CuttlefishWhat is a good program for someone who knows nothing about05:56
Cuttlefishlinux to get started in the direction of developing?05:57
guaCuttlefish: that depends a lot on your goals/preferences05:58
guawhat you want to build, what language(s), if you're okay reading books or tutorials, are you okay with taking a while to learn an editor or do you want to start learning a language right away05:59
guaor do you know a language or languages and want to apply them specifically to linux development05:59
CuttlefishI took an intro Java class in college06:02
Cuttlefishthat's about it06:02
CuttlefishI would like to learn a language like c but I really would like a project06:03
Cuttlefishto work towards that can help me learn06:03
CuttlefishI probably would like to deal with something in TCP/IP if that even makes sense in regards to developing linux06:03
guaCuttlefish: search the reddit subreddit /r/learnprogramming for learning c06:03
guaone book on linuxish programming that people recommend is the unix programming environment06:04
guaalso you have to pick if you want to use an editor like vim or emacs or an IDE like eclipse06:04
CuttlefishI can't just nano it? lol06:05
guawell yeah, but i'd actually recommend something like gedit over nano06:05
guagedit at least has syntax highlighting06:05
guamy personal view is learning vim and emacs is good to do eventually. so the sooner you do it the better, but not everyone agrees with that.06:05
Cuttlefishdo you like vim or emacs more?06:07
guaCuttlefish: i think you should do the intro tutorial for each and decide. they both have included tutorials.06:11
Cuttlefishok thanks06:12
guaC-h t   (hold control and press h, then release both and press t) for emacs06:12
guavimtutor    (the command in a terminal) for vim06:13
guathey are quite different from stuff like nano and eclipse and visual studio, so expect a learning curve06:13
CuttlefishHey thanks for all the help06:16
pleia2some additional eyeballs to review would be helpful :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/PublicTransit15:50
greg-gpleia2: nice photo of the info booth (as in, nice job taking a photo of it, I would have forgot)16:21
pleia2I actually did forget :) after getting off the plane my fiance goes "Didn't you want to check on Clipper cards while we were here?" :)16:23
greg-geven after that I would have forgot the photo part :)16:23
pleia2we went up and spoke with the people at the booth to get details, and I love pictures16:24
greg-galso, great photos from Philly, especially the model train at the arboretum16:28
bkerensapleia2:  PublicTrans looks accurate16:29
pleia2thanks bkerensa16:34
greg-gyeah, my non-comment on actual useful content should indicate that I did not find anything wrong with it, pleia216:36
pleia2oh good, thanks greg-g16:36
pleia2I've never taken AC Transit, so I might need to track down some Oaklandites16:36
DonkeyHoteii've taken it16:37
DonkeyHoteinot really different from sf-muni16:37
greg-gyeah, never done OAK stuff16:37
pleia2their site says $.25 transfers, is that any transfers or after a time period?16:38
greg-gdo we care to talk about Caltrain? I mean, it isn't useful for UDS-specific stuff, only if they want to go to Mozilla's office/Google/etc16:38
DonkeyHoteipleia2: i don't remember, and at this point i wouldn't care, because i have a clipper card16:38
pleia2greg-g: I was debating that, I think I will end up adding it now that you've mentioned it16:38
greg-gheh, ok16:40
bkerensaI have to go to Mozilla when I am down for UDS but not the Mountain View Office :D16:43
greg-gbkerensa: be thankful16:45
bkerensagreg-g: I hear the new SF office is really swanky and volunteers have co-working space available on-demand :D16:46
greg-gbkerensa: yeah, I haven't been there, but a few people I know have, and the view is awesome and everyone loves it :)16:48
=== Faqtotum is now known as DonkeyHotei
pleia2ooh, I am totally going to make "I'm a local" buttons for us to wear at UDS23:53
* philipballew wants one23:54
philipballewCritical mass is tonight! Totally gonna rock!23:55

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