andrejzhello dpm!07:51
andrejzdo you have time for the bug report template?07:52
dpmhi andrejz, good morning :)07:52
dpmandrejz, probably not today, but might have some over the weekend07:52
andrejzi just need a starting point and then maybe i will be able to continue myself. I am not sure about the technicalities07:54
andrejzso i am not sure what to put in07:54
dpmandrejz, ah, wait, I can probably send you an e-mail with some details, give me a minute07:55
andrejzthat would be great07:56
dpmandrejz, ok, I found the instructions and saw that it wouldn't take me too long, so I've just added them on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Universe_Translations_in_LP - I've updated my action on Trello, so it's over to you now :)08:06
andrejzok, i guess i will manually copy and paste this text into a bug report for each package and then add those to the wiki08:11
dpmandrejz, I've noticed gdm is on the list. I'm not sure I'd add it, as I'm not too sure how well maintained it is now that we use lightdm08:12
andrejzalso chromium is already translatable, isn't it?08:13
andrejzseems to be08:14
dpmandrejz, yes, but that one definitely needs to be removed from the list, as it doesn't use gettext and we cannot ship its translations in language packs :(08:15
andrejzcurrently launchpad package search are timing out on me but i will try to get it mostly done over the weekend and deal with additionally added packages early next week08:17
artnayandrejz: chromium's translations aren't maintained (on LP) anymore. I don't know where the translations are being done, probably Google's translators take care of them. see http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=5578808:53
artnayhttps://launchpad.net/chromium-browser should mention that the translations from LP won't be used. or the translations should be disabled. I see tens of languages are still being translated... for no good reason.08:54
artnayreally waste of effort08:55
dpmartnay, that bug date is previous to chromium being translatable in Launchpad. Translations in Launchpad were set up by a community member, but unfortunately he's moved on until then. They can be used in the Ubuntu Chromium package, so it makes sense to have them there, but there is no one that takes care to send them upstream, as it used to happen in the past08:57
artnaydpm: but the latest reply from evan isn't.08:58
artnaydpm: and I'm not even sure if the translations are being used in ubuntu's current chromium packages.08:58
dpmartnay, the latest reply from evan does not offer any context at all08:58
dpmI've just pinged the current chromium maintainer to make sure, let's see if we can find out more...08:59
artnaydpm: and the dates at https://translations.launchpad.net/chromium-browser don't suggest the template is even maintained anymore.08:59
andrejzi think in general it would be a good idea to announce this changes09:00
andrejzthere was a big announcement when chromium was available for translations in LP but now when it seems it's not being sent upstream anymore it wasn't really clear (or at least I didn't know it until artnay pointed it out a few minutes ago)09:01
artnayandrejz: more importantly, the template isn't updated from upstream source09:02
dpmandrejz, yes, I agree, but I can't have an eye on everything :) I also got notice quite a while after fta quit maintaining the chromium package, and would have appreciated a short heads up message to translators09:02
artnaywell the import/export system was done by fta, now it probably only needs a maintainer09:03
artnaymaybe that should be pointed out at the bug I linked above09:04
andrejzsure dpm09:08
andrejzi understand your point. But maybe in the future if someone steps up for mainting package like fta did we can ask them to let us know if/when the things change09:08
andrejznoboby is able to keep an eye on everything so the developers themselves should let us know09:09
dpmyeah, but that's what we generally expect from all contributors. Even if it's a volunteer contribution, it's ok to step down, but gracefully09:09
dpmartnay, +1, as usual, it just needs someone who cares for the project to step up and take action09:10
dpmI'm talking with micahg right now, and it seems we might be able to put the Chromium infrastructure back in place, although there is no ETA yet09:17
dpmI've added an action on the Trello board for me to check09:18
dpmandrejz, sent you and mvo an e-mail to start the ball rolling on universe translations for Synaptic09:25
andrejzyeah i saw it09:33
andrejzyou think we should first mail the maintainers or start with bug reports?09:33
dpmandrejz, I think I would talk to a few maintainers first, to get a feel for what they think. I remember a while ago we started filing bugs for all packages which needed to include translations before NonLanguagePackDeadline without having talked to maintainers first, and most of them got rejected, which was a bit of a wasted effort. I'd like to avoid repeating that again.09:45
andrejzok, makes sense09:45
dpmDo you think you could find out the maintainers for the packages and update the list? Then we can perhaps contact 3 or 4 and decide on the next step09:46
andrejzsure i can do that but currently Launchpad search is timeouting on me09:46
andrejzwhen i try to perform a package search so i don't know when launchpad will allow me to do it09:47
dpmah, no worries. When LP is back for you, here's the URL where you can find out about the maintainers:09:47
andrejzcool, i will do it over the weekend09:49
dpmIf the maintainer is ubuntu-core-dev, you might have to dig out a bit deeper and look at the changelogs for the latest uploaders, e.g.09:49
dpm(just click on the package link on that page ^)09:49
andrejzfor some packages it's not very clear who is maintainer (for example xfce4-power-manager) - but in this case i guess i can contact people substribed to all it's bugs instead10:01
dpmandrejz, you can look at the changelogs as pointed out above ^10:06
dpme.g. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/1.0.10-5ubuntu210:06
dpmor look for the Xubuntu project lead10:07
andrejzyeah i will do that10:07
andrejzneed to work real job thing a bit right now, but will do it over the weekend10:08
andrejzdpm i also sent you a bit unrelated email and would appriciate it if you look at it when you have time10:08
dpmthanks for your work on this. I think translators (and users!) will love to have those apps translatable10:08
andrejzthat's why we are doing it10:09
dpmandrejz, ok cool, got your e-mail and will reply to it10:09
andrejzthanks dpm, i know odds are against me but felt like i needed to ask10:11
dpmno worries :), I've quickly replied to some of it in private10:15
dpmandrejz, btw, good work on Slovenian translations. As you're at 100%, I usually use your stats to see if there has been any user interface freeze break :)10:55
TLEdpm: how is it, are the items on the list on your translation stat web app sorted in the same way as in lp, i.e. in some sort of prioritized order?11:01
andrejzit's in order of remaining strings i think11:02
andrejzat least on the main one11:02
TLEahh yes it would seems so, I've actually got en education with in the natural sciences, so don't tell anybody about this ;)11:03
andrejzdpm, yes i commited translations from upstream gnome immediately after string freeze and it helped a lot11:03
andrejzTLE your secret is safe with me;) (but not with IRC logs, sadly )11:03
dpmTLE, as andrejz is saying, right now they are prioritized by untranslated. I'm planning to sort them on priority (it's relatively trivial), but I haven't found the time yet and there are other things I want to get addressed before that, so it's a bit on the bottom of my priorities list11:03
TLEandrejz: do you know when we can expect them to trickle down there on their own, the translations from official gnome release I mean?11:04
andrejzthey won't11:04
TLEthey won't??????11:04
andrejzaccording to the docs team11:04
dpmI think you guys are talking about different things :)11:05
andrejza couple of days ago they said they don't have the infrstructure to commit translations11:05
TLEyeah, I'm talking about just the GUI translations from gnome 3.411:05
TLEwhen they will have arrived inlp11:05
dpmthey should be there already or about to, I think11:05
dpmpackages were uploaded already iirc11:05
dpmfor 3.4.011:05
TLEgreeeat stuf, has to do a motivational email to the translation team to keep pushing on ubuntu how that gnome is out the door11:06
andrejzTLE those are in for a while now11:06
dpmas per the ubuntu-docs, what andrejz means is that the ubuntu-docs team is not using the GNOME docs translations11:06
TLEah ok11:06
andrejzthey used them only the first11:06
andrejzfirst time11:07
dpmI'd like to help them, but I don't actually understand how they merge the content from gnome11:07
andrejzbut are now only updating .pot using strings from upstream11:07
andrejzdpm it's trivial11:07
andrejzat least manually11:07
andrejzyou take gnome .po file11:07
andrejzadd lanunchpad header stuff so launchpad will swallow it and upload11:07
dpmyeah, what I mean is that I don't know which PO file or files to fetch. If it's just one PO file, the docs team should simply be able to fetch and commit them, but I suspect it's not that easy11:09
andrejzit's just one po file11:09
dpmdo you know which one is it? (I haven't been translating gnome docs for quite a while)11:10
dpmoh, so it just needs a script to:11:10
dpm- Fetch translations11:11
dpmErr, I should be more detailed:11:11
dpm- Fetch upstream translations from the right branch on http://l10n.gnome.org/module/gnome-user-docs/11:11
dpm- Merge them with those in the lp:ubuntu-docs branch11:12
andrejzthat would be greast11:13
andrejzi mean i can commit them but i prefer if i don't have to do that. and some people don't know about this11:13
andrejzi know a russian translator was frustrated about this for 11.1011:13
dpmyeah, I remember, frustrated is to put it mildly, if I remember correctly the amount of swear words he used ;)11:14
dpmit should be trivial to write such a script, but I most definitely won't have the time to help on this this cycle11:15
dpmIn case there are any takers I've put it as an idea on the Trello board11:15
andrejzmaybe we can post it on translators mailing list if there is any taker11:15
TLEthis is for the ubuntu help translation, right?11:16
TLEbut, ok, stupid question, is the Ubuntu Help based on the content of the gnome docs?11:17
TLEgnome-user-doc I should say11:17
dpmTLE, it's not a stupid question. It is based on gnome's docs, plus additional Ubuntu-specific content11:18
dpmand some branding changes11:18
TLEok, because otherwise, just blindly importing string might not be a good idea11:18
dpmTLE, I agree, that's why I mentioned the PO files should be merged ^11:19
dpmA python script that accepts a parameter for the upstream branch to fetch, checks out the right lp:ubuntu-docs branch and that calls msgmerge properly should probably do11:20
andrejzi am translating both11:20
andrejzand they are essentially the same11:21
dpmandrejz, actually, that's a good idea. Would you be up for sending that e-mail to the list?11:21
TLEdpm: agreed11:21
andrejzjust activities overview is changed with the dash11:21
andrejzand some other UI specific changes11:21
andrejzi manually uploaded gnome help and number on unstranslated strings went from 840 to 25011:22
andrejzso it's definetly worth it11:22
dpmOh, btw, I finally got round to create a proper project for the translations stats instead of the code living in a +junk branch. Feel free to submit bugs, code and (once I've enabled them) translations!11:29
dpm    https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations-stats11:29
dpmok, going for a break, brb11:34
artnayhmm, I wonder if bug 968290 was actually fixed (to use translated theme names)11:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968290 in Ubuntu Translations "System settings -> Appearance -> Theme entries don't appear translated" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96829011:40
TLEdpm: when you return, what subset of the packages in precise in launchpad are in your list?11:41
dpmTLE, it's explained on the link at the bottom of the stats page -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Stats#UbuntuTranslationStatistics - in short, I'm filtering out anything that's not shipped by default on the ISO and anything below a certain priority threshold (I think it's 3499)12:09
dpmartnay, I'm not sure. Seeing the changelog, it seems only the (default) string has been marked for translations. Please feel free to report your findings in the bug12:21
andrejzdpm, sent emails to xubuntu and lubuntu developers12:35
dpmcool, thanks andrejz!12:40
vibhavpIf I create a locaized CD image in a PPA, where will it be stored?12:42
dpmhi vibhavp, every LoCo team should be responsible for storing it for now12:46
dpmcheck out the FAQ on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/LocalizedImagesRollout12:46
andrejzdpm is it possible you update the contributors list before the release12:54
andrejzwe just got some new translators and i know they would feel very bad if they weren't on the list12:55
dpmandrejz, definitely, that is the plan. The current list was only a proof-of-concept to see if everything worked, and it will be updated before release.12:55
dpmIt's the final unchecked point of my TODO for that on the translations Trello board, so don't worry, it will be updated :)12:56
artnaydpm: hey, could you import the latest Finnish ubuntu-docs translations to ? thanks!13:05
artnaydpm: can't see the latest revision here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/gnome-control-center/precise/changes - I'll check it out later and reopen the bug if needed13:07
dpmartnay, sure, can you send the latest PO to me?, or shall I just get it from bzr?13:15
artnaydpm: I sent the link to your ubuntu.com address13:22
TLEdpm: thanks13:22
dpmartnay, cool, thanks. If it's just a url, feel free to paste it here too13:23
dpmnevermind, got it now13:25
dpmok, building pages now, it will be online in ~5 min13:27
dpmartnay, updated ->
artnaydpm: thanks13:37
vibhavpdpm: I meant , if I build the CD Image using a PPA where will the image be stored13:39
vibhavpI am building it currently, and will soon store it on my server13:40
dpmvibhavp, ah, I don't know the exact location off the top of my head, but it will be a .iso file in one of the directories of the build13:40
vibhavpThen Ill store it on my server13:41
dpmvibhavp, cool, let me know how it goes. If you need more technical details, you can also talk to pitti on the #ubuntu-desktop IRC channel13:41
sagaciyeah you just get an iso file in the directory you build it in13:46
kelemengaborartnay: you are right about bug 968290, only the "default" string appeared on LP17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968290 in Ubuntu Translations "System settings -> Appearance -> Theme entries don't appear translated" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96829017:35

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