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micahgbkerensa: if you're interested in helping with Seamonkey, let's chat over the weekend02:44
dpmmicahg, a while ago we talked about chromium translations, and you told me I should give you a reminder to look at them (e.g. to include translations from LP into the package, and if possible send them upstream). Would you have some time for it?08:58
micahgdpm: not really, I glanced at this earlier tonight while trying to fix something else09:04
dpmmicahg, so you think we should disable the Chromium translations in Launchpad, or do you think someone else might be able to maintain them?09:05
micahgdpm: answered in private09:06
dpmok, looking, thanks09:06
micahgdpm: I'd prefer to keep them, but I"m noticing when creating the tarball's we're drifting from upstream a bit09:07
dpmmicahg, I'd also be very much for keeping them, but we need to include them on the package and keep the template up to date, as otherwise it's driving contributors out09:08
micahgdpm: makes sense09:09
micahgI thought I knew what to do, but then I looked at it and wasn't clear on it09:09
dpmmicahg, there is a good description of the infrastructure in fta's blog post from a while ago, but I suspect the infrastructure he used to do merges and automate translations is all gone09:11
micahgdpm: FWIW, I think I just figured it out, but I don't have the time to do it right now09:12
TheOpenSourcererAs TB 3.1 will go EOL end of April, will the newer TB 11+ series be backported to earlier versions of Ubuntu?09:49
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: yes, they will be in -proposed starting on Monday09:54
micahgfor Lucid and Natty09:54
TheOpenSourcererOK - Thanks. Not Maverick then?09:54
micahg12 will be a security update09:54
micahgno, Maverick is EOL before 12 is released09:54
TheOpenSourcererWill be moving from 10.10 to 12 when it's released anyway.09:54
micahgthat's only supported as an upgrade through natty and oneiric09:55
TheOpenSourcererWill you be sticking with the Mozilla long term releases or updating every 6 weeks with their mainline dev?09:55
micahgevery 6 weeks09:55
micahgsame as Firefox, see http://www.chriscoulson.me.uk/blog/?p=111 for reasoning09:55
TheOpenSourcererTY. BTW moving from 10.10 to 12.04 doesn't necessarily mean "upgrade" ;-)09:56
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cousin_luigimdeslaur: Are you around?16:49
mdeslaurcousin_luigi: yes16:50
cousin_luigimdeslaur: Regarding the flashplugin bug, I have it working as I think it's best on Linuxmint 12 (oneiric based), but I can't replicate it on a parallel 11.10 installation. Namely the presence of libvdpau1 and having the video acceleration disabled without any /etc/adobe/mms.cfg file whatsoever.16:53
cousin_luigiI can't locate where the "enable hardware acceleration" checkbox stores its value.16:53
mdeslaurcousin_luigi: I have no idea16:53
cousin_luigiI see.16:55
mdeslaurcousin_luigi: I suspect somewhere in ~/.adobe or ~/.macromedia...but no source, so I can't take a look16:57
mdeslaurthe fact that closed-source flash is incompatible with closed-source nvidia means either adobe or nvidia have to fix the issue...there's nothing we can do about it16:59
cousin_luigimdeslaur: Are you sure it's not libvdpau related?18:17
mdeslaurcousin_luigi: I don't know18:28
mdeslaurwell, it somehow related...flash tries to use it when it's installed18:32
mdeslaurand when it uses vdpau for hardware acceleration, the colors get inverted18:33
mdeslaurhi chrisccoulson18:34
cousin_luigihello cc18:45
Unit193Howdy cousin_luigi.18:45
FernandoMiguelWebGL: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration disabled.20:37
FernandoMiguelwhat can I do to get Chrome to support CPU HW ?20:37

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