MohammadAleppohgsghl ugd;l00:32
MohammadAleppoالسلام عليكم00:32
MohammadAleppoبدي برنامج ترجمة من العربي للإنكليزي وبالعكس على نظام أوبنتو00:32
MohammadAleppoقمت بتثبيت عدة برامج مثل00:33
MohammadAleppoبس ما عم يترحم00:33
MohammadAleppo ممكن شخص يساعدني؟00:33
Armageddoncan't read that sorry00:34
Armageddontry english00:34
MohammadAleppoI am no can spic english00:36
MohammadAleppoI am yes spic Arabic00:37
MohammadAleppoآرماجيدون ليش ما فيك تحكي عربي ؟00:38
rapacityeigo yoku hanasemasen, nihongo hanasemasuka00:39
Armageddonhow's rapacity doing ?00:40
Armageddonstill pissed ?00:40
ArmageddonMohammadAleppo, cause I'm Lebanese, I only understand Lebanese00:41
MohammadAleppoساعدوني شباب00:41
ArmageddonI can't read that :)00:41
MohammadAleppoممكن بالعربي رجاااء لأني أنا صفر بالإنكليزي00:41
MohammadAleppoنحن عم نفوت على غرف عربي من شان نفهم منكن = ليش بدكن تعذبوني ما بعرف00:42
Armageddonno, you are joining the Lebanese channel not an arab channel :)00:43
MohammadAleppoArmageddon Where are you from ?00:44
Armageddonwe're all Lebanese :)00:44
MohammadAleppoYou can not speak Arabic !!!00:45
Armageddonno, we can speak Lebanese00:46
Armageddonand I can't read arabic letters00:46
Armageddonrapacity, can you ? :o00:46
MohammadAleppoI use Google Translation00:47
rapacityit won't display properly here00:48
MohammadAleppoThank you very much to try00:48
Armageddonhere neither00:48
MohammadAleppo<Armageddon> Ok I understand you mean00:49
MohammadAleppoThanks bay00:50
Armageddonrapacity, btw mlterm displays arabic characters00:51
Armageddonthat's why I don't use it :p00:51
MohammadAleppoFew Arabs who use Ubuntu00:54
MohammadAleppoFor this we do not find a lot of help00:54
MohammadAleppoHave to look far to solve the problems programs Ubuntu00:55
MohammadAleppoCurrently looking for programs to be translated on Ubuntu00:56
MohammadAleppoAnd found a lot of translation software, but ...!00:57
MohammadAleppoArabic language are not supported00:57
MohammadAleppoI am so sad on my Arabic00:57
MohammadAleppoI find it does not help me00:58
ArmageddonMohammadAleppo, we are not arabs, we are Lebanese00:59
Armageddonwe're not one of them01:00
Armageddonwe are #Ubuntu-lb01:00
Armageddonwe are Lebanese :) and we help in english01:00
MohammadAleppoI can not find help01:00
Armageddonbecause you are using the wrong language01:00
MohammadAleppoHere only to help the English language01:02
MohammadAleppoThank you very much01:03
MohammadAleppoI will try a new search01:03
Armageddonno one uses arabic :)01:03
Armageddonso learn english01:03
MohammadAleppoI do not want to learn English01:06
MohammadAleppoMuch like Google Translate ^_^01:07
rapacity^ +101:07
rapacityenglish is a terrible language01:07
rapacitya tool by the devils of the west01:07
rapacityarabic should be used worldwide01:07
Armageddonknowledge is evil01:11
MohammadAleppoArabic is my language. Language of the book the Lord01:11
MohammadAleppoKnowledge is good01:15
Armageddonyea yea01:17
rapacityit got us kicked out of eden...01:17
Armageddonfata7le fiya jemi301:17
ArmageddonMohammadAleppo, we don't really care if it's written on stone01:17
Armageddonlearn english, it is the language used worldwide01:17
MohammadAleppo<Armageddon> Good01:21
MohammadAleppolearn english, it is the language used worldwide01:21
rapacityMohammadAleppo: ignore Armageddon, he is satan's pawn01:21
MohammadAleppofata7le fiya jemi3. hhhhh01:22
Armageddonit's not funny01:22
MohammadAleppoana e3tbartoha modheka. lanha hrob gghmam01:24
ArmageddonI was actually making fun of you :)01:24
Armageddonrapacity, how do you make dd verbose ? :o01:24
Armageddononce can't :o01:25
rapacityI'm not familiar with a verbose option01:25
ArmageddonI tried to search the man page01:26
Armageddondon't think you acn01:26
Armageddonremember when I used to question you about using a window manager ?01:26
Armageddonnow I understand...01:26
MohammadAleppoI know that the English language of the world01:28
MohammadAleppoBut human beings are equal is smart my friend.01:29
Armageddonno they are not, and I'm not your friend01:30
MohammadAleppoYou can learn that when you really want that, but!!! ..01:30
ArmageddonMohammadAleppo, if that so, don't ask for help :)01:30
MohammadAleppoYou need food and clothes you need and you need money and need the house and everything you need01:33
MohammadAleppoBut you have mastered the work of only one01:33
MohammadAleppoAll human beings need to Msaah from each01:34
Armageddonshut up01:34
Armageddongo get a life01:34
MohammadAleppoAnd I need Msaatdk one day, my friend01:34
ArmageddonI'm not your friend01:34
Armageddongo get a life and learn the language01:35
Armageddonyou're the one that needs help not me01:35
MohammadAleppoAnger and hurt you hurt me too01:37
MohammadAleppoPlease do not get angry01:37
MohammadAleppoPerhaps you are right. Perhaps I'm right too!!01:37
rapacityhe's right Armageddon, why are you so angry? you should calm down man, let's all be friends :)01:39
MohammadAleppoThe humans are all one family. But the anger and their teams01:39
Armageddonrapacity, he wants help and he doesn't like it when we speak english, we are supposed to work his way cause we are the ones requiring help ?01:40
ArmageddonI'm not angry, he's just too much of an idiot for my taste01:40
rapacity:p ok night01:41
MohammadAleppoWe are now talking in any language?01:42
Armageddonrapacity, night01:43
Armageddonrapacity, I will be working on my stuff as well01:44
Armageddonso later01:44
MohammadAleppoI have to go01:45
MohammadAleppoآسف إن تضايقت01:46
MohammadAleppoSorry that bothered01:46

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