Brian_Hhey bkerensa "check in the mail" :)14:26
bkerensaBrian_H: Cool... I think now I just wait to hear from them sometime next month14:27
bkerensaBrian_H: I'll bring it down for the release party too14:27
Brian_Hhahah awesome14:27
Brian_Hnew laptop comes today pretty excited14:28
bkerensaBrian_H: Which did you end up getting?14:40
Brian_Hended up getiting the smaller version of what I have, which is a dell latitude 642014:41
Brian_Hit will work with all the existing work related plugs/docks etc14:41
Brian_Hso it was a logical decision14:42
bkerensaBrian_H: You going to BarCamp?14:43
bkerensaBrian_H: The banner is done I am headed out to pick it up20:58
Brian_Hwheres barcamp/what it is?20:59
bkerensaBrian_H: Barcamp http://barcampportland.org/ "a international community of user-generated conferences with DIY/Hacker/Open Culture themes21:04
bkerensaits a tech gathering :)21:04
bkerensaand its going on tonight and tomorrow and its free21:04

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