wendarmeeting time?17:01
cielakwednar: the meeting is on 18.00 UTC, so you're an hour early, I guess17:13
cielakwendar: sorry, misspelled your nick17:13
wendarcielak: ah, then I've got it scheduled wrong17:14
wendar<sigh> timezones...17:14
cielakwendar: the fridge calendar says it's 17.00UTC, actually17:14
cielakbut the agenda & mail on list claimed it's 18.0017:14
wendarcielak: yes, I set that up17:14
wendarI set up the calendar entry17:15
wendarfixed now17:15
ajmitchwendar: might be time to change the meeting time anyway :)17:49
ajmitchit's hard enough waking up now, next month I won't have DST to help me17:49
wendarajmitch: sure, whatever time works17:52
* ajmitch doesn't expect a full turnout anyway17:53
wendaraye, we do most things on the mailing list anyway17:54
* stgraber waves17:56
ajmitchhi stgraber17:56
ajmitchlfaraone, highvoltage: ping17:58
* ajmitch hasn't seen fagan online for months17:58
highvoltageajmitch: pong18:00
ajmitchok, so the usual people are around, we can probably go to -meeting :)18:01
* highvoltage warps over18:01
* ajmitch shall try & write up something coherent for minutes on the wiki19:25
lfaraonepong ajmitch20:01
lfaraoneoh, right.20:01
highvoltagehey there lfaraone20:03

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