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hazmatsmoser, ping.. we're seeing some issues booting instances on ec2, with apt-update failing.. was curious if you knew anything regarding http://paste.ubuntu.com/907227/ cloud-init output..14:29
hazmatlooks like a hash mismatch on the update14:30
smoserutlemming, ^14:30
hazmati thought the whole pipeline thing was default enabled14:30
smosersomeone needs to open an RT on it, hazmat14:30
smoserwe have to have IS kick that server14:30
utlemminghazmat: run "rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*"14:30
utlemminghazmat: and then try again14:30
* smoser is very looking forward to the hope of this all magically being fixed.14:30
hazmatutlemming, on the instance.. we can't per se.. we rely on cloud-init to install ssh keys etc.. but its failing pretty early.14:31
smosercloud-init should still install keys, no ?14:31
* hazmat checks14:32
hazmatsmoser, it does14:32
hazmatbut manual intervention is a hoser for juju14:33
hazmatsmoser,  is there an RT already? i'd be happy to file it, i'm just fuzzy on the details of whats needed14:33
hazmatutlemming, smoser is this issue in relation to  the s3 apt repos, or is it just one of the ec2 pkg repos is borked14:34
* hazmat tries a different a region14:34
utlemminghazmat:  its the ec2 pkg repos14:34
utlemminghazmat: so what I think is happening, is that the release file is not being updated. When "curl -I" on the Release file, the information seems stale for us-east-1. If you delete the local release file, then it should work.14:35
utlemminghazmat: if you can verify that, then I think we'll have enough information for a RT ticket14:36
utlemminghazmat: and I'll happily file it14:36
smoserutlemming, we dont really have to verify it14:36
hazmatutlemming,  i just killed the instance, but i should be able to reproduce and verify in 5m14:37
utlemmingsmoser: true, but verification which proves my theory makes it easier for IS to fix it14:38
smoserutlemming, check-archive (i added to make it check Sources.gz and Sources.bz2) runs successfully14:44
smoser./check-archive http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise14:44
hazmatutlemming, confirmed fwiw14:47
utlemminghazmat: okay, thank you kindly.14:48
smoserhazmat, what did you confirm ?14:49
smoserjust that removing those files and trying again fixed it ?14:49
hazmatsmoser, yup14:51
utlemmingsmoser: in looking at the headers between the us-west-2 and us-east-1 mirrors, the HTTP headers indicate that the us-east-1 records is stale (at least when I looked yesterday). So what I think is happening, based on what I saw yesterday is that apt is using the cached release file because it appears that a newer one doesn't exist.14:53
utlemmingsmoseer: I'm rechecking now14:53
smoserutlemming, you're correct14:55
utlemmingsmoser: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/907322/14:55
smosernone of the mirrors in us-east-1 has updated since the 27th14:55
smoserutlemming, http://paste.ubuntu.com/907324/14:57
utlemmingRT filed14:59
smoserutlemming, fwiw, this particular issue woudl have been (i think) fixed if we had the source lists in /var/lib/apt/lists15:06
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