Brian_On the Xubuntu info page, it was suggested that we drop by either the IRC or the developer list to offer comments or suggestions on the wallpapers for Xubuntu.  I think having a classic wallpaper is a good idea, and that's a good one for default.  Personally, I tend to set my wallpaper design to outdoor scenery.  Rivers, ocean waterfront, and waterfalls are among my personal favorites.  If there is space, I'd make a few things l02:51
pleia2Brian_: it's a bit late in the development cycle for wallpaper selections (with beta2 out now we're pretty much all set for release already)02:52
Brian_It would also be nice to have a way to easily link directly to wallpaper and background selection options, which could be installed with a quick click or two.  I know that Xfce has a "Looks" site, as do KDE and GNOME.  Providing easy and automatic access to those might be nice for future consideration.02:52
Brian_I do not have any problems with what we have; the note on the main page suggested that we write in with suggestions, and that's all that I am doing here; these might be useful for future discussions.02:53
pleia2backgrounds/wallpapers are just images, what source are you thinking these would pull from?02:53
pleia2thanks for joining us :)02:53
Brian_Thanks for chatting.  Do you know any testers who have used either Gateway 2000 series laptops or Lenovo 3000 series laptops in testing for this release?  I have 11.10 on my Lenovo 3000 Model Y410 and it works great.  I also have Lubuntu 12.04 02-25-12 build there...02:55
pleia2not sure, some of our more active testers put their info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/Testers but it's not remotely comprehensive of all our testers02:56
Brian_and I have Kubuntu 12.04 build 02-25-12 build on my Gateway 2000 Model PA6A.  I don't know if it will be necessary to test Xubuntu 12.04 prior to release, but I can if it would provide help and its not too late.02:56
pleia2I'm using a Lenovo G57502:56
pleia2oh yes, we need testers up until release02:56
Brian_One reason I have not tested this time with Xubuntu is that of the three variations, Xubuntu has always been the most solid, and when I've tested it in the past, it's been flawless.  Also, I've been really enjoying the 11.10 release.02:57
pleia2thanks for your confidence :)02:58
Brian_If it would help, I'll grab 12.04 a week or two before release and install it then to beat the rush.  Would that be enough help?02:58
pleia2every little bit helps as long as you submit bugs as you find them02:58
Brian_Oh definitely.  Wishing all of you well; I look forward to the end result; I will test during April; should I find any issues, I will gladly provide a solid report.  Thanks!02:59
polyvisualhello, I need some advice about a bug with the beta 2 release - can anyone help?08:00
astraljavapolyvisual: We won't know until you present the problem. :)08:04
polyvisualok, when I press the volume mute button on my keyboard, the mute notification works, but the volume doesn't mute. I've got a Lenovo G550 laptop. 08:07
polyvisualWhere do I go from here?08:07
astraljavapolyvisual: You should file a bug about it, there were some changes to volume management just recently.08:08
astraljavapolyvisual: I'm just trying to think on which package the bug should be filed.08:08
astraljavapolyvisual: Did it mute correctly previously in the precise cycle, ie. was this bug introduced just recently?08:11
polyvisualastraljava: I'm not sure - I did try beta 1 and I'm sure i would have noticed if it didn't work. I'll boot beta 1 from a usb to check if it'll help.08:42
astraljavapolyvisual: It would, as it'd eliminate the problems in the underlying alsa infrastructure.08:43
polyvisualastraljava: no problem. I'll do that and report back. Thanks.08:45
astraljavaThank you!08:46
polyvisualwhere can i get beta 1 from? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/12.04/beta-1/ is no longer hosting it.08:50
astraljavapolyvisual: Ahh... well, not sure, then. Maybe someone here has it, but not me.08:51
astraljavapolyvisual: Oh well, I'll look into the changes done in the sound management, and let you know soon-ish which package to file the bug on.08:53
polyvisualastraljava: ok, I'll look around google for beta 1. maybe I'll file a bug against Canonical for completely removing old isos.08:55
astraljavapolyvisual: Uhh... could you check if you're bitten by bug #883485?08:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 883485 in xfce4-volumed "Pulse Audio don't get unmuted when XF86AudioMute is used" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88348508:56
astraljavapolyvisual: Anyway, it seems that the fix isn't foolproof, yet, so if you could file a new bug about it on xfce4-volumed, that'd be great.09:00
polyvisualThanks I'll take a look.09:05
knomeastraljava, polyvisual: that should be fixed in precise.09:22
knomepolyvisual, also, beta2 is out now09:23
astraljavaknome: The talk _was_ on beta-2.09:28
knomeoh. weird09:28
astraljavaHence the suggestion of filing a new bug.09:29
knomesorry for not reading well enough...:/09:29
astraljavaBut I'm gone, actually. Talk later.09:29
knomeme too09:29
knomesee you09:29
mr_pouitknome: I can't push to lp:xubuntu-artwork anymore…13:28
mr_pouitxubuntu-dev can't touch these xubuntu-artwork branches anymore, I guess that's due to your team reorg13:30
mr_pouitknome: please fix that, thanks. :)13:30
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GridCubeknome, pleia2 mr_pouit 17:07
pleia2hi GridCube 17:08
GridCubem_mynaardt, here says he wants to contribute with moneys or something like that17:08
GridCubei don't know what to tell him17:08
m_mynaardtOoooo!  Too fast for me to type!  :O17:08
m_mynaardtBut seriously; I wanted to toss a bit of money in toward Xubuntu, since that's my PC's OS.  I'm quite happy with it...17:09
Unit193Last time knome and I decided may be best to look at Xfce fund options.17:09
pleia2xubuntu itself can't accept money17:10
Unit193....I can.17:10
m_mynaardtMe too; I can take money from anyone after all those years of driving taxis  ;)17:10
pleia2http://thunar.xfce.org/contribute.html thunar (part of xfce) accepts donations17:11
Unit193Just thunar? Not entire project?17:11
pleia2xfce itself doesn't have their foundation set up yet17:11
m_mynaardtSo, I guess the best thing would be to give a few 'shekels' to Xfce and/or Ubuntu proper?17:11
pleia2they said 2 or 3rd quarter this year17:11
pleia2lemme find the link17:11
Unit193I'd personally wait for that.17:11
Unit193But, not my choice!17:12
pleia2"We are still working on setting up the Xfce foundation, this is however not something that is done in a jiffy. Expectation is that we have this ready in Q2/3 this year."17:12
pleia2^^ from february17:12
Unit193But they always fall behind. ;)17:12
* pleia2 errands17:13
m_mynaardtOkay, I got that link, thanks...17:13
m_mynaardtTime to get some sleep; did an all nighter at work.  Thanks for the information!17:15
knomemr_pouit, yeah, i was wondering about that... i'll add you to the artwork team17:31
knomemr_pouit, or just the dev-team17:32
knomemr_pouit, done.17:33
knomeerr, no17:34
knomewrong team :P17:34
knomemr_pouit, developers team added17:34
knomewhat? :D17:35
knomeoh right.17:35
knomeone of xubuntu-dev admins must accept the request. so you.17:35
knomei'm out for the time being again ->17:36
GridCubeitc: knome talks to himself17:36
knomeyeah, i do that all the time...17:37
knomepleia2, ?19:21
Unit193knome: ?19:23
knomeUnit193, hey :)19:23
knomei was wondering if elizabeth would have had time to look at the wiki cleanup19:24
Unit193(That was a case of monkey see, monkey do)19:24
knomehow's things?19:24
Unit193Not enough sleep, but the session this morning went well enough.19:28
Unit193Next month is where I'll not want to be, you?19:29
knomehave you had enough time to run the beta2 to see how it works our? :)19:29
knomewell, i have nothing to complain about19:29
knometoday was a stressful day (was at a wedding), but it's okay now :)19:29
Unit193Was syncing it.19:29
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knomeso, people20:37
knomeany ideas for an april fools joke for the twitter feed?20:37
astraljava"Xubuntu switching to Debian as upstream, name change under discussion. More news at nine."20:41
Unit193Something with Unity or Xfce 10?20:41
knomeit has to be believable.20:42
knomei was thinking of unity myself, but isn't that quite obvious?20:42
Unit193Would think so.20:42
knomeastraljava, not a bad idea.20:43
knomemaybe we should get some interaction20:47
knome"Xubuntu to start using Debian as upstream after 12.04. Any suggestions for a new name?"20:48
Unit193Released for LTSs only?20:48
knomehmmh. i'm wondering if people would go "Good move!" :P20:49
GridCubeXubuntu will no longer ship lts versions after 12.0420:49
knome"Xubuntu 12.10 will be codenamed the Queer Quesadilla"20:49
knome"Xubuntu 12.04 will feature startup sounds by Jay-Z"20:55
GridCubethats cool20:56
GridCubehehehehe google maps at 8bits is awesome20:57
knome"Starting from 12.04, Xubuntu is going to feature startup sounds. For 12.04, we recorded our contributors shouting 'Xubuntu'!"20:58
Unit193Logs'll kill it.20:59
knome"The Xubuntu developers have secretly created you some earcandy..."21:00
GridCubexubuntu will  stop public recording the irc logs < Unit193 21:01
knomeor sth like21:01
knome"Xubuntu is switching to Debian as upstream strating from 12.10. Join us at #xubuntu-debian to find out more!"21:02
knomeand then of course, the topic saying "April fools!"21:02
GridCubexubuntu has too many testers and request users to stop using it21:02
knome"Since the feedback of the new logo was so negative, we will keep from branding ourself and start calling Xubuntu 'the Unnamed OS' from 12.10"21:03
benonsoftwareSomeone join me in #xubuntu-debian :D21:04
knomebenonsoftware, well, the announcement is not out yet ;)21:04
knome"The Xubuntu team has been working on the branding under the radar. Our new slogan is: Not to be used with less than 8GB RAM!"21:07
GridCubealso non-pae kernel for i38621:07
knomeor "The new target audience is people with no less than 1 month old PC"21:07
Unit193Not to be used without Vodka!21:09
knome"The Xubuntu team decided to call it a day. Our funeral party will be held at #xubuntu-forever starting from this day."21:09
vinsnew logo looks good22:13
knomevins, thanks :)22:14
knomeor was that an april fools?22:14
* knome decides not to believe anything said to him today22:15
vinsfor real..22:15
knomeheh, good ;)22:15
GridCubehey knome i like the logo to22:15
knomeGridCube, hahah... yeah right22:15
GridCube*wink* 22:15
vinswhen you get a nice OS like that for free.. you cant complain about a  logo..22:16
knomewell, anything is up for complaints in FOSS :)22:17
GridCubei dissagree22:17
knomethough on technical things, patches are welcome ;)22:17
knomeand on non-technical issues, contribution is welcome22:17
Unit193knome: You know it isn't my favorite, but I've seen worse and the reasoning is better.22:18
knomei'm hoping you will understand how cool it is once you look at the plymouth screen long enough ;)22:18
GridCubeknome, it actually looks pretty cool on plymouth, but i blame the new fonts22:19
knomeGridCube, heh. well, condensing it a bit probably helps ;)22:20
knomehmm, i like the icon on gnomine when you are pressing mouse button down22:29
knomemaybe we should use that as the xubuntu logo??22:30
astraljavaUse whatever, it can't get any worse. *blink* *blink*22:31
* knome liked that joke22:31
knomethat was a good one ;)22:31
knomedoes that mean i can change the logo now?22:32
astraljavaActually, the new one looks so much cooler especially in the app menu (upper left corner).22:32
knomeso, what's our final take on the AF joke?22:32
astraljavaI really don't know, my humour sucks these days.22:32
Unit193...I can think of worse.22:32
knomeastraljava, i suppose that's a good thing, because we want a joke that doesn't sound like a joke22:33
astraljavaHeh. Well, yeah.22:33
knome"It's official: Xubuntu 12.10 will be based on Debian rather than Ubuntu. Name suggestions welcome!"22:36
knomedoes that sound official?22:36
ScottLknome, lol22:37
benonsoftwareknome: Don't forget the IRC channel! :D22:37
knomeScottL, ;)22:37
knomeread more at xubuntu.org/debian22:38
knomeand create a page saying it's april fools22:38
* GridCube comes from a place where april fools day doesnt exists and its rather looked as pretty mean spirited day22:39
Unit193ScottL: Keep it down low. ;)22:42
knomeOops! :)22:49
knomeWe are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused… And while Debian is great, we will stick with the Ubuntu core.22:49
knomePsst! However you ended up here, we ask you not to spoil the April fools joke for others. Feel free to pass around, though.22:49
knomehow does that sound?22:49
* GridCube will keep himself away from this22:50
knomemaybe we should just do it on twitter, and tell "more info soon"22:51
GridCube:P as you please22:51
knomethat isn't going to planet though22:52
knomemaybe i should point to the twitter update on me blog22:52
knomethat's a good idea.22:52
* knome is expecting to see traffic soon, the post hit planet23:12
pleia2hey knome, working on wiki now23:15
knomepleia2, great!23:16
knomepleia2, see our latest tweet...23:16
pleia2oh I hate april 1st :)23:16
pleia2I am so gullible23:17
benonsoftwarepleia2: I'm not going to belive anyone today23:17
knomeheh, but this time the joke is not on you... :)23:17
knomeheh, we're getting replies23:18
knome"very good news"23:18
* knome giggles23:18
benonsoftwareknome: Link?23:18
pleia2oh dear :)23:18
knomei wonder how long it takes until somebody replies with a name suggestion like AprilFoolsOS23:18
benonsoftwareknome: Someone will as soon as it loads :P23:19
benonsoftwareNow I know why I don't use twitter :/23:20
knomebenonsoftware, which is? :)23:20
benonsoftwareI can never find anything I want there23:20
knomewell, it's not exactly the infobase...23:21
knomepleia2, btw, i'm here, if you want to ask about the wiki stuff...23:23
pleia2thanks :) first doing my once-through of what we still have so I have better perspective23:23
knomeheh, yeah23:23
pleia2oh, I did mean to ask, why "-page" on /Xubuntu page?23:25
pleia2first one I thought typo, second I wondered :)23:26
pleia2You can read some more about Xubuntu in the About -page.23:26
pleia2and again toward the bottom of thep age23:26
knomeno idea. feel free to fix :)23:26
GridCubebenonsoftware, https://twitter.com/#!/XubuntuLinux/status/18622726697452748823:26
nonauI've been experiencing, with Xubuntu Pangolin beta 1 (updated), that the laptop doesn't seem to go into standby when the lid is closed.  This is a concern for me as the netbook will get hot after being stored in the laptop bag for a period of time.23:32
pleia2nonau: what graphics card do you have, and did you install the proprietary option? (pops up as an "additional driver")23:33
pleia2I've been having trouble with the FGLRX proprietary driver, and it's not actually needed23:34
knomewell, we have the first "can't fool me"23:34
pleia2(the open source driver works fine, FGLRX in 12.04 has a bug that causes the machine not to go to sleep)23:36
knomebenonsoftware, awwh23:36
knomebenonsoftware, you're spoiling it!! :P23:36
knomenah, it's good :)23:36
knomepeople will at least need to look at our feed23:36
pleia2I'll add the Xubuntu team report to my list of a bunch of other team reports I do every month23:37
* pleia2 peers at the date, should get on that!23:37
knomepleia2, heh, thanks... :)23:37
Unit193There's always a party pooper...23:37
benonsoftwareHehe :p23:38
knomeUnit193, well, i won't go into a party unless they let me poop if i need to!!23:38
nonauIts an Eee 1000HE so its intel integrated graphics.  945GSE @ pliea223:39
pleia2> pleia2: what's this whole "xubuntu based on debian thing" about?23:40
pleia2that was quick :P23:40
GridCubeknome, in the front page of xubuntu, there is no link to >about us23:41
pleia2nonau: I don't know specifically then, but I'd search to see if there is a bug open about it23:41
pleia2(and if not, open one)23:41
knomeGridCube, wiki/web?23:41
knomeGridCube, what about "Read more about Xubuntu »" ?23:41
GridCube>read more about23:41
knomepleia2, just point them to  https://twitter.com/#!/i/connect23:41
pleia2that link doesn't work right23:42
GridCubeknome, https://twitter.com/#!/XubuntuLinux/status/18622726697452748823:42
GridCubepleia2, https://twitter.com/#!/XubuntuLinux/status/18622726697452748823:42
knomepleia2, doesn't? hmm.23:42
pleia2GridCube: I know23:42
pleia2GridCube: that link doesn't show replies23:42
GridCubeit does for me23:42
GridCubebut im logged23:42
pleia2I'm logged in as pleia2, doesn't show replies23:43
knomemm, that's right...23:43
GridCubeknome, in the about, could you make a paragraph explaining our lts policy of 3 years please? i need to point it to someone and i need a credited source23:43
knomein irc, or somewhere else?23:43
GridCubeknome, in the about us on xubuntu.org if posible23:44
GridCubeor in a news post23:44
knomehttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2012-January/001162.html <- what about that?23:44
knomeor, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/91405523:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 914055 in Launchpad itself "Add Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu LTS Supported fields for Precise" [Undecided,In progress]23:45
pleia2once it's released it'll be in our release notes23:45
GridCubethats over too technical23:45
knomexubuntu is 3 years lts23:45
GridCubeoh well that should do23:45
knomeyou can cite that23:45
GridCubei can, but i would like to have something to cite23:45
GridCubeill use the lp23:45
pleia2GridCube: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS23:46
GridCubethe lp is clear enough23:46
knomepleia2, i suppose the best thing is to make them check what day it is on UTC23:46
pleia2doh, that isn't the page where it says flavors can do 3 years23:46
pleia2knome: hah, yeah23:46
knomehuh, deja vu...23:48
knomeeven, deja vu of a deja vu situation23:48
GridCubeknome, was to answer to this review that says lts will be 5 years http://blog.desdelinux.net/probando-xubuntu-12-04-beta2-review/23:48
pleia2ah, the bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecognizedFlavors has it23:48
pleia2"Flavor's support plan presented to Tech Board and approved; support plan should indicate period of time if beyond 18months (3yrs or 5yr), key contacts, and setting expectations as to level of support."23:48
pleia2ok pleia2, less IRC, more wikis23:49
knomeGridCube, "Per the Xubuntu LTS proposal, the Ubuntu Technical Board accepted the 3-year LTS cycle for Xubuntu."23:49
knomeGridCube, then link to the TB mail23:49
GridCubei linked them to the lp, thats clear enough23:49
pleia2knome: since /marketingresources on the site will change, should we probably upload some Artwork stuff to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Precise for historical?23:52
pleia2also, how did you upload an .svg?23:53
pleia2(to wordpress)23:53
knomewell, the IS uploaded my patch to allow svg's...23:53
pleia2ah, good23:54

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