jrwrenwhy not?01:13
* jrwren thinks about upgrading01:13
rick_hjrwren: this is why I said no at first: http://benjaminkerensa.com/2012/03/29/ubuntu-12-04-beta-2-not-released01:58
rick_hI wasn't sure what was up so said not to upgrade01:58
snap-lBut now that it's up, don't upgrade.03:02
snap-lstay stagnant. :)03:02
rick_hmorning and tgif11:23
snap-lFeels like Saturday.11:37
brouschhm http://liliputing.com/2012/03/vivaldi-tablet-with-kde-plasma-active-dissected.html12:28
brouschkind of exciting, but not much better specs than my nook color12:28
brouschson of a bitch13:49
brouschhas anyone seen these new buncled PDFs?13:50
brouschit's a pdf that contain multiple pdfs13:50
brouschno, it is annoying13:51
brouschi don't think any of the linux pdf readers can handle it, except adobe's13:51
rick_htry chrome? probably not but curious13:51
brouschthat's the same thing i get with other readers13:54
MilyardoBundled PDFs? A they just wrapped in a zip container or something?13:54
brouschjust when i get all these messed up pdfs handled correctly, they throw a new thing like this at me13:57
MilyardoTIL PDFs are now a archival utility13:58
brouschMilyardo: eh?14:00
brouschok, it looks like pdftk can handle these with `pdftk file.pdf unpack_file`14:05
brouschi had recently removed pdftk because it didn't handle other types of pdf correctly.14:07
brouschnow i get to figure out how to detect if a pdf is a collection and then add yet another step to the cleanup process14:12
snap-lbrousch: Can't you detect these, and then send a nice note to whomever sent then saying, very politely "KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF"?14:25
brouschi can do that in exactly the same way you can do away with excel14:26
snap-lYeah, but those aren't PDFs.14:26
snap-lThey bundles14:27
brouschthey have a .pdf extension14:28
snap-lbrousch: Extensions aren't magic. :)14:29
brouschthey are created via the same process as regular pdfs14:29
snap-lCan you load them on a nook?14:29
brouschi need to be able to handle them in PdfSerenityNow14:29
brouschsnap-l: probably through the adobe reader14:30
snap-lTry it14:30
brouschworks fine14:32
brouschthrough the adobe reader on nook14:32
snap-lReally? That's surprising14:32
snap-lDoes the built-in reader support it too?14:32
brouschit's an adobe thing14:33
brouschkindle reader barfs14:33
snap-lyeah, I'd imagine14:33
snap-lThe mobile readers tend to lag pretty heavily behind what acrobat can generate14:33
brouschapparently it's been available for a few years14:33
snap-lat least that's my experience.14:34
snap-lthough I wonder how much of that is Adobe's fault, and how much of it is OSS PDF libraries.14:34
brouschi use pypdf to count the number of pages in a pdf. i think i'll get with the pypdf author and see if we can add collection detection14:55
smosersnap-l, you have one of these: http://moofi.woot.com/moofi/pedantic15:24
smoserthat you bought from jcastro i think15:24
snap-lYah, the x120e15:25
smoserhappy with it?15:25
smoserhow is battery life15:25
snap-lBattery life is amazing15:25
snap-lmakes it through a CHC without a problem15:25
snap-lI like it15:25
snap-lInteresting that they show it with the low battery life LED showing. :)15:26
smoserits kinda tempting15:28
smoseralthough maybe i'll just buy http://annarbor.craigslist.org/sys/2890411302.html15:28
rick_hthat is tempting, especially as a wife machine15:28
snap-lsmoser: Well, you're giving up more disk and 4GB of RAM15:29
snap-land new IBM smell15:29
snap-ler, Thinkpad15:29
smoserewll if the memory is 1 stick, then 2GB still cheap to buy.15:29
snap-lI don't think mine as BT, though, so that is kinda nice.15:30
snap-lpretty top-o-the-line15:30
rick_hlol http://superuser.com/questions/231273/what-are-the-windows-a-and-b-drives-used-for15:32
rick_hnothing like feeling a bit old15:32
rick_hbetween that and seeing the liquor age sign at 1990 at the gas station yesterday...feeling old15:32
brouschrick_h: i think i found 2 gray hairs in my beard yesterday15:35
rick_hI'm skipping grey and going straight to white15:35
brouschmy wife said they were blond, but i think she's just being nice15:35
snap-lyou can all shut the old talk now15:36
brouschsnap-l: getting a hoverround this year?15:36
snap-lGetting a computer-vision-powered turret to keep the damn kids off my lawn15:37
brouschFML. apparently i'm dealing with the friendly kind of pdf package http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/where_did_pdf_packages_go15:41
snap-lbrousch: Congratulations.15:42
* ColonelPanic001 brags that his scruffy beard remains reddish blond with no grey.15:42
ColonelPanic001when I get old and it goes white, I'm going to leave my hair and beard untrimmed and look like Gandalf.15:43
snap-lColonelPanic001: JoDee already told me when I go bald, I can have a skullet15:44
snap-lTotally going the Devin Townsend route.15:44
ColonelPanic001it's only proper, for the good of OMC15:45
brouschscrew it, i'm going the lazy route15:48
nullspacewooo thundersnow!15:59
nullspacefuck you too march16:00
rick_hyea, kind of crazy out there16:00
rick_hgeeze, talk about a few items http://www.googlestore.com/shop.axd/Home16:17
snap-lI'm totally getting the Google cape16:27
snap-lhttp://www.googlestore.com/Wearables/Android+Restroom+Sign+T-Shirt.axd ???16:28
greg-ghilarious, i've been sitting here at the coffee shop for about 15 minutes with my heapphones on but not plugged into my laptop16:30
greg-ggood think I wasn't playing anything :)16:31
greg-g(especially OMC)16:31
greg-gs/think/thing/ # come on coffee, KICK IN!16:31
greg-gi think headphones are part for music and part just mental16:32
snap-lYeah, I've been guilty of wearing headphones with nothing on16:33
snap-lmostly because it's an easy DND sign16:33
greg-gtoo bad my coworker doesn't get the hint16:34
snap-lJust get some GTFO headphones16:35
snap-lI think Bose makes e'm16:35
greg-ghaha, yeah, I could bring my Seinheisens (I suck at spelling)16:35
greg-gbut those are open air so they're kind of loud for other people16:36
snap-lWhich is why you need to play some slayet16:38
snap-lOh FFS16:39
snap-lbecause as we all know, hippies can't stand Slayer. :)16:39
snap-lWhich either means greg-g isn't a true hippie, or South Park lied to us16:39
greg-gA) not a huge fan of slayer, B) South Park still lied16:40
greg-gsorry to be the bearer of bad news16:42
smoseri really want that x120e17:27
brouschbah. 8GB or go home17:28
smoserits a netbook!17:29
brouschthat changes nothing17:30
smoserthe price is what changes things.17:30
jrwreni don't run VM and i have an SSD. I've found 4G to be plenty and this is AFTER 2.5yrs of using an 8GB notebook with a slow spinning drive.17:34
rick_hyea, I spend most of my day inside of 2gb, but do like the 8gb when I need it17:34
rick_hrare though it is17:34
jrwrenit helps that all browsers have gotten MUCH better at memory usage. No more 1GB+ FF processes17:34
jrwreni'm sure they day will come when I say "need more ram" but its not here yet.17:35
rick_hheh, actually that's the killer for me17:35
snap-lalthough I have 4GB on this machine17:35
jrwrenthe fast SSD eliminates the bufcache argument IME17:35
rick_hif I runboth FF and Chrome 80% of my ram usage is those two beasts17:35
jrwrenrick_h: both use MUCH less ram if you disable flash plugin17:35
jrwrenflash is insanely memory hog17:35
snap-lThat's what swap is for: to let you know in a tangible way that you need more memory. :)17:35
brouschi should try that17:35
snap-lespecially when it starts thrashing17:36
rick_hjrwren: yea, but I hit flash stuff so no disabling17:36
jrwrenI'd keep multiple versions around if possible.17:37
snap-lI can't wait for Flash to die a horrible death17:37
jrwrene.g. chrome beta along side chrome dev17:37
jrwrenone with flash, another without17:37
jrwrenI do that with chrome stable.17:37
jrwrenI only launch it when I need flash17:37
jrwrenand I immediately close the browser17:37
jrwrenand kill process.17:38
jrwrenflash is THAT BAD17:38
jrwrenits a battery killer too17:38
jrwrenand nearly every page on the internet uses it because it gets script injected by those cursed like buttons17:38
rick_hwell I do run flashblock so that it's not auto started17:39
rick_hbut I do tend to hit something with flash I run nearly daily17:39
rick_hbut yea, end of hte day I use more ram but have it to spare17:39
brouschi don't17:42
brouschwhich is why i say, 8GB or go home17:42
greg-gyou ram elitist17:46
brouschi accept your moniker17:47
smosersnap-l, i blame you for loss of $335 from my bank account17:49
smoser(just bought)17:49
jrwrenbrousch: what is using your ram?17:55
jrwrenchrome uses 8G of ram?17:55
brouschi only have 417:56
brouschit has gotten up to 2.5GB17:56
jrwrenwow. wtf are you doing to it?17:56
brouschi go through my feeds and open pages in tabs, then go back and read the pages17:57
brouschso sometimes i have 20 tabs open17:57
brouschi have started bookmarking videos into a to-watch queue. that seems to help17:58
brouschi always have: gmail, gcal, greader, g+, hootsuite open17:59
brouschthat runs about 1GB17:59
snap-lsmoser: I hope it's everything those $335 would hope it to be.18:00
jrwrenso glad I don't use those ;)18:04
jrwreni use greader occasionally18:04
jrwrenwhat is hootsuite ?18:04
brouschmultiple twitter accounts18:12
brouschi command accounts for me, grpug, grwebdev, barcampgr, grmobiledev, congawm18:12
greg-gthis picture is awesome http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2012/03/denmarks-50-percent-wind-commitment-is-only-the-beginning.ars18:23
rick_hyea, +1 on that18:23
krondoranyone have any recommendations for status.net clients for win/linux/mac?18:34
greg-gkrondor: Firefox18:34
krondorwork is suddenly re-interested in our status.net box and it seems like the clients all suck now.18:34
greg-gFirefox app-tab, to be exact18:34
snap-lI use Gwibber, but a much older version18:35
krondorgreg-g:  well obviously :)  then I have to convince coworkers they should use firefox18:35
greg-gok, Chromium :)18:35
krondorwait I thought firefox was killing app-tab?  Or am I thinking of sidetabs?18:35
_MarcusI would of convinced them already into using it18:35
greg-gno idea what sidebars are18:35
krondorah that was chrome killing side tab, not firefox18:36
krondorsnap-l:  thanks yeah I'm using gwibber and I can't add a custom statusnet url in the version I'm using.  I haven't dug too much on it though...18:39
greg-gkrondor: you may have to install gwibber-extension-statusnet or something18:40
greg-ggwibber-services-statusnet maybe18:40
krondoraye, gwibber-service-statusnet installing.  For other platforms looks like seesmic, tweetdeck, etc.. removed statusnet support.18:43
krondorthe official client is very bad18:43
snap-lseesmic didn't remove statusnet18:44
snap-lat least not on the version I'm using on the nook18:44
snap-lit's a separate account18:44
krondorI just installed it on windows and it's not there.  Maybe droid version still has it.18:44
krondorI was using mustard on droid, but there's something wrong with my server's oauth pieces so some work to do there still...18:44
greg-ghuh, mustard works for identi.ca, but I haven't tried it on our private ccteam.status.net instance yet18:45
_Marcus.ca domain, and there is a bunch of Arabic written on the front page :/18:46
krondoryeah I think I have the wrong oauth library (too old or too new), generates the keys but mustard doesn't like them neither does gwibber.18:46
krondoralso the latest 1.0.1 release has a broken User_usernames.php that breaks all auth plugins.18:47
snap-l_Marcus: Yes, there are international users of identi.ca18:50
snap-lif it makes you feel any better, you can take those arabic strings and run them through Google Translate.18:50
greg-g_Marcus: yes, Identi.ca is used by many is the Middle East18:50
snap-lAnd if Google Translate is to be believed, they're pretty benign. :)18:50
greg-gs/many is/many in/18:51
greg-gnot sure how to take that comment18:51
snap-land that's why I don't tell the Pharmacy joke18:52
_Marcus:( I missed why you don't tell it18:52
* _Marcus kicks XChat18:52
snap-l_Marcus: It's a complete non-sequiter. You didn't miss anything.18:53
greg-ggrr, my unread-items-I-want-to-read in greader are just growing, not going down :/18:54
snap-lgreg-g: I have a solution for it18:54
greg-gfor which?18:54
snap-lgreader high unread counts18:54
snap-lit's called "Mark all read"18:54
greg-gthey are important blog posts by people I do not know!18:55
snap-lIt enlists the power of Mark to go and read them for you.18:55
brouschinstead of books, read your rss feed to him18:55
brouschhim being your kid18:55
snap-lbrousch: I thought that was in lieu of my book queue18:55
snap-lwhich, funny enough my RSS queue is pretty low by comparison.18:56
greg-gwait, yeah, good point, who is this Mark guy and why is he reading my RSS reader?18:56
snap-lgreg-g: Because Mark is a speed reader18:57
snap-lLike the guy from the Great Space Coaster18:57
* snap-l just dated himself.18:57
greg-gyes, yes you did18:58
greg-gand that was a gross mental image18:58
greg-gsnap-l going on a date with snap-l18:58
snap-lgreg-g: at least I got dinner first.18:58
greg-gnow that crosses the line18:59
snap-lJust had someone ask me to add their Flight Training course to my web page19:20
snap-lapparently they can't tell the difference between a Palm Pilot and an actual pilot.19:20
snap-lOK, this is a holy crap moment19:28
snap-ljust found out that Squeezebox server can listen to xPL, which are TCP/IP X10-like requests19:29
snap-lso, you could have something where if you turn on the lights, the radio begins playing19:29
snap-lalso, can simulate any button press via the command line19:30
snap-l00:04:20:12:04:68 button play <- for instance19:30
greg-gwhoa, integrated fancy house :)19:30
snap-land it's all under 'Help'19:30
snap-lHelp / Technical information19:31
snap-lYeah, they really baked in a lot of smart-home functionality in here19:31
snap-lI never thought I'd say this in 2012, but I think some expect scripts might be in order. ;)19:33
=== deusx is now known as lmorchard
greg-gevery now and then my .muttrc gets in a condition where I have no idea why something isn't working anymore and going through commit log doesn't help :/22:24
rick_hheh, you change it that much?22:30
greg-g no, which is the weird part :)22:31
greg-grick_h: mostly, the confusing part is how my setup on my x220 acts different on my x200s (one is Ubuntu one is Debian, but, wha?)23:50
* greg-g needs to do some in-depth debugging sometime, too bad he left his x220 at work for the weekend23:51

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