passstabgood night02:51
rmg51morning JonathanD09:41
rmg51Hey, Hey09:42
JonathanDWhats up?09:49
rmg51us :-D09:54
rmg51just trying to read the paper while getting ready for work09:54
JonathanDThey still make those?09:57
rmg51they do but, I'm reading from philly.com10:26
rmg51morning waltman10:39
rmg51oh no, oh no, it's off to work I go :P11:22
PennBotTitle: [Phoronix] A Message From Valve's Gabe Newell (at www.phoronix.com)15:47
MutantTurkeyeveryone see the news about the munich deployment of linux boxes?16:16
MutantTurkeyanyone want to take a wild guess on which fork of kde3.5 they are using?16:16
MutantTurkeyjedijf: you're right! trinity 3.5.1216:18
jedijfeven blind squirrels find nuts16:35
jedijfi jest, ant project involvement, i whole-heartedly support16:36
jedijfand ants too16:37
JonathanDant projects are pretty cool16:39
MutantTurkeyjedijf: it's pretty cool though16:59
MutantTurkeybecause thats several thousand PC's16:59
MutantTurkeyand a possible corporate backer...17:00
MutantTurkeyi mean if they are dropping 15Mill on the project...17:00
MutantTurkeyi am sure they have full time developers17:00
MutantTurkeywhich means they probably have some patches already...17:00
MutantTurkeywhich means only good things17:00
jedijfinvolvement/assistance would be a big win18:12
PennBotTitle: Philly Tech Week 2012 (at www.phillytechweek.com)18:28
passstabwill we get a booth at this?18:28
jedijfpassstab: we are sponsors, not booth sponsors18:29
passstabwe are?18:29
jedijfwe should talk about doing something18:29
JonathanDjedijf: there will be a booth at fosscon though, right? :)18:30
passstabwe should18:30
jedijflook at sponsor page18:30
passstabi see18:30
jedijfhive has events18:30
jedijfwe have a release18:30
jedijfdon't know if release party that week will help or hurt us18:30
passstabwhy not have it as an event?18:31
jedijfwe can promote party for later date18:31
MutantTurkey[14:12] <jedijf> involvement/assistance would be a big win < for tde?18:31
jedijfbecause we'd be competing with other events18:31
jedijfMutantTurkey: yes]18:31
MutantTurkeyI agree18:32
passstabyou should have SOME event tho18:32
MutantTurkeythey could send us some resources.18:32
jedijfpassstab: start discussion on ml and forums18:32
jedijfmr ChinnoDog out for delivery - arrival saturday tracking 81516291500737718:34
passstabsent a mail18:38
passstabneeds to clean18:38
jedijfMutantTurkey: dev support would be nice18:42
MutantTurkeyjust man power in general.18:42
MutantTurkeythat's what we need.18:42
MutantTurkeyand maybe some cash :p18:42
jedijfwtf sonic jeez18:47
ChinnoDogDoesn't show on FedEx site yet.19:07
* ChinnoDog adds tracking number to his fedex acct19:08
jedijfyou do have id for Mr. Chinnodog, right?19:09
* jedijf sent sig required ;)19:09
ChinnoDogYou want me to sign it "ChinnoDog"? lol19:10
ChinnoDogActually they sign for it downstairs19:10
ChinnoDogAnd then send me a notification email to tell me to pick up my package in the lobby19:10
jedijfjust kidding about sig - but i do mail to nicks for kicks19:10
jedijfso tell them to expect a package for mr chinnodog19:11
ChinnoDogidk what they will do if my name isn't on it. lol19:12
jedijfprepare them19:12
jedijfyou are a super hero with an alternate identity19:12
jedijfnext package goes to suzy chinnodog. who knows what you do when you aren't here.......19:13
jedijfthere's your new professional moniker19:14
MobileTurkeyI want to get a flag pole outside my house20:02
MobileTurkeyand fly some flags20:02
MobileTurkeyand at 6am raise the flag and play a bugle every day20:02
MobileTurkeyjust to piss of my neighbors20:02
MobileTurkeyalso cause i want to20:02
MobileTurkeymaybe 3 flag poles20:04
MobileTurkeyUS, Pennsylvania, and navy flag20:06

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