dholbachgood morning06:59
locodir-userselam millet07:49
GeochrHi all, i am the new loco contact for Greek team and i have some questions about conference pack.11:39
GeochrIs it possible to request 2 conference packs from shipit for 2 different conferences which the Greek team will take part ?11:39
czajkowskigreg-g: it's atthe discretion of shipit 11:49
czajkowskiaskk and see but you need to explain what it is how many are going how the loco is taking part 11:49
Geochrok i undestand. Now i have already requested a conference pack at 27/3/2012 to built our booth at FOSSCOMM but i haven't receive any reply.  I must be wait an accept/reject  email or i receive an email when the package sent ?11:54
Geochrsorry for the quetions, it'my first time...11:54
czajkowskiGeochr: wait and see the person will be back next week 12:25
Geochrczajkowski, ok thanks.12:27
czajkowskican take more than a few days to get a response 12:28
Geochrok no problem, i'm just asking because it's the first time which i request a pack and i don't know the whole process12:31
czajkowskiGeochr: no problem ,12:33
czajkowskiGeochr: always ask :) 12:33
kama_yusSalam all14:18
JanChello kama_yus 14:22
bkerensaHeaded to go pick our loco's new banner :)21:01
locodir-usernew to ubuntu.....is this the wrong place for me?22:22

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