czajkowskiello hows you08:41
tdr112good , weekend is almost here08:43
slashtommygood morning08:43
czajkowskiaye it's been a long week08:44
slashtommyaye, the only 5 day week in a block of 4 weeks!08:45
czajkowskioh how come?08:46
czajkowskioh well easter has 2 weeks of 4 days08:47
tdr112is good friday a day off ?08:49
czajkowskiit is in the UK08:50
czajkowskiin .ie mostly no unless in schools08:50
czajkowskior compaies give it off but they don't have ti08:50
* slashtommy has good friday off08:50
slashtommyand last week was a 4 day week08:50
tdr112i must ask to work from home that day08:51
slashtommytdr112: or time off in lieu08:51
czajkowskitdr112: most companies if the do give it off add it to your contract as it's an extra day off they dont have to give08:52
slashtommyhow's life in the england czajkowski?08:54
czajkowskigood thanks home tomorrow for 3 weeks08:54
czajkowskimum and sister are in rome till sunday08:54
czajkowskiand then the sister is comign down for easter so first time we're all togther since xmas08:54
slashtommyyou coming to dublin?08:54
czajkowskiaye I migh do depends on if on if jon comes over or not08:56
slashtommywill you be around for the release party?08:59
czajkowskinope afraid not08:59
czajkowskiback on the 22nd08:59
czajkowskihave 2 busy weeks08:59
slashtommylet us know if you make it to dublin09:00
czajkowskiwill do09:01
slashtommyi can get the ebel to make up the bed in the spare room, if you need somewhere to stay09:01
ebeltdr112: good friday is not a legal public holiday, no. Unlike new years day, xmas day, paddy's day, etc. companies don't have to give you a day off. Some do out of nice-ness09:02
czajkowskislashtommy: :)09:03
slashtommystoneybatter has gone up in the world since you left, it has probably the best pub in town for food and drink09:05
ebeloh yeah, we can take you to mulligans09:06
czajkowskiye read any of the blog series, final one http://www.bootsboatsandbikes.co.uk/2012/03/south-east-coast-of-argentina-to-buenos-aires-its-time-to-come-home/09:08
ebeloh forgot about that one09:09
czajkowskiaye they've been all over on their bikes09:10
czajkowskilong honeymooon09:10
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