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moparisthebestI'm using Lucid and need a package which shows up on packages.ubuntu.com, but won't install, does it work for anyone else? http://paste.ubuntu.com/906458/00:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #968743 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-client-core-5.1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/mysql', which is also in package mysql-cluster-client-5.1 0:7.0.9-1ubuntu7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96874300:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #968753 in openssh (main) "ssh crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96875300:36
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joosengeesomeone use samba domain06:10
joosengeeor not?06:10
joosengeeI have some question?06:15
joosengeeanyone help me, please.06:15
Jeeves_A new libreoffice in an LTS is possible during beta07:04
Jeeves_but a new apache2 isn't07:04
henkjanno apache 2.4 in precise?07:05
Jeeves_At least, not currently07:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 939300 in ubuntu "precise 12.04: consider adding Apache 2.4 ?" [Wishlist,Confirmed]07:11
henkjan*click  "yes this affects me"07:14
micahgno, apache 2.4 will probably be a backport though07:30
twbOops, my LDAP server's cert expired... no logins for nearly half an hour07:30
jamespagemorning all08:10
mgwgood morning08:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #968983 in openssh (main) "ssh crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96898308:50
PedroGomesI, does anyone here can give me a functional PXE file for Ubuntu 12.04?09:20
DavieyHere is a function pxelinux file, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/pxelinux.009:23
PedroGomesDaviey: not quite what I need, but maybe it can help. This is the PXEfile that goes in the tftpboot folder, what I need was a boot configuration file that is deployed for each machine09:30
PedroGomesbut I will try and change this one09:31
PedroGomesmaybe it will do the trick09:31
PedroGomesDaviey: no luck…09:36
PedroGomeswhy does 11.10 install without problems and 12.04 has ram disk problems….09:39
xranbyjamespage: morning09:40
jamespagexranby, good morning! how are you?09:40
xranbyjamespage: im fine thanks, i have beem focusing on GUI backend perfomance09:41
xranbymostly since i do not have any crash report to investigate :)09:42
xranbyjamespage: please tell if you observe any instability issue09:42
xranbyduring your testing rounds09:42
jamespagexranby, sure will :-)09:42
jamespagethings have been pretty stable TBH09:42
xranbynice, thats what i want to hear09:43
dcramerwhy would the default setup of 10.04 LTS postfix not use aliases12:31
dcramerI send mail to root and it sends it out12:31
_rubenit does use it, but i recall a "bug" where the postinst doesn't populate /etc/aliases even tho it makes you think it does12:33
_rubenand after modifying /etc/aliases, make sure you run newaliases12:34
dcramer_ruben: no it's because mail -s test root doesn't sent to root@localhost12:37
dcramerit sends it to root@hostname12:37
dcramerfor some strange reason12:37
_rubena default config should accept mail for @hostname as well12:40
_rubenwhat does 'postconf myorigin myhostname' show?12:41
dcramer /etc/mailname12:44
dcramerwhich is my domain name12:44
_rubenand postconf mydestination?12:45
dcramermydestination = beaver1.postgresintl.com, localhost.postgresintl.com,localhost12:45
dcrameris the domain name12:45
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_rubenand beaver1 is the hostname i assume?12:46
_rubenbeaver1 oughta be in mydestination as well12:46
dcramerI have other setups where this is not the case12:47
dcramernm I'll try that12:47
dcrameractually postgresintl.com needs to be in mydestination12:50
zulgood morning13:02
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stgraberhallyn: ping13:29
stgraberhallyn: could it be that we forgot to allow lxc-start to call change_profile? setting lxc.aa_profile prevents the container from starting here13:30
stgraberhallyn: ah, no, my bad13:30
stgraberhallyn: I should have read the main profile and see that it needs to be prefixed by lxc- :)13:30
stgraberhallyn: hmm, so I added a profile lxc-upgrader01 in /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/ and called it lxc-container-upgrader01 in the profile13:37
stgraberhallyn: but now /etc/init.d/apparmor reload fails ...13:37
stgraberhallyn: bug 96922813:48
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969228 in lxc "Unable to load another apparmor profile from /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96922813:48
hallynstgraber: d'oh, again i didn't see the notification here.  but i saw the email :)14:22
stgraberhallyn: hehe :)14:22
stgraberhallyn: I also reproduced the weird dpkg diverts and locales being blocked by apparmor. I'm upgrading the machine to linux-image-3.2.0-21-generic before reporting that one14:23
stgraberhallyn: bug 969228 is either and LXC or an apparmor parser bug, so shouldn't depend on the kernel version14:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969228 in lxc "Unable to load another apparmor profile from /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96922814:23
hallynstgraber: yes, could you try removing the #include from the top of your new file?14:25
stgraberhallyn: no change...14:25
hallynnote i *did* test this...  how odd14:28
hallynreproduced now though14:29
hallynstgraber: oh i didn't go far enough in my request14:31
hallynstgraber: if you pull the #include from both container profiles and put it at top of /etc/apparmor.d/lxc-containers, it works14:32
hallynjjohansen: is there a way to say '#ifndef tunables #include <tunables/home> #endif' in a apparmor profile?14:33
hallynjjohansen: i want users to be able to just 'apparmor_parser /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/lxc-new' rather than /etc/init.d/apparmor reload', is the only reason14:33
hallyn(maybe that's not worthwhile)14:33
sbeattiehallyn: #ifdef> not... really, but I haven't looked at the bug report yet.14:34
hallyn(drat, this coudl require a server guide update)14:36
jamespagehallyn, is there anything I can do to help diagnose/fix the 'failed to fstat previous diversions file' issue we see with postgresql under lxc?14:39
jamespageI just hit the same issue in another charm14:39
hallynjamespage: turn off apparmor and see if it's still broken14:40
hallynif not, mark it as affecting linux and critical priority, owned by jjohansen14:40
jamespagehallyn, OK - testing now14:40
stgraberhallyn: sorry, was working on something else, looking now14:42
stgraberhallyn: worked14:43
hallynstgraber: ok, i guess i'll move the #include, and ask for server guide update.  users will need to reload all container profiles at once.14:44
stgraberhallyn: btw: [ 1022.059598] type=1400 audit(1333118643.042:36): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" info="failed type match" error=-13 parent=23460 profile="lxc-container-upgrader01" name="/var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs/" pid=23666 comm="ureadahead" fstype="debugfs" srcname="none" flags="rw"14:45
stgraberhallyn: I guess we should silent that one14:45
hallynwe do that with just an explicit deny right?14:46
stgraberhallyn: yep14:46
hallyn(sorry doing a bunch of bugs at a time)14:46
sbeattiehallyn|stgraber: can you post the problematic version of the /etc/apparmor.d/ tree to bug 96922814:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969228 in lxc "Unable to load another apparmor profile from /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96922814:47
hggdhroaksoax: aldebaran (the cobbler server), alkaid and phact are available now14:48
hggdhroaksoax: sorry for the delay, but I only ended the upgrade around 0100 UTC today14:48
stgrabersbeattie: there you go14:55
sbeattiestgraber: thanks, peeking.14:55
jamespagehallyn, if I turn off apparmor I can't start any containers15:01
jamespagehallyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/907334/15:01
roaksoaxhggdh: no worries15:03
stgraberhallyn: hmm, the divert and locale apparmor bugs are still there with -21 ... I guess I'll have to file a bug this time as it's preventing the daily upgrade testing from working15:06
jehanyone here happen to be using the mlx4_en ethernet driver on precise?15:06
hallynstgraber: that's what jamespage is looking at15:07
hallynstgraber: yes, if jamespage hasn't filed it yet, pls mark it critical15:07
jamespagehallyn, stgraber: I've not filed a bug yet15:07
hallynjamespage: sorry, please at 'lxc.aa_policy = unconfined' to the container's config (/var/lib/lxc/container/config)15:07
jamespagehallyn, ack15:07
hallynjamespage: it's explained in the server guide, but that's notreally online yet iiuc :)15:07
stgraberjamespage: I did :)15:08
stgrabersbeattie, hallyn, jamespage: bug 96929915:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969299 in apparmor "apparmor prevents dpkg-divert and localedef from working in a container" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96929915:09
jamespagestgraber, hallyn: oddly if I put lxc-container-default into complain mode I don't get the issue - but neither does aa complain15:10
stgraberhallyn: targeted to final and marked critical15:10
stgraberjamespage: yay for debugging fixing the bugs ;)15:10
hallynjamespage: might be worht commenting that int he bug15:11
jamespagehallyn, lemme double check that15:11
hallynjjohansen: ^ bug 96922915:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969229 in txamqp "Impossible to reopen closed channel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96922915:15
hallynno that's not the one :)15:15
hallynjjohansen: would you believe bug 96929915:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969299 in apparmor "apparmor prevents dpkg-divert and localedef from working in a container" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96929915:15
stgraberhallyn: lxc-start: unknow key lxc.aa_policy15:16
stgraber(I think we also want s/unknow/unknown/g btw ;))15:16
hallynstgraber: that's not *my* typo :)15:17
stgraberroot@athos:/data/internal/containers# lxc-start -n upgrader0115:17
stgraberlxc-start: Permission denied - failed to change apparmor profile to unconfined15:17
hallynstgraber: you haven't disabled apparmor15:17
hallynusr.bin.lxc-start isn't allowed to transition to unconfined15:18
stgraberhallyn: why would I do that? I just want it off for one container ;)15:18
smbzul, Just read your answer to that xen feature mail. Just to make sure I am not doing something wrong because I am using still the xend based api between libvirt and xen host in precise.15:18
hallynstgraber: you think the default lxc-start profile should allow that?15:18
zulsmb: no you arent i think they are refering to the XCP stuff that citrix was doing this cylce in debian/ubuntu15:19
stgraberhallyn: I think we should allow for a container to set "lxc.aa_profile = unconfined" without turning apparmor off for all containers, yes15:19
smbzul, Yes, well generally the xcp stuff, right. Reading about the blueprint gave a bit the impression this is what is used in Precise15:19
zulsmb:  right i dont think anyone on the platform team has used the xcp stuff really15:20
hallynstgraber: ok so there's that, the #include fix, and what was the other thing is houdl add right now?15:20
hallyn(and by right now i mean, "sometime soon")_15:20
hallynmaybe that was it15:21
stgraberhallyn: "#include fix", "deny for debugfs in /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs/", "allow switch to unconfined in usr.bin.lxc-start"15:22
hallynah right debugfs, thanks15:25
hallynmabe the ubuntu template should add a commented '# lxc.aa_profile = unconfined'15:26
hallynstgraber: really we want debugfs anywhere to be silenetly denied, right?15:27
brontosaurusrexfinnaly updated my old intranet server from 9.10 to 10.04 and noticing some magic: mp4/h.264 videos can be seeked without preloading in html5 mode on chrome..., is it a chrome magic or a combo of smarter apache and chrome, or some other mistery?15:27
stgraberhallyn: hmm, indeed, "deny mount fstype=debugs," should be fine15:27
stgraberhallyn: also +1 on adding some lxc.aa_profile line to the template, either "lxc.aa_profile = lxc-container-default" or a commented "# lxc.aa_profile = unconfined"15:28
stgraberhallyn: as long as there's a way for people to easily figure it out, that's fine15:28
jamespagehallyn, stgraber: not sure whether its related but I'm getting some excellent kernel message cruft - http://paste.ubuntu.com/907382/15:28
stgraberjamespage: I've always blamed the lack of logging namespace for that one ;) not sure if that's the real cause though15:30
jamespagestgraber, it does not appear to impact function as far as i can tell15:30
stgraberjamespage: I'm testing aa-complain now ;) sounds like an interesting workaround15:32
Davieyjamespage, adam_g, zul: What is the story of precise-openstack-essex-swift-trunk failing?15:34
zulDaviey:  the story is that swift needs openstack-nose-plugins to build the testsuite and its 95% done on my todo list15:35
zulDaviey:  its packaged just not in the archive15:35
hallynstgraber: jamespage: actually we still have attach_disconnected in the policy, that *might* be causing problems.  not sure15:37
Davieyzul: ok, thanks15:37
stgraberhallyn: good point, I'll test that before trying jamespage's trick15:38
autifis apt-proxy now called apt-cacher?15:45
patdk-wkdifferent project15:46
patdk-wkapt-cacher is slow15:46
patdk-wkapt-cacher-ng is faster by many times15:46
autifapt-cache search apt-proxy did not return apt-proxy - it returned apt-cacher and apt-cacher-ng15:47
autifI was looking to caching packages because I want to install and update many machines and want to save bandwidth15:47
autifcame accross https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptProxy15:47
patdk-wkfind apt-proxy for me :)15:47
autifshould I be using apt-cacher-ng?15:47
patdk-wkor, it works for me, to locate apt-proxy15:47
autifubuntu-server 11.1015:48
patdk-wk10.04 here15:48
autifhmmn - that may do it15:48
patdk-wkapt-proxy downloads the all .deb's for a version if I remember right15:48
patdk-wkusing gigs of space15:48
patdk-wkwhere apt-cacher-ng only downloads the .deb's you use, like a http proxy15:48
autifyup - that should be find - I have a 2TB disk :-)15:48
autifah, I see the difference15:49
patdk-wklast time I used apt-proxy I think it was using 600gigs of space for me15:49
autifwill try out apt-cacher-ng15:49
patdk-wkjust all the updates for things I didn't use, kept using up all my bandwidth15:49
autifthanks patdk-wk15:49
patdk-wkheh, my apt-cacher-ng is using 1.9gigs of space15:50
NgI think everyone should stop saying the names of software that ends in -ng15:52
* patdk-wk renames amavisd-new to amavisd-ng15:52
Davieyzul: bug 965551 ?15:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 965551 in quantum "quantum-server 2012.1~rc1-0ubuntu2 fails to install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96555115:53
patdk-wkng, not bad, only 15 packages in lucid have -ng15:54
zulDaviey: i think adam_g said he was going to work on that one15:54
Davieyzul-ng, What is the status of that bug?15:54
Davieyok, great15:54
zulheh zul-ng15:56
patdk-wkthat one is overrated!15:56
NgDaviey: you stop that!16:01
* Daviey wonders how hard an irrsi pluggin would be to add -ng to any verb. :)16:05
Davieyerr noun16:06
NgI hope it would be very very difficult16:06
Davieyzul / adam_g: Are you uploading new snapshots today?16:07
zulDaviey: no im going to wait for rc216:08
Davieyzul: no date set, or confirmed there will be an rc2, is there?16:08
zulDaviey: lemme check my sources16:09
hallynstgraber: uh, what is jamespages' trick?16:11
zulDaviey: if they get their stuff together it will be today otherwise monday16:16
stgraberhallyn: aa-complain ;)16:17
hallynah ok16:18
Davieyzul: feel free to tell your sources that i haven't seen that discussed anywhere, or on the release schedule.16:18
DavieyOr just tell ttx.16:18
stgraberhallyn: dropping the attach_disconnected seems to have worked here16:19
stgraberjamespage: can you try doing that too? ^16:19
hallynstgraber: interesting.16:19
jamespagestgraber, OK - I'll try - where do I set that?16:20
hallynit does make some sense16:20
hallynremove it from the top of /etc/apparmor.d/{usr.bin.lxc-start,lxc/lxc-default}16:20
hallynprobably just remove the whole flags=(.*)16:21
azertyuhello there16:22
azertyuis tehre any specialist bladecenter ?16:23
azertyuanyone there ?16:24
patdk-wkwhat is a, specialist bladecenter?16:41
patdk-wkI would assume all bladecenters to be special16:41
azertyuwell i got a small on my bladecenter16:42
azertyuChassis Cooling Devices16:42
azertyuChassis Cooling Device status OK16:43
azertyu  78%16:43
azertyuChassis Cooling Device status OK16:43
azertyu  79%16:43
azertyuwhat can be ?16:43
ironmhello. Is there an approved possibility to create own ubuntu server images with some third party packages (for off-line installations? I have played a bit with debian live-builder 3.0a-45-1 but was not successful. Thank you in advance for any hints.16:45
xT_Bashhey ppl16:50
xT_Bashany1 willing to help me with a 10.04 LTS install?16:51
xT_Bashwanna install the kde but yet dont have any clue how16:51
arthurjohnsonWhy would you want to install KDE on a server install?16:52
xT_Bashany other desktop u suggest?^^16:52
xT_Bashor does the question target the desktop thing itself?16:52
arthurjohnsonNone.  At least thats my opinion.16:53
arthurjohnsonI would never put a desktop on a server.  Wastes resources.16:53
arthurjohnsonBut if you must, go with something a little lighter, like xubuntu16:53
xT_Bashim not that fit with with console yet16:53
xT_Bashstill too miseducated by microsoft stuff :P16:53
arthurjohnsonDesktops aren't going to make configuring and maintaining a server any easier.16:53
arthurjohnsonBut if you must, go for something a bit lighter, like xubuntu.16:54
xT_Bashcombined with the ressource facts its quite a reason to leave it awys16:54
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels16:54
xT_Bashso.. could u gimme a source with tutorial how to start up with ub-server?16:55
arthurjohnsonxT_Bash: have you installed your ubuntu server yet?16:56
JanCxT_Bash: even most serious Windows servers are administered remotely using AD (or other ways) anyway, so why do they need a GUI? ;)16:56
xT_Bashi already said i wont install a KDE/GNome etc16:57
xT_Bashactually just sitting in front of the commandline and dunno how to get the thing running16:57
xT_Bashanyways thx for your advice so far16:58
xT_Basham a bit busy and g2g16:58
JanCgenerally, services just run16:58
hallynroaksoax: hi, would you mind pushing lp:~kroq-gar78/ubuntu/precise/rsyslog/fix-846818 ?  I don't have the upload rights.  IT's a trivial, correct, typo fix.17:07
roaksoaxhallyn: howdy! sure!17:09
hallynroaksoax: thanks!17:09
roaksoaxhallyn: done!17:17
hallynthanks again :)17:17
zuladam_g: hey are you workin on quantum?17:27
stgraberhallyn: I have a weird bug for you ;)17:35
stgraberhallyn: running: ubuntu-vm-builder kvm oneiric --kernel-flavour generic --ssh-key /data/auto-upgrade-tester/ssh-key.pub --components main,restricted --rootsize 15G --addpkg openssh-server --destdir /tmp/stgraber --arch i38617:35
stgraberhallyn: outside a container works fine17:35
stgraberhallyn: in a container, fails with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/907564/17:35
stgraberhallyn: wrong pastebin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/907541/17:35
adam_gzul: havent yet17:36
adam_gzul: would like to, tho17:36
stgraberhallyn: so we get that weird "mkdir: cannot create directory `/dev/shm': File exists"17:36
adam_gor, would like it to be fixed, if you wanna take it :)17:36
zuladam_g: ill get it fixed today17:36
stgraberhallyn: but only when running ubuntu-vm-builder in a container ... apparmor doesn't tell me it rejected anything17:36
hallynstgraber: well the mkdir *should* fail if it exists...17:37
hallynwhey doesn't it onthe host?17:37
stgraberhallyn: it's ubuntu-vm-builder so that error appears during a deboostrap in a chroot...17:38
stgraberhallyn: and the mkdir call in sysvinit is guarded by a [ -d /dev/shm ] || mkdir /dev/shm17:39
stgraberhallyn: looks like bug 89104517:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 891045 in sysvinit "initscripts: upgrade fails in chroot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89104517:39
hallynthat sucks17:39
stgraberyeah :)17:39
stgraberI'm trying to figure out exactly what's different between the host and the container...17:40
hallynstgraber: test -d /dev/shm in container17:42
hallynumount /run/shm17:42
hallyntest -d /dev/shm -> 017:43
mgwhey… what would cause ssh to stall for 4 seconds on login17:43
mgw$ ssh localhost ls17:43
mgwtakes 4 seconds17:43
stgraberhallyn: interesting, though test -d /dev/shm = 0 in my container17:45
stgraberhallyn: but that may explain what's going on in ubuntu-vm-builder17:45
stgraberhallyn: my apparmor profile allows any mount in /tmp at the moment, I may try to restrict that to proc and sysfs which are the two I identified in vmbuilder as must-have17:46
benjimgw: does logging in locally take that long?17:51
zuladam_g: ok fixed17:51
JJarvisHi, would someone please be able to help me in installing a wireless driver?17:52
mgwbenji, it did… found the problem (ldap)… thanks!17:52
benjimgw: cool17:53
JJarvisI know Ubuntu-Server isn't supposed to run on anything other than LAN, but there is a reason.17:53
zuladam_g: problem was that i suck ;)17:53
JJarvisHow would I activate a Broadcom STA driver (restricted) in the console?17:53
hallynt doesn't always fail17:53
hallynstgraber: it doesn't always fail17:54
stgraberJJarvis: jockey-text?17:54
stgraberhallyn: fun, so we have a race that mounts another tmpfs on top of /run/shm but only some of the time? :)17:54
hallynstgraber: uh, i dont' think so,17:54
hallynstgraber: the fs is always mounted, but someimtes test -d /dev/shm returns 017:55
JJarvis@stgraber Will try that now. Thanks.17:55
hallynstgraber: do you know if '[ -d /dev/shm ] || mkdir /dev/shm calls out to /usr/bin/test or something else?17:56
hallyncause /usr/bin/test's -d code looks pretty unassailable17:56
stgraberhallyn: it's called with /bin/sh (dash) so I think it's using dash's builtin test17:57
hallynfeh, this could be a libc bug..17:58
hallyni assume the stat must occasionally fail...17:58
hallynjamespage: have you confirmed that remove attach_disconnected works for you?18:01
hallynjjohansen: can you confirm that it should be safe to remove attach_disconnected from lxc profile?18:01
smoserutlemming, SpamapS http://paste.ubuntu.com/907621/18:05
smoserlook for Setting up postgresql-9.1 (9.1.3-2)18:05
adam_gzul: can we disable that console monitor thing till its been merged upstream, or has gone through sufficient testing?18:07
zuladam_g: sure go ahead18:07
stgraberhallyn: you can also remove the FIXME for that "deny umount" line, it's fixed with -2118:10
hallynwhere is that?18:10
adam_gzul: can you checkin those *.logrotate files to the nova branch?18:15
zuladam_g: yeah hold on18:15
zuladam_g: they should already be there18:16
adam_gzul: doh18:17
adam_gzul: my bad18:17
adam_gzul: though it looks like nova-network provides dhcpbridge, not nova-common. ill update18:18
zuladam_g: ack18:18
jjohansenhallyn: it is not.18:19
jjohansenhallyn: those fixes/changes just aren't ready for this cycle18:19
jjohansenhallyn: so for 12.04 attach_disconnected is the required work around.  I really, really wish it wasn't that way, but ...18:20
Blah1hey all.  anyone familiar w/ preseed ?  I remastered oneiric mini.iso, stuck a preseed.cfg file in it.   fired up a vm w/ that iso yet ubuntu installer doesn't appear to pickup the preseed.18:35
Blah1and the only way i can tell that is because it stops to ask me the ubuntu mirror question, when i've specified it in the preseed file.18:36
hallynjjohansen: ok, i asked because of bug 96922818:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969228 in lxc "Unable to load another apparmor profile from /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96922818:39
jjohansenhallyn: hrmm, okay, yet another stupid bug in the compiler that needs to be fixed.18:44
hallynjjohansen: hooray if it's obvious to you how to fix :)18:45
stgraberhehe, looks like LXC is pretty useful at finding apparmor bugs ;)18:45
jjohansenhallyn: I don't know about obvious, but I know its at least part of its in the compiler18:46
hallynstgraber: drat18:48
stgraberhallyn: I "think" I got ubuntu-vm-builder working here ;)18:50
hallyndid you change anything?18:50
stgraberhallyn: that thing does "mount --bind /dev/ /tmp/<something>/dev" which means it also gets /dev/shm in the process which is a dangling symlink18:50
stgraberhallyn: instead I added a new upstart script to that container that does "rm /dev/shm && mkdir /dev/shm && mount --bind /run/shm /dev/shm"18:51
stgraberhallyn: so now ubuntu-vm-builder gets an empty dir instead of dangling symlink and seems happy18:51
stgraberhallyn: then it failed running kpartx as I forgot to enable loop devices ;)18:51
hallynwhat does 'mount --bind /dev /tmp/<something>/dev" ?18:51
stgraberhallyn: ubuntu-vm-builder18:52
stgraberwhich is fine if the VM knows that /dev/shm can be a symlinkto /run/shm which in some cases doesn't exist yet18:52
hallynnow originall /dev/shm was a symlink to, not bind mount of, /runs/hm right?18:52
stgraberbut apparently something in oneiric doesn't ;) (I'm building an oneiric VM in a precise container)18:52
hallynso how would you fix the reported bug/18:53
stgraberyeah and that's fine in 99% of the cases, except when something stupidly bind-mounts /dev to a chroot of another vresion of Ubuntu ...18:53
stgraberin my specific case, I think the fix should be in ubuntu-vm-builder, I don't see any reason to bind-mount /dev to start with18:53
stgraberdebootstrap gives you a minimal /dev that should work just fine18:53
stgraberand that won't have a dangling symlink as your /dev/shm18:54
jamespagehallyn, looking now19:00
hallynjamespage: no need!19:01
hallynjjohansen says that's wrong19:01
jamespagehallyn, standing down....19:01
stgraberjjohansen, hallyn: reading scrollback, that bug isn't linked to the attach_disconnected19:07
stgraberjjohansen, hallyn: the problem with attach_disconnected is localedef and dpkg-divert failing19:08
stgraberjjohansen, hallyn: bug 96929919:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969299 in apparmor "apparmor prevents dpkg-divert and localedef from working in a container" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96929919:08
hallynoh no did i mis-paste?19:09
hallynbut in any case, jjohansen says removing attach_disconnected is not yet safe19:09
hallynjamespage: the debdiff attached to bug 968912 (not by me) works for me, and adds a patch identical to what is already upstream.  Do you mind sponsoring it?19:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 968912 in psensor "Wrong type of sensors displayed in preferences" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96891219:11
stgraberright, then ^ needs urgent fixing (as in, we need that for the release)... that upgrade testing container just won't work with it, so I'm currently running it without19:11
hallynstgraber: you marked it critical right?  jjohansen is on it iiuc19:12
hallynall right i'll go ahead and test and push the rest of the changes we've discussed then19:12
stgraberhallyn: yeah, critical + targeted, should be on the right buglists with that19:12
hallynworst case i guess we pull the apparmor profiles for now19:13
stgraberI don't think it's so bad we should pull the apparmor profile19:14
stgraberas pulling the profile introduces its own problems ;)19:14
stgraberat least with lxc.aa_profile I can workaround it for that specific container and keep the standard profile for the others19:14
hallynstgraber: would you say that non-ubuntu containers should still start in lxc-container-default, or in unconfined?19:25
hallyni'd prefer lxc-container-default of course, but i don't know if they need special mounting abilities offhand...19:26
hallyneh i'll leave it as is for now19:26
stgraberhallyn: I'd prefer lxc-container-default, we'll deal with the bugs if anyone files one19:26
amarcolinoquick question , is ubuntu 12.4 stable enough to be used as a development apache server?19:34
hallynamarcolino: I suspect the official stance is "don't do that"19:39
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases19:39
hallynhm, was hopin gfor more :)19:39
hallynamarcolino: that said, i'm running it everywhere...  except my mail server where i run lucid19:40
amarcolinothanks for the info and it has been stable for you till now?19:41
hallynamarcolino: not always.  you'd like to think we're close to release and no major library upgrade will mess us up now, but you never can tell...19:47
jjohansenstgraber: I updated Bug#969299 with my initial guess, I will check as soon as my vm is finished updating19:53
hallynstgraber: have you noticed that lxc no longer builds on precise?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/907772/19:54
stgraberhallyn: it built fine yesterday20:00
* stgraber tries locally20:00
stgraberlocal build failed somewhere in the doc (usually does when not in sbuild) but lxc itself built20:04
hallynstgraber: "debian/rules build" fails.  is your schroot 100% uptodate?20:06
stgraberhallyn: I'm building in arkose directly on my laptop that was updated 10min ago, so yeah should be up to date20:07
amarcolinohallyn, will take note of that, I aint planning to do much at the moment other than use it for site development, it should be stable enough for that...20:07
hallyni'm just wondering whether to worry about the failure, or be happy it builds in buildds20:08
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/907790/20:08
hallynwhat cmd did you use?20:09
stgraberhallyn: ./configure --disable-doc && make20:09
stgraberhallyn: I'll try building the full package now20:09
stgraberhmm, actually looks like I'm not completely up to date ... upgrading again first then20:10
* stgraber wonders what machine he updated 10min ago ;)20:10
hallynstgraber: jinkeys, it doesn't happen when i remove automake and autoconf!20:11
stgraberhallyn: always blame the automagic :)20:12
hallynstgraber: well i'd noticed it when working on 0.8.0, so i knew we'd have to deal with it at some point...20:13
hallynjjohansen: adding change_profile -> unconfined,  isn't allowing me to transition to unconfined?20:16
jjohansenhallyn: urgh, f$#@!!!!!!20:18
hallynwell it's possible i'm doing something wrong!20:18
hallyn have two rules,20:18
hallyntransition -> lxc-*,20:18
hallyntransition -> unconfined,20:18
jjohansenhallyn: unlikely, unconfined is a special path, as soon as you said it, it hit me that I didn't try it20:19
jjohansenhallyn: I will get a patch out today20:19
stgraberjjohansen: did you consider using lxc as your official test suite? seems like we have pretty good code coverage there ;)20:20
hallynstgraber: when i use 'deny mount fstype=debugfs,' before the allow rule for /sys/kernel/debug, container does not start20:20
hallyn(or after)20:20
jjohansenstgraber: I don't think I am ready for that yet :)20:21
hallynjjohansen: thanks20:21
jjohansenstgraber: actually lxc will be, being rolled into the testing more20:21
stgraberhallyn: oh right, I'm guessing it's "normal" in apparmor world... "deny mount fstype=debugs" denies all debugfs including the one we explicitly allowed for /sys/kernel/debug20:22
* jjohansen shakes head at the bugs this cycle20:22
stgraberjjohansen: ^ is that right? "deny mount fstype=debugfs," blocking our "mount fstype=debugfs -> //sys/kernel/debug/,"20:22
hallynjjohansen: but look at how cool it'll be when done :)20:23
jjohansenstgraber: erm yeah deny, will actually subtract permissions from allow rules.  Its an absolute this is denied20:23
stgraberok, that's what I thought20:23
hallynso do i just wnat 'dontaudit' ?20:23
jjohansenhallyn: yeah, one of these days ...20:23
jjohansenhallyn: dontaudit?20:23
stgraberhallyn: just go with "deny mount fstype=debugfs -> /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs/", then20:24
hallynyeah i guess so. technically that's the only one we're sure we're ok being quiet about anyway!20:24
stgraberhallyn: so we only silently deny this one and will update if we discover any other one we didn't know about :)20:24
hallynand that actually works :)  will do20:26
Jeeves_Hi all20:27
Jeeves_Can I ask for some non-ubuntu-related advice on disks and smartctl?20:27
hallynstgraber: i'm getting ready to push http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff20:33
stgraberhallyn: lxc-0.7.5/debian/lxc-default.apparmor: can you drop the FIXME in there too? it's no longer relevant with the new kernel20:34
stgraberhallyn: (FIXME above the deny for remount,ro of /)20:34
hallynthe 'Doesn't match yet' ?20:34
stgraberrest looks good, thanks20:35
hallynthanks, pushing20:35
mcloywell i have a domain . and i host it on  my box. i need an email@mydomain.com ..............21:25
mcloy i want to setup email accounts for my domains. i have a linux server avaialabe for hosting. how can i setup the emails ?21:25
qman__mcloy, this is covered in the server guide under postfix: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html21:33
qman__and a more advanced, complete setup here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixVirtualMailBoxClamSmtpHowto21:34
mcloyisnt this what i need https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer    ?21:36
psyferre_Hey folks,  I've got a machine running Ubuntu 10.10 server.  Given that the support EOL is "April 2012", does that mean I have two days before do-release-upgrade will cease to work?22:09
Myrttino, it means you've got until the last thursday of April or so22:15
SpamapSdo-release-upgrade will work as long as natty is available22:20
SpamapSpsyferre_: you have until the last thursday of April to keep getting support and security updates...22:20
SpamapSpsyferre_: do-release-upgrade will work at *least* 6 more months.22:20
SpamapSI'd expect that one could coax it to work even after natty goes EOL too.22:20
SpamapSbut I don't know for sure if that works22:21
psyferre_Awesome.  Thanks!  I knew it would eventually stop working, but I wasn't sure when and couldn't seem to hit the right google search string to find out for sure.22:21
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