infinityIf only I could spell Ubuntu...00:01
infinityphillw: How does that look, other than my typo?00:02
* stgraber likes alphabetical order ;) at least until someone creates Abuntu or similar00:02
infinityFor aardvarks, of course.  Not to be confused with Arrbuntu, for pirates.00:03
skaetstgraber, going through the b2 milestoned bugs - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/+bug/862867 looks resolved from comments,  can it be closed?00:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 862867 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu "Screenshot for Web slide in Ubuntu slideshow is focused on English text" [Medium,Confirmed]00:03
phillwinfinity: looks great, thanks. It is little things like that which I get nagged at for :)00:03
* infinity wonders if there's a way to make "The cdimage server also hosts other Ubuntu images not found on this server" either more vague or more usefully informative, without writing a long paragraph about how some of the Ubuntu images on cdimage are "supported", but not published to releases, while others are community best-effort, and, and...00:04
infinityMaybe I'll just leave it the vague way I wrote it.00:05
phillwinfinity:  The cdimage server also hosts other Ubnuntu images not found on this server. ???00:06
phillwNow, I know I'm tired.... but that does not make sense!00:06
stgraberskaet: yeah, I quickly confirmed we indeed have the olpc website now and marked as fix released00:07
infinityphillw: "this server" being the one you're reading (releases.ubuntu.com).00:07
infinityMaybe I need to spell that out instead of using a pronoun.00:07
skaetthanks stgraber.  :)00:07
* infinity also thinks it might not be a bad idea to have a short plug/tagline for each derivative in brackets after the link...00:10
infinityEdubuntu (stgraber can write this one), Kubuntu (featuring the KDE desktop), Lubuntu (featuring the LXDE desktop), etc...00:11
slangasekinfinity: sounds like asking for a maintenance headache to me, updating the text in response to requests?00:11
slangasekthe references are there to tell users "this is wrong page, go -->there"00:12
infinityslangasek: Well, I didn't mean a full-blow advertisement, just an obviously-correct "uses XFCE".  But yeah, a link to the homepage would work too.00:12
phillwinfinity: may be a link to the wiki page for each would be better (less for you guys to maintain)00:12
* infinity shrugs.00:13
* infinity glares at queuebot.00:14
infinitystgraber: That should be a binary, not a translation. ;)00:14
phillwinfinity: so, for example, lubuntu would be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu00:14
stgraberinfinity: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue tells me the bot is right ;)00:14
infinitystgraber: Note that it's "i386,raw_translations"00:15
infinitystgraber: The i386 bit being slightly more important. :P00:15
infinity(d-i would have the same problem)00:15
infinityIt would say (arch,raw-installer)00:16
infinityActually, probably (arch,raw-translations,raw-installer)00:16
infinitystgraber: But any binary with stripped translations will come out that way, so it should probably DTRT. ;)00:16
stgraberinfinity: for releases.u.c, I guess we could go with Edubuntu (Educational flavour of Ubuntu) (http://www.edubuntu.org)00:17
stgraberinfinity: yeah, the trick is that it's showing up as a single entry...00:18
stgraberinfinity: should the bot announce binary + translations separately in that case?00:18
stgraberinfinity: (don't accept that binary, I want to keep it around to test the fix ;))00:18
infinitystgraber: No, we don't care about the raw-* components from the bot.00:19
infinitystgraber: Just the arch bit.00:19
infinitystgraber: So, "linux [i386]" is fine.00:19
infinitystgraber: Won't be accepting until all the arches roll in, you have many hours. ;)00:20
stgraberinfinity: so are there cases where the bot should show the "New translation" message then?00:20
infinitystgraber: I suppose if an upload has a raw-* component and no arch component, that would be something special to handle, but I'm not even sure LP allows that, and I'm sure no package does it.00:21
infinitystgraber: In practice, raw-* is always tacked onto an arch upload, and it's the arch upload we care about.00:21
stgraberk, I'll try to update the bot to ignore raw-* then00:22
infinitystgraber: So, no, there's no call for "new translation" or "new debian-installer bits" or "new ddebs" or "new other junk you can do with raw-"00:22
skaetslangasek,  who does accepts on ubuntu-font-family?   spotted something that looks like its been fixed, but fallen through the cracks.00:23
phillwskaet: what happened to the early night?00:33
skaetphllw,  started on cleaning up milestoned bugs....00:33
* skaet must walk away from terminal...00:33
phillwmy body clock is that messed up, it thinks it is currently half past Tuesday!00:34
skaetpitti,  I'll finish the review/moving of the beta 2 milestoned bugs tomorrow,  would like to do it.  Some interesting patterns in them.00:35
skaetbeta 2 milestone has be closed now.00:37
skaetwill work on the beta + 1 day checklist more tomorrow.00:37
skaetgood night all.00:38
* skaet --> dinner.00:38
phillwskaet: enjoy, with a glass of richly deserved wine!00:43
knomemay the glass be overflowing... but not too much so none of the wine is spilled on the floor00:44
slangasekskaet: not sure what you mean wrt accepts on ubuntu-font-family?00:54
micahgcan someone please look at skype (i386) in partner?01:22
micahgin NEW I mean01:22
infinitymicahg: Done.01:40
micahginfinity: thanks01:40
pittiskaet: we have a script in ubuntu-archive-tools to mass-move them over, can do05:11
pittimove-milestoned-bugs.py  ubuntu-12.04-beta-2 ubuntu-12.0405:20
pittirunning now05:20
pitticjwatson: do you have an opinion about bug 968121? I don't really see how we can not do it, but I'd appreciate a second pair of eyes08:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 968121 in apport "[FFE] crashdb.conf needs a way to disable reporting of particular problem types" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96812108:25
micahgFYI, I asked for molybedenium to be switched to i386 to help with the rebuild (only needed for hardy)08:26
pittiah, appreciated, especially with rothera being out08:30
Laneydid something go wrong with the LO builds?08:37
pittiyes, bug 93021708:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 930217 in launchpad "Make proposed pocket useful for staging uploads" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93021708:37
pittithe -proposed builds failed to upload08:37
Laneyah, that's what it looks like if the release gets unfrozen in the interim?08:37
pittiLaney: I asked Sweetshark to reupload to precise08:37
pittiI didn't think that it would reject the binaries, just that it wouldn't allow uploads08:38
pittiyes, apparently08:38
Laneyi see, good to know08:38
Laneynot that it should be happening in the future :-)08:38
pittiinfinity: FYI, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html has precise again now08:55
cjwatsonpitti: I haven't gone through the code, but the need seems reasonable enough ...09:02
cjwatsonpitti: Binaries go through much the same upload path in some ways.09:03
pittiI'm quite convinced about the implementation, I'm mostly wondering about the concept09:03
pittiI discussed it in-depth with Evan, and that's what we came up with which makes both of us happy09:03
cjwatsonYour description seems sound enough09:03
pittithe configuration change is future proof, and the implementation temporary until we support whoopsie in apport more properly09:04
cjwatsonI was a bit scared that you might be trying to land that proper implementation; a less intrusive hack seems more appropriate for the moment09:05
pitticjwatson: right, I targetted bug 957177 to Q for thaht09:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 957177 in apport "support multiple crashdbs" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95717709:05
pittithis patch is about as small as I can make it, and much of it is tests anyway09:06
pittithe gut of the change is just 5 lines09:06
cjwatsonpitti: approved09:10
pittithanks for the review09:10
* cjwatson goes off to QA proposed-as-staging-pocket09:10
pitticjwatson: aside from LibO this has worked really wonderfully09:11
pitticjwatson: not a single second of archive breakage due to gnome 3.4 and unity, and we could use the builders during freeze09:11
pittihow could we ever not have that! :-)09:11
cjwatsonmm, the compiz / gtk+3.0 thing did point out why it isn't a panacea; I wonder if it would be possible to improve things so that the builder could use packages from release if the ones in proposed are uninstallable09:12
* pitti just gets way too happy and verbose about improvements like that09:12
cjwatsonbut in general, yeah, should be nice09:12
pittiright, we encountered that problem in SRUs as well09:13
cjwatsonyep, same thing09:13
Davieycjwatson: I have NFI how whoopsie reporting is supposed to work on servers... but we are now installing it by default.  Are there doc's i'm missing?09:17
cjwatsonDaviey: ask Evan :)09:25
Davieyev: ^^09:27
evDaviey: it has an inotify watch on /var/crash. Apport drops crash files in there, you run apport-cli to process them and in doing so it touches /var/crash/$report_file.upload which tells whoopsie to upload the report to the crash database.09:29
Davieyev: So it's purely done by manual intervention ?09:30
pittiadmins can do http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apport-hackers/apport/trunk/view/head:/README#L5109:31
pittiif they care09:31
evat the moment, yes09:31
micahgpitti: can you delete the amd64 binaries of libreoffice in -proposed, they're broke09:41
micahgpitti: precise-proposed09:41
pittimicahg: I'll delete the whole source; it can't build in -proposed anyway ATM09:42
micahgpitti: sure, as long as the binaries go with it :)09:42
Davieypitti: thanks09:46
pittimicahg: all gone09:53
micahgpitti: thanks :)09:53
didrocksbdmurray: skaet: is the rls-p-tracking daemon is opening downstream bug task?12:25
ogasawarawhen someone has a moment, can I get the 3.2.0-21.34 kernels approved in the new queue?13:08
pittiogasawara: looking13:14
pittiogasawara: don... ah, big brother beat me to it :)13:15
ogasawarapitti: heh, thanks anyways13:16
pittiogasawara: I mean beat me to the announcement; I binNEWed them now13:16
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cjwatsonis there a release meeting today?13:20
pittitraditionally we skip it after a release13:21
pittiand just send our reports13:21
pittibut haven't heard something definitive13:21
ogasawaraI recall skaet mentioned yesterday that the meeting is canceled for today and she'd call an impromptu meeting on monday if needed13:24
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skaetgood morning14:04
stgraberskaet: good morning14:05
skaetpitti, cjwatson, ogasawara yes,  meeting is cancelled but email reports please,  and we can assess later if we need a meeting on monday.14:05
skaetgood morning stgaber, :)14:05
pittiskaet: thanks for confirming14:06
pittiskaet: and good morning!14:06
pittiskaet: congrats for wrapping beta-214:06
skaet:)  thanks for all you help with getting those images out the door.14:06
Laneystgraber: highvoltage: bug 935147 - any opinion either way?14:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 935147 in liferea "FFe: Please merge liferea 1.8.3-0.1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93514714:24
stgraberLaney: looking14:25
stgraberLaney: would have preferred to hear about it earlier, but as we have to support it for 5 years, I think it'd be good to have a version upstream actually supports14:29
Laneystgraber: OK, so I'll grant the FFe then. You can sponsor if you want, otherwise I'll leave it in the queue.14:29
stgraberLaney: I'm not a user of liferea myself but the UI is very similar to what I remember so even if we have it in our install slideshow we won't need to update it and we haven't made the final screenshots for the website, so that part is fine14:30
Laneythere we go, all yours14:32
Laneylooks like he nuked the last Debian changelog entry for some reason, otherwise the diff seems reasonable on first glance14:32
stgraberLaney: it actually looks like diff being pretty confused by the added entry having some identical lines with the latest debian entry14:38
Laneyoh yeah, I see it further down14:38
stgraberright, diffs look reasonable and it's been built in his ppa so assuming it'll build in the archive too. uploaded14:41
highvoltageLaney: not having looked at the bug report yet... I'm currently using 1.8.3 on Debian and it has a nasty regression with summarizing feeds in Unread14:48
Laneystgraber already sponsored it :P14:49
highvoltagegood, maybe someone in ubuntu might end up fixing it too then :)14:49
ogasawarapitti: could I also get linux-backports-modules-3.2.0 approved in the new queue please?14:56
pittiogasawara: ah, that's just for i386/amd64 anyway; accepted14:57
skaetpitti,  cjwatson, slangasek (and release team members as well as others interested...),  have created blueprint to catch ideas and thoughts about how we'll use the new staging in -proposed capability15:05
skaetplease add to the whiteboard ideas, concerns, etc. as they occur through this next month,  and we can then discuss at UDS.15:06
cjwatsonskaet: could we please reuse foundations-p-upload-intermediary instead?15:24
cjwatsonobviously it's fine to move it to other-q etc. but I feel we should keep that history15:25
pittiin case someone wonders about the gccgo binary rejection, see #ubuntu-devel from 20 minutes ago15:36
skaetcjwatson, agree on keeping history is important.   I'll move the history over to the q whiteboard, since there are likely to be q workitems come from this, and would need to set up one anyway for tracking then.    I'll paste any workitems postponed to the new workitem tracker as well.15:52
infinityWhy are we rejecting gccgo-4.7 binaries?16:23
cjwatsoninfinity: 15:58 <pitti> doko: hm, should gccgo-4.7 really produce the gcc-4.7-base, fortran, and other packages as well?16:23
infinityI suppose if I'd looked in the queue, I would have noticed. ;)16:24
knomecan somebody look at bug 969252 ?16:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 969252 in shimmer-themes "[UIFe] Bluebird rebased against Greybird for Gtk3.4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96925216:59
infinityknome: Rebasing seems sane to me.17:11
knomeis there something i need to do, or will somebody get it uploaded now?17:12
knomeerr, i mean, what to do next; can i tell our uploader to upload or what :)17:13
infinityMake sure it's well tested, but yeah, have him upload.  User Interface Freeze doesn't mean "your UI must remain broken". :P17:14
knomeokay, thanks. so when he does, i will see the package name appearing in this channel automagically, and somebody will take care of it after it's uploaded?17:15
infinityThat's the general theory.17:15
cjwatsonif we were frozen ...17:16
cjwatsonthere was discussion of that but we don't appear to be17:16
knomeoh, right... :)17:16
infinityOh, there's also the not actually frozen part, yes.17:17
infinity(Didn't we stay frozen between the last Beta and release last cycle?)17:17
skaetI'll send a proposal around by email after lunch.17:18
knomeso uh,  i don't even need an exception? :D17:18
infinityknome: Oh no, you still needed an exception.17:18
skaetwe're still frozen for features,17:18
knomeokay, can somebody throw an ACK to the bug17:18
infinityknome: The archive not being frozen doesn't mean feature/UI freezes don't need to be respected socially.17:18
* skaet --> lunch biab17:18
infinityknome: Bug updated with a request for more info, but I'm tentatively fine with the idea.  Broken themes need to be fixed and sane, freeze or no.17:22
knomeokay, thanks17:22
knomei'll have a look at it :)17:22
micahgdo we have a problem with binaries in a tarball if they're not used?17:30
infinitymicahg: You mean from upstream tarballs?17:42
infinitymicahg: If the binaries are produced from the source in the tabrall, it's distasteful, but allowed.  If they're there without source or any meaningful way to create them, it's generally considered non-free, and should be repacked (or beg upstream to release it properly).17:42
infinitymicahg: In neither situation should the binary be used, of course (either for the build, or shipped).17:43
micahginfinity: generated in this case :), I just noticed a bunch in the now 400MB chromium tarball17:43
infinitymicahg: It's my impression that chromium upstream aren't complete twits, maybe you could ping them to repack their source without the binaries?17:43
micahginfinity: it's generated from the repo, no upstream source, I guess I'll just exclude them17:44
infinitymicahg: But yeah, if it's all a product of the source, it's not world-ending, just ugly.  And don't use them in the build or ship them in the final binary packages.17:44
infinityOh, if it's produced from elsewhere, yeah, repack a +dfsg tarball or something.17:45
infinity(Well, don't bother renaming it if you don't want an ugly version number, but you know what I mean)17:45
knomeupdated 969252 with diff :)17:49
infinityknome: Looks good.18:12
knomethanks, i'll let our uploader know18:13
knomere: px/no px, i don't know... :)18:13
infinityYeah, was just odd.18:17
knomemm-hmm, i noticed that too ;)18:17
skaetinfinity, slangasek, pitti, cjwatson, Riddell, Daviey - we had someone making inappropriate changes to our TechnicalOverview/Beta* pages.   They should now be locked down by IS to just be editable by members of the release team.21:57
* slangasek nods22:03
skaetScottK, Laney, tumbleweed, NCommander, ^  FYI.22:05
Riddellthanks skaet22:25
phillwhi guys, before I go prod Julien in the ribs about the modemmanager falling off the standard packages for lubuntu, would he need to request an exception, or are you guys okay with it being a bug-fix?22:26
slangasekphillw: sounds unambiguously like a bugfix to me22:27
phillwslangasek: thanks, I'll go poke him in the ribs. Heck, these things happen :)22:29
micahgwhat do you think of pulling in the new librsvg from debian that restores the rsvg script for precise?22:58
* skaet figures slangasek or inifinty is better answering that one ^23:02
infinitymicahg: I may need you to elaborate on what that means. :P23:07
infinityskaet: Inappropriate changes?23:07
micahginfinity: there are are quite a few rebuild failures due to the rsvg script being removed upstream, Debian decided to add it back until the reverse dependencies are fixed23:08
skaetinfinity,  Ubuntu Kernel -> Linux Kernel a few places too many23:08
skaetwe don't want to get upstream irritated23:08
infinitymicahg: Ahh, yeah, that seems fair.23:09
infinitymicahg: If that's the only meaningful change, go nuts.23:10
micahginfinity: unfortunately, they didn't multiarch it yet, so it's still a merge23:10
infinityGood thing you're good at merges, right?23:10
micahgI think I've done more syncs than merges this cycle23:11
infinityskaet: I'm not sure reverting all of those Ubuntu->Linux things wholesale is really a great idea either. ;)23:15
infinityskaet: Especially not with a commit message of "credit had been given to linux", as if that's somehow a bad thing.23:16
skaetinfinity, language on beta 2 was worked out with kernel team to keep from getting upstream mad at them.   Beta 1 revert was ammended to insert extra "linux" to be explicit to match Beta 2 wording.23:18
infinityHrm.  Kay.23:19
* skaet --> eow, TGIF. :)23:30
* infinity tosses out beer.23:30

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