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c_smithhello, how to I get the media player related fn keys to work in Xubuntu?03:16
c_smithmeh, guess I'll try anther DE.03:28
c_smithsee if that fixed my problem.03:29
GridCubec_smith, they should work out of the box03:33
c_smithnope, they don't, tried 11.10, and not working, 12.04. same problem.03:33
GridCubeif they not then try03:34
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts03:34
c_smithah, that might work, already familiar with keyboard shortcuts.03:34
GridCubemost programs have terminal commands that you can pass while running03:35
GridCubemedia programs that is03:35
c_smithmeh, but I'm looking to get the multimedia keys working for when I'm in a game and I wish to change the song in the background.03:36
GridCubewell sleep time03:36
GridCubetry keytouch c_smith03:36
c_smithI am.03:36
c_smithhave a good sleep! :D03:36
GridCubegood luck03:36
demoniccowHey! I installed lxde and nm-applet dosnt automaticly start. Is there a way to have it automatically open when i login to lxde?03:38
demoniccowAnd prefrebly close when i logout03:39
c_smithdemoniccow, did you install lxde from the disk? or as a package?03:40
demoniccowfrom synaptic03:40
demoniccow(package manager)03:40
c_smithah, ok, then I have no clue, not an lxde user.03:40
demoniccowthats fine, ill head over to #lubuntu03:40
c_smithdemoniccow, gl! :D03:41
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jarnosMy desktop (11.04) is corrupted. When I logged in, panel was gone. After starting panel, windows can be moved on top of it.08:56
jarnosAlt-tab does not work08:56
well_laid_lawnjarnos: anything in ~/,xsession-errors ?09:01
well_laid_lawnis xfwm running -   ps aux | grep xfwm09:02
well_laid_lawnor xfdesktop ?09:02
ouyeshehe, hi all, I get a bug I am running xubuntu 12.04 under a thinkpad x201, and the temparature of the cpu sometimes will go up to 94, and sometimes overheating and shut down09:05
well_laid_lawnis the fan running?09:06
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, there is something there in the errors file; mostly errors for gnome-volume-control-applet09:06
well_laid_lawnjarnos: why is that running?09:07
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, I don't know. xfwm is not running09:09
well_laid_lawnjarnos: how are you starting xubuntu? and what's in the autostart?09:09
well_laid_lawnjarnos: nautilus needs the --no-desktop option to run in xfce09:11
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, no nautilus running09:12
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, i start the usual way09:12
well_laid_lawnjarnos: in terminal what does   xfwm &   do ?09:14
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, I can not type in terminal, but in virtual console09:14
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, command not found, did you mean xfwm4?09:16
xubuntu730I'm installing xubuntu 11.10 and it stops, can anyone help me ?09:16
jarnosxubuntu730, maybe it is just slow.09:16
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, in virtual console xfwm4 complains it can not open display09:17
ouyesjarnos, the fan is running under 400009:18
xubuntu7301 hour at the same state ! never see that. it stop at log-output -t ubiquity fontconfig-voodoo --auto --force --quiet09:18
well_laid_lawnjarnos: yep it's xfwm4 and X needs to be running for it to work - by terminal I meant an emulator in X09:18
well_laid_lawnouyes: I only have around 1200 rpm here - in a terminal   top   will showw if the cpu is working hard09:20
xubuntu730Thanks Jarnos to answer my question. But i'm sorry, xubuntu install process realy stoped ! Do you think i could clic on "skip" button ?09:27
jarnosWhat is it that xubuntu has and lubuntu does not have, that makes xubuntu's network manager applet shoe mobile broadband devices automatically?10:32
Marzattajarnos: Lubuntu is very amateurish. It lacks style and a concept.10:35
TheSheepMarzatta: can we stick to actually useful facts?10:36
Sysijarnos: some networkmanager plugin perhaps, or modem-manager10:37
MarzattaTheSheep: we do exactly this.10:37
Sysi"useful" being non-offtopic10:38
Sysijarnos: you've asked lubuntu guys? they should know..10:39
jarnosSysi, Well, I guess they would have included it in lubuntu, if they knew.10:40
jarnosSysi, but I will.10:40
Sysijarnos: two separate installations or desktop enviroment switch?10:42
Sysithey probably had *some* reason to not include whatever it is10:42
jarnosSysi, well I tested pure Lubuntu 12.04 today and it did not have the feature. Here in 11.04 the feature is present in lubuntu login, but I have also xubuntu-desktop installed.10:44
Sysibeta can lack things or they can just fail10:45
jarnosSysi, did xubuntu 10.04 have it? lubuntu 11.04 does not have it.10:45
Sysino idea, not being sure what is "it"10:46
Sysican be just newer kernel version or change in networkmanager10:47
Marzattajarnos: Xubuntu shows broadband connections10:48
knomeMarzatta, i've warned you before on attacking other derivatives/things. stop it now, we don't need need those comments.10:48
Marzattaknome: was not that political correct, or?10:48
Sysiyou can also stop with other useless lines10:49
MarzattaSysi: let's hope he will hear that10:49
knomeMarzatta, it's the general atmosphere in the channel, we don't need sulky or otherwise negative comments10:50
Marzattaknome: real comments  have nothing to do with autistic atmosphere and complexes.10:51
Sysisupport channel10:52
* Marzatta was posting on a wrong channel. 10:53
knomeMarzatta, this is not something up for discussion, either here or -offtopic.10:55
Marzattaknome: yes, I agree.10:56
knomeMarzatta, thanks. in that case you probably understand there will be consequences if you will keep on posting such comments10:57
Marzattaknome: son, you as a project leader need to be a bit more aggressive and less that political correct. esp. towards Lubuntu, coz it will be nothing for you to lead if things will continue that way in the future.11:00
knomeit is not a competition11:01
Marzattayes, but it does not look good in any cv.11:03
rohm1On 12.04 beta 2 I was trying the new shortcuts; seems to work fine except Alt+F7 (maximize H+W) that does nothing; in xfce4-settings-editor, xfce4-jeyboard-shortcuts, /xfwm4/custom/<Alt>F7 is correctly set to maximize_window_key though11:11
jarnosSysi, is anyone aware, if Xubuntu 12.04 can detect mobile broadband networks. Lubuntu 12.04 can not, even if it has the same network-manager-gnome, even if I additionally install network-manager-pptp-gnome11:11
rohm1(testing in a VM)11:11
rohm1no ok, it's captured by the main OS, sorry!11:13
Sysijarnos: when I get a hold of 3G modem I can test, it can also be device specific11:15
jarnosSysi, I installed xubuntu-desktop on top of lubuntu-desktop, and in 12.04 neither shows mobile broadband connections.12:01
starnhow do i make videos have thumbnails?12:36
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TheSheepStarn: install the thumbnailers12:44
TheSheep!info ffmpegthumbnailer12:45
ubottuffmpegthumbnailer (source: ffmpegthumbnailer): fast and lightweight video thumbnailer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-4ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB12:45
StarnTheSheep: that didn't seem to make thumbnails for videos show..12:48
TheSheepStarn: did you try to install all the thumbnailers?12:51
Starnjust the ones that was needed i just checked to see if i even had ffmpeg..12:52
Starnhmm i have ffmpeg and all the thumbnailers except the dbg and dev package12:53
starnTheSheep: i got it working thanks. i installed all files again and rebooted and now it works.13:22
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meisterlukHey guys. I'm having sound problems. Some time (a week?!) ago it worked, but suddenly it stopped...13:27
meisterlukMy sound card gets detected, alsamixer channels are unmuted, I purged & reinstalled alsa and pulseaudio and followed instructions at http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Sound_Problembehebung [DE] Any ideas?13:28
TheSheepmeisterluk: make sure the pulseaudio channel is unmuted13:40
meisterlukTheSheep: how do I do that?13:41
TheSheepmeisterluk: open the mixer, select pulseaudio from the dropdown at the top13:43
TheSheepmeisterluk: make sure all the channels are displayed and see if they are unmuted13:43
meisterlukTheSheep: Wow, that sounded like a good idea, but actually all the channel for all PulseAudio Mixers are unmuted... :-/13:45
meisterluknope, no way. :-(13:46
meisterlukIs it somehow strange that I don't have a /etc/init.d/alsa-utils daemon?13:47
meisterluk(fyi, alsa-utils is installed and up2date)13:49
meisterluk(i also exchanged my audio equipment already)13:53
arthurjohnsonTell you what, when using other window managers that aren't 100% integrated with the Ubuntu menu system, xfce4-appfinder is a godsend!14:57
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baizonany advice? on boot i cant see the kernel messages... i just got a blank screen, then the login screen shows up. I removed already "quiet splash" but it still blank. Any ideas how to fix it?16:03
Mormaugustry with GRUB customize to recover grub menu(you will need livecd)16:04
baizonany link with a howto?16:05
Mormaugusammmm not in english :s16:05
Mormaugusyou can only see the imgs16:05
baizonhmm ok16:05
Mormaugusyou can use that distro USU, GRUB customize is included16:06
baizonok, thanks16:10
Mormaugusif you need some help with translation i can help you16:11
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baizonwhats the difference between GRUB_GFXMODE and GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX16:49
baizonok so boot messages are workin again :)16:58
baizonjust the resolution is bad16:58
Mormaugusammmm i think you can change it17:03
Mormaugustake a look on that program, grub customize, i think there is option about resolution17:03
baizonmy boot is broken :/17:20
baizonok, done :)17:28
Mormaugushow you fixed it?17:29
baizonhad to use GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX17:29
baizonor to make it work with gfxmode i had to fix plymouth17:30
baizonwith my stupid graphics card17:30
Mormauguswich is?17:30
baizonAMD 621017:57
xubuntu407just install xubuntu19:11
xubuntu407cool stuff19:11
Unit193!pm | xubuntu40719:12
ubottuxubuntu407: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.19:12
xubuntu407can i upgrade my xubuntu-10.04 to the latest version available now19:14
Unit193You'll have to wait until 12.04 is released before you can upgrade to it, otherwise you'll have to go 10.04 > 10.10 > 11.04 > 11.1019:15
xubuntu407the best way you say is to do fresh install to the latest version?19:17
Sysihe's not saying that even if it is so.. but you can only upgrade 10.04 to 10.10 or 12.0419:19
xubuntu407directly to 12.04?19:19
Unit193Reinstall is best, but you can upgrade to that once it is released.19:20
SysiLTS to LTS is supported, though 12.04 is still beta and supported at #ubuntu+119:21
Sysiupgrades aren't probably thoroughly tested yet19:21
Mormauguscan i use xubuntu 12.04 like OS right now? i have been tried ubuntu, but didn't work properly19:42
GridCubeMormaugus, as "can" you can, as should, then probably wait a few weeks19:43
GridCubestuff shouldnt massively change in the next few weeks but some might19:44
jrgiffordHey, quick question: Is the Xubuntu 12.04 release date currently set as the same date that "normal" Ubuntu is? (that is, April 26th)19:44
GridCubejrgifford, yes19:45
jrgiffordi can't find a official release schedule wikipage or anything like that.19:45
jrgiffordGridCube: thanks19:45
Unit193Should be, maybhe a respin after.19:45
Mormaugusi can't wait, i'm using xubuntu about 1 mouth, it's the distro for me19:46
GridCubejrgifford, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule19:46
jrgiffordGridCube: so is that release schedule for all official *buntu's?19:47
GridCubejrgifford, for oficial derivatives, yes19:47
jrgiffordGridCube: gotcha, thanks!19:47
GridCubelike ubuntu/kubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu19:47
meerkatscan I install k9copy, a kde program under xubuntu?20:43
Sysiof course, if it's in repositories20:45
meerkatsSysi, xubuntu and ubuntu repos are exactly the same, arent they?20:46
mongymeerkats: means pulling down a lot of dependencies though.20:46
meerkatsmongy, as of now im thinkin of dropping ubuntu for xubuntu, due to its low weight...20:47
mongymeerkats: not that it means much to me personally.  #justsayin20:47
mongymeerkats: I (still) have problems burning plain data to a disc in brasero (unless I make an iso first) so I tried xfburn, great works ok, tried k3b - works great, tried gnomebaker - works great so decided on gnomebaker due to lightness and functions.20:49
meerkatsi mainly use that k9copy to copy dvds onto a HDD20:51
mongyah yes, k9copy is a nice tool.20:52
meerkatsis there a x9copy?20:55
mongywhat do you want the output to be ?20:56
meerkatsmp4, but I want to choose quality, like 1gb per hour or 1.5gb per hour20:58
meerkatsdont need to be 1 on 1 copy20:58
Sysitoo bad handbrake-gtk is only for LTS21:00
Sysihanbrake-cli takes some interest in manpages21:00
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sterling_ptechSo I am currently installing xubuntu, I want the capability of using dual monitors. Having trouble stopping and starting  though.21:18
sterling_ptech*Stopping and starting X21:19
Sysilog out and back in21:20
mongymeerkats:  https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases21:20
Sysiif you can't/don't want to use xrandr (via arandr)21:21
Sysimongy: is that cli or gtk version? I know cli version is available for non-lts too21:22
mongySysi: gtk is available for non-lts too21:22
sterling_ptechSo if I were to do "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" then install the nvidia driver and start the service again, it wouldn't work?21:23
Sysigdm isn't used in 11.10 by default21:23
Sysiyou should use "Additional drivers" app21:24
sterling_ptechI've enabled the driver through that app and it still doesn't recognize that I have another display.21:24
Sysiwhat doesn't, nvidia or xfce settings?21:25
sterling_ptechI was considering just modifying the xorg.conf file altogether and seeing if that works.21:26
meerkatshow does xubuntu lists apps? classic gnome way or more like unity?22:40
meerkatsthere are lots of options I only recognize due to the icon and the place where I stored the symlink22:40
TheSheepmeerkats: it creates the menu from the .desktop fiels in /usr/share/applications22:42
meerkatsTheSheep, for the noob: is that like gnome?22:43
meerkatsor will I still have to open a dash and type letters?22:43
TheSheepno, you select from a menu22:44
meerkatsTheSheep, what is the xubuntu icon? a rabbit?22:46
TheSheepa mouse22:47
TheSheepit's based on the xfce's icon22:47
meerkatsid like to know why you use xubuntu instead of ubuntu TheSheep22:54
* mongy found out about thunar and the rename function. well done.22:58
GridCubethunar rename function is indeed awesome23:15
meerkatsis there xubuntu one? I need the ubuntu one app23:42
meerkatscan I use ubuntuone with xubuntu?23:42
Unit193Hope so, because if not, I better uninstall it! ;)23:43
Unit193Aye, jsut not as integrated.23:43
meerkatsUnit193, does it at least auto update any changes made in my local ubuntuone directory?23:45
Unit193Yep, sync works.23:45
meerkatsUnit193, do you by chance use libreoffice under xubuntu?23:47
Unit193Use, not exactly, but I do have it installed.23:47
meerkatswhat I mean it works23:47
meerkatswhat I mean: it works23:48
Unit193It opens, yep.23:51
Unit193Opens docs asa well.23:51
riddleboxhello all, I have a quick question, can you upgrade xubuntu to new versions like you do with ubuntu itself? or are you supposed to do a fresh install?23:52
magerquarkyou can upgrade xubuntu23:53
magerquarki would recommend a fresh install nevertheless23:53
riddleboxreally my wife has been upgrading her ubuntu laptop for 3 years now and never had a problem23:54
magerquarkas long as you only use standard-programs, there should not be any problem23:54
meerkatsthats not my case...23:55
magerquarkas soon as you start optimising your os, i would recommend a fresh install23:55
meerkatshow many times have you been told that xubuntu looks ugly?23:55
riddleboxI have never looked at it why?23:56
meerkatscuriosity: 2 persons on other channels said that when I suggested: Im moving to xubuntu23:56
riddleboxmagerquark, I really dont do to much customizing or anything my wallpaper usually stays default too23:57
magerquarkriddlebox, than go for xubuntu23:57
magerquarkbut why do you want to change from ubuntu to xubuntu23:57
riddleboxplus right now I am using xfce on fedora right now23:57
meerkatsunity sucks and renderms my craptop unusable, gnome's fallback used by ubuntu sucks (incomplete)23:58
meerkatswhen ubuntu restarts supporting a new version of gnome i may move back23:58
riddleboxmagerquark, I havent used ubuntu since unity came out, I have bounced back and forth from ubuntu,fedora,arch,slackware for years but I do like apt-get23:59
meerkatsi dont know arch and slackware23:59
riddleboxmeerkats, on my very very fast laptop in unity I click on firefox it takes 10 seconds to open!23:59

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