dakermhall119, nigelb cjohnston can someone explain to me the booking for UDS flight ? and how those things works ?12:35
nigelbdavidcalle: You email the travel agent mentioned in your acceptance email.12:36
nigelbdaker: ^^12:36
nigelbdavidcalle: unping :P12:36
nigelbdaker: They will ask you to fill up an info sheet and then they will give you flight options out of your nearest airport.12:37
davidcallenigelb, yes I already did :P12:37
mhall119daker: yeah, the travel agent will take care of booking everything for you, it's much easier12:37
nigelbdavidcalle: :)12:38
Amozoh hai13:57
dakernigelb, what should i write in this email ?14:15
nigelbdaker: just tell them you've been asked to contact them about travel to UDS.14:15
nigelbdaker: they will know what it's about. Is this the netherlands travel agent?14:15
dakernigelb, i think it's the btstravel agent14:16
nigelbyeah, they're in netherlands, I think.14:17
nigelbI remember an expensive international cal on my phone bill when I had to call them.14:17
czajkowskidaker: the email tells you what you need to give and who to contact given your location14:17
nigelb(resceduled flights the night more traveling. Fun.)14:17
dakerczajkowski, no information to add to the email ?14:18
czajkowskidaker: in the email you received ( i assume you've gotten one to say you're sponsored) you are told which travel agent to contact based on your location14:19
nigelbczajkowski: He just asked me what to put in the email, not whom :)14:19
nigelbI had that doubt the frst time around too :D14:20
nigelb"contact the travel agent" "err, what do I tell them?"14:20
czajkowskiwho you are and where you are flying from and to14:20
czajkowskionce they have that bit they'll come back to you with rest of the information like dob passport number14:20
nigelbthey'll come back with that nice info sheet.14:20
nigelbthat's what BTS does.14:20
czajkowskiso I'm me I've been sponsred to attend  UDS  I live here and need to fly out from here to here, I need to be there by X date.14:21
nigelbdaker: ^^14:21
dakerczajkowski, nigelb ok thanks14:23
cjohnstonmhall119: i showed you have twidenash is severly broken on summit right?16:25
cjohnstonwell, on the linaro side16:25
cjohnstonhrm.. it finally started upddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddating16:26
cjohnstonheh.. updating16:26
cjohnstonmhall119: http://summit.ubuntu.com/past/  vs  http://summit.linaro.org/past/   Ubuntu shows newest at top, Linaro shows newest at bottom19:45
Amozoh helo20:22
Amozcjohnston, wat up?20:22
cjohnstonhey Amoz20:22
cjohnstontryin to sort bugs out20:29
Amozwhat kind of bugs?20:31
cjohnstonsummit bugs20:33
cjohnstonalthough I do have an ant farm on my desk20:33
cjohnstoni had a favor to ask you20:33
Amozthe answer is NO!20:34
Amozno god NO20:34
Amozcjohnston, lets hear it20:34
cjohnstonAmoz: you did that work for the wide screen schedule display20:34
cjohnstonI'm not sure what branch its in, but I believe all of your branches are out of date.. can you pull down a fresh branch of lp:ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-django-theme and of summit and merge the wide screen changes into that and push it up? please?20:35
AmozI'll see what I can do20:39
Amozbtw cjohnston are my fixes pushed to the main trunk ?20:39
cjohnstonAmoz: what other fixes where there?20:39
cjohnstonthe theme stuff that we were working on together are20:39
Amozwhere is it?20:40
Amozin the light-django-theme?20:40
Amozor summit?20:40
cjohnstonif you tell me what in specific I can tell you20:40
AmozI can't see you giving any credit anywhere :(20:40
cjohnstonbut I *think* the only change of yours that isn't committed to trunk is the wide screen stuff20:41
cjohnstonI have a blog post coming down the pipe discussing the things that we went through to get the new theme out.. I just need a chance to breathe to finish it20:42
Amozstill, would be nice of you to mention me in the commits ;)20:43
cjohnstonwe stopped doing that almost a year ago when tarmac took over merges20:43
Amozsounds evil20:43
cjohnstonautomation ftw20:44
Amozcjohnston, isn't the wide schedule template in summit branch?20:56
Amoznot light-django-theme20:56
cjohnstonschedule.html iir20:57
cjohnstonschedule.html iirc20:57
Amozso I pull lp:summit20:57
Amozthere cjohnston21:01
Amozit's in my +junk21:01
Amozfresh lp:summit + my wide fix21:01
Amozshould be21:01
Amozat least :P21:01
cjohnstondo you know how to propose a merge?21:01
Amozyou want me to?21:01
cjohnstonplease.. but it will require that you push to lp:~fougner/summit/wide-summit21:02
cjohnstonAmoz: now, for Tarmac to pick it up, you need to set a commit message inside of LP... that will be the Commit message that is given when its comitted21:06
Amoz"Added wide view in schedule"21:08
Amozwill that do?21:08
cjohnstonFixes wide view in schedule would be more correct21:08
Amozwhats next?21:10
Amozare there any more stuff needin porting?21:10
cjohnstoni dont think so21:11
cjohnstoni think we are just back to summit bugs21:11
Amoztoo bad21:14
cjohnstonyou can work on summit bugs :-)21:14
Amozi'm not as productive on the actual django stuff21:14
Amozare we gonna port it to django1.4? :D21:14
cjohnstonyou said you wanted to learn right?21:15
Amozyeah I know21:15
cjohnstonafter connect maybe21:15
cjohnstonAmoz: I have something you can work on thats CSS21:18
cjohnstonAmoz: http://www.linaro.org/remote/panel.php?sd=2012-02-0621:20
cjohnstonyou see how things on that schedule are different than how ours are displayed?21:20
Amozlooks horrible21:20
cjohnstonit looks better on a proper sized monitor21:20
Amozwhat do you mean "proper" ? :(21:21
Amozmy screen is not proper enough for ya?21:21
cjohnston~50 inch wide screen21:21
Amozheck, I'll show you proper!21:21
cjohnstonit looks bad on mine too21:21
* Amoz starts hacking21:21
Amoz*tacketi tack tack tackitack tack*21:22
Amozso what du you want me to do?21:22
Amozor is there any easy django stuff to do?21:22
cjohnstonthere is a bitesized category for bugs on summit21:23
Amozhmm, isn't that too small maybe?21:23
cjohnstonI'd like to it works on the monitors IMO21:24
Amozthe linaro schedule?21:25
cjohnstonI'd like to apply the CSS changes that are made on that page into summit21:25
Amozcjohnston, you mean you want that kind of design in summit?21:27
cjohnstoni just want the CSS changes to the grid view stuff Amoz21:39
Amozyou want the new canonical css grid on that site?21:41
cjohnstonthe css changes that were done to the schedule on http://www.linaro.org/remote/panel.php?sd=2012-02-06 to show up on http://summit.linaro.org/lcq1-12/2012-02-06/display21:42
Amozwhat "changes" ?21:44
Amozis it in the linaro theme branch?21:44
cjohnstonits done through JS and CSS magic I believe as its pulled from summit21:44
cjohnstonbrb.. gotta shower a kid21:44
AmozI'm out as well21:45
cjohnstonif you look at the source you will start seeing the stuff21:45

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