magespawn_windowmorning all 06:16
Squirmhello magespawn_window 06:32
magespawn_windowhey Squim06:33
magespawn_windowSquirm even06:33
* Squirm yawns06:35
Squirmshe is going too slowly06:35
superflyit's not even 9am, and Friday is moving slowly already?06:45
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Kilosmorning superfly and others08:36
Kilosbbl, be good09:17
superflyhiya ki09:43
magespawn_windowsuperfly you got a moment?10:42
superflymagespawn_window: what's up?11:08
magespawn_windowgot a slight vpn problem with sending email11:08
superflymagespawn_window: uh, OK, can you describe the problem for me, being as detailed as possible?11:09
magespawn_windowcannot send mail through a the smtp sever when connected to the vpn but can recieve11:09
superflysending != receiving11:10
magespawn_windowthe error message is the smtp server cannot be contacted when on the vpn11:10
superflywhat does your routing table look like?11:10
magespawn_windowgood question i do not know, i am on the hluhluwe end of the vpn11:11
superflymagespawn_window: route -n11:11
magespawn_windowtoo little info probable11:11
superflyor route print on windows11:11
magespawn_windownot on site at the moment, this is a little out of my league11:12
magespawn_windowfeel like i am fishing in the dark here11:16
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superflymagespawn_window: unless you're on-site, you pretty much are fishing in the dark11:19
magespawn_windowfigured was kind of wishing for a simple answer like you have the wrong DNS server or something, never worked on or with a vpn before11:21
magespawn_windowI wan to know everything it irrtates me immensly when i do not have an answer or at least a starting point11:22
superflymagespawn_window: it could be a wrong DNS server, presuming that the SMTP address is not the same as the POP3 address, but you actually haven't given me any real information11:22
magespawn_windownot even sure what yo would need. pop3 is a specified ip address and the smtp is smtp.mweb.co.za11:23
magespawn_windowwhat did you do to learn what you know?11:24
superflywell, there we go11:25
superflythat's some information that I didn't have before. however, knowing the routing table would be quite helpful11:26
magespawn_windowif i go back i will have a look and see11:26
magespawn_windowwould the vpn show up as a static route?11:27
superflymagespawn_window: if the dns server the PC is connecting to is on the internet, but the ip address is routed through the VPN, but the VPN doesn't have access to that ip address, you could get something like that11:27
superflymagespawn_window: try setting the smtp server to be an IP address11:31
magespawn_windowthe same as the pop3 or the ip of the mweb.co.za?11:32
superflyno, the ip address of smtp.mweb.co.za11:33
superflyis there an smtp server running on the same machine as the pop3 server?11:33
magespawn_windowagain no info about that11:37
* superfly reboots in the hopes that he has successfully upgraded to precise beta 211:38
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superflyseems to have been successful11:43
magespawn_windowsuperfly i would presume that there is i "think" they are running on microsoft exchange, but again do not have too much information. I feel more like a mushroom and less like Luke today.11:45
superflymagespawn_window: in general, the server you get your mail from is the place you should send your mail to11:46
magespawn_windowthat is the way I understood it11:47
magespawn_windowbut thanks for the time you have given me a bit more to wrok with11:54
magespawn_windowwork even11:54
superflywhen it comes to VPNs, routing is generally the issue11:55
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magespawn_windowsuperfly does it make a differance what version of python you use?12:29
superflywow tumbleweed, I didn't know you packaged PyPy for Ubuntu12:29
superflymagespawn_window: it totally depends on what version of Python you are learning12:30
magespawn_windowis there a big change from one to the other?12:30
superflymagespawn_window: it depends on which versions you are talking about12:31
magespawn_windowwell the one that came with the book is 2.3 and i see on python.org that the latest stable is 2.712:31
magespawn_windowsorry 3.212:32
superflyUh, no, they are very different12:32
superflybut you want to actually use 2.712:32
magespawn_windowif i learn the one will be able to use the next is my main concern? or will they be too different?12:33
magespawn_windowwhy 2.7 not 3.2?12:33
superflyyou will be able to use the other12:34
superflybecause 3.2 is still a dream and no one actually uses it for any real software12:34
magespawn_windowi assume the ide of choice would also need to be updated then?12:34
tumbleweedsuperfly: :P12:40
tumbleweedI haven't touched it in weeks...12:40
magespawn_windowsuperfly fyi this seems to be the same as what i was talking about earlier http://quomon.com/question-Need-to-access-Exchange-server-over-VPN-connection-4516.aspx13:22
drubinsuperfly: ping13:35
drubinsuperfly: Please make me an admin of Ubuntu za  group on fb.13:35
magespawn_windowthats news to me 13:41
inetpromagespawn_window: what's with the long nickname?13:47
magespawn_windowi am on my windows machine13:47
inetpromagespawn_window: we don't do that here13:47
magespawn_windowyup i know but the linux is at home and the droid does not work so well posting links and things13:48
inetproso why should I care what platform you're on?13:49
magespawn_windowits something Kilos started, i was also logging in at the same time13:51
magespawn_windowon both13:51
magespawn_windowi take it off if you want13:57
kbmonkeylol magespawn_window 13:58
magespawn_windowhi kbmonkey13:58
kbmonkeyusually you just append '_' to your nick if you login twice13:58
kbmonkeyI couldn't get that Ibid functionality to work yesterday :/13:59
magespawn_windowdo you know why? 14:00
kbmonkeynot too sure, tumble told me my code should workk14:01
magespawnMay I have a look?14:02
kbmonkeysure, :) http://pastebin.com/aiRHNtMn14:03
kbmonkeyyou need Ibid installed to have the libraries import though14:03
kbmonkeysimply put: my defaultHandler does not run when somebody joins the channel. that's all I need to happen.14:04
magespawnIs that all the code?14:05
magespawnWow, really short.14:06
kbmonkeyworking thru Ibid Im doing unit tests14:06
kbmonkeythat is the one test I cant seem to pass14:06
magespawnMust be a reason somewhere.14:06
magespawnNow just to find it.14:06
kbmonkeymagespawn, have you ever 'import this' in the interactive python shell?14:06
kbmonkeyit's an egg14:07
kbmonkeywell I think the reason is the Ibid core processes events, and sends it through to the bot if the bot is mentioned by name14:08
kbmonkeybut if the bot is not mentioned, it does not get these events. that is what I like to happen14:09
magespawnRight you need it to happen whenever somebody joins etc regardless of saying the bots name.14:10
magespawnThis is my first program http://pastebin.com/QN2ir3vY14:10
magespawnLet you know where I am at.14:10
kbmonkeyyes you understand :)14:11
kbmonkeycool magespawn :D14:11
magespawnCould not tell the bot to check the channel logs every x seconds and it it finds something new ie a new nick then issue the greeting14:13
magespawnLots of traffic14:15
kbmonkeyI dont think Ibid supports that functionality yet14:26
magespawnI am out of here se you all later.14:58
superflydrubin: need any help?15:55
drubinsuperfly: I don't know how to invite every one from ubuntu-za and my personal friends to the event i created.16:10
drubinsuperfly: fb permisions seem broken16:10
Kerberoon my end facebook said you made it private, public and back to private again16:11
Kerberoisn't it maybe a slow update of permissions?16:12
superflydrubin: not at my PC right now, but I'll check when I get there.16:25
superflylast time I made an event it was weird for me too16:26
drubinKerbero: i didn't make the event private I made the group private16:27
Kerberoi was/am tired16:27
magespawnEvening all.17:00
superflyHi magespawn17:02
magespawnDid you see earlier what kbmonkey was saying about the greeter idea?17:03
superflymaybe... When i'm back at my pc i'll have a look17:05
magespawnI do not understand enough yet to be able to help.17:06
kbmonkeyhi hi17:13
magespawnHi kbmonkey speak of the devil17:14
superflynow that I'm at my keyboard again...17:15
kbmonkeyah lo superfly 17:15
magespawnWe was just talking about you and the greeter problem17:16
kbmonkeyyes, my unit test to monitor channel activity in Ibid17:16
kbmonkeyI asked tumble about it, said my code should work.17:17
superflykbmonkey: you can put both imports on the same line...17:18
superflyfrom ibid.plugins import Processor, handler17:19
kbmonkeyI know, just following the PEP guide 17:19
superflykbmonkey: PEP8 says you can do that too17:19
superflykbmonkey: PEP8 says you can't do "import os, sys"17:19
kbmonkeysuperfly, where does logging.debug() print out to?17:20
superflykbmonkey: the log file17:20
superflydrubin: event seems fine now?17:21
superflydrubin: or do you specifically want to invite people?17:22
magespawnkbmonkey when you get it to work can you post the code?17:23
kbmonkeysuperfly, I updated the code to only print out logging.debug('state checking...') in my handler17:25
kbmonkeyit does not appear in the logs/ibid.log17:26
kbmonkeythe logging.ini seems ok17:26
kbmonkeythat code runs fine *if* the bot is called by name (or in a pvt channel)17:27
kbmonkeybut it does not run by itself when somebody joins the chan. and that is what I'm looking for17:27
superflykbmonkey: as far as I can make out, a Processor only ever responds to direct addressing17:45
Kiloshiya superfly and others17:50
Kilosyo magespawn kbmonkey 17:50
magespawnHi Kilos17:50
Kiloshi psydroid 17:53
superflykbmonkey: join ##kilos17:54
psydroidhi Kilos17:54
psydroidhi magespawn17:54
psydroidhi superfly17:54
kbmonkeyhi psydroid 17:54
psydroidhi kbmonkey17:55
magespawnHi psydroid17:55
Kiloshey superfly who is the itwinkle there17:55
magespawnChannel Kilos?17:57
magespawnOkay, did you make it Kilos?17:57
Kilosya about a year ago magespawn 17:58
magespawnOkay mind if I ask why?17:58
Kilosum... whew cant remember why anymore17:59
Kilosoh when msn wasnt working in aus17:59
magespawnOh to talk to family?18:00
Kilosyip used to. but msn is working again18:00
superflykbmonkey: join again?18:00
Kilosif i member right was a big job for me to get chanserv there as well18:01
magespawnSuperfly you guys testing the bot there?18:01
Kilosmage cant you join?18:02
Kilosgo see18:02
magespawnYes I can, but wanted to be sure I was welcome and would not get in the way.18:02
kbmonkeylol magespawn. we just join and leave the channel to see if the bot detects us18:03
Kilosyou are welcome magespawn 18:03
kbmonkeyyes come help us :)18:03
kbmonkeyIm fresh out of idea of what to try18:09
Kilosno google info kbmonkey ?18:09
magespawnI am busy searching, sure somebody has done this before.18:11
kbmonkeyI did try a search, couldnt find more than I did18:11
Kiloskbmonkey, its an ibid you wanna teach to greet hey?18:12
kbmonkeyyes. 18:12
kbmonkeyI don't think the functionality is built into Ibid yet18:13
Kilossee if any of the designers are on irc somewhere18:14
Kiloswhoever did the docs you been reading18:14
magespawnhttp://m.wikihow.com/Develop-an-IRC-Bot how's this?18:15
magespawnDoes it have to be ibid?18:16
Kilosthats the one he is setting up18:17
Kiloscocooncrash, have you any idea how to setup an ibid as a greeter bot18:17
kbmonkeywell magespawn I wanted to make maaz greet people18:17
Kilosor a link to show how18:17
kbmonkeyspecifically, so that's why it's Ibid18:17
kbmonkeyI've done this fine with other bot frameworks18:17
magespawnAhh right. I see.18:18
kbmonkeysure enough we can do it in another framework, but then to have a seperate bot for something so simple, is unneccesary18:18
kbmonkeyplus it could familiarize people easier with who Maaz is18:19
Kiloslol its quite funny when peeps try chat maaz up18:19
Kilosi thought he was an arrogant peep when i first came here18:20
magespawnIndeed. I would also be interested in doing it for gc.18:20
kbmonkeyhe is! ibid keeps telling me he's not my bitch :p18:20
Kilostheres i nice challenge kbmonkey 18:21
magespawnDid not find anythin useful for that but did find this http://code.he.net/?gclid=CLbou4uej68CFYdKpgodBXtXzQ18:21
Kilosbe the first18:21
kbmonkeythanks for the encouragement Kilos 18:23
Kilosits a python bot so tween the fly and cocoon and you something gotta work18:25
magespawnMaybe somebody in the python channel will know?18:28
kbmonkeymy plan is to get the Ibid source and look at its structure18:33
inetproMaaz: coffee on18:47
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:47
inetproMaaz: with condensed milk please18:47
Maazinetpro: Go get it yourself!18:47
inetprogood evening everyone, and kilos18:48
Kilosevening inetpro 18:50
Kilos2 days no coffee18:50
Kilosmy coffee use gets monitored here18:50
Kilosohi Owkkuri 18:51
inetproKilos: who cares18:51
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro!18:51
inetproMaaz: dankie18:51
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend18:51
Kilosi sneek cups in pm18:51
Kilossneak 18:51
Owkkurioh hai Kilos :P19:05
* Symmetria is watching with baited breath to see what happens tomorrow19:06
Symmetriaprepared to bet that almost nothing will happen19:06
Symmetriaread that19:06
SymmetriaI dont think they will succeed19:06
Symmetriabut it could get pretty nasty if they have enough distribution for those hosting the root servers19:06
Symmetriathe caching resolvers will more than likely hold out though19:07
* Banlam hopes not19:07
* Banlam takes note of the IPs of a bunch of his favourite sites19:07
Symmetriabanlam where are you situated btw?19:07
Symmetriaand which ISP you on?19:07
Symmetriado me a favour, traceroute the IP of that L server listed int hat pastebin19:08
Symmetriaand tell me where you end up19:08
Banlam8ta - telkom soo19:08
Symmetriachances are if you on 8ta you gonna go international though19:08
SymmetriaOwkkuri what about you, which ISP you using?19:08
Symmetriado me a favour and traceroute
Banlamthis is taking longer than it should...19:09
Symmetriabanlam where is it going?19:09
Owkkurihops from wa to tenet via cinx19:10
SymmetriaOwkkuri ok, so you're landing at the tenet ones19:10
Symmetriaheh, telkom doesnt peer with anyone in .za so they are getting the international ones19:10
Symmetriachances are if the attacks do go ahead tomorrow, the rest of .za is gonna be in a much better position than telkom is19:10
* Banlam sighs19:10
BanlamI'll login ot the varsity VPN then :)19:11
Symmetriabecause Im pretty confident on how those tenet l-root servers are configured, because I did that config before I left tenet 19:11
Symmetriaand I dont think this attack is going to hurt them19:11
Owkkuriwe'll see then19:12
magespawnSymmetria thought you were still there. What you doing kow?19:12
Owkkurii have my gf to keep me busy if it does go down ;)19:12
Banlamwhat time is this internet down time expected?19:13
Banlamis it to tie in with Earth Hour :P19:13
magespawnAnd tomorrow in what time zone?19:16
Symmetriamagespawn I left tenet end of october already19:35
SymmetriaIm in private contracting :) 19:35
Symmetriathe money is simply 2 good to do anything else19:35
magespawnNice better pay? Better Hours?19:35
Symmetriawork my own hours, from where I want, when I want, taking the contracts that I choose if I feel like it, and make more money than I can spend19:35
Symmetriamagespawn lol, my hourly rate is $250 an hour, most days I put in 4 hours work 19:36
Symmetria:p unless Im not in the mood and take the day off 19:36
Symmetriayeah, I only bill in dollars 19:36
Symmetriaclients are mostly internationals and its easier to work in a single currency that everyone understands 19:37
magespawnLots of work here in SA?19:37
Symmetriamagespawn *shrug* clients are spread all over the place, but the type of work I do can be done from anywhere19:37
* Banlam could live with that19:37
Symmetriathere are days when I sit in a deckchair by the pool with a cold beer and my notebook and work like that :p19:37
magespawnYes but where the majority of customers are usually affects billing currency.19:38
Symmetriamagespawn heh, most of mine are spread around africa 19:38
Symmetriaafrica is a very very very lucrative market at the moment19:38
Symmetriaand the type of work I do, there are very few people who do what I do which makes it even more lucrative 19:38
magespawnSweet. I think if you went to parent/kid day most of the parents and all of the kids would want that job.19:38
magespawnCould you gives me a job title/discription?19:39
Symmetriaheh magespawn the problem is that the type of work Im doing at the moment cant be taught, its learnt through experience 19:39
Symmetriammm I would call myself a technical business analyst I guess19:39
Symmetriabasically I look at the networks and technologies deployed by companies and see if a.) does it meet the business requirements b.) is technical overspending to meet the business requirements c.) is business providing ENOUGH money to technical to meet their requirements 19:40
magespawnThen someone like writes a book and then all of a sudden they are teaching it, like when you are 10019:40
Symmetriad.) are the policies and procedures in place to make sure that there is a meeting of the minds between business and technical19:40
Symmetriabasically, Im acting as the bridge between the techies and the business people 19:41
magespawnOhh is that "all".19:41
magespawnMust fell like the middle east at times.19:41
Symmetriaheh magespawn nah, see, if you understand what each side wants, its not that hard to fit them together, the thing is, neither side understands the other so they need that bridge19:42
BanlamSymmetria, what are you driving these days?19:42
Symmetriabanlam my 335i, till next year, Im putting money away for the replacement car, but wanna buy it cash and not quite there yet :)19:42
Banlamcool, what's the replacement going to be?19:43
Symmetriaprobably a corvette ZR119:43
Symmetria0-100 in 3.0!19:43
Symmetria6 litre dual supercharged!19:43
Banlamyou're gonna have fun on those amazing EL roads19:43
Banlamalthough I guess you can always just drive down to the track19:43
magespawnNow cars I know a thing it two about. 911 gt319:43
* Banlam is not a porche fan19:44
Banlamnot saying they're bad cars19:44
Banlamjust don't like the look19:44
Symmetriamagespawn I never liked the porches either 19:44
Symmetriaheh, I drove an aston vantage last week 19:44
Banlamnot a big corvette fan either if I'm honest :P19:44
magespawnOh you mean the one that has not changed for ever19:44
Symmetriaguy was selling it and I was tempted :p19:44
Banlamcan imagine19:44
Symmetriaheh banlam I was never a corvette fan till the ZR1 :p19:45
Banlami know it's got some great reviews and thigns19:45
Banlamit's a corvette19:45
magespawnI would rather get something like a scooby19:45
SymmetriaZR1 is a rather dramatic deviation from the old vette's (for one thing, it can actually go around a corner)19:45
Banlamscooby? 19:45
Symmetriahate the subaru's 19:46
Symmetriahate hate hate19:46
magespawnSubaru impreza wrx sti19:46
Banlamthe new hatchbacky one?19:46
Symmetriaheh, for me, my options at the moment for next car are the ZR1, an aston or the new M5 19:46
Banlamor the older sedan one?19:46
Symmetriacant really think of anything else I'd want 19:47
magespawnM5 is pretty nice19:47
BanlamI'd take the M5, don't see myself ever going the aston route19:47
Banlami'd prefer osmething a little bit more low key19:47
Banlamand practical?19:47
magespawnWould you doing anything else to it or leave it stock?19:48
SymmetriaLOL practical was never something Icared about :)19:48
Symmetriaother than adding the factory options wouldnt do anything to it19:48
Symmetriathough BMW has some nifty options available :p19:48
Symmetrialike the racing chip I had them stick in my 335i lol19:48
SymmetriaI've crossed the 300kph mark in my 335 after they put that chip in it19:49
Banlamwhere? N2?19:49
Symmetriaheh nope, on the road to windhoek in namibia19:50
Banlamah :)19:50
Banlamthat makes more sense19:50
Banlamless to crash into19:50
magespawnThere some nice non standerd things you can do to an m519:50
Symmetriadead straight, wide, no traffic, flat, can see for miles :p19:50
magespawnThey do the super car testing up that way19:51
Banlamin the northern cape19:51
Banlambut i think symmetria was in Namibia itself19:52
Symmetriayeah I was19:52
Symmetriano cops out there :P just the occasional lion that woulda eaten the cop19:52
magespawnI could not leave a car like that alone, would be voiding warrenties and all sorts19:52
Symmetriawanna see something truely sick?19:53
Symmetriahttp://iris.tenet.ac.za/routers/graphs24.php <=== go there, select LINX-BROCADE, then select (AS 15169)19:53
Symmetriaand look at that graph :P19:53
Symmetriamight take a while to draw it, one hel of a lot of data behind those graphs19:53
Symmetria(really really need to write an aggregation script for that crap)19:54
superflySymmetria: I thought you moved on from TENET?19:55
Symmetriasuperfly heh I did, I do a LOT of contracting for their upstream though19:56
Symmetriaand some for them directly19:56
superflyAh, OK.19:56
Symmetriathat graphs script is being drawn from the upstream though19:56
* superfly is on his phone currently19:57
Banlamwhat connection is that?19:57
Symmetriaheh banlam thats the peering with google in london :p19:57
Kilosmagespawn, wb19:59
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:59
superflyNight Kilos19:59
magespawnNight kilos19:59
* Symmetria cleans out that database that draws those graphs a bit20:01
Symmetriaheh 15 million records is a bit to much to process20:02
Banlamnice resolution though20:03
Symmetriaheh Im just deleteing data older than a month 20:03
Symmetriaactually deleting everything pre 1 feb20:03
Symmetriamake that pre 1 march :p20:03
Banlamjust delete every 4/5 entries :)20:03
Banlamor do you need that resolution for something?20:04
Symmetriamysql> delete from MacData where MONTH(timestamp) < 03 and YEAR(timestamp)= 2012;20:04
Symmetriaheh I need to run an aggregation to keep the older data for stuff older than 24 hours at a lower res20:04
Banlamwhat is the time difference between each recording?20:04
Symmetriaright now its keeping 5 minute samples per peer going back 3 months normally20:04
Banlamso that's 30 000 a day20:05
Banlam480 a day20:05
Banlamthat's not that bad20:05
Symmetriaheh, per peer its 288 a day20:05
Symmetriax 400 odd peers 20:05
Symmetria= 100k + records a day20:05
Symmetria* 90 days 20:06
Symmetria= shitload of records :p20:06
Banlambut that graphs just for one peer20:06
Symmetriabanlam yeah but you can pick any of those ips 20:06
Symmetriaand it will give you a graph 20:06
Symmetriaall same database 20:06
Symmetriamysql> delete from MacData where MONTH(timestamp) < 02 and YEAR(timestamp)= 2012;20:06
SymmetriaQuery OK, 3235343 rows affected (2 min 14.15 sec)20:06
Symmetriamysql> delete from MacData where MONTH(timestamp) < 03 and YEAR(timestamp)= 2012;20:06
SymmetriaQuery OK, 5157286 rows affected (2 min 56.56 sec)20:06
Symmetriashould be faster now ;p20:06
Symmetriaheh trashing the last stuff outta 2011 as well20:07
Symmetriamysql> delete from MacData where MONTH(timestamp) < 12 and YEAR(timestamp) <= 2011;20:07
* Symmetria waits20:07
Symmetriaam gonna write something that performs an aggregation at midnight every night and aggregates everything older than 24 hours to 10 minute samples and everything older than a month to 30 minute samples20:08
Banlamso you do quite a bit of contract work for tenet still?20:11
Symmetriaon and off, a lot of the work I do with tenet is actually for the alliance20:15
Symmetriasince tenet is a member of the ubuntunet alliance and the alliance contracts out work to them20:15
Symmetriathat database is actually collecting stats for 1288 mac addresses20:19
Symmetriaso 370k entries a day20:19
Symmetriaoh 121820:19
Symmetriamysql> select count(distinct(macaddress)) from MacData;20:19
Symmetria| count(distinct(macaddress)) |20:19
Symmetria|                        1218 |20:19
magespawn.night all20:28
magespawnkbmonkey : ping22:34
magespawnMaaz tell kbmonkey there has to be some code sending the info to the logs, if you can change it so the it send it to the bot at the same time with the bots name attached then the bot should respond to that as if the person had called the bot. Just a thought.22:37
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode22:37
magespawnMaaz ty22:38
MaazYou are welcome magespawn22:38

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