mkopackHey gang… So I got the 11.10 Server prebuilt image installed and working on my panda board ES. Wifi is working fine. I installed LXDE for a desktop. However, sound doesn't seem to work. Do I need to install the OMAP driver package to get that working?01:54
twbmkopack: have you checked mixer levels?01:55
mkopackYeah, volume control shows not muted, vol maxed.01:56
mkopackFor testing I downloaded a free MP3 file, and am trying to run it through the media player in LXDE, just not getting anything out.01:56
mkopackIt's not the end of the world, I can live without sound, I'm just wondering if there's other issues (like GFX ) that I might also be missing01:57
twbmkopack: you checked all channels in alsamixer01:57
twbAlso better to test with raw data (e.g. PCM) with aplay01:57
twbI don't know anything about the specific unit you're on, that's just the most obvious first thing to check01:58
mkopackHmm, ok, I'll give that a try...01:58
infinitymkopack: Sound on the PandaES won't work out of the box in oneiric, we only added the UCM fixes for it in precise.01:59
mkopackCrap. I'm in the middle of doing the ROS install so I'm going to have to wait to install alsamixer01:59
mkopackah, k01:59
mkopackI'll probably move up to 12.04 once the actual release is out. but in the mean time I'm getting my teeth cut with this 11.1002:00
infinityI'd really recommend just trying precise now.  We just released Beta-2, which is pretty close to where we expect final to be.02:00
infinityAnd we'd appreciate bug reports to make it better. :)02:00
infinity(Plus, your PandaES will run both faster and cooler with the precise kernel...)02:01
mkopackI'll give that a try over the weekend.. Luckily I have a couple 16 GB SD cards to play with02:12
mkopackI only get a couple hours at home at night to really work on this ting02:13
mkopackAhh, a watched ROS never compiles ;) ....02:25
mkopack(actually it's going surprisingly well, I must say)02:26
plugwashis there any equivilent of packages.ubuntu.com for ubuntu armel and armhf?06:50
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janimo`GrueMaster, feel free to remove https://code.launchpad.net/~gruemaster/flash-kernel/bug-961174/+merge/98874 if the corresponding bug is wontfix09:25
janimo`it showed up in the sponsoring queue and I almost considered uploading it before seeing in tiny green letters that the bug is wontfi09:25
janimo`LP UI is not the best09:25
janimo`tiny gray letters that is09:25
mythosplugwash, you man a website to lookup packages, search for/in packages, etc? no10:04
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traisenWhat is the minimum memory that will support ubuntu arm version?14:03
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xranbytraisen: it depend if you want to run the full desktop14:04
xranbytraisen: a regular unity-2d session work ok using 512mb of ram14:05
xranbythe system then consume around 200mb on startup14:05
xranbyyou can of course use 256mb of ram + some swap14:05
xranbythat will allow you to run most applications14:05
xranbyif you run headless like ubuntu-core14:06
xranbythen you should be able to make it with 64mb of ra14:06
traisenThanks, Do you know if anyone has tried it on the Lego Mindstorms NXT ? 256kbyte FLASH- und 64kbyte RAM-Speicher14:08
xranbydo you know which arm cpu it are using?14:10
xranbyok, do you know the variant?14:10
traisen(or do you need more info)14:10
xranbyi need more info14:10
xranbyatmel make amny cpus14:10
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xranbyoff hand i can tell you ubuntu will not boot on this device14:11
traisenJust a minute14:11
xranbybut you can most likely write code for it using the ubuntu arm gcc14:11
xranbyif you have a way to upload code to this mindstorm device14:11
traisenCurrently using gnu tool chain, but ubuntu is better known then eCos14:12
traisenBut wouldn't the o/s have to be a favor of ubuntu, even if a minimal version?14:13
janimo`traisen, ubuntu hardly fits on a device with 1000 times as much memory14:15
janimo`maybe the bootloader used on typical ubuntu arm hw would fit on the mindstorm :)14:15
xranbydamn capslock14:16
traisenNo desktop needed14:16
xranbytraisen: the problem are that a regular liux kernel require more than 256kb of flash14:16
janimo`traisen, ecos should be pretty good for it for the type of apps you'd probably run on it14:16
xranbytraisen: for a minimal embedded linux system you need at least 4mb of flash14:17
xranbyto store the kernel and a minimal root filesystem14:17
xranbyand more ram14:17
xranbyyou can compare this lego device with your usb mousepointer14:18
xranbythe usb mouse probably have more flash14:18
xranbyif it are flash based14:18
traisenMB not Kb :)    eCos is working... thanks for mentioning other options, so I have something to compare against.14:23
janimo`hackish patch to get mongodb run its smoketest completed, now to clean up maybe and backport to Ubuntu's stable version hopefully before 12.0415:35
* janimo` resists being sidetracked into debugging mongo for ppc on the porter machine. 15:36
infinityjanimo`: Go for it, get sidetracked.16:08
infinityjanimo`: I thought mongo was heavily x86-centric.  Just how large is your patch?16:08
infinity(Or maybe I'm confusing it with another package that had a "don't bother trying to port this" note...)16:10
infinityAhh, there it is.16:10
infinity  The mongodb server depends on both little-endianness and unaligned memory16:11
infinity  access, which I believe means it can only work on i386 and amd64. We believe16:11
infinity  that the mongodb will be useful even it is not available for all Debian16:11
infinity  supported platforms.16:11
infinityjanimo`: Is the above no longer true?16:11
tedgHowdy folks.16:48
tedgWe've got a test that's using callgrind, but it's failing to link on ARM.16:48
tedgCould someone take a look?  It seems like callgrind isn't built right on ARM.16:48
infinitytedg: You didn't get the memo that ARM is everyone's problem/responsibility now? ;)16:50
tedginfinity, yes, that's why I'm helping -- by finding bugs :-)16:51
infinityjanimo`: Know anything about valgrind on ARM?16:51
plugwash<mythos> plugwash, you man a website to lookup packages, search for/in packages, etc? no <-- yes packages.ubuntu.com lets me search for/in packages on the official ubuntu architectures I was wondering if there was an equivilent for ubuntu armel and armhf17:54
mythosplugwash, answer is no17:55
mythosthe easiest way is a chroot and apt-file/apt-cache17:56
infinityplugwash: packages.u.c is maintained by frank@lichtenheld.de, feel free to bug him about adding ports. ;)18:29
infinityplugwash: Of course, there's also Contents-$arch on the mirrors.18:31
janimo`infinity, mongodb is indeed x86 centric but not by design, they just did not care for portability much18:52
janimo`and there are not many places where it needs changing but my chjanges are not the most elegant18:53
janimo`so unaligned double and atomic int accesses cause traps and it is mostlt about finding and fixing those places18:53
janimo`infinity, I had a fire-and-forget ARM patch sent to valgrind once but not much knowledge more besides that18:54
janimo`infinity, as for the size of the mongo patch it is mongoarm.diff here, most recent comments19:01
janimo`that is against master which built and ran fine, applying the same to the 2.0 branch still crashes so I have some more digging to do19:01
janimo`infinity, regarding ppc, I probably need to debug it there too, after the single patch that is needed on ARM too (make char signed explicitely in one place)19:01
janimo`it still crashed and the build for some reason did not have debug symbols so gdb did not help me19:02
janimo`which is strange as the same default build on x86 and arm has debug symbols19:02
janimo`anyway I probably need to look at it some more, probably my last chance to play with ppc if I am reading my crystall ball correctly19:03
janimo`also my first time working on a ppc :)19:03
infinityIf you need access to a PPC machine to play, let me know.19:05
infinityAlthough, I guess you have access to the porter in the DC too.19:05
infinityBut yeah, the claims that it's endian-specific don't bode well for PPC.19:06
infinityMaybe that was overstated and/or incorrect.19:06
infinityIf you can make it both endian and alignment clean, I'm sure the Debian maintainer would love you forever.19:06
janimo`infinity, yes, it is the porter that I tried building mongo today and which crashed even after one fix which was also needed for arm19:20
janimo`infinity, ah indeed, it is probably endian specific too, but that luckily did not affect arm19:20
janimo`there was a mongo-nonx86 branch against 1.8 last year but it is very messy and the author no longer maintains it19:21
janimo`it had fixes for all sorts including arm19:21
janimo`infinity, I already had a few exchanges with antonin, pushin all but our upstart script to him to lessen delta19:22
janimo`and was surprised to find out that debian packages (or the system) can break if upstart scripts are installed19:22
janimo`because of some yet undeployed dpkg fix19:22
janimo`ah so that's wre my diskspace went19:29
* janimo` discovers a 21Gb log from Gnash19:29
janimo`highvoltage, possibly the effects of always open browser+gnash installed+infrequent reboots. Anyway, removed19:39
highvoltageI use the #rmrf tag on identica/twitter for things like that. like http://identi.ca/notice/50474501 and http://identi.ca/notice/71778992 :)19:41
Mephisto__Hello people! I'm looking at a kernel config (versatile) for a recent kernel, I cannot seem to make em work (a part from the 2.6.22 which doesn't support ext4), any help is appreciated20:58
infinityMephisto__: Why versatile?  It's long obsolete.21:25
infinityMephisto__: Surely, you want vexpress?21:25
Mephisto__well i'm a total newbie to this here's the system I'm trying to "emulate"21:27
infinityOh.  Then you're almost certainly in the wrong channel, as Ubuntu won't run on that system (nor an emulated version of it).21:29
infinityARM9 is ARMv5, Ubuntu only supports ARMv7.21:30
infinityActually, that might even be v4t.21:31
infinityAnyhow, you might want to try Debian, and they do have versatile kernels packaged as well.21:31
Mephisto__so it's versatile right?21:31
infinityErm.  That system isn't the same thing as a versatile board from ARM, no.21:33
infinityBut they're perhaps vaguely similar product families.21:33
infinityIn either case, Ubuntu won't run on either one (old ARM versatile boards, the qemu versatile target, nor this machine you linked).21:33
Mephisto__I see21:34
Mephisto__thanks a lot for valuable informations and your time sir21:34
infinityNo problem.21:34

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