ochosiastraljava: i hear you're a brilliant coder..?00:29
astraljavaochosi: Either check your ears, or never trust that little bird again, ever.00:29
astraljavaBut, since you brought it up, shoot.00:30
knomeastraljava, AGAIN, are you insulting me to be LITTLE?00:30
ochosithere is this really old idea in my head, it's nothing really new or stunning, but it's something that is lacking in the xfce-panel: a simple plugin that combines launchers and open-windows (some dub it a dock)00:30
ochosino fancy animation shit, just the functionality00:31
knome!language | ochosi 00:31
ubottuochosi: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:31
knomei mean, that was such UNPROFESSIONAL talk...00:31
ochosiknome: so you don't like the word "animation"?00:31
ochosi(or "fancy"?)00:31
knomeoh wait, i misread. the word "astraljava" was in MY comments00:32
ochosiapology accepted00:32
astraljavaknome: Well I dunno. Do you wanna be a gazelle or a bird?00:32
knomewhat if i was a trout?00:33
astraljavaochosi: Sure, we can talk. I'm interested.00:33
ochosiastraljava: i guess this should also be coordinated with upstream, but i think nick is open for something like that00:34
ochosiat least when i talked with him about it @fosdem he said that this should go into a separate plugin00:34
ochosithing is that i dunno how difficult it is00:34
Unit193ochosi: Like Win7 has?00:35
astraljavaochosi: I wouldn't mind, I'm a very upstream-friendly contributor. :D00:35
ochosii mean you have to keep a list of the launchers in the dock or something and other than that it's like the window-list00:35
ochosiUnit193: never used that for real, but yeah, i guess. like win7 and osx and unity...00:35
astraljavaochosi: Thing is, I'm really busy for a while now, but during the Q cycle, I would be up for it.00:36
ochosiastraljava: i mean i would guess that you wouldn't need a lot of mockups for that, maybe apart from finding a way to distinguish the launchers, the open/focussed windows and the not-running or not-focussed apps00:36
ochosiyeah, it should be for Q00:37
* knome would kick all the three legs of ochosi if he proposed that for precise00:37
ochosiso the time-horizon is a bit more open00:37
knomemind you, ochosi is a handicapped, old gazelle with one lost leg00:37
ochosiand also it'd be good to base it on the 4.10 panel00:37
astraljavaochosi: Sounds good, then.00:37
ochosi!language | knome00:37
ubottuknome: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:37
knomeochosi, you thought 'ochosi' was unprofessional? :(00:38
ochosiastraljava: yeah, the 4.10 panel will be in Q for sure, so i think that's good timing00:38
ochosiknome: no, not unprofessional, just not very family-friendly00:38
knomeahh damn, you might need to change your nick than too00:38
ochosino, just never ping me again, problem solved00:39
astraljavaYea. In fact, never talk to me, again. Done!00:39
knomehahah... :)00:39
knomelooks like the problems in the community are solved now00:39
ochosifinally i can stop reading chan-logs00:39
ochosiwhat problems in the community?00:39
astraljavaYep. Abandon ship! ABANDON SHIP!00:39
knomehuh, i'm so relieved00:39
knomeochosi, are you still talking to me?00:40
Unit193knome: Only ones are you and your use of language. :P00:40
ochosiUnit193: +100:40
astraljavaIs that Unit194, then?00:40
ochosinice one00:40
knomeUnit193, i command you to change your nick *immediately* to Unit19400:41
Unit193Nope, that's locked out.00:41
knomeyou can appeal for the IRC council later, now change the nick00:41
=== Unit193 is now known as Unit194
knomewhat's the history behind the nick btw?00:42
knomeyou live in a unit number 193?00:42
knomeand you refer to your irc nick when you are going home drunk?00:42
Unit194Nope, it's never been said on IRC.00:42
knomenow that you have the new nick, you can reveal the secret to the old one00:43
Unit194Howdy, ochosi 00:44
knomeUnit194, hmm, you new here? haven't seen your nick before00:44
Unit194Woah, chanact color changed. >_>00:45
ochosiknome: what do you think of including a web-irc-client on our website? is that even feasible? and if yes, is it a good idea?00:45
knomeochosi, hmm. what about a link like in the slideshow?00:45
knomeochosi, that would use freenode's own services00:46
ochosiknome: i've never clicked that link...00:46
knomeochosi, hah00:46
ochosiyeah, something like that, but a xubuntu-header would be nice00:46
ochosi(to the worst an iframe)00:46
knomehmm, right...00:46
ochosias in: keeping people on our site00:46
knomeiframe could work...00:47
astraljavaknome: I know the story behind it. How much will you pay for the information?00:47
ochosilike in this quick mockup by someone else (which actually gave me the idea): http://imagebin.org/20589800:47
knomeastraljava, one serving of rum?00:47
knomeochosi, hmmph..00:47
knomei'm not willing to host a webirc00:48
knomei mean, maintain one00:48
ochosiwhat does the freenode-thing look like00:48
knomeand i don't think IS rejoices...00:48
ochosino, sure, that'd be overkill00:48
ochosilet's use that then00:48
ochosiadding a link like in the slide-show could be the first step00:48
ochosii still think integration would be nice00:49
ochosieven if only via iframe00:49
knomethat's the link in the slideshow00:49
knomenote the default filled options00:49
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knomeUnit193, long time no see, eh?00:50
ochosiknome: yeah, that looks good to me00:50
ochosiknome: provide a way back to our website (apart from the back-button) and we're good00:50
Unit193knome: You get to explain to the freakies.00:50
* xubuntu671 wonders how well the iframe would work with only 600px width00:51
xubuntu671ochosi: i thought just iframing it inside the content area ;)00:51
xubuntu671ochosi: or, we could have a special "irc"-template that would allow to use the xubuntu "frame", but dismiss the sidebar stuff and use that too00:52
ochosimhm, maybe an irc template, 600px is not very much00:52
ochosieven just 200px more would probably make it a lot more readable/convenient00:52
knomeochosi, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/web_improvements/?page_id=3400:53
ochosinot bad00:54
xubuntu929not bad00:54
ochosithe odd color of the freenode-client kinda conflicts with ours00:54
xubuntu929the font could be smaller00:54
xubuntu929i wonder if that's controllable...00:54
ochosihmyeah, not sure..00:54
xubuntu929(not the bg... ;))00:54
ochosiah :)00:54
xubuntu854tbh i think the font-size is ok00:56
Unit193Clones are attacking...00:56
xubuntu854also: people can change that with their browser00:56
xubuntu929imo it's too large for the iframe width00:56
xubuntu854depends on your browser/dpi settings00:56
xubuntu854this is what it looks like here: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-03302012-025622am.php00:56
xubuntu854i think making it 800px is better than making the font smaller00:57
xubuntu854(or at least: much smaller)00:57
knomesee the menu in top left00:58
knomeyou can recolor the interface00:58
ochosijust found it myself00:59
ochosiand wanted to tell you00:59
ochosibut i'm wondering whether we can pass that as an option in the link00:59
knomeafaik we can00:59
ochosithen i don't see any reason why we shouldn't use this01:00
knomefor example...01:00
knomeochosi, we could access the iframe css with javascript and change the bgcolor to what works for us anyway01:02
knomehmm, that would mean cross-domain stuff though01:02
knomei think we could just add an extra div01:02
knomewith the same bgcolor than the freenode webchat01:02
knomewith some padding01:03
knomeand rounded corners01:03
ochosiyeah, sounds nice-looking01:03
* knome tries that01:03
ochosiok, just finished the new video-mime icon testing01:04
ochositime to push that01:05
ochosiif only we could change the title "connect to freenode irc"01:13
knomei don't think that's possible01:14
ochosibut i guess adding some more text what this is about i think is sufficient01:14
knomeit would need changing the page name in the wp-admin!!01:14
knomewell yeah01:14
knomenotice that this is my test-host01:14
ochosisure, but yeah, i like the whole page as is01:14
knomeit's easy enough to copy that to prodcution too01:14
ochosii'm all for it :)01:15
GridCubei always use webchat from work :P01:15
knomeochosi, if you want to play with the freenode bar to get the perfect hue... feel free to.01:17
ochosii'm on my laptop now (which has terrible colors)...01:17
ochosican look at it again when i'm back @eizo tomorrow01:17
knomeochosi, it's not something you need to do *now*01:17
knomejust paste me the uio-argument you get when completing the "add to your site" -wizard01:18
knome(if you want to change other things too in the UI options page, feel free to, just notify me of changes)01:18
knomehttp://xubuntu.org/irc should work for those who are logged in01:18
knomebleh, i got hungry :<01:19
ochosik, i'm going to sleep01:29
ochosisee ya01:29
knomeyeah, i got to go too...01:30
knomenighty all, see you later01:30
GridCubeknome, :( theres no more boat on the wallpaper03:19
timmillwoodjust installed the 12.04 updates, but too busy to reboot.09:59
knometimmillwood, well, thanks for letting us know...10:51
timmillwoodknome, sorry11:03
ochosihmm, i'm wondering whether anyone else can confirm a missing icon of xfce4-clipman in precise11:39
ochosibecause i can't, but i got a report about that11:39
ochosi(i mean yeah, the icon isn't pretty maybe, but it's there)11:40
* jarnos played youtube in 12.04 and had pavucontrol's output devices tab open on a 500MHz P3. Then pulseaudio takes 50% CPU, pavucontrol 20% CPU and most of the rest power is left for the web browser.12:24
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jarnosAgainst which package you should file a bug report, when no mobile broadband connections are shown in networks panel applet after an usb mobile connection device is attached?13:06
=== CiPi is now known as cipi
ochosileo-unglaub: i can't confirm the bug with the missing icon for clipman13:58
ochosileo-unglaub: it's not a pretty icon, but it's not missing13:58
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pleia2knome: xubuntu.org/contribute/ looks great, and fixed up a couple spelling errors/typos on /contribute/marketing/16:09
pleia2I'll need more time to finish review of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/XubuntuOld - it's a lot and I need to do a refresher of all the wiki pages16:09
leo-unglaubochosi: http://img171.imageshack.us/i/auswahl008.jpg/16:32
mr_pouitochosi: it's xfce4-clipman-plugin (for the panel), xfce4-clipman (for the systray) is fine16:43
knomepleia2, thanks! :)16:56
knomemr_pouit, okay to upload changes mentioned in bug 96925218:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969252 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Bluebird rebased against Greybird for Gtk3.4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96925218:13
xubuntu496i am running xubuntu 12.04 for a while and now beta2 is available. If all updates are installed, does that mean i also have beta2, or do i have to download beta2?19:10
pleia2xubuntu496: it means you also have beta219:18
xubuntu496Thanks pleia219:20
astraljavaxubuntu496: Beta-2 only means the revision of the installable images on the cdimage.u.c server. The packages are what counts, and if you're up-to-date with them, you're on the same level with the images.19:20
Unit193But things break differently with different CDs.19:21
astraljavaUnit193: That's a matter of the assembly of those cds.19:21
Unit193Generally, yep.19:24
astraljavagoddamn T-bird....19:45
astraljavaSo, it just sat there for hours on end, without doing anything. Suddenly, told me about two new emails, and when I wanted to look what they said, it just froze. I was able to close it, but UNABLE to restart it.19:47
* astraljava sometimes wishes he lived in the Dark Ages.19:47
astraljavaNow it just spews out an "input/output error".19:50
PandarificThat definitely sucks. So far I haven't had an issue with T-bird. Everything is working relatively okay. Getting ready to install a bunch of stuff though so we'll see if i break it19:55
Unit193I use alpine...19:55
micahgastraljava: you wouldn't have bindwood installed, would you?19:57
Pandarificcan someone verify something for me in 12.04 real quick?20:02
astraljava$ apt-cache policy bindwood20:15
astraljava  Installed: (none)20:15
astraljavaIncredibly unbelievable. Now there are some *-1 directories in my various gmail accounts.20:16
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=== bitcoin is now known as nanotube

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