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thomibschaefer: still around?01:14
bschaeferthomi, yup01:16
bschaeferhad a chance to look at the changes?01:16
thomiyeah, just looking at it now01:17
thomiI may as well write my feedback in the MP01:17
bschaeferugg I hate it when something looks fixed, then 10 min later it just shows up again!01:17
bschaeferalright that would be awesome :)01:18
bschaeferugg was stupid haha. I changed a branch form needs review -> merged...not approved; but that it was approved and what I though I had fixed wasn't there!01:25
bschaeferthumper, ping. I think I have a good fix for the hud to dash, and having the hud CLOSE before the dash opens01:25
thumperbschaefer: yeah?01:25
thumperthat's good01:25
bschaeferthumper, ill have a branch pushed in a sec. Pretty much in LauncherController I added a AboutToShowDash(int was_tap, int when)01:26
bschaeferand check in unityshell.cpp before we call this: HandleLauncherKeyRelease(was_tap, when) in unityshell01:27
bschaeferif hud is open, close it :)01:27
bschaeferand AboutToShowDash01:27
thumperabout to show hud?01:29
* thumper disconnects01:29
thumperback shortly01:29
bschaeferWell the Dash -> Hud is already taken care of01:30
bschaeferI should a have branch and ap test by then!01:30
thomi_bschaefer: ... did you get my last message?01:34
bschaeferthomi_, eek, let me check!01:35
bschaeferon the mp?01:35
thomi_bschaefer: ok, I wasn't trying to hurry you - I'm on a dodgy Internet connection ;)01:36
thomi_bschaefer: yes01:36
bschaeferthomi_, hmm I dont see it01:36
bschaeferthomi_, no worries, just in the middle getting a screenshot for reporting a bug while getting another branch ready01:36
bschaeferand making some more ap test haha01:36
bschaeferyou made a comment here?01:38
thomi_bschaefer: just now01:42
thomi_needs fixing ;)01:42
bschaeferwishful thinking that I could change so much and get a +101:43
bschaeferthomi_, so you want me to fix the dash also? with the super thing?01:44
thomi_I have a reputation to protect01:44
thomi_bschaefer: yes please01:44
bschaeferim guessing the super just makes sure it calls the constructor of the class above it?01:44
bschaeferopps I didn't see I deleted that icon function...01:45
bschaeferwhy did the hud test pass then! O yeah, some of the hud test failed, like undo in gedit for me01:46
bschaeferthomi_, dammit...and I messed up my other branch haha. Ill hopefully have that done soon!01:48
thomi_bschaefer: regarding super - yes, exactly01:48
bschaeferI ment that as, this ap branch!01:49
bschaeferthomi_, hmm also some how in HudView I removed the property geometry but I think I should add that back in...01:59
bschaeferthomi_, I must not have had the trunk version of that file as that wasn't there...01:59
thomi_bschaefer: yeah, I wondered about that02:04
bschaeferhaha, ill update it with everything that is missing02:07
bschaeferthumper, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/hud-to-dash-fix/+merge/10006402:07
bschaeferthumper, that is the code, ignore the ap test at the bottom. I accidentally committed another branch with it haha02:08
bschaeferill uncommit that after I finish these other changes...02:08
thumperbschaefer: hey02:08
thumperbschaefer: ~unity-team/unity/fixes.unityshell-overlay has merge conflicts02:19
bschaeferyeah just saw02:20
bschaeferI messed up and set it to merged a couple days ago haha02:20
bschaeferso it never actually got merged...and noticed that today...and need to update with trunk and removed conflicts02:20
thumperbschaefer: also, let me know when hud-to-dash fix is ready02:28
bschaeferthumper, will do! Thanks02:28
bschaeferthumper, ok, the diff just finished updating: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/hud-to-dash-fix/+merge/10006403:09
bschaeferthumper, ill add an ap soon, its just I have two other branchs that will create a conflict :(03:10
bschaeferI just mostly want you to see if the fix is good03:12
jalcineIs it possible to write an extension for Unity? Not necessarily a lens or a scope.03:48
mhall119jalcine: not like gnome-shell extensions, no03:48
jalcineThanks, guess there's no other option, then.03:49
mhall119jalcine: for what?03:49
mhall119that voice recognition stuff?03:49
mhall119jalcine: that's something that should be built into unity itself03:52
jalcineWell, it could be easily done using PocketSphinx, it's just that the accuracy's like garbage for non-American English speakers.03:54
jalcineOr close to that accentuation + dialect03:54
jalcineI'm still working on my e-mail to send to the mailing list and my lib for it still has like a dozen or so bugs..03:55
lvillaniI am unable to launch an application from the dash until Unity has finished to search for entries matching the input string.06:58
lvillaniThat is, when I want to launch chrome I usually type "chro" and then Enter, really fast06:58
lvillanibut Unity seems to ignore the keypress until the progress indicator inside the text box stops spinning.06:59
lvillaniAt that point I can press Enter and launch the application.06:59
lvillaniI'd like to know if this is by design, before I file a bug report.07:00
lvillanioh, nevermind, someone already filed bug 96641707:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 966417 in unity (Ubuntu) "Application launch time increased with type-to-search in unity 5.8" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96641707:01
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didrocksgreyback: hey10:14
didrocksgreyback: how are you?10:14
greybackdidrocks: I'm good, you?10:14
didrocksgreyback: I'm fine, thanks :)10:14
greybackdidrocks: What can I do for you?10:15
didrocksgreyback: I wanted to know if you notice the fuzz about the HUD :)10:15
didrocksand alt revealing it10:15
greybackdidrocks: I have yes, we're working on it right now10:15
didrocksthere are two main bugs about it (one targeted and the other one about being able to change the key, maybe in gsettings?)10:15
didrocksgreyback: excellent, that's all I needed to know! :)10:16
greybackdidrocks: changing key we've discussed. Is there going to be a gsettings key?10:16
didrocksgreyback: 3D has a gconf key to change it10:18
didrocksto not hardcoding it10:18
didrocksI have the feeling, seeing the amount of issues we get, that a gsettings key for 2D to set it will be nice10:18
greybackdidrocks: gconf, ok. I thought it was in ccsm. That's good10:18
greybackdidrocks: I agree10:19
didrocksgreyback: it's in ccsm (so in gconf)10:20
didrocksgreyback: just use a gsettings key :)10:20
didrocksgreyback: there is a bug about it btw ;)10:20
greybackdidrocks: ok, thanks for the heads-up10:23
didrocksgreyback: thanks for working on it :)10:23
davidcallemhall119, ping10:33
davmor2hey guys I'm running some tests on precise's for purchase apps and non of the for purchase apps seem to be appearing in the unity launcher like the repo apps do11:12
didrocksdavmor2: I guess it's a software-center issue11:17
didrocksdavmor2: you should try on #software-center ping tremolux11:17
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popeyhmm, if I press super + left arrow, my window sticks to the left edge of the screen, and then the popup shortcuts keys thing appears and stays on screen even after i let go of super.. anyone else reproduce this?11:43
popeyooh, reproduced on another machine, thats good enough for a bug report to me11:44
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didrockspopey: it's a dup and discussed extensively on chans :)11:45
* popey stops filing a bug11:45
didrocksfix committed in the new compiz btw11:46
njpateldidrocks, I no longer have minimise or maximise buttons on my windows...is there a fix?11:46
didrocksnjpatel: I don't know about that one, using package compiz or upstream one?11:46
njpatelppa one11:46
didrocksso you should be fine11:46
didrocksthere was one a year ago about it11:46
didrocksbut can't reproduce it11:47
didrockshey btw njpatel :p11:47
njpateloh, wait, I have maximise but it's on the right hand side11:47
njpatelbut I don't have minimise11:47
njpateldidrocks, hello :)11:47
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didrocksseems you either have some weird gconf keys11:47
didrockseither it's a real bug11:47
njpatelit's saying default is close:maximise :S11:48
didrocksfor button_layout?11:48
didrocksso at least, what you see is what you get :p11:48
njpatelright :)11:48
didrocksnow, why did this value changed?11:48
didrocksthat's weird11:48
njpatelchanging it to close,minimize,maximize works, but it's a custom key now, not defualt11:49
didrocksI confirm I have close,minimize,maximize: here11:49
didrocksnjpatel: ok, if you reset it11:49
didrocksnjpatel: you have this new value?11:49
didrocks(I mean, the bad one)11:49
didrocksit's the default here11:49
didrocks(the right one)11:49
njpateldidrocks, hmm, one sec11:50
didrocksnjpatel: look as well at ~/.gconf/schemas/ if you have a custom one11:50
njpateldidrocks, there are some there, but nothing that contains button_layout11:51
didrocksnjpatel: so you confirm that resetting the value goes back to the bad default?11:52
njpateldidrocks, resetting takes me back to metacity's default :minimize,maxmise, close!11:53
njpateldidrocks, one sec11:53
njpatelubuntu-desktop is installed11:53
njpateldidrocks, what contains the overrides?11:53
didrocksI'm just loooking : )11:53
didrocksso the file is11:53
didrockscontained by light-themes11:54
njpateldidrocks, that's there11:54
njpateland it's correct11:54
njpateldidrocks, lol11:54
njpateldidrocks, i'm an idiot11:54
njpatelelementary installed it's 95_elementary defaults11:55
* njpatel gives up on today11:55
njpateldidrocks, sorry dude11:55
didrocksnjpatel: ahah11:55
didrocksnjpatel: ahah11:55
didrockssorry ahah :)11:55
didrocksnjpatel: at least, no mystery! :)11:56
njpatelyou'd think they'd only apply when you're in elementary desktop11:56
didrocksnjpatel: well, do you remember the hack I did for UNE?12:00
didrocksnjpatel: it's possible with gconf, so they can do it12:00
didrocksnjpatel: not anymore possible with gsettings though12:00
njpateldidrocks, yeah, I do....we did crazy stuff then :)12:00
njpateldidrocks, oh, really?12:00
didrocksold good time, snif ;)12:01
didrocksyeah :/12:01
njpateli would have thought that was something that was fixed12:01
didrocksas all is compiled in one binary, and you can't choose the patch…12:01
davidcallemhall119, ping12:03
mhall119davidcalle: pong12:05
mhr3davidcalle, hey, you pinged me yesterday?12:05
davidcallemhr3, yeah, but I don't remeber why :/12:06
mhr3or actually it was today iirc :)12:06
mhall1191http://mhall119.com/2012/03/hello-unity/ if you guys haven't seen it already12:06
davidcallemhall119, yeah, I've tested it, it's pretty cool :)12:07
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mhall119gord: do you know how to set an indicator's title so it doesn't come up as "Untitled Indicator" in the HUD?12:38
gordmhall119, nope, i did talk to ted about that but can't quite remember the outcome12:42
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mhall119ok, I'll wait for him to be online then12:46
zgregmhall119: there's a method called set_title(your_title_string)12:54
dakermhall119, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/03/06/%23ubuntu-unity.html#t17:5512:55
mhall119ah, thanks daker and zgreg13:00
dakermhall119, indicator_instance.set_property("title", "some title")13:00
mhall119obviously I don't remember very long13:00
kenvandinemhall119, hello-unity looks like it is not only an awesome demo but a useful testing tool :)13:54
zygawith unity 5.8.0-0ubuntu2 and compiz 1: I can still make the help screen / number overlays remain on screen indefinitely13:56
zygaall that one must do is to hold super, then press alt and release13:56
davidcalleJohnLea_, ping14:06
davidcalleJohnLea_, I can't comment or edit the Unity shortcuts document, but it misses the Dash shortcut : Super + V Open the Dash Videos lens14:07
JohnLea_davidcalle: I'll update it now.  I still have a todo item to reply to your comment in the dash home bug, sorry for the delay14:08
davidcalleJohnLea_, no problem14:08
JohnLea_davidcalle; doc updated ;-)  https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1jqeKtIJwqLtl58Wk_fqjr9Rrgxn9zsouCYOo-cZsLSE/edit14:09
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davidcalleJohnLea_, thanks :)14:17
tsdgeosdidrocks: you there?15:26
didrockstsdgeos: sure15:27
tsdgeosdidrocks: something weird happened with https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/hud-redesign/+merge/10009615:27
tsdgeosdidrocks: it's marked as merged, but it hasn't been, which is good, because noone approved it15:28
tsdgeosdidrocks: any idea how that happened?15:28
didrockstsdgeos: I'm totally puzzled as you are. The email trace doesn't show that, but the launchpad API showed it as "approved"15:34
tsdgeosso launchppad had a hickup?15:35
tsdgeossimply "reopen" it and bedone?15:36
didrockstsdgeos: yeah, should be enough :)15:42
dakirasome strange behavior: many games won't work in 12.04 because hitting the ALT key always triggers HUD. HUD should probably be disabled when a fullscreen app is running. There's more: when a gamer deactivates ALT as the shortcut for HUD other keycombos using ALT (like ALT+TAB) stop working.17:48
Daekdroomdakira, all shortcuts are working ok for me when I disable HUD17:56
dakiraDaekdroom: strange. Maybe this was fixed by yesterdays updates. I'll try to reproduce this again.17:59
jussidakira: also, you may want to mention a game where it happens18:10
dakirajussi: Shank for example18:13
dakirajussi: basically every game that uses the ALT key18:19
jussidakira: is shank in the repos?  I dont see it..18:41
jussibah, now im getting a craxhing system settigns and no way to reset my screen res to something propper after playing a game (tremulous)18:44
dakirajussi: www.shankgame.com18:44
MCRJust wanted to thank you for finally fixing the flickering here. Compiz is fully functional again.18:45
dakirajussi: the point is. every game that uses the ALT key can't be played anymore. Doesn't matter if it is windowed or fullscreen18:45
jussidakira: I was just trying to point out that if you give an example of something developers can easily get, it will probably help them debug the issue faster18:46
dakirajussi: hm.. let me think of an OSS game that uses ALT ;)18:46
dakirameanwhile some more unexpected behavior: SHIFT+ALT+UP is the default shortcut for initiating scale on the current workspace (works). SUPER+w is the default for initiating scale on *all* workspaces. But it does -in fact- only show the apps on the current workspace. That's a regression.18:58
manzabudis some one in here19:05
JanCthere are 119 people in here...19:06
JanCalthough some might be asleep or out to the pub or ...19:07
manzabudhahah ok19:07
manzabudi want to give some ideas for unity19:07
JanCmanzabud: maybe better do that on the mailing list19:08
mhall119tedg: are you the person to talk to about integrating with the Message Menu?19:08
JanCwell, you can give them here too19:09
tedgmhall119, Sure, what's up?19:11
manzabudwell, is it possible to make ubuntu unity dash as a tooltip?19:11
jussiJanC: ooh, want to go to the pub?19:11
mhall119tedg: I'm trying to add Messege Menu support to Hello Unity19:11
mhall119tedg: one second, I may have figured it out19:12
manzabudunity dash is attached to unity dock bar19:12
JanCjussi: if you are in Bruges too, why not?  :P19:12
manzabudit should be separated19:12
jussiI just did an update, and wow, unity got fast!19:13
jussiJanC: I wish - maybe we can do virtual pub one day! a pub hangout!19:13
JanCjussi: or maybe one day you come to FOSDEM or something like that  ;)19:13
jussiJanC: maybe...19:14
jussihrm, is it possible to adjust the blurred background of the dash?19:14
JanCjussi: I think we met at UDS La Hulpe also19:15
jussiJanC: that we did.19:16
JanCdidn't you go with us to Brussels then?  ;)19:17
manzabudor make it fullscreen only as gnome shell19:17
JanCor "why didn't you ..."19:17
jussimhall119: who is it who is the dash design person?19:18
mhall119tedg: can I have my Message Menu server use a different icon than the one in the .desktop file?19:18
tedgmhall119, Nope19:19
mhall119jussi: mhr3 is who I usually ping about Dash19:19
tedgmhall119, You can set the icon in the indicators but not the application.19:19
tedgmhall119, That way it always matches the entry in the launcher19:19
manzabudubuntu top bar should dissapear19:19
jussimhall119: ok, is he in a working tz or off for beer time already?19:19
manzabudwe can make a clocl icon to know time19:19
mhall119tedg: except for thunderbird and gwibber19:19
mhall119they don't match19:20
manzabudinstead of that old top bar19:20
tedgmhall119, Sure, they're quite literally special cases :-)19:20
mhall119jussi: possibly off to beer time already, he's Europe timezone I think19:20
mhall119tedg: ok, so the intent is that it will match the application's icon19:20
jussimhall119: ahh, its 8-10 pm in eu, so likely not here. :) Ill grab him on  monday19:21
tedgmhall119, Yes, it's supposed to be "representation of the application"19:21
mhall119tedg: is Indicate.Listener something an app developer would ever care about?19:21
tedgmhall119, Very unlikely.19:21
tedgmhall119, It's the other side of the application.  The interface the messaging menu uses for instance.19:21
tedgmhall119, You're doing this with the GI bindings and not the hand done ones, right?19:22
mhall119tedg: yes19:22
mhall119tedg: how do I add an icon to an Indicate.Indicator() ?19:22
tedgCool, good.  I believe in those bindings more :-)19:22
tedgmhall119, Not sure how that shows up in GI, but it's in libindicate-gtk19:23
mhall119tedg: another question, Indicate.Server.set_type(), what values does that take and what do they do?19:23
tedgmhall119, It will take any string, but the only one we're using is "messages" -- it was the point of extension for the lib.19:24
tedgmhall119, Idea being other indicators could have other types.19:24
manzabudwhat do you think about my idea19:26
mhall119tedg: another question, Indicate.Server.set_type(), what values does that take and what do they do?19:32
mhall119bah, ignore that19:33
tedgmhall119, ?  Okay19:33
mhall119tedg: what's the number that's being passed to the callback on "user-display" of an Indicate.Indicator()?19:37
mhall119and how do I tell the MessageMenu that attention is no longer needed, after an Indicator set "draw-attention" to it?19:39
mhall119another: set_property("subtype"), what values can that take and what do they do?19:40
tedgmhall119, That'd be the X11 timestamp that the event happened at19:40
mhall119is there a list of properties for Indicate.Indicator?  The giraffe API docs don't contain them19:40
tedgmhall119, Well, you can unset the draw-attention field or you can remove the indicator19:41
mhall119removing doesn't seem to remove the Attention on the MessageMenu, let me try unsetting it19:41
tedgmhall119, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/libindicate/trunk.0.7/view/head:/libindicate/indicator-messages.h#L3319:42
mhall119tedg: setting "draw-attention" to "false" didn't do it19:48
tedgmhall119, Are you setting the property as a boolean or a string?19:52
mhall119string, set_property_bool was crashing on me19:52
kklimondawow, the closer we are to the release the more bugs in unity I'm seeing.. weird19:52
mhall119tedg: it works as strings though19:52
tedgmhall119, Hmm, okay...19:52
tedgmhall119, You might look in the libindicate examples there's a "listen-and-print" tool that will tell you what's going on on the bus.19:53
mhall119doesn't really tell me much19:56
mhall119Indicator Added:          <IndicateListenerServer at 0x98c42f4> <IndicateListenerIndicator at 0x1>19:56
mhall119Indicator Removed:        <IndicateListenerServer at 0x98c42f4> <IndicateListenerIndicator at 0x1>19:56
mhall119tedg: do I need to keep these Indicate.Indicator instances in memory?  I thought that having them added to the server, and the server being in memory was enough, but if I let it go out of scope it disappears19:57
mhall119are apps supposed to keep their own list of indicators?19:58
tedgUhm, honestly, I don't remember right now.  But, in general, I'd say you should attach them to the objects they represent.19:59
tedgA mail box, a chat, etc.19:59
tedgAnd align them with that lifecycle.19:59
tedgmhall119, Yeah, looking at the docs the server doesn't ref them.20:00
bschaefer thomi, are you working on a Saturday?!?20:12
mhall119I'm not sure thomi disconnects from IRC20:31
mhall119tedg: I know the Sound Menu will keep a MusicPlayer reference even after the app has been closed, is there a way to remove it?20:35
mhall119I don't want to leave "Hello Unity Music" in a user's SoundMenu after they're done playing with it20:36
tedgmhall119, I haven't checked, but I'd guess it throws a file in ~/.cache/indicators/sound20:39
tedgmhall119, Yeah, I'm guessing you'll have to edit that file.20:39
tedgmhall119, "familiar-players-db.keyfile"20:40
tedgNot sure if the sound menu watches for changes on it though.20:40
tedgYou'll have to ask Conor about that one.20:40
mhall119ok, I guess that'll wait until Monday then20:41
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manzabudcan ubuntu unuty dash look like a tooltip23:08
manzabudhow can i help developing unity23:10
manzabudubuntu top bar should desappear and unity should get a clock, this is my opinion23:15
DaekdroomUnity does have a clock.23:16
mhall119manzabud: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/ has some information about getting started helping develop unity23:40
mhall119more/better docs are coming soon23:40
manzabudi was there23:47
manzabudbut i was thinking that if we remove the top bar there will not be place for main menu23:47
manzabudbut i want to say something23:48
mhall119yeah, the top panel isn't going away without a good reason23:48
mhall119and changes like that will need to go through the design process first23:48
manzabudyes i you are right man23:48
manzabudi love ubuntu and i want to participate23:48
manzabudi have to develope a good idea first23:48
manzabudi am thinking23:48
manzabudmhall119: something else23:49
manzabuddo you remembar that in mac osx  they got a box where closed apps like im clients and all those kind of app go to a box?23:50
manzabudso when you click box you get something like this23:50
mhall119I don't "remember" in that I've never used OSx23:50
manzabudwait i am looking for a picture because when i close empathy23:51
manzabudinstead of going to notification area23:51
manzabudexcuse me23:51
manzabudinstead of going to unity dock23:51
manzabudit disapea23:51
manzabudand i have to press super key23:52
manzabudand type its name to open again23:52
manzabudi supose that it goes to notification area23:52
manzabudBUT users like me get confuse23:52
mhall119manzabud: if you go to the Message Menu (envelope icon up by the clock) you will find Empathy in there (as "Chat")23:52
manzabuddo you understand what i am saying?23:52
manzabudyes that one i am talking about23:53
manzabudmessaging menu23:53
manzabudbut when it dissapear from unity dock, it looks like it is closed23:53
manzabuddo you get what i am saying my friend?23:53
mhall119yes, I understand, I'm not sure what it would take to give a visual indication that it's gone there, but you should fine a bug against the unity project on Launchpad so others can discuss how to fix it23:53
manzabudyes you get my idea23:54
manzabudthat is why we should think about one place to access and minimize things23:54
manzabudi think so23:54
manzabudgnome 3 thought about it23:54
manzabudi like unity23:54
mhall119you might also want to send an email to unity-design@lists.ubuntu.com23:54
manzabudas well23:54
manzabudbut we could improve it23:54
manzabudthis is what i am talking about23:55
manzabudplease get in23:55
mhall119I definitely agree that we should give better visual clues on where Empathy is going, I'm just not sure the best way to design it or implement it23:55
manzabudgo to the right bottom23:55
manzabudand lick that box23:55
manzabudto see what happens23:55
manzabudwe could have something like that in unity dock bar23:56
mhall119what would be in it?23:56
manzabudfor well the idea is not completed23:56
manzabudminimized apps like empathy, i mean man i am just develping the idea23:57
manzabudthe thing is that top bar should have the same design23:57
manzabudof unity23:57
manzabudto be transparent all the time23:58
manzabudsomething like this23:58
manzabudi love this idea23:58
manzabudthis is fantastic23:58
manzabudit integrates everything23:58
manzabudi am web developer and i love when things are integrated, please look at this: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=ubuntu+unity#/d33znwv23:59

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