wait and want to install it now17:53
roastedglosoli: you on 3.2.0-20?17:54
glosoliroasted: yes17:54
tegraok trism17:54
trismtegra: in fact, it was updated 2 hours ago, so give the repositories a bit of time, it should be there later today17:55
mongois there a project to get ubuntu's app armor ported to the mainline kernel version?18:00
bastidrazormongo: app armor does fail when using 3.3..18:02
mongobastidrazor: yes, it appears the ubuntu patches revert back to an oder app armmor type18:03
tegraok trism, i changed to US server.18:08
mongoI need to use a mainline as there is an alsa bug in 3.2.0 that was fixed in 3.2.2 but I don't want to lose aa18:08
sorin_ubuntu 12.04 its recomend to use?18:09
genii-aroundIn three weeks, unless you feel adventurous18:10
sorin_finish next mounth?18:10
roastedupdated, upgraded, dist-upgraded, still no super key shortcuts.18:10
trismtegra: yeah should be there on the us server now, I see it on my desktop which just updated18:11
trismmongo: you can't really go by the ubuntu versions, 3.2.0-21 is 3.2.13 (you can see in the changelog when the rebase the kernel to the new releases)18:12
tegrathere is a problem with knetattach18:12
tegraafter kernel upgraded18:13
roddHi, how can I upgrade to 12.04 from 10.04?18:13
roddthe beta version18:13
mongotrism: 3.2.0-21 still has the 3.2.0 alsa bugs with sandy bridge laptops and multi channel audio18:13
mongotrism: i'm asking because I have been working with sid and it aa is fine, if there was a project to try and get off the aa special sauce I would see if anything i've done would be of use18:14
mongobut i'm not finding a link to anything on launchpad18:15
trismmongo: I'm just saying that if the bug was fixed upstream in 3.2.2, then that patch should be in the ubuntu kernels already, and if it still isn't working you should file a bug on launchpad about that18:16
roastedwhy does my super key hate me :(18:16
tegrafor 3.2.1318:16
tegrai need to install it ?18:16
=== haz3lnut is now known as haz3lnut_zzz
mongotrism: there are a dozen bugs about it all in new status, it is more productive to get ubuntu on mainstream kernel support of aa don't you think?18:17
trismmongo: do you know which patch fixed it upstream?18:18
trismmongo: I have no idea about the apparmor issue, I am just curious about the alsa bug18:19
mongotrism: I'll have to go look, it was in the commit notes though, it relates to multi channel audio, e.g. laptops like the HP with "beets audio"18:19
mongoerr in the commit notes on 3.2.218:20
trismmongo: alright I'll see if I can find it18:20
tegraA newer version of linux-meta is available for packaging: Linux 3.2.1318:20
mongotrism: but like I said, people are working on it but I see a lot of value in allowing people to use aa on a mainline kernel18:21
trismmongo: I don't really disagree, I just don't know anything about it18:22
mongotrism: I have the feeling it is just because someone needs to go back and clean up a lot of little things, I'll send a note to the kernel team and offer I guess18:22
roastedseems as if the unity super shortcuts are only in 3d right now18:23
tegrawhy the kernel team is late ?18:25
glosoliis there any software used for context menu editing in ubuntu ?18:27
glosolior anyone knows cmd way of doing that18:27
bazhang!find dconf18:28
ubottuFound: dconf-gsettings-backend, dconf-service, libdconf-dbg, libdconf-dbus-1-0, libdconf-dbus-1-dbg, libdconf-dbus-1-dev, libdconf-dev, libdconf-doc, libdconf-qt-dev, libdconf-qt0 (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dconf&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all18:28
glosolibazhang: I know dconf, hmm so you say I can do it with dconf ?18:30
roastedwell dang18:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 834078 in unity-2d "Missing lens shortcuts (Super-A, Super-F)" [Medium,In progress]18:31
trismtegra: I'm not sure what you are looking for, it will not be labeled 3.2.13, if you want to use the upstream version, use the mainline builds or build it yourself, otherwise from the changelog for 3.2.0-21:  * rebase to v3.2.1318:31
roastedlooks like it's only hitting 2D systems, not 3D. I forgot I was using 2D on this laptops ince it was lower powered.18:31
tegraok i believe you trism :)18:32
glosolibazhang: hmm checked didin't find anything18:35
roastedany of you fellas running unity 2d?18:35
scar3crowroasted: or games, yes18:36
roastedor games?18:37
roastedscar3crow: do you happen to be in 2d now?18:37
scar3crowroasted: yes: gnome classic18:38
roastedscar3crow: no, I meant Unity 2D in specific.18:38
roastedthanks anyway18:38
scar3crowroasted: what's up?18:39
oconnoretrism: well, I'm glad it's being figured out. It's somewhat odd that it's a 'medium' severity bug, considering that it basically prevents anyone who doesn't know how to boot into text mode from using their Ubuntu install ever again :)18:40
scar3crowanybody here good at tailoring X for intel graphics18:44
bastidrazorroasted: i use unity2d since 3d is mean to this old laptop18:45
trismoconnore: yeah the medium severity was automatically added by apport, a human with proper permissions might have a different interpretation18:45
MCRJust wanted to thank devs for finally fixing the flickering here. Compiz is fully functional again.18:45
maxbI'm definitely liking the Unity launcher reveal configurability and other changes in Precise18:46
maxbBeing able to reveal at the left hand edge of my right hand monitor is an interesting touch :-)18:46
roastedbastidrazor: can you hit super+a? or super+f?18:48
roastedbastidrazor: do those shortcuts work for you?18:48
XData2384can you help me ? I have upraded my kubuntu 12.04 today and now all my program menu fonts are ugly, is this a know problem ?18:54
sddhrthrtroasted: Yes, sometimes they dont work!18:58
roastedsddhrthrt: :(18:59
sddhrthrtroasted: try changing to another workspace and using the shortcuts.18:59
sddhrthrtthey work, occasionally.18:59
roasteddoesnt' look like they're flying at all18:59
danpsyAfter installing recent updates inside of 12.04, xorg isn't working anymore.  I imagine the problem ix xorg, because if I run "startx", "Fatal server error: no screens found" is returned.  I tried to reinstall xorg, but it still doesn't seem to work.  I think the next step should be removing proprietary nvidia driver, how could I do that?19:00
Mart1n_Hi, does ubuntu 12.04 will have 3d support enabled by default in nouveau drivers?19:01
Mart1n_I think the name of that technology is mesa 3d19:03
EvilResistanceMart1n_:  that's dependent on whether a linux driver has been released with that technology19:04
Mart1n_as I have red the technology exist, you can install manually19:05
Mart1n_there are comparisons of performance of nouveau with 3d vs nvidia propietary driver19:05
Mart1n_it's still much more slow19:06
jussihow do I see conversations in thunderbird?19:06
roastedbastidrazor: ping19:08
* yofel finds 3D performance with nouveau reasonable on his quadro nvs 3100m19:14
yofelstill slower than the nvidia driver, but works19:15
* scar3crow finds intel 82g33/g3i chipset very cpu intensive19:18
scar3crowI should be able to allocate vram without cpu load19:18
scar3crowcant run doom3 with ultra quality with 512 vram dedicated19:20
scar3crow@ 640X48019:20
roastedis doom native?19:21
scar3crowdefine: "native"19:22
ironhalikit is19:22
ironhalikid likes to support linux19:23
ironhalikand they use opengl, so its easier then other titles19:23
scar3crowmind you; I'm running 64bit19:23
yofelaptitude became usable again \o/19:42
astraljavaWhee! :)19:43
bastidrazormore updates!19:45
scar3crowdoom3 running 75% @ 640X480 :)19:49
* scar3crow goes to install quake419:50
ironhalikiv nouveau wasnt such a performance hit, I would play doom too :)19:59
scar3crowquake4 does not load20:04
mkultra_i need pizza20:07
scar3crowSys_Error: Texture compression unavailable <-- what does this mean?20:10
ironhalikscar3crow: I would guess drivers20:14
scar3crowyeah... I have the tarball...20:14
scar3crowwaiting for you guys ;)20:15
zutiquick question. anyone have any idea how to fix fix lightdm not starting when using nvidia-current-updates?20:29
zutii was using the nvidia installer, but uninstalled the drivers and got the 295.33 from the repositories. now lightdm never starts.20:30
zutiif i purge the nvidia drivers, it starts just fine, but as soon as i install them back... nothing20:30
zutihave to use ssh to start lightdm remotely20:31
zuti"text mode" doesn't work either20:31
FernandoMiguelWebGL: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration disabled.20:37
FernandoMiguelwhat can I do to get Chrome to support CPU HW ?20:37
glosoliFernandoMiguel: type chrome://flags20:39
glosoliin address bar20:39
FernandoMiguelI know about that20:40
glosolido you enabled: "Override software rendering list20:40
glosoli ?20:40
FernandoMigueldo I need to force the Override??20:40
FernandoMiguelsounds nasty20:40
glosoliyep :)20:40
glosolibut then you will loose20:40
glosoliyoutube html520:40
glosoliwon't work properly20:40
FernandoMiguelit already doesn't :)20:40
glosolithat's why I am switching to Firefox this night :)20:40
FernandoMiguelnor do maps20:40
glosoliIn Firefox webgl and everything else works out of the box for me :/20:41
FernandoMiguelyoutube html5 is worse than flah20:41
glosoliworse than flash but for Chrome20:41
glosolion Firefox it works fine for me20:41
glosolieven though I know it sounds stupid20:41
penguin42FernandoMiguel: Yeh the youtube html5 is flaky, and keeps using flash whenever there is a video with an ad20:43
glosolipenguin42: I am lucky to use good videos then, never got that problem with flash and ads :)20:43
FernandoMiguelglosoli: those flags didn't help20:43
glosoliFernandoMiguel: did you restart browser, and what card you have  ?20:44
FernandoMiguelinterl hd300020:44
glosoliVGA i mean20:44
glosolithat might be the problem :)20:44
glosoliI am not sue if Intel HD3000 has WebGL support20:44
glosoliin Chrome20:44
glosolieven in Firefox20:44
glosoliAfter getting problems I went straight to #chromium-support, first thing they did asked me if I had some low level old card20:45
FernandoMiguel2D graphics backendSkia20:46
glosoliFernandoMiguel: you might want to give a shot for Firefox :)20:46
FernandoMiguelDriver vendorMesa20:46
FernandoMiguelDriver version8.0.220:46
glosolijust in case :)20:46
FernandoMiguelGL_VENDORTungsten Graphics, Inc20:46
FernandoMiguelGL_RENDERERMesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile20:46
FernandoMiguelGL_VERSION3.0 Mesa 8.0.220:46
FernandoMiguelfrom firefox aurora GPU Accelerated Windows 020:47
glosoliFernandoMiguel: I might be wrong, just in case, try Firefox do you get the same prob ?20:47
FernandoMiguelI guess no!20:47
FernandoMiguelWOW 74.75 MB (100.0%)20:47
FernandoMiguelthat NO memory usage20:47
glosolihmm what do you mean NO memory usage ? :D20:48
FernandoMiguelhave you ever seen FF use that little?20:48
glosolisince FF1020:48
glosolior smth :)20:48
FernandoMiguelChrome 955,196k 476,464k20:48
glosoliyeeep. that's why I will be switching :)20:48
glosolieven though I got 6GB Ram, Chrome gets chunky on memory from time to time20:49
itaylor57why not Chromium?20:50
glosoliwhy to use something that is used like a thing before releasing everything ?20:50
KM0201upgrades upgrades upgrades.. :)20:50
glosolithey do test on Chromium then release it to Chrome, don't they ?20:50
FernandoMiguelitaylor57: no longer supported/maintained since FTA left20:51
FernandoMiguelKM0201: the ubuntu-mozillateam person that maintained it , and had all those PPAs for chromium, thunderbird and FF20:51
yofelfta left? when?20:52
KM0201oh ok20:52
FernandoMiguelhe was the person with more karma on Launchpad till they changed how it was calculated20:52
FernandoMiguelyofel: many months ago20:52
FernandoMiguelI can talk to you in private, if you want. he asked to keep it private20:52
glosoliwell but in fact Chromium is maintained20:52
KM0201FernandoMiguel: so your contention is since he left, chromium is problematic?20:52
yofelshows how long I haven't been in -mozillateam I guess... sad20:52
glosoliChromium is still here :)20:52
FernandoMiguelyofel: indeed20:52
glosoliI just don't like it20:53
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa20:53
glosolithere is chromium 17 in official repod20:53
* KM0201 <3's chromium20:53
* glosoli loves and hates 20:53
glosolino WebGL support if you want HTML5 videos for me :/20:53
glosoliFirefox meanwhile gives me everything20:53
FernandoMiguel  Candidate: 18.0.1025.142-r12905420:53
FernandoMiguel  Installed: 19.0.1084.1-r12945920:53
FernandoMiguel  Candidate: 17.0.963.83~r127885-0ubuntu120:53
FernandoMiguel 20:53
glosolioutdated then really20:54
glosolisorry FernandoMiguel20:54
glosolimy mistake :)20:54
yofeloutdated? how fast do they burn their version numbers?20:54
yofeloneiric shipped with 1420:54
glosolievery month20:54
FernandoMiguelevery six weeks20:54
glosolia release20:54
glosolisame does Firefox now20:54
FernandoMiguel  Installed: 13.0~a2~hg20120329r90613-0ubuntu1~umd120:54
glosoliFernandoMiguel: alpha ?20:55
yofelFernandoMiguel: where's that from?20:55
FernandoMiguel     11.0+build1-0ubuntu1 020:55
FernandoMiguel        500 mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/ precise/main amd64 Packages20:55
FernandoMiguelglosoli: aurora, PPA20:55
glosoliFernandoMiguel: aaa gonna check that, alpha would be better for me as it has Speed Dial :)20:55
FernandoMiguel$ pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list20:55
FernandoMiguelglosoli: don't call it alpha or beta20:56
FernandoMiguelit's neither20:56
FernandoMiguelyou have trunk (nightly), alpha, aurora, beta, stable, lts20:56
FernandoMiguelwhile chrome has trunk(nightly), dev, beta, stable, outdated(unsupported)20:57
glosoliFernandoMiguel: so Aurora is likely something between alpha-beta ?20:57
glosoliFernandoMiguel: so you use it now ?20:57
FernandoMiguelit's my secondary browser20:58
FernandoMiguelon all my machines20:58
glosoliFernandoMiguel: hmm, but it always updates only to Aurora ?20:58
glosoliFernandoMiguel: if there will be bugs that will be fixed in beta, it wouldn't be fixed in aurora  ?20:58
qrwteyrutiyouphow can I find out which patches were applied over a vanilla kernel in the default 12.04 kernel?20:59
FernandoMiguelqrwteyrutiyoup: by looking at .patches ?20:59
MrChrisDruifBanshee doesn't play any songs anymore20:59
FernandoMiguelin launchapd20:59
qrwteyrutiyoupdo you have the link handy, FernandoMiguel?20:59
FernandoMiguelno, sorry20:59
qrwteyrutiyoupokay, thanks, I will try to find it20:59
MrChrisDruifDid anyone hear about that before?21:00
guntbertqrwteyrutiyoup: start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam21:01
qrwteyrutiyoupthanks as well, guntbert21:01
guntbertFernandoCueva: don't post random links in a support channel21:16
glosoliI better keep my mouth silent :D21:20
bodhi_meit's wise in china21:21
yofelwell, he's used to times when this channel wasn't as busy as it is these days21:21
glosoliyofel: and it's good it is getting more attention, when 12.04 lts will be out I will start asking my parents to switch their computer to 12.0421:22
bodhi_meswitch? i will install 12.04 into another ufd21:23
graingertwhere can I get more people to look at this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/+bug/96605821:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 966058 in openssl (Ubuntu) "SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unsupported protocol" [Undecided,New]21:23
graingertpeople who know about python and ssl?21:23
bodhi_menot me21:24
glosolibodhi_me: switch I mean from Windows to Ubuntu :)21:24
glosoliMarks new decisions changed my mind :)21:24
glosolimy parents will get a try this time, it's a pity of them calling me from time to time for viruses and bla bla :D21:25
bodhi_mecome on, who the hell is still using windows? people use ios and macos nowadays21:25
glosolibodhi_me: well when macbooks in my country makes the price of three times your month salary, not a lot of people think of buying one  :)21:26
glosolieven though I am sure it would play good with Ubuntu :)21:26
bodhi_meyou can see a truck of macbooks and ipads in a cybercafe21:26
yofelnow, if someone would fix the driver for my dads canon printer I would be able to do the same21:26
bodhi_meat least, in here21:26
glosoliyofel: haha know that feeling :) and it would be good thing for me too, as I would not have to worry about them breaking something, will not give password and that's all :D21:27
FernandoCuevaguntbert, me what posting links?21:28
yofelglosoli: exactly ;)21:28
glosoliFernandoCueva: not you he mistakenly pressed tab for guy named FernandoMiguel21:28
yofelhe knows a bit about computers at least so it's not that bad for me21:28
glosoliFernandoCueva: which got kicked for pasting links21:28
FernandoCuevalies he pm me21:28
guntbertFernandoCueva: sorry, I mistabbed, that was not intended for you - i should read more carefully what I write :)21:28
glosoliguntbert: you got busted21:29
nabukadnezar43hi, i intend to install precise daily on my laptop which has nvidia optimus technology21:36
nabukadnezar43i don't need the nvidia card or the proprietary drivers21:36
nabukadnezar43i just want a cool laptop with long battery life21:37
nabukadnezar43what is the best option?21:37
glosolinabukadnezar43: is there any way to disable nVidia from bios21:37
glosoli ?21:37
nabukadnezar43cool as in heat :)21:37
nabukadnezar43i checked but it has no options in the bios21:37
nabukadnezar43it's dell n5110 15r with i5 2410m21:37
nabukadnezar43i read this post at askubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/96552/how-well-will-nvidia-optimus-cards-be-supported-in-12-0421:38
nabukadnezar43the answerer wrote this: "If your system has a hardware mux - so both the nVidia and Intel GPUs are connected to the outputs - and vga_swicheroo works, you can use that interface to switch between them, but only if you're using the open-source drivers. For 12.04 we plan to ensure that the unused GPU is turned off in this case, which should improve battery life."21:38
glosolinabukadnezar43: sorry I don't own Optimus card, you might try reading about something called Bumblebee for Linux21:39
nabukadnezar43i heard about all options, bumblebbe, ironhide, acpi_call, vga_switcheroo etc.21:40
nabukadnezar43but that answer confused me21:40
nabukadnezar43if 12.04 has built-in support to disable nvidia card for long battery life, i don't need to do anything21:40
glosolinabukadnezar43: sorry you would have to wait a bit for someone who has knowledge on that topic :/21:43
nabukadnezar43sure, no problem21:44
rymate1234is Beta 2 stable?21:51
Logan_rymate1234: Yes. I've been running Precise since Alpha 2, and it's been generally very stable for me.21:52
rymate1234ah cool21:52
nabukadnezar43i used beta 1 for a while, it was pretty stable21:52
rymate1234I might try the beta then21:52
Logan_rymate1234: Might as well download the daily build so it has all of the latest updates.21:52
rymate1234I just got the beta 2 iso21:52
Logan_Ah, okay.21:53
* rymate1234 burns it onto a dvd-rw21:53
rymate1234actually no21:53
nabukadnezar43waste of GBs21:53
nabukadnezar43use a cd or a usb21:54
* rymate1234 found a cd!21:54
rymate1234I don't think my laptop can boot from USB21:54
rymate1234I can try though21:54
nabukadnezar43any decent pc can do that21:54
nabukadnezar43and installation from a usb stick is much faster21:55
nabukadnezar43hello roasted21:56
roastedyes installing from usb is crazy awesome21:56
roastedubuntu 12.04 installed from usb onto a sata3 SSD in about 5 minutes and 30 seconds21:56
nabukadnezar43sata3 ssd in my dreams :)21:57
roastedwe got a lab of them at work21:57
bodhi_mea ssd is too big for me21:57
roastedour macs died, go figure21:57
nabukadnezar43i actually have a pretty fast pc21:57
nabukadnezar43hdd is the bottleneck21:57
nabukadnezar437200 rpm sata221:57
roastedyeah, definitely21:57
roastedyeah it's the hdd, not even sata221:57
* rymate1234 backups this USB21:57
* rymate1234 formats21:57
roastedsata drives can't saturate sata2 ports21:57
bastidrazorroasted: super a and super f do nothing in unity2d for me21:58
roastedbastidrazor, oh, thanks bro. appreciate it. :D21:58
roastedI'm surprised you remembered I asked, lol.21:58
nabukadnezar43i heard that ssds have short lives21:58
rymate1234so what's this HUD like?21:58
nabukadnezar43is it a myth?21:58
roastedpretty much21:58
bastidrazorroasted: super brings up unity for me. i have mine to autohide but i have terminal open and fullscreened21:59
roastedssd's have a life span that'll likely far outlast even regular hard drives21:59
roastedlimited life span? very likely. enough that it'll make a difference vs regular hard drives? nope.21:59
bastidrazorroasted: irssi can help one remember almost anything.21:59
roastedbastidrazor, it's a bummer. 2d is nicer on my laptop but I really like super A21:59
bastidrazorroasted: what is it suppose to do?21:59
roastedbastidrazor, honestly I wish my dash lens came up with the entire apps listed by default22:00
nabukadnezar43then i may buy one22:00
roastedbastidrazor, can you run 3d? or does 3d not work whatsoever?22:00
roastedbastidrazor, you can check it out in 3d. it just opens the aplications lens by default.22:00
nabukadnezar43i may even upgrade my phenom ii x4 96522:00
roastedbastidrazor, like if you open the dash, theres 5 lenses at the bottom. the 2nd one is the applications lens. SUPER A opens that (awesome) and SUPER F opens files22:00
roastedbastidrazor, I kind of like the recent items in the main list. IT's growing on me. But I'm a recovering Gnome Shell fan so having all of the apps listed is a nice touch which I like with Super A, as it shows me them without further clicking around.22:01
rymate1234Gnome shell ftw22:01
rymate1234Unity ftw22:01
nabukadnezar43what's super a, super f?22:01
roastedgnome shell is flippin beautiful22:01
nabukadnezar43windows button+a and f?22:01
roastednabukadnezar43, super = "windows key"22:01
rymate1234anything but windows metro is good22:02
roastedrymate1234, unity in 12.04 is drawing me away from gnome shell, though.22:02
nabukadnezar43i hate the shell and unity, thanks god we have plenty options22:02
roastedrymate1234, the more I use it, the more it clicks with me. It's weird because I've passionately hated unity since day 1.22:02
roastednabukadnezar43, amen. Doesn't matter if you like light beer or dark beer. At least you're in the right place. :)22:02
roastedcheers! :D22:02
rymate1234once this usb is done22:03
rymate1234I'll reboot laptop22:03
nabukadnezar43i tried metro ui22:04
roastedmetro is really nice, but it's terrible on a computer22:04
nabukadnezar43if i had a tablet, i'd definitely consider it22:04
roastedyeah, amen22:04
rymate1234I found a program called ViStart22:04
roastedI actually think it's very nice and intuitive. I just don't need an email icon thats 800x600 in size.22:04
roastedI just don't.22:04
rymate1234its a clone of the windows 7 start menu22:04
rymate1234usb is prepared22:04
rymate1234I SHALL BBL22:05
roastedPhone? Small tablet? Absolutely.22:05
glosolinabukadnezar43: any help you got so far :/ ?22:06
rymate1234|usbthis is the worst irc client ever22:11
glosolinabukadnezar43: have you trying asking in askubuntu ?22:11
rymate1234|usbbut oh my gawd this is quicker than a live cd22:11
* rymate1234|usb installs22:11
nabukadnezar43no, i don't really like forums and those kind of sites22:12
nabukadnezar43but i may try asking there22:12
glosoliAnyone here using NVIDIA OPTIMUS ?22:12
remasterhello how much stable is 12.04 b2 ?22:15
remasteri want to try it!22:15
rymate1234|usbseems quite stable22:16
rymate1234|usbcurrently trying to figure out which of these partitions is my /home22:16
remasterwell i'm user of ubuntu 11.04 but i have22:16
rymate1234|usband which is my /22:16
remastergraphic errors22:16
jinjorgebeen running 12.04 since the alpha release on my work computer22:16
remasterwhen i use a custom theme... a little time before my pc crash...22:17
jinjorgeeach iteration gets better and better22:17
remasterand another question22:17
rymate1234|usbthis is very quick of a usb stick22:18
remasteri have i5 processor22:18
remasterwich version i use?22:18
rymate1234|usbv. good processor22:18
rymate1234|usbhow much ram do you have22:18
bodhi_mecome on, who the hell doesn't have 16gb of ram?22:18
* rymate1234|usb raises hand slowly22:19
jinjorgeha ha, me22:19
jinjorgewhat do you need 16GB of RAM for?22:19
remastervideo editor or graphic or much games??? in other way i think thats much unnecesary ram ._.22:20
bodhi_meso i can load the whole system into the ram, such as salix os and boshi (ubuntu)22:20
jinjorgeahhh ok22:20
bodhi_meand all my vms can get 4 gb of ram22:20
jinjorgehaven't needed to do that22:20
rymate1234|usbwell this is fun22:20
jinjorge4GB works for me22:21
remasterand ... what version of ubuntu may i use?22:21
bodhi_mefor example, salix only takes about 1gb of ram22:21
bodhi_methen everything is in the ram22:21
jinjorgeremaster: what do you mean?22:21
bodhi_mepersistence? no problem22:22
remasterx86 or amd64?22:22
jinjorgeyou are in the 12.04 beta2 chat room. my guess is that most in here are running 12.0422:22
jinjorgedo you have an intel processor?22:22
remasteri5 intel processor22:23
jinjorgethen x8622:23
penguin42jinjorge: Why did you say x86 - amd64 will run very nicely on an i522:25
penguin42jinjorge: amd64 is just the name for the 64bit arch22:25
rymate1234|usbwhy is my mouse a permanent spinning wheel thing22:26
rymate1234|usbits stuck at "removing conflicting operating system files"22:28
remasterwell i'm downloading amd6422:30
remaster4min to complete the download :322:30
rymate1234|usbI think I got my partitions mixed up22:31
remasteri only have a data partition of 550gb22:32
remasterand a OS partition of 50gb22:32
rymate1234|usbYAY ITS DOING STUFF22:32
rymate1234|usbI think22:32
rymate1234|usbI mixed up my current /home and / partitions22:33
ratcheer550 GB! WTH?22:33
rymate1234|usbbecause they were both similar size22:33
remasterratcheer why?22:34
rymate1234|usbif my calculations are correct (which I hope they aren't) i'm formatting my /home and using it as me /22:34
rymate1234|usbrymate1234|usb: yay22:34
rymate1234|usbI can tab complete22:34
ratcheerremaster: I just wonder what you do with it. The biggest partition on my 1 TB drive is 50 GB.22:35
remasterwell i only put random files there... music, videos22:35
ratcheerWell, I do have a 2 TB external drive that is all one big partition.22:36
remasteri have a TimeCapsule 2TB22:36
ratcheernabukadnezar43: No, mine is USB 322:36
nabukadnezar43i gave up on externals22:37
rymate1234|usbwill not doing anything speed up installation?22:37
nabukadnezar43too slow too painful22:37
nabukadnezar43i've a 500 gb for os22:37
nabukadnezar43and 1 tb for storage22:37
ratcheernabukadnezar43: I still use one because it is cheap and easy.22:37
nabukadnezar43that's my desktop22:37
nabukadnezar43internals are cheaper22:38
nabukadnezar43well that's if you're using a desktop22:38
ratcheerBut not as easy. Just plug in the external and go. They're easy to move among systems if you need to, too.22:38
nabukadnezar43internals are already plugged in22:39
ratcheerBut, I'm not the type that likes to dig around inside my case.22:39
nabukadnezar43and you can format them in any filesystem you want22:39
jinjorgepenguin: didn't know that...... thought it meant cpu type. I stand corrected. Thanks!!22:39
nabukadnezar43but who cares, that's your choice and this is mine :)22:39
ratcheernabukadnezar43: Agreed22:40
jinjorgepenguin42: didn't know that...... thought it meant cpu type. I stand corrected. Thanks!!22:40
ratcheerMaybe I'll buy me a big SATA III internal and convert to btrfs.22:40
jinjorgeremaster:apologies for the incorrect info22:41
remasterjinjorge no problem now i'm making the booteable usb of amd6422:41
remasterbut i continue to feeling nervous22:42
remasterto crash my sistem22:42
penguin42jinjorge: It's just history; AMD bought out the 64bit x86 first by a few years22:43
remasterno it's not that22:44
remasteri don't wanna lose my info22:44
xrdodrxWill one be able to update from Beta 2 to 12.04?22:48
ratcheerxrdodrx: Yes22:48
nabukadnezar43of course22:48
xrdodrxI assumed so, thank you :)22:48
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spaceneedleAfter I type in my password at the login screen  it takes too long for the unity screen to appear.22:53
spaceneedleAlso, the jumbled words at the top corner needs to be fixed.22:55
remaster_me esta corriendo lento22:56
remaster_en una amd thurion22:56
remaster_it's runing slow in a amd thurion machine22:56
WrostekIm trying to compile a kernel with 'fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic' after around 20 minutes, sub-make returns error 2 while compiling 'LD [M]  drivers/w1/wire.o' ... but there is no debug info... Is there a way to get the kernel build to be more descriptive?23:05
Wrostek ( i would disable Dallas Wire from the config, but you cant, its either built in or module, and I dont know how to fix the problem without debug )23:05
jtaylorusually its make V=1 or make VERBOSE=123:07
Wrostekthanks I will try that23:09
penguin42I thought even without that it would normally give you the reason for an error23:09
penguin42Wrostek: Do you know if it's doing parallel builds?23:09
jtaylorI would have expected that too23:09
WrostekLike using multiple cores? yes23:09
penguin42Wrostek: In that case, look a little bit further up to see if there was an error23:10
penguin42Wrostek: when it's doing stuff in parallel you might get the error and then some other ones complete23:11
WrostekYes, I looked up the output, but there were no errors ( some warnings ) but no errors23:12
meerkatsso in the ubuntu project gnome is no longer in your plans for future releases... you will stick to unity23:16
Daekdroommeerkats, GNOME is in the plans for the future releases.23:17
meerkatsDaekdroom, but as it is now in 11.10? I mean I liked gnome in 11.04, but since 11.10 there are some missing things (I cannot find an easy way to change between open windows)23:19
bjsnideryou don't have to use unity, you can use gnome-shell23:26
itaylor57resistance is futile you will be assimilated to unity23:38
bastidrazorcrush all hu-mans23:39
itaylor57bastidrazor, i tried pcbsd live usb, didn't go so good23:40
bastidrazoritaylor57: its happens23:40
itaylor57but i am off topic lol23:40
bastidrazoroh i thought this was -ot.. oops23:41
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