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dholbachgood morning06:59
czajkowskimorning all06:59
dholbachhi czajkowski07:00
jalcinemorning dholbach07:00
jalcinewow, it IS morning.07:01
dholbachhi jalcine07:01
jalcine3 AM to be exact. time flies.07:01
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jokerdinomhall119: you there?08:36
jokerdino(Typo on Planella's name bugs me too much)08:36
czajkowskijokerdino: way to early to see him on here08:37
jokerdinooh? I thought he pushed his blog post 4 minutes ago.08:38
jokerdinoi will wait for him then :)08:39
czajkowskicould have been on a released timer08:41
czajkowskibut he lives in florida08:41
jokerdinowell that was what i think so too. scheduled post.08:42
dpmmhall119, apart from my name in the post, the screencast is awesome08:43
popeythats great!08:46
czajkowskinothingspecial: aloha09:08
nothingspecialWhat is the relationship or difference between https://help.ubuntu.com/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com09:09
nothingspecialmorning czajkowski :)09:09
nothingspecialWhy do we have both?09:10
head_victimnothingspecial: wiki is for team collaboration, help is for user help documentation.09:11
czajkowskione is just documentation and the other has every aspect of of Ubuntu on it09:11
head_victimWell that's my understanding :)09:11
nothingspecialIs the content to be or not to be duplicated09:12
nothingspecialfrom help to wiki09:13
czajkowskino idea tbh, I usually use the wiki09:13
nothingspecialI have someone writing a wiki page that is already on help09:13
czajkowskiif its already there on help, why duplicate the work just reference the help page09:14
czajkowskiunless the help page is wrong at which point just contaact the documentation team09:14
nothingspecialOk thanks, I'll contact the documentation team :)09:15
czajkowskihuats: salut09:37
jalcineOh dear, AlanBell pinged out.10:17
jalcineSomeone reboot his server!10:18
jussijcastro: so, a real reason for you, jono et al to come and at least visit finland, perhaps even move here: http://www.lowbird.com/data/images/2012/03/imgur-p5yfz.png10:37
popeyits all that lack of sunlights10:40
jussipopey: maybe :D10:46
nigelbpopey: Haha, win.11:00
dholbachjussi, you seem to share G+ stuff to an email address of mine11:20
dholbachjussi, I'm actually on G+11:20
jussidholbach: hrm, perhaps Ive both :/ let me look again...11:20
jussidholbach: fixored. (some reason I had some email + your g+) mightve been an autoimport thing11:23
dholbachah ok :)11:23
s-foxI still don't understand g+11:23
jussiyou know its funny, this templates thing has grown from "lets collect a few templates and package them" to "lets fix libreoffice's whole template and design area"11:28
mhall119dpm: doh, sorry,  I'll fix11:51
dakermhall119, hello-unity doesn't work on natty, right ?12:00
mhall119daker: it's specifically targetting the 12.04 APIs, some of it might, but I can'g gurantee it12:01
dakermhall119, it doesn't work from : ImportError: cannot import name Indicate12:01
mhall119daker: ok, I'm not surprised12:05
mhall119daker: you should upgrade, it's fun in 12.04 :)12:05
dpmmhall119, no worries, thanks :)12:07
czajkowskiso close to the weekend :)14:04
kamilnadeemhi everyone14:11
kamilnadeemIs it possible for Kubuntu 12.04 to ship Kubuntu one14:12
czajkowskiis there a way to filter out feeds on G+14:32
czajkowskiI want to see all bar x, y z people as they may post a lot of noise and fills up the feed14:32
czajkowskirather than viewing by circle14:32
popeyczajkowski: put them in a noisy circle and dial down the whole circle14:38
czajkowskidial down ?14:38
popeythere's a slider at the top14:38
czajkowskipopey: you are a feckin genius!14:39
czajkowskiup till now I just removed them or muted the posts14:40
czajkowskithis is easier!14:40
dholbachfor everyone of you who should have ever had the desire to learn German: https://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/3623111_460s.jpg14:40
dholbachdpm: ^ right?14:40
dpmdholbach, hahaha14:42
bkerensagood morning14:46
czajkowskigood god identi.ca is just an awful interface15:05
dholbachballoons, yo yo15:05
cjohnstonDaviey: we got it to where the meeting doesn't error when there is a break and it displays correctly on the agenda page, but on the wide screen grid view it isn't displaying correctly :-/15:47
cjohnstonits atleast a start15:48
pleia2AlanBell: confirmed that you can get Clipper cards at the airport - even took a picture of the booth! details are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/PublicTransit15:50
pleia2(having some other Ubuntu California folks review it, but it should be good to go)15:51
Davieycjohnston: see if you can get it working before the weekend :)15:55
JanCdholbach: ha, after learning Latin, German wasn't all that bad!  ;)15:56
* AlanBell hugs pleia2 15:57
* pleia2 hugs back15:57
cjohnstonheh.. Daviey, mhall119 and I were discussing ideas on how to make it display "long" enough.. I tried changing a 2 slot meeting to a 3 slot meeting.. since a break is technically a slot I wondered if that would make it appear as 1 slot before the break and one slot after.. no such luck though15:58
dakerthe new linux.org is using the Ubuntu font15:59
pleia2daker: oh wow, I hadn't even noticed16:00
dakerah it's just a coming soon page16:01
dakerthey will launch a new website16:01
dholbachJanC, you have a different pain tolerance then :)16:05
dholbachJanC, how is Dutch? does it have many cases and differing articles per case and stuff as well?16:05
JanCnot really that much16:06
JanCsome dialects have more cases than "Standard Dutch" though16:06
dholbachwow, that's interesting16:08
JanCe.g. West-Flemish is well-known for its different forms of the words "yes" & "no"  :P16:09
dholbachyou never run out of bits of craziness in languages :)16:15
dholbachor let's say specialties :)16:15
czajkowskijcastro: some tweet love would be great https://twitter.com/#!/launchpad_net/status/18574429401396838416:24
czajkowskipleia2: where does scott hide16:32
pleia2czajkowski: YokoZar?16:33
pleia2no idea :)16:33
pleia2speak of the devil16:37
dholbachalright my friends - for me the weekend starts - so see you all back on Monday - HUGS!16:48
greg-gdholbach: have a good one, buddy16:48
dholbachyou too :)16:48

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