eruditehermitcnd, hey, is gesture support working?00:02
cndI can't seem to get xorg-server to build properly00:40
cndI'm using parallel=1600:40
cndI think that may have something to do with it00:40
cndbut that has always worked in the past00:40
cndI'm trying without any parallel00:40
RAOFcnd: What's failing?00:41
cndthat's the thing, I don't know00:41
cndit's very non-obvious00:41
RAOFAah, the joys of no multiplexing.00:41
RAOFGot it pushed to git?  I can build locally.00:41
cndRAOF, this is what I get at the end: http://paste.ubuntu.com/906483/00:42
cndI'll push to git00:42
RAOFWe can also turn on the integration tests while where at it.00:42
RAOFYeah, the actual error will be waaaaay back.00:45
RAOFOh!  That's why this system's so slow.  I seem to be using 4G of swap.00:45
RAOFAh, Chromium and Evolution, you are marvellous, but perhaps not 6G worth of marvellous.00:45
cndChromium I can understand, but Evolution? marvelous?00:46
cndRAOF, ahh00:47
cndit's your gtest patch00:47
RAOFWell, perhaps not marvellous.00:47
RAOFBut “less sucky than the alternatives”00:47
RAOFcnd: Oh, that breaks something?00:48
RAOFcnd: Or the tests are failing?00:48
cndyeah, all over :000:48
cndthey won't compile00:48
cndprobably due to the libxorg-gtest changes00:48
RAOFThat'd be right.00:48
cndRAOF, http://paste.ubuntu.com/906488/00:48
RAOFAllow me to fix that for you00:49
cndRAOF, unfortunately, we need the server pushed with one of the other fixes asap00:49
cnddo you think you can get this fixed and uploaded today?00:49
RAOFWell, it won't fail on the buildds.00:49
RAOFBecause it won't build those tests.00:49
cndRAOF, would you rather upload now, and you can fix it in due course?00:50
cndor fix it now and upload in a few hours00:50
RAOFIf you've got urgent fixes, upload now.00:50
RAOFI'll fix it in due course.00:50
RAOFIt's not like the build time checks are urgent.00:51
RAOFAlso, they'll cause the X server to hit dep-wait until the relevent packages get promoted.00:51
* cnd fires of a nocheck build00:51
Sarvattooo, ITPs for utouch in debian, awesome!01:30
cndyep :)01:41
cndSarvatt, now that utouch doesn't require a multi-thousand line patch in xserver, we figure it might actually make it into other distros :)01:41
cndit's a crazy thought01:41
Sarvattcnd: yeah its freaking awesome that the X side doesnt need crazy stuff now, except now xfixes!!01:42
* cnd points at RAOF01:42
cndit's not me this time!01:42
* Sarvatt points at RAOF too01:42
cndI got my crap out before the LTS release at least :)01:43
Sarvattits still much less of a change than is needed in all the gnome crap though :)01:43
cndmaverick is almost dead01:43
RAOFcnd: Yeah, it's high priority to get that done.01:43
Sarvattand the whole compiz supported by pkg-xorg in debian and desktop team in ubuntu thing01:43
Sarvattit would be awesome to see unity in debian optionally at least, but yeah its not the gnome 2 everyone wants to keep going, not like theres gonna be anyone caring outside of ubuntu, and its complicated enough that its more than one person could do most likely01:52
Sarvattutouch-evemu will be freaking useful at least regardless :)01:53
Sarvattunity in debian is strange, gnome 3 is forced on everyone so its "accepted" but theres a lot more work needed for unity that noone wants to deal with02:01
Sarvattbut i see complaints that its not even in debian02:03
Sarvattit took me over a year to accept and embrace the changes in unity02:04
Sarvattaka its less shit than what i would put up with in gnome 302:05
Sarvattguess thats too real to say in a channel bound by the CoC, I'm sorry :)02:07
RAOFI think it's getting less difficult to package Unity over time.02:12
Sarvattyeah i feel the same way, compiz is the big problem still imo02:13
Sarvatt"someone" needs to maintain it in debian before it just gets removed, pkg-xorg is maintaining it now but none of us are in that path02:13
Sarvattthe people maintaining it in ubuntu which is the only place its released for atm are in pkg-gnome02:16
Sarvattdebian is still on 0.8.x compiz02:16
Sarvattaka lucid compiz02:17
RAOFOooh, urgh.02:17
SarvattRAOF: btw, s precise still boned for ivb for you?02:23
Sarvatti need to check that out if so02:23
RAOFYes, it is.02:23
* Sarvatt is still on 11.1002:23
SarvattRAOF: displayport monitors by any chance?02:24
RAOFI'm not restarting for a while because it's doing a backup, but the current status is that I know 3.3-rc7 works, and our 3.2 kernel doesn't.02:24
RAOFYes, I am indeed using a DP monitor.02:24
RAOFBecause screw that VGA nonsense.02:24
Sarvattok so crap I cant check, go figure02:24
Sarvatti've heard many woes about 3.2 and dp though02:24
Sarvattall the OEM crap is using 11.10 so i've had to care about that more, i'm glad someone can care about 12.04 :P02:25
Sarvattthe intel guys say 3.2 is fail for dp though, i'll see if i can come up with anything for that02:26
Sarvatttuesday is the latest kernel changes can go in for the 12.04 livecd kernel, go figure its tight timing02:28
RAOFYou reckon that DP is the issue?  That should significantly reduce my bisection requirements.02:33
Sarvatt100% positive02:34
Sarvatti'm monitor shopping now02:34
Sarvattyour monitor have hdmi/dvi ports to be sure?02:35
RAOFIt does, yes.02:35
Sarvattdo you have cords to check? :P02:35
RAOFI presume that a (passive) DP→DVI connector would work?02:36
tjaaltonSarvatt: hmm, having these in git would make things easier ;)07:57
tjaaltonfor me anyway, but a debdiff isn't too bad..07:58
tjaaltonmeh, forgot to add DM-Upload-Allowed to libwacom..10:01
tjaaltonoh well, replied to my AM, so hopefully that won't be an issue for too long10:14
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