phillwthat was quick!00:00
RedSingularityAre the images being spun at the moment?00:23
RedSingularityThe link on the testing page doesnt seem to work:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20120322/precise-desktop-i386.iso00:23
phillwRedSingularity: all the beta 2's are realeased00:24
RedSingularityphillw: maybe its just a bad link then...00:24
phillwthat is from 22nd March?00:24
RedSingularityphillw: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds/13959/testcases00:24
RedSingularitymust be a bad link then00:25
phillwRedSingularity: the dailies for tomorrow have not been built, they have just released Dailies to be auto built again following on from the beta 200:26
RedSingularityphillw: ah i see. ok00:26
phillwthat is why you see the old daily that was plucked to become the RC for beta 200:26
phillwRedSingularity: I've had a stab at explaining things at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing#Testing00:27
RedSingularityphillw: thanks :)00:29
game2https seems only partly implemented in the various qa.ubuntu.com websites. Is there a reason/bug# for this?01:18
phillwgame2: when you leave https your browser will alert you, not all parts of ubuntu use https, the wiki area is one such area etc.01:20
game2phillw: qa were the first personalised ubuntu sites I found with this issue. wiki & help sites seem ok with https. Was expecting qa to be ok too, but looks like will need to use without privacy or not use at all.01:25
phillwgame2: as I use them just for non-financial transactions, I've never really noted which areas are https and which are not.01:27
phillwbut do feel free to ask the question!01:27
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tristenwhey, can someone help me remember how to do terminal upgrade to beta2 without losing all my stuff, I remember that its still and apt-get function to grab the packages14:22
jibeltristenw, upgrade from which release ? from the net or cdrom ?14:23
tristenwI originally did cd install of beta14:28
tristenwsorry for delay14:28
tristenwI do updates via net, I did a live clean install with 64bit beta14:29
tristenwI think I got it14:30
jibelgone :/14:45
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