newblikegrand since the panel is transparent and my background is dark, I was wondering if changing it is possible at all00:00
JelloPopwell got to go to work  have fun ... wish there was a way to transfer playlist to andriod phone :(00:01
JelloPopJelloPop: other then itunes..00:01
JelloPoplater have fun00:01
JelloPop:) work time00:01
excelsiorjelatta: thanks00:02
moesEtronik, /set irc_conf_mode 1   /gui apply00:02
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Etronikmoes thanks00:03
Etronikmuch better...00:03
Etronikhow can I make this permanent ?00:04
lesshastehow can I set up dual monitors? It only sees one of them now00:04
lesshasteI have 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV44 [Quadro NVS 285] (rev a1)00:05
moesEtronik, That should make it permanent00:05
Etronikmoes, great00:05
lesshastesystem-preferences-> display says "unknow"00:06
lesshastehow can I fix that?00:06
janailsonOlá, pessoal00:07
bobweaverlesshaste,  you have installed the 3rd party nvidia driver (just jumping in now )00:07
lesshastebobweaver, yes although I wasn't sure which version to choose00:08
lesshastebobweaver, lsmod shows nvidia              10390874  4400:09
bobweaveropen vividia display manager00:09
thirsthi guys00:09
bobweaverand try to detect that way00:09
lesshastebobweaver, ok .. how? system settings-> display?00:09
moparisthebestI'm getting an unmet dependencies problem, but packages.ubuntu.com says it exists and such:00:09
lesshastebobweaver, it says "unknown" for the monitors00:10
thirstubuntu installer doesn't list my first hd, sda in the list, it lists only my second disk sdb. fdisk shows it correctly though. Any tips to get around it ?00:10
moparisthebestany ideas?  I really need this to build some packages00:10
moparisthebesti've even changed the mirror to archive.ubuntu.com00:10
bobweaverlesshaste, what [luk]ubuntu 11.10 ?00:10
moparisthebestoh, this is lucid 10.04 by the way00:10
lesshastebobweaver, oneiric00:11
bobweaverlesshaste,  you open nvidia settings00:11
bobweavertype into unity search bar00:11
bobweaveror just unity00:11
bobweaveror just nvidia   *00:11
bobweaverDo you get anything ?n00:12
thirstis there a non-graphical mode for ubuntu installer ?00:13
Someguy123thirst yeah00:13
Someguy123you can get the "Alternative Installer" version00:13
Someguy123okay what is wrong with xchat on the live CD...00:14
bobweaverlesshaste,  sometimes on one of my computers that runs nvidia I have to drop the nvidia and use nouveua and then it get both displays00:14
Someguy123I just grabbed xchat-gnome from apt while running this live USB, and I don't see how I add a serverm seriously00:14
lesshastebobweaver, yes nvidia-settings runs.. should I run it as root?00:14
Someguy123this is rediculous00:14
newblikegrwow, thank got for Xfce00:14
newblikegrI don't have to stay on 10.0400:15
Someguy123okay, I don't get it, how do I add a damn server on xchat-gnome00:15
Someguy123there's no option for it anywhere o_O00:15
bobweaverlesshaste,  under nvidia-settings look look around there is a detect  monitors or something like that but like I said above about one of my computers out of 3 that run nvidia needs nouvuea00:16
Someguy123oh found it... Why would they hide it away in PREFERENCES =_=00:16
aguiteli am in 11.10 triyng to upgrade to 12.04 ,when i type in command line sudo do-release-upgrade -d it say :No new release found ,why ?00:17
newblikegrWhich network do you want to add the channel in? Freenode?00:17
newblikegryou need to /msg Chanserv register00:18
newblikegrif on freenode00:18
newblikegrtype /msg ChanServ help for more00:19
lesshastebobweaver, it looks promised but twinview is greyed out00:19
lesshastebobweaver, is this because the monitors have different resolutions?00:19
bobweaverlesshaste,  can you take a screenshot ?00:19
bobweaver!screenshot | lesshaste00:19
ubottulesshaste: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:19
lesshastebobweaver, of nvidia-settings?00:19
Someguy123[afk]will someone please tell me there's an alternative X-Chat available for ubuntu 11.10... The xchat-gnome in apt... IS TERRIBLE00:20
thirstany reason why ubuntu installer doesnt list my first hd(sda) in the list ?00:20
bobweaverSomefellow,  Quessal ?00:20
bobweaversorry that was for Someguy123[afk]00:21
Someguy123[afk]bobweaver, really  I want the original x-chat00:21
lesshastebobweaver, http://imagebin.org/20589300:21
Someguy123[afk]not this crazy retardified gnome version00:21
Someguy123[afk]but it's not in the repo's00:21
dlentzSomeguy123[afk], apt-get install xchat00:22
Someguy123[afk]dlentz, I'm going to guess they're missing it from the default repo's on the live CD00:22
Someguy123[afk]well, live USB00:22
bobweaverlesshaste,  in the dropdown menu where it is dell blah blah can you slect other ones ?00:22
bobweaverselect *00:23
bobweaveralso on Resolution can that be normal or like auto or something like that ?00:23
lesshastebobweaver, yes00:23
bobweaverin configuration there are 3 options correct ?00:24
* bobweaver is boot nvida computer 00:24
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jtreminioHello - can anyone point me to the folder where VPN connection files are kept on the system? I've setup a VPN connection using the GUI, but want to copy those files over to another pc00:27
rajwhy is #libreoffice dead?00:28
nightrid3ri want to setup a vnc connection to a box where there's no one loged in localy, kinda like the edubuntu terminal server, only diff is that the other en just runs xubuntu instead of booting from the server00:30
aguiteli am in 11.04 triyng to upgrade to 11.10 ,when i type in command line sudo do-release-upgrade -d it say :No new release found ,why ?00:33
zrutyHow can I get more themes in 11.10?00:34
bastidrazor!upgrade | aguitel00:39
ubottuaguitel: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:39
ejvnightrid3r: nomachine nx works great for that00:40
Pilot200hrWonderWhat would make sound quite working on logout/log back in? I cold boot, login and the sound works just fine. I logout, log back in and no soumd. The only way I have managed to get sound working again is to cold boot again? I have no idea where to start to fight this problem, google has no help00:40
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ejvnightrid3r: if you prefer the 'freer' blend, there's freenx, but that's what you want i think00:41
ejvnightrid3r: builds are available here: http://www.nomachine.com/select-package.php?os=linux&id=100:41
ejvnightrid3r: freenx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:42
kaushalAny similar software available in ubuntu in lines with putty connection manager which has multiple tabs00:43
pyr0_this doesn't matter much, but when I login in 11.10 (removed unity and installed gnome) all the icons in the panel are squished together (they overlap a little), if I move the mouse over them they straighten out and stay the way they should look. Does anyone know why this might be or what the fix might be?  I don't really mind that much but I'm curious as to why it is.00:43
thirstSomeguy123: Thanks. - this fixed my issue - http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ubuntu-installer-cant-find-my-sata-drive/00:43
aguitelbastidrazor, thanks00:43
ejvkaushal: screen or tmux, it's called terminal multiplexing00:43
kaushalejv: i mean gnome-connection-manager00:44
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ejvkaushal: i have no idea what that is, sorry00:44
sneila90I need to install libftdi >=0.17 from source. Everything seems to work fine until I try to install a program that depends on this lib, then it exits saying that libftdi won't be installed.00:44
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ejvsneila90: so install it from source00:46
Pilot200hrWonderAnyone got any idea why sound would quit after logout/login?00:46
sneila90ejv: I have done it, but it won't be recognized when trying to install a package that depends on it. Read my previous again.00:49
Pilot200hrWonderOr is this not the correct channel?00:50
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: It quits if you log out and back in again?  hummm... I dono.  Why is it "quiting"?00:50
sneila90Have tried installing libftdi from source package. Everything seems OK until I try installing a package that depends on this lib. Then apt-get says it lacks the dependency and libftdi won't be installed.00:50
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Or what exactly is quitting?  Is it just being muted?  Or....?00:51
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Fire up  alsamixer  and see what's going on.00:51
Pilot200hrWonderNo as in no sound is coming out00:51
Pilot200hrWonderalsamixer has all the channels 100% and nothing muted00:51
Pilot200hrWonderI am running it through HDMI00:52
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: What audio source are you trying to play, and what audio player ..?00:52
Pilot200hrWonderIt is any audio player, source is just an MP3 or Wave00:53
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Well, run your player of choice from terminal and watch terminal for errors.00:53
Pilot200hrWonderspeakertest does nto even work00:54
Pilot200hrWonderer even work00:54
usr13What version of Ubuntu?00:55
Pilot200hrWonderSo I just cold booted, logged in and am running speaker-test -Dplughw:0,300:55
Pilot200hrWonderNo issues00:55
Pilot200hrWonderI choose logout, get to the loging screen00:56
Pilot200hrWonderlogin and nothing00:56
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Maybe it's a problem with pulseaudio.  Try uninstalling it.00:56
Pilot200hrWonder OK00:57
Pilot200hrWonderIt is not even installed, pulseaudio00:58
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usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Maybe this is it:  Bug #87006300:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 870063 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Sound stops working after re-login" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87006300:58
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Is your system fully updated?01:00
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Pilot200hrWonderuser13, yes as of last night01:01
Pilot200hrWonderOne sec that bug seems to mention sound card permissions01:01
Pilot200hrWonderOK this is a little beyond me, the sound card device would be located where?01:03
lucas_alguem ?01:03
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Either on the MotherBoard or in a PCI slot.01:03
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: What sound card do you have?01:04
lucas_Alguem ai fala portugues ??01:04
lucas_Alguem ai fala portugues ??01:04
lucas_Alguem ai fala portugues ??01:04
FloodBot1lucas_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:04
lucas_Alguem ai fala portugues ??01:04
lucas_renato ?01:05
velko!pt | lucas_01:05
ubottulucas_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:05
Pilot200hrWonderIt is an onboard nVidia01:05
Pilot200hrWonderOne sec here...01:05
Pilot200hrWonderThing is it was working fine under an old install of 10 that died with a harddrive so this is a new install01:05
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: What does  alsamixer say about it?  (Look in the top left corner of the alsamixer window.)01:05
Pilot200hrWonder Nvidia MCP77/78 HDMI01:06
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spaceneedleThey need to fix the Nvidia  drivers for ubuntu 12.04--the windows open and close too slow. I had to uninstall 12.04 because of this problem.01:09
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: lsmod | grep snd  #pastebinit01:10
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com01:10
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Pilot200hrWonderLet me try tht01:12
Pilot200hrWonderer that01:12
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: I don't know if spaceneedle was commenting on your issue, but sounds like a bug... I dono if I can be of any help.  You may just have to wait for it to get solved later on.01:13
Pilot200hrWonderI see01:13
Pilot200hrWonderI don't logt out *that* often, it is just a HTPC01:13
lucas_what the best ? AMD HD6990 or Geforce GTX 680 ?01:14
lucas_what the best ? AMD HD6990 or Geforce GTX 680 ?01:15
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Pilot200hrWonderI am using lightdm that and the inability for me to autologin? I just can't it to work is quite odd.01:16
luxgeekAside from a fresh install...how can I reset OR get my diff ubuntu desktops working again? Ubuntu 11.04, I generally use lxkde and decided to check out untiy again...every win I bring up has some background pic and I don't see anything that is to be IN the window...help?01:17
luxgeekI'm not sure if it's a window manager iss...(i.e. gdm or diff one )01:17
luxgeekHonestly can't remember how to check01:18
ratcheerluxgeek: My Unity is kind of messed up because I've been using gnome-shell. Reinstall is the only sure way to fix it.01:18
luxgeekWell...sure way or not...I have way to much other stuff installed to be truly worth doing that atm :(01:19
usr13 Pilot200hrWonder What?01:19
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: (I don't understand your last question.)01:19
velkoluxgeek, create new user and try to log in as that user. if all is normal - copy your files over01:19
luxgeekAh...good idea...hadn't thought of that...01:19
Pilot200hrWonderI was just commenting that the entire lightdm seems to be a bit? off01:20
Pilot200hrWonderI am unable to get autlogin to work and the sound issue when loging out01:20
DasEiluxgeek: you can aleways have different desktops in paralell, choosing which to use at login-time01:20
DasEi!info lubuntu-desktop01:20
ubottulubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.28 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc ia64 sparc lpia armel)01:20
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Try  xfce01:21
Pilot200hrWonderWon't hurt that is for sure01:21
usr13Pilot200hrWonder:  sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop01:21
luxgeekDasEi: I do have paralell and just haven't been into unity in a very long time01:21
luxgeekAgain...not sure which desktop mgr I'm using...I've forgotten how to check (been forced to use windows for a while and haven't touched this mach :/)01:22
luxgeekok...logging to test new user01:23
Pilot200hrWonderHaha my last few linux machines where servers so I just used shell, I am such a rookie when it comes to Linux Desktop most anything01:23
usr13Pilot200hrWonder: Try  xfce  I'm pretty sure you'll like it.01:24
DasEiluxg... ah01:24
usr13xfce will be an improvement01:25
Pilot200hrWonderI really just want this machine to run XBMC for my HTPC? my main machine is a Mac01:26
arcangel_hola hay alguien que hable español?01:27
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:27
arcangel_ok gracias01:28
mkultra_fer nada01:28
luxgeekWorked like a charm...whoever suggested creating a new user...now to copy settings :P01:28
DasEiluxgeek: probably gdm ( default), try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm to check01:28
luxgeeknothing happened01:30
mkultra_ubuntu 12.04 runs really good for me now.  its  nice to upgrade, break tons of stuff and have it all sorted out in the end01:30
DasEiluxgeek: else can rsync the old homefolder to the new user and then chown it to the new one01:30
luxgeekDasEi: Seems more complicated than copying files as another suggested :P01:30
ratcheermkultra_: I just clean reinstalled a few minutes ago.01:30
mkultra_did you make a seperate partiton for /home and /boot or use whole disk?01:31
ratcheerI already had the separate partitions.01:31
DasEiluxgeek: exatly that it does;; enter : cd /usr/share/xsessions/ && ls for info about your currently available ones01:31
mkultra_i can format and be running strong in like 3 hours01:32
mkultra_symlink everything over to the os01:32
jenesaispashello there01:32
i23Trying to install quotas on my ubuntu server because I want to limit folder sizes in /home/, but when I do quotacheck it says this: quotacheck: Quota for users is enabled on mountpoint / so quotacheck might damage the file.01:32
i23Please turn quotas off or use -f to force checking.01:32
NFisherHello Everybody! i just updated from 10.04 to 12.04.. now im pretty unhappy with the design.. i wanted to change those dark gnome-panels (using Gnome (Classic) into semi transperent whites just as i had it back in the days.. is that possible?!01:33
luxgeekDasEi: Ok...that shows me the list I pick from when logging in01:33
NFisherAnd id love to have back my old icon set.01:33
Minibnzhi guys i need a iittle help. trying to work out all the different ways that the screen can be rotated in lucid01:33
mkultra_nfisher, id turn on compiz + fusion icon01:33
NFisherAnd Human theme not this ugly dark one :(01:33
mkultra_do transparency through that01:33
Minibnzi know of two so far. that be xrandr and the GUI.. are there any other ways to do this/.01:34
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mkultra_theres no light themes for gnome?  all i have are light themes for gnome01:34
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DasEiluxgeek: so you know then01:34
jenesaispasI am running and testing ubuntu12.04 beta 2. Question: Will I be able to run the final LTS12.04 by simply updating, when the LTS comes out later in april?01:34
ratcheerjenesaispas: Yes01:34
mkultra_i think so jenesaispas01:34
jenesaispasthanks everyone01:34
DasEi!themes | mkultra_01:35
ubottumkultra_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:35
jenesaispasI meant smiley face, wrong layout sorry01:35
DasEijenesaispas: yes01:35
jenesaispasthanks DasEi01:35
jenesaispasthat s great news01:35
mkultra_where can i get engineering notation in fonts for showing ohm's and watts and beta and alpha symbols online?01:35
luxgeekDasEi: Right...that's the list of avail DT environs when i log in...but I need to RESET the one for the user I'm currently on...the new user I created was able to log in to a unity dt just fine...but aparently some settings are goofed for THIS user so I need to kinda either delete whatever files are holding those settings or something01:35
Flannelmkultra_: regular fonts have Omega, W, Beta, Alpha, etc.01:36
DasEiluxgeek: so either  reconfigure gdm from the old, borked user or rsync the old homefolder and own it to the new user01:36
NFisherIs it possible to get semi-transparent gnome panels in ubuntu 12.04?01:37
luxgeekDasEi: I was actually wondering if I just deleted the diff .profile files if new ones would just get created?01:37
sparky-luxgeek, ls -a and delete the dot-directories01:37
DasEiNFisher: yes it is, it's somewhere in apperance01:37
simononlaptopIs it possible to update 11.10 to 12.04 through termianl yet01:37
mkultra_i dont think so simononlaptop01:38
billy_ran_awayAnyone familiar with nfs4 kerberos autofs home directories? I read that there's a bug in Ubuntu with this, anyone have experience?01:38
DasEisimononlaptop: yes it is , see:01:38
luxgeeksparky-: Dang sparky, I dont want to delete ALL the dot dirs :P01:38
trismNFisher: alt+right click to edit the panels, also 12.04 support in #ubuntu+1 please01:38
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.01:38
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:38
luxgeeksparky-: Just toe ones for the diff ubuntu desktop environs :P01:38
luxgeek* the01:39
sparky-they are all mixed in .config, .gnome, .gtk, etc01:39
NFishertrism, doenst work01:39
simononlaptopThanks. That helps alot :)01:39
trismNFisher: sometimes you need to alt+super+right click (if you are using compiz)01:39
NFishertrism, doesnt either01:40
luxgeekMy lxde environ works fine, it's just the various ubuntu desktops that are borked and ONLY on this user.01:40
luxgeeksparky-: Wouldn't that "break" other stuf too?01:40
luxgeeksparky-: I'm not trying to be argumentative in any way...just cautious :)01:41
trismNFisher: are you sure you're using gnome classic? if so make sure to click on an empty area of the panel01:41
sparky-nah, but you would lose customization :-)   nowadays I use chrome and my bookmarks and apps are in the cloud01:41
luxgeeksparky-: Ubuntu cloud?01:41
sparky-so deleting desktop dot-dirs don't bug me as much01:42
simononlaptopOk this also has been bugging me, i always get errors with system v utilities updates01:42
luxgeeksparky-: I ask because I've use it myself...hadn't thought of putting those there.01:42
NFishertrism, ok thy had to deactivate annotation-feature in compiz-config... can you tell me where i can change the away from that dark theme?01:42
NFisheri wanted to use Human.01:42
luxgeeksparky-: How can I set it so those get syncd without having to export them first?01:42
trismNFisher: human hasn't been ported to gtk3 yet (at least not the one in the repo)01:42
sparky-chrome can now sync bookmarks on different computers if you log into google account01:43
NFishertrism, yeah, because since i wanted the panels to be transparent it looks very odd when the Application und User-Status Panel are still black01:44
sparky-luxgeek, so first you'd log into google acct on the machine with the most important bookmarks, sync to cloud, then you'd gloom on more bookmarks from other machines and overtime as you clean up, you'd have nice sync'd bookmarks01:45
usr13sparky-: That's nothing new, been doing that with foxmarks for years'01:45
sparky-usr13, right but this does not need extension and besides it's chrome :-).  I don't run Firefox anymore01:46
sparky-and it works on android too01:46
luxgeeksparky-: Except I use firefox :/01:48
luxgeeksparky-: Also thought of something else...deleting all the dot dirs would kill my wine and my lxde stuff to wouldn't it?01:49
luxgeeksparky-: lkde customization stuff I mean01:49
sparky-yeah, it's the elephant gun when all else fails01:49
luxgeek* lxde01:49
=== rinzler is now known as d-_-b
luxgeeksparky-: Well...then there should be a way to just kill the diff ubuntu session stuff I would think01:50
luxgeeksparky-: Or keep the lxde and wine stuff at least :P01:50
luxgeeksparky-: Nvm on the wine...I should be able to delete the rest except the .wine folder ...just need to figure out how to keep the lxde settings...01:51
luxgeekAnyone ELSE play/trying to play WoW in wine?01:52
luxgeek(diff issue :P)01:52
usr13sparky-: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/How%20to%20sync%20Firefox%20settings%20between%20computers01:52
usr13luxgeek:       ^^^^^01:55
luxgeeksparky-: Well...that would be fine if I was syncing to a diff computer...dont seeing how t osync with a cloud tho01:55
luxgeekStill looking01:55
=== sparky-_ is now known as sparky-
luxgeeksparky-: I'll just have to periodically export my bookmarks to my ubuntu one folder for cloud syncing :/02:08
luxgeeksparky-: As for deleting the dot folders...I need to find a way to preserve my lxde settings before I do that02:09
sparky-luxgeek: it can be time-consuming to clean your desktop files (reset them).  one thing you *could* do is to cheat a bit.  here's how.  make a new account.  a blank one.  log in.  see what files/dirs are created.  then you delete the same ones from the account you want to reset.  there's an idea :-)02:09
luxgeeksparky-: Well...just did that so what you're saying is compare the dirs to see what was created and delete the same in my other user?02:10
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=== Guest28103 is now known as MogDog
luxgeeksparky-: Or I just end up sucking it up and re-config lxde when I come back to it :/02:11
sparky-luxgeek: whichever is less time-consuming right?  i'd just suck it up and delete everything.  it's like spring cleaning ... good for the soul.02:12
luxgeeksparky-: Easy to say...harder to do :P02:12
JBunnyhi everyone. im runnin 10.04 64 bit and cant get broadcom wireless drivers to install.02:14
luxgeeksparky-: Ok...going to relog (only deleted the ones that the new user created...we'll see)02:15
TheyCallMeBrucehow can i send data back and forth between two scripts with a coprocess?02:15
JBunnyit says please have a look at the log file for details.02:17
luxgeeksparky-: Well...that got unity working...wonder how borked my lxde will be :P02:20
jamescarrhey, since the last software updates I applied in 11.10 it broke my sound. Any clues as to how I can turn it back on?02:22
jamescarrI suppose the answer to my question is no :(02:25
Pilot200hrWonderWhat is theissue?02:25
=== Afteraffekt is now known as Afterraff`
Pilot200hrWonderNo sound at all?02:25
jamescarryep, no sound at all. it's worked for eons02:26
jamescarrsince I did my last update, the sound was gone02:26
Pilot200hrWonderWhat sort of sound card do you have?02:26
luxgeekjamescarr: What sound drivers WERE you using?02:26
jamescarrMobility RadeonHD 5000 Series02:27
jamescarrluxgeek, no idea... it worked out of the box02:28
jamescarrsince 10.0402:29
Xgates_webchatcan someone tell me for laptop backlight adjustments with the F key, is Ubuntu making this happen with a mod from the kernel?02:30
jamescarrFailed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/pool/main/g/google-chrome-stable/google-chrome-stable_17.0.963.83-r127885_amd64.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:31
jamescarrFailed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/f/flashplugin-nonfree/flashplugin-installer_11.1.102.63ubuntu0.11.10.1_amd64.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:31
=== think is now known as xik21
sparky-luxgeek: verdict?02:32
KuwangerDoes anyone here know of a good scripting language for prototyping/testing themes?02:34
CarterLNewb question. if all i'm going to do is use ubuntu for web dev purposes, how much disk space do i need for a partition?  would 12 gigs be enough?02:34
Pilot200hrWonderDepends on the size of your webpage?02:35
thesheff1712 gigs is plenty02:35
Pilot200hrWonderAre you talking the entire system?02:35
tjzhey guys02:35
CarterLPilot200hrWonder: the entire system and a dev db which would be in the 10's of megs i'm guessing02:35
Pilot200hrWonderRecomends 15Gig02:36
CarterLok cool, thanks02:36
CarterLlast time i used linux my kernel was 2.0.3602:36
CarterLidk how i recall that02:37
=== diegovieiraeti is now known as revolts
mkultra_βits come a long way since02:38
CarterLcan imagine02:38
CarterLthanks for the help02:38
PantsHi there02:39
=== Pants is now known as Guest33146
scott_zI need to install glib atleast version 2.14.0 but do not know how. any ideas?02:39
trismscott_z: if you are compiling, libglib2.0-dev02:39
Guest33146Earlier today i tried to install linux mint 9 on a friend computer02:40
Guest33146when i tried to update all hell broke loose02:40
Guest33146i guess it was because the iso was out of date (it has not been updated since release)02:40
Guest33146I am downloading ubuntu 10.04.4; so my question is. Is that iso updated; does it allows me to do a complete dist-update without problems?02:41
Guest33146He has an old computer, so Unity would run kind of slow (He already has 10.10 installed in other computer)02:42
=== Guest33146 is now known as Glass
=== Glass is now known as Guest31981
Onixsi would rather use 11.10 and compile the kerne with a slow computer in mind02:43
bazhang!dist-upgrade | Guest3198102:43
ubottuGuest31981: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.02:43
Guest31981well that was a typo02:44
bazhangGuest31981, dist-upgrade is not a version upgrade02:44
Guest31981but, the problem is that when i tried to dist-upgrade the mint 9 all hell broke loose02:44
Guest31981and i am not that experienced to fix it be myself02:44
mkultra_yeah do it from iso02:44
Guest31981i am expecting that the 10.4.4 will go out smoother02:45
bazhangGuest31981, we dont support mint here, not sure why you are mentioning mint02:45
Guest31981because mint 9 is based on ubuntu 10.0402:45
mkultra_make a /boot and /home and / partition02:45
Guest31981it would be similar to make a complete dist-updgrade from a 10.04.0 iso02:45
bazhangGuest31981, again dist-upgrade does NOT mean version upgrade02:46
Guest31981yes i know02:46
Guest31981(english is not my first language)02:46
alteredudso whats your first language? gaelic?02:47
Guest31981mmmm, spanish02:47
bazhang!ot | alteredud02:47
ubottualteredud: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:47
=== alteredud is now known as geitenneuker
=== geitenneuker is now known as geitenneukers
savidHas anyone had any issues with fglrx causing a kernel panic on shutdown or when unloading the module?02:47
Guest31981in other words, i just want to know if the iso comes with some of the updates preinstalled (so the dist-upgrade would go smoother)02:49
bazhangGuest31981, a point release would start out up to date, so there would be no dist-upgrade02:50
maindotcI'm trying to grep an expression using -w, but the expression "host" is matching "host-something".  Is there a way to limit this or tell grep to stop at a delimiter ?02:50
zrutyHow to file a bug report without knowing which package is causing the misery?02:52
denysoniqueHey, please let me know, what do you think about my small simple app:02:53
denysonique--  16 second video02:53
denysoniquedemonstrates a simple app which I have written in Ruby -- It takes a screenshot and immediately uploads it to a server. Share your screen easily and convenientl02:53
FloodBot1denysonique: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
denysoniqueI am planning to make a ppa for it02:53
NFisherHI everybody! I just created a Start-up-USB-Stick within Ubuntu 12.04 Beta2 using the given Start-Disk creator. I want to creeate a bootable version of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Now as the creator finished, and i tried to boot from the USB-Stick the following Error occurred (i created it 2 times by now, same error): "Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot ; vesamenu.c32: not a COM32R image ; boot:" what do i do?!?02:54
bazhangNFisher, #ubuntu+1 for that please02:54
NFisherbazhang, but its 10.04.04 LTS?!02:54
bazhangNFisher, within 12.04 I thought your message said02:55
denysoniquelooks like syslinux unable to find an image02:55
denysoniquecorrupt USB disk?02:55
NFisherbazhang, yah, im not sure if 12.04 is the prob...02:55
denysoniqueis there a way to checksum test it?02:55
bazhangNFisher, the startup disk creator is from 12.04?02:56
NFisherbazhang, yes02:56
bazhangNFisher, that'd be #ubuntu+1 for support and discussion then02:57
=== spacebug is now known as spacebug-
NFisherbazhang, ok, thx!02:57
bazhangdenysonique, did you need help with creating a ppa or something?02:57
denysoniquebazhang: yes, I might probably need02:57
Nach0zhey guys, does anyone know if there's a Linux equivalent to Windows's overclocking softwares?02:57
bazhangdenysonique, whats the issue02:58
bazhang!equivalents | Nach0z check here02:58
ubottuNach0z check here: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot02:58
Nach0zthere's nothing about overclocking on either >_>02:59
bazhangdenysonique, have you read the packaging guide?02:59
denysoniquebazhang: I am going to read the guide. If I have any problems, I can ask in this channel, right?02:59
bazhangdenysonique, about packaging? sure, though the packaging people would probably be more helpful in this regard03:00
E3D3I'm upgrading from 10.04 to new Beta and wonder why downloading goes slower when I'm watching it ;-)03:00
denysoniquebazhang: what do you think about my software btw?03:00
maindotcE3D3: 10.04 has a few known latency bugs - it depends heavily on the type of network card you have03:02
E3D3maindotc: Thanks, its just that I have little patience and really looking forward to it. Everything seems still okay. Sorry to confuse you.03:04
maindotcE3D3 you have no right to make accusations I'm not confused thank you very much03:04
mkultra_yeah 10.04 is derelict, try 12.04 beta, report bugzzz03:05
E3D3The world needs bugs, bunnies and Ubuntu.03:12
DasEi!visudo | lesshaste03:12
newlikegrhi all03:13
DasEilesshaste: the new user then needs to be in the sudoers file, you can achive it by visudo command03:13
lesshasteI don't just add the user to the admin group?03:14
Braden`How do I test whether apparmor is enabled?03:14
sparky-lesshaste: you could, but it's not magic.  read /etc/sudoers to see why "admin" works03:14
lesshastesparky-, I just read it .. it didn't seem very helpful03:15
qngoBraden`: service apparmor status   ?03:16
Braden`How do I add an exception for mysqld?03:17
sparky-lesshaste: your file doesn't have the comment "members of the admin group ..."?03:17
DasEilesshaste: or read man visudo03:18
theemmm.. Mr. witch is the channel in spanish?03:18
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:18
rinzlerhow do i use apt-get to manipulate the files that were held back in upgrade?03:19
=== irdx is now known as irdxafk
lesshastesparky-, why not just do sudo adduser <username> admin?03:20
lesshastesparky-, yes it has # Members of the admin group may gain root privileges03:20
lesshaste%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL03:20
lesshastesparky-, but what does that mean for me?03:20
DasEirinzler: first do a upgrade, too, and unless kernel (reboot required there) can try sudpt-get dist-upgrade03:21
DasEisudo apt-get...*03:21
rinzlerDasEi: thanks03:21
sparky-lesshaste: that explains the mechanism why adding users to admin group allows them to sudo to get root privileges03:22
sparky-lesshaste: yes, of course you would add users to admin group to give them ability to sudo.  but, wouldn't you like to know why that works?  :-)03:22
lesshastesparky-, why not just use the adduser command03:22
DasEilesshaste: you can do it manually, but visudo is there for some reasons and brings you there directly03:23
lesshastesparky-, I still don't know as the line seems commented out to me03:23
waynewanghow can i see a film with mplayer online ?03:23
lesshastewaynewang, you mean it is a stream?03:23
sparky-lesshaste: no it's not.  %admin means "admin unix group"03:23
lesshastesparky-, ok!03:23
lesshastethat was unclear!03:23
lesshastewaynewang, have you tried just doing mplayer url ?03:24
sparky-lesshaste: in the future if you want to do something similar to admin, let's say, "junior admins", you can add similar mechanism to sudoers file03:24
lesshastewaynewang, can you give the link in pm?03:24
=== almostroot is now known as almostroot_
lesshastewaynewang, let's go over to #mplayer03:25
=== almostroot_ is now known as almostroot
=== DouglasA is now known as DouglasA`
cipher6how can i check my ip in xchat03:31
Wildbat[Q]: how to have gnome pop up and show shutdown message if shutdown command have been issued?03:32
karantjoin #resolvedigital03:32
goddardanyone else have adobe flash color issues since the update?03:35
sparky-who doesn't have flash issues of some kind?03:35
theemm.. hello I have a pubroblem with my spekers on ubuntu 10.4 , maybe my problem are the drivers, what do you think03:35
=== mike_ is now known as mopar
sacarlsonthe: if you think it's a driver problem you might download a later version of ubuntu like 11.10 run in try mode and see if it displays the same problem03:37
webnetanyone know how to edit the background colors of the ubuntu text plymouth theme03:38
sacarlsonthe: I would also check the values seen in lspci;  or sudo lshw ; and see if anyone else has problems with your hardware03:38
thebut if it wasn't the problem?03:38
sacarlsonthe: mixer problem?03:39
thei don't know03:39
urbancommandohow to i reset my password ?  nickserv?03:39
bazhangurbancommando, /join #freenode for that03:40
warcow1992hello !03:41
bazhangwarcow1992, ubuntu support issue?03:41
warcow1992first how to i wisper back ?03:41
theit detect my hardware03:42
goddardsparky-: everything was fine for me before the update03:42
bazhangwarcow1992, this is ubuntu support; did you have an ubuntu support question?03:42
goddardnow all my youtube videos have color inversion03:42
sacarlsonthe: did you try gnome-alsa-mixer ?03:42
bazhangwarcow1992, then ask03:42
thelet me see03:43
warcow1992how do i reformat my hard drive03:43
theit isn't instaled, i need install?03:44
bazhangwarcow1992, using gparted live cd or an ubuntu live cd03:44
sacarlsonthe: yes it's optional, need to install it03:44
warcow1992im useing the usb right now03:44
warcow1992i tryed installing it erliar but its not booting03:44
=== Alice__ is now known as james
warcow1992i want to make sure it is a clean install03:45
=== james is now known as Guest67915
warcow1992i had kubuntu on it befor i installed ubuntu03:45
sacarlsonwarcow1992: or if it's a partition not already mounted or can be umounted without effecting your present system you can use gparted or disk utility to format from there03:46
E3D3How precise can pangolins dream lucid during the day ?03:46
warcow1992the disk utility tells me an error stoped it from formating the disk03:46
themr. sacarlson it's alredy instaled, what am I going to do??03:47
sacarlsonwarcow1992: disk utility also has some scan test or other03:47
sacarlsonthe: run it and crank all of the nobes to full blast03:47
theall at full??03:48
sacarlsonthe: make sure none of the mute boxes are checked03:48
warcow1992in the details it says helper exited with exit code 103:48
sacarlsonthe: ya the bigger number = full03:48
thenumber?? i see master, PCM and Capture, whits one ?03:49
sacarlsonwarcow1992: what does the S.M.A.R.T  results show in the disk utility  and run that also03:49
sacarlsonwarcow1992: so disk utility can't run at all?03:50
onoez_omgi'm experiencing problems with hostapd, it worked with the same config on 11.10 but refuses to start at 12.04, should i compile hostapd manually? is it a bug?03:50
bazhangonoez_omg, #ubuntu+1 for that03:50
sacarlsononoez_omg: from that error I'm guessing your wifi driver doesn't support master mode03:51
onoez_omgsacarlson, it works with the same modules as on 11.04 how comes it stopped supporting master mode, what error messages push u to such conclusion?03:52
sacarlsononoez_omg: you should be able to verify manualy if you can put the device in master mode,  I'm just guessing from what I see03:53
sacarlsononoez_omg: I had the same problem with my raylink driver in 2008 it had master mode now today in 2012 it no longer does03:54
tintoyhi hello, anybody helps, why am I receiving winmail.dat attachment?03:55
tintoyi'm using evolution (e-mail client)03:55
onoez_omgsacarlson, the only thing that differs now is that i upgraded to 12.04 from 11.10, it was working flawlessly before, it switches to master mode by hostapd and can't be switched to it manually (at least i don't know the proper way to do that)03:55
warcow1992how do i reformat a hard drive in the terminal?03:55
Ben64onoez_omg: 12.04 support is in #ubuntu+103:56
sacarlsononoez_omg: so run the old kernel in 12.04 then03:56
Wingedetintoy, the email most likely originated from a microsoft outlook client, sending emails in rtf, non outlook clients usually end up with the winmail.dat03:56
onoez_omgBen64, thanks, i already know, but sacarlson probably have some tips, is it restricted to talk about 12.04 here completely?03:56
sacarlsononoez_omg: if you don't know how to put it in master mode doesn't mean it can't be03:57
Ben64depends on if an angry op sees you or not03:57
sacarlsononoez_omg: if they have any complaints you can PM to continue but then I'll miss helping others here03:58
tintoyWingede: thanks for that info!03:58
mkultra_its not restricted to talk about 12.04 but if your gonna do it alot do it in #ubuntu+103:58
onoez_omgmkultra_, i'm trying with no luck03:58
Wingedetintoy, welcome03:58
Ben64less than a month till it will be in this channel03:59
thesacarlson, i was install ubuntu 11.10 but I did formart to my hard disc, and runing on 11.10, my speackers was use04:00
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
thesorry if I had a problem with my sintaxis04:00
theI don't speack english weell04:00
upsetUnmounting your hard drive while you're still using it is a bad thing, right?04:00
sacarlsonthe: you should have just tried the livecd and seen if you speakers work in it before you installed it04:00
anthroposlinux wont let you unmount it if it's in use04:00
=== f3ck4r-0ffz is now known as f3ck4r
upsetanthropos: Right. So if I wanted to add a partition, I should do it with, say, a live usb of GParted?04:01
sacarlsonthe: sorry I only speak thai and english04:01
Ben64upset: that should work04:01
upsetBen64: Awesome. Thanks y'all04:02
theit's a little difucult of explaint I had some troblues with my past OS04:02
Wingedetintoy, there was a plugin for evolution a wee while back, called TNEF - not sure if it still exists but enabling the plugin in evolution allowed you to view04:02
=== dan3son is now known as danielson2
anthroposupset, define add a partition. you mean resize an existing one?04:02
theand i was instaled ubuntu 11.1004:02
theand I back to ubuntu 10.404:02
tintoyWngede: Very nice info!04:02
tintoyWngede:i'll try it04:03
almoxarifethe, the speakers work on 10.4?04:03
sacarlsonthe: ok but did sound work in 11.10 other than your other problems?04:03
thealmox, it doesn't04:04
almoxarifethe.... , have the speakers worked with linux(any distro) ?04:04
themy main problem is my speackers04:04
sacarlsonthe: did you research your sound device from results in lspci ; to see if other had problems with it?04:04
sacarlsonthe: oh the sound comes out the headphones?04:05
thesarcar, lspci detect my speacker04:05
sacarlsonthe: detect is not always working04:05
themy headphones are used04:05
bazhangthe pci speakers?04:06
sacarlsonthe: headphones are used so they work?04:06
thealmox.. it works on ubuntu 11.10 but I'm on ubuntu 10.404:06
thesarca,, yes it works04:06
sacarlsonthe: then plug you speaker amp into the headphone jack,  game over done deal04:07
bazhang!tab | the04:07
ubottuthe: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:07
almoxarifeits over?04:07
almoxarifedammit, I just got here04:07
theubottu, thanks04:07
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:08
Wingedeubottu is too cool to be a bot i thinks04:08
ubottuWingede: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:08
thesacarlson, my headphones works04:08
bazhangurbancommando, please stop that04:09
almoxarifethe....   , may I also suggest you pick a new nick, something with more than three letters and unique04:09
sacarlsonthe: almoxarife: I've seen this before on some laptops the headphone works but speakers don't,  I thought I saw a setting in gnome-alsa-mixer to activate the spearkes04:10
thealmoxarife, I keep in mind04:10
thesacarlson, but it doesn't work04:11
almoxarifesacarlson: its odd for the speakers not to work, I would think that would have been figured out long ago04:11
bazhangthe pastebin the output of lspci04:12
sacarlsonthe: it looks like in gnome-alsa-mixer that the headphones are checked by default,  did you try uncheck that to see if the speakers come on?04:12
bazhang!paste | the04:12
ubottuthe: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:12
onoez_omgsacarlson, i was trying to say that after some point, due to changes in some mechanisms, it should be set to master mode like this `iw phy phy0 interface add wlan0 type master` but iw stops saying that i have "... to run a management daemon, e.g. hostapd ..."04:12
pmp6nlHello all, for the life of me I cannot get two computers on my home network to sync files.  It simply wont work.  I am trying ssh, putty connects fine up unison is giving me issues. Any ideas? Thanks04:12
onoez_omgso it was switching flawlessly at 11.1004:12
sacarlsononoez_omg: you can play with it manualy with  sudo iwconfig;   try man iwconfig to see if you can put it in master mode04:13
onoez_omgnow hostapd fails to launch, but i'm not sharing ur opinion on the root of problem04:14
onoez_omgsacarlson, iwconfig is no longer designed to switch it to master mode04:14
onoez_omgsoz 4 my english btw (if matters)04:14
theso.. i realy don't understan xD, I'm a little confuse04:14
sacarlsononoez_omg: that means the driver is no longer supporting master mode04:14
thedo i post it in ubuntu page?04:14
bazhangthe    paste.ubuntu.com the output from terminal lspci04:14
onoez_omgsacarlson, no it doesnt mean that, because it was the same way at 11.1004:14
onoez_omgbecause it is the same driver04:15
CFHowlettanelyze   greetings04:15
sacarlsonthe: I think it's a mixer setting try all the check boxes and it will probly work04:15
onoez_omgand personally i can't see still what makes u think that there is something wrong with rt2860 driver04:15
theguess what I going to ubuntu 11.10 there it works04:16
sacarlsononoez_omg: oh I'm not sure then,  maybe hostapd doesn't need master mode?  adhoc might work04:16
RalieghHello there. I need help coding some sort of program to run a single Ubuntu command (init.d script). Anyone have any pointers?04:16
RalieghOh, the program needs to be run on Windows.04:16
onoez_omgerror messages make me think that there is something wrong with hostapd04:16
almoxarifethe.... install 11.10 with the 'alternate' iso04:16
Wingedepmp6nl,  if you can ping each box from one another ok I would check if there is no firewall stopping things - at least that will eliminate networking04:17
thealmoxarife, I going to do that04:17
almoxarifethe... and the nick?04:18
almoxarifeplease the.......daadda04:18
sacarlsononoez_omg: I hope you looked at this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/MasterMode04:18
pmp6nlWingede, thanks for the tip, i can ping each box04:18
thealmoxarife, what??04:18
onoez_omgsacarlson, i'm familiar with described things04:18
sacarlsononoez_omg: and you see "AP" in that list then?04:18
bazhanganelyze, ubuntu support question?04:19
almoxarifethe... noticed that tab complete worked with my nick??? try that with yours04:19
onoez_omgsacarlson, iw shows it supports ap mode obviously04:19
Wingedepmp6nl, any firewalls enabled on the boxes?04:19
sacarlsononoez_omg: ok sounds like it's not the driver then the new bug must be in hostap,  time to backup to 11.1004:19
pmp6nlWingede, IDK, whats the best way to check?04:19
sacarlsononoez_omg: or just write your own script to setup an access point, it's not that hard04:20
Wingedepmp6nl, at consoles sudo iptables -L04:20
thealmoxarife, could you please explein me that?? I really don't undestand04:21
onoez_omgthe sad thing is that ubuntu channel +1 is dead :/04:21
onoez_omgi can't figure out if i should to write bug report04:21
theonoez_omg, dude the sad thing is the channel in spanishn doný work04:21
almoxarifethe.........., nothing, nevermind, all is good04:22
Wingedepmp6nl, 3 chains - if they are all are accept it pretty much rules firewalls out also04:22
onoez_omgthe, i don't speak spanish04:22
pmp6nlWingede, that is what they say04:22
pmp6nlWingede, its odd that putty works but I cannot ssh in via terminal or use rsync04:23
sacarlsononoez_omg: something like this (but this looks old) you can setup shareing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing04:23
theonoez_omg, i do, and it's a little dicult to me this04:23
Xgateshey guys04:23
almoxarifewhat is used to collect data from an .inf file to create a driver?04:23
onoez_omgthe, how can i help u?04:23
CFHowlettXgates   greetings04:24
sacarlsonthe: google has some cool translation,  best research how to use it04:24
Wingedepmp6nl, im not familiar with unison, but assuming from your comments the sync is done over ssh ?04:24
=== MogDog is now known as Guest80172
Xgatescan someone tell me if any of the modules that get loaded at run time have anything to do with making the backlight brightness work for a laptop with the F keys? In Ubuntu they work for a Dell 15R but in another distro that I'd like to also run they don04:24
thesacarlson, google tranlate  sucks!04:24
theonoez_omg,  you can do nothing04:25
pmp6nlWingede, yes, I am trying anyway.  I dont care how they sync, I just want them to sync over the network04:25
XgatesSo i'm trying to figure out how Ubuntu controls the backlight F key adjustements in Ubuntu...04:25
sacarlsonthe: so you don't know what  a checkbox is in a gui ?04:25
CFHowlettXgates   probably via hardware specific plugins.  At least that's what my dell 1545 shows...04:25
Wingedepmp6nl, perhaps http://www.howtoforge.com/setting-up-unison-file-synchronization-between-two-servers-on-ubuntu-11.10 can help04:25
almoxarifesacarlson: I am actually impressed with google translation, I have not figured out if they are doing literal or have little google-gnomes in the back doing long hand translation. btw, that would be the job I would quit to work in a salt mine, god I hated translating04:26
CFHowlettXgates   try this in a terminal: locate dell04:26
XgatesCFHowlett: what you mean software/firmware that Ubuntu installs?04:26
pmp6nlWingede, humm I tried some of that but no dice.  I think the underlying problem is not being able to ssh in via terminal... isnt that odd?04:26
thesacarlson, what is that?04:26
CFHowlettXgates   dell firmware via ubuntu04:27
XgatesCFHowlett: I'm not on Ubuntu at the moment04:27
XgatesCFHowlett: could you show me the name of the package?04:27
almoxarifewhat is used to collect data from an .inf file to create a driver?04:27
thealmoxarife, i think the same i hate translate to04:28
Wingedepmp6nl, is ssh installed?04:28
pmp6nlWingede, yes it is, on both04:28
sacarlsonthe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkbox04:28
CFHowlettXgates   ignore the obvious music listings http://paste.ubuntu.com/906653/04:28
almoxarifethe.... get chromium-browser , it translates web pages, sweet?04:28
Wingedepmp6nl, are you trying to ssh using root as username?04:29
theyes chrome too, but it has many problems04:29
XgatesCFHowlett: I need to know the package name so I can look it up online to see if I can get the source, etc...04:29
pmp6nlWingede,  no, the reg user name.04:29
almoxarifethe.... chrome has problems?04:29
goddardhow can i organize mailing list messages in thunderbird?04:29
pmp6nlWingede, thanks for your help, I will look throught that link.  I gotta go now.  I appreciate your help04:30
Wingedepmp6nl, good luck04:30
pmp6nlWingede, thanks04:30
thealmoxarife, with translate04:30
CFHowlettxgates see the dell recovery media creator ...04:31
thesacarlson, I man i really don't know what you mean04:31
sacarlsonthe: you have to learn one thing at a time first thing to learn today is checkbox04:31
thesacarlson, ok let me see somethink in spanish04:32
XgatesCFHowlett: what does the Dell receovery have to do with Backlight for a laptop?04:32
CFHowlettXgates   the dell firmware packages control media keys like lighting, music, etc04:32
XgatesCFHowlett: ok, so can't you please look in Synaptic do a search for Dell and tell me if you see the actual package name?04:33
=== haz3lnut is now known as haz3lnut_zzz
RalieghSo again, does anyone know what I need to do to make a script that can be run on a Windows PC that runs an init.d script on my Ubuntu server?04:33
sacarlsonXgates: on your other question to find what package a file comes from http://www.ubuntugeek.com/what-package-is-that-file-in.html04:34
thesacarlson, LOL i allredy understand, but what you mean?? i don't know what do you say04:34
Ben64Raliegh: open up putty and run the script?04:35
CFHowlettXgates   see i8kutils firmware-addon-dell04:35
onoez_omgfixed, an issue with reading configuration files04:35
Xgatessacarlson: I'm not on or running Ubuntu04:35
XgatesCFHowlett: what's i8kutils part of the name?04:36
sacarlsonthe: ok next thing to learn GUI  or graphical user interface http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphical_user_interface04:36
CFHowlettXgates   2 dell pacakges: i8kutils and firmware-addon-dell04:36
Xgatesok thanks04:36
CFHowlettXgates   good luck04:36
thesacarlson, I undeetand that04:37
RalieghBen64: I need a script to automatically do that. It's to reset my shoutcast services when they need to remotely, without them having remote access and shit.04:37
Ben64Raliegh: why do it from windows04:38
RalieghBecause most of my clients RUN windows...04:38
theI miss my windows04:38
XgatesCFHowlett: Don't see like this is just source out there, seems to be Ubuntu specfic?04:38
sacarlsonthe: the gui application called gnome-alsa-mixer ;   checkbox>headphones> uncheck ;04:38
RalieghBen64: Missed highlight, lol.04:39
CFHowlettXgates   could be, IDK the details04:39
sacarlsonthe: or should the next leason be what is application?04:39
Ben64Raliegh: that doesn't make sense04:39
thesacarlson, man you are a god, I understant all04:39
sacarlsonthe: see google translators do work04:40
RalieghBen64: It makes... Perfect sense... Lol. My clients need a script to double click or whatever that restarts a service on my Ubuntu server. How does that not make sense?04:40
thesacarlson, google translate don't work04:40
Ben64Raliegh: letting clients restart a service doesn't make sense04:40
imbezolRaliegh: there are command line ssh clients for windows.. you could make a script that runs ssh and connects to the server and runs a script there04:41
imbezolRaliegh: alternatively, if the servers are running a web interface, you could make a small web script that restarts it04:41
Ben64that sounds like the best option ^04:41
imbezolRaliegh: then they could just hit the webpage on their server and restart04:41
RalieghWhy doesn't it? It makes perfect sense, there are multiple shoutcast servers on my server, and everyone who owns one of those servers needs a way to reset the service if it crashes or something. Imbezol, there's no web protocol, but do you have documentation on the SSH scripting? What language is it? I assume Batch.04:41
Ben64giving everyone ssh access is a bad idea™04:41
RalieghI'll of course obfuscate it somehow.04:42
RalieghAnd of course they're on a limited user login.04:42
sacarlsonthe: google is god we are just pawns04:42
imbezolRaliegh: you could do something like give their user sudo access to run the specific command.. like "sudo /etc/init.d/someservice restart"04:43
thesacarlson, on alsamixer i don't see  checkbox  who say that04:43
imbezolRaliegh: then just write a small batch file they can use on windows04:43
RalieghExactly, that's what I need to do imbezol.04:43
XgatesCFHowlett: ok found one i8kutils_1.33.tar.gz what version is Ubuntu running?04:43
RalieghBut I'm not entirely sure where to find docs on how to create this batch file or anything.04:43
sacarlsonthe: that's not the name of the application I gave you04:43
Ben64web interface would be much more secure04:43
CFHowlettXgates   I've got it on 10.0404:43
thesacarlson, google it's a god the probleam here is google tranlate04:43
RalieghTrue Ben, but I don't know how create a web interface to run a command on my server either. If it's easy though I would prefer that route. Is it possible in PHP or something?04:44
imbezolRaliegh: i'd probably just look at turning on the web interface. it would save you from telling your users how to get the components to make a batch script work04:44
XgatesI found this for Natty; https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/i8kutils/1.3304:44
imbezolRaliegh: then you just support the server, not the client machines04:44
imbezolRaliegh: but that's just me04:44
imbezolRaliegh: probably a hundred ways to solve that problem. all of them are going to require some know-how04:44
imbezolRaliegh: or some money to get someone to solve it for you :)04:45
CFHowlettXgates   same version shows up in apt-cache policy04:45
RalieghThere's a web interface for the stream imbezol, an admin login and everything, but nothing that can restart the service/program.04:45
thesacarlson, which one did you give me04:45
imbezolRaliegh: yeah.. you'd have to write a script.. perl cgi, or php, or something of the sorts04:45
CFHowlettDanko8321   greetings04:46
Danko8321A bit of help with Linux virtual machines?04:46
CFHowlettDanko8321   ask away04:46
cc11rocks_VirtualBox Guest additions question...04:46
Danko8321I have been having problems installing Linux Guest additions04:47
Danko8321Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora04:47
Danko8321None of them work04:47
RalieghWell thanks for the help imbezol. I'll be poking around. ^^04:47
Danko8321It doesn't give any kind of error message04:48
zeta-Celestia has been segfaulting for ages04:48
zeta-Just been trying to compile from source but I get;-04:48
zeta-../celengine/libcelengine.a(libcelengine_a-glext.o): undefined reference to symbol 'dlopen@@GLIBC_2.1'04:48
zeta-Has GLIBC upgraded and broken Celestia?04:48
thesacarlson, which?04:48
Danko8321It just gives back the prompt in about a second04:48
Danko8321And if I use a graphical tool it opens a terminal and just closes it back again04:48
CFHowlettDanko8321   did you follow the instruction for installing Guest Additions?04:49
Danko8321Or at least I think so04:49
Danko8321I have managed to do it in a couple of Windows installs04:49
sacarlsonthe: I guess we have to backup and teach you what an application name is04:49
Danko8321And I did it once in a Ubuntu setup04:49
Danko8321But the Ubuntu setup dyed04:49
CFHowlettDanko8321   what is your host?04:49
Danko8321LinuxMint 1204:50
thesacarlson, jhaaaa only give me the mane04:50
CFHowlettDanko8321   you really need to take this over to the mint channel.  Sorry, we don't support it here.04:50
ubottuDanko8321: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:50
Danko8321Well thanks a lot04:51
sacarlsonthe: you da mane04:51
cc11rocks_Could you guys at least try?04:51
CFHowlettcc11rocks_   try what?04:51
cc11rocks_*for Danko8321?04:51
anthroposlinux mint has a channel of its own04:51
CFHowlettcc11rocks_   and the BEST place to get help with mint is from mint.04:51
anthroposit's more logical to ask there for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is, that you want help from people who know your distribution04:51
cc11rocks_I understand the delima...about the non-supported OS, but yeah...04:51
=== dukie is now known as dungeonduke
thesacarlson, man are you kidding?? i have trobles typing04:53
=== dukie is now known as dungeonduke
sacarlsonthe: another thing to learn is how to scroll  or scrolling in the IRC to look back at what was already typed before http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrolling04:54
sacarlsonthe: yes so do I so I don't like to retype04:54
thesacarlson, no mames04:55
sacarlsonthe: the application name = http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=gnome-alsamixer04:57
thesacarlson, google translate "no mames"?04:57
sacarlsonthe: cool you created a new language called the:04:58
gnome2<gnome2> Could anyone tell me if Ubuntu-panel is a fork from Ubuntu?04:58
gnome2<gnome2> or just Gnome-fallback or classic04:58
gnome2<gnome2> and if in the next LTS will be removed04:58
bazhangsacarlson, you probably mean packages.ubuntu.com04:58
thesacarlson,  man it's spanish04:58
bazhanggnome2 gnome-panel? its not04:59
sacarlsonbazhang: your correct sorry I just googled the name didn't see that04:59
bazhangthe #ubuntu-es for spanish04:59
gnome2i'm not spanish04:59
bobo37773anyone here use conky-cli ?05:00
bazhanggnome2 I was talking to the05:00
sacarlsongnome2: if they remove it I'm sure there will be a backport someplace05:00
thebazhang, that channel don't work05:01
bazhangthe sure it does05:01
bazhangthe if you want spanish support thats where to go05:01
thebazhang, but theres nobody say nothing05:02
thebut i try english05:02
bazhangthe then be patient, or use english here05:02
gnome2sacarlson, a backport?05:02
sacarlsonthe: you can also run 2 or 10 different chats at the same time05:02
sacarlsongnome2: yes backport as in ppa05:03
bobo37773can anyone hear me here right now? test05:03
gnome2i hope gnome panel exist forever05:03
bazhangbobo37773, what is the issue with conky05:03
sacarlsongnome2: maybe in the case it would be a forport ?05:03
thesacarlson, i know but that channel does't work05:03
Wildbat[Q]: how to have gnome pop up and show shutdown message if shutdown command have been issued?05:03
theso i'll try english05:04
bobo37773bazhang: Thanks. Wasn't sure if I was connected. No problem with conky just a little curious about conky-cli version05:04
sacarlsonthe: not work maybe you didn't wait long enuf,  things don't always hapen in seconds sometime they take days05:04
bazhang!find conky-cli05:04
ubottuFound: conky-cli05:04
bazhang!info conky-cli05:05
ubottuconky-cli (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (basic version). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1-2 (oneiric), package size 225 kB, installed size 756 kB05:05
thei wait a half and hour05:05
sacarlsonthe: i'm online 24 hours / 7 days a week05:05
bobo37773bazhang: Have you ever used it? Is it like conky except you can run it in a terminal?05:06
bazhangbobo37773, no idea sorry05:06
thesacarlson, do you work here?05:06
bazhangthe what is your support issue05:06
dungeondukehi there, does anybode know how to solve the problem with login screen. Sometimes after boot i've got an artifacts on screen. If i press enter then screen flashes , after this i can login.05:06
haslguitarwhy does this channel have so many users?05:06
sacarlsonthe: there is a small difference from work and play,  I exist05:06
themy speacker doesn't work05:06
bazhangthe and where is the pastebin output of lspci I asked you for05:07
CFHowletthaslguitar   do you have an ubuntu support request?05:07
sacarlsonbazhang: his sound card works since he has sound out the headphone05:07
dungeondukeprobably this connected with Nvidia driver05:07
haslguitarnot really.  i just saw this channel had so many people and was wondering why.05:07
bazhangsacarlson, he said he had PCI speakers as well05:07
thebazhang, this05:07
sacarlsonbazhang: I just can't get the: to try click the headphones disable botton in gnome-alsamixer05:08
bazhangthe yes paste.ubuntu.com with the output of lspci05:08
thesacarlson, i did it05:08
gnome2sacarlson, forport?05:09
sacarlsongnome2: just a name I tried to make up05:09
haslguitardo you know how to hack?05:09
haslguitarcuz i have this friend that really needs to know how.05:10
CFHowletthaslguitar   this is not a hacking channel.  Please limit yourself to ubuntu support or go elsewhere05:10
aeon-ltdhaslguitar: ... get out.05:10
bazhanghaslguitar, thats not on topic here05:10
sacarlsongnome2: backport is normaly what we pull from forward releases so if you push something from old release into new release what is it called?05:10
bazhangaeon-ltd, not necessary05:10
haslguitarbut what if i using ubuntu?  then can i hack?05:10
bobo37773dungeonduke: Have you tryed any other display managers? Last I heard (this was a while ago) there were still a couple of small issues to sort out with lightdm if that is in fact what you're talking about (don't quote me on that I dont have a link handy)05:10
gnome2yes yes sacarlson05:10
aeon-ltdhaslguitar: you and your friend need to do a lot of reading on what hacking is, also several laws.05:10
bazhanghaslguitar, dont ask for that here05:10
haslguitaraeon-ltd:  thanks for the help.  we will!05:10
gnome2it would be nice to stay with gnome 205:11
haslguitaryeah like stealing peoples credit cards and phone numbers!05:11
gnome2on ubuntu 12.0405:11
ubottuhaslguitar: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:11
aeon-ltdlong-con troll?05:11
Ben64bazhang got to that quick05:11
snowrichardwhile my ubuntu is booting up on my amd64 system, my monitor displays "Input not support" and there is no text or splash screen during boot.  It will also give me the same message after booting if I try to use a text console.  Where is a tutorial on how to fix this?05:12
gnome2who's a troll05:12
sacarlsongnome2: I find that gnome-shell makes me fell at home again like my old ubuntu 10.0405:12
gnome2really sacarlson ?05:12
gnome2well i'll give it a last chance05:12
bobo37773gnome2: How many other window managers have you tryed? I was stuck on gnome 2 but then found there are many other alternatives.05:12
dungeondukebobo37773: i've got this problem only with default manager05:12
gnome2bobo37773, well there's xfce, mate05:12
sacarlsongnome2: ya also cinimon is better than unity in my opinion05:13
thesacarlson, man see you, im going to sleep, it's late05:13
sacarlsonthe: ok good luck05:13
snowrichardflux box or black box if you really want minimal05:13
bobo37773gnome2: I made the switch to openbox and am very happy. I think if I went back to a compoisting wm I would stick to a wm only though probably straight compiz05:13
gnome2but i want to work with nautilus05:14
thesale we ahi la vemos luego05:14
these cuidan05:14
thechidos por ayudar05:14
bobo37773dungeonduke: Try another one and see if you still have the issue.05:14
gnome2bobo37773, ubuntu 905:14
snowrichardany idea how to set my video mode so boot splash and text consoles will be at a mode my monitor can use?05:14
gnome2bobo37773, ubuntu + openbox = oubuntu?05:14
bobo37773gnome2: Nautilus is a file manager. While it does pull a fair amount of dependencies you can use it in and window manager05:15
gnome2ah ok05:15
gnome2well maybe I'll give a try to other wm05:16
bobo37773gnome2: Well there is crunchbang if you want openbox or there is lubuntu (pretty sure its still openbox it just sits inside lxde).05:16
matias_Ya se puede actualizar GNOME a la version 3.4?05:16
matias_yo tengo ubuntu 11.1005:16
songxk_vitualbox is nic05:16
ubottumatias_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:16
anthroposgnome2, what are you looking for in a wm05:16
bobo37773matias_: Probably. Did you look around for a ppa?05:17
gnome2well, panel customization05:17
snowrichardok no one seems to know at the moment i'll go google thanks05:17
anthroposgnome2, what else? what kind of hw do you wnat to run it on?05:17
dungeondukebobo37773: http://askubuntu.com/questions/95312/why-do-i-sometimes-log-in-twice-instead-of-once i think here is the same problem, but still no solution05:17
gnome2intel 6405:17
anthroposwhad kinf of graphics card05:17
gnome2amd radeon 545005:17
gnome2why are u asking me so anthropos05:18
anthroposbecause it changes what kind of wm you can run05:19
sacarlsonsnowrichard: I used https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/grub-customizer  to set resolion to like 640X480 or some small number05:19
gnome2i know there's some bugs with ati radeon cards and ubuntu latest releases05:19
anthroposthe 5450 is a separate card or is it onboard?05:19
anthroposthe bugs are only really an issue with gnome 3 afaik05:19
anthroposunity works, gnome 2 works05:19
gnome2ok nice05:19
anthroposgnome 3 will work more or less, but it requires more effort.05:19
gnome2oh no05:20
gnome2but gnome fallbaks is gnome 305:20
bobo37773dungeonduke: Did you attempt the fix on that post?05:20
anthroposI have an ati card in my netbook and I use gnome 3 (well, gnome shell). and yes, it falls back by default. you can make it work though05:20
gnome2which ati radeon do u have anthr05:20
anthroposthe proprietary driver05:21
gnome2like me05:21
dungeondukeyes i did, this bug chasing me since Ubuntu 10.1005:21
gnome2it runs well on 10.1005:21
anthroposI think the problem i had may be unique to the netbook chipsets (fusion / zacate)05:21
anthroposwhat wm are you trying to run? gnome 3?05:21
gnome2well now i'm on 10.1005:21
bobo37773dungeonduke: What version of Ubuntu do you use?05:21
gnome2gnome 205:21
gnome2but in april i'll switch to gnome fallback ubuntu 12.0405:21
gnome2altough i've read somewhere that gnome-fallback has no future :(05:22
gnome2it's just a transient option05:23
anthroposI suspect all the modern gnome  stuff will be based on gnome shell now. but some wm's based on gnome shell look a lot like gnome 205:23
anthroposlike cinnamon05:23
dungeondukebobo37773: Description:Ubuntu 11.1005:23
gnome2i'll investigate05:23
anthroposit's essentially the mint  developer's take on gnome 3, which basically makes it look very much like gnome 205:23
anthroposI personally like gnome shell as is, but i understand why you might object to it05:23
gnome2but isn't cinnnamon for mint?05:24
anthroposyou can run it in ubuntu05:24
anthroposi dont know if its in the repos or not. it probably is05:24
sacarlsongnome2: that's what I'm presently looking at cinnamon on my screen,  just getting used to the new feel05:24
gnome2but what a mess no?05:24
anthroposi don't think it will be a miss05:24
anthroposI think you'll install it and that will be that.05:24
anthroposthe only problem i forsee is fglrx playing nice with gnome shell05:24
anthroposwhich can be a problem for some cards05:25
bobo37773dungeonduke: Here is how to switch to test a new dm -->  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/07/how-to-switch-between-gdm-lightdm-or.html05:25
gnome2well i installed 12.04 + mate, then did apt-get update and system crash for example05:25
bobo37773dungeonduke: Well, you will have to install the package you want first.05:25
sacarlsongnome2: just more options,  problem is now seems everyone is looking a different looking screens and harder to know how to instruct to get what they want05:25
anthropos12.04 is beta05:25
anthroposthe beauty of linux is that you can pick whatever desktop environment you wnat, there is no right or wrong choice05:26
gnome2i understand05:26
dungeondukebobo37773: thanks, will do this05:26
gnome2so anthropos, with my ati radeon 5450 i might went into problems with gnome 3?05:26
gnome2this is no magic05:26
gnome2no beauty05:26
anthroposi don't know, but you can check google. if its the netbook chipset then it might be a problem05:27
bobo37773dungeonduke: Okay let us know. Not sure how much it will help since I think 10.10 was gdm and not lightdm if I remember correctly.05:27
anthroposnm, you said it was a separate card. it's probably ok05:27
gnome2well actually is silly what i asking, cause i already tried 12.04 with my ati card05:27
gnome2and went well05:27
gnome2thanks guys05:28
FloodBot1gnome2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
anthroposnp, take care.05:28
pratzhey guys can i have sound icon with music player in ubuntu 10.04 as we have in ubuntu 11.04 ?05:30
songxk_can 12.04 work well with ATI05:30
anthroposyes, why not05:30
dalek_my desktop manager died. I just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.10 and then I let update manager update... it killed lightdm desktop manager. Now I can't boot. I get "* Starting LightDm Display Manager [fail]" and it hangs there.05:30
anthropos(to songxk_)05:30
songxk_That is good05:30
anthroposI think it works AS well as any of the others :) you'll still have to put up with crappy drivers from ati05:31
E3D3I can talk nonsense but that time-indicator of new Beta upgrader...drives me crazy.05:31
scientesdalek_, "just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.10"05:31
scientesdalek_, did you upgrade to 11.04 first?05:31
bobo37773pratz: You mean like a sound up / down panel applet?05:31
dalek_scientes: nope. skipped it entirely.05:31
scientesdalek_, then you did an unsupported upgrade05:32
research4oscari created a group developers and assigned him shell /bin/sh and home directory /var/www.  I then created developer1 right and assinged him shell /bin/false and to the developer group.  The problem is i can't upload files.05:32
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:32
pratzbobo37773: sound up / down plus banshee player next previous in it05:32
dalek_scientes: it is pointless giving me browser links - I have to GUI to run a browser in. How can installing 11.10 be unsupported? What about people who installed 11.10 straight from windows without ever having 11.04 installed?\05:34
dalek_scientes: *no gui05:34
bobo37773pratz: Do you have "indicator-sound" package installed? Is that no longer available in 11.04?05:35
bazhangdalek_, whats the issue05:35
ozzfan76installed ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, works well but a USB 3G CDMA modem does not get automatically listed in Network Manager so i cannot configure it. The modem worked well in 10.10, 11.04 and 11.1005:35
pratzbobo37773: i want this in ubuntu 10.0405:35
bazhangozzfan76, #ubuntu+1 for 12.0405:35
dalek_bazhang: lightdm died after I selected update in update manager05:35
anthroposresearch4oscar, elaborate, upload how. and one typically assigns a shell to a user not a group afaik05:36
ozzfan76ok thanks.. sorry didn't know :)05:36
sacarlsonresearch4oscar: I can't read enuf into that to make head or tails of it05:36
pratzbobo37773: i want 11.04 indicator-sound applet in 10.04 , possible ?05:36
dalek_bazhang: now I can't boot past *staring lightdm display manager [fail]05:36
bazhangdalek_, what about in recovery mode05:36
bobo37773pratz: oh I see. Do you have the indicator-sound package installed? Is it in your repos05:37
sacarlsonresearch4oscar: I guess instead of telling what you did at this point tell us what your goal is?05:37
dalek_bazhang: how do I get into recovery mode?05:37
bazhangdalek_, hold shift a t boot05:37
scientesdalek_, fresh installs are supported, and you can do a fresh install to your existing setup without loosing your /home files05:37
scientes^^^on shift05:37
turdcan i ask questions about Wine in here?05:38
bazhangscientes, upgrades are supported too, not just fresh installs05:38
sacarlsonresearch4oscar: limit the bin that the users have access to I guess is what you want05:38
ubottuturd: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:38
bazhangturd, about the program or games05:38
HeliusCron^I have a grub problem.  Somehow when I installed Ubuntu grub ended up on my 3rd data drive,  any way to fix this?05:38
research4oscarsacarlson: i want to add a couple of users to my new ubuntu setup with access only to a folder under var/www05:38
scientesbazhang, he upgraded from 10.10 to 11.10 directly05:38
dalek_scientes: In that case, that is what I did, a fresh install off a live USB disk with the option to retain /home files05:38
bin_bashHas anyone used ubuntu on the new ideapad U300e?05:38
scientesdalek_, OOOH, ok05:38
sacarlsonresearch4oscar: can't you just add those users to the group www-data ?05:38
HeliusCron^i chose the install beside win7 option05:38
research4oscarsacarlson: so that they can upload html files.05:38
research4oscarsacarlson: yup tried that.05:39
bobo37773dalek_: Can you get into a shell?05:39
sacarlsonresearch4oscar: and the results being ?  maybe you also have permisions on the dir /var/www set to what?05:39
dalek_bobo37773: I am in the alt+ctrl+F1 terminal, if that is what you mean? I am accessing IRC through irssi05:40
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dalek_bobo37773: alt+f1 rather... I forget I don't need to hold ctrl ;)05:40
bobo37773dalek_: Gotcha yeah thats what I meant. Did you try --> sudo dpkg-reconfigure displaymanagername05:41
dalek_bobo37773: I tried that already... it fails. Hold on - I will get the error message05:41
bobo37773dalek_: Really? I have to hold ctrl. How did you do that? Or is that a default Ubuntu thing?05:41
bobo37773dalek_: Install gdm and switch to that and see if that works05:41
bobo37773dalek_: sudo apt-get install gdm && sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm05:42
research4oscar_sacarlson: that is what i was thinking. how can i check what rights they have on their folder?05:43
sacarlsonresearch4oscar: sudo ls -l -d /var/www05:44
bin_bashReally? Nobody?05:44
sacarlsondam I'm slow05:45
dalek_bobo37773: hold on... before I try to revert to GDM, what do you think of this error for lightDM? "dpkg-mainscript-helper: warning environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_NAME missing" and same error again but ending in "DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE missing"05:45
dalek_bobo37773: sorry if I am taking long time to anwser, but I have no idea how to copy/paste in a tty terminal so I have to type everything by hand05:46
bobo37773 dalek_ Just a second. Be right back05:47
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dalek_this is my first time using irssi ;)05:51
rexbutlerWhat is the default font for the gnome terminal?  I need to reset it.05:51
rexbutlerIt's looking monsterous.05:51
songxk_how to install lamp on ubunut05:51
songxk_how to install lamp on ubuntu05:52
CarterLhowdy, i have a problem.  for some reason, fresh ubuntu install.  Windows for some reason will not stay on top.  So when i alt-tab or select another window it will not come to the top.  has anyone else experience this?05:52
anthroposi think there is a unified package for the entire lamp stack. but, you should know what you are doing if you install this and expose it ot the public05:52
rexbutlerI almost feel for that, even though I've seen wingdings before05:52
rexbutlerit's late05:52
CFHowlettsongxk_   http://www.unixmen.com/install-lamp-with-1-command-in-ubuntu-1010-maverick-meerkat/05:52
songxk_thank u CFHowlett05:52
CFHowlettsongxk_   have fun / be safe05:52
songxk_my tasksel can not work05:53
CFHowlettsongxk_   *sudo* tasksel05:53
rexbutlerHah... I'll just load up my other VM!05:53
dalek_bobo37773: are you still around?05:54
songxk_vi or vim05:55
dalek_what was the key to get grub menu up while booting again? shift key was it?05:55
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CFHowlettCyberex greetings05:55
HeliusCron^I have a grub problem.  Somehow when I installed Ubuntu grub ended up on my 3rd data drive,  any way to fix this?05:56
sacarlsonHeliusCron^: you can change the boot sequence in bios and after boot you can also reload the mbr to the other desired hard disk05:59
bobo37773HeliusCron^: Was that the default? How did you do this?06:00
bobo37773dalek_: hey06:02
dalek_bobo37773: I am back06:02
hateballHeliusCron^: This may be helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#The_graphical_way06:02
bobo37773dalek_: I see that. So did gdm work any better?06:03
dungeondukebobo37773: thank you for help, i've installed gdm and problem now seems to be solved06:03
dalek_bobo37773: I tired booting in recovery mode to see what happened.06:03
waynewangwho give me a stream video link,i want to learn mplayer ,thankyou06:03
bobo37773dungeonduke: Very cool. Glad I could help. Hopefully this gets fixed upstream soon.06:03
ubottuwaynewang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:04
bobo37773waynewang: Is that a question or a statement?06:04
mukeshecewaynewang which type of link rstp?06:04
bobo37773dalek_: And what happened?06:04
waynewangmms   or   rstp06:04
waynewangmukeshece both are ok06:05
mukeshecetry this: rtsp://v6.cache1.c.youtube.com/CjYLENy73wIaLQlzkVp9YR-69RMYJCAkFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSBWluZGV4YLqFpPbF_pi4Tww=/0/0/0/video.3gp06:05
dalek_bobo37773: I came to the recovery menu, wasn't sure which option to pick, so I just picked the top option (which was like start normally).. and that threw me into a command prompt. I rebooted again and the "*Starting LightDM Desktop Manager" has changed from [fail] to [ok].06:06
techlobyte1is wpa2 encrypted differently for each attached device?06:06
bobo37773techlobyte1: You mean is the pairwise key different?06:06
user1hi, how to install oracle 10g xe in ubuntu 11.10 64 bit, pls help me...06:07
techlobyte1I guess06:07
bobo37773dalek_: Oh cool. So its working now? Can you get into X?06:07
dalek_bobo37773: but now the boot-up sequence hangs at "Starting userspace bootsplash [ok]"06:07
dalek_bobo37773: no06:07
bobo37773dalek_: Okay. Try gdm and see if that works.06:07
techlobyte1bobo37773, yea06:07
techlobyte1bobo37773, does the handshake establish a different encryption hash for each attached device06:08
foobArrrI sometimes have problems after resuming from hibernation: A lot of UI elements are not clickable, awn dock for example. It keeps displaying stuff (cpu indicator) fine, however.. Running stuff via alt+f2 doesn't work. I can type in open terminals, as soon as I press enter, nothing happens anymore. If I try to use tab completion, nothing happens anymore. I can't login via ssh, it asks for the password, then nothing happens anymore. Switching to text mo06:08
foobArrrde terminals (Alt+f1/f2/..., how are they called?) doesn't work. After a few minutes even the mouse cursor freezes.06:08
joosengeesome one use the ubuntu server06:08
bazhangfoobArrr, what version of ubuntu06:08
bobo37773techlobyte1: Not 100% sure. But I think they are the same. Doesn't the important part of the handshake come from the router?06:08
bazhangjoosengee, try #ubuntu-server06:09
techlobyte1bobo37773, it does, I just wonder how vulnerable I am in sharing my pre-shared key06:09
bobo37773techlobyte1: Sharing your preshared key? You mean the passphrase?06:09
techlobyte1bobo37773, yea06:10
rexbutlerQuestion:  I've been messing around with vim and terminal color schemes.  It seems that that the "Linux console" default scheme has changed, along with a few others.06:10
rexbutlerIs there a way to force that back?06:10
bobo37773techlobyte1: There are a lot of variables to consider. Do you know every device on your network?06:10
techlobyte1bobo37773, well see there was this St. Patricks party, and I wanted to earn some qiri06:11
bobo37773techlobyte1: what is qiri? Not that it matters. Okay so you gave your password to some people you don't know? Is that what you are saying?06:12
techlobyte1bobo37773, so far I do know everyone, but I don't want to06:12
mukesheceuser1 : check this :  Oracle Database 10g Express Edition add Oracle’s repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list file echo -e "n# Oracle repositoryndeb http://oss.oracle.com/debian unstable main non-free | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list06:12
techlobyte1bobo37773, I don't want to expose myself unduly06:13
bobo37773techlobyte1: Is this happening right now or are we talking paste-tense?06:13
bobo37773techlobyte1: past*06:13
mukesheceuser1: better check this link :  http://howandyou.com/how-to-install-oracle-database-10g-xe-and-oc4j-on-ubuntu/06:13
techlobyte1bobo37773, is it somehow frowned upon to share your network with neighbors?06:14
techlobyte1bobo37773, we're all kind of poor because of the depression06:14
techlobyte1bobo37773, so I was just wondering if I'm opening myself up to sniffers06:15
bobo37773techlobyte1: Not really. Just pay attention to what is happening on your network. I guess what I mean is know every mac address on the network.06:15
techlobyte1bobo37773, sage advice06:15
bobo37773techlobyte1: Well you may be. But most people can't really accomplish that very well anyways. Just make sure you use https everywhere extension and use a local dns server06:16
dalek_bobo37773: I jsut had visitors at the door, but now they are gone. Do you want me to try GDM now?06:16
bobo37773dalek_: May be a fix. It's up to you06:16
techlobyte1bobo37773, I was using opendns so I could sniff them06:16
techlobyte1bobo37773, without invading their privacy06:16
dalek_bobo37773: so..... sudo apt-get install gdm and then what was the rest?06:17
bobo37773techlobyte1: Hahaha. Yeah okay. Anyways, I meant just for your machine specifically. Something like pdnsd06:17
techlobyte1bobo37773, thanks06:18
bobo37773techlobyte1: Your welcome. Always pay attention to the traffic on your network06:18
toygardenGood morning people. I have problems with my laptop when resuming from suspend. Can't see the screen. Sounds familiar to anyone?06:18
bobo37773dalek_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm06:18
anthropostoygarden, do you have a swap partition that is as large as your memory?06:20
dalek_bobo37773: ok.. it looks like dpkg is runing automatically after entering apt-get install anyway06:20
bobo37773dalek_: Well pay close attention. If it does not switch it that is the command06:20
dalek_bobo37773: it came up with a congfiguration screen asking me to choose between gdm and lightdm, and entered ok.06:22
bobo37773dalek_: ?? Did you pick gdm?06:22
toygardenanthropos: i'm not sure. df does not display a swap partition? what command can I run to check it?06:23
bobo37773michaeljones: Hello06:23
adnan_kamiliDoes anybody know , when brcmsmac driver will support AP mode. It is causing lot of problem.I have been waiting for a year not, and i don't want to use Windows for that!06:23
CFHowlettmichaeljones   greetings06:23
dalek_bobo37773: yes, forgot to mention that.06:23
michaeljoneswould it be possible to have an ubuntu install I can boot natively as well as boot from inside of a VM?06:23
bobo37773dalek_: haha. Okay. Reboot06:23
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:23
michaeljonesif I give it its own hard drive?06:23
anthroposfdisk -l will list all your partitions if you are using msdos partition tables, which you prob are06:23
dalek_bobo37773: will reboot now to see what is broken now.06:23
bobo37773dalek_: Will be here waiting for you06:24
anthroposmichaeljones, it would be hard06:24
sacarlsonadnan_kamili: adhoc works in most cases when ap mode doesn't exist06:24
michaeljonesanthropos: how so?06:24
anthroposyou'd be switching hw constantly. your bare metal hw is totally diff than what it will see in the vm06:24
goddardany way to get h.264 support in firefox?06:24
anthroposit'd be better to run it in a vm in both cases06:24
bobo37773michaeljones: Please elaborate a little if you don't mind06:24
anthroposyou can run it on top of a bare bones hypervisor though06:25
michaeljonesanthropos: right but as long as the drivers for everything exist why should it matter?06:25
anthroposmichaeljones, like I said, it's not impossible06:25
anthroposjust likely to be problematic.06:25
toygardenanthropos: fdisk -l lists that my swap is 2928640 blocks. now, how do I know what blocksize my fs uses?06:25
michaeljonesbobo37773: I want to install ubuntu and boot it from an SSD06:25
anthroposwhy do you need a vm to do that michaeljones06:25
michaeljonesbut when I'm on windows I want to be able to boot that same ubuntu installation from VMware06:25
michaeljonesbobo37773: ^06:25
anthroposi think it's a bad idea. but i'm not going to say it's impossible06:26
bobo37773michaeljones: So you want to install on a hard drive and then put it in some kind of hot swap usb and boot that from a vm? Is that what you mean? Or do you mean an internal drive?06:26
anthropostoygarden, try sfdisk -l -uM06:27
anthroposhe wantsd to boot the same OS both from the bare metal and in a vm06:27
michaeljonesbobo37773: I mean a separate internal drive06:27
anthroposbasically he wants to boot a normal linux install in a VM without cloning it or anything06:27
dalek_bobo37773: hangs at a different point now. Also, it appears from the boot up messages that GDM and LightDM are trying to run simultaneously... perhaps I should purge lightdm?06:27
bobo37773dalek_: Yeah try that and then reconfigure again.06:28
anthroposit'd be better to run it in a hypervisor like kvm or something when you want to boot it "directly", so it's always virtualized, but it would not be running on top of windows always06:28
dalek_bobo37773: I also noticed that the screen flickers a few times before it hangs, like it is trying to switch screen modes but fails.06:28
michaeljonesanthropos: so have KVM also boot windows?06:29
toygardenanthropos: ok, looks like my swap drive is only 3GB and I have 6GB memory. also, I dual-boot on a 128GB SSD, so I don't think I can double the swap space. do you know of any other solution? as it is i just hibernate instead.06:29
joosengeeabout the ubuntu server room is closed.06:29
anthroposyou could do that. it's not what i was thinking, but perhaps it's better. anyways, I invite you to try what you want, michaeljones, and let me know if you get it working06:29
anthroposbut I think it'll be hard to get it working without problems developing at some point06:29
anthroposlinux is pretty tolerant of switching out hw, but this would really be taking it to the next level.06:29
bobo37773dalek_: Hmm. Maybe try killing gdm / lightdm from the console and then just booting straight into X would work or at least give you an error taht makes sense06:29
anthroposbeyond just changing out a mobo once or something06:29
HeliusCron^default ubuntu install beside win7 option sacarlson06:30
joosengeeI don't know the new room that tell about impement for server.06:30
HeliusCron^installed to same drive as my win7 install06:30
anthropostoygarden, you need a swap  partition as large as your ram to suspend, afaik06:30
bobo37773michaeljones: I do not understand the advantage here. Do you want portability or something?06:30
joosengeewindows 8 is good, someone tell me.06:30
anthroposI do not know any workaround. but you could swap to a usb key or something. personally I wouldn't swap to an SSD anyways06:30
joosengeelook friendly.06:30
anthroposif you have 6gb of memory the only thing you are likely to use swap for is suspending06:30
joosengeeand easy to use.06:30
ubottujoosengee: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:31
bobo37773joosengee: If someone told you then it has to be true. I should go buy a copy right now :p06:31
dalek_bobo37773: I have just purged lightdm (which also took ubuntu-desktop with it). Now I am rebooting again. brb06:32
toygardenanthropos: ok, i guess it figures. do you know if there's other pitfalls for me, having a smaller swap partition?06:32
anthropostoygarden, what kind of comp is it?06:32
SmokeyDHey everyone. I have windows XP and ubuntu on my machine in dual boot. I want to swap windows XP for windows 7. Can I just erase windows XP and install windows 7 in the empty space, and then boot from a live cd and reinstall grub?06:33
CFHowlettSmokeyD   that should work06:33
anthroposSmokeyD, yes but win 7 will def nuke grub :)06:33
SmokeyDWindows XP is at the beginning of the hd and there is enough space available for windows 706:33
toygardenanthropos: a toshiba satellite z830, laptop, wiht ssd06:33
michaeljonesbobo37773: basically I want my ubuntu install available even when I'm in windows06:34
anthropostoygarden, you don't really need any swap at all. i would not use a swap partition on such a computer. the only reason you need it is to suspend and just to be on the safe side so you don't run out of memory encoding media or something06:34
anthroposbut realistically, you need no swap06:34
michaeljonesand I'd rather not do some crappy split / and /home partition install06:34
SmokeyDAnthropos that is no problem as long as I can reinstall it again06:34
bobo37773michaeljones: So you want a virtual machine that is synced basically? Also, why is seperating / and /home a crappy install? hahaha06:35
anthroposmichaeljones, you could just run windows in a VM in linux06:35
anthroposyes, his vm idea is pretty bold...06:35
bobo37773this ^^06:35
RedBunnyis there a program manager to force quit a program ,... like task manager .?06:35
bobo37773jessie: Hi!06:35
toygardenanthropos: ok. I don't think I'll remove it, but I giess I won't run in to other problems with it. thanks!06:35
rexbutlerQuestion: 'tput colors' gives me 8... is there a way I can fix this?06:35
michaeljonesbobo37773: because I'd have to maintain 2 ubuntu installs06:36
bobo37773RedBunny: I use htop06:36
jessiehow to create a bootable usb to install ubuntu 11.1006:36
bobo37773michaeljones: If you use a seperate /home?06:36
LinseGood morning06:36
CFHowlettjessie   startupdiskcreator or unetbootin06:36
bobo37773Linse: Good evening06:36
CFHowlettLinse   greetings06:36
RedBunnyhow do i make a folder in my home folder Websites ,... show up on the left sidee of the folder program ....where pictures and documents are at06:36
michaeljonesbobo37773: /home, then 1 / for the native boot, and another / for the VM06:36
michaeljonesbobo37773: yea06:36
jessieCFHowlett:i tried thru startup but not booting06:37
SmokeyDRedbunny, there is a graphical taskmanager as well06:37
CFHowlettjessie   you mean startupdiskcreator is absent or won't work?06:37
dalek_bobo37773: failed again. Hangs at message "* Checking battery state..."06:38
sacarlsonjessie: it might require some changes in bios settings to change boot sequence to boot usb first06:38
bobo37773michaeljones: I always use a seperate /home. Hasn't given me any problems yet. I think I know what you are trying to get at though. I think the short answer is no. It will not work like you think it will.06:38
jessieCFHowlett:wont work06:38
CFHowlettjessie   try unetbootin06:38
michaeljonesbobo37773: techically speaking thought what is stopping it from working?06:38
anthroposif you want to see an OS really freak out, try switching windows from VM to bare metal and vice versa06:38
michaeljoneslol anthropos06:39
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bobo37773dalek_: Why did you remove ubuntu-desktop? I tried to stop you but you were already gone. Why all the trouble? You have some data backed up on /home right? Is that it?06:39
michaeljonesanthropos: I've done it, the first thing it does is it asks for a new key06:40
dalek_bobo37773: yep, it would not let me remove lightdm without ubuntu-desktop as well06:40
sacarlsonjessie: change bios boot sequence http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ss/bootorderchange.htm ;06:40
bobo37773dalek_: Yeah ubuntu-desktop in your de I think. Your whole gui06:40
bobo37773dalek_: It is something you need06:40
dalek_bobo37773: the data is all still in my home directory. Ok, I will re-install ubuntu-desktop... but will that re-install lightdm too?06:41
sacarlsonjessie: that's my name don't ware it out06:41
jessiesacarlson:will try06:41
bobo37773dalek_: It might but it shouldn't run if you reconfigure to use gdm06:41
toygardensacarlson: nice name06:42
bobo37773dalek_: If it does just kill lightdm and gdm from your console and try to boot directly into X without a display manager06:42
dalek_bobo37773: it wants to reinstall lightdm again. Will try dpkg-reconfigure on it again when it is done.06:43
bobo37773dalek_: Let it and then kill your dm from the console06:43
bobo37773dalek_: Both of them06:43
bobo37773Down_to_Earth: hey06:44
RedBunnycan someone help... where there are suppost to be 'commas and appostraphies, ,', ', they are showing like o's w/ filagree and stuff ,... how did i get this to happen ,...?06:45
Pulsar-can i easily install ubuntu on an sd card ?06:45
bobo37773RedBunny: What are you talking about? Is a certain program doing this>06:45
CFHowlettRedBunny  is this in on your display?  Check your language preferences06:45
RedBunnylanguaages are fine ,...06:46
sacarlsonPulsar-: I guess an sd card would be much the same as a usb flash install,  I'm not sure06:46
Manujoin #chocoBN06:47
RedBunnyin my chrome for exaple where my bookmark's are the appostraphy shows a weird symbol ,... same thing in file explorer06:47
ndeehey there, I need to connect to an external server from home. That external server accepts only a fix IP address and since I'm connecting from home, I always have a different IP address. What I now want is to proxy the SSH connection through a server of mine. What is that called? Is that a SSH tunnel?06:47
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Pulsar-can i easily install ubuntu on an sd card ?06:47
CFHowlettRedBunny   paste an image06:47
sacarlsonPulsar-: yes06:47
RedBunnyhow do i paste an image06:47
bobo37773Pulsar-: Easy is a relative term. I am sure it is something you can accomplish if you apply yourself06:48
urbancommandoHello, I'm running ubuntu 10.10 and my external hard driver and thumb drives doesnt auto mount anymore.  Any suggestions?06:48
CFHowlettRedBunny   screenshot and paste to http://imagebin.org/?page=add06:48
sacarlsonPulsar-: maybe I should add it would be easy for me,06:48
Down_to_Earthbobo37773, I have am having some difficulty, with Viewing, my os partition, on /dev/sda5/, i checked in Gparted and it is mounted06:48
Down_to_EarthDo you know of a way i can view?06:48
dalek_bobo37773: how do I kill gdm and lightdm from terminal and boot directly into x?06:49
llutz_Down_to_Earth: check where it is mounted to (mount), then "ls -l /mountpoint" or navigate nautilus to that mountpoint06:50
sacarlsonDown_to_Earth: is mounted where?  /media/??06:50
Down_to_Earthit is mounted in /host, sorry06:50
bobo37773dalek_: Use -->  sudo pkill gdm lightdm etc..06:50
RedBunnytheres the image06:50
bobo37773Down_to_Earth: /host?06:50
sacarlsonDown_to_Earth: sudo -s ; cd /host ; ls -l06:50
Pulsar-can i just use the ubuntu live disc to install ubuntu to an sd card ?06:51
CFHowlettRedBunny   is the display consistent?  e.g. every O has a ~ over it?06:51
RedBunnyno its the appostraphies and like where my password is instead of circles it's the Y with lines in it06:51
dalek_bobo37773: ok, gdm and lightdm are killed. What now? Fresh re-install? ;)06:52
arandPulsar-: Yes, make sure to select manual partitioning.06:52
bobo37773dalek_: Not type --> startx06:52
RedBunnyit happendeed duriong a logout06:52
sacarlsonPulsar-: how is the sd card mounted?  there are many options like from a usb device or some systems have other options06:52
RedBunnyall was fine and i signed back in and it was like that06:52
bobo37773dalek_: now*06:53
Pulsar-i have a slot in the computer made for the sd card and i can use a boot menu06:54
CFHowlettRedBunny   reboot and see if it persists06:54
dalek_bobo37773: oh oh oh! I think my problem might be related to nvidia driver issue... tried startx... got a bunch of nvidia fatal errors.. no screens found, failed to load nvidia kernel module, ddxsiggiveup etc...06:54
sacarlsonPulsar-: in that case I think you have a good chance of just install from livecd06:55
RedBunnyi have i just got done iswtalling updates and it rebooted and its still there06:55
Pulsar-np ty06:55
bobo37773dalek_: Cool. I knew we would get a real error that way. Do you have an nvidia card06:55
sacarlsonPulsar-: you will also have to change the boot sequence in bios to boot from the ssd card first06:55
RedBunnyits the last thing i have to fix before i back up my sys from installing ubuntu from windows 8 and wasnt it foixed b4 i backup06:56
RedBunnywant it fixed b4 i backup06:56
dalek_bobo37773: I _was_ mucking about with "pre-release" nvidia driver in the additional hardware thingy before I attempted updates... might still be trying to use that? How do I remove and get the proper nvidia 173 driver back?06:56
dalek_bobo37773: it is an nvidia card, but I can't recall off the top of my head it's name.06:57
sacarlsonPulsar-: you might not have to change bios settings if you install the mbr to another device and just select in grub to start the sd as default06:57
bobo37773dalek_: There really aren't that many different drivers06:58
RedBunnyi down loaded advanced serttings just before that and changed the font but it was working for a while ,...06:58
bobo37773dalek_: So you install the proprietary one?06:58
Pulsar-i want to be able to use the sd card like the live cd06:59
Pulsar-and not use mbr06:59
Pulsar-that do able ?06:59
coder2Hello. I had to install natty kernel from lucid backports, but system do not shutdown anymore, just rebooting instead. Please help.06:59
bobo37773dalek_: Do you have a command "nvidia-xconfig"?07:00
almoxarifePulsar-: you want a live instant on a sd card to run, doable07:00
RedBunnyi changed itback and nothing07:00
dalek_bobo37773: there were four listed in the hardware drivers window... nvidia version 96 (I think), version 173 and those same two versions again but "pre-release" in the name.07:00
Jordan_UPulsar-: As long as your BIOS supports booting from it there is basically no difference between installing Ubuntu to an SD card vs to an internal drive (as long as the drive is large enough).07:00
sacarlsonPulsar-: maybe you just want to boot an iso file from your sd http://ansi.23-5.eu/2011/10/21/howto-boot-iso-images-via-grub2-with-ubuntu/07:01
bobo37773dalek_: Do you have a command "nvidia-xconfig"? Try logging in as super user "sudo -s" and then running "nvidia-xconfig"07:01
wifioregonI need to buy a good laptop that works well with ubuntu. Any particluar models better then others? Are there any companies that sell laptops with ubuntu already installed, since I'm going to erase windows anyways? THANKS07:01
dalek_bobo37773: yes, nvidia-settings is present.07:01
dalek_bobo37773: oops.. wrong command ;)07:01
Pulsar-ok so how about not touching the mbr ?07:01
bobo37773dalek_: brb.07:01
dalek_bobo37773: yes, the other one is there too07:01
sacarlsonPulsar-: you need an mbr to boot you can put it on the sd or other07:02
bobo37773dalek_: sudo -s and then do nvidia-xconfig07:02
almoxarifePulsar-: in order not to touch the mbr the live needs to start from bios setup07:02
sacarlsonPulsar-: you might also not that grub is modified not the mbr07:03
RedBunnyi read somewhere it might be the encoding ,... where would i set the encoding ,...?07:04
bobo37773dalek_: back07:05
almoxarifeRedBunny: you read it, keep reading it07:05
dalek_bobo37773: it tells me VALIDATION ERROR: data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf and Device section "Default Device" must have driver name07:05
bobo37773dalek_: after trying to start X?07:05
bobo37773dalek_: Or while running that command?07:06
RedBunnyno im getting wierd symbols showingup,.... wondering if i have the wrong encoding ,... for the desktop07:06
dalek_bobo37773: no, after trying to do sudo -s  nvidia-xconfig07:06
bobo37773dalek_: You did one first and then the other right?07:06
almoxarifeRedBunny: if you are wondering then you are probably right07:07
adammw111Hi, I'm having trouble getting pulseaudio to see a network-discoverable pulseaudio sink/server.07:07
dalek_bobo37773: I seem to recall there is some command that will tell you which nvidia drivers are available for your card?07:08
dalek_bobo37773: yes and no. both together first, then separate07:08
bobo37773dalek_: "apt-cache search nvidia | grep -i installed"07:08
dalek_bobo37773: the validation complaint went away.07:09
bobo37773dalek_: okay. cat out the file to make sure it worked.07:09
bobo37773dalek_: "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf"07:09
Down_to_EarthThank you bobo37773, and sacarlson :]07:09
almoxarifeadammw111: zeroconf issues?07:10
bobo37773Down_to_Earth: Your welcome. Not sure what I did but heppy to help07:10
dalek_bobo37773: yep it lists contents of the file07:10
adammw111it's appearing fine in avahi-discover, i just checked the logs and seems like it can't connect to the port, connection refused07:10
bobo37773dalek_: "modprobe nvidia"07:11
bobo37773dalek_: as root / sudo07:12
almoxarifebobo37773: do you have nvidia setup on your system?07:12
bobo37773almoxarife: Yeah. Why is the module called something else?07:13
dalek_bobo37773: nope... gives me FATAL: modul nvidia_173_updates not found07:13
almoxarifebobo37773: what did you install to get nvidia working? what version07:13
almoxarifedalek_: are you on a ubuntu system?07:14
bobo37773dalek_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current07:15
dalek_almoxarife: yes. That is what I am using currently.07:15
bobo37773almoxarife: Does the binary driver not work in 11.10 is that what you mean?07:15
BriteLeafI am new to ubuntu... Can anyone please tell me what command I need to put into terminal to become root?07:15
bobo37773BriteLeaf: sudo -s07:16
bobo37773BriteLeaf: or "sudo su"07:16
BriteLeafthanks =)07:16
dalek_bobo37773: what is that repo?07:17
bobo37773dalek_: For an nvidia driver. I do not think the one you have is working correctly.07:17
almoxarifebobo37773: that's what I would do to install nvidia also, I would have used -edgers, but dalek_ may need to un-install any script-kiddie fixes done thus far07:18
bobo37773dalek_: You could instead do "apt-cache search nvidia | grep -i installed"07:18
bobo37773almoxarife: Agreed. I guess I don't know my way around Ubuntu as much as I used too. Does 11.10 not supprt the closed source driver for some reason?07:19
llutz_bobo37773: what do you expect as output from this command? apt-cache search gives no status information on packages07:19
dalek_bobo37773: tried apt-cache thing, and it piped out no results at all07:19
dalek_is there an easy way to copy/paste in irssi? ;)07:20
bobo37773llutz_: Oh! Okay. Please help with correct command07:20
almoxarifebobo37773: the package to use for nvidia is 'nvidia-current'07:20
llutz_bobo37773: apt-cache policy nvidia-current | grep -i insta07:20
coz_apt-cache search nvidia-current07:20
bobo37773dalek_: Are you catching all this ^^^07:20
wifioregonAnyone have an opinon as to what the best laptop manufactuer is that works really well with Debian based distros or other Linux distros?07:20
dalek_bobo37773: almost... still wish I had copy & paste to make things easier ;)07:21
bobo37773dalek_: Ah. Because you have to switch back and forth ttys? Hahaha. Part of your initiation :p07:21
=== gr0ck is now known as monday
almoxarifedalek_: why not  'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current' and install it if its not installed?07:22
llutz_there is screen and gpm too07:22
Tradiehello, is anyone online07:23
almoxarifedalek_: and I would assume 'dkms' is already installed07:23
bobo37773Tradie: There are a lot of people online. We can see you07:23
Tradiei need some help with the ubuntu installation. there is something going on and its confusing me heaps07:24
almoxarifeTradie: just ask the question!07:24
bobo37773Tradie: What is the something that is going on?07:24
dalek_almoxarife: it tells me nvidia-current is already installed.07:24
Tradiewell, i try to boot into the ubuntu entry on the boot menu, to finalise the install and it says it cannot find the installation.iso07:25
Tradiebut the file is there07:25
almoxarifedalek_: so we are back to the script-kiddie tweaks you have added on to the xorg conf via god knows07:25
Tradieive had ubuntu running on this pc just fine before07:25
almoxarifeTradie: boot menu? which?07:26
RedBunnyi somehow loaded gnome desktop onto my sys, when i logout it now loads into gnome is there a way to make it just unity07:26
dalek_almoxarife: i haven't added anything to xorg.conf07:26
almoxarifedalek_: when you bootup, do you get to a graphics screen ?07:27
Tradiewell im guessing it is grub, but i installed with wubi, so its probably the crap windows one. i have had windows 8 dev build and server 2008 r2 installed mon it aswel, but i reformated before trying to install ubuntu07:27
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install, meaning you installed ubuntu thru windows?07:28
goddardwhy do my toolbar icons disappear07:28
dalek_almoxarife: all I've done is activate a driver in additional drivers window and run an update through update manager. I get no graphics at all during boot up.07:28
almoxarifeTradie: you can boot into windows still?07:29
Tradieits just the ubuntu installation thats having trouble07:29
mondayTradie: what version are you installing?07:30
RedBunnycan some one tell me how to change the system encoding ,......?07:30
Tradieive tried 11.10 and 10.04, but same problem07:30
almoxarifeTradie: when given a choice and choosing the ubuntu bootup the issues arise?07:30
=== xy is now known as [xy]
dalek_bobo37773: almoxarife - I am tempted to just do a re-install of 11.10 from a live session, and then I just won't attempt touching the nvidia driver...07:31
mondayTradie: I bet this is related to in not using something like /dev/sdb or /dev/dvd something like that.07:31
dalek_it might be quickest solution07:31
mondayTradie: are you having an issue trying to boot into ubuntu or just during the install?07:31
Tradieyeah, ive checked the mounted locations, and there is nothing mounted -_-07:32
almoxarifedalek_: install from the 'alternate' iso , be brave07:32
mondayTradie: mount it then.07:32
bobo37773 dalek_ Did you try what was mentioned before? --> "apt-get install nvidia-current"07:32
Tradieive tried07:32
almoxarifeTradie: while in windows, you in windows right now?07:32
Tradieyeah i am07:33
dalek_almoxarife: I only have the i386 desktop version on my usb stick07:33
almoxarifeTradie: look for 'ubuntu' folder/directory in root of c:07:33
Jordan_UTradie: I would highly recommend a normal dual boot install rather than Wubi.07:33
almoxarifedalek_: and? got a 32bit system I assume07:34
mondayTradie: I've never installed within windows. I always install booting to the disc/usb drive, ..etc07:34
Tradieive tried that jordan07:34
Tradieit wont let me so i tried wubi07:34
Jordan_UTradie: "won't let me" is a poor description of a problem. What happened when you tried to install Ubuntu normally? Did you boot the installer from a CD or USB?07:35
dalek_almoxarife: my point is, I am not sure how to download and write the alternate 11.10 installer onto my usb stick via a tty terminal07:35
D4rkSilverHi, is there a group or something that gives access to internet, because right nwo, normal users can't do things like ping google.com while root can?07:36
Tradieit was a cd, and i also tried from a rewritable dvd, but it gives an error, something about bootable media07:36
Jordan_UTradie: How did you try to write the file to the CD/DVD?07:36
almoxarifeTradie: I have had a wubi install running on a laptop(the old ladies) now for ???? , the only issue that will arise and not often is when wubibldr crashes07:36
mondayTradie: this sounds like the disc wasn't created correctly.07:37
Tradiewell the disk has worked in the past07:37
Tradiei have 4 disks of it, they all give the same error07:37
mondayTradie: can you create a new one?07:37
Jordan_UTradie: And yet these same disks work in anther machine?07:37
Tradiethey worked in the same machine before07:38
Tradieand yeah i can07:38
dalek_i am going to run the installer again07:38
mondayTradie: if the disc has no issue no matter what you should be able to boot using the disc. Your drive could be having an issue preventing that. In that case create a bootable USB disc with ubuntu on it.07:38
Jordan_UTradie: Are you sure that there is nothing wrong with the CD/DVD drive?07:38
almoxarifedalek_: me either07:38
dalek_seems to me a reinstall is the easiest way out.07:39
mondayTradie: the difficult part of that is using windows to do it and usb boot disc creators sometimes suck outside of linux.07:39
Tradiethere may be, it has been a bit sketchy since i installed a new hdd. either the hdd or the disk drive show up in explorer. not both, so yeah07:39
almoxarifedalek_: yes07:39
Tradieand ill change the sata port of the disk drive, then try again07:39
bobo37773almoxarife: Would installing nvidia-current and rerunning nvidia-xconfig not work to boot into X on ubuntu? Why not?07:39
mondayTradie: the only time I've seen that issue is a screwy install script with debain systems. usually I'm able to mount it and continue but debain tells you where the issue is a bit better than ubuntu.07:40
Tradiedebian <3 haha07:41
Tradiei prefer ubuntu over other distos of linux, and i really dont feel like migrating07:41
Tradiei would rather get this issue worked out07:41
almoxarifebobo37773: it should, yes, why not?  cruff? crap left from previous installs clobbering what one is trying to do 12 steps later?407:41
mondayTradie: after the installs on my debian systems they rarely ever have issues.07:41
mondayusually its an old computer and I'm trying to install it via the internet. not a full media version.07:42
almoxarifemonday: debian? wtf is the point? install debian? really? that the answer?07:42
Tradiewell, ill retry the installation to my second partition, see if that works now07:42
bobo37773almoxarife: Ah, I see. Okay. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't giving horrible advice to someone. Although I do agree with you completely in the sense that I would only ever do a clean install on a Ubuntu system.07:43
mondayalmoxarife: just conversation. I'm not trying to make any points.07:43
mukeshece@tradie:and linux  Mint  is other dibian os i used to prefer as i do not like unity much07:43
bobo37773See you guys later. I'm out of here07:43
Tradiemonday: ill be back after i try and reinstall things and move this about a bit. thanks for the advice07:43
almoxarifemonday: you DID. take the 'debian' is a the llamas azz to the debian channel07:44
mondayTradie: I hope it helps.07:44
mondayalmoxarife: take your lame ass to bed and shut the fuck up.07:44
mondayif you got the power kick my ass07:45
almoxarifemonday: is that a support issue?07:45
mondayI'm not asking for support I'm giving it.07:45
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utnubuuserwie gehts, wie stehts07:52
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!07:52
OnkeltemHi all. I have problem with Network Manager - I can't change anything in Network Settings. See this short screencast: http://www.screencast.com/users/Onkeltem/folders/Default/media/6ea518fd-b2bb-4be7-8f8a-23545b4e8e5d07:54
OnkeltemRoughly speaking, the auth window popups for moments and disappears07:55
=== [xy] is now known as xy
almoxarifeOnkeltem: you changed the settings, where is the issue?07:56
=== xy is now known as 45PAAGTVS
almoxarifeOnkeltem: btw, you changed to 'address-only' and did not give it a 'dns source' , not sure about that07:57
=== kronos is now known as Guest83854
Onkeltemalmoxarife: not the issue, any change behaves like this07:58
Onkeltemalmoxarife: even if I change only "auto"07:58
almoxarifeOnkeltem: like what?07:59
Onkeltemalmoxarife: the auth window popups and disappears not allowing to enter password07:59
almoxarifeOnkeltem: but do the changes take effect?08:00
Onkeltemalmoxarife: no of course, This is the problem08:01
almoxarifeOnkeltem: of course08:01
Onkeltemalmoxarife: I cound't save any changes to NM settins on this new installation of Ubuntu 11.10. To get network working I copied /etc/Network Manager forlder from another Ubutnu 11.10 machine08:02
mukesheceonkeltm: have you defined it as  auto in /etc/resolv.conf08:03
rafalmi_does anyone know how to solve problem described here ?08:06
almoxarifeOnkeltem: nothing you did seems to me requires root access08:06
Onkeltemmukeshece: why /etc/resolv.conf? It has nameserver in my setup if this matters...08:07
Onkeltemalmoxarife: well, it actually requires - note "for all users" at the bottom08:07
Onkeltemthis is system-wide connection08:07
the_last_samuraiHello first day usig Ubuntu and I was wondering if anyone could tell me some cool things to do with it?08:08
almoxarifeOnkeltem: you didn't change 'for all users'08:08
llutz_!manual | the_last_samurai learn some cool basics08:09
ubottuthe_last_samurai learn some cool basics: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:09
the_last_samuraiubottu thank you I appreciate the advice08:09
ubottuthe_last_samurai: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:09
mukeshecei had same issue with synaptic package manager but got fixed by shutting down a application called screen reader08:10
ce_mirandawhat's room is it?08:10
mukesheceIt appears that it's related to accessibility settings. I was able to fix this problem on my system by opening Universal Access, enabling then disabling the screen reader, then opening Synaptic again.08:13
=== Troll is now known as Guest44943
mukeshece@onkeltm try once stuff told above08:13
BriteLeafWhere do I find out what the numbers mean for chmod? (i.e chmod 600, chmod 700)08:14
anthroposman chmod probably08:14
llutz_!permissions | BriteLeaf08:14
ubottuBriteLeaf: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions08:14
BriteLeafthanks both08:14
=== Baloo is now known as Guest29727
Tradiehey im back. do you want the errors on the screen when.i try to boot into ubuntu for the first time08:17
almoxarifeTradie: lets see them08:17
=== orphan is now known as Guest19518
Onkeltemmukeshece: I enabled and disabled it. Not helped :(08:18
Onkeltemalmoxarife: yes, it is already system conntection. So changing anything from it initiates write to /etc08:18
Tradiebusybox v1.17.1 (ubuntu 1:1.17.1-10ubuntu1) built-in shell (ash) enter help for a list of built-in commands.08:19
almoxarifeTradie: that's enough08:19
Tradiecould not find the ISO /ubuntu/install/installation.iso08:20
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install, yes or no?08:20
almoxarifeTradie: its been wrking till you saw that screen, yes or no?08:20
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install that has never worked, yes or no?08:22
Tradieits telling me to run chkdsk then r boot and try again,but that does not work08:22
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install that has never worked, yes or no?08:22
Tradieive just installed it again then08:23
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install that has never worked, yes or no?08:23
Tradiebut same error every time i reinstall08:23
Tradieyes its wubi, but it has worked in the past08:23
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install, yes or no?08:24
Tradieyes -_-08:24
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install that has never worked, yes or no?08:24
=== Guest19518 is now known as orphan
Tradie it has worked before yes08:24
almoxarifeTradie: it's a wubi install that worked before, like you used it and it stopped being able to reboot, yes or no?08:25
Tradieuhm no, its a fresh install of it08:26
BriteLeafSo lemme see if I get this right... chmod 700 /pathname/filename.blah would modify the filename.blah, which is in /pathname directory such that it could be read from, written to, and executed... Is that it in a nutshell?08:28
=== Octane is now known as Guest51659
llutz_BriteLeaf: read/written/executed by owner only, yes08:28
BriteLeafthank you08:28
=== dukie is now known as dungeonduke
llutz_BriteLeaf: nobody else (except root) would have access08:28
BriteLeafbut chmod 600 still only gives the access to the root, other than executing, right?08:29
almoxarifeTradie: I am so confused, remember I am the guy who used wubi, has an active wubi install running on the old ladies lappie since Noah was a boot-camp, wtf is borked?!'08:29
BriteLeafin this case, no executing allowed08:30
llutz_BriteLeaf: those 3 octal number refer to owner-group-others, so the first figure only affects owner08:30
Tradiei will be right back08:30
OlaRuneroot can always do everything08:30
BriteLeafgotcha... so then 667 would affect owner, group, and others, right?08:30
llutz_yes, makes just no sense08:31
OlaRunewhy would you let others do more stuff than owner and group?08:31
BriteLeafthat was just an example to make sure I have it right in my head08:31
OlaRuneokau :>08:31
BriteLeafthanks for all your help folks =)08:32
llutz_BriteLeaf: unfortunately, linux-permissions are pretty limited08:32
sacarlsonOlaRune: because we love everyone except you08:32
almoxarifeOlaRune: that's nice, root is almighty, who would have thought, now, you gonna let the neighbors run your system as 'root'?08:33
BriteLeafI never sign in as root08:34
BriteLeafI only use it when ABSOLUTLY necessary08:34
OlaRunealmoxarife: no? why would i do that?08:35
OlaRunealmoxarife: what i meant was an answer to 301029 < BriteLeaf> but chmod 600 still only gives the access to the root, other than executing, right?08:36
carli2I packed my rootfs into a squashfs and want to unpack it on a new harddisk now. I managed to unpack the rootfs, but installing grub and getting it running is a problem08:36
carl-ericHi - I'm having (only recently!) some problems with youtube video on my NVidia-based system. The hues appear to be rotated, making e.g. humans look blue. I tried both nvidia-current and nvidia-current-updates, no difference.08:36
BriteLeafthe file. rc as in /etc/init.d/rc... DOes that have some kind of extention? I am trying to chmod it to 700 and it tells me it can't access : No such file or directory08:37
almoxarifecarl-eric: blue humans?08:37
BriteLeafthey prolly wourk for Intel. I wouldn't worry about it ;)08:38
carl-ericalmoxarife, the entire video is tinted blue. It's just most obvious when looking at people.08:38
llutz_BriteLeaf: what file exactly? why do you want to chmod it?08:38
BriteLeafbecause I am trying to get no-ip to work so I can run a server08:38
almoxarifecarl-eric: it's the vid?08:38
carl-ericalmoxarife, yes08:38
llutz_BriteLeaf: _if_ you are sure about what you're doing, sudo chmod 700 /etc/init.d/rc08:38
carl-ericalmoxarife, interestingly, it's only youtube. vimeo works (just thought of testing that)08:39
BriteLeafthat worked. thanks08:39
TradieOkay, imagine if you are fist using the wubi install. And you need to boot into ubuntu for the first time to continue the installation and it gives you a terminal saying that it cannot find the ISO /ubuntu/install/installation.ISO08:39
llutz_!info noip2  |BriteLeaf: that package has an own start-script afaik, why using rc?08:40
ubottuBriteLeaf: that package has an own start-script afaik, why using rc?: noip2 (source: no-ip): client for dynamic DNS service. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.9-3 (oneiric), package size 83 kB, installed size 260 kB08:40
compton_udoes ny1 know whee to get slax iso from08:41
BriteLeafI just installed it and was trying to follow the instructions08:41
BriteLeafproblem is, where it is telling me to configure it, it gets the file a bit whacky because it is trying to use RedHat, Debian, and some other version08:42
BriteLeafso I am using my best guess08:43
almoxarifeTradie: no idea08:43
carlos_alguien de andalucia08:43
BriteLeafGod Bless you carlos :)08:43
HeliusCrontotal noob here to ubuntu, but,  i did manage to install it, just needed some advice what to do now as far as updates and such?08:43
sacarlsonTradie: my personal opinion I wouldn't spend too much time on wubi problems,  I view it as a demo not meant for production08:44
BriteLeaf<--- bigger total newb here :P08:44
Tradiesacarlson: it also won't boot from cd08:45
=== christians_ is now known as Chris0123
cicer8hy people08:45
llutz_BriteLeaf: hmm, can't follow you. noip2 has its own start-script /etc/init.d/noip2 and is configured by /etc/default/noip2. so why do yu change /etc/init.d/rc?08:45
killer_how to mount ntfs partitions08:45
sacarlsonTradie: how about usb?  make sure you check your boot sequence in bios08:45
fidelHeliusCron: just get used to it. regarding sys-updates: you can do that manually - but out of the box ubuntu should notify you aswell08:46
BriteLeaflemme find the line I got the info from... maybe that will help you understand what I mean08:46
TradieBoot sequence is fine. I've done this all before a billion times. This is the first time I've needed any help ill try USB when I get home08:46
sacarlsonTradie: only other option I can think of off the top of my head is pxe boot,  but I think that might be over your head and my not have the resources08:47
HeliusCronanything else since i have no idea where to look for what you are talking about08:47
sacarlsontradie: or if you have a bootable linux hard drive you can also setup grub2 to boot an iso file08:48
TradieNah I don't anymore08:48
* almoxarife installed wubi ubuntu on the oldladies lappy long ago, it works, it's a friken 'dell' for the love of god, so, wubi issue are human error ( my humble opinion)08:50
TradieWell I hate wubi. You can't blame people for its mistakes. It's to simple to blame it on human error08:51
cukialmoxarife, that`s a portuguese word, isn`t?08:52
sacarlsonTradie: when all those bootloaders fails you can also try plop that can enable booting from anything else http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html08:52
almoxarifecuki: e uma praia, sim08:52
carlos_alguien de andalucia08:52
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:53
sacarlsontradie: when all those fail I'll give you 10 more methods to try08:53
cukipq um nick de pea de fabrica almoxarife, desculpe a piada08:53
TradieThere's no trouble with booting -_- I even know how to edit the bootloader if I need08:53
Myrtti!pt | cuki08:53
ubottucuki: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.08:53
almoxarifecuki: pm se faz favor08:53
carlos_en ezpañol08:54
TradieIt's just ububtu can't find the installation.ISO in the /ububtu/install/ folder, but I know for a fact it is there08:54
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
Draginllutz, this is BriteLeaf.... Here is the instruction I am going by... f you want it to run automatically when the machine is booted, then08:55
Draginplace the following script in your startup directory. (/etc/init.d/rcX.d08:55
Draginor /sbin/init.d/rcX.d or ???)08:55
llutz_Dragin: install the package from repos, and it will be setup automatically08:56
=== Eledran is now known as zz_Eledran
Draginbut when I try to modify that file, it says I don't have permission... Even at root lol So I am trying to give myself permission08:56
llutz_Dragin: since ubuntu uses upstart, the runlevel-handling has changed. better to ignore all those old "non-debian/ubuntu" manuals08:56
llutz_Dragin: you misread it. it refers to sysV-init-scripts in /etc7rcX.d (debian-way), NOT hte /etc7init08:57
Draginwill it give me the latest? (i.e. TS3)?08:57
llutz_xxxx /etc/init.d/rc08:57
llutz_Dragin: what is ts3?08:57
DraginTeamSpeak 308:58
llutz_Dragin: how is that related to noip?08:58
DraginAgain, I am using no-ip to work with TS due to the fact that I don't have static ip, and I want to run a ts server08:59
llutz_Dragin: i  don't even know exactlywht teamspeak is/does. if you need something to be run at startup which is not in the repos, use /etc/rc.local. your noip-configuration is done via the noip2-package09:00
Draginso then I can do an update and get no-ip?09:00
=== k is now known as Guest80043
llutz_Dragin: sudo apt-get install noip209:01
WingedeDragin, download teamspeak, unarchive it, it will have a config file somewhere to set server passwords, admin password - then edit /etc/rc.local to start the ts server on startup09:02
Draginoh, ok. the rc got me. thanks Wing09:03
songxk_What will u ask09:06
virtxis there a good and complete guide for "ubuntu server sysadmin" ?09:07
Marzattavirtx: a very good question.09:07
virtxit's not so complete...09:07
Marzattategra: 8.04? 4 years ago?09:07
songxk_u want some info about how to use ubuntu-server?09:07
virtxno, how manage, hardening, etc..09:08
songxk_that is about it09:08
fidelvirtx: how would you define "complete" at that topic?09:08
fideljust wondering09:09
virtxok, so where landscape-sysinfo update motd? i can't see nothing in cron09:09
Wingedenight all09:10
songxk_it is just afternoon in China09:11
tegrawhat is the most used ubuntu atm ?09:11
tegra32 or 64 bit ?09:11
songxk_what is CTCP time09:12
BlueWolfHi, When I try to install a program through my Ubuntu software center it keeps coming up with this error: "Requires installation of untrusted packages - The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." What does this mean and how do I fix it?09:12
Cybersonic32 bit, but I think with 12.04 64 bit will become more used09:13
songxk_why do u think so09:13
llutz_BlueWolf: seems you have enabled some repos (ppa?) but not imported the repo-keys09:13
BlueWolfllutz_: Sorry in english? How would I go about that? :D09:14
fideltegra: are you really wondering about the percentage between 32 and 64bit - or what you should use yourself?09:15
tegrafidel, just a question :)09:15
tegrai think 32 bit most used..09:16
metaspikeit's hard to say tegra, seeing user statistic reports aren't mandatory :)09:16
metaspikeusage* reports09:17
tegratorrent iso report ubuntu i386 most downloaded09:17
BlueWolfllutz_: :D ?09:18
Zipper_32I'm trying to make a USB install of Ubuntu which is customized, and no longer persistent. I currently have an iso "installed" onto the USB key (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent), and have made some changes to the OS. These changes are persistent, but I want to now make the file system read-only. Could somebody point me in a direction of where to start?09:20
llutz_BlueWolf: sudo apt-get update,   it'll give you the missing key. use "sudo apt-key adv .... <that-key>" to import it.09:20
BlueWolfllutz_: Ok I will give it a try now - :D09:20
metaspikeZipper_32, it's possible that some flag is passed to the kernel via grub or whatever which says it should be persistant, if you remove that, then it should become read online09:21
metaspikeread only*09:22
metaspikelikewise you could just define the primary drive readonly with fstab, put /tmp into a tmpfs etc.. dunno09:23
sacarlsonZipper_32: there are many ways to create custom iso boots this is just one of them http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html09:23
BlueWolfllutz_: E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead. And Now?09:24
Zipper_32Thanks metaspike, I'll look into the fstab option.09:24
Zipper_32sacarlson: Thanks, I'll take a look there.09:24
BlueWolfllutz_: W: GPG error: http://zw.archive.ubuntu.com lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>09:24
BlueWolfW: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-security/universe/source/Sources.bz2  Sub-process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)09:24
sacarlsonBlueWolf: it might be you need to sudo apt-get update;09:25
scientesBlueWolf, and if apt-get update doesn't work, try apt-get install ubuntu-archive-keyring09:26
scientesand maybe put a --reinstall in there for good measure09:26
BlueWolfsacarlson: That's the error from doing sudo apt-get update09:26
sacarlsonBlueWolf: I think scientes is more correct try that first09:26
BlueWolfscientes: Trying09:26
BlueWolfscientes: Reading package lists... Done09:27
BlueWolfBuilding dependency tree09:27
scientesthe bzip error however makes me wonder09:27
BlueWolfReading state information... Done09:27
BlueWolfE: Couldn't find package ubuntu-archive-keyring09:27
scientesthats not it either09:28
FloodBot1scientes: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:28
scientesjust try the apt-get update09:28
scienteswait, the package is ubuntu-keyring <--09:29
songxk_sudo apt-get  update09:30
sacarlsonscientes: BlueWolf:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-keyring; apt-get install ubuntu-extras-keyring;   but he might  also try another repository host like us..09:31
scienteswell, there was that bzip2 error, which makes me wonder09:31
hareeshlakshminaCan anyone suggest a good linux distro for my macbook pro 8,1 ?09:32
BlueWolfscientes: songxk_: sacarlson: I have tried that all. And I have posted the errors, anything else?09:32
* scientes isn't a fan of bzip2...but OOM is unlikely09:32
foobArrrI sometimes have problems after resuming from hibernation: A lot of UI elements are not clickable, awn dock for example. It keeps displaying stuff (cpu indicator) fine, however. Running stuff via alt+f2 doesn't work. I can type in open terminals, as soon as I press enter, nothing happens anymore. If I try to use tab completion, nothing happens anymore. I can't login via ssh, it asks for the password, then nothing happens anymore. Switching to text mod09:32
foobArrre terminals (Alt+f1/f2/..., how are they called?) doesn't work. After a few minutes even the mouse cursor freezes. How do I fix this? What logs should I look at? Who do I blame? (Ubuntu 11.10 64bit)09:32
scientesFooBarMartijn, are you using nvidia or intel or AMD?09:32
sacarlsonBlueWolf: change the repository host  in synaptic to another location  like usa  or japan or ??09:32
scientesFooBarMartijn, and which driver?09:32
scienteszw? whats zw? country code09:33
sacarlsonscientes: zimbobway?09:34
chinosukeI've nfs mount point define in /etc/fstab. How to prevent the system mount nfs at the boot up time?09:34
BlueWolfsacarlson: zimbobway?09:34
BriteLeafHow do I kill a process that is in use?09:35
sacarlsonchinossuke  wow I cant' type that fast09:35
FooBarMartijnscientes, I'm using nvidia blob 173-updates, which is working fine, but I don't think that information is going to help FoobArrr09:36
sacarlsonBriteLeaf:  killall procname09:36
foobArrrscientes: you meant me? intel09:36
chinosukei've define nfs mount point defined in /etc/fstab. How do i prevent system from mounting nfs source when starting up the system?09:36
foobArrrk, you didn't, nevermind09:37
sacarlsonchinosuke: take it out of /etc/fstab09:37
sacarlsonchinosuke:  oh I think there is another way like add noauto09:38
ZtaHave I misunderstood something about file name sorting?  Can anyone please explain this to me:  http://pastebin.com/kGYcJDS109:38
chinosukesacarlson: is there another without chaning /etc/fstab?09:38
sacarlsonchinosuke: well I guess if you force the server to be offline it will also not mount,  but on the client side the /etc/fstab would have to be modified09:39
chinosukeprevious i run gentoo and it has a netmount. so i disable this from default runlevel nfs will ot mount at startup.09:39
sacarlsonchinosuke: there might be some tricks on services start that would also work09:40
BriteLeafkeeps saying no process found, but it still won't let me reinstall it because that file (that isn't there according to the OS) is still in use :/09:40
=== KaiSforza is now known as KAISforza
chinosukesacarlson: that is what i'm expecting "some service" :)09:41
sacarlsonchinosuke: but seems easier to just disable auto mount with noauto in the line of /etc/fstab as seen http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html09:43
sacarlsonchinosuke: in eather case you would require root access to change it09:44
chinosukesacarlson: i've like 20+ nfs mount point so just lazy to editing the file :)09:46
sacarlsonchinosuke: we have some fancy features in editors called find and replace all09:49
sacarlsonchinosuke: I know nothing of the services that need to change to disable it09:49
chinosukesacarlson: thanks anyway! but find and replace method need more attention if i enter the wrong term.09:51
sacarlsonchinosuke: that's what backups are for09:51
sacarlsonchinosuke: in the time we chated I could have already mannualy edited the 20 lines09:52
metaspikeBriteLeaf, install htop, it's great09:52
metaspikeit's always better to kill processes with their internal exit commands though09:52
chinosukesacarlson: I done that before : find and replace and backup. just need a quick trick disable the service for the future usage.09:54
YourZombieHello everyone09:59
u4iaHello all.  I'm looking for a bare bones linux distro to compile VMWare.  Anybody have any recommendations?10:00
YourZombiewhat are you looking to use it for10:00
u4iaJust has a host os for VmWare Workstation10:02
Lantiziau4ia, why bare bones?  if it's just for virtualization only - use esxi 510:04
u4iano other real function otherwise.  Simple gui, good hardware support, running on a 32bit machine.10:04
u4iaDirect X.10:04
u4iaESX doesn't do OpenGL or DirectX.10:05
Lantiziau4ia, workstation doesn't do directx either - just converts to opengl - don't build your hopes up on how good that it10:05
u4iaI've used XP as a host and it works fine.  Even used WineD3D just fine.10:06
u4iaSo it's functional at least, vs not at all with ESXi/ESX.10:07
u4iaI use Vsphere on my 64bit machines and directX and OpenGL work flawlessly.10:08
u4iaBut it leaves 32bit archs out in the cold, so host/VMWare works.  Just trying to find the right flavor of linux.10:09
BriteLeafsudo apt-get install no-ip2 will get me no-ip and install it, right?10:11
u4iaI'm thinking CrunchBang might do the trick, just looking for other possible recommendations for a VMWare host.10:11
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
dman420ive got a couple real noob questions are they allowed here?10:12
u4iadman420: I would hope so.10:12
=== Guest44050 is now known as Gurty
RedBunnyonly if you pass the j10:12
Anomie21Getting an error 'Error splicing file: File too large' when trying to move a 6.7GB file onto a 16GB drive10:12
tegrawhy precise use kernel 3.2.12 and not 3.2.13 ?10:13
u4iaUm, what filesystem?10:13
u4iaon the 16GB drive?10:13
RedBunnyhow do i add a folder to the left side of my file explorer ,... under the computer heading ,.. i want to add my Websites folder10:13
Anomie21u4ia: vfat It stops after 4.3GB10:14
dman420ok my first question is. when you do a command like cat blahblah > test.txt now what is that > called? like there is other options you can use like && and >> and | i know is used to pipe. what im looking for is maybe a tutorial or some more explanations on what all options i can use and what they are called in general10:14
VCoolioRedBunny: drag and drop?10:14
RedBunnyno it dosent stay10:14
RedBunnycheck out O'Riellys linux ,.... too10:15
RedBunnyfor learning ,..... im sure their new but i read a RedHat7.3 years ago10:15
imachineI've moved to TWM as my default window manager10:16
u4iaAnomie: Sounds like your FS has a 4GB file limit.  Try using a different filesystem, or break the files into 4GB (2^12 bytes) chunks10:16
imachineI'd like to know how I can enable sound10:16
imachineI've installed pavucontrol, for pulseaudio volume control, but no luck - it doesn't show devices.10:16
Anomie21u4ia: Yeah, I just seen on google.10:16
imachinemaybe I'm missing some daemons?10:16
VCoolio!abs | dman42010:16
ubottudman420: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/10:16
Anomie21u4ia: I need to use this drive on a mac though so I suppose splitting it is my only option10:16
u4iaAnomie: NTFS is fairly universal.10:17
Anomie21Is there a way to do that without a 3rd party app?10:17
u4iaAnomie: You could try Fat32 of course.10:17
RedBunnyraster man10:17
RedBunnyi used to be such a rasta fanatic10:18
RedBunnyer' reiser10:18
VCooliodman420: for > | etc, like output redirection, check http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/special-chars.html10:18
geirhaVCoolio: !abs in #bash says almost the complete opposite10:18
VCooliogeirha: I know, but I like this one, but I see the point10:19
geirhaABS is a terrible guide for beginners, as you have to know how to filter out the good parts from the buggy parts.10:19
imachineabs saves lives10:19
imachinebut you still need to take care of your suspension in general10:19
imachinealso, tyres are important10:20
imachineso, how about my pulseaudio issue?10:20
imachineany ideas anyone?10:20
Marzattais ubuntu 12.04 still with the unity misunderstanding?10:21
dman420im having a little bit of trouble understanding that website coolio. what is the name for the different kind of options like & > | . i know like when you do a command then - symbol thats called an "option" what would those above be called? output redirection? ill start googlin that10:22
sacarlsonimachine: I suck at sound but did you try gnome-alsamixer ?10:22
VCooliodman420: so complare tldp.org to http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide, not everyone likes abs10:22
imachinesacarlson, i did not10:22
u4iaI just go with Lubuntu and install Gnome.10:23
imachinesacarlson, but I think it maybe to do with the lack of pulse audio daemons on my client side10:23
imachineI really wann go minimal10:23
imachineso I try not to run all daemons10:23
dman420oh that website did the trick coolio thanks!!10:23
imachinejust plain twm with a config10:23
imachineand the least possible clutter in the background.10:23
=== vijeshm_ is now known as vijeshm
Marzattau4ia: what?10:24
imachineit looks so nice at the moment, I need not more - with nvidia's virtual desktop at 4096x240010:24
imachineI just happen to like music to ;p10:24
imachineI could just throw out the pulseaudio thing in general, i don't think I need it at all10:25
imachineI could use mp3blaster directly, but it says it can't find a mixer device.10:25
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
sacarlsonimachine: I guess it's dependant on the application some apps may require pulseaudio to work at all maybe some don't,  if you like music it's best not to mess with the sound infrastructure10:26
imachinesacarlson, I can use padsp or directly address /dev/mixer10:27
imachinebut /dev/mixer is not there10:27
imachineso I can use pa, but it doesn't work, for some reason.10:27
YourZombieexploit/unix/webapp/php_vbulletin_template <~~ can anyone further help with what to do after i successfully completed this exploit on my server?10:27
imachineI'll debug...10:27
sacarlsonimachine: oh it could be that the user doesn't have priv on mixer10:27
u4iaMarzatta: what what?10:27
imachinesacarlson, no10:28
RedBunnyi have a 1.5 tb hd from my win install that holds movies & music ,... how do i change the permissions to be able to back up to there ,...?10:28
imachinethere's no mixer because there is pulseaudio10:28
sacarlsonimachine: make sure that your user is a part of sound in user groups10:28
sacarlsonimachine: or there's no mixer because there is no alsa10:28
angsis there any webpage that I can find linux drivers? Specificly I am looking for a driver of a usb wireless adaptor10:28
imachinesacarlson, there are devices under /dev/snd/10:28
imachinesacarlson, sq, timer, pcm devices,10:29
Marzattau4ia: lubuntu + gnome?10:29
sacarlsonimachine: did sound work from the livecd ?10:29
u4iaMarzatta: Yeah, LXDE and Gnome.  Beats Unity.10:29
imachinesacarlson, sound works in unity10:30
imachinesacarlson, but i run twm10:30
imachineI recon some daemons don't start10:30
imachineand permissions aren't granted10:30
Marzattau4ia: Xfce beets all together.10:30
sacarlsonimachine: yes as I said check your user to see what groups it belongs to10:31
sacarlsonimachine: are you using the same user in unity as in twm?10:31
imachinewell in group audio user pulse10:31
imachineso i recon user pulse is the user pulseaudio daemon runs at10:31
imachinenow I only need to connect to that daemon10:31
imachineso prolly start some daemon with my .xinitrc10:31
imachinei'll sort it prolly10:32
goddardwhy do my toolbar icons disappear10:32
u4iaMarzatta: Well, the point being, avoiding unity and still having the option for a lightweight windows manager and a full DE and avoiding Unity all together.10:32
u4iaBut whatever flavor of gui makes you happy.10:33
Marzattau4ia: Xfce is the best. Xubuntu is much greater than Lubuntu.10:34
u4iaMarzatta: Whatever makes you happy.10:34
u4iaLXDE works fine for my needs when I need it.  Normally I just use Gnome 3 classic on the desktop.10:35
Marzattau4ia: agree.10:35
imachinesacarlson, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bug/483130/comments/1610:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 483130 in consolekit (Ubuntu) "If 'startx' is run from within a text console, ConsoleKit session is not marked 'active'" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:36
imachinesacarlson, here's a fix10:36
imachinefor future reference ;)10:36
sacarlsonimachine: I'm not sure how that has anything to do with sound10:38
nullcallhi i have problem to booting my ubuntu 11.0410:43
slackin__nullcall, I have problems booting my Apple IIe10:44
Myrttislackin__: when helping, be helpful...10:44
Myrtti!ask | nullcall10:44
ubottunullcall: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:44
nullcallits asking after grup load karnel module10:44
slackin__Myrtti, I'm just joking. I dont know ubuntu very well10:44
A|i3N10.04 ... fresh install with updates. Flash installed. Fox.com videos are laggy as hell - is there a codec i need to install?10:45
nullcallslackin_ : plz if i dont start then i lost my too much data10:45
slackin__A|i3N, make sure your  using closed source adobe flash not that foss JUNK10:45
A|i3Nslackin_ I installed off of the repository10:46
A|i3Nslackin__ I installed off of the repository10:47
nullcallwhen i got error after grub "load karnel module" i booth with ubuntu live cd then user "fdisk -l" but i cant find my disk ???? there plz and even i cant install fresh copy in the system....10:48
u4ianullcall: bootup with a live CD, backup, reinstall...  Consider trying VirtualBox or VMWare, so you can easily make safe save points and recover from problems.  Also makes backups easy.10:48
u4ia(or live USB)10:48
slackin__A|i3N, im not totally sure but like 'apt-get install adobe-flash'10:48
u4iaNot sure what this "karnel" module is...10:49
A|i3Nslacking__ yea that would be the equiv. of what ubuntu software center would install.10:49
u4iasounds like you might need to reinstall grub from a rescue CD.10:49
nullcallu4ia: i had bootup system with live cd but i cant fine my hdd partion10:49
NET||abusewe're having awful trouble here10:50
u4ialook under /media/sda1 most likely10:50
NET||abusewe have a virtual machine running on kvm, ubuntu host and ubuntu guest10:50
A|i3Nany other takers? laggy flash vids.10:50
NET||abusewe noticed that ssh tunnel persistence was failing10:50
newb2After some upgrades, my pendrive autodetection stopped working. Hal is installed, how can I proceed?10:50
nullcallu4ia: there is nothing in /media10:51
u4ianutcall: if you're using ubuntu live CD, try using the disk utility.10:51
NET||abusewe have a pari of remote servers that use upstart respawning ssh tunnels backi to our server for pipiing snmp and other zabbix traffic back10:51
slackin__A|i3N, well there is a foss flash that is like 'swf player' or something that runs terrible10:51
NET||abusebut the ssh tunnels are dropping, now we login on the local network with ssh, and they are also really unstable.10:51
slackin__A|i3N, make sure your using adobe-flash not swf-player or whatever10:51
NET||abuseit's not looking like it's lasting more than a few minutes10:51
nullcallu4ia : tx i'll try that10:52
A|i3Nslackin__ I used the flash player plugin, as far as I know, but I'll double check.10:52
u4ianullcall: the disk utility should make it easy to find and let you mount your hard drive so you can do your backups.10:52
NET||abusewe threw 3 new cpu's onto it to check incase it's too bysy10:52
NET||abusestill getting dropped connections.10:52
slackin__A|i3N, if you just installed 'flash player plugin', in some distros, it defaults to swf-player10:52
slackin__A|i3N, due to legal liscencing reasons10:52
NET||abuseyeh, just got disconnected again.10:54
NET||abuseconsole just drops out saying write failed: Broken pipe10:54
NET||abusei'm not leaving the console idle either, i'm working awya, trying to work on the layout of some files on that machine.10:54
NET||abuseit even drops my screen session10:55
A|i3Nslackin__ you might be right - I tried apt get adobe-flash - it tabbed completed it but did not find it. I'm using 10.04LTS freshly installed.10:55
virtxis there a grsecurity kernel10:55
NET||abuseso i can't re-attach to the screen session i open10:55
A|i3Nslackin__ where can I get the real one? Do I need to install restricted extras?10:56
slackin__A|i3N, yea, it probably is restricted due to license10:57
slackin__A|i3N, i barely use ubuntu, but im a long term linux user10:57
slackin__im not dead sure about how ubuntu does it10:57
MonkeyDustsame here, unable to play flash movies, even after disabling gnash10:58
u4iapretty much the same as Debian, I thought.10:58
A|i3Nslackin__ OK thanks I'll try the normal crap I would install lol, ubuntu restricted extras being one of them, maybe it'll have a codec that will help flash player out10:58
airstrikehi. for some reason, sshing into a shell, running screen and typing C-a c to create a new screen actually kills the ssh connection as well as creating the screen10:58
airstrikewhat can i do about that?10:58
fenixwhat drivers should i use for nvidia 6600go ?10:59
MonkeyDustairstrike  i'm here over ssh, using screen myself, let me look into it10:59
slackin__good night everyone! ttyl!11:00
fenixtried the latest nvidia drivers and x wont load11:00
goddardim surprised Gnash has gotten better11:00
MonkeyDustairstrike  I use byobu, it's a shell around screen, try that11:00
A|i3Nslackin__ I'm on a netbook that runs quake live really good but seems to choke on a flash video so I got something wrong in the software lol11:00
airstrikei will11:01
airstrikei'm heading off for work right now so i can't install byobu atm, but i'll try that next week11:01
fenixnot a soul knows?11:02
s0u][ighthello, this is offtopic, but is there anyone who can speak spanish who is willing to read and check a summary of a book for grammar/spelling mistakes?11:02
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:02
drecutedoes ubuntu support remote graphical linux desktop access out-of-the-box?11:03
MonkeyDustdrecute  there's tight vnc11:04
drecutei don't want vnc11:04
drecutei want X1111:04
A|i3Ndrecute: no. U gotta install a couple packages first11:04
LjLwhat packages?11:04
fenixAnyone have ideas what driver to use for nvidia 6600go ?11:04
LjLi thought it was a matter of configuring X11:04
drecutegmd, xephyr11:04
drecuteare there ubuntu packages for this?11:05
A|i3NLjL: sorry - yes, it does. System -> Preferences -> remote desktop11:06
truexfan81anyone on here familiar with capture cards?11:06
truexfan81i'm trying to find one with component input that is compatible with ubuntu11:07
=== tegra_y is now known as tegra
drecuteA|i3N: I think that's just one step11:08
u4iatrue: I think most hauppague video capture cards have been historically very compatible.11:08
drecuteA|i3N: there are other steps which are required to have ubuntu inside xephyr11:10
A|i3Ndrecute: if both systems are running ubuntu then it shouldn't be a prob but you'll have to install an ssh server. Hang I'll try to tell you what it is11:10
drecutethere's more to it11:10
drecutei'm virtualizing from solaris using xephyr display11:10
nullcallu4ia: i got my partion by disk utility but i cant mount that its take aprox 20 min but no respose11:11
drecuteso I guess there should be support for this on ubuntu11:11
A|i3Nok Im experiencing irc fukedmymind syndrome. I was trying to answer LjL lol11:12
MonkeyDust!brainstorm| drecute11:12
ubottudrecute: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!11:12
u4ianullcall: drive crash perhaps?11:12
fenixAnyone have ideas what driver to use for nvidia 6600go ?11:13
u4ianullcall: I'd turn the computer off for a few hours, let it chill for a bit then try again, booting from a live CD/USB...11:13
u4iafenis: Check Nvida's support website.11:13
u4iafenix even.11:13
sacarlsondrecute: ya sounds like you just run ssh -X host;  run gui app ;  and it will be displayed on your remote11:14
fenixu4ia, issue is that there are no menu listed for notebooks 6series gpu11:15
nullcallhi sacarlson: hru11:15
u4iafenix: I would think they would have unified drivers for that class of video cards.11:17
fenixu4ia, checking supported models the go series are not listed in 660011:17
fenixu4ia, i tried latest nvidia drivers from ubuntu rep and x would not load....11:17
u4iafenix: so you probably won't find a driver specifically made for your video chipset, but one that covers the whole 6xxx class.11:18
fenixand nouevou drivers are crappy11:18
drecuteit won't work without xephyr11:18
drecuteit is called multiple nested X sessions11:18
fenixu4ia, yes but doesnt the latest nvidia driver from ubuntu rep already support whole 6series?11:18
u4iafenix: http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html11:19
u4iafenix: I don't think so.11:19
u4iaSince Nvidia drivers aren't "free" or opensources, they wouldn't be in the distro or the repositories.11:20
u4iaUbuntu would just use generic VESA.11:20
fenixu4ia, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-295.33-driver.html11:20
fenixseems lite the latest one covers 6series11:20
u4iaWell give those a shot.  :)11:21
fenixi tried latest from ubuntu rep and all i got was input/output error when loading c11:21
u4iaso don't rely on the ubuntu repositories for your Nvidia drivers.  Nvidia is pretty good about providing drivers for Linux.11:22
fenixgood yes but installing with their script is crappy11:22
u4iaWhatever you gotta to to get it working, eh?11:22
RuudjahJust checking: moments ago, I submitted a bug to launchpad.net. I wanted to make sure launchpad.net is from ubuntu, and not some scammer site?11:29
gwelter!launchpad | ruudjah11:30
ubotturuudjah: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/11:30
Ruudjahthanks. This was not entirely clear.11:32
Sungrazern #securityonion11:32
Sungrazeroops :S11:32
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SlimG_What is the name of the binary behind "Startup Disk Creator" ?11:35
SlimG_I need to kill it11:35
MonkeyDustSlimG_  type ps -e to find out11:36
curiousxciao a tutti11:37
SlimG_MonkeyDust: 279 pid names, that does not help11:37
VictorCLhi , I have trouble with .rar files11:37
VictorCLeverytime I try to uncompress them , I get a lots of errors11:37
VictorCLso then I h ave to go to virtualbox and open windows 7 just to use winrar ...11:38
VictorCLis pretty annoying11:38
MonkeyDustSlimG_  try ps -e|less to scroll through the list, find a name that look relevant11:38
curiousxVictorCL: sudo apt-get -y install rar unace p7zip-full p7zip-rar sharutils mpack lha arj ubuntu-restricted-extras11:39
SlimG_VictorCL: Install p7zip-rar or unrar11:39
VictorCLmaybe .. can I use winrar on wine?11:39
SlimG_VictorCL: No need to use wine11:39
VictorCLI tried , unrar , untar ...11:39
curiousxVictorCL: try: rar x11:39
jessiei created a bootable usb ti install ubuntu 11.10 but it s not booting som one suggested to change the booting order but i don know how to n what to change11:40
VictorCLrarx is a nother program?11:40
curiousxbut separately: rar x11:40
curiousx"x" extract11:40
soulnafeinI'm experience very sluggish graphical performance in my Ubuntu 11.10 installation. Can anyone suggest me what data to collect in order to identify the cause of it? So far the only thing I've noticed is X Server CPU Utilisation spiking when scrolling in chrome or accessing dash.11:40
VictorCLsudo apt-get  "rar x"   ?11:40
sacarlsonjessie: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ss/bootorderchange.htm11:41
curiousxVictorCL: if you are using ubuntu 11.10 only do double click on the archive and then hit "extract" button11:41
sacarlsonjessie: other things to note http://pcsupport.about.com/od/tipstricks/ht/bootusbflash.htm11:42
VictorCLcuriousx,  it will only extract folders and some files11:42
VictorCLnot all of them11:42
T-b0n3SlimG_, were you able to find it?11:42
SlimG_T-b0n3: usb-creator-gtk11:42
bilal_what is internet downloder name in ubuntu window11:42
T-b0n3SlimG_, cool ;)11:42
curiousxVictorCL: sudo apt-get -y install rar unace p7zip-full p7zip-rar sharutils mpack lha arj ubuntu-restricted-extras11:42
jessiesacarlson:boss what to change over thier11:43
soulnafeinsome stats: http://pastie.org/369733411:43
sacarlsonjessie: I can't write it any better than they did11:43
jessiesacarlson: i will go thru it11:44
sacarlsonjessie: also you saying it doesn't boot give us very little info to deal with11:44
SlimG_VictorCL: It sounds like you should not use command-line just yet, how about just using your packagemanagement application to find the package called unrar and install it, then your archivingapplication should get support for all .rar files11:44
VictorCLwhen is ubuntu 12 coming up?11:45
sacarlsonjessie: not booting?  do you see a black screen in boot?  does it boot something else other than ubuntu?   does it give any error messages11:45
curiousxVictorCL: in 27 days11:45
VictorCLthen I will wait to update11:45
VictorCLwill you be able to remove the huge icons theme from the left bar?11:46
jessiesacarlson:i created bootable usb thru startup disk finally it said for installing ubuntu in any desktps u insert this stick but wen i did it didt booted11:46
VictorCLI want the old one11:46
sacarlsonjessie: didn't boot?  if not boot what did it do?11:46
jessiesacarlson:WENT to same old OS11:47
sacarlsonjessie: ok then you need to setup bios as shown above11:48
jessiesacarlson :sure im going thru it11:48
sacarlsonjessie: ok and all bios are different so you might have to explore the bios options11:49
eno_Hello,I am newbie of ubuntu cloud,How can I find documents in the web site?I can't find it = =11:49
=== anthony is now known as AnthonyT88
curiousxeno_: ubuntu cloud or ubuntuone?11:52
jessiesacarlson: u r from which country11:53
eno_the cloud.....when I install the server CD-ROM11:53
eno_Hong Kong11:53
curiousxsry idk about it11:53
sacarlsonjessie: I'm from Hawaii USA,  but now reside in Thailand,  English is my first and only language11:54
jessiesacarlson:good what do u do11:54
sacarlsonjessie: this is not a chat site11:55
curiousx!ot =P11:55
eno_What cloud can do?Are the cloud = clustering?11:56
u4iamore like distributed data.11:57
u4iadecentralized data stored throughout a wide area network.11:58
eno_so, if I want to do clustering, I don't need cloud ,right?11:59
u4iaa lot of people make the mistake of labeling access to their online content "cloud computing" or "cloud storage," when it's really just available online.12:00
u4iano, you don't need a "cloud" to do "clustering" or distributed tasks.12:01
eno_ May I know what cloud computing do?12:01
u4iaeno: Try google or wikipedia for more information.12:02
alogicUsing Gnome with Ubuntu 10.04. How do i make sure Sleep keyboard key is not used for activating Sleep mode? I have reassigned it to Lock Screen in keyboard config, but it only works till next reboot.12:04
eno_you want to disable the sleep key ?12:04
alogici want it to lock the screen12:05
u4ia"cloud computing" is access to data and "applications" online where the content is distributed/decentralized across multiple resources and accessed over a network.12:05
alogicbut upon reboot, the layout change i made is discarded, pressing the key has the Sleep Mode effect again12:05
u4iaVMWare VSphere is a good example of cloud computing.12:05
tegrai want to upgrade all packages of ubuntu can i do that ?12:06
MonkeyDusttegra  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade12:06
alogictegra: sudo apt-get update , then sudo apt-get upgrade12:06
tegrathere is an unstable version ?12:06
bazhangtegra, sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get upgrade12:06
bazhangtegra, development version in #ubuntu+112:06
tegraok thanks12:07
eno_Oh,the Vsphere......I know that12:07
Hans_HenrikRebooted twice now, and it still say this when starting up: *** /dev/sdb1 will be checked for errors at next reboot ***            how to NOT make it check the disk for errors each time the computer restart?   (btw i have no physical access to it, only via ssh, so i dont really know if its checking the disk or not on boot)12:07
it9001on a ubuntu irc channel on debian... embaressing12:07
MonkeyDustHans_Henrik  disable fsck, lemme find out12:07
alogicHans_Henrik: there is a flag for that in /etc/fstab , the last column 1 replace with 0 for the partition12:08
MonkeyDustHans_Henrik  what alogic says, plus this, maybe it's helpful http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/10/12/tuning-the-filesystem-check-at-bootup/12:09
BlauskaerMHave some problems with Adobe Reader and Firefox. Can only open one pdf and after I just get a blank screen.12:10
sacarlsontegra: you can also look into synaptic and select status>installed>upgradable> markallupgrades >apply12:10
BlauskaerMDont have access to root so is there a solution if you only have user-space access?12:10
bazhangBlauskaerM, whats wrong with the native pdf reader12:13
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: there is chroot but I'm not sure what you could do with it as like install a virtualbox in it so you become a super user in user space or??12:13
BlauskaerMbazhang: It craches for some reason when I read some PDF:s =/12:14
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: and also I don't have any problems viewing pdf files with the default viewer12:15
bazhangBlauskaerM, you're talking about acroread from the medibuntu.org repos?12:15
inserthi guys. I tried to upgrade Ubuntu 10.04, but I didn't use 'do-release-upgrade' and I screwd something it up, and now when I try 'do-release-upgrade' i get 'E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.'. Command 'aptitude search ~b' shows plenty of results, do I have to handle all of them by hand?12:15
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: oh some not all so maybe the pdf files are corrupt also you might have other apps that will view pdf installed that won't crash12:15
killownlastest flashplayer update is throwing a buggy flash  version, the youtube videos got blue, how can I downgrade it?12:16
bazhangkillown, you cannot12:16
Hans_Henrikjust upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and it Used to be configured to directly login to the user "mark", now it wont log in automatically.. how do i tell 11.10 to login automatically to the user "mark" ?12:16
killownso ubuntu developers need to do something, this flash version is garbage12:16
bazhanginsert, please be more specific than "screwed somethng up"12:16
BlauskaerMsacarlson: The PDFs that I'm reading workds fine with Adobe and FOXIT (or whatever the name is on the reader in windows) but not with the ubuntu standrad one12:17
bazhangkillown, thats an adobe issue12:17
sacarlsoninsert: I think at this point you will have to install a fresh copy from like livecd,   I'm sure you backed up every thing before upgrade12:17
it9001Just switch to debian, ubuntu is based on it anyway12:17
killownbazhang, because that the developers will do nothing?12:17
bazhangit9001, thats not helpful12:17
it9001bazhang: I think you'll find it is :/12:18
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
bazhangit9001, dont do that here. thanks.12:18
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: more clues might be found from what did you use to view the pdf file in ubuntu?12:18
killownif yes, then ubuntu is not for final users12:18
insertbazhang: I can't upgrade to the newer version, /etc/issue still shows "Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS \n \l"12:18
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: I think there are like 5 or more pdf viewer in ubuntu and probly more in linux12:18
T-b0n3insert, does it tell you what packages are broken?12:18
bazhanginsert, did you check synaptic to look for more than LTS releases12:19
BlauskaerMsacarlson: Its evince12:19
BlauskaerMsacarlson: As I said, I dont have root access so cant install anything12:19
it9001use su?12:19
it9001or sudo..12:19
bazhangit9001, no12:19
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: seems there is already a bug open http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/poppler-bugs/2006-November/000713.html12:20
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: oh but that's like 200612:20
insertbazhang: I modified /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and changed 'prompt=lts' to 'prompt=normal'12:20
bazhangBlauskaerM, is this a wubi install, or a real install12:20
sacarlsonBlauskaerM: here's one in 2009, not sure what version of ubuntu you run https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/poppler/+bug/41977712:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419777 in evince (Fedora) "evince crash when read pdf file" [Unknown,Confirmed]12:21
BlauskaerMbazhang: Dont know, how do I check that?12:21
bazhangBlauskaerM, and did you get acroread from medibuntu.org repos or where12:21
insertT-b0n3: do-release-upgrade does not, but 'sudo aptitude search ~b' shows some results12:21
bazhangBlauskaerM, wubi is from within windows12:21
it9001So you guys enjoying unity?12:22
it9001You know, that thing you can't remove :)12:22
bazhang!ot | it900112:22
ubottuit9001: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:22
BlauskaerMbazhang: Dont know, the machine of interesst is at my university12:22
BlauskaerMbazhang: Dont know how that set it up =(12:22
it9001bazhang, i am talking about ubuntu, hown12:22
bastidrazorit9001: feel free to join us in #ubuntu-offtopic  ..i enjoy talking about unity.12:22
sacarlsonit9001: no I run gnome-shell12:22
it9001how is that offtopic*12:22
bazhangit9001, this is not the talking about ubuntu channel. this is support only take it to #ubuntu-offtopic for idle chit chat12:23
BlauskaerMbazhang: they*12:23
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sacarlsonbazhang: BlauskaerM is not a sudo or root user12:25
insertcan I automatically reinstall all broken packages?12:25
bazhangsacarlson, why would he need to be to read pdfs12:25
bastidrazorinsert: sudo apt-get -f install may help12:25
sacarlsonbazhang: I don't know many pdf docs in school so I guess they might need it sometimes12:26
sacarlsonbazhang: oh he notes it crashes on open of some pdfs12:26
insertbastidrazor: at the end it just showed '0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 593 not upgraded.'12:26
bazhangsacarlson, plus he does not even know if its a wubi install, if its acroread from mediubuntu and other useful tidbits12:26
brontosaurusrexis there a specific md5 signature to follow when posting md5 sums? like : filename.ext > 23847238472893472934 ?12:27
bazhang!hashes | brontosaurusrex12:27
ubottubrontosaurusrex: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/11.10/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release12:27
T-b0n3insert, would it be an idea to apt-get remove the broken packages and try reinstalling them?12:27
sacarlsonbazhang: we didn't get the ubuntu version but we did get that the app is evince12:27
brontosaurusrexbazhang: hash *filename (what is * for?)12:28
karl-augusttjoin #ubuntu12:29
karl-augusttplease I  have a bug on latex compilation :   Package ucs Error : please activate 'combine' \backslashbox{type}{année}12:29
insertT-b0n3: yes, that would be good12:29
bastidrazorinsert: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  ..what output does that give you?12:30
alogicbrontosaurusrex: that means files are treated as binary ones. md5sum has a mode when whitespaces are ignored, in that case you wouldn't have an asterisk.12:31
insertbastidrazor: I tried that some time ago because I thought this is a proper way to upgrade, but it didn't upgrade to the newest distribution, /etc/issue shows 10.0412:32
kandinskiis it possible to connect to a wireless network from the command line?12:32
bastidrazorinsert: that isn't suppose to change the distro version.12:32
kandinskiwhat keywoards should I google in order to find out how?12:33
insertbastidrazor: do you think to run it now? At the end, I'd like to upgrade to Ubuntu 1112:33
bastidrazorinsert: how did you mess up the upgrade before?12:34
sacarlsonkandinski: yes;  with iwconfig12:34
alogickandinski: guess this would work as a start - http://www.wirelessdefence.org/Contents/LinuxWirelessCommands.htm12:34
alogicand yes, iwconfig is the star player there.12:35
sacarlsonkandinski: if encrypted wifi might require more with wpa-supplicant12:35
mcloyis there a way to hide .css file from users of webpage. put it in a folder from where only webserver apache can access it. and user cannot access the .css directly . any way?12:35
jribmcloy: what's the point? Your going to send the user the information anyway12:35
alogicif you're using CSS there's no way to hide it from user, it can be reached with Firebug or similar tools of other browsers.12:36
jorsHi.  Need some advice.  Looking to resurrect an old PC I dug up from the attic recently.  Specs are 2.6GHz Celeron, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD, Nvidia 5200 Graphics etc.  Currently has an original copy of XP Pro on it.  Currently getting the Lubuntu 11.10 torrent (it's at 95%).  But I'm reluctant as I've read that Xubuntu is good as well.  From your experience, which would be best given the specs?  If not, should I use another distro altogther?  Choices, choices...12:36
mcloyjrib,  just dont want the user to save the .css12:36
jribmcloy: why?  The user could easily determine the rules anyway12:37
insertbastidrazor: sudo apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, sudo apt-get install -f, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get clean all, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get get -f install, sudo apt-get clean all, sudo apt-get autoremove, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade,12:37
rumpe1mcloy, it is always saved somewhere automatically. That's how the web works.12:37
alogicjors: it's more than enough for pretty much any ubuntu-based distro including the current one.12:37
alogicubuntu 11.10 i mean.12:38
rumpe1mcloy, have you invented a really awesome css-technique or why are you afraid of that?12:38
bastidrazorinsert: none of those commands will upgrade you to a newer distro version.12:38
insertbastidrazor: something like that, this is what my history shows. Probably I should have run do-release-upgrade and that's all :/12:38
jorsYou mean Unity3D as well, wouldn't that be a bit much for it??12:38
insertbastidrazor: well, now I know12:38
sacarlsonmcloy: they can clone your site with wget or other tools in a few secounds, so seems pointless12:38
alogicjors: no, i'm using it on machine with really similar specs.12:38
mcloyrumpe1,  i sell css. and when i show demos of webs. people copy .css while viewing it12:38
mcloysacarlson, ^12:39
insertbastidrazor: and now do-dist-upgrade says 'E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. '12:39
ikoniamcloy: that's why you get legal help for theft12:39
ikoniamcloy: it's not really a technology issue12:39
T-b0n3insert, what happens when you do sudo apt-get -f install <broken-package-name>12:40
sacarlsonmcloy: I guess you can only give them screen shots of your sites to prevent that then12:40
bastidrazorinsert: okay, how did you get to that point? those commands would not have broken anything.12:40
adhainsert : sudo apt-get install --fix-broken sudo apt-get autoclean12:40
adhasudo apt-get autoremove12:40
adhainsert : try it12:41
mcloyikonia,  sacarlson  is there no other technique .  using frames. flash..     dont know........12:41
jpdsmcloy: The answer is: No.12:41
ikoniamcloy: you need a legal solution12:41
kandinskialogic, and sacarlson, thanks12:41
alogicyw ;)12:41
sacarlsonmcloy: none that I know of but I'm no expert12:41
alogici personally can extract css from any website assuming they use one. you cannot hide that. trust me.12:42
jorsalogic: thanks for the heads up.  So...... in the event it DOESN'T run all that well, what are my options then?12:42
alogicjors: ubuntu 10.04 without desktop effects, i'd say.12:42
alogicthat's what i got at my office pc, quite a low-end one12:42
jorsalogic:  mmm... the LTS version, never thought of that.12:43
BirlibanHi, my ubuntu 10.4 LTS cannot resolve hostnames anymore. anyone a hint how to get this fixed? i can ping an ip without problem.12:43
=== waynejfdl is now known as waynewang
wormDoes amyone know how to make my ubuntu start to console rather than lightdm?12:44
T-b0n3Birliban, what is in your /etc/hosts file?12:44
eno_Why you choose ubuntu?12:44
wormAnd when I need to use x, i can run startx.12:45
insertT-b0n3: it is installed smoothly12:45
sacarlsonmcloy: see my pm12:45
BirlibanT-b0n3, only
insertbastidrazor: so I don't remember, I must have done something ugly12:45
T-b0n3Birliban, are you connected to your home network or a mobile data connection?12:46
jpdsworm: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#disabling-a-job-from-automatically-starting12:46
T-b0n3Birliban, sorry, i meant to ask what is in /etc/resolv.conf12:46
T-b0n3insert, does aptitude still list the package as broken?12:47
insertT-b0n3: no, after I reinstalled it doesn't12:48
T-b0n3insert, great, so… do the rest and then do-release-upgrade should work ^_^12:48
T-b0n3hopefully lol12:48
=== f3ck4r-0ffz is now known as f3ck4r
insertT-b0n3: can it be done automatically, with no need to create a custom script, with apt?12:49
T-b0n3how many packages does aptitude list are broken?12:49
T-b0n3insert, you should be able to do apt-get -f install <package-name> <package-name> etc, etc12:50
T-b0n3save doing them separately12:50
BirlibanT-b0n3, there is nameserver xxx.xx.xxx.xxx (just x'ed for privacy)12:50
T-b0n3Birliban, cool, so does that IP correspond to your local networks DNS server?12:51
BirlibanT-b0n3, yes. it does12:51
sacarlsonBirliban: you might try change it to  or one from opendns12:52
BirlibanT-b0n3, maybe this one changed by provider... ok. i have an alternative one. do i need to restart something?12:52
wormjpds: Only rename kdm and lightdm? is that enough? I didn't see anything about x or xorg.12:52
jpdsworm: Yes.12:52
T-b0n3Birliban, you won't need to restart, just put the new one at the top of resolv.conf and it will take effect immediately12:53
sacarlsonBirliban: there are also tools to test dns servers with the dig command12:53
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Birlibansacarlson, ok, will check this12:53
Birlibanthanks for your help!!!12:53
BirlibanT-b0n3, works like a charm. thank you.12:54
T-b0n3Birliban, great ;) glad to help!12:55
BirlibanT-b0n3, :)12:56
ironmHello. Where can I report ubuntu 12.04 beta issues? When I install precise 12.04 beta (all versions including the today's daily one) on HP DL 385g7 servers with additional NX network card there is an error message: "Missing Firmware Files phanfw.bin and nx3fwct.bin". There is no such message when installing ubuntu 11.10.12:58
ironmThank you in advance for any hints.12:59
=== dukie is now known as dungeonduke
MonkeyDustironm  #ubuntu+112:59
ironmthanks a lot MonkeyDust :)12:59
TorbenBetaWhat is the best program: pg, more or less?13:01
T-b0n3TorbenBeta, more and less imo13:02
TorbenBetaT-b0n3, which of the two?13:03
TorbenBetaI would tend to less13:03
MonkeyDustTorbenBeta  with less you can scroll up and down13:04
TorbenBetaMonkeyDust, can't you do that with more also?13:04
=== dave is now known as Guest44778
T-b0n3TorbenBeta, less allows you to scroll, search and regex(?)13:04
MonkeyDustTorbenBeta  i guess only down, with more13:05
T-b0n3TorbenBeta, i use more when i want to cat a large file and aren't expecting to have to search or scroll up13:05
T-b0n3much of a muchness :P13:05
TorbenBetaThanks guys.13:06
spyder89need an expert with powerpc setup13:06
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ13:07
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spyder89i'm setting up my mac g5 with pre intel chips with ubuntu and having trouble with partitioning13:08
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Slugmahi everyone!13:15
Slugmajust wondering, how can I edit the defaultly-selected option in grub?13:16
j605i use a hp g6 laptop and in ubuntu i expereice poor battery life, can anyone suggest some ways in improving it. i did set pm-powersave to true13:16
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auronandacej605: there has been a power regression for a while in the kernel13:19
auronandacej605: not sure if the fix has been backported yet13:19
auronandacej605: if i remember correctly, it is fixed in 3.2 kernel and above13:20
Slugmacan anyone please tell me how can I edit the defaultly-selected option in grub? I don't know much about ubuntu :\13:21
j605auronandace:how can i find what version i am using?13:21
auronandacej605: only 12.04 currently uses a 3.2 kernel13:21
auronandacej605: 12.04 is still beta, so if you are using a stable release then you likely still have the power regression13:22
j605auronandace: i'll update as soon as possible13:22
auronandacej605: what does uname -a say?13:23
tegra12.04 use 3.2.13 ?13:23
auronandacetegra: check in #ubuntu+113:24
j605auronandace: Linux giant 3.0.0-16-generic #29-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 14 12:48:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:24
auronandacej605: ok, so you are on 11.1013:24
auronandacej605: just so you know: there is an update to your kernel13:26
auronandacej605: unrelated to the power issue though13:27
j605auronandace: i don' have have a good internet connection, i'll update it by april 5th13:27
j605auronandace: thanks for the help :)13:29
auronandacej605: no worries :)13:29
avernumI upgraded   ca-certificates-java from 20100406ubuntu1 to ca-certificates-java from 20100406ubuntu1.1 this morning. Since then, LibreOffice (with Zotero plugin) kept freezing. If I ran from the command line, I get an error like: The program 'soffice' received an X Window System error.13:31
avernumThis probably reflects a bug in the program.13:31
avernumThe error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.13:31
avernum  (Details: serial 295078 error_code 11 request_code 53 minor_code 0)13:31
FloodBot1avernum: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:31
avernumI since downgraded ca-certificates-java and it appears to have fixed the problem.13:32
avernumCould I get some advice as to if to file a bug?13:32
avernum(On Ubuntu 10.04, otherwise all up-to-date)13:33
greg__Hi all13:33
greg__How can I do to connect USB hard drive without automount try on ubuntu please ?13:34
DarsVaedaHi, I get this error when trying to install a second monitor: "required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(3360, 1050), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1680, 1680)"13:34
DarsVaedawhat do I do?13:34
DarsVaedamirror displays works thou13:34
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tmusthe procfs upstart "service" sets some sysctl values that overrides values set from my /etc/network/interfaces post-up scripts. What's the proper way to avoid this?13:36
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smokycatdificult irssi ...13:37
senorpedrohow can i make apache to allow download files bigger then 2gb?13:38
avernumOK, my bad, it isn't the  java thingy, it just went and did it again...13:38
avernumNext question, where does LibreOffice store it's config?13:40
quinthow can i run wireshark in cli?13:45
quintwith no x13:45
=== senorpedro is now known as senorpedro1
avernumI guess you can't. From the man page: "Wireshark is a GUI network protocol analyzer."13:46
ikoniaquint: http://www.wireshark.org/docs/man-pages/13:46
auronandace!test | Hafaisy13:47
ubottuHafaisy: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )13:47
sacarlsonquint: another option is tcpdump but it looks like tdump that might be a part of wireshark will also work in cli13:49
Piciquint: the cli version is tshark.13:50
* Star_Light bye13:51
sacarlsonquint: opps and as pici said it's tshark not tdump13:51
avernumSooo. Again, I keep getting this error when I run LibreOffice (on an up-to-date 10.04). The error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.   (Details: serial XXXXX [changes each time] error_code 11 request_code 53 minor_code 0)13:51
sacarlsonavernum: lack of mem I would think13:52
avernumI don't seem to have a .libreoffice folder, and I've renamed my old .openoffice.org folder.13:52
avernumsacarison: sys mon is reporting 735MiB of 2.5GiB used, and no swap.13:53
auronandaceavernum: where did you install libreoffice from?13:53
boxFollowing these instructions for linux http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/ - I can't seem to get dd if=ChromeOS.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M to work. My USB is /dev/sdb and I've tried sdb and sdb1 with and without partitions but no data seems to be written - where am i going wrong?13:53
avernumauronandace: the official channel13:54
yzhdcan anyone help me with installing  gtk+ ?13:54
auronandaceavernum: ??13:54
yzhdI'm trying to install lm-sensors, but I need some other files to do it...13:54
auronandaceavernum: you got it from the website?13:54
boxNever mind - Had to 'safely remove' =$ my bad13:54
avernumauronandace: no, I installed the LibreOffice PPA and installed it from there.13:54
auronandaceavernum: ah, ppa13:55
avernumI'm on 10.04, and even though OOo is mean to be still supported, the reality seems to be that no one gives a shit any more unless I'm running LibreOffice from the PPA.13:55
auronandaceavernum: you'd need to get in touch with the maintainer of the ppa13:56
avernumAlright, I'll go file a bug or something.13:56
Hans_HenrikAfter i upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 to 11.10, somewhere along the way libmysqlclient-dev got deleted. i need this for 1 of the programming projects im working on. now when i try to "apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev", i get this error: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libmysqlclient-dev : Depends: libmysqlclient16 (= 5.1.61-0ubuntu0.11.10.1) but 5.1.61-2~dotdeb.0 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, 13:56
sacarlsonyzhd: it look like this should install it sudo apt-get install lm-sensors13:57
Hans_Henrikany idea how i can install libmysqlclient-dev?13:57
yzhdsacarlson, it doesn't work13:57
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yzhdsacarlson, I have downloaded the tar.gz, I'm going to install it via terminal, but I need some additional files to make it work. Since I'm a newb.. I can't find them.. could you hep me ?13:58
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: did you sudo apt-get update;  if so do you have security  and update repository set active in synaptic?13:58
auronandaceyzhd: isn't lmsensors in the repos?13:59
yzhdauronandace, can be. How can I check?13:59
auronandace!info lm-sensors13:59
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.0-4ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 98 kB, installed size 476 kB13:59
yzhdI'm a really newb.. installed ubuntu 3 days ago :)13:59
sacarlsonyzhd: what error do you get from sudo apt-get install lm-sensors ?13:59
auronandace!software | yzhd13:59
ubottuyzhd: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents13:59
yzhd"lm-sensors is already the newest version."14:00
yzhdbut I can't find it14:00
sacarlsonyzhd: try sudo sensors-detect14:00
sacarlsonyzhd: and see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto14:01
Hans_Henriksacarlson: oneiric-updates and oneiric-security is enabled yes, there is no updates available (according to update-manager)14:01
yzhdDriver `k10temp' (autoloaded):14:01
yzhd  * Chip `AMD Family 11h thermal sensors' (confidence: 9)14:01
yzhdNo modules to load, skipping modules configuration.14:01
yzhdUnloading i2c-dev... OK14:01
yzhdUnloading cpuid... OK14:01
FloodBot1yzhd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:01
Myrttiyzhd: please, PLEASE use pastebin14:02
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto   <---- have a read14:02
bazhangyzhd, see above14:03
sacarlson!info libmysqlclient1614:03
ubottulibmysqlclient16 (source: mysql-5.1): MySQL database client library. In component main, is optional. Version 5.1.61-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 (oneiric), package size 1765 kB, installed size 4020 kB14:03
yzhdbazhang, yes sir, I have read it... But it still won't work14:03
bazhang!work | yzhd14:03
ubottuyzhd: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.14:03
yzhdbazhang, can I show you via teamviewer ?14:04
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: seems you have some ppa or mixed repository conflict14:04
bazhangyzhd, no14:04
insertall right, I got rid of broken packages, what's the BEST way to upgrade Ubuntu? Is 'do-release-upgrade' good?14:05
sacarlsonyzhd: from that I would guess it's working then14:06
mr-squidleyinsert:sudo do-release-upgrade -d14:06
sacarlsonyzhd: you can now install one of the gui apps or applets to view it on your screen14:06
yzhdsacarlson, but I can't find sensors-applet14:06
yzhdsacarlson, I want it to show on my panel14:07
Hans_Henriksacarlson: the only enabled repos are now the official ubuntu-netherland repository oneiric-updates oneiric-security main universe restricted multiverse     . not any other repo, and situation is the same14:07
sacarlsonyzhd: did you install it?14:07
yzhdsacarlson, yes14:07
insertmr-squidley: why with '-d'? It says 'Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible', I'm on 10.04 now and want to upgrade to next stable version14:07
sacarlsonyzhd: if so what error did you get from that install sudo apt-get install  sensors-applet14:07
genii-aroundinsert: If you wait three weeks you can upgrade from your 10.04 straight to the next LTS of 12.0414:07
yzhdsacarlson, I don't get any errors, but I can't find it ?14:08
DarsVaedawhat is the difference between a "desktop with single display (multidesktop)" and "desktop over multiple displays with 2 displays"?14:08
insertgenii-around: can I skip 11?14:08
mr-squidleyinsert then remove the -d :D14:08
sacarlsonyzhd: what are you looking for that you can't find?14:09
Down_to_Earthdarkcharl, it's if you have more than one monitor14:09
yzhdsacarlson, sensors-applet.14:09
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yzhdsacarlson, How can I make it show my computer temperature on my panel ?14:09
DarsVaedayeah but whats the difference in the options ^^14:09
genii-aroundinsert: Yes, after 12.04 becomes an official release14:09
Down_to_EarthDarsVaeda, it's if you have than one monitor14:09
auronandaceinsert: you can only upgrade to the next release or from one lts to another14:09
sacarlsonyzhd: read the link as it point out Finally, restart to load all the sensors. Once back at the desktop,  right-click on the top panel and choose "Add to Panel." Select "Hardware  Sensors Monitor" and click the "Add" button,14:10
insertauronandace: I thought so, so I cannot go straight to 12, right?14:10
sacarlsonyzhd: but you should read above that as well14:10
insertauronandace: ok, if they're both LTS I can14:10
genii-aroundinsert: If you go to 10.10 now, you have to then go 11.04->11.10->12.0414:10
auronandaceinsert: yes, 10.04 to 12.04 is possible when it gets released, they are both lts releases14:10
sacarlsonyzhd: maybe that applet is too old?14:10
yzhdsacarlson, can I PM you ?14:11
insertok, thank you all for help14:11
sacarlsonyzhd: if so try ksensors14:11
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: you say now are official but what were they before?14:13
arthurjohnsonauronandace, That always scares me, going from LTS to LTS ;)14:13
auronandacearthurjohnson: i never upgrade, i always clean install14:14
Down_to_EarthUbuntu 11.10, and I installed through windows, wubi.exe; i believe. I have a unallocated space, am i able to unmount OS (Windows 7 partition) and resize with the free space, in other words is it safe to unmount?14:14
newlikegrhi all14:14
arthurjohnsonauronandace, That seems to give you the best experience I think.  Its a PITA, but otherwise your not going to see all the improvements to the UI.14:14
Down_to_EarthHello newlikegr.14:15
newlikegrcan anyone tell me my part message14:15
newlikegrim going to reconnect14:15
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
newlikegrwhat was my part message?14:15
Down_to_Earthhas left Ubuntu14:15
auronandacearthurjohnson: i use xubuntu, so xfce is my desktop, i don't like unity so i don't consider it an improvement :)14:16
Hans_Henriksacarlson: these extra repos was enabled: deb http://apt.jenslody.de/ \n any main deb-src http://apt.jenslody.de/ any main \n deb http://apt.wxwidgets.org/ maverick-wx main14:16
yzhdwhen I right click on my panel at desktop, I don't see any add to panel options ?14:16
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: if no ppa or other repository were never added before you can try a different repository host like usa or japan or other14:16
Myrttinewlikegr: this is #ubuntu for Ubuntu support issues, not debugging your IRC client14:16
Hans_Henriksacarlson: yeah switched to USA server, but didnt make a difference14:16
newlikegrMyrtti Ok sorry14:16
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: oh well some how they have mest up your system, I'm not sure how to fix that14:16
newlikegryzhd You should try Xfce, I found Unity useless too14:17
Down_to_Earthyzhd, Did you try to click, drag and drop?14:17
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: probly easier to just reinstall14:17
yzhdclick drag and drop? what shall I click on ?14:17
Down_to_EarthClick and hold, the release when you have the program, or file you want to put on the bar.14:18
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: oh wait maybe you can force the install version with aptitude14:18
sacarlsonHans_Henrik: problem is you might fix one thing to find 50 other dependencies broken14:19
kri5_Hi there14:19
arthurjohnsonauronandace: Xubuntu is where its at.  Love it.14:19
kri5_i'm currently trying to install ubuntu 12.04 through pxe with kickstart14:19
mneptokkri5_: 12.04 questions in #ubuntu+1 please14:19
kri5_but the install hangs out on linux-generic kernel package14:20
kri5_mneptok: ok thanks14:20
Down_to_EarthI am running Ubuntu 11.10, and I installed through windows, wubi.exe; i believe. I have a unallocated space, am i able to unmount OS (Windows 7 partition) and resize with the free space, in other words is it safe to unmount?14:20
arthurjohnsonauronandace: Although lately I've been using Window Maker as my window manager, but still use the XFCE components.14:20
sacarlsonkri5_: did you try without kickstart first?14:20
mneptoksacarlson: 12.04 support in #ubuntu+1 please14:20
sirknightDown_to_Earth,  what do you mean?14:21
auronandaceDown_to_Earth: you need to use a livecd14:22
sirknightDown_to_Earth,  are you talking about unmountng win7 within win7?14:22
maxpogorelovhi everyone14:23
bazhangauronandace, he wants to resize a wubi install14:23
maxpogorelovi have blue faces when playing video on youtube14:23
Down_to_EarthAm I allowed to upload an image to imageshack, of partitions >.<14:23
bazhang!wubi | Down_to_Earth check this guide14:23
ubottuDown_to_Earth check this guide: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe14:23
bazhangmaxpogorelov, turn off 3D first and try again14:23
bazhangDown_to_Earth, check the wubi guide14:24
auronandacebazhang: sorry, from what i read it sounded like he wanted to resize the windows partition while inside wubi (which wouldn't work)14:24
bazhangauronandace, I read it as him wanting to resize the wubi install, Down_to_Earth which one is it14:25
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sirknightUBCD is an iso this is a really good one to use     http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html  Down_to_Earth14:25
maxpogorelovbazhang, how can i turn off 3d? i'm uisng gnome314:26
bazhangsirknight, that wont help a wubi install14:26
mustmodifyHi! I have two issues and I'm hoping someone can point me to the appropriate channel.14:26
bazhangmustmodify, what issues14:26
sirknightbazhang,  i was adressing  the part of the resizing14:26
mustmodifyFirst, after Ubuntu goes to sleep and wakes up, my mouse still works, but the pointer goes away.14:26
bazhangsirknight, yes, wubi resize wont be helped with that14:27
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Down_to_EarthHere is my partitions http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/12/screenshotat20120330102.png/  (if i am not allowed to share image links i am sorry) but i want to put that empty space with OS, is it safe to unmount, preferably with out a live cd. (hence the reason why installed in Windows)14:28
sirknightbazhang, the hdd is what i am after but i see i wasnt not help..14:28
bazhangDown_to_Earth, resize the wubi install? yes or no14:28
mustmodifyany thoughts about which channel would be most appropriate?14:28
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Picimustmodify: Here.14:29
sparky-mustmodify: tell your X driver to use software cursor instead of hardware one14:29
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bazhangmaxpogorelov, no PM please, keep it in channel14:29
Down_to_Earthresize an empty space to the OS partition, i mentioned the Wubi installation method because i wasnt too sure if the OS will have any files that ubuntu needs to run.14:29
bazhangDown_to_Earth, the windows? or the wubi14:30
mustmodifysparky: ok... I remember playing with my x config on a different machine at some point so hopefully I'll be able to get that done.14:30
maxpogorelovbazhang, how to turn off 3d in gnome3?14:30
mustmodifySecond question (I'm using temporal partitioning here... fancy! :P )14:30
bazhangmaxpogorelov, what players have you tried that give the blue color14:31
Down_to_EarthI am not too sure how I can be any clearer.14:31
sirknighti am lookin for  a program that is for linux, simular to drangon naturally speaking for winows...do we have these kind of apps?14:31
bazhangDown_to_Earth, you installed ubuntu within windows. you want to make more space for windows, or ubuntu (the wubi install)14:32
LjLsirknight: i'm afraid you won't have much luck with that kind of software on Linux :(14:32
sparky-sirknight: speech synthesis, many.  speech recognition, no.14:32
mustmodifyI have three monitors. I currently use a windows machine to SSH into an ubuntu machine. If and when I find a KVM that will switch all three monitors, and I switch to touch-screen monitors, will I have problems with the touch-screens when I switch back and forth?14:32
sirknightspeech reconizing software?14:32
Down_to_EarthWindows, The "OS" partition, and i already installed ubuntu, i am on it right now. using GParted.14:32
bazhangDown_to_Earth, so the windows OS then14:33
sirknightsparky-,  whats the difference?14:33
sparky-sirknight: one is output, the other is input14:33
Down_to_Earthbazhang, Yes.14:33
bazhangDown_to_Earth, why ask here? you need to resize using windows tools14:34
sparky-mustmodify: likely not.  touchscreens will probably be usb-based ones and those should, if written properly, be hot-pluggable much like usb keyboards and mice14:34
arthurjohnsonsirknight: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_recognition_in_Linux14:34
bazhangDown_to_Earth, you cannot resize the windows os from within wubi14:34
mustmodifysparky: That's what I'm hoping. Should be a SWEET setup.14:35
sparky-mustmodify: but, barring space issues, the best solution might be to use one set of keyboard/mouse and run a software that "magically" morphs the mouse/keyboard to another OS when your move cross the screen boundary14:35
sparky-mustmodify: (that means setting up three displays :-))14:35
Down_to_Earthbazhang, Thank you for the second statement, and if i knew the answer, would i have asked here? :p14:35
Down_to_EarthThank you, for you guy's help. :]14:36
maxpogorelovbazhang, the problem only with flash player. with vlc, totem, mplayer everything is fine14:36
bazhangDown_to_Earth, there is a channel here on freenode that can help with that ##windows14:36
arthurjohnsonsirknight: It sounds like some people have actually gotten Dragon running on Linux with Wine.14:36
sirknightbut i dont have it:(  but thanks i didnt know that..  link please14:37
arthurjohnsonsirknight: There are some references in that wikipedia article.14:37
sparky-keep an eye out for Google's voice recognition API ... that would be the same API they use to transcribe voicemail into text to send to your email (the Google Voice service)14:37
sirknightand what about wine?14:38
flamiHi there. it seems that I need the nvidia-current pakcage (295) from precise , but that wants to update half of my system with it, is there a way to get that package without all these dependencies on 11.10 ?14:38
genii-aroundflami: You could instead use the xorg-edgers ppa14:38
flamiOh then lemme google for that . thanks14:38
sparky-flami: are you up to building your own package?  you should be able to grab the source and build it on your system maybe after a few adjustments14:39
arthurjohnsonsirknight: I don't have any recent experience with WINE, but I did get WoW to work under it a few years ago.  It was fun.14:39
flamiwell I need the new driver so the cuda sdk 4.1 runs. so I can build stufff. I dont quite know how to build the nvidia binary driver ... well since its a binary driver :P14:40
sirknightflami,  maybe but what i heard is that you are better off to recompile the package to have it work ... nvidea is the better of the two packages though14:40
flamiI vaguely remeber that apt-get could build packages14:40
auronandaceflami: you don't build the nvidia driver, its not open source14:40
flamiyes I am aware of that. I wanna build a package14:41
sevenlessHi. I'm running Ubuntu 10.4. Trying to start a java program gets me "/usr/share/java/bin/java: no such file or directory". Any hints?14:41
maxpogorelovbazhang, when the video is embedded - everything ok wiith color. but when i'm watching directly from youtube blue faces happens)14:41
auronandace!fr | hed_14:42
ubottuhed_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:42
flamiwell repackage the binary driver to be like the original nvidia-current package. thus avoiding these hillarious situations where everything gets bricked because the drinver isntaller did something (tm)14:42
flamiso is there a way to backport teh nvidia-current package?14:42
flamiwell taht xorg edgers ppa looks primising though14:44
genii-aroundflami: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+index?batch=75&memo=75&start=75 is the page of the xorg-edgers PPa which shows the nvidia driver versions, the 11.10 and 12.04 are identical. I would probably try that first.14:45
boderlis there a text-to-speech software for ubuntu?14:45
flamigenii-around: thats what I was thinking too.14:45
auronandaceflami: just so you know, if something goes wrong you need to get in contact with the ppa maintainer14:45
flamilets hope not :P14:46
genii-aroundflami: As when using any external repository, support may not be available from the channel here if things go horribly wrong, etc etc14:46
pansetI am installing ubntu 11.10 server with encyrpted lvm.14:47
maxpogorelovwhere can i disable hardware acceleration in adobe flash14:47
maxpogorelovcommand-line style14:47
flamisheesh I should start bitching about having propblems compiling an experimental version of hpl . ^^14:47
pansetDuring installation it asks if it wants to encrypt my home partition for my username14:47
pansetIf I select yes, does it do like double encryption?14:47
hed_anyone use kubuntu?14:48
genii-aroundhed_: The folks in #kubuntu channel do14:48
bazhanghed_, yes14:48
flamipanset: what do you mean with double encryption?14:48
sliptteeswhere i can change layout keybord to thinkpad T60?14:48
hed_thnx > genii14:49
pansetflami: See, as the I already have 'encrypted LVM' so all data is encrypted, BUT later in the installation when setting up username and pass stuff, it asks if I want to ecnrypt my home dir.14:49
robotboyi have asus k4 w amd graph card14:50
pansetSo since the disk are already LVM encrypted, does the home directory encryption does another layer of encryption on existing encrypted LVM?14:50
flamipanset:  well if its all in an encrypted lvm you dont really need to encrypt that again14:51
robotboyso i instal ubuntu and my notebook go riiculous14:51
sliptteeseveryone use precise?14:51
bazhangrobotboy, how so14:51
flamipanset: since the home folder encryption is uhmmm well I forgot what it was , it wanst lvm14:51
bazhangslipttees, in #ubuntu+114:51
robotboytouchpad not function14:51
robotboysound very bad14:51
robotboyno grapc driver14:51
sliptteesbazhang: no one help :(14:52
bazhangslipttees, be patient, thats the channel for it14:52
robotboyso i goback for windows14:52
sliptteesbazhang: i need configure my keyboard layout to thinkpad t60.14:52
flamipanset: the home folder encryption is done with ecryptfs , so it would encrypt your encryxpted lvm again.14:52
curiousx=0 robotboy will go back to windows =014:52
curiousxtraitor =(14:52
E3D3After upgrading to new Beta I get a error: no arguments specified. How can I solve this ?14:52
sliptteesbazhang: u know that?14:52
robotboyi am average user14:52
auronandacerobotboy: you came here for help or just to tell us you are going back to windows?14:53
bazhangslipttees, then ask for support in the correct channel and be patient14:53
robotboynot programer or so14:53
pansetflami: ah I see, is there any significant performance degradation in two encryptions?14:53
slipttees=/ thanks for nothing bazhang14:53
robotboyu can help me how to run ubuntu like in my windows14:53
flamipanset:  its completely useless . also yes :P14:53
bazhangslipttees, this is the wrong channel. 12.04 is supported in #ubuntu+1 NOT here14:53
auronandacerobotboy: in windows? so you want a wubi install?14:54
flamipanset: you basically get the performancs hit of decrypting the filesystem, then dcrypting the encrypted container that is your homefolder.14:54
ironmhello again. anyone here familiar with launchpad. I am on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=precise14:54
curiousxrobotboy: install ubuntu in your disk14:54
ironmand I would like to open a new issue. What I am missing is the link14:54
ironmthank you in advance for any hints ;)14:55
pansetflami: thanks, I will just use LVM encyption with a good passphrase then14:55
curiousxand you will recive our support =)14:55
pansetflami: also since its going to be server, is there any advantage of encryption, for example, does it protect anymore than usual if someone breaks into server?14:55
E3D3New Beta gives boot error and hangs/crash when using. ubuntu+1 has to little (or no) support. Are their alternatives to continue using my PC ?14:55
Dj_FlyByWhats the best way to set an internal static IP? Via router or Via Ubuntu, or both??14:56
flamipanset: if you are the only user, that would be teh best way I think . the nice part of ecryptfs is that every user can "chose" ( depending if the are inn the right group) to encrypt or not14:56
auronandaceE3D3: #ubuntu+1 is where 12.04 is supported until release14:56
ironmpanset, may I ask what is the max size of passphrase?14:56
=== hybrid_ is now known as o0o0o
E3D3auronandace: Thanks, do you also know when final release is ?14:57
pansetflami: I see14:57
auronandaceE3D3: not sure of the exact date, but it is in april14:57
pansetironm: max phrase could be anything I guess, it recommends above 20 character14:57
E3D3auronandace: Thanks, I guess I beter wait until then.14:57
flamipanset: the only thing encryption protect from is when your box gets physically stolen. opnce it is running an attacker can read your stuff14:58
flamipanset: thus I never saw the point of encrypting a server.14:58
ironmpanset, I mean if there is a limitation like 256 characters or so ...14:58
PaulYosefbut i won't give up the battle against racism even if it hides behind in the dutch ubuntu community14:58
flamipanset: if you want strong separation of services and users maybe look into LXC for containerbased virtualisation.14:59
pansetflami: hmm exactly the later part, since it would be no use of encryption on running server. Hmmm14:59
pansetironm: no idea :|14:59
sliptteesi need configure my keyboard layout to thinkpad t60.14:59
sliptteeshow can help?14:59
ironmslipttees,  you mean "who can help?" ..15:00
bazhangslipttees, what version of ubuntu15:00
mustmodifysparky: give me a push please... how do I tell X to use the software to render the mouse rather than hardware?15:00
pansetflami: 'chroot on steroids'. interesting, thanks!15:00
flamipanset: LXC istn quite as good as openvz yet when it comes to isolaton. but openvz only runs on 2.6.32 . ( its in debian squeeze) . also you could look into kvm to have complete virtualisation, which has a higher performance impact, but you can run anything in a virtual machine.15:02
warshблин 5 лет на заходил в IRC !15:03
genii-around!ru | warsh15:03
ubottuwarsh: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:03
=== motherbrain is now known as jteguest
pansetflami: Actually in fact I am running the server on a Virtualbox vm, so that I can access stuff when I am away.15:04
flamipanset: heh. yeah I guess LXC is what you want then. unless you wanna run debian squeeze and have openvz for another year or 2 until the next release, at which point itll be gone from debian too.15:05
pie___is it possible to set syn and set IP ID, tcp window size, tcp sequence number and ack field on a packet without root?15:05
flamipanset: also brb15:05
ubottuNapino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:09
pansetflami: I will look into LXC. Squeeze would not cut out for me, since I need to stay on rapid release distros for generating compiling, builds etc.15:09
rmrfslashI just deleted my sources.list file accidentally (Ubuntu 12.04). Is there a way to regenerate it?15:10
flamipanset: you could make a continer with whatever new distro, there are sometimes issues with libc being to new for the kernel though15:10
rmrfslashor if someone could just paste theirs somewhere, that would work15:11
eno_Can I using Clustering for my web server?15:11
bazhangeno_, with a single server?15:11
bazhangrmrfslash, 12.04 in #ubuntu+1 please15:12
DJonesrmrfslash, You're probably better asking in #ubuntu+1 while you're using 12.0415:12
eno_maybe  2 servers15:12
=== bl4val is now known as Natanael
mustmodifysparky: If you responded I must have missed it.15:14
mustmodifysparky: can you give me a push? Something about X using software for my mouse instead of hardware?15:15
=== wenko2 is now known as ve7wnk
jsebeanHey folks, I have ubuntu 12.04 beta 2 installed (64bit). I am trying to get OpenJDK running. I can't find OpenJDK in my software centre so I tried the command sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre and it installed, however, when i try to run minecraft openjdk doesnt appear int he open with15:17
=== triscuit is now known as brie
auronandacejsebean: #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 until release15:18
jsebeanauronandace: ??15:18
auronandacejsebean: please /join #ubuntu+1 to get help with 12.0415:19
SmartTowelis there anyone else in the world seeing this issue on ubuntu? "We had a problem loading Flash. You may have a Flash blocker installed.   If so, please disable the blocker (or add an exception) and reload to  start listening."15:19
randompersoni have a question about ubuntu server15:20
SmartToweli've tried everything and can't get this to work15:20
auronandace!test | Lily`h15:20
ubottuLily`h: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )15:20
ScuniziI'm looking for a way to change the *default* paper size in gscan2pdf from A4 to Letter.  Any help appriciated15:20
r_iri1989Does any have experienced issues with wicd, where wicd connect to the AP normally, but doesn't get internet access?15:21
randompersoncan i install joomla on ubuntu server?15:21
Lily`hI was actually testing the text features.15:21
Scunizirandomperson: no problem15:21
=== brie is now known as donuts
tocsickhey does anyone here know what folder evolution uses to store email messages? evo 2.28, the gnome 2 version15:22
mandzai had install hugin panorama on my ubuntu 11.10 and i can not open it15:22
Lily`hI think mIRC is so much better than xChat :/15:22
mandzait crash immideately15:22
r_iri1989Lily`h: have you considered irssi?15:22
mandzaimmediately *15:22
Lily`hNever heard about it.15:22
Scunizimandza: I have not had that issue.15:23
r_iri1989it's a great console based client15:23
randompersonScunizi what would i need for that? just PHP and Apache2 installed?15:23
Lily`hNice, gonna check this out, thanks !15:23
r_iri1989has anybody experienced issues with wicd where wicd connect to the AP normally, but can't get internet access?15:23
brontosaurusrexfinnaly updated my old intranet server from 9.10 to 10.04 and noticing some magic: mp4/h.264 videos can be seeked without preloading in html5 mode on chrome..., is it a chrome magic or a combo of smarter apache and chrome, or some other mistery?15:23
Scunizirandomperson: there's an easy way to install all that is needed.. hang on a sec.15:24
randompersonScunizi thanks i love easy ways, much less involved :)15:24
rootwormhi im having grub troubles15:24
rootwormhow can i use lilo15:25
rootwormi dont know how to do this and im new to terminals15:25
Scunizirandomperson: follow my "following" questions to the channel and hopefully someone will be able to answer me.. :)15:25
tjh_hi,i have a problem with vsftpd on ubuntu.it gives a "could not bind listening ipv6 socket when starting it.i am running it as root15:25
rurufufusshow do I make the command stunnel default to stunnel4, instead of stunnel3?15:25
ratcheerrootworm: Is is straight Ubuntu or multi-boot?15:26
Picirurufufuss: Check to see whether /usr/bin/stunnel is a symlink to /usr/bin/stunnel3, if it is, re-point it to /usr/bin/stunnel415:26
ScuniziUsing Apt, how do I call the *choice* menu to install an apache web server?15:27
bazhangScunizi, tasksel ?15:27
Scunizibazhang: that's it.. couldn't remember.. so sudo apt-get tasksel?15:27
rurufufussPici: what command to utilize for repointing binaries?15:27
Picirurufufuss: ln -s <target> <linklocation>15:27
tjh_anyone know of a easy to set up ftp server for ubuntu?15:28
rootwormhiya bazhang15:28
tmushi guys - the procfs upstart "service" sets some sysctl values that overrides values set from my /etc/network/interfaces post-up scripts. What's the proper way to avoid this?15:28
rurufufussPici: turns out /usr/bin/stunnel is some kind of perl wrapper15:29
Picirurufufuss: hmm, not sure then. I was just looking at the output of apt-file show stunnel415:29
Scunizibazhang: how do I call tasksel?  tried sudo tasksel, sudo apt-get tasksel, sudo apt tasksel15:29
rurufufussPici: would it be safe to remove this file and put a ln -s on it?15:30
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel  Scunizi15:30
auronandace!tasksel | Scunizi15:30
ubottuScunizi: Tasksel is a Debian/Ubuntu tool that installs multiple related packages as a co-ordinated "task" onto your system, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel for more information. Use tasksel only to INSTALL tasks, not to remove them. It will remove every package listed within the removed task! see https://launchpad.net/bugs/57428715:30
Picirurufufuss: I don't know enough about stunnel to tell you either way.15:30
Scuniziauronandace: thanks.. didn't know the bot had that info..15:30
rurufufussPici: ah ok, thanks anyways, tempted to do it but not feeling brave enough15:31
Picirurufufuss: Sorry I couldn't be of more help.15:31
auronandaceScunizi: nor did i until a few seconds ago (just checked in a pm with ubottu) :)15:31
dicannamasi am trying to decompress a zip in a folder and i get a messega saying i dont have permition...how do i  get to do so?15:31
rurufufussPici: no, thank you at any rate!15:31
dicannamasubuntu oneiric here15:32
tocsickhey can someone help me restore evolution?15:32
tocsickthe auto backup/restore process isn't working15:32
randompersonauronandace do you know if there is a way to use tasksel to install ubuntu server?15:33
=== zul_ is now known as zulgaban
auronandacerandomperson: sorry, i've never used tasksel15:34
Scunizirandomperson: yes.. choose LAMP.. that is the ubuntu apache server .. Linux.. Apache.. MySQL.. PHP = LAMP15:34
xibalbarandomperson, install ubuntu server from where ?15:34
xibalbaubuntu desktop?15:34
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel  randomperson15:35
Scunizirandomperson: you already have the Linux part of the equation15:35
ironmrandomperson, you need ubuntu server image15:35
Scuniziironm: not true15:35
randompersonxibalba i have shell access on a computer without a CD drive but it has no operating system on it15:35
r_iri1989has anybody experienced issues with wicd where wicd connect to the AP normally through wifi, but can't get internet access?15:35
ironmScunizi, to make an offline installation quite sure ;)15:36
Scunizirandomperson: you trying to install LAMP on that machine?15:36
randompersonScunizi this is another question this one is for a friend who screwed his server15:36
Scuniziironm: true.. don't think he's doing an offline install..15:36
Scunizirandomperson: ah ok. sorry15:36
dubaco1hi, i just got a asus k53u with a  amd vision e2 cpu which ubuntu iso should i use?15:36
randompersonScunizi & auronandace thanks for the combined help15:36
dicannamasi am trying to decompress a zip file and when i do so a get a message saying that i dont have the right permission to decompress in that folder...what should i do?15:37
ironmScunizi, may be you know: are there some plans to include MariaDB packages for ubuntu server Precise 12.04 ? .. deb http://mirrors.fe.up.pt/pub/mariadb/repo/5.3/ubuntu oneiric main15:37
=== S0x181 is now known as sokhibi
Piciironm: Please don't crosspost #ubuntu+1 questions into here.15:37
Scuniziironm: sorry.. no idea.. #ubuntu-server might answer that one.15:37
ironmwhy Pici ? .. it looks like no one answers such question in #ubuntu+115:39
dubaco1hi, i just got a asus k53u with a  amd vision e2 cpu which ubuntu iso should i use? pici15:39
Piciironm: because its offtopic for this channel. Thats why we have a separate channel for that release.15:39
ironmwell .. you are right Pici15:40
dicannamashow do i move a folder to a another location from the terminal?15:40
dubaco1hi, i just got a asus k53u with a  amd vision e2 cpu which ubuntu iso should i use? Pici15:40
Scunizidubaco1: you have a choice.. 32 bit or 64.. your choice..15:40
dubaco1Scunizi: whats the difference?15:40
genii-arounddicannamas: mv /path1/filename1 /path215:41
wyldedicannamas, mv /orig/directory/something.txt /new/directory/something.txt also see man mv15:41
dicannamasthank you15:41
Scunizi32 bits :) .. for the most part, for the average user.. not much.. depends on how much ram you have and what you're going to do with it15:41
Scunizidubaco1: see above15:42
Scunizidubaco1: do you have 4 gig of ram or more?  will you be processing RAW photo files? Doing video editing?15:42
randompersonif i use the ubuntu live cd from tasksel wouldnt i be able to install server from that? like i said ive got shell access still(thank god) but no OS15:42
dubaco16gb of ram15:43
Scunizidubaco1: with 6gb of ram the 32 bit version will only see 3.2gigs.. 64 will see all 6gigs..15:43
=== Someguy123 is now known as Someguy123[afk]
itaylor57dubaco1, if your pc supports 64bit install 64bit15:44
dubaco1i dont know if it does... does it?15:44
=== hakan_ is now known as ||HaKi||
wylderandomperson, no, tasksel simply makes it possible to install a specific set of packages related to a common "task" set.15:44
Scunizidubaco1: yes it does..15:44
dubaco1taack så mycket15:45
wylde!tasksel | randomperson15:45
ubotturandomperson: Tasksel is a Debian/Ubuntu tool that installs multiple related packages as a co-ordinated "task" onto your system, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel for more information. Use tasksel only to INSTALL tasks, not to remove them. It will remove every package listed within the removed task! see https://launchpad.net/bugs/57428715:45
randompersonwylde i noticed tasksel had ubuntu live cd though isnt that the same as burning a live CD? which you can then install from.15:45
wylderandomperson, I'd suggest visiting the site the bot listed as most of your questions are likely answered there.15:46
uictamale1Hello - am I supposed to be able to run ubuntu one from the command line?15:46
dubaco1hej då tack för hjälpen :)15:46
uictamale1I'm getting nothing but 'could not open display' errors15:46
Scunizidubaco1: english please.. in this channel15:47
wylderandomperson, I've never used the option altho it may be possible. Check the site the bot listed, it probably has the answer there.15:47
randompersonwylde i didnt see it, but thats were i noticed it had the live cd option15:47
Scunizi!install > Scunizi15:48
ubottuScunizi, please see my private message15:48
wylderandomperson, it didn't give any description to it's actual function? ... moment15:48
sunredskydoes ubuntu have a 'help' somewhere.  I'm trying to figure out keyboard shortcuts for switching between terminal windows now, but I always have questions like this15:49
Scunizirandomperson: if you're trying to do a remote install check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and http://tinyurl.com/3exghs15:49
Scunizirandomperson: although if you have remote access to the machine.. how is that possible without it still having the OS installed.. did the desktop just fail for your friend?15:50
wylderandomperson, they should really give a little more detail to what the options do... all I really noticed was "ubuntu-live Ubuntu live CD (extra packages installed on the Ubuntu LiveCD) ". Beyond that all I can suggest is trying it.. Although I honestly don't think it does what you want it to.15:51
randompersonScunizi he has some kind of shell OS that lets him access the machine but can actually do anything its very odd IMO15:51
Scunizirandomperson:  and are you accessing via ssh?15:52
randompersonno he has physical access but no cd drive and no USB15:53
Scunizirandomperson: no.. I mean your access to the machine.. I thought it was remote and wondered how you were doing that15:53
randompersonScunizi i need to do something like PXE server load but dont have one set up15:53
=== Hakanz is now known as ||HaKi||
wylde!ltsp | randomperson15:54
ubotturandomperson: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project15:54
randompersonScunizi my friend has the physical machine but he pulled out the CD and USB and trashed them15:54
wylderandomperson, I'm actually on my thin client in the garage right now, using LTSP.15:54
Scunizirandomperson: those links should show you how to do that.. and a minimal web install after which you can add the packages you want like LAMP15:54
Scunizirandomperson: gotta run c-u and good luck15:55
ironmis there an easy way to install third party packages (not included in ubuntu sever) with all dependencies for offline installation (without internet connectivity)? Thank you in advance for any hints.15:55
spyvsspycan I enter two entries into /etc/hosts for the same domain15:56
auronandaceironm: we can't support 3rd party packages here15:56
spyvsspyie, I want to point the hostname to 2 different IPs, depending on whether it is on an external or internal network15:57
wylde!aptoncd | ironm15:57
ubottuironm: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline15:57
ironmgreat .. thanks a lot wylde  .. maybe there is also a text based gui15:58
wyldeironm, there likely is15:58
wylde!offline > ironm15:59
ubottuironm, please see my private message15:59
ironmthanks a lot wylde :)15:59
wyldeglad to help :)15:59
=== phil_117 is now known as pybiru
Pescador12anyone using gnome 3.4 in ubuntu 11.10?16:03
=== megan is now known as Guest90409
auronandacePescador12: even if they were, it isn't supported16:08
=== q0rban is now known as q-rban
drecutewould you recommend ubuntu for a cdn?16:11
Pescador12auronandace: hummm I see16:12
elijahDoes anyone use Libreoffice? I have a field I made for a section header, everytime I update it it ripples through every page. The unlink option is greyed out, it is basically mirroring the frame everywhere, plus it puts it on every page. If I copy the frame it does the same thing. I like that it automagically puts itself on every page but I would like to have different content. #libreoffice is dead, I asked there and have been searching t16:12
=== ckt1g3r is now known as Guest89521
elijahI can send you a link to the document if you like16:12
=== marco is now known as newGuest
=== newGuest is now known as MarcoGuest
MarcoGuestI'd just tested the latest 12.04 beta and saw that maximized apps no longer hide the dash. Is there a way to re-enable the old behaviour for maximized apps to hide the dash?16:14
drecutewould you recommend ubuntu for a cdn?16:14
xanguaMarcoGuest: #ubuntu+1 for pangolin16:15
MarcoGuestxangua: ? It will be in the release after pangolin?16:15
waxstone!12.04 | MarcoGuest16:15
xangua!pangolin | MarcoGuest16:15
ubottuMarcoGuest: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:15
ubottuMarcoGuest: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:15
waxstoneYou're Welcome16:17
elijahnevermind, Libreoffice was not showing the header outline and it was in the header16:17
waxstonedrecute,  cnd=Canadian? ;P16:17
drecutecdn = content delivery network16:18
satyanashHi, How can I get the sizes of all directories in the current folder ?16:19
pg345satyanash: du -sh *16:19
satyanashpg345, aah.. -s16:19
satyanashpg345, does it take a while ?16:20
pg345depends how big the directories are16:20
satyanashpg345, if you have ~400GB  of data?16:20
pg345yes it will take a couple minutes16:21
=== diegovieiraeti is now known as revolts
=== revolts is now known as diegovieiraeti
satyanashpg345, okay thanks.16:22
pg345 satyanash: there's a program called baobab that i think is installed by default on ubuntu and it's graphical16:23
satyanashpg345, this is a server. :)16:24
=== tyleringham is now known as Iamafish
IamafishThe ubuntu update servers are really slow. Is there a way to change them to a faster server.16:25
MonkeyDustIamafish  define 'slow'16:25
Iamafish5-10 KB/s :)\16:26
IamafishIt is not on my end.16:26
bazhangIamafish, sure, in synaptic package manager, choose another server16:26
IamafishAh okay. I didn't know if I had that option. Thanks.16:26
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
flamiHah finally... 55 gigaflops in linpack. .... all this trouble getting the nvidia driver 295 installed wasnt completely in vain. see ya16:28
bjodahIamafish: edit the /etc/apt/sources.list16:28
bjodahthere is a tool which calculates the fastest servers for you and updates accordingly16:29
pg345what is the procedure to disable the guest account?16:29
bjodahIamafish: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37753/how-can-i-get-apt-to-use-a-mirror-close-to-me16:30
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.16:30
MonkeyDustpg345  http://askubuntu.com/questions/62564/how-do-i-disable-the-guest-session#6256616:31
satyanashin screen, how do I do a horizontal split ?16:33
satyanashI can't seem to find it in ^a |16:34
satyanashI can't seem to find it in ^a ?16:34
NewWorldsatyanash:  I remember there was a patch written to add that functionality16:34
jribsatyanash: use tmux :)16:34
satyanashNewWorld, I knwo how to add vertical split.. | I want two windows on top of one another.16:35
llutzsatyanash: ctrl-a S16:35
satyanashThat feature exsited before that patch came..16:35
pg345satyanash: i think C-a S after you have 2 windows16:35
satyanashllutz, thanks16:35
kantlivelongare there any ppas for the latest nvidia driver?16:36
satyanashjrib, it had so many features that I was too overwhelmed.. :) Maybe some other day.16:37
jribsatyanash: well you don't have to use all the features16:37
bazhangkantlivelong, do the ppa search at launchpad16:38
kantlivelongbazhang: i think i  just found it ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates16:38
kantlivelongseems appropriate16:38
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
balleynehaving trouble with a printer, HP LaserJet P1005. Was working a few months back. Now, lsusb shows it as connected, but CUPS doesn't see it. When I try to reinstall, CUPS doesn't notice it's connected even though lsusb displays it. Help?16:41
jonathanellisI am having problems with google chrome on Ubuntu 11.10. Chrome keeps crashing unexpectedly. I have googled for this problem but the only answers I find are for windows. I have already tried uninstalling, deleting the hidden chrome folder in my home directory and reinstalling but I still have the problem16:41
sddhrthrtjonathanellis: What version of chromium are you using? Are you using chromium at all?16:42
balleynejonathanellis, are you using the proprietary Google Chrome? Or Chromium, from the Ubuntu repositories?16:42
sddhrthrtballeyne: bang!16:43
jonathanellisHow do I find out which version of chrome or chromium I am using?16:43
balleynesddhrthrt, hehe16:43
MonkeyDustjonathanellis  help > about16:43
sddhrthrtgo to wrench menu>about chromimum16:43
sddhrthrtMonkeyDust: or directly at wrench>about16:44
sddhrthrtell, jonathanellis ?16:46
sddhrthrt*well, jonathanellis ?16:46
jonathanellisI am using google chrome 17.0.963.83 and I have the google chrome repository so I think it's the google version. I think I downloaded it from google16:47
dellhello everyone16:47
thiebaudeChrome stays in the system tray, how do i un enable it?16:47
xT_Bashhey folks16:48
thiebaudeon gnome-classic16:48
thiebaudehey xT_Bash16:48
yzhdYesterday, I could see filesystem (windows files, I'm dual booting), but today it's gone. Anyone knows how to get it back ?16:48
xT_Bashi am having a prob with ubuntu server16:48
SilverFoxI'd like to change a keybinding for unity-2d, but I'm not sure what the keyname is for the media key on my laptop, how can I figure that out?16:48
bazhangyzhd, wubi install?16:48
yzhdbazhang, nope, installed ubuntu on another partition (ext4 and swap)16:49
bazhangxT_Bash, try #ubuntu-server16:49
xT_Bashoh k :)16:49
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sddhrthrtjonathanellis: I cannot help you much about google chrome, but it definitely is worth it to install chromium from ubuntu repositories. All you have to do is uninstall chrome, remove that repository, and install chromium.16:50
daninozI just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and it works great. I have an ATI 6880, do I really need the privative drivers?16:51
yzhdsddhthrt, what is the difference? I haven't noticed anything16:51
balleynejonathanellis, also, you'll likely have better support with the libre Chromium from Ubuntu's repositories than the proprietary Google Chrome from Google's repos16:51
jonathanellissddhrthrt: If I do that, will extensions like offline gmail still work?16:51
sddhrthrtyzhd: He has problems of crashing16:51
sddhrthrtjonathanellis: cant really help you on that ,i haven't used it16:51
=== ezio is now known as Guest29363
yzhddo I need to type the person I'm typing to everything I want to type to him? can't I just click on his name or something ?16:52
sddhrthrtballeyne: jonathanellis absolutely. <3 community!16:52
jrib!tab | yzhd16:52
ubottuyzhd: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:52
yzhdwow.. that was bad english16:52
sddhrthrtyzhd: that's a command.16:52
sddhrthrtyzhd: saw the output16:52
sddhrthrtyzhd: ?16:52
balleynesddhrthrt, Chromium supports all the same extensions, as far as I've heard. Google Chrome is basically Chromium, plus some Google branding and a few Google tracking features. But, since Chromium is libre, it's in the Ubuntu repos and is likely better tested/supported and such.16:52
yzhdsddhrthrt, it's working :D16:53
balleyneoops, meant to direct that to jonathanellis -- see ^^16:53
sddhrthrtballeyne: yes. so its better, right?16:53
yzhdsddhrthrt, so much more easier16:53
sddhrthrtyzhd: you mean?16:53
* jrib looks at sddhrthrt's nickand agrees that tab is a good thing :)16:53
yzhdsddhrthrt,  the tab thing16:53
sddhrthrtyzhd: haha :)16:53
balleynesddhrthrt, yeah, I'd definitely use Chromium over Chrome :)16:53
yzhdsddhrthrt, btw, you know how to fix my storage thing ? :D16:53
sddhrthrtjrib: how do you do that?16:53
jribsddhrthrt: /me16:53
sddhrthrtyzhd: yes.16:53
jonathanellisballeyne: Thanks. I will try it16:54
sddhrthrttry this:16:54
yzhdsddhrthrt, Yesterday, I could see filesystem (windows files, I'm dual booting), but today it's gone. Anyone knows how to get it back ?16:54
jeremydeiwhat's the best channel to ask about broken ruby1.9 packages in precise?16:54
sddhrthrtyzhd: have you tried manually mounting?16:54
yzhdsddhrthrt, haven't tried anything yet :D16:54
sddhrthrtmount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdax /path/to/mount/point16:54
jeremydeioh, ubuntu+1, nvrmind16:54
balleyneI've got a printer that used to work with Ubuntu, but now CUPS doesn't recognize it, even though lsusb does. Have tried reinstalling drivers. Any tools I can use in between CUPS GUI and lsusb to see if I can find it?16:55
yzhdsddhrthrt, can't I use gparted ?16:55
sddhrthrtnot to mount16:55
bazhangballeyne, what does linuxprinting.org say about that printer16:55
satyanashpg345, should it take so long.16:55
yzhdsddhrthrt, what shall I type in mount ponit ?16:55
sddhrthrtfirst make a directory in (preferably) /mnt16:56
sddhrthrtsudo /mnt/disk16:56
sddhrthrtand then mount --t ntfs-3g /dev/sdax /mnt/disk16:56
pg345satyanash: not sure how long it should take. maybe you can try the command on a small directory to confirm it is working (but it should)16:56
sddhrthrtif it works, tell me.16:56
yzhdsddhrthrt, command not found16:56
MonkeyDustyzhd  create a folder with an easy name, then type sudo mount [device] [that name]16:56
sddhrthrtyzhd: mount? not found?16:56
pg345satyanash: you might also try one directory at a time if there aren't too many16:56
daninozwhat's the difference between the default drivers and the privative drivers for ATI cards ?16:57
satyanashpg345, okay.16:57
yzhdsddhrthrt, sudo: /mnt/disk: command not found16:57
sddhrthrtsudo mkdir /mnt/disk16:57
sddhrthrtyzhd: my bad!16:57
yzhdsddhrthrt,  np :D ok, it worked16:57
sddhrthrtyzhd: now,16:57
sddhrthrtyzhd: mount /dev/sdax /mnt/disk -t ntfs-3g16:57
subz3r0danioz: 3d acceleration. but its not that easy to install the drivers. the build in drivers wont work that good16:58
sddhrthrtyzhd: assuming your windws partition is ntfs16:58
subz3r0danioz: ati under linux is almost pain in the a.....16:58
sddhrthrtsubz3r0: have found the Additional Drivers (jockey) suggestions good!16:58
subz3r0anyway ati is crap. but thats my point of view ;)16:58
sddhrthrtsubz3r0: No, it's been good till now in Ubuntu16:58
SilverFoxI'd like to change a keybinding for unity-2d, but I'm not sure what the keyname is for the media key on my laptop, how can I figure that out, so I can put it into gconf under metacity?16:58
subz3r0and of course it was off topic .. so nvm ;)16:58
balleynebazhang, says it works mostly, and I was using it through most of 2011. but I only use it every few months, and recently it's just disappeared as far as CUPS is concerned... had to install a driver from source to get it working though.16:58
sddhrthrtanyone, offtopic, how do you disable these 'has left' and 'has joined' notices in irssi?16:59
yzhdclick on options16:59
yzhdthere is an option to disable it there16:59
subz3r0sddhrthrt, im still trying to get the e350 to work with x264 full hd movies. its pain in the ...16:59
bazhang!quietirssi | sddhrthrt16:59
ubottusddhrthrt: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS16:59
bazhangyzhd, thats not right17:00
daninozsddhrthrt, so I try the jockey drives before install the privative ?17:00
SilverFoxyzhd: 'click on options' in irssi?!?17:00
subz3r0danioz, yes17:00
bazhangsddhrthrt, and thats perfectly on topic here17:01
sddhrthrtbazhang: thanks!!!17:01
SilverFoxyes, thanks.17:01
bazhangyzhd, if you dont know, please dont answer17:01
daninozsddhrthrt, subz3r0, Ok thanks17:02
sddhrthrtbazhang: nevermind, he's new.17:02
sddhrthrtdaninoz: yes, try.17:02
yzhdbazhang, ??? in freenode, I see options.. I click on it.. and there's an option to disable has left/joined stuff...17:02
sddhrthrtyzhd: no, irssi is the program we use to access freenode.. :) they're different.17:03
bazhangyzhd, irssi is command line only17:03
=== Someguy123[afk] is now known as Someguy123
wyldeirssi = no clicky clicky...17:04
subz3r0irssi = super l33t ;)17:04
SilverFoxlol @ 'click in freenode'17:04
bazhanglets get back on topic please17:04
sddhrthrtwylde: subz3r0 SilverFox yaay!!!17:04
subz3r0anyway, wish you guys a nice weekend. cya17:05
SilverFoxnot sure if there is a more elegant way, but I found the keyname by using ccsm, which has some 'grab key' options. I used that to learn the name, cancel my proposed changes in ccsm, then start gconf to set the binding.17:10
ubottuTo ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS17:17
lccdoes the ubuntu one music store distribute ogg or mp3?17:17
POVaddctirssi rocks17:17
sddhrthrtPOVaddct: totally!17:18
JMOBSeeing a couple of packages in the repositories for reading/writing HFS filesystems.  Unclear what I need/what is recommended.  Any advice?17:18
thunder1212how to enable desktop-logout sound17:18
sddhrthrtthunder1212: there's something like tat? :D17:18
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thunder1212sddhrthrt: what' s tat?17:21
SilverFo1tat is the process of making a knotted lace with a shuttle.17:23
SilverFo1sometimes its slang for a tattoo, as well.17:23
thunder1212sddhrthrt: ??17:26
roddHi, I use ubuntu 10.04 lts on a decent dell box. All works fine, but after some hours the system gets really slow, I have desktop effects turned off, the only things that keep running are nginx, php, firefox, netbeans/java and a chat client17:26
roddwhat could be causing this? doesn't seem like memory leak from firefox neither netbeans, as even killing them it stays way too slow17:26
rodddoes anyone know a tool that I can profile all thats going on on my system17:27
thunder1212i have some doubt regarding  my laptop .. its still under waarranty.. it does not shut down17:27
roddand perhaps find the bottleneck?17:27
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MonkeyDustrodd  there's htop17:28
ironmhello. does anyone know if the following iso image would boot from a USB stick on "old" PowerPC based MACmini? Thank you in advance for any hints. ... http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/current/precise-alternate-powerpc.iso17:28
MonkeyDust!precise| ironm17:29
ubottuironm: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:29
ironmthank you MonkeyDust :)17:29
bubblehouserodd also17:29
bubblehouse'top' from command line... i'm not sure htop is on all ubuntu installs17:30
spyder89when installing ubuntu on a mac g5 tower that is pre intel processors does any other operating system neeed to be installed first? osx? I low level formatted my drives before I installed ubuntu and it doesn't boot17:30
roddI've used top17:30
roddbut didnt help much17:30
roddi mean, doesnt look like there's something consuming memory or cpu17:30
roddmaybe it could be my hdd17:31
=== SilverFox is now known as Guest58432
roddhtop looks good,17:31
roddwill keep it on and an eye on it, thanks17:31
matt__JMOB, I think hfsutils is for HFS volumes17:31
thunder1212i hvae a dell vostro laptop.. and it does not shutdown17:31
matt__JMOB, and hfsplus is for HFS+ volumes (most likely the one you want)17:32
JMOBgreat.  Also seeing hfsprogs...different?  That's for partitioning, yeah?17:32
matt__JMOB, yea partitioning17:32
ironmMonkeyDust, sorry ... I meant the "older" ubuntu live image like: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/oneiric/daily-live/20111012/oneiric-desktop-powerpc.iso17:33
JMOBWhat about hfsplus: "Tools to access hfs+ volumes"17:33
lesshasteright clicking a link in firefox freezes the browser for about 10 seconds17:34
lesshasteany ideas what might be going on?17:34
MonkeyDustironm  as a live cd/usb doesnt change anything, best way to find out is by trying17:34
roddlesshaste, too much addons?17:34
lesshasterodd,  no addons17:34
roddjava is eating my cpu17:35
spyder89powerpc question? anyone up for it?17:35
ironmMonkeyDust, yes ... I am not sure if it is possible at all to boot from an USB stick on "old" PowerPC based MAC mini17:37
ironmspyder89, what is your powerpc question?17:37
spyder89i installed ubuntu on powermac g5 today and having trouble with yaboot17:38
spyder89doesn't boot to linux17:38
spyder89i low level formatted the 2 drives that are in the tower before installing ubuntu17:38
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ironmspyder89, I can remember that I needed to play with the yaboot command interface (using CD or DVD) on my old MAC mini17:39
ironmand also after installation to HDD17:39
spyder89do you remember the command to edit the yaboot.conf17:40
JMOBmatt__, can't seem to find the difference on the web.  I suppose I could install both packages, but would they be likely to conflict?17:40
lesshastehow do you install acroread in oneiric?17:40
bazhanglesshaste, medibuntu.org repos?17:40
lesshastebazhang, thanks17:40
bubblehouserodd: could try ps with some extra commands17:41
marculesI can't shut down my unit, any ideas? I had this problem after upgrading -- (well the problem was bigger, but I solved it.. but seams I did mess up somewhere)17:41
matt__JMOB, hfsutils has a homepage that says it doesn't support hfs+17:41
mkultra_hi katy17:41
bubblehouserodd: i found this: ps -auxf | sort -nr -k 3 | head -317:41
matt__JMOB, here: http://www.mars.org/home/rob/proj/hfs/17:41
roddthanks, will give it a try17:41
roddbut i'm pretty sure it's netbeans thats consuming my whole pc17:42
lesshasteright clicking a link in firefox freezes the browser for about 10 seconds17:42
lesshasteany ideas what might be going on?17:42
AlexanderchrI get the "Laptop battery critically low" whenever i unplug my computer. Is there a way to make the computer not hibernate or make the message stop?17:42
JMOBmatt__, thanks; I'll take a look.17:42
rodd"bad ps syntax"17:42
bubblehouseprobably your battery is shot Alexanderchr17:42
lesshastebazhang, E: Package 'acroread' has no installation candidate17:42
lesshastebazhang, Package acroread is not available, but is referred to by another package.17:43
genii-around!info acroread17:43
ubottuPackage acroread does not exist in oneiric17:43
ubottupriamo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:43
Alexanderchrbubblehouse: never had a problem with it in windows though17:43
bazhanglesshaste, just a moment17:43
bubblehousesorry rodd!17:43
mkultra_install it from source?17:43
bubblehousehow long does it stay on without being plugged in?17:43
bubblehouseand how old is battery roughly?17:43
bazhanglesshaste, my mistake, it's now in the partner repos17:43
Fyodorovnalesshaste, open software sorces and yick on the canonoical open source repo up date then try again.17:44
mkultra_lesshaste, http://get.adobe.com/reader/17:44
bazhang!partner | lesshaste17:44
ubottulesshaste: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »17:44
genii-aroundlesshaste: apt-cache policy acroread  on my machine shows it's in Canonical's partner repository17:44
thunder1212can someone tell me how to enable the ubuntu desktop-logout sound..17:44
AlexanderchrThe battery is ~1.5 years and can stay on 1-2h depending on how i use the computer17:44
foobArrrhow do I change titlebar double click behaviour with compiz? I want (un)maximize17:44
bazhangmkultra_, better to use the partner repo and the package manager17:44
mkultra_its certainly easier bazhang17:45
lesshaste apt-cache policy acroread17:45
lesshaste  Installed: (none)17:45
lesshaste  Candidate: (none)17:45
lesshaste  Version table:17:45
FloodBot1lesshaste: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:45
bazhanglesshaste, enable the partner repo yet?17:45
JMOBSystem Update needs reboot (for something else)...thanks, matt__.17:45
lesshastebazhang, let me try that17:45
bubblehouseAlexanderchr: I suspect bad battery, but outside of my knowledge base. sorry :)17:45
Alexanderchrbubblehouse: Ok, np. Thanks for your time :)17:46
cristian_cI'm using Oneiric 11.1017:46
cristian_cI can't see the headphone channel into alsamixer17:46
cristian_cThen I can't adjust channel volume for the headphones17:47
cristian_cAny ideas?17:47
HackerZedi You can use the same volume controller you use for the speakers17:49
lesshastebazhang, partner was the answer, thanks17:49
trismthunder1212: interestingly there actually is a logout sound at /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-logout.ogg but it seems the feature was removed from gnome, there is a very old bug about it, bug 21437017:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 214370 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Logout/Shutdown Sound Not Working" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21437017:50
BusbyHi guys I was wondering if someone could help me figure out a problem I am having with setting up a ftp server17:51
luizqwertyBusby what is your problem?17:51
cristian_cHackerZedi, thanks for the answer17:52
cristian_cHackerZedi, but I wanted to adjust it individually without touching that of the Master17:52
Busbyhi luizqwerty the thing problem I am having is that I am running server 10.04 LTS, have webmin installed and I can't work out how to setup multiple accounts for remote access but each account needs to be secure17:53
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.17:53
dellcristian_c: what was your question I just got back to my computer17:54
mkultra_do up vsftpd ;-)17:54
zelozelosis anyone else having issues with flash since most recent update? it says the download has failed but it also says its downloaded parts of it?17:54
mkultra_kernel uses vsftpd17:54
Busbyahhhhh I didn't know that17:54
Busbyso I need to use vsftpd17:54
wyldeBusby, webmin will break ubuntu17:54
HackerZediCristian_c, have you selected the headphone option17:54
yzhdguys, I installed ubuntu 11.10 yesterday.. so I'm pretty new.. Anything special I should do / recommended stuff ? :)17:54
luizqwertyHere, I use the vsftpd (apt-get install vsftpd), I don't like softwares like Webmin17:54
gunfire007i am using atheros AR 9287 chipset, when i am using aircrack, i am able to inject packets only in mon0 mode and not in wlan0 mode ..!! is that normal ?? or do i need to download the drivers ??17:54
luizqwertywith a simple configuration file17:54
gunfire007do ubuntu have pre-installed all such drivers ?17:55
bazhanggunfire007, #aircrack-ng17:55
DoctorD@yzhd - nothing to do or worry about. enjoy it.17:55
cristian_cHackerZedi, Where have I to do this? :)17:55
DoctorDand keep your system updated17:55
zelozelosi'm running ubuntu studio with xfce and plasma, i cant get flash to install, i checked the error, and it says that download failed and the http request was sent but error 404,not found?17:55
luizqwertyanonymous_enable=NO    chroot_local_user=NO pasv_enable=YES17:55
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FloodBot1luizqwerty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:55
DoctorDluizqwerty @ use pastebin17:56
zelozelosit also has issues when i do an update, flash will not download/install17:56
DoctorDafter that, post the link link. don't copy-paste large messages in here so we can all understand each other17:56
yzhdDoctorD, what I meant was.. Any recommended apps I should install ? :D Or something special I should do to make ubuntu extra awesome ? ^^17:56
gunfire007thanks bazhang :)17:56
DoctorDyzhd @ well..you don't need any special software..you can visual customize it if you are interested.17:57
zelozelosyzhd, you could get glx-dock (cairo dock), and enable some of the compiz stuff thats not enabled17:57
yzhdzelozelos, thanks :D will try17:57
luizqwertyBusby, access the link17:57
yzhdI'm open for any recommendation :)17:58
Busbycool i got it thanks17:58
luizqwertyyou can use this configuration file17:58
zelozelosyzhd, be carefull with compiz if you plan on changing it, its still kinda querky17:58
cristian_cdell, I wanted see the headphone channel in alsamixer17:58
yzhdzelozelos, wow... it's like on max, looks awesome!17:58
luizqwertypay attetion with the last 4 lines (configuration of tcp ports of the passive ftp feature)17:58
HackerZediCristian_c, probably it'll be in the edit>Preferences or Edit>Options.I don't use Alsa Mixer so I don't exactly know where it is17:59
zelozelosi need flash, it was disabled/broken recently via update, now it wont install? what do i need to do?17:59
DoctorDyzhd @ Ubuntu doesn't need softwares like on Windows. You have the Ubuntu Software Center where you can install a lot of stuff and see each one what can do if you have time to waste..or how i said, customize it using Compiz.17:59
Busbyok so the only other question I have is this does this have a gui interface for management as I am very new to ubuntu and find it a bit easier having a gui at the moment17:59
yzhdzelozelos, what do you mean? it's dangerous to install compiz ? I don't want to screw up anything.. as I did some days ago.. had to re install ubuntu.17:59
cristian_cHackerZedi, alsamixer is executed in the terminal17:59
pg345I installed ubuntu oneiric and added kde-desktop. Everything seems to have installed correctly. However, when I try to login, I see the kde splash screen h and then a black screen with only the cursor. Is there anything special that needs to be done for it to work? I want an installation that has unity/gnome/kde available.18:00
DoctorDyzhd @ it's buggy. he means to be carefull on how you manage to edit the settings there18:00
bastidrazorpg345: you probably meant kubuntu-desktop?18:01
zelozelosyzhd, not dangerous, just a little buggy, esp if you want to enable cube or other options which arent already enabled18:01
yzhdDoctorD, I see. You think it's worth installing it?18:01
yzhdzelozelos, are there any other docks for ubuntu ? (stable), I don't really like the dock on the left side18:02
pg345bastidrazor: aptitude install kde-full18:02
zelozelosyzhd, the one on the left is unity, you can change desktop manager by logging out, and selecting another like gnome classic18:02
icerootpg345: sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop18:02
bastidrazorpg345: the proper package is kubuntu-desktop18:02
DoctorDyzhd @ i used to play with compiz and liked. but i prefer to use default settings and do my stuff & work at great performance. but if you feel more comfortable to have everything more smooth , then do it. also, you must have a graphic card and some good RAM18:02
pg345thanks i'll try that18:03
neo1691Hi.... Good evening. :)18:03
zelozelosyzhd, also you can install more managers, i use kde (plasma) sometimes and xfce18:03
HackerZediCristian_c, then try googling it because I never used it in the Terminal.I used the Gnome-ALSA-Mixer once before on my BackTrack.If you've got software center then try installing Gnome-ALSA-Mixer and use the HeadPhone vol controller from it18:03
yzhdDoctorD, how can I check my graphic card on linux ?18:03
neo1691can somebody please reply?? i am not sure whether i am properly connected to irc!!!18:03
yzhdDoctorD, ubuntu *18:03
luizqwertyBusby, if you want a GUI to manage your server resources, deinstall webmin and try Red Hat Enterprise (or any clone like Scientific Linux or CentOS)18:03
zelozelosneo1691, we read u18:03
neo1691zelozelos,  thanks :)18:03
DoctorDyzhd @ how much video memory do you have ?18:04
cristian_cHackerZedi, sorry, I don'use gnome :(18:04
yzhdDoctorD, have no idea :/ but I have 3gb ram18:04
zelozelosis flash currently broken, or is it just my system?18:04
neo1691Now , i am having a problem with gwibber. twitter and facebook both accounts are added yet notifications are there only for twitter not facebook!!18:04
Busbyluizqwerty thanks for your help I will look into the info that you have given me18:04
cristian_cHackerZedi, I'm using lxde18:05
DoctorDyzhd @ you can try to see how your computers reacts when using Extra visual effects ( Right click -> change desktop background -> Visual effects tab18:05
yzhdthis dock : http://lowendmac.com/ed/bgray/11bg/art/ubuntu-shot-2.jpg looks nice too. it's called docky18:05
DoctorDyzhd @ yeah. i have it a long time ago when i started to use first time ubuntu18:05
Etronikhey all,  I got really really surprised just now ! Ubuntu stayed totally unresponsive and HD churning away like mad for more than 5 minutes !! what the hell might have happened ?18:06
zelozelosyzhd, there are a few docks in the repo, and a few more online that you'll prob need to compile to work correctly18:06
EtronikI mean, I could not do anything to try to figure out what was going on...18:06
HackerZediCristian_C, I'm Sorry but I've never used lxde before so suggest you google you problem.18:06
zelozelosyzhd, but the one with the most is gonna be cairo (glx-dock_18:06
yzhdDoctorD, can't find visual effects tab ?18:06
EtronikI'm suspecting Firefox... is it known to do that ?18:06
cristian_cHackerZedi, I tried to google, but I found nothing :818:07
yzhdzelozelos, I actually just want a dock that works nice (stable), I don't need that much customization. Which one do you think is the most stable?18:07
DoctorDyzhd @ i don't know very well the 11 version. i have 10.04 LTS.18:07
DoctorDsorin_ @ hi, Romania ?18:07
icerootcristian_c: what is the issue? we also have #lubuntu18:07
neo1691anyone having problems with gwibber like me?? No notifications for facebook!! Only twitter.. I am on 10.04 LTS18:07
sorin_ubuntu 12.04 its ok to use?18:07
icerootsorin_: no18:07
zelozelosyzhd, any of them in the repo will work most likely without any issues18:07
icerootsorin_: its a beta18:08
yzhdDoctorD, I see. Thanks anyways. Will google it ;)18:08
sorin_beta 218:08
icerootsorin_: as i said, its beta18:08
DoctorDyzhd: no problem. google or duckduckgo can solve you problems.18:08
HackerZedicristian_c, Then I guess you should use the Master to change your Volume18:08
icerootsorin_: doesnt matter if beta 1, beta 2 or beta 93847518:08
cristian_ciceroot, I can't see the headphone channel in alsamixer18:08
bazhangsorin_, discussion in #ubuntu+118:08
icerootcristian_c: usb headphone?18:08
silentz0rhello, not sure if this is the right channel to ask, I'm trying to forward the 8080 port so that the service on my ubuntu laptop's 8080 (connected wirelessly to my router) is accessible from the internet. The port is not accessible. Any ideas?18:08
sorin_ok to much bugs18:08
cristian_ciceroot, no, the classic jack headphones18:09
icerootcristian_c: maybe have a look at pavucontrol too (sudo apt-get install pavucontrol)18:09
EtronikUbuntu was behaving like... OS/2 with stuck input queue or... Windows95... I'm wondoering what the hell might have happened?18:09
cristian_ciceroot, I tried paucontrol18:09
roddso 12.04 lts will be launched by then end of april?18:10
icerootrodd: yes18:10
roddis it possible to update to beta?18:10
Iamafishupdate manager in new version of ubuntu doesn't work :(18:10
roddfrom 10.0418:10
cristian_ciceroot, But I have to control better18:10
cristian_ciceroot, thanks18:10
icerootrodd: yes, #ubuntu+118:10
icerootrodd: and please think of that 12.04 is not stable yet18:10
LOOP|2hi people18:11
yzhdDoctorD, I need to install compiz to make it work on 11.10 ^18:12
cristian_cHackerZedi, I wanted to adjust that channel individually and not together with the master, as I do for the other channels18:13
yzhdautch.. compiz is in alpha version :S18:13
LOOP|2hi have a problem, I hope anyone can help me: now I have a soundblaster audigy 1, when I install Ubuntu nothing problems, sound regulary play... when update system sound stop to play and I can't reconfigure... what I do? It's orrible18:14
LOOP|2*I have a problem18:15
ironmdoes APTonCD have another name yet? (oneiric) ... apt-cache search is not able to find it18:16
=== haz3lnut is now known as haz3lnut_zzz
bazhang!info aptoncd | ironm18:17
ubottuironm: aptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.98+bzr117-1.1build2 (oneiric), package size 211 kB, installed size 1768 kB18:17
ironmbazhang, thank you :) I am not able to install it on oneiric (using apt-get ... )18:19
pg345bastidrazor: iceroot: i installled kubuntu-desktop and when i rebooted i got the kubuntu logo instead of ubuntu and it never got to the login screen. I'll reinstall again and try that without installing the kde-full first.18:19
bazhangironm, using all small case?18:19
LOOP|2no one can help me?18:19
ironmyes bazhang18:19
bazhangLOOP|2, you've not asked a question18:20
bazhangironm, what error , pastebin please18:20
ironmbazhang, I should find it with apt-cache search aptoncd18:20
ironmbazhang, unable to locate package .. I did "apt-get update"18:20
LOOP|2this is my question --> 20:14:39] <LOOP|2> hi have a problem, I hope anyone can help me: now I have a soundblaster audigy 1, when I install Ubuntu nothing problems, sound regulary play... when update system sound stop to play and I can't reconfigure... what I do? It's orrible18:20
ironmbazhang, I try it on ubuntu live oneiric image18:21
bazhangLOOP|2, check that alsamixer is not muted18:21
LOOP|2I also checked it's ok, but audigy not play18:22
bazhangironm, it may not be on the live cd18:22
=== f3ck4r is now known as f3ck4r-0ffz
bazhangLOOP|2, does pavucontrol see it18:22
ironmbazhang, sources.list entries do I need for oneiric to get this package? .. I have there on archive and secruty entries18:23
LOOP|2now I install and try18:23
bazhangironm, universe18:24
hellyeahns identify muhhaha18:28
LOOP|2bazhang: nothing volume set is perfect but not play18:29
pgimenohow can I get full descriptions of packages for oneiric?18:32
ironmbazhang, thanks a lot .. I got it18:32
pgimenoerr brb18:33
LOOP|2it's possible when update it's damage kernel modules?18:33
yzhdAnyone knows why I can't open pidgin internet messenger anymore? It worked before I rebooted...18:33
pgimenosorry, again, how do I get package descriptions in oneiric?18:34
_Marcuspgimeno: With Ubottu?18:34
pgimenowhat is Ubottu?18:35
ironmpgimeno, apt-cache search <package_name> will give you a one line description18:35
_MarcusI'm guessing you don't mean ubottu then18:35
ironmpgimeno, what package?18:35
Ziauddin_who here can criticize my 3d character?18:35
genii-around!ot | Ziauddin_18:36
ubottuZiauddin_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:36
pgimenoironm: yes, I am looking for full descriptions for all packages Lucid had them but it seems Oneiric doesn't18:36
yzhdZiauddin_, sure18:36
bazhangZiauddin_, wrong channel18:36
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline18:36
tdlamhello all I have a scanner problem in xane...its a bug I believ tells me acess to scanner is denied...anyone lese have this issue? runnimg lates version of xubuntu18:36
pgimenoironm: was that for me?18:37
mirko1LOOP|2: actually not with the standard modules. if you have 3rd party modules you might need to reinstall them18:37
ironmpgimeno, an example18:37
angsis it safe to install wubi :)18:37
AlexAnteMachinahi all18:38
dackyshawni want to download this page with the images using wget but cant seem to figure out how...   http://www.subways.net/iraq/404.html18:38
LOOP|2mirko1: I'm not, I've the official ubuntu modules18:38
mirko1yzhd: what happens if you run pidgin -d in a terminal window? any useful messages18:38
dackyshawnit downloads the page but doesnt include the images on it18:38
pgimenoironm: my problem is that apt-cache show packagename shows one-line description in oneiric where it showed the full description before, how does APTonCD solve that?18:38
ironmpgimeno, sorry for confusion. APTonCD is only one package name18:39
AlexAnteMachinaI'm using ubuntu 11.10 and firefox as standard browser. Since a while "save as" from the context menue wont work anymore. How can I solve this? I tried purging and reinstallation without success18:40
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
mirko1LOOP|2: what actual problem do you have? did you made a simple regular upgrade or a dist-upgrade?18:40
=== karthik is now known as Guest33807
=== Guest33807 is now known as treadstone90
pgimenoironm: ah, but where do I get descriptions myself? I can't be connected to this channel 24h, should I use http://packages.ubuntu.com/ every time I want a description?18:42
=== _Craig is now known as MrCraig
LOOP|2mirko1: is a regular upgrade, and this problem isn't new, every times I do the first upgrade the system stop to play18:42
tdlamis this scanner error a bug or do you know if it is solvable?18:42
yzhdmirko1,  sent you PM (logcat)18:42
=== DouglasA` is now known as DouglasA
ironmpgimeno, I don't know how to solve your issue .. sorry18:43
pgimenothanks anyway ironm18:44
AlexAnteMachinaI'm using ubuntu 11.10 and firefox as standard browser. Since a while "save as" from the context menue wont work anymore. How can I solve this? I tried purging and reinstallation without success18:44
tdlami really would like to get this scanner working so I can dump windows all together18:44
=== Andre is now known as cranK
cranKmoin. ich habe probleme ubuntu zu installieren. hätte jemand zeit mir zu helfen ?18:46
tdlamseems its hit or miss with scanner support...its a multi function printer...printing works ok but not the scanning...got xane to see it ok but it says acess to the scanner is denied...looks like this is a bug?18:46
AlexAnteMachinaI'm using ubuntu 11.10 and firefox as standard browser. Since a while "save as" from the context menue wont work anymore. How can I solve this? I tried purging and reinstallation without success18:46
bazhangteodor, wrong channel18:46
bazhangcranK, #ubuntu-de for german18:47
spaceneedleI'm presently using 12.04lts--I notice that the  global menu gets jumbled with the words Ubuntu desktop.  Is there a way to fix it without disabling the global menu?18:47
cranKThanks !!!18:47
escott!precise | spaceneedle18:47
ubottuspaceneedle: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+118:47
wylde  !precise | spaceneedle18:47
spaceneedlefix it!!!18:47
teodorbazhang where can i go to talk to greek people?18:47
bazhangteodor, #ubuntu-gr18:48
_Marcusspaceneedle: Tell that to #ubuntu+118:48
EvilResistancespacebug-:  tell that to people in #ubuntu+1, that's where you can get support for the 12.04 betas18:48
mirko1yzhd:  *please* paste the output on pastebin.com and post the link here (and please don't PM without prior permission, *especially* not to post several lines of text). Thanks :-)18:49
mirko1yzhd: did you enabled a plugin before that happened? You could manually edit .purple/prefs.xml18:49
mirko1de | cranK18:49
tdlamok anyone know where to get support for xane then? sorry just trying to nail this down tyty18:50
mirko1!de | cranK18:50
ubottucranK: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:50
foobArrrwhat is the difference between notification area and indicator plugin/applet?18:50
spyvsspyhow can I tell which disk linux booted?18:50
yzhdmirko1,  thanks for telling me, won't do it again. I rebooted, then I opened pidgin, but when I click on the icon, it won't open18:50
vspvillihello need help18:51
vspvilliI installed ubuntu 11.10 on one of the SATA drives18:51
mirko1LOOP|2: ok, but what *exactly* is not working after an update?18:51
vspvilliI have two SATA drives connected to my MB18:53
angswhat is the "installation size" on wubi?18:53
vspvilliand I installed on one of them with default options18:53
angsis it the size of the ubuntu to be downloaded or the allocation size for ubuntu?18:53
vspvillieverything was fine18:53
=== karthik_ is now known as treadstone90
vspvillibut when I restart the machine it says disk boot failure18:53
vspvilliand not able to boot from that sata drive18:54
bazhang!enter | vspvilli18:54
ubottuvspvilli: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:54
=== logic is now known as Guest11090
Guest11090hey is there a distro that comes with allot of graphics card detection and already comes with compiz.18:54
angswhat is the "installation size" on wubi?  is it the size of the ubuntu to be downloaded or the allocation size for ubuntu?18:54
bazhangGuest11090, ubuntu18:54
mirko1yzhd:  the problem is here: "plugins: /usr/lib/purple-2/tcl.so is not loadable: libtk8.5.so.0: cannot open sh". i guess you have enabled some plugin which depends on a library which isn't there18:55
bazhangGuest11090, if you are polling for distros try ##linux NOT here18:55
yzhdmirko1,  hmm.. can't remember doing it :/ anyway I can... ehh.... remove it ?18:55
Whyhozhas anyone an idea how to fish this mysterious blue in flash videos?18:56
vspvilliI installed 11.0 on a sata drive and everything went on well but when I restart the system, it says disk boot failure and does not boot from my sata drive.18:57
Mart1n_Hi, does ubuntu 12.04 will have 3d support enabled by default in nouveau drivers?18:58
mirko1yzhd: you can try to install the "tk8.5" package (maybe you have somehow removed it) and if that doesn't help copy the file "/usr/lib/libtk8.5.so.0" to /usr/lib/purple-2/18:58
yzhdmirko1, don't get mad ? :D but.. how do I do it? I'm really new to ubuntu18:59
bazhangMart1n_, #ubuntu+1 for that18:59
Mart1n_bazhang do you know if it's sure or not confirmed yet?19:00
Riton_Hi everybody19:00
bazhangMart1n_, the channel for that is #ubuntu+119:00
mirko1yzhd: ok, Don't panic. :D First install the package with Synaptic or simply run the command "sudo apt-get install tk8.5" (without quotes) in a terminal window and enter your password. after that we see further.19:01
Mart1n_bazhang ok, I will go there then, thank you :)19:01
Riton_Is it the correct channel to share a boot-repair problem ?19:01
itaylor57bazhang, why did my 8gb usb become a 4 gb drive?19:01
bazhangRiton_, grub2?19:01
Riton_bazhang: the one coming with ubuntu 11.1019:01
=== marcelC is now known as marcel-C
bazhangRiton_, thats grub219:02
yzhdmirko1,  done :D19:02
Riton_bazhang: ok19:02
vspvilliI am first time in this channel for help.  Need some guidance if this is the wrong channel.   I installed 11.0 on a sata drive and everything went on well but when I restart the system, it says disk boot failure and does not boot from my sata drive.19:02
=== marcel-C is now known as marcelC
yzhdmirko1,  still won't open :/19:02
Riton_vspvilli: where does it boot from then ?19:02
Riton_bazhang: I tried to use boot-repair which saved my life once19:03
Riton_but it didn't work this time19:03
vspvilliit simply says disk boot failure19:03
vspvilliit does not boot19:03
penthium2hello ( in first sory, I'm french, baut I'll try to speack a speudo-good english )19:03
Riton_vspvilli: ahve you tried boot-repair ?19:03
penthium2so ! I have a issu with passwd19:03
penthium2sudo -i is ok !19:03
dackyshawnwhat the issue penthium219:04
vspvilliRiton_ : no, I tried to install again but after 3 times its same thing always installs fine, but when restarts it says disk boot failure.19:04
penthium2after that when I try to change password for a user the pront say : passwd authentication token manipulation error19:04
dackyshawntry sudo first?19:04
penthium2the partition / is mounted in rw19:04
vspvilliRiton_ can you give some pointer how can I do boot repair19:04
Riton_vspvilli: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair19:05
=== jteguest is now known as notgoneworkheren
wylde!grub | vspvilli19:05
Whyhoz"Title: Adobe Flash Plugin 10"19:05
ubottuvspvilli: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)19:05
mirko1yzhd: ok, now run another commad "sudo apt-get --reinstall install libpurple0"19:05
penthium2and my user have the same bug when I try to change my own password19:05
=== notgoneworkheren is now known as jteguest
Whyhoz"Discription: Adobe Flahs Player plugin version 11"19:05
escottpenthium2, are you using ldap or anything special19:06
dackyshawnpenthium2: can u try "cat /dev/null > /etc/shadow ?19:06
yzhdmirko1,  ok, shall I open it now ? or reboot19:07
yzhdmirko1,  it worked! Thanks you very much!!! :)19:07
=== Companion is now known as companion
mirko1yzhd: great!  my pleasure :-)19:07
penthium2escott, I disable all pam ldap and remove the ldap_pam module19:07
vspvilliRiton_1: I am using the option try Ubuntu from ubuntu CD.  Can I install boot repair in this option and repair this with opt-get option mentioned in the link19:08
penthium2<dackyshawn> ! I'm french ok but not noob :P19:08
Riton_vspvilli: yes19:09
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=== jLogic is now known as Logic-
escottpenthium2, some website are suggesting that you might have likewise-open installed http://www.ideaexcursion.com/2009/09/11/fixing-authentication-token-manipulation-error-when-changing-passwords-with-passwd/19:10
penthium2escott, I 'm looking your link thx19:11
white_magicis there any way to extract a debian package such that the symlinks are created during extraction as well?19:11
penthium2nop ! likewise-open and other deb like likewise is not installed19:11
escottpenthium2, other things to check. is the system date correct? perhaps the passwords are expired because the date is wrong19:12
escottpenthium2, and double check that you have rw on /etc19:12
penthium2vendredi 30 mars 2012, 21:12:43 (UTC+0200)19:13
penthium2date ok19:13
penthium2drwxr-xr-x 160 root root 12288 2012-03-30 20:51 /etc19:13
escottpenthium2, can you touch /etc/shadow and passwd?19:13
quidnuncHow do I migrate postgres databases on upgrade to version 9?19:14
penthium2yep I can19:14
stealthbyrootplease help with nvidia19:14
penthium2/dev/sda1 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro,commit=0)19:14
penthium2mount ok too19:14
escottpenthium2, i've never seen this before so i dont know what to make of it19:15
stealthbyrootplease help with nvidia installation19:16
vspvilliRton_1: yes I just did19:16
penthium2upgrade unbuntu 10.04 to 11.0419:16
penthium2and I've never seen that too19:16
vspvilliis there anyway I can verify this being in cd mode19:16
Riton_vspvilli: verify what ?19:17
penthium2actualy to change my password i'm using another ubuntu and I change the hash in /etc/shadows lol19:17
vspvillithe changes this repaid made19:17
drounsewhats the difference between xterm and uxterm19:17
Riton_reboot ?19:17
escottpenthium2, is it possible that the version of crypt is missing hash function?19:17
vspvilliI mean in any file to verify something that from where it is going to boot etc.........not sure but just asking19:17
Riton_i don't know19:18
Riton_but if you find something19:18
Riton_tell me :D19:18
escottvspvilli, the exact error message would help19:18
Riton_i can't boot either :(19:18
FloodBot1Riton_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:18
penthium2escott, good question ! How can I check that ?19:18
escottpenthium2, no idea :)19:18
vspvilliRiton_1 : let me reboot after this.19:19
escottpenthium2, it sounds like something unusual has been changed in your shadow config. either you installed some alternate crypt library or have some kind of ldap/active directory setup19:19
penthium2but is a good security from cracker :D no-ones can change my pass :D19:19
vspvilliEscott: it says Disk Boot Failure19:19
vspvillilet me restart and see if I get the same message and I can capture it to paste here.  Be right back after rebooting19:20
=== anonymous is now known as Guest269
escottvspvilli, is this coming from the bios or grub? would you know the difference?19:20
vspvilliescott : not much knowledgeable on that.   just planning to switch completely from windows to ubuntu.  worked in ubuntu environment but never troubleshooted installation and boot problems.19:21
escottvspvilli, ok im suspicious that your bootloader is not installed onto the mbr correctly or that the bios is not booting the correct disk19:22
escottvspvilli, are you in a livecd right now?19:22
vspvilliescott: when I went to bios, I can see the master and slave disks and I installed the os on the master one19:23
escottvspvilli, so this is actually ata? wow. two disks?19:24
vspvilliescott : yes19:24
vspvilliescott: actually I have 5 disck, 2 SATA and 2 onboard IDE's and one with ULTRA DMA card19:25
sddhrthrtescott: It just got better :D19:25
escottvspvilli, and your ubuntu / is on this ultra-dma riser card. why do you have that in there? does it do raid or something19:25
=== ygolde is now known as joshy
vspvilliescott : I disconnected all the others and just kep SATA drives two of them and installed OS on one disk19:26
=== joshy is now known as joshy612
escottvspvilli, so where are you seeing anything about master/slave?19:26
vspvilliescott : when I bought that disk with 200 gb windows did not recognize fully, hence I installed that card but not for raid19:26
vspvilliescott: in bios I can see my two sata drives are showing as master0 and slave19:27
escottvspvilli, so you are not using AHCI then19:27
foolovehttps://mysite/get?file=bal.json&year=$year&month=$month&day=$day&hour=12   in the following url what all would i need to escape to be able to utilize properly in my script19:27
foolovei did & symbol and equals signs but im not getting data back19:27
escottvspvilli, well this config is a bit beyond me. if there is something in the bios that needs changing i would not know what it is or how to do it. i can walk you through a chroot reinstall of the bootloader onto the mbr, but thats about all i can do19:28
vspvilliescott :  may be not .  I am not  familiar with that19:29
escottvspvilli, can you identify what device "/dev/sdX#" is the ubuntu root and (if you have a boot partition what partition that is)19:29
amarcolinoqucik question , is ubuntu 12.4 ready to be used as a development apache server?19:30
vspvilliescott : thanks so much for the suggestions.  I just did boot repair with the tool as suggested by Riton_1.  Let me restart the machine and I see if that fixed the problem.  Otherwise I will log back to chat again from liveCD19:30
DarsVaedais it possible to get two application bars in unity? (the one on the left side)19:30
escottvspvilli, you might want to install the bootloader onto both disks19:30
vspvilliscott : can I get the right information about the question u asked about device from livecd by running df-k command19:31
vspvilliescott: give me few min let me try reboot this guy and see if there is any change my fate19:32
MrKeunerhello, somehow uvcvideo is not loaded on boot, when I do sudo modprobe uvcvideo lucid kernel does not complain but I do not get a /dev/video how can I fix this problem?19:33
n1xhow can I swap my '=' with '+' in my keyboard layout?19:33
vspvilliescott : I did not create any partitions.  I just installed with default option on /dev/sda1 drive I thought system will take care of it.   when I try to play around with partitions, it is asking for swap partition etc, hence I thought I don't want to go in that route19:33
MrKeunerit was laoded months ago, when I last made a video conference19:33
medemanHello. I "installed" Xubuntu 11.10 64-Bit on my USB-Stick via the start media creator (I hope that's how it's called, I use German Xubuntu). That all works great...Updates, language pack, software installations, documents and settings are all saved. The only problem is that when I try to delete something it says there's no trash folder and it also couldn't be created. Can I fix this? It really annoys that I always have to delete files via the19:33
MrKeuneris my video device dead?19:33
vspvilliescott : let me reboot this19:34
vspvilliand will be back again either way19:34
rebeWhen I open any program it shows up in top left but in the place that unity sidebar ends when its showed, but I have autohide on it and I wanna force programs to show up on the most left, how do I do that ?19:35
yzhdI installed cairo dock and rebooted. Then I chose the dock from login screen. I booted.. I have the dock, but the status bar is gone. There's no way to get it back ? (cairo dock + status bar) or does it only work with the standard dock coming with ubuntu 11.10 ?19:35
=== irdxafk is now known as irdx
TheBeastcan I apt-get dist-upgrade from 10.04beta1 to 10.04beta2?19:42
escottTheBeast, the latency on your irc chat must be awful. 10.04beta was 2 years ago19:43
brontosaurusrexescott: lmao19:43
comunistuThe Beast--http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download19:45
comunistudirect download 10.04.4 lts19:45
=== ceco_ is now known as vyrgozunqk
Unknown0BCHi, if I copy my DVD repositories to the hard-drive, how do I tell ubuntu where to look for the repositories ?19:46
vspvilliscott : are you still there19:46
Unknown0BCnot a http location.19:46
escottvspvilli, yes19:46
vspvilliescot : thanks.  After I reboot I can see the grub menu and it started fine.  I tried three times reboot.  Only issue I see I am unable to use my keyboard on grub menu19:47
escottvspvilli, you would have to enable usb support in the bios19:47
vspvilliescott : I totally forgot that.  I had this issue and did the same.19:48
vspvilliescott : I have bundle of stupid question but not sure whether I can use this forum or not19:49
dariebihi all, is here only english allowed?19:49
escottvspvilli, go ahead19:49
vspvilliescott : now I removed all my other drives which are primary connected to my onboard IDE controller19:49
vspvilliescott : can I just hook them back again.  will it disturb my current setting and will it disturb the grub and boot options19:50
vspvilliescott: as I want to boot only from this sata drive and use other drives as secondary drives19:50
escottvspvilli, probably ok, just check the boot order in the bios in case any of the other disks are bootable19:50
dariebiiam searching a software where i can connect with tv, dvd, ect. does somebody have an idea19:51
fidelhi - running 11.10here with an nv-gfx-card & nv-driver from nividia page installed. now i would like to switch from a single display-setup to dual-display-setup. i can easily configure that inside the nvidia driver (nvidia-settings) but writing that to the xorg file never worked successfully after reboot. any hints what might be best to finally get that dual-display setup permanent?19:51
vspvilliescott: I was under impression that it always checks for primary IDE to boot from.  If I attach and if that does not work, and if I remove those drives again, will it cause issues to any of boot settings or grub settings19:51
escottvspvilli, should be fine,19:52
MrKeunerhello, somehow uvcvideo is not loaded on boot, when I do sudo modprobe uvcvideo kernel does not complain but I do not get a /dev/video how can I fix this problem? it was loaded on boot months ago, when I last made a video conference. Is my video device dead?19:52
vspvilliescott : in my bios I can just say boot from Hard Disk.  I can't specify from which disk to boot or others are bootable hdd's19:53
bniceanyone here can help install neeed libs for a bare install of ubuntu 819:53
bniceor refer me to a site that has instructions how to19:53
escottvspvilli, it should be in there somewhere19:53
escott!minimal | bnice19:53
ubottubnice: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:53
bnicethis is on a vps19:54
bniceubnutu is already installed19:54
vspvilliescott : let me see19:54
bnicejust need to know how to get all the right dependencies for stuff like eggdrops bncs seedboxes and such19:54
ballisonhow do i get rid of this horrible dock thing on the left hand side of my screen?19:55
vspvilliescott : thanks for the help.  really appreciate the suggestions19:55
ballisonit keeps popping up19:55
bastidrazor!nounity | ballison19:55
ubottuballison: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic19:55
vspvilliRiton_1 : the boot repair worked.  Thanks so much19:55
rhizmoeaudacious, to the bitdump with you for being bad at CDs19:55
ballisonwhat is it, and how do I kill it permanently ?19:55
nullp0interhow can i get seq -w 09 to start printing with 0019:55
nullp0interand onto 0919:55
=== jteguest is now known as sybase
ballisonthere's no option in gnome-tweak-tool to disable to horrible dock thing.19:56
mirko1nullp0inter: seq -w 0 0919:57
penthium2have good night all ! My issue it is not solved ! I'll continus to change my password with another distrib and copy/past the hash via vipw -s19:57
OerHeksbnice, ubuntu 8 ( 8.04 ) is old.19:57
penthium2take care19:57
ballisonlooks like i have to run gnome-panel manually to get rid of the horrible gnome3 dock thing19:58
TheBeastI meant 12.04beta1 => 12.04beta219:59
dlentzballison, are you using unity?19:59
rymate1234is anyone here currently dual booting windows 8 and ubuntu?19:59
bastidrazorTheBeast: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will get you there.19:59
bnice8 was the only ubuntu they had for this vps19:59
TheBeastbastidrazor thx19:59
bastidrazorbnice: then pick another vps.19:59
OerHeksbnice for desktop you need to add 'old-releases' to the sources.list entrys > http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/20:00
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AuneHello all, when trying to upgrade I get the message that /boot is full. I was wondering what, if any of the things in /boot I can safely remove and how. Here is the output of ls -l:  http://pastebin.com/QgKjmfLs20:02
ValkyrieHey! What is the disk check command on ubuntu? I seem to have forgotten20:03
Jordan_U!fsck | Valkyrie20:04
ubottuValkyrie: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot20:04
ikoniaAune: clear down some old kernels20:04
TheBeastAune there's too much kernal in ur /boot20:04
TheBeastand too much ramdiskz20:04
Auneikonia, can I just remove all the older stuff or do I need to do something else as well?20:04
Jordan_UValkyrie: Note, that doesn't actually check the disk but rather the filesystem. If you want to check the hardware then I would go with smartctrl.20:05
MrKeunerhello, somehow uvcvideo is not loaded on boot, when I do sudo modprobe uvcvideo kernel does not complain but I do not get a /dev/video how can I fix this problem? it was loaded on boot months ago, when I last made a video conference. Is my video device dead?20:05
Jordan_UAune: Why do you have a speparate /boot/?20:05
mirko1Aune: use the package manager to remove old kernels (and their stuff) and don't use a seperate /boot unless you really need it20:05
captcelineHey everyone.  Anyone know why my flash plugin has suddenly switched to gnash and how to switch it back?20:05
AuneDont know why, was like that when I got the computer.20:06
ValkyrieOkay, thank you20:06
ValkyrieAnother question20:07
ValkyrieThe best format option for a 80GB disk is MBR, right?20:07
Unknown0BCI have repostories on DVD and want to copy it all to my hard-drive and add the repositories on my hard-drive to the software installer. How can I do that ?20:08
mirko1captceline: i don't know why this happened. but it's manages through the alternatives system (basically a bunch of symlinks). See the command update-alternatives or the GUI frontend galternatives20:11
grifo74hi a software like kompozer i like make a webpage?20:11
medemanValkyrie: If you only plan to install linux on this hard drive, use got, else use msdos (mbr)20:11
penthium2I found a stupid way to change my password !20:11
penthium2export pass='xxx'; export salt='yy' ;python -c "from ctypes import *;20:11
penthium2<penthium2> import os;c=cdll.LoadLibrary('libcrypt.so.1');  print20:11
penthium2<penthium2> c_char_p(c.crypt(os.environ['pass'], '\$6\20:11
penthium2<penthium2> ${0}'.format(os.environ['salt']))).value"20:11
FloodBot1penthium2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:11
penthium2and after I copy the hash to /etc/shadow20:11
Shizuo16Helllo allllllllll have a  Problem in firefox20:12
Shizuo16 /clos20:13
sleptied_what is the best program to use to set up a webcam security cam?20:14
conor_irelandwhat does "find / -name core -exec rm -f {} \;" do?20:14
escottconor_ireland, it searches for files named core and deletes them20:14
Shizuo16HEllo all some one can tell me why When i try to see any video in Youtube the color not match20:15
conor_irelandescott: what is the "{} \" about?20:15
escottconor_ireland, but using -exec rm -f {} \; is wrong it should just use -delete instead20:15
conor_irelandescott: thanks20:15
Shizuo16in anyvideo in firfox the red is green and the green  red and the yellow is blue etc20:16
jkylewhat is the ruby1.9 equivalent package to libshadow-ruby1.820:16
MonkeyDustShizuo16  try this http://www.youtube.com/html520:17
=== ezio is now known as Guest47060
mirko1conor_ireland:  {} is the find way to represent the current filename and ';'  is file's way to represent the end of the command, but as ';' is also used by the shell for the same reason, you need to quoted it, so it's not the shell, but find who sees it.20:18
conor_irelandmirko1: thanks20:19
conor_irelandso it will only delete files matched from the find?20:19
AuneSo, Im in synaptic now, have searched for linux-image and have a list. Is it safe to removo all "linux-image-3.0.0.[14/15/16]" as "uname -a" gives me ""?20:20
mirko1conor_ireland: yes, only "core* files20:20
=== bittin_ is now known as bittin
conor_irelandmirko1: ok thanks20:21
conor_irelandmirko1: why is core not qouted? it is a string?20:21
escottconor_ireland, the shell automatically splits strings at whitespace. the quoting is used to prevent the shell from interpreting some symbols20:22
conor_irelandescott: ok thanks20:22
escottconor_ireland, you can type "ls" "-l" instead of ls -l i you want, but nobody does. "ls -l" however is wrong20:23
ValkyrieIs the MBR format the best for an 80 GB harddrive? ALSO, how would I go about installing ubuntu minimally, like without a GUI.20:23
mirko1conor_ireland: in the shell language, quoting does not create a string! quotes just prevent some actions to be performed on the string20:23
mkultra_get the server cd to minimal install20:24
escottValkyrie, bios+mbr is easier to work with than bios+gpt, but you can boot either. you just have no need to20:24
conor_irelandmirko1: i meant string in the sense of a collection of characters - well just badly worded it20:24
ValkyrieOkay, MBR it is. What about installing without a GUI?20:25
escott!alternate | Valkyrie20:25
ubottuValkyrie: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal20:25
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:25
Unknown0BCIs this right ? you can only add repositories as http locations or a CD/DVD ? You cant add a repository on the hard-drive ?20:25
sstaValkyrie: the server install doesn't include a GUI20:25
sstanot by default anyway20:26
ValkyrieHm. Is there a way to do a minimal with the live CD?20:26
oxfordcommaI had a question. I messed up my gnome panel configuration in Ubuntu classic and I can't get it back to normal. I tried logging out, logging in thought alt+ctrl+f1 and deleting all the folders in my home directory, including all the hidden folders, but it still didn't reset the gnome panels to normal. My home directory is hosted on a remote server at the university I attend, so that might be why it's not working. I also tried logging into windows20:26
ValkyrieThis is going to be a sip server.20:26
Unknown0BCOne of those strange days for me. Its like I don't exist.20:26
Unknown0BCto others.20:26
mkultra_i gotta reboot20:26
ValkyrieUnknown0BC: I can see your comments. It might just take a minute for them to get to yoiu20:27
abhaduany know about 3g bandwidth analysis...channel ...20:27
PiciUnknown0BC: You can add a repository thats on the harddrive.20:27
escottValkyrie, sure usb, tftp depends on what your hardware supports20:27
Unknown0BCPici ? yeah ?20:27
sstaUnknown0BC: apt-cdrom (look at the -d option) can be pointed at a directory tree instead of a CD20:27
Unknown0BCI copied my DVD to the hard-drive and cant find a way to add it to the repositories.20:27
* Unknown0BC looks20:27
PiciUnknown0BC: for example, I have an extra path in my sources.list that I use when I build custom packages, it looks like: deb file:/var/cache/archive/ oneiric/20:28
oxfordcommaAnyone? Help please.20:28
TorbenBetaHow can I use wc that it includes also subfolder?20:28
i7csomebody knows a mp3Tag (the software) alternative for linux?20:28
sstaTorbenBeta: wc only counts lines.  It knows nothing about folders.  What are you trying to do exactly?20:29
sstawell, counts characters, and lines20:29
KM0201i7c: easytag  .. it's in the repositories20:29
oxfordcommaI had a question. I messed up my gnome panel configuration in Ubuntu classic and I can't get it back to normal. I tried logging out, logging in thought alt+ctrl+f1 and deleting all the folders in my home directory, including all the hidden folders, but it still didn't reset the gnome panels to normal. My home directory is hosted on a remote server at the university I attend, so that might be why it's not working. I also tried logging into windows20:29
ejvwc can count lines to stdout20:29
DJonesi7c: I used to use easytag, not sure if its still around though20:29
i7cKM0201, DJones: Thanks :)20:30
lambdani love ubuntu server20:30
auronandace!panels | oxfordcomma20:30
ubottuoxfordcomma: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »20:30
KM0201lambdan: :)20:30
i7clambdan: dito20:30
oxfordcommaubottu: I just tried that and it didn't seem to do anything20:31
ubottuoxfordcomma: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:31
ValkyrieAlso, i'm having an issue where disk utility senses the disk, it shows that it's properly formatted and that it's working perfectly (In regards to smart data) but the install script doesn't want to reconigze the drive.20:32
ValkyrieI HAVEN'T swapped out to a different drive yet, though that's my next option.20:32
sparky-valkyrie: doesn't want to recognize how?20:32
ValkyrieIt doesn't show that there's a disk or even a partition to install ot.20:32
=== a is now known as Guest77822
mirko1oxfordcomma: you said that you deleted all dirs in your /home. can you confirm, that they aren't back again when you mount the remote home?20:33
sparky-valkyrie: what version of ubuntu?20:33
Valkyrie10.04 LTS20:33
sparky-valkyrie: using livecd?  is this an MBR disk or GPT disk?20:34
ValkyrieMBR disk20:34
ValkyrieI can try GPT20:34
ValkyrieAnd yes, using the liveCD20:34
sparky-valkyrie: no, if it doesn't see MBR then there's no point :-)20:34
sparky-valkyrie: hmm ... hmm ... is there actual free space, not belonging to any partition?20:34
yzhdguys, is there anyway I can clear data for cairo-dock ?20:35
sparky-valkyrie: or, do you have free space but belonging to a partition, say, c:/ is not 100% full, for example20:35
yzhdI tried uninstalled it.. but when I re install it, I have the same configurations20:35
=== Caspercom is now known as Caspercom__
Valkyriesparky-: Yep. The drive has been wiped and has a fresh MBR partition on it.20:35
KM0201yzhd: does it have a configuration folder in /home/username/.cairodock (or something like that.. i don't use cairo).. if so, just delete the configuration folder20:35
sparky-valkyrie: wiped completely you say?  odd ... with fdisk and "o" option or something?20:36
Valkyriesparky-: Nay, using disk utility and the partition option within it.20:36
ValkyrieI can fdisk it, if you want.20:36
oxfordcommamirko1: I deleted all the directories in /home/marti255 which is hosted remotely. How would I confirm that they're not back again?20:36
yzhdKM0201, nope, there aren't  any cairodock inside home username20:36
sparky-valkyrie: i'd do this ... fdisk, make a new empty dos partition table (o option), then reboot20:36
KM0201yzhd: did you "view hidden"?20:36
sparky-valkyrie: reboot because kernel might have been caching old partition table20:36
ValkyrieGotcyha, gimme one second.20:37
mirko1yzhd: the cairo-doc configuration is in $HOME/.config/cairo-dock/ detete it if you want to complete reset20:37
ubottupedroraffy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:37
escottsparky-, Valkyrie or sudo partprobe20:37
KM0201there you go..20:37
Valkyriesparky-: as-per the readme: fdisk -o /dev/sda?20:37
yzhdthank you both :)20:37
Valkyriecomes up as invalid option20:38
ValkyrieOddly enough, fdisk refuses to open that disk.20:38
sparky-valkyrie: fdisk /dev/sda<enter>o<enter>q<enter>reboot<enter>20:38
Valkyriesparky-: fdisk says it cannot open /dev/sda20:39
sparky-valkyrie: what's the drive name then? :-)20:39
sparky-valkyrie: "dmesg"20:39
guntbertValkyrie: I recommend    sudo fdisk -l     to see all drives20:40
=== p1l0t is now known as Guest81759
TorbenBetassta, sorry for the delayed response. I have a folder with many text files stored inside them. I want to know, about them, how many words, lines are in the folder (in the text files).20:40
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|znc
sparky-torbenbeta: "wc" (man wc)20:40
rebeAny way to change newly opened programs behavior so they show up where screen begins on th left instead of where unity sidebar ends ?20:41
mirko1oxfordcomma: well, if you reboot and they are there again you know. ;) seriously, the whole gnome-panel configuration happens per gconf and that is stored in ~/.gconf/ if you deleted that one it actually shoudl work.20:41
meerkatsdoes unity 2d consume less resources than unity?20:41
KM0201meerkats: logic would say yes... but.. unity is just bloated period.20:42
TorbenBetasparky-,  that was a response to my question: How can I use wc that it includes also subfolder?20:42
markssI havent been able to find anything that says what Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid will be doing for Thunderbird once Thunderbird 3.1 is End-Of-Life'd on 2012-04-24. Presumably upgrading to Thunderbird 11, but I would have expected that to have happened already. Anyone know if it will just be left at 3.1 or if there is an upgrade plan to Thunderbird 11? (Note this is for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid). Thanks.20:42
mkultra_ubuntu 11.10 - 12.04 breaks my broadcom wifi20:43
sparky-torbenbeta: you want actual one-liner or hints?20:43
KM0201mkultra_: which broadcom? and did you try reinstalling the driver/firmware?20:43
mkultra_im reinstalling it right now20:44
mirko1TorbenBeta: wc alone can't do that. eithe find + wc or awk20:44
TorbenBetaspacebug-, can you elaborate what you mean with hints?20:44
mkultra_i put a live 10.10 (known working wifi) cd on a usb boot stick to test if the hw was fried20:44
sstaTorbenBeta: you can do it in two parts.  Get a list of files using "find", and then use --files0-from option of wc20:44
sparky-torbenbeta: "find" can find files matching patterns (or other conditions you specify).  "wc" can count words and lines in a file.  "xargs" can be used to execute the same command over and over for given number of arguments20:44
sparky-torbenbeta: or, "find /top-of-my-path -type f -print0 | xargs -0r wc -lw"20:45
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Guest71209ciao a tutti :D20:45
meerkatsam I the only one having problems with unity? very slow speeds20:48
sparky-meerkats: no you're not :-)  i switched to gnome-shell long ago20:48
=== Laurenceb__ is now known as Laurenceb_
meerkatslol sparky- switched back20:48
bastidrazormeerkats: try unit2d..20:49
meerkatsbastidrazor, im now on it20:49
foolovemy newtime variable is not working right i keep printing a number 120:49
meerkatsthings seem to go somewhat fasgter20:49
fooloveoops wrong channel20:49
meerkatscan I reduce the tray icon size in unity2d?20:50
Unknown0BCis this not correct for adding a repository on the hard-drive ? apt-cdrom -d=/home/repos add20:50
sparky-foolove: heh.  yeah.  i'd say :-)20:50
OneFix_WorkAnyone know when dev builds of GIMP will be available for 12.04?20:54
TorbenBetasparky-, thank you it worked well.20:54
TorbenBetaAnd to the others also.20:55
OneFix_WorkSpecifically, I'm looking at this repository ... https://launchpad.net/~matthaeus123/+archive/mrw-gimp-svn20:55
sparky-torbenbeta: read up on bash, and learn to love pipelines :-)20:56
TorbenBetasparky-, just got a book of the library about bash and korn/20:57
TorbenBetaI did not knew xargs20:57
sparky-torbenbeta: forget ksh :-)20:57
blamihi, is there a tweak to restore launcher behavior from 11 in 12?20:57
OneFix_Workblami: What are you looking to do?  Remove unity?20:57
blamii loved how launcher dissapeared when window was maximised20:57
sparky-torbenbeta: only old, annoying, bearded AIXy folks use ksh20:57
blamiOneFix_Work: no! i love it20:57
Unknown0BCI don't see how to use apt-cdrom to add a repository on hard disk ( copied from DVD ). I looked at the -d option but it continues to look at cdrom mount points.20:58
ghallbergHey, I'm getting this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/irssi/+bug/874144, is there any way to get the patch submitted there without manually recompiling irssi?20:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 874144 in irssi (Ubuntu) "18bind_utf8-fix patch breaks alt-backspace behavior" [Low,Triaged]20:58
Unknown0BCis this not correct for adding a repository on the hard-drive ? apt-cdrom -d=/home/repos add20:58
itaylor57sparky-, i resemble that and i use ksh, but never used aix20:58
Unknown0BC( assume the directory tree is correctly given )20:59
sparky-blami: one man's love is another man's last straw that broke the camel's back.  i hate that spastic dock with passion.  i'd move mouse to the left, uh oh, pops out the dock.  no i WANT app menu.  wait, dock goes away.  whoops, hit the dock hot area again, it pops out again darn it!  i want the menu20:59
TorbenBetasparky-, I will read a bit about it, but bash is the main point of the book. And one should know the alternatives.20:59
Sna4x8I'm having a difficult time getting my wife's new laptop to work.  I installed Ubuntu using the alternate CD.  I can get it to boot if I set nomodeset in the grub editor.  I can't get a graphics driver working, though.  It has an nVidia 610m.  Any help is appreciated.20:59
gradbonsoir a tous, bonsoir21:00
HonvaiI connected the Samsung NP-X120 (where there is no evidence that it has broken down) on my IBM R40 which I have connected the VGA cable and network cable. Can I have a program where I can get it on my computer screen to assist the existing evidence?21:01
blamisparky-: well I was always ubuntu hater since I saw that huge progress in UX. I fell in love with unity almost instantly. Now I have 12.04 (as it'll become LTS) on my notebook and there are only two launcher modes - always shown/autohide21:01
Issasomeone can help me please,  i have trie to install my wifi card with ndiswiripper21:01
sparky-sna4x8: you might be using the opensource driver that doesn't like the mobile chipset.  you might have to boot into runlevel 1 and install the nvidia closed-source driver manually21:01
Issaand now i m looking hos connect to wifi with command line21:02
blamisparky-: I'm not sure but in 11 it was something between these two21:02
Sna4x8sparky: Thanks.  I downloaded the 610M driver from the nVidia website, installed it using the .run script, and then ran nvidia-xconfig.  Afterwards, lightdm will not start.21:03
sparky-sna4x8: uh...why?  can you revert that?21:03
OneFix_WorkSna4x8: This is my personal preference, get rid of that lightdm junk and install GDM21:03
HonvaiSory. Hello, Can anyone help21:03
sparky-sna4x8: i would just let the ubuntu stuff install its own nvidia driver (it's the same driver, but the installer does the right thing)21:04
guntbert!patience | Honvai21:04
ubottuHonvai: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:04
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
sparky-honvai: i'll try to parse your question again in a minute21:04
Sna4x8OneFix_Work: Hrm, you think using GDM would work with the driver, while lightdm fails?21:04
spyvsspyIm using server 11.10, and I cant get anything above 1024x768 resolution21:05
spyvsspyintel graphics card21:05
spyvsspyI have tried everything21:05
sparky-honvai: you wanna do what?21:05
deerhunteris anyone able to help me with a problem21:05
Sna4x8sparky: How do I get ubuntu to install the non-opensource driver?  Just enable multiverse, etc.?21:05
OneFix_WorkSna4x8: Yes, noone seems to understand why Ubuntu went with lightdm...GDM just works21:05
guntbert!ask | deerhunter21:05
ubottudeerhunter: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:05
sparky-lightdm is *fine* ... leave it alone, confusing the issues21:06
spyvsspyhttps://gist.github.com/2255004 this is my current xorg21:06
Sna4x8lightdm has been working like a champ on my two home and one work machine.  Unity has grown on me.21:06
Honvaisparky-: To improve the performance of graaffista21:06
ejvthey changed to lightdm because, in the words of kanye west it's, better, faster, stronger.21:06
OneFix_WorkSna4x8: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm21:06
ghallbergOh well I guess there's no solution right now. How long does it usually take for a patch like the one I askeed about above to get into testing/proposed or some such?21:07
hellyeahyo have to solve this problem21:07
sparky-honvai: ok, what makes you think your computer has slow graphics now?21:07
deerhunterim running 11.10. and im having graphics issues, all games from miniclip to facebook games and youtube are not working or are very laggy21:07
hellyeahwhen i upgrade the system i took dependancy cycle error back to original state error21:07
`Korvinmy flash isnt working21:07
`Korvininstalling adobe-flashplugin errors21:07
`KorvinErrors were encountered while processing:21:08
`Korvin /var/cache/apt/archives/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.228-0oneiric1_amd64.deb21:08
=== zenix`` is now known as zenix`
`Korvin /var/cache/apt/archives/adobe-flash-properties-gtk_11.2.202.228-0oneiric1_amd64.deb21:08
OneFix_WorkSna4x8: I really think the main reason they went with LightDM was so that they could draw a prettier login screen...not bad, but it should have fallen back better21:08
`KorvinE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:08
that_guy_melvinIs this the appropriate channel to ask for help troubleshooting a samba install error?21:08
Honvaisparky-: It is always better if you prefer the resources to run the latest games21:08
OneFix_Workthat_guy_melvin: It depends...just ask, if it would be better asked on #samba, someone will tell you21:09
sparky-honvai: no, i mean, quantitatively, what makes you believe that your computer runs slow graphics?21:09
ejvthat_guy_melvin: have you tried #samba ?21:09
deerhuntercan i go one on one chat with someone21:09
that_guy_melvinThanks, I'll try there first21:09
sparky-honvai: something like, "i am getting x frames per second when i think i should be getting y", or "when i dragged my windows such and such happened"21:09
ejv!pm > ejv21:10
ubottuejv, please see my private message21:10
OneFix_Workdeerhunter: What kind of system are you running?21:10
kishi get this when i try installing something21:10
kishErr http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-updates/multiverse flashplugin-installer amd64 404  Not Found21:10
ejv!pm | deerhunter21:10
ubottudeerhunter: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:10
OneFix_Workdeerhunter: I'm looking for what CPU, RAM, HDD, and Video you are using...21:11
guntbert!askthebot > ejv21:11
ubottuejv, please see my private message21:11
deerhunterdell inspiron 130021:11
deerhunteroh how can i find that, i have terminal open21:11
OneFix_Workdeerhunter: What version of Ubuntu are you running?21:11
ejvguntbert: fyi, it tells me that already when i direct the command to myself21:12
Sna4x8sparky: I'm not sure how to manually install the closed-source driver.  I'm booted up to level 1.21:12
sparky-sna4x8: one sec ...21:12
Honvaisparky-: Yes gariikat is full, but it is sufficient to carry out the latest games view of my device may be used in healing21:12
OneFix_WorkThese games you are trying to play, they are all Flash games?21:13
sparky-sna4x8: bring up network interface (ifup eth0) and "apt-get install nvidia-current"21:13
Sna4x8sparky: Ahh.  Yea, I tried that before I went to the nVidia website.21:13
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sparky-sna4x8: and?21:13
mcloyi want to setup email accounts for my domains. i have a linux server avaialabe for hosting. how can i setup the emails ?21:13
sparky-sna4x8: nvidia-current doesn't support this chip?21:13
Sna4x8After I do that, and run nvidia-xconfig, lightdm won't start.21:13
deerhunterhow can i check my flash21:13
ghallbergI really want irssi alt-backspace to work, can I downgrade the package to before someone broke it?21:14
KM0201deerhunter: like, flashplugin?21:14
dysocoor like Camera Flash ?21:14
sparky-sparky-: tell you what ... install it, do your xconfig if you want, then boot normally once, let it fail.  boot into runlevel 1 and *mail me* the /var/log/x*log* files21:14
KM0201or like "flash drive"21:14
joris_hey guys, a sad thing happened to me:( i upgraded to 11 & my flashy gnome 3 desktop got totally screwed, i can only start now in gnome classic. So in the login screen i select "gnome" like they suggest on numerous websites, but "gnome classic" starts". Anyone an idea how to make gnome 3 start? I got the package installed but it juts only starts the classic desktop.. :(21:15
ejvghallberg: what does alt backspace do? doesn't work here21:15
Sna4x8sparky: Okay, I can do that.21:15
OneFix_Workdeerhunter: If you are trying to use Flash in Linux, I would recommend using Chrome...it has Flash support built-in21:15
KM0201OneFix_Work: that's not really answering his question21:15
dysocoOneFix_Work, you probably want to use Chromium, wich doesn't21:15
ghallbergejv: It's supposed dto delete the word before the cursor.21:15
dysocoinstalling the package "flashplayer" should do the trick (Is that the package ?)21:16
ejvghallberg: since when? im not aware of that trick21:16
ghallbergejv: But it broke brecause of dome utf8 related patch in the last version.21:16
KM0201if you want to know what version of flash you have type   "about:" in the URL bar.21:16
amigoon 12.04 'Super+Up/Down' activate 'Unity key tips' how to disable it?21:16
sparky-sna4x8: or use one of the online pasting service thingie (i don't know of one :-))21:16
deerhunterbut how can i make sure my flash is up to date21:16
ejvghallberg: if you get it working, let me know :)21:16
bastidrazorghallberg: you could use ctrl u instead21:16
ejvbastidrazor: ctrl u wipes the entire line, not single words21:16
sparky-sna4x8: one of the log files, most likely, /var/log/X.0.log will contain the reason why lightdm doesn't start up (probably because X doesn't start, for some reason)21:16
ejvor should i say, single strings21:16
Sna4x8sure sure, I'll sprunge it.21:17
ghallbergejv: It's always been that way (and still is in arch/debian at least)21:17
JMOBDeja Dup failing, "Permission denied when trying to create ‘/media/DejaJMO/duplicity-full.20120330T202833Z.vol1.difftar.gpg’."  Way to troubleshoot?21:17
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rinzlerwhat is required to play PC games on ubuntu?21:17
OneFix_Workdysoco: Somehow, I think that Google will actually do a better job of integrating Flash into the browser than Adobe :)21:17
ejvghallberg: i'll test in gentoo, and see what happens21:17
ghallbergbeatbreaker: Oh thanks, :)21:17
ejvrinzler: that question is too broad; each game has it's own set of basic requirements.21:17
ghallbergbastidrazor: I mean, thanks to you, even though it wasn't really what I was looking for :)21:18
ghallbergbeatbreaker: Sorry mistake there.21:18
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rinzlerok, halo 121:18
dysocoejv: So Alt + Backspace deletes the word in IRSSI ?21:18
ghallbergejv: bastidrazor Ctrl-W.21:19
bastidrazorctrl w will delete words21:19
ejvdysoco: according to ghallberg21:19
dysocoI'll try21:19
ejvghallberg: nice, i really should study the mapping21:19
ghallbergbastidrazor: I just found that, thanks :)21:19
mcloyi want to setup email accounts for my domains. i have a linux server avaialabe for hosting. how can i setup the emails ?21:19
bastidrazorghallberg: you're welcome.21:19
dysocoyou can also modify the Source Code, it's Free for a reason21:19
ghallbergejv: Been using it for years on other computers.21:19
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dysocoAlt + Backspace works for me under Fedora21:20
dysocoI've IRSSI 0.8.1521:20
ejvmcloy: that question is very broad and impossible to answer concisely. start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer21:20
joris456Hi guys, something sad happened to me today:( I "upgraded" to ubuntu 11 & now I can't start gnome 3 anymore.. the gnome package is installed, but when I select "gnome" in the login screen, it just starts gnome classic.. anyone an idea how to make my linux awesome again?21:20
ghallbergdysoco: Yeah, ubuntu applied some patch.21:20
dysocojoris456, Install Gnome-Shell ?21:20
bastidrazormcloy: postfix  and possibly the #postfix channel21:21
ghallbergBut I'll survive now that I know the power of ^W21:21
joris456dysoco: I have it installed and even reinstalled it21:21
dysocojoris456, Not sure then21:21
ejvbastidrazor: in this case, it's best to direct the newcomers to the community docs (imho); postfix is just one component out of many.21:21
joris456but it keeps loggin in to the classic interface instead of the new one21:21
joris456hmm i might try the gnome channel then21:22
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ghallbergWell thanks, I'm off for now.21:22
=== jtrucks is now known as Guest55913
sparky-joris456: gnome-shell --replace &21:22
ejvghallberg: cheers.21:22
ghallbergUbuntu seems nice so far :)21:22
ejvit's decent ;)21:22
Unknown0BCCan I manually add a repository ( which is a copy of a repository DVD on hard drive ) like this in the sources.list: deb file:/reposdir main restricted universe multiverse21:23
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mcloywell i have a domain . and i host it on  my box. i need an email@mydomain.com ..............21:24
joris456sparky- thanks! i get some kind of error message when i do that! that's better than nothing:p21:24
joris456Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".21:24
joris456(gnome-shell:11207): Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: The OpenGL version could not be determined21:24
joris456Window manager error: Unable to initialize Clutter.21:24
joris456I'll check my graphics drivers etc / google on that21:24
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Jon--After enabled compiz, any <Super> bind I set up with xbindkeys is not working. How can I fix this? Ubnutu 11.10. I don't appear to have anything bound to <Super> using ccsm advanced search. Using gnome-classic interface.21:25
sparky-joris456: driver?21:26
mirko1mcloy: do you run Ubuntu on the server? no? then please ask your hoster, they will know better. (actually they will know better anyway)21:26
h4xx0rsomeone please help me here21:27
h4xx0rim using a dell inspiron 15r laptop21:27
h4xx0rand cant use the touchpad21:27
h4xx0rim on ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx21:27
=== irdxafk is now known as irdx
mcloymirko1,  yes ubuntu server21:27
mcloymirko1,  i have apache and bind configured.21:28
joris456sparky- I think the ATI display drivers are not installed (?) in the "applications" menu I only see something from Nvidia & I've a radeon card, so maybe with the upgrade they removed the display drivers/or tried to install the wrong once21:28
h4xx0rdoes anyone have a solution to that problem of mine?21:28
sparky-joris456: that's possible.  even the public radeon driver should support glx, though ... unless you're not using radeon driver at all.  /var/log/X.0.log ;-)  read it21:29
mcloymirko1,  i have apache and bind configured.21:30
sparky-mcloy: postfix and virtualdomain hosting is a complex subject not suitable for hand-holding or getting answers via irc ... really.  it's too complex21:30
Sna4x8sparky: Okay, here's the Xorg.0.log http://sprunge.us/VbCU21:31
mcloysparky-,  what things do i need?21:32
jsebeanhey all, I have installed MS Office 2007 in Play on linux, how do I configure it to open .doc files by default in this new gnome 3?21:32
drounseif i am sshing into my ipod and i want to search for a specific line in a file (that i do not know what file its in) what do i do?21:32
sparky-sna4x8: bingo :-)  "nvidia", "no devices detected", "no screen found"  ... uninstall nvidia and install something else ;-)21:32
h4xx0rcan someone help me here? my touchpad is not being detected by ubuntu 10.04 :|21:32
Sna4x8sparky: And here is the xorg.conf generated by nvidia-xconfig http://sprunge.us/bbfU21:33
sparky-sna4x8: wait what?  i though you have ATI ... or am i oh right wrong person :-)21:33
* sparky- is confused21:33
Sna4x8sparky: Wrong person =)  The other guy has an ATI.21:33
hydrox24h4xx0r: note sure I can help, but providing information about your laptop model and anything unique about you install would be greatle helpful21:33
xanguah4xx0r: tried to enable it with your function keys¿21:33
h4xx0rI did21:34
Sna4x8joris456 is the ati guy.21:34
h4xx0rits a Dell Inspiron21:34
h4xx0r15R N501021:34
FloodBot1h4xx0r: Please don't flood; use