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Effenberg0x0Hello everyone :) If anyone is available, I need some help with Cloaks. My LP is: https://launchpad.net/~effenberg0x0 (I'm an Ubuntu Member, have read the IRCTeam Docs and my current nickname is registered with Nickserv to a proper e-mail address).06:57
Tm_Thi Effenberg0x0, if you idle here some time, one of the council members will process the cloak request (:07:04
Effenberg0x0Thanks Tm_T :)07:04
* Myrtti prods AlanBell, topyli, Pici and funkyHat 08:16
AlanBellmorning all09:02
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/Effenberg0x0 cloak for Effenberg0x0 please09:04
nikoEffenberg0x0: congrats09:05
Effenberg0x0o/ niko, thanks :)09:06
Effenberg0x0Hi AlanBell09:06
AlanBellyay, thanks niko09:06
FuchsEffenberg0x0: congratulations09:07
Effenberg0x0Fuchs, thank you :)09:07
FuchsAlanBell: do you think that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fuchs  Contributions and Testimonials would be sufficient to apply for membership?09:07
AlanBellooh a membership application, we haven't done one of those this year yet09:09
FuchsAlanBell: also, do you have the link for it at hand? Afair I'd have to put myself on a meeting schedule and (optional) bring people along to confirm?09:10
AlanBellthere is stuff about it here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership09:10
AlanBelland a table on this page to add yourself to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda09:10
AlanBelland more stuff here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Membership09:11
AlanBellbasically what we are looking for is a significant and sustained contribution to the Ubuntu project like all the other membership boards, but we process applications for people who mostly contribute in the area of IRC09:12
FuchsAlanBell: good, then I remember that right. Do you think the contributions mentioned on my page are ~ sufficient?  (I know that you can't say this definitely, but if you are quite sure that they are not, then I won't even bother)09:12
FuchsAlanBell: well, I am an OP since 200909:13
AlanBellyeah, I am a bit hesitant about commenting too much in advance, but I am looking forward to the first application being added :)09:16
Fuchsokay, I'll try to get further testimonials which are more IRC related and then add myself09:16
Fuchsminor sidenote: the next meeting on that page is 5 days in the past09:17
Effenberg0x0Fuchs, if I may say something...09:17
FuchsEffenberg0x0: sure09:17
AlanBellyeah, I will set the next date, it will be our floating weekday meeting09:17
Effenberg0x0Your area is IRC... Mine is UF and QA.. so different councils, etc... But, I really felt very insecure if I should apply or not for a couple years. Then people invited me to apply. I was still unsure.09:18
Effenberg0x0But they actually helped me realize I was too involved in stuff, and deserved it, also as a tool to makesome stuff easier (reaching to devs etc)09:18
Effenberg0x0So, what I'm saying is... it's normal to not be sure...09:19
Effenberg0x0But, you should go for it09:19
Effenberg0x0worst thing that could happen: You'll receive guidance on what to do to reapply soon09:19
* benonsoftware was like Fuchs, unsure to go for it or not, he was told to by someone and got it :)09:19
Effenberg0x0everybody seems to go through it... not to mention the butterflies in your belly when people are voting for you... I mean, you do what you do cause you love it... and you'll keep doing it anyway. But, hen you're name is there, out in the open, with people voting on you... oh boy...09:21
Effenberg0x0matt o/09:27
Effenberg0x0Here to get a cloak hun?09:27
matt_symeso/ Effenberg0x009:31
matt_symesHere to do the same thing. Must dash at the moment though09:31
Effenberg0x0Hello Matt :)09:31
Effenberg0x0that was fast09:32
Myrtti"too fast"09:32
FuchsMyrtti: no no, you are just too slow09:33
Effenberg0x0Time to go to work :\ Ubuntu, Y U NO pay me salary (so I can quit my real job?)09:35
Myrttithe question I've been asking for over a year now.09:38
topyliFuchs: when you get to asking "should i apply for membership", you probably should apply09:49
Fuchstopyli: will do so. I'll prod a few fellow ops to write further testimonials, then I add myself to the next meeting which fits in my agenda as well :)10:36
topyli sounds like a plan :)10:37
FuchsI am not in a hurry with it anyway :)10:37
matt_symesHow do i get to use my Ubuntu membership cloak  as opposed to the unaffiliated one ?12:03
matt_symesHi Fuchs12:04
bazhang!member | matt_symes12:04
ubottumatt_symes: Ubuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership12:04
Fuchsmatt_symes: if you have ubuntu membership, you need to get it confirmed here by one of the IRCC guys, then they can tell us staff to update the cloak12:04
matt_symesThanks. i have membership. Is that in the #freenode channel  i need to go to ?12:05
Fuchsno, here12:05
Fuchsyou just have to wait for one of them to wake up12:05
* Fuchs prods AlanBell12:05
matt_symesRight. Hold on and thanks for your time.12:06
matt_symeshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1936056. This thread was my membership application.12:07
AlanBellmatt_symes: can you post your launchpad page please12:07
matt_symesAlanBell, no problem, One moment12:08
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/matt_symes cloak for matt_symes please12:10
Fuchsno, but you could have  ubuntu/member/matt-symes  if that is fine12:10
Fuchs(no _ in cloaks)12:10
matt_symesFuchs, sounds great12:10
AlanBellFuchs: fine by me12:11
MkaysiShouldn't you !staff ?12:13
Fuchsno, please don't12:13
AlanBellcloaks are not urgent12:13
matt_symesThanks Fuchs and AlanBell12:13
MkaysiOh, you are staff12:13
Fuchsmatt_symes: set, congratulations :)12:13
matt_symes:D :D :D12:14
matt_symesOnce again, thanks !12:14
FuchsEven for urgent cases, I recommend using /stats p  first  (we had this discussion a few days ago)12:15
Fuchsthe !staff one is a shotgun which just highlights a list of people (which is not even up to date)12:15
* Mkaysi noticed that that it's not up-to-date too.12:16
MkaysiIt's missing you and Myrtti12:16
MkaysiThe factoid !staff12:17
* Fuchs hands Myrtti a ball of yarn12:18
Myrttioooo yarn12:18
MkaysiBy the way, is !staff normal factoid or does it cause alert to somewhere like !ops ?12:18
FuchsMkaysi: as said, it will print a list of possible staff names, to highlight people12:19
FuchsMkaysi: you can try it in query with the bot (please don't try it in here, if not needed :) )12:19
MkaysiFuchs: But will it send message to some channel?12:19
MkaysiI have tried it in query12:19
Fuchsnone that I am aware of, no12:19
JanC*sigh*, fujisan is trolling again...14:39
bazhangdid he ever stop?14:40
bazhanglast sighted was fujisanos14:40
Myrttiwhere this time?14:40
JanChe's PaulYosef currently14:42
JanCMyrtti: ubuntu-nl* & ubuntu-be14:42
JanCI banned him (again)14:42
JanCapparently wasn't banned in our channels when using the freenode webchat yet  ;)14:43
Fuchsdoes he have a fixed IP address? Else that might be a bit hard to achieve14:44
JanCFuchs: I suspect it's at least semi-fixed (FTTH modems don't have many reasons to disconnect, I suppose)14:54
JanCone problem is that he's desperate enough to switch providers / subscription type over this :-/14:56
* Mkaysi wonders if someone is going to do something to MoriDeus at #ubuntu-fi. MoriDeus is probably one person who has been banned three times and is banevading.14:57
Fuchshe appears to be in the english offtopic channel now, jfyi14:57
Fuchsdiscussing it, in fact14:58
Fuchswell. Thanks, Ponypici14:58
Picinp :)14:59
bazhangJanC, speak of the devil14:59
bazhanghe just tried to ban evade in u-ot14:59
FuchsPici: here, take this as a piece of my grattitude: http://www.ericfehse.net/media/img/ef/blog/django-pony.jpg14:59
MyrttiMkaysi: I'm all ears for suggestions, we can ban but as you have already seen he uses mobile broadband, gets a new ip, new ident and changes nickname14:59
MyrttiMkaysi: so, what do you suggest I'd do?15:00
lubotu3ikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-uk (PaulYosef fujisan known ubuntu troll: just tried to cause a problem in #ubuntu-offtopic)15:00
nigelbHey, don't we have a wiki on what to do when we create a new channel?15:00
JanCwe banned that mobile IRC provider15:00
MkaysiMyrtti: Ban whole Elisa?15:01
JanCactually, 2 of those mobile (web?)chat providers15:01
ninnnuMkaysi: ...no15:02
ninnnuJust no15:02
FuchsThat sounds like a slight bit of an overkill15:02
JanCFuchs: he's the only one I ever saw using those services15:02
JanCand we don't have time to babysit the channels 24/7...15:03
JanCI certainly prefer banning those services over banning his ISP...15:03
MkaysiHow about mode +r?15:04
JanCand it's not like you can't install a proper IRC client on Android15:04
MkaysiYaaic is nice IRC client for Android15:05
DJonesnigelb, Is this what you're looking for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto or maybe this for setting irc channel flags https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/Coordination?action=show&redirect=IrcTeam%2FCoordination15:05
ninnnuMkaysi: Still too overkill just for one troll15:05
FuchsI just had to ban fujisan from #ubuntu-de15:05
nigelbDJones: YES! Thanks :)15:06
MkaysiHonvai has been banned three times15:06
bazhangde-offtopic has the best factoid15:06
DJonesnigelb, you're welcome15:06
JanCyay, seems like he's on a roll this evening...15:06
MyrttiMkaysi: and he isn't too far from realising that he needs to register and identify to get a cloak15:06
* Mkaysi hopes that he will register15:07
Myrttiand then what?15:07
ninnnuMyrtti: And after that it's trivial to ban him.15:07
MkaysiThen he is easier to ban15:07
Myrttiand then when he doesn't identify to this account15:07
Myrttihe can yet again evade the ban15:07
MyrttiIf I'd know for a fact that he'd stay banned once he's registered, I would have told him how to do it ages ago15:08
Myrttibut since I know that he already knows full well how to evade the ban without an account, I know he knows full well how to evade it with an account15:09
MkaysiDoesn't #ubuntu need registration too?15:09
MkaysiIt did when I registered15:10
Myrttionly when there is a floodbot attack going on.15:10
Fuchsbazhang: it has?15:30
bazhangFuchs, pardon?15:30
Fuchs[17:06:41] <bazhang> de-offtopic has the best factoid15:30
bazhangmust be u-ot only15:31
bazhang<ubottu> Deutschspachlige nonsense gibt es nicht hier, unless sie wollen banniert wesen. Actually, ich werde ihr bannieren anyway.15:31
FuchsI guess I have it in logs :)15:31
Fuchsnot very nice ...15:32
Fuchs(both to german speaking persons and to the person it is addressed at)15:32
bazhangI guess that works out to : we'll actually probably ban you anyway15:32
bazhangsince it's jokey imo15:33
Fuchsit does, but it's wrong both regarding spelling and grammar15:33
avelldirollHi there, i had to kick fujisan for spam in #ubuntu-fr today ... isn't his story one year old ?16:35
bazhangyears old16:35
k1l_he was in the german channel too :/16:37
JanCand -nl and -be16:38
JanCand international16:39
JanCand probably other16:39
JanCand pm'ing pages full to me  :P16:39
k1l_JanC: got a fan :)16:39
bazhangsame here with the PM16:40
avelldirollso he still is a spammer / AW ... yeah, he likes /query too16:40
JanCI'm used to it...16:40
fujisanim still protesting against what happened in #ubuntu-nl-offtopic16:48
fujisanJanC:  just let racism happen16:49
fujisanso i protest in silence now in this room :-x16:49
jpdsbazhang: Is that suppose to be a joke factoid?16:51
jpdsOh, right, it is.16:54
jpdsI agree with Fuchs in the sense that it's just unhöflich.16:56
bazhangheh yeah16:56
bazhangtouch it at yer peril16:57
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