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zrutyHow to file a bug without knowing the package causing the issue?04:04
micahgzruty: is there a window?04:06
micahgzruty: ask in #ubuntu-bugs to get some help04:07
zrutyNo process (that I know of), no window, no nothing. Just something that does not work (which does work in Win)04:07
pittiGood morning05:10
pittidupondje: good morning05:29
pittidupondje: any luck getting the cryptsetup split into Debian?05:29
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dholbachgood morning06:59
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maximiliusHello & sorry for this. I know DEVEL is not for user support questions. but i really need somebody with a clue to help me troubleshoot this problem.08:06
maximiliusIn a Gnome-Terminal i SSH to a remote host and use irssi there. As soon as i launch Rhythmbox, Liferea or if i browse a modern website with Firefox or Chromium i get a slideshow in "irssi" when switching channels e.g. or when typing.08:06
maximiliusthe hardware is an AMD64 3200 with 2GB RAM and a GeForce 8400 GS so this box should be able to handle the load, right?08:09
maximiliusUbuntu 10.04 11.10 and 12.04 show all this same problem08:12
maximiliusplease, how can i get to the source of the problem?08:13
janimo`@pilot in08:26
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jamespageanyone know if the LP buildd's support inotify?08:30
pittijamespage: I don't see why they wouldn't, but I'm not 100% sure08:32
pittijamespage: you mean for test suites, etc}08:32
pittijamespage: glib uses inotify, and its tests succeed on the builders08:32
jamespagepitti, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/98985481/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.nodejs_0.6.12~dfsg1-1ubuntu1~precise1~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz08:33
jamespageits in a PPA builder - not sure whether that makes a difference08:33
jamespagethe test that fails passes in my local sbuild - the feature depends on inotify and the test fails with ENOSYS which would indicate it does not08:34
pittijamespage: ah, it's possible that glib falls back to something else if inotify isn't available08:35
jamespagepitti, I can allow this test to optionally FAIL so I can work around it but would like to know for sure08:36
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cjwatsonjamespage: I don't know specifically about inotify, but they do run hardy-era kernels09:06
cjwatsonso it's not usually a surprise to find the odd missing feature09:06
janimo`dholbach, hi, how can a merge request be taken off the sponsors list? I see no equivalent of the unsubscribe button that bugs have09:15
dholbachjanimo`, you can mark the status of the whole merge proposal as 'work in progress' or 'rejected'09:15
janimo`dholbach, ok. I only see work in progress as an option. The linked bug has been marked won't fix, but that was not very obvious in the review page until I looked for it explicitly09:17
dholbachjanimo`, in that case please ask in the channel for somebody (TB + other ~ubuntu-branches people) to mark it as rejected09:17
janimo`dholbach, what about deleting the proposal is that not something usually done?09:18
dholbachI usually try to keep it around, so the contributor can maybe click on "resubmit"09:19
dholbachI don't know09:19
dholbachanyone else ^?09:19
janimo`dholbach, I find some merges get into the sponsoringl ist when they would better be left as discussion among the various people involved in the package/bug09:20
micahgI would think to only delete if there's something destructive09:20
dholbachjanimo`, I agree09:20
janimo`as they are clearly not beginners asking for a non-controversial change09:21
janimo`dholbach, the reason I tiptoe around most of the time in the sponsoring qa list is many issues seem specific bugfixes better left to the submitter and the de facto maintainer to sort out09:21
dholbachjanimo`, in that cases it might make sense to get in touch with the maintainers and discuss it with them09:22
janimo`dholbach, well they are subscribed to the specific bugs and attachments  I'd hope09:22
dholbachyou know how sometimes things get lost in big mailboxes09:23
janimo`does anything with a debdiff attached automatically make it to the list ?09:23
dholbachI usually ping them or join their IRC channel09:23
dholbachyes, there's a bot running which adds debdiff bugs to the sponsoring queue09:23
janimo`cyphermox, I unsubscribed sponsors from 915095 as that is something you've touched before09:24
cjwatsonjanimo`: in general one does not delete things from LP09:26
cjwatson"one does not simply WALK into Mordor"09:26
janimo`cjohnston, yeah. I wish the button was not that prominent on the side then, it is unclear it is not a good thing to do, solely from the UI09:26
janimo`cjohnston, sorry for pinging you twice, one of them by accident09:27
pittijibel: hm, the lucid-precise-universe upgrade test didn't run today?09:37
pittijibel: the at-spi fix is in, so I'm hoping it can resolve the upgrade path better now09:37
pittijibel: not a biggie, I can wait until Monday; by then we'll hopefully also have LibO built09:38
jibelpitti, there was a maintenance in the lab yesterday evening and the slave didn't restart. I'll start the job.09:42
pittijibel: ah, thanks09:42
jibelslave = "jenkins slave" to avoid any confusion09:43
jamespagelarsduesing, want me to take a run at fixing those upstart issues? I have already refactored in the process tracking stuff locally10:02
cjwatsonjelmer: I've done bug 968273 for you, but please note that syncs are now self-service when you have upload permissions to the package in question, which you do: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2012-January/000923.html10:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968273 in tevent (Ubuntu) "Sync tevent 0.9.15-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96827310:09
janimo`@pilot out10:11
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hrware there chances to get http://paste.ubuntu.com/907017/ intergrated into precise? This is fix for debian bug #659588 (which is also present in Ubuntu)10:44
ubottuDebian bug 659588 in libglib2.0-0 "libglib2.0-0: fails to install with foreign Multi-Arch" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/65958810:44
pittihrw: yes, absolutely; now that 2.30-2 has hit unstable, it'd be good to merge again anyway10:48
hrwpitti: so request sync rather then submit patch?10:48
pittihrw: I believe we need to merge, we still have some transient delta10:49
pittihrw: is there an ubunty counterpart for this bug? if so, pleaes feel free to assign to me10:49
hrwpitti: Bug #95096710:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950967 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "glib2.0:armel uninstallable on systems that don't support executing armel code" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95096710:50
pittihrw: thanks, grabbing10:50
hrwpitti: thx10:50
hrwpitti: it will unblock lot of packages for cross builds ;)10:52
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dupondjepitti: as told, there will be first a new release in debian with only bugfixes, next upload will be the split11:27
dupondjebut the maintainer is quite buzzy atm, so need to spank him :)11:27
dupondjeslangasek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/874774 could you simulate this? Tried here, but it always mounts the swap just fine :(11:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 874774 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu Precise) "could not mount /dev/mapper/cryptswap1" [High,Triaged]11:29
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mdeslaurslangasek: think you could milestone a few of the broken openssl bugs? the 1.0.1 upload is breaking a lot of stuff...12:10
jayson_Hello!  I just wrote a patch for annotate-output to add some features.  Ubuntu's is forked from upstream so sending it there isn't helpful.  It's not a bugfix so opening one wouldn't be right.  Where /should/ I submit it?12:17
dupondjejayson_: you can open bugreports for new features also :) its not for bugs only.12:21
cjwatsonmdeslaur: I'd welcome suggestions on a fix, since the Debian maintainer doesn't seem to have any immediate bright ideas12:25
cjwatsonadmittedly -tls1 does seem to solve all the ones I've seen so I suppose maybe a change of defaults or something ...12:26
jayson_OK, cool.  Will do.  Thanks!12:26
cjwatsonjayson_: I don't see any Ubuntu-specific changes to annotate-output at the moment, though12:27
mdeslaurcjwatson: hrm, upstream bug says to disable tls1.2 in the client for now12:28
cjwatsonjayson_: so not sure what you mean by us being forked.  The package as a whole has Ubuntu-specific changes, but that script doesn't12:28
mdeslaurcjwatson: if there's no better solution before we release, maybe we should do that and fix with a SRU later on once they figure something out12:29
cjwatsonmdeslaur: do you have a reference to the upstream bug, please?12:29
mdeslaurcjwatson: http://rt.openssl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=2771&user=guest&pass=guest12:29
cjwatsonI've milestoned it12:31
cjwatson(bug 956371)12:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956371 in elementary Icons "wired network panel icon is not symbolic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95637112:31
cjwatsonit was already rls-p-tracking but I guess we have to tick all the boxes12:31
cjwatsonerr, sorry, bug 96537112:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 965371 in openssl (Ubuntu Precise) "HTTPS requests fail on some sites on Ubuntu 12.04" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96537112:32
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jayson_cjwatson: compare /usr/bin/annotate-output vs http://jeroen.a-eskwadraat.nl/sw/annotate/annotate - the former has options for format strings and --help, the latter does not12:34
mdeslaurcjwatson: thanks12:34
cjwatsonjayson_: in practice the current upstream for that script is Debian, wherever they originally got it from, and Debian's and Ubuntu's version of that script are identical.12:41
cjwatsonjayson_: what you're seeing is the changes that Debian made since the initial import.12:41
jayson_Oh, I thought it was originally pulled by Ubuntu, not Debian.  Checked again, you're right!  I'll send the patch to Debian.  Thanks!12:43
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Whoopieseb128: Hi, regarding bug 965279, I'm not sure if the battery status icon should be hidden in all sessions. To my understanding, gnome-shell doesn't use indicator-power, so it needs g-s-d's battery icon.12:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 965279 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "duplicated battery icon in gnome-classic (notification area)" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96527912:49
seb128Whoopie, gnome-shell has its own shell indicator12:51
seb128gnome-classic as the indicator12:52
seb128unity has the indicators12:52
seb128other desktop don't use gsd12:52
Whoopieseb128: ok, thanks for the explanation.12:52
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smbcjwatson, Doing some slightly more special iso testing I found some unexpected things happening in the lands of fakeraid and the installer. Somehow I thought that all fakeraid was handled by dmraid (and bug reports seemed to say it works). However we failed to put the right dm module into the udebs without noticing.13:46
smbThe d-i file has dm-raid4-5, unfortunately the modules name is dm-raid45. This probably goes on for a while now. It is probably just hidden by the fact that md(adm) now understands some other meta-data formats, one of them being the Intel Matrix Storage Manager format (which is probably the most widely spread)13:49
smbDoes not seem to completely work on the box I tested as I only get it up read-only and did not yet succeed in making it rw. The question is whether fixing the modules name for udeb (while correct) could have some unexpected results for the installation process. So maybe it would be better delayed till after release to be targetted to a point update...13:53
smbDaviey, Maybe of interest to you ^ though for server I believe people usually avoid fakeraid usage and go mdraid directly (or hw raid)13:56
cyphermoxjanimo`: the patch was incorrect for a variety of reasons though I'm happy to see the process for sponsoring and patching a package was dead on. I updated 915095 accordingly; m-b-p-i tends to be a little special anyway13:57
cjwatsonsmb: please go ahead and put the correct module into the udeb13:58
cjwatsonbefore release13:58
Davieysmb: Oo, i didn't know md now supported other formats13:58
smbcjwatson, Ok, will do then13:58
Davieysmb: I'd rather fakeraid support was removed.. but can't see that happening :)13:58
smbDaviey, Me neither13:59
janimo`cyphermox, ok13:59
cyphermoxjanimo`: thanks for looking at it :)14:00
janimo`cyphermox, piloted by it ;)14:01
cyphermoxah, right14:01
cyphermoxvibhavp: if you want to help writing patches for the 17 or so bugs in m-b-p-i, that would be very cool; then I'll poke upstream to get the patches committed and cut a new snapshot.14:02
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vibhavpcyphermox: sure!14:05
cyphermoxvibhavp: bug 912728 looks very straightforward, needs full triaging and the patch is provided14:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 912728 in mobile-broadband-provider-info (Ubuntu) "Change of Provider name from celtel to Airtel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91272814:06
vibhavpI need to make debdiffs for them?14:07
cyphermoxwell, it's not quite a patch it seems, but fixing that up should be simple enough :)14:07
cyphermoxdebdiff, or fix the patch directly as a patch and send it to the upstream bug tracker (GNOME, in the NetworkManager project)14:07
cyphermoxI prefer option 2, since we usually just sync the package from Debian directly14:08
vibhavpIll report a bug in the GNOME BTS, right?14:08
cyphermoxbonus points if you fix the "patch" included in the LP bug report to make it a real patch to add to the upstream bug :)14:09
vibhavpAh, I understood14:09
vibhavpHe copied the entire file14:10
vibhavpthats easy14:10
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vibhavpThe component will be general, right?14:13
vibhavpAnd the version is "0.9.x"14:13
vibhavpDone, attaching patch14:15
vibhavpcyphermox: Done14:22
vibhavpoops :)14:23
vibhavpcyphermox: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67318014:23
ubottuGnome bug 673180 in general "Change of Provider name from celtel to Airtel" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:23
cyphermoxhave you also linked the bug report in launchpad? you should be able to add that link via "Also affects project"14:24
cyphermoxvibhavp: yeah, let's just move to pm so as not to disrupt here :)14:25
pittidoko: hm, should gccgo-4.7 really produce the gcc-4.7-base, fortran, and other packages as well?14:58
dokopitti: ugh, does it?15:07
pittidoko: spotted in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=015:08
pittidoko: and from apt-cache showsrc gccgo-4.7 | grep ^Binary15:08
dokopitti: no, will fix it15:08
pittidoko: thanks15:09
pittidoko: probably needs another gcc-4.7 upload then, so that the binaries of that have a higher version?15:09
dokopitti: there is no gcc-4.7 in precise15:10
pittidoko: oh right; apt-cache showsrc gcc-4.7 actually shows gccgo-4.7, sorry15:11
pittidoko: so these will/shoudl just become NBS, I figure15:11
pittidoko: the libraries are a bit more tricky then15:13
pittie. g. lib32stdc++6 is currently built by gccgo-4.715:13
pittibut ought to be from gcc-4.615:13
argesHello. Trying to apply an upstream patch for 'nss-pam-ldapd', I see that this package is primarily imported from debian and in fact i don't see a debian/patch directory. not sure how to approach a fix for this bug... do i need to submit something to debian first? or  should I create the patch directory in ubuntu?15:14
dokopitti: wait, is this already in the archive?15:19
SpamapS@pilot in15:19
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pittidoko: NEW only has the armhf binaries, I didn't check the others15:19
apwcjwatson, am i right in saying that if you add a machine to the blacklist then linux_gfx_payload=text _and_ we stop supplying handoff ?15:19
pittidoko: ah, i386/amd64 FTBFSed15:19
pittidoko: so let me quickly reject the armhf binaries before someone accepts them, ok?15:20
slangasekmdeslaur: what's "a few"?  The only one on my radar is the TLSv1 autodetection problem; if there are other bugs, could you point them out / set the bug importance?15:20
dokopitti: yes please15:20
pittidoko: hang on, it's probably less bad than I thought -- Binary: shows them all, but it seems they are not actually built15:20
pittidoko: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gccgo-4.7/4.7.0-0ubuntu1/+build/336817615:20
slangasekdupondje: no, I haven't ever been able to reproduce that bug yet15:21
pittidoko: it still has gobjc and fortran, shoudl it?15:21
dokopitti: no15:21
pittidoko: ok, rejected15:21
pittidoko: thanks for looking into it15:22
mdeslaurslangasek: I duped  one, the others that I thought were dupes look unrelated once I looked at them carefully.15:25
cjwatsonapw: sorry, head in something else right now, is that what the code implies?15:25
apwcjwatson, s'ok we'll work it out15:26
cjwatsonapw: AFAICS it doesn't delete vt.handoff=7 from the kernel command line in that case, merely doesn't load video modules in GRUB15:28
cjwatsonthat was what I interpreted you as arguing should change in our conversation yesterday15:29
apwcjwatson, that might be counter to what i was expecting ... yeah interestingly this is a second case where handoff is an issue, due to bad drivers; though the jury is out as the testing is not yet done correctly15:29
cjwatsonit's basically the same as yesterday's case15:30
cjwatsonas far as any fix is concerned anyway15:30
apwcjwatson, concur, any fix would be the same.  either i need to check if you did leave me in graphics mode and ignore handoff if you did not, or grub needs to tell us what it did do15:32
apwthough why its an issue today and not all last cycle i am most confused by15:32
Davieydidrocks: hola, sphinx/1.1.3+dfsg-2ubuntu1 seemed to lack dh python2 transition, or still depend on python-support.15:47
Davieydidrocks: it's depwait.15:47
didrocksDaviey: hey, weird, I built it here IIRC15:48
didrocksDaviey: I'll have a look if you wish (probably Monday though)15:49
cjwatsondidrocks: your build chroot probably has universe enabled15:50
didrockscjwatson: yeah, should be why I didn't spot that15:50
didrocksanyway, I'll fix it if that can wait on Monday, still some stuff to end before the week-end15:51
Davieydidrocks: someone might beat you to it :)15:52
slangasekapw, cjwatson: is there a bug number for that discussion, by chance?  it probably has bearing on half a dozen plymouth bugs, so I'd like to know what's going on :)15:52
didrocksDaviey: TBH, I won't be upset by that :)15:53
cjwatsonslangasek: I asked apw to file one but haven't checke15:53
apwslangasek, the disucssion was in the context of an ongoing bug with not seeing the encrypted password prompt for an lvm encrypted root setup, in the first instance15:54
apwslangasek, LP#94284615:54
mptev, bug 79475715:54
apwslangasek, the new one is not yet a bug as far as i know, its with hwe15:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 794757 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "Mysterious "System program problem detected" prompt" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79475715:55
evmpt: cheers15:55
slangasekapw: right, is that the "it shows up if you double-tap esc" bug that I kicked your way this week?15:55
slangasek(bug #966403)15:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 966403 in linux (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu Install (entire disk with encryption) doesn't prompt for disk password." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96640315:55
slangasekor a different one?15:55
apwslangasek, that would be the same symptoms by the sounds of it.  what graphics do they have ?15:56
slangasekapw: nouveau15:56
slangasekbut that's booting *with* splash15:56
apwslangasek, ok so that sounds like what rtg found when he was trying to reproduce it15:56
slangasek+ vt.handoff15:56
slangasekso my analysis was that this was a behavior change in the nouveau driver since last cycle, because I don't think anything else pertinent has changed that would cause tihs15:57
apwslangasek, yeah, i wish i had somethign which reproduced it so i could reproduce it15:57
apwerm, or something ... all the boxes i have tested just work15:57
slangasekincluding nouveau ones?15:58
apwi have no nvidia kit here, i am waiting on my radeon to install now15:58
apwto try and reproduce this same issue15:59
slangaseknote that radeon and intel by default use the drm interface directly, nouveau is set to use /dev/fb due to historical hangs with multimonitor15:59
slangasekso to entirely reproduce this you'd have to bodge the driver somehow15:59
apwslangasek, i wonder if we could switch it over to drm as an experiment16:00
slangasekthere's a plymouth option (Ubuntu specific) to force it16:00
slangasekso we could ask people to test with that16:01
apwslangasek, what is that so i can get rtg to test with it also16:01
slangasekapw: sorry, OTP now - it's obvious from the plymouth source package patches, otherwise I can look it up for you in a second16:03
apwslangasek, no problem will look16:04
apwslangasek, plymouth:force-drm16:06
apwslangasek, ok that didn't help rtg though he was able to use ESC ESC to fix thigns16:10
apwslangasek, what does plynouth do on esc ... switches back to normal text mode right and back to splash again16:11
slangasekapw: correct16:14
apwdammit now the cd writer thing just explodes16:15
jodhslangasek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/plymouth/+bug/553745/comments/18316:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553745 in plymouth (Ubuntu Maverick) "plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in ply_event_loop_process_pending_events()" [High,Triaged]16:18
* apw is pleased to find brasero still works ... oneone know what the 'CD Writer' thing is called which pops up by default so ic an file a bug ?16:22
bkerensaaudiojack stopped working since B216:24
hallyn@pilot in16:36
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bkerensadiwic:  ping16:38
slangasekjodh: huzzah! \o/16:44
stgraberjodh: yay! (apparently slangasek and I just saw the same bugmail ;))16:44
jodhslangasek/stgraber: progress at last!16:52
* jodh heads off to sniff out a cold beer...16:52
slangasekjodh: though I wish you hadn't merged those bugs, I'm now drowning in bug mail ;)16:53
micahgcjwatson: if I get board over? the weekend, mind if I upload aptitude17:07
cjwatsonmicahg: too late17:07
cjwatson  Uploading aptitude_0.6.6-1ubuntu1_source.changes: done.17:07
micahgcjwatson: ooh, good to hear :)17:07
* micahg was seeing the natives getting restless17:08
cjwatsonnot that it entirely fixes the multiarch bugs, so I haven't closed the one that's on rls-p-tracking17:08
cjwatsonbut at least they won't be getting restless at me :P17:08
slangasekcjwatson: does it fix it well enough that we should un-track the bug now?17:10
cjwatsonI don't know, I'm not enough of an aptitude user to be qualified to say17:10
cjwatson(IOW I find its interface incomprehensible anyway and have a hard time saying when it's less incomprehensible)17:11
cjwatsonI've commented on the bug, and given its activity level I expect we'll hear from affected users soon enough17:11
astraljavaOohh... aptitude having multiarch support?17:11
cjwatsonish, see what I just said17:11
astraljavaWell yeah, but something is better than nothing. :)17:11
raffa50how can i insert a new mime type?17:20
hallynppetraki: cjwatson: lp:~psusi/ubuntu/precise/multipath-tools/fix-dmraid  splits multipath-tools-boot into kpartx-boot for dmraid.  WOuld that require seed changes to not break installs?17:21
hallyn(since you were just dealing with that...)17:21
raffa50example: i made an application  (that you can install whit a .deb) that makes a .slyproj file, but the user should open it whit double click17:21
raffa50(whit double click on .slyproj my application should open)17:22
raffa50sorry for my bad english i'm italian and i'm making ad IDE17:24
hallynraffa50: check the comment at top of /etc/mime.types - i think it's relevant17:25
hallyn(in other words, see the mime-support package, and email that list if you want something added)17:25
hallynon your system...17:25
raffa50ah root dir17:25
hallynhead -40 /etc/mime.types17:25
hallyni'm surprised, i'd have expected an /etc/mime.types.d that gets included from ~/.mimetypes at least17:26
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raffa50.deb can't add my mime type to the user?17:26
hallynif the user already exists, yes17:26
raffa50i made an ide17:26
raffa50that creates a file17:26
raffa50whit extension .slyproj17:26
raffa50i want that the user can open it17:27
raffa50whit double clik17:27
raffa50it is possible?17:27
hallynas the comment says, you can add the entry to ~/.mime.types17:28
hallynall i'm saying is that if you then create a new user after installing tha tpackage, that user won't get that .mime.types automatically17:28
hallyni wonder if there is another, file-manager-specific, way17:28
raffa50not me17:28
raffa50an user that download17:28
hallynraffa50: might ask in #ubuntu-desktop17:28
raffa50myu program17:28
cjwatsonhallyn: it doesn't need seed changes if there's a dependency.  I haven't checked whether that's so17:28
raffa50no way!17:29
hallynit adds a dep from multipath-tools-boot to the new kpartx-boot, yes17:31
jodhslangasek: yes, sorry. In fact bug 553745 now seems totally unviewable :(17:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553745 in plymouth (Ubuntu Maverick) "plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in ply_event_loop_process_pending_events()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55374517:34
slangasekjodh: yes, that's also part of why I didn't bother merging the bugs ;)  Good thing you now have all the info you need in order to fix it ;)17:48
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smoserpitti, wonder how valid you think this bug is18:25
smoserbug 96946218:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969462 in postgresql-9.1 (Ubuntu) "fails to start after install if invalid locale is set" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96946218:25
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cndbdmurray, is it possible to do a search of unmilestoned bugs?20:16
bdmurraycnd: could you elaborate a bit?20:31
cndbdmurray, I can search for all bugs for utouch-grail20:32
cndor bugs against specific milestones20:32
cndbut how do I search for bugs that haven't been milestones20:32
hallyn@pilot out20:33
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bdmurraycnd: I think you'd have to iterate through all bugs and make sure they don't have a milestone20:34
cndbdmurray, ok, thanks :)20:34
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bkerensapitti: Do you by chance know of any updates that got pushed today that could have caused headphones not be sensed or broken alsa?21:20
bkerensapitti: I just see you have done some work with those packages and my audio is gone and debugging is not doing a thing for me.21:21
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broderany AAs around willing to accept the mosh backports from binNEW?21:36
hallyncyphermox: around?21:38
hallyncyphermox: great! :)  I was wondering, on libnl-3-dev vs libnl-dev,21:39
cyphermoxlibnl-3-dev is libnl 3.2.3; libnl-dev should be libnl 1.something21:39
hallyncyphermox: why /usr/include/libnl/netlink instaed of /usr/include/netlink? is that so both pkgs can be installed?21:39
hallyncyphermox: new libvirt just #includes <netlink/msg.h>, so won't build with just libnl-3-dev...21:40
cyphermoxnot really, I think upstream just changed it21:40
hallynthat's not very nice :)21:40
cyphermoxhallyn: should still build, I think libnl-3-dev is supposed to give you the right includedir21:40
hallyndidn't on my test rig21:40
hallyni had to symlink the dir21:40
cyphermoxshouldn't be required, see /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libnl-3.0.pc21:41
cyphermoxI think there may be an issue with cflag paths21:41
cyphermoxactually, come to think of it, I believe I may have an email about this kind of issue from the debian maintainer, let me check21:42
dylan-mHey, can anyone give me a hint for when Precise's new desktop background is going to appear?21:43
cyphermoxnevermind, it was for ipvsadm21:46
hallyncyphermox: ok, so it *should* "just work"21:46
cyphermoxhallyn: should, but it's not unheard of that projects don't use pkgconfig files :)21:46
hallyni would think libvirt does.  it ships its own anyway :)  not that i have any idea how to use those21:47
cyphermoxhallyn: is this failing with what's currently in the archive or are you working on another branch?21:47
hallynupstream git definately.  I don't *think* I had a problem with what's in the archive, and at any rate the buildd built one fine last night21:48
cyphermoxhallyn: do you have a branch I could play with, or at least logs from the failure? I'm pretty sure you'd see the issue from the log21:48
cyphermox(and then looking at Makefile to see what the value for LIBNL_CFLAGS is, if any)21:48
hallyncyphermox: I'm afraid not right now.  It's on a box that's shut down atm.  Can I ping you monday after i push it somewhere?21:50
cyphermoxhallyn: certainly. Or I'll mess around with it during the weekend21:50
cyphermoxif it's from git, I'm pretty sure you'll get the same behavior just building directly from the git tree21:51
hallyncyphermox: no, they're on libnl1 still, so we have to convert to libnl-3 with some patches from our tree21:51
DarxusDoes precise really not have the Gtk3 perl module, or am I just not finding it?21:51
cyphermoxhallyn: ah, I see21:52
cyphermoxso the libnl-3 patch probably doesn't correctly apply for that new version21:52
hallynyeah, that could be.  so it's my fault :)21:52
hallyncyphermox: ok, thanks.  That just may give me all the guidance I need :)21:52
hallynhave a good weekend21:52
cyphermoxhallyn: np. feel free to ping anytime, I'll be home and not far from a computer anyway.21:53
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SpamapS@pilot out23:45
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