benonsoftwareHmm, doesn't look like there will be much of a meeting tonight07:10
head_victimbenonsoftware: I'd be surprised to get much of a turnout on Easter Sunday. We probably should have thought of that.08:19
jaddi27head_victim, Hopefully I will be at the meeting, but could possibly be late09:05
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Good luck with your membership! :)09:06
jaddi27benonsoftware, Thanks for that. I actually still need to get some testimonials. The date crept up on me with all my uni work over the last few weeks09:07
benonsoftwareI'll add a testimonial to your wiki when I wake up tomorrow :)09:08
jaddi27benonsoftware, That would be great. Thanks!09:16
benonsoftwareNo problem09:16
head_victimI'm just hoping there'll be quorum, it's possible I may not be there myself this month09:17
jaddi27head_victim, Hopefully there will be after the last few meetings09:17
sagacievening jaddi27 09:31
head_victimhm I can't seem to log into loco.u.c09:47
head_victimKeep getting an openid timeout :/09:48
head_victimHah just as I whine it works.09:48
sagaciit's a bit temperamental09:50
head_victimSo who's about for tonight's meeting?09:58
sagacinot much on the agenda09:59
sagacipostpone to May?10:00
sagacithere'll be news after the release, release parties and I'll be on the aeroplane back from UDS10:01
* benonsoftware is10:02
sagacii'll blog about it later, since I sorted that out today10:03
head_victimHeh nice work. I keep meaning to apply one of these releases for USD.10:03
head_victimWhat do they/don't they pay for?10:04
sagaciaccommodation and travel10:05
sagaciwell that's what you can apply for10:05
sagaciI have to travel to the nearest airport by car and pay for the bart train in san fran but that's negligible10:05
sagaciand food each day I guess10:05
sagacitravel was ~1500EUR10:06
sagacifrom Tamworth NSW - Sydney - San Francisco and return10:06
* benonsoftware hopes to attend the UDS is five or so years time :D10:07
sagacifor ubuntu 17.04 LTS10:08
head_victimCould see another one downunder at some stage :)10:08
benonsoftwareOne down here would be great :)10:08
sagaciI was hoping that too but it seems to be USA/Europe10:09
sagaciand passport and $14 ESTA10:09
benonsoftwareAt least you don't need all the VISA paperwork10:11
head_victimI sign for lots of people's passports but haven't got one myself.10:11
head_victimI was going to ask how hard it was to get a visa10:11
sagacihead_victim, for the US under 90 day visit it's an online form10:11
head_victimAh ok, I was hearing other people had to do interviews and stuff10:12
* benonsoftware doesn't have a passport yet10:12
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Some countries you do, I know someone who's interview is on the 11th10:12
sagacithat's probably for longer visits10:12
head_victimI had one when I was 15 or so but it never got used. Was meant to tour NZ for Rugby but ended up in hospital instead.10:12
sagaciAustralia is part of the visa waiver progra10:12
head_victimAh, see . All the stuff I have no idea on.10:13
sagacihead_victim, so you also sign birth certificates, etc?10:13
head_victimI certify copies of them lots.10:14
head_victimWhen I was volunteering at the courthouse I'd often do a hundred or so in a few hours.10:14
sagaciI just wanted to get it without any complication, paid the extra $100 for two-day turnaround10:15
sagacijust to be safe... :/10:15
head_victimBetter to be safe then sorry.10:15
sagacihead_victim, submitting any blueprints?10:16
head_victimNah my time has really been starting to be drained lately :/10:16
benonsoftwareI hate files that are corrupt :/10:18
head_victimbenonsoftware: you shouldn't bribe them then ;)10:18
jaddi27so we are postponing the meeting? That is fine with me10:18
sagacistarts at something like 2 or 3am anyway10:18
head_victimWell I had a request from someone who contacted me directly as a new team member asking abotu a Melbourne meeting10:18
head_victimI was hoping someone would have some good news on that front but it's appearing unlikely.10:19
jaddi27a melbourne release party?10:19
head_victimAny sort of get together is what I think the person was after10:19
head_victimI'll end up pointing them to LUV if it comes to that.10:19
* benonsoftware hides :/10:20
sagacithe sydney release party looks pretty healthy10:20
head_victimYeah it's a bit odd with people signing up on loco.u.c. Sometimes they do, more often they don't and just rock up.10:20
head_victimI forgot to make them events on FB so it could get some air time there as well10:21
jaddi27I can make events for them on Facebook - it might just not be tonight, depending on my time10:21
sagaciI think that l.u.c and the mailing list are the most effective places10:21
sagacican't wait... less than two weeks10:22
head_victimsagaci: yep but I try to utilise as many avenues as we have.10:22
sagaciI'll be holding an ubuntu day in July in sydney soon too10:22
jaddi27sagaci, We still get quite a few people looking at IRC meetings on Facebook events10:22
head_victimI'll be emailing HUMBUG closer to the date, feel free to send one to SLUG if you think it's appropriate (I have no idea how they go with that sort of thing)10:22
head_victimjaddi27: yeah I sometimes look and see 50 odd people saying they're goign and 5 turn up :P10:23
benonsoftwareWell I'm heading to bed10:23
benonsoftwareNight all10:23
head_victimbenonsoftware: night mate10:23
jaddi27benonsoftware, See you later10:23
jaddi27head_victim, At least we know they are seeing it though10:23
head_victimjaddi27: yep, that's the plan. 10:23
sagaciit'll be interesting to see all these internet people10:28
head_victimHah "interesting" is one way to say it :D10:28
jaddi27head_victim, sagaci: I have created the facebook events now10:29
jaddi27be back son10:29
sagacigreat at least the times should be right10:30
head_victimI should double check the times of the release parties as well10:35
head_victimHah, both are showing correct on my mobile10:38
head_victimjaddi27: nice work, I just signed up to the Brisbane one. 10:41
head_victimWell on that note, I will probably abandon the internet for the evening, tomorrow I start a long drive.10:42
jaddi27head_victim, might see you in the meeting channel on tuesday. Have a good trip10:45
sagacijaddi27, good luck10:45
jaddi27sagaci, thanks. If you think it is appropriate, would you be able to add a testimonial to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JoelAddison#Testimonials10:50
=== ejat- is now known as ejat

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