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pavolzetorhi, me again21:48
pavolzetorshould I use diacritics in my name?21:48
commandolineclose to zero packaging experience, but according to this thread, non-ascii chars are allowed: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=16082721:53
ubot2Debian bug 160827 in debian-policy "Standardize syntax of the name in the Maintainer control field" [Wishlist,Open]21:53
commandolineI would expect that file to need to be UTF-8 encoded like most files...21:53
commandolinelike it is now btw. My browser switched it to the wrong (Western) set :(21:54
pavolzetorso it is okay22:03
pavolzetoruff :D22:03
pavolzetorif you display details22:03
pavolzetorand there is my name without diacritics22:04
pavolzetorbut in changelog file it is with22:04
pavolzetorand another question22:05
pavolzetorwhy has it only i386 arch?22:05
commandolinemaybe that's launchpad then, removing the diacritics. It's weird though, I see no reason for that and it's even a bit hard to do :P22:06
commandolineah, it's python?22:06
commandolinethen there's no need for a 64 bit version, since it's interpreted22:07
commandolinedoesn't the 'Architecture: all' line specify that in the control file?22:08
pavolzetorI have it 'all' in control file22:09
pavolzetorbut on launchpad, I got i38622:09
commandolineyes, that's where I got it from, I downloaded your tarball :)22:09
pavolzetorshould I report bug about diacritics?22:10
pavolzetorthis is my first ppa :D22:10
pavolzetorbut i googled22:10
pavolzetornothing found22:10
commandolinehmm, no, looks like 'all' really means 'all'. It does for one of the Ubuntu packages I checked... (a python program)22:12
pavolzetoran yo usend me a link|?22:13
pavolzetorthe link?22:13
commandolineof course22:13
pavolzetorit is quite steep learning curve, if you do not use quickly22:14
commandolinehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/openteacher is the launchpad page...22:14
pavolzetorso it is probably by default22:16
pavolzetorif architecture is ALL, then just pick i38622:16
pavolzetorsince it does not matter22:16
pavolzetorin python22:16
pavolzetordo you suggest use distutils?22:19
pavolzetoror which tool to build some structure required by deb pkg22:20
pavolzetorI know quickly uses it22:20
commandolinethere I can't help you, as I said, my packaging experience is minimal too ;)22:20
commandolineand it's a bit late here, so I'm leaving, good luck. :)22:21
pavolzetorsee you, thanks22:22

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