aboganiI'm not happy at all about this ^06:49
aboganiLuke have locked kernel so I can't neither change or updated it.06:49
aboganiGood catch guy. You are like any other member of the UKT.06:50
micahghe's not a member of the UKT :)06:50
aboganiIndeed he seems.06:50
CFHowlettmeeting this sunday are we?06:51
aboganiScottL: Could you remove me from Maintainer field in lowlatency kernel, please?06:52
micahgabogani: I'm sure he'd like help, he mentioned that you need to keep the changelog entries when updating06:52
aboganimicahg: But he have dropped his git tree so I can't recent changelog.06:53
aboganis/recent/get recent06:53
aboganimicahg: Are you part of Canonical staff?06:54
micahgabogani: I'm sure there's still a git tree, just ask him to let you know where it is and update the Vcs-Git in the package06:56
aboganiVcs-Git point to my git tree!06:59
aboganiYou can't take a critical look at things made by your colleagues, evidently.06:59
micahgVcs-Git: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git-repos/ubuntu/ubuntu-precise-meta-lowlatency.git07:04
micahgabogani: just encouraging you not to abandon something you obviously care about due to miscommunication07:07
aboganiThey have changed my work (aka commits) without any communication, change authorship of patches which I have written and finally make me work worst for non obviously reason. Sure there is a miscommunication problem here but not made by me.07:20
micahgabogani: I never accused you of miscommunication07:21
micahgabogani: we value giving proper attribution to contributors, if this is not happening, it needs to be addressed07:22
scott-worki am upset about alessio and the lowlatency kernel11:47
scott-workthe reported callousness WRT alessio's work is disturbing11:49
scott-workas i was committed to getting the lowlatency kernel into the repository, i am also committed to developing, documenting, and making sure we follow a proper maintenance procedure for it11:51
scott-workmy weekly email for the release-team meeting will include a line item about this as well (although the "line" item will actually be several lines)12:16
astraljavaYeah, I have no detailed info regarding the matter, so I don't have any input on the matter. Just that it's unfortunate.13:58
knomeastraljava, re: release meeting: 16:24  ogasawara: I recall skaet mentioned yesterday that the meeting is canceled for today and she'd call an impromptu meeting on monday if needed13:59
scott-workkate has stated previously that we most likely would not have meeting directly after a (milestone) release14:03
astraljavaknome: Yeah, I noticed.14:04
astraljavaFine by me.14:04
astraljavaSo, now that it's official, we can plan for the amd64+mac images for the Q release, as I'm gonna have a Mac for a work laptop in the new job that I'm starting a little over two weeks from now.14:22
holsteinyou mean, PPC?14:23
astraljavaholstein: No, those are for the powerpc chipsets. The new line of Macs with Intel hardware.14:24
holsteinim over hopping through hoops for that hardware14:24
holsteini have a few that i got for free, and im just not into them anymore14:24
astraljavaYeah, I wouldn't get it for myself personally, but as for a workhorse, it's ok.14:25
holsteinhey... if it works, it works14:25
holsteinpersonally, i plan on buying either used hardware, or machines with linux pre-loaded14:26
holsteini wonder what all the new bios changes, and whatever is up with the mac is going to add to the work load for projects like *buntu14:28
astraljavaholstein: I don't know, yet, but I intend to find out soon when I have the machine to test with.14:29
holsteini need to get something running iOS i think.. for testing14:30
holsteintoo bad you really cant get away with virtualizing those14:30
scott-worknow that what is official, astraljava ?15:29
astraljavascott-work: The new job.15:29
scott-workoh, i didn't realize you had announced it, sorry...but congratualtions again! :)15:30
astraljavaThankee. :)15:31
scott-workastraljava: i updated bug #967140 to include the icon image and slideshow background as well16:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 967140 in Ubuntu CD Images "Ubuntu Studio branding problem" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96714016:17
scott-work(i'm sure you got the email for it)16:17
astraljavascott-work: Ok. Colin wasn't sure he would be able to do anything about it. It's got links to the cdimage, so it's possible that bug will not progress, in which case we need to find another way to make changes to the distributor logo.16:21
scott-workdo anything about the icon?16:21
astraljavascott-work: The bug isn't about the icon. But if you agree with him about changing the description, then it can be transformed to other branding issues.16:26
scott-worki didn't see him say anything about changing the description, astraljava 16:30
scott-worki changed the description in the bug16:31
scott-workam i being presumptuous about the bug?16:31
scott-workdid colin say it might be possible to update this before final release?  or was he deferring it until p-cycle?16:32
astraljavascott-work: No, I don't think you got the point. My "complaint" was about the dash in the name of our distribution. Colin said he wasn't sure there was anything he could do, as it was so tied to the cdimage thingies, ie. very low-level stuff. Hence I'm afraid it's pointless in adding more stuff in that bug, regardless whether they refer to branding or not.16:58
astraljavascott-work: Or is it so that the distribution-logo dependent on the cdimage as well? I wouldn't know, but if it was, then the change in the bug description would be totally justified.17:16
astraljavascott-work: ...and there you have it, Colin commented on the bug.17:21
scott-workastraljava: aye, i understand now17:58
ttoineastraljava, scott-work, the beta 2 is available. Should I make a new fresh install ??17:58
astraljavattoine: It would be good, for further bugs are still to be found,  I'm sure. :)18:19
knomeastraljava, are you saying you have hidden bugs in the ubuntu studio? oh my... :)18:20
astraljavaknome: Oh bugger off, you <beep>ing <beep> <beep>!18:20
ttoineastraljava, I think I will do a fresh install. at the moment, I did an update. Is there anything to change to be an on the beta 2 from a beta 1 ? just make a dist-upgrade is enough ? Or should I change the repositories ?18:21
astraljavattoine: No, just as usual, the packages are updated, nothing else.18:21
knomettoine, just do any pending package updates18:21
ttoineastraljava, I was not sure. so actually the beta 2 is just a kind of daily build ?18:22
astraljavattoine: In a way, yes. A snapshot, if you will.18:22
ttoineastraljava, ok. sometimes, I think I ask idiot question18:23
astraljavattoine: Not by any chance. It's not obvious, unless you're following the development closely.18:23
ttoineastraljava, is there any stuff you want me to check in the beta 2 ??18:24
astraljavattoine: Not really, I'm not aware of any known bugs. Just test it to its limits. :)18:25
ttoineastraljava, sure, I'll do that ;-))))18:26
astraljavattoine: Great, thanks! :)18:27
* ttoine is dreaming for a minute to create a company offering Ubuntu Studio workstation and laptops 18:29
astraljavaThat'd be sweet, yes. :)18:31
ttoinethe main problem would be to find a good motherboard with no irq problem18:31
knomerisky though, if astraljava has been hiding the bugs18:32
ttoineknome, ;-)18:32
astraljavaProbably. Take a look at the stuff mentioned on openoctave site.18:32
ttoineastraljava, I just had a look at the openoctave project. Is there anything about hardware ?18:42
astraljavattoine: I'm not sure, but I bet the Wendy's studio setup is free of any conflicts. :)18:43
ttoineastraljava, Wnedy ?18:44
ttoineWendy ?18:45
astraljavattoine: http://www.indiegogo.com/OPEN-OCTAVE-STUDIO-You-are-the-music-We-are-the-means18:46
astraljavattoine: Scroll down a bit. That's what you get for $10k. :)18:47
ttoineastraljava, yes, ok. too bad the brand of the mother board isn't named ;-)18:53
astraljavattoine: I'm sure they will tell you if you email them. :)18:53
ttoineastraljava, just speaking of hardware, I am amazed because everybody use Intel cpus... but Amd are cheaper for the same power, need less electricity and heat more, meaning less fan noise.18:54
ttoinebut maybe a full Intel (gpu included) would be the best to produce audio..18:55
astraljavattoine: Sure, but they're still a bit behind in processing power. 18:55
ttoinebut which applicaiton really use hyperthreading ??18:55
astraljavaTrue. I'm not sure either.18:55
ttoineat the moment, AMD is leading the cpu market for hyper computing centers18:56
astraljavaOk, I'm not up-to-date on such matters.18:56
ttoineastraljava, I try to do my best to be up to date but it is very hard18:57
ttoinethe best for performance would certainly be amd cpu with nvidia gpu. but the matter is more about the main chipset (usb, sata, pci, etc...)18:58
ttoineastraljava, anyway, thanks to the link to Open Octave. It seems to be a great project. Maybe we should consider to have it in Ubuntu Studio, if it is possible18:59
astraljavattoine: I agree, and will bring it up when planning for Q dev cycle.18:59
lenastraljava, congrats on the job.19:36
astraljavaThanks, Len!19:37
lenttoine scott-work and all, re testing beta 2, I have had problems with the Mar 28 ISO. With qjackctl not starting jackd.19:37
lenI did not test the live session. And it was after the new kernel installed itself before I tested it.19:38
lenIt was working fine before, so this is really something to watch.19:38
lenI am DL todays ISO and will check Live and install. I will also try using ardour to start jackd to see if it is just qjackctl19:39
astraljavalen: I'm afraid there is no updates to the images. We will have to debug the qjackctl bug outside of the general development of the distribution.19:43
scott-worklen: did you mark bug #925257 as 'incomplete' ?19:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925257 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulse jack bridging no sound from pulse clients" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92525719:51
ailolen: You could try starting jack from the command line. Only, qjackctl is probably set to use jackdbus, so there are two optional commands to use when starting jackd.19:57
ailolen: First, check which audio device you want to start. Either look in qjackctl, or do: cat /proc/asound/cards19:58
ailoThen start jack like this: jackd -d alsa -d hw:019:58
ailoIf hw:0 is the card you want to start with19:58
ailoActually, I've never started jackdbus from the command line19:59
ailoHave to see how that works19:59
ailojackdbus is cool, but I just hope it's not messing up regular jackd. Have to look more into that20:05
ailoSeems like you need something to control it. Regular ardour was not aware it was running. Just running jackd for a moment from the command line seems stable, but this is not US. Just regular Ubuntu, with the pa bridge installed20:12
ailoTo start jackdbus you just do: jackdbus auto20:12
ailoBut that doesn't get you anywhere20:12
ailolen: So, if you just want to start jack, just start it like I said: jackd -d alsa -d hw:(?)20:14
ailoAlso, you could try disabling jackdbus from qjackctl to see if that helps20:14
ailoThat will of course only affect qjackctl20:14
ailojackdbus usually stays running for me in the background after a crash, so make sure to kill it if that happens20:15

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