pleia2JoseeAntonioR: there aren't many people lurking here anymore, but you're welcome to put it up somewhere (wiki? google doc? pastebin?) and share it with the mailing list00:02
pleia2or we can just talk about it here :)00:03
JoseeAntonioRhmm, well, I was talking with a teacher at school about it, and we got a large list of ideas00:05
JoseeAntonioRI'll write them in a pad, one sec00:05
JoseeAntonioRMaybe we can make something like a chapter, that includes those topics, and re-distribute them as a PDF file, and at the end make a whole book00:11
pleia2JoseeAntonioR: do you think you could integrate that document with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/UbuntuDesktopTopics ?00:13
pleia2add all your sutff that we missed there00:13
JoseeAntonioRyep, I'll do it right away00:13
pleia2thanks :D00:13
pleia2your list is great00:13
JoseeAntonioRno problem, I worked it out with a teacher, so maybe my school can teach about Ubuntu in the last term of the year00:14
JoseeAntonioRthe teacher said that is we get the materials ready they will definitely do it00:15
pleia2I need to run off for an appointment, thanks for your work!00:18
JoseeAntonioRok, no problem, see you later!00:20

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