BarkingFish/server irc.whatever.net:666700:00
BarkingFishaha :P00:00
BarkingFishi like00:00
mouth1no one knows how change the default color in 12.04?00:02
mouth1before you could go to appeaerance and change the color there00:03
kjsis it a holiday today in USA?00:05
TynachHey, I'm just curious - since Oracle Linux 2 is out, and it supposedly has a stable btrfs fsck (with a --repair option) utility, will this be in Ubuntu 12.04?00:12
SUPREMEBEINGpangolin - your network selection method didn't work00:13
pangolinyou do need to use an actual irc network name00:13
SUPREMEBEINGi feel like a virgin - i haven't used irc for like 7 years00:14
SUPREMEBEINGand before that i only used it on and off for 2 years lol00:15
TynachVirgin isn't the right word. Newbie is.00:15
SUPREMEBEINGyeah, virgin sounds more inappropriate00:15
TynachWell, a virgin would have never been to IRC before, and would not be on IRC now.00:15
TynachA virgin would be, before you go on IRC to begin with.00:16
SUPREMEBEINGWell I was a raped virgin00:16
TynachNo :P00:16
SUPREMEBEINGI didn't need IRC 7 years ago - but then my friend was on it and raped me into it lol00:16
SUPREMEBEINGok i think i should stop now00:16
SUPREMEBEINGcan someone help me connect to a network which is  called irc.esylumirc.com00:17
pangolinok, so can we please keep to the topic of Ubuntu and avoid sexual comparisons00:17
pangolinSUPREMEBEING, /server irc.esylumirc.com00:18
SUPREMEBEINGdoesn't work pangolin00:18
pangolinthen you got the wrong link00:18
BarkingFishwhat error do you get, SUPREMEBEING?00:18
TynachDoes anyone know the answer to my question?00:18
popeyTynach: it wont00:19
BarkingFishTynach, be patient, young padawan :)  If someone knows the answer, they'll answer :)00:19
pangolinworks fine here. try /server
popeyTynach: well, most likely won't ☺00:19
pangolinthere ya go00:20
Tynachpopey, why won't it? The tool is available, and isn't 12.04 using Linux 3.3?00:20
popeyTynach: 3.200:21
popeyso someone would need to backport that to 3.2 and it would need testing00:21
popeyTynach: as I understand it when 12.10 comes out, the kernel it uses will be usable on 12.04, and same goes for 13.04 kernel00:23
popeyso once 3.3 is tested well and is delivered in 12.10, we can use it in 12.0400:23
TynachWell, I do know that btrfs-progs (or btrfs-utils, forget which) isn't actually part of the kernel.00:24
TynachSo someone could give the fsck utility without having a newer kernel.00:24
popeybut the new stuff requires the new kernel AIUI00:24
TynachOracle Linux 2 (with the fsck utility) uses 3.0 still.00:24
Daekdroom3.3 is available already00:24
popeyDaekdroom: sure, but we were talking about what 12.04 ships with00:25
DaekdroomBut I'm talking about it being usable.00:25
popeynobody said it wasnt00:25
DaekdroomNothing special will happen when Q-series starts using it.00:25
TynachYes, but Oracle is using it on 3.0, so it shouldn't matter. We should be able to get btrfs fsck with a 3.1 and 3.2 kernel.00:25
mouth1can i use any GTK 3 theme in 12.04 unity 3d?00:27
TynachUnity in 12.04 uses GTK3, so I don't see why not, mouth1.00:28
Daekdroommouth1, some themes are not tweaked for working with Unity, however.00:28
Daekdroomand won't look very good.00:28
DaekdroomFor example, the panel close/minimize/maximize buttons.00:28
mouth1is there a source for themes for ubuntu?00:28
TynachBut hey, you can still use them.00:29
Gremlynanyone else noticing their laptop fan running WAY more than it used to on 12.04?00:29
mouth1is that a good source?00:29
Tynachmouth1, you can try going to gnome-look.org (or something like that) and look at the comments and what people think of different themes.00:29
mouth1http://ubuntu-art.org/ isn't good00:30
mouth1it's GTK 2 only :(00:30
GremlynI do basically ANYTHING and suddenly my fan ramps up and sounds like it's going to take off00:34
Gremlynhp/amd laptop00:34
Gremlynit was definitely not like this under 10.0400:39
Gremlynunplugged the laptop and it seems to not be doing it anymore00:51
lenGremlyn, Why not just switch to some other desktop other than Unity?  I'm sure your fan would run far less often/at lower speed with lxde, for example.  lxde is really light on resource usage.01:03
Gremlyndefinitely related to being plugged in, I did a bunch of 'compiz --replace' in a row while unplugged, and the fan stayed normal01:04
Gremlynas soon as I plugged it in, I ran it twice, and the fan ramped up01:04
Gremlynlen, not a bad idea, suggestions on what to switch to>01:05
Gremlynmaybe unity 2D?01:05
Gremlyngnome 3?01:05
lenThat's probably just because you notebook steps down the cpu speed, dims the screen, and other things to conserve resources when it is on battery.01:06
lenWhy not just install the lubuntu desktop?01:06
GremlynI checked all the settings I could find and set them level for being plugged in/being on battery01:07
Gremlynno experience with lubuntu01:07
Gremlynhow lightweight is it? I use this laptop for my main work computer01:08
lenYou don't need to reinstall lubuntu, just add it as a desktop, and then choose it instead of unity when you log in.01:08
Gremlynoh yeah?01:09
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lenYeah, it's part of the buntu family.  If you have questions you can also check the lubuntu irc channel.  They are friendly over there.01:10
Gremlynlike this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp#Install_Lubuntu_from_Ubuntu_or_any_Ubuntu_flavors ?01:10
lenI put lubuntu on a couple of really, really old machines and it still ran well.01:11
lenOldest one was an ancient 266Mhz, 128MB notebook.  I couldn't believe it actually ran ok.01:12
Gremlynwow, nice01:12
Gremlynthis laptop shouldn't be that bad off, only a couple of years ld01:13
lenDefinately check out the lubuntu channel01:13
Gremlynwill do, thanks01:13
snadgeso lubuntu is more efficient than xubuntu?01:15
snadgegood luck trying to run something like firefox though ;)01:16
lensnadge,  Yes.  xubuntu runs xfce, which is a kind of a "medium weight" de.  lubuntu runs lxde, which is a very light weight de.01:17
lenYou can tweak xfce to get the resource usage pretty low though, just not as low as lxde.01:20
lenI think that out of the box, xubuntu runs more daemons by default than most other xfce distros, but you disable the daemons you don't really need to get it on par with other xfce-based distros.01:22
lenAs far as firefox goes, they've been working hard in recent versions to get thier memory footprint down, and clean up after themselves.01:23
micahgyep, starting with Firefox 13, the memory footprint is much lower on restored sessions01:24
lenmicahg, I switched back to ff13 from chrome just for that reason.  Now, if you keep lots and lots of tabs open, ff can use only half as much RAM as Chrome.01:27
atpa8ahow can i figure out ubuntu release from /etc?..01:36
micahgatpa8a: cat /etc/lsb-release01:37
atpa8ano such file... and /etc/lsb-base/ is empty01:38
jbichaatpa8a: if it's Ubuntu you could look at /etc/apt/sources.list01:43
pangolinor just run lsb_release -a01:49
LawndartI just have a general question about the beta release of 12.04, if I install the beta will I have to download it again once the final release is available, or can the beta be upgraded to final version online just by updating it? TIA.02:01
yofel!final | Lawndart02:01
ubottuLawndart: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1.02:01
LawndartThanks! I kind of thought that it was going to work that way.02:02
snadgewhen the released version comes out.. your beta will automatically downgrage to the original release of ubuntu 4.10, warty warhog ;)02:06
snadgeor it will just stop booting and say.. sorry, you cannot use ubuntu anymore.. please reinstall from scratch.. formatting everything now for you02:06
mkultra_i have my shit setup to install from scratch to a os drive02:07
mkultra_err i mean stuff02:07
mkultra_i have a flash drive for emergencies too02:08
mkultra_but yeah update ur linux man, kernel 3's out02:09
dustinspringmangreetings, i've installed 12.04, running very well.. however, I am trying to install the package: gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme, it fails with the following: The following packages have unmet dependencies...gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme : Depends: gnome-shell-extensions-common but it is not going to be installed... E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. | is this because I've on the beta and 02:10
bretzelHello, I have the same question as dustinspringman :-)02:11
dustinspringmanlol.. glad to see I'm not alone..02:11
trismdustinspringman: how did you install the package? (it is not in the repos) If you just grabbed a deb, you need the gnome-shell-extensions-common deb too02:11
dustinspringmantrism: actually tried to do it via the ppa:webupd8team/gnome302:12
mkultra_what are you trying to do?02:13
dustinspringmantrism: gnome-shell-common is already the newest version.02:13
dustinspringmanwanting to use a theme called "tempered glass"02:13
bretzel...and is there a glipper-like (klipper) or is glipper itself is correct ?02:13
mkultra_ahh i see02:13
dustinspringmanbretzel: huh?02:14
trismdustinspringman: it looks like they combined all the extensions into a single package with the 3.4.0 version, maybe try installing gnome-shell-extensions?02:15
KarmaComaHello, I basically had Kubuntu 12.04 installed from scratch, and yesterday I opened muon and installed gnome, when I'm logged-in in gnome3 and I make a restart order it freezes at some point while the screen of Kubuntu and the blinking dots is on, any help please why I can't restart my computer02:15
dustinspringmangnome-shell-extensions is already the newest version.02:15
bretzel-- sorry (glipper:  )  persistent clipbaord history02:16
dustinspringmanya know what.. it's been a while since I killed X.. maybe that's why the triangle still shows up in gnome-tweak-tool02:16
trismdustinspringman: you need to restart gnome-shell after installing extensions, just alt+f2 r should do it02:17
dustinspringmanima take a short intermission... let my download finish and then slap X around and see if it comes back proper.02:17
dustinspringmanyop yop02:17
dustinspringmani have a download thats been running for a while that i want to finish first, i'll try that and if it works i'll report back.. i've been at the keyboard too long today.. probably "thought" I restarted the shell since i've done it 1200 times today getting this 12.04 secksiness up and running. =)02:18
c_smithIs it possible to use an Android Device's media server in Ubuntu 12.04?02:18
bretzel(glipper) -- duh... just installed it and runs pretty-well in gnome3 or Unity :-)02:19
ultrixxis there an official release date yet?02:31
snadgeevery time someone asks.. its pushed back by another week02:31
BoogerheadKind folks, I've got Gnome classic on 12.04b2. In the network connection thing, most of the wireless routers I see are grayed out -- any idea?02:31
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nagguI have currently only ubuntu beta2 installed, once live version comes do I have to reformat and install all over again?02:45
KarmaComaHello, I basically had Kubuntu 12.04 installed from scratch, and yesterday I opened muon and installed gnome, when I'm logged-in in gnome3 and I make a restart order it freezes at some point while the screen of Kubuntu and the blinking dots is on, any help please why I can't restart my computer02:46
BoogerheadLooks like a BG2200 problem I'm having. Yay.02:47
Fyodorovnanaggu, If you update and upgrade you will have the release, no need to reinstall.02:47
Boogerheadnaggu: ixnay on the treeformatay. apt-get update, apt-get upgrade02:47
BoogerheadCan anyone tell me what package, if any, the ipw2200 module is in? I'm trying to file a bug report.02:54
scriptwarlocknaggu, update is fine02:56
nagguthanks, noted02:59
scar3crowquestion: how/where can I delete the rhythmbox db and manually add files?03:06
rafihi guy i just want to ask a question if you can help me thank you . i have download 12.04 unbuntu i have 2 screens so one of them not working and it does not detect or displays 2 screen if you can help me thank you03:13
dustinspringmantrism: you still here?? restarting the shell did not yield the results we had hoped for.. still no "shell extensions" available in gnome-tweak-tool.. =/03:14
dustinspringmanrafi: I just went thru something similar, what graphics card do you have?03:14
scriptwarlockoh cmon the annoying white square is back again on my dsktop03:15
rafinvidia 45003:15
trismdustinspringman: odd, does it say anything in alt+f2 lg on the errors tab?03:15
scriptwarlockany of you guys seen that white square above your desktop?03:15
ajmitchscriptwarlock: yes, occasionally03:16
dustinspringmantrism: alt+f2 only pops open a "run command" applet from the unity bar.. I did a full restart earlier since I had other updates that required it..03:16
dustinspringmanrafi: are you using nvidia drivers or generic?03:17
trismdustinspringman: alt+f2 then lg then enter, opens a dialog with diagnostic tools03:17
scriptwarlockwhat app triggers that thing03:17
dustinspringmantrism: alt+f2 then lg in the box shows me "lg" with some gears.. try to click it and nothing happens..03:17
ajmitchscriptwarlock: chromium is the most likely culprit, there's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/940603 if it's the bug you're seeing03:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940603 in compiz (Ubuntu) "white box randomly shows up at top left corner blocking applications from using stuff under it" [High,Triaged]03:18
trismdustinspringman: oh are you in unity?03:18
rafinvidia drivers03:18
trismdustinspringman: I thought you were using gnome-shell...03:18
dustinspringmantrism: maybe thats the step I'm missing!?03:18
trismdustinspringman: that might help, select GNOME on the login screen03:18
dustinspringmantrism: thats a good idea.. I was thinking the theme install would set my preference to gnome or something like that.. =/03:19
scriptwarlockajmitch, probably lemme kill chrome03:19
dustinspringmanrafi: when you run the nvidia-settings, do you get any errors?03:19
dustinspringmanbrb, gonna login to gnome03:20
dustinspringmantrism: Ah ha! /facepalm...03:21
dustinspringmantrism: I now have extensions in the tweak-tool... .doh!03:21
rafidustinpringman: no erorrs it has been activated but still did not work03:21
trismdustinspringman: excellent03:21
dustinspringmantrism: lost all my fancy unity applet panels tho... =/03:22
dustinspringmantrism: they are called "widgets" in gnome 3+ right?03:22
trismdustinspringman: indicators, if you mean the stuff in the top right, at least in unity03:23
dustinspringmantrism: well, kinda.. I had some system sensors and load graphs in my panel on unity.. is there a "comperable solution in gnome">?03:24
trismdustinspringman: you could browse through https://extensions.gnome.org and see03:25
dustinspringmanrafi: It took me about 6hrs of digging but I found my solution to be this: edited the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (yes the one nvidia-xconfig auto creates).. I noticed that I had to change both "screens" to use "device 0", one of them was set to use device 1, changed it and BOOM.. all is well.. even the fancies like compiz, etc..03:25
KarmaComaI have a little problem with my ubuntu, I originally installed Kubuntu 12.04 beta 1, and then through muon installed "gnome" and the installation went fine but 2 little bugs, 1st: when I restart gnome3 it freezes sometimes while showing the blue screen that has nothing but Kubuntu written on it and 5 blinking dots, 2nd bug: I want to see Ubuntu login screen not Kubuntu one with the 5 dots, and I c03:25
newb-untuAnyone have luck getting wifi working in 12.04 on a MacBook?03:26
dustinspringmantrism: thanks man! I've been off gnome for a while... started with Deb way back in the day.. used gnome there and on fedora for years, then migrated to KDE (still on fedora) then came to ubuntu because of better laptop support. Love it so far. Have been using Unity for months now and have grown quite fond of it.. =D03:27
rafidustinspringman: thank you03:27
rafidustinspringman: legend man03:27
dustinspringmanrafi: I hope that solves your issue!03:27
dustinspringmanrafi: hah, thanks.. but I was just persistent.. its amazing what will happen when a 1 is in a place where a 0 should be.. XD03:27
dustinspringmantrism: i hate to say it man,.... but I think I'm just gonna find a unity supported them and go back! the simplicity of G3 is already breaking my brain!~03:29
rafidustinspringman: i ll sorted ;)03:29
dustinspringmanbrb, headed back to unity..03:30
dustinspringmanyea.... unity is where ima stay.... thanks for the education tho trism!03:31
dustinspringmanima go play some urban terror now, thanks all you dev's out there. 12.04 is superb.03:32
trismdustinspringman: have fun03:33
scriptwarlockdustinspringman, what server03:34
mrpanyone having dramas with byobu and putty?03:37
mrpseems to keep stacking/scrolling up the sessin03:37
newb-untuOr with wifi on a MacBook ?03:38
newb-untuI may have found a solution for wifi on a Mac: http://homepage.uibk.ac.at/~c705283/archives/2011/09/04/linux_support_for_broadcom_4331_wireless_chip_macbook_pro_81/index.html03:43
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lenProprietary video drivers are one of the biggest problem areas, and people get frustrated because they are "black boxes" that the manufactures won't let people see.03:57
lensorry, wrong room03:58
scar3crowI can NOT get java to work... pls help04:49
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snadgejava .. y u no work?!04:55
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DropsOfSerenity I have an application which I've made a .desktop file for, It launches the application but then unity launcher does not recognize it as a running window, how can I get unity launcher to recognize it as running.06:04
brez_Hi Team, I have a headless box I VNC too -- for this to function correctly I need to set lightdm to force 'ubuntu-2d' however, when I set this in the conf, it still stars as 'ubuntu' and I then have no unity bar, any ideas?06:38
Volkodavbrez_: Do you choose unity2 session on log on ?06:42
brez_back regarding the above q, I thought I was ssh'd in via another boz, not the one I'm having difficulties with07:01
brezdid it again ;x07:07
hellyeahanyone there07:14
_tasslehoff_is 11.10 -> 12.04 through apt quite likely to succeed at the moment?07:14
hellyeahi took chs values error in ubuntu 12.0407:15
hellyeahwhat is the problem the first time i start using 12.0407:15
hellyeahthere was no error like that but now it işs07:16
scriptwarlockwhat you mean07:16
hellyeahone day i did07:17
hellyeahaptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade then i tried to boot windows and i took hd1 cannot get chs values press any key to continue error07:17
GirlyGirlHi, can anyone tell send me the idle process information (memory and cpu) of Ubuntu precise when just logged in without extra applications running?07:17
scriptwarlockby means of conky 2 - 4% GirlyGirl07:18
scriptwarlock280+ ram idle GirlyGirl07:20
scriptwarlock280mb i think07:20
GirlyGirlscriptwarlock: 2% .. what cpu do you have as 2% of an i7 is not the same as 2% on an atom07:21
scriptwarlocku using atom GirlyGirl?07:22
GirlyGirlscriptwarlock: Yes07:22
scriptwarlocku12.04 on atom is very slow i got my friend install lubuntu or xubuntu instead07:23
GirlyGirlscriptwarlock: I'm on Kubuntu precise ... boot idle is 0% cpu and 320mb ram / 2048 mb ... Its very fast. When I tried Ubuntu 11.10 it was too slow. So I was wondering if there are any speed improvements on 12.04 before testing07:24
gnomefreakwhat is teh code nane for 12.10?07:24
GirlyGirlPrecise Pangolin07:25
gnomefreakGirlyGirl: after that. prescise is 1207:25
scriptwarlock!info ubuntu+107:25
ubottuPackage ubuntu+1 does not exist in precise07:25
ubottuPrecise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+107:25
gnomefreaki need teh name for 12.1007:26
micahggnomefreak: you have a time machinẻ07:26
gnomefreakmicahg: i wish :)07:26
GirlyGirlgnomefreak: not yet decided07:27
gnomefreaki ant believe its 3:30 already07:27
gnomefreakGirlyGirl: thanks, that is odd, normally they decide a while before release07:28
GirlyGirlscriptwarlock: What was your friend's hardware configuration? Mine is http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_PC/Eee_PC_1005HA_Seashell/#specifications with 2gb ram07:28
scriptwarlockGirlyGirl, aspire acer one 1gigram07:29
GirlyGirlI thought unity was supposed to be lighter than kde 4.07:29
GirlyGirlGoing by RAM usage it definitely is07:30
scriptwarlockas of the moment no unity+compiz awtz07:30
scriptwarlockbut still is lighter07:30
scriptwarlockGirlyGirl, you can use unity 2d07:31
c3ssowhat is the gsettings command to hide the panels in fallback mode?07:31
GirlyGirlscriptwarlock: That was slow for me too in 11.1007:32
GirlyGirlEven if I use a gnome 3 application inside kde it lags07:32
scriptwarlockusing unity 2d on  atom is lighter on ram and processor07:32
GirlyGirlAnd if I use a qt application in Gnome it is fast ... It seems like everything gtk3 gets slow07:33
scriptwarlockbut my friend ask similar lightness of a feather so i installed lubuntu :)07:33
GirlyGirlI just don't get it my netbook is as fast as any other pc with KDE using desktop effects that unity and compiz are not even capable of but if I use gnome-shell or unity it lags like a pentium 3!07:38
GirlyGirlI want to give it another try but the last time I installed ubuntu-desktop on a Kubuntu system, I got some unwanted things starting up with kde.07:40
scriptwarlockoh you piled up everything on one machine?07:40
c3ssoanyone knows  what is the gsettings command to hide the panels in fallback mode?07:42
vega-_hmm, google chrome and firefox both stopped working (=they don't start), error is:07:44
vega-_(google-chrome:5910): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system07:44
vega-_Trace/breakpoint trap07:44
vega-_anyone seen something like this?07:44
vega-_actually, it seems to be more serious.. gedit does it also07:45
vega-_crap, actually nothing seems to be starting07:47
GirlyGirlvega-_: Bet you qt applications will start07:48
vega-_don't have any..07:48
vega-_okay, fixed by "apt-get install --reinstall gsettings-desktop-schemas"07:49
boumais xen still well supported in precise? has anyone used pci pass through with it?08:05
boumaout of the box does it work with nvidia drivers on dom0?08:05
elijahOn the latest Pangolin, I have multiple workspaces, when I use alt-tab it only shows me the apps on that workspace, is there a way I can switch to having it show all apps on all workspaces?08:13
elijahdisregard my question - http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=212848&d=132949547808:19
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ironhalikHmm, it appears I did something nasty08:59
ironhalikautoremoved eclipse, with purge option08:59
ironhalikand rm'ed /usr/lib/eclipse08:59
ironhaliknow I cant start eclipse after reinstallation - missing plugins08:59
ironhalikhmm, apt-get clean seems to have helped09:06
ironhalikstill got some leftover configs09:07
MariusKarthausHi I have a clean pangolin install and I need ia32-libs-multiarch installed  to run some 32 bits software. Apt says the ia32-libs-multiarch has unresolved dependencies and refuses to install is and aptitude gives a solution that clearly will break my entire system if I proceed. How do I resolve the 32 bit prolem in precice pangolin09:13
astraljavaMariusKarthaus: $ cat /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch09:14
astraljavaforeign-architecture i38609:14
MariusKarthausit says foreign-architecture i38609:15
astraljavaHmm... ok, let's see.09:16
MariusKarthausfile /usr/bin/wa2011ux09:16
MariusKarthaus/usr/bin/wa2011ux: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.0.0, stripped09:16
astraljavaMariusKarthaus: What are you trying to install that requires that package?09:17
MariusKarthausreadelf -l says to interpreter it is looking for is /lib/ld-linux.so.209:17
MariusKarthausbut that does not exist09:17
MariusKarthausit's a program to do taxes09:18
yofelMariusKarthaus: that file is in libc6:i38609:19
MariusKarthausyofel: installing that solves only part of the problem because it will depend on many more 32 bits libs (for instance libXExt6) and only a 64 bit version is available09:23
GirlyGirlI installed ubuntu-desktop on a Kubuntu system and selected lightdm, however now when I login into session "Ubuntu", all I get is the desktop (with icons) and no panels at all. I can right click on the desktop and open the wallpaper setting but there are no panels at all and shortcut keys don't work so I cannot launch anything. However when I login as a guest I see the panels. Kde still works fine09:23
MariusKarthaus/usr/bin/wa2011ux: error while loading shared libraries: libXext.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:24
GirlyGirlI see a translucent layer over where the top panel should be but then that disappears after a while09:24
yofelthat's in libxext6:i386, which installs fine here09:24
yofelbut I have ia32-libs installed too here, what was your issue with installing that?09:25
GirlyGirlAny ideas on the unity problem?09:26
MariusKarthausyofel: the ia32-libs do not install on a fresh pangolin it appears. Did you dist-upgrade? in that case (my colleague has the same issue) you probably have 'old' packages for ia32 libs from marveric that still work but are probably not supposed to be there. Anyway I've solved to issue for now by installing all libs that it kep complaining about using the :i368 extension to the packagename. I did not know that was possible09:29
yofelthat's the usual way to install multiarch packages now, and I have the current ia32-libs installed. But as this is an old installation it's likely that I have some package left from before09:31
murlidharproblem ! my desktop rebooted due to power failure while upgrading ..... now the desktop boots but am not able to update the packages . says " the package system broken "09:40
murlidhari think the desktop has been half upgraded :(09:40
murlidharany solution ?09:40
murlidharand is it normal that launcher doesn't hide even an app is maximised ?09:41
Streamstormermurlidhar: sudo dpkg --configure -a should solve your problem09:41
murlidharok will try as you said09:42
MariusKarthausyofel: thank you, your hint ':i386' allowed me to run the full program correctly.09:43
murlidharStreamstormer: http://pastebin.com/mM3wHL9N .... can you look into it ?09:44
Streamstormermurlidhar: hmm, sudo apt-get -f install could help...09:45
murlidhardoing that now09:45
murlidharErrors were encountered while processing:09:46
murlidhar gvfs-fuse09:46
murlidharE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) Streamstormer09:46
murlidhardo you want me pastebin the whole thing ?09:46
Streamstormermurlidhar: hmm, ok do that09:48
murlidharStreamstormer: http://pastebin.com/prU74iHz09:49
Streamstormermurlidhar: hmm, i'm not sure what the solution is, can you try that: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo dpkg --configure -a09:51
murlidhar Errors were encountered while processing:09:53
murlidhar gvfs-fuse09:53
murlidharE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:53
Streamstormermurlidhar: after that try to remove the package to remove the package: apt-get -f remove gvfs-fuse09:54
Streamstormermurlidhar: ups :D09:55
murlidharwell that solves the problem for now.... Streamstormer09:57
murlidharam able to apt-get upgrade now :)09:57
Streamstormermurlidhar: ok :)09:57
murlidharhopefully things should work fine and a full upgrade to 12.04 happens09:59
murlidharthanks Streamstormer :)09:59
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elijahWhat is the best way to go about installing PHP 5.2.17 on 12.04 beta? I am reading instructions here about pinning but the instructions are for Karma - https://launchpad.net/~txwikinger/+archive/php5.210:44
hifiwhy would you want 5.2?10:45
elijahhifi: I am setting up a local web dev environment to match that of the host the website is running on10:48
elijahhifi: The host is on 5.2.1710:48
elijahI tried https://launchpad.net/~andphe/+archive/php but it isn't for Precise10:49
hifiupgrade the host or downgrade the dev system or build php from sources10:49
vega-_or use virtual machine..10:49
hifino one maintains legacy php version repositories AFAIK10:50
hifithere is no good reason to, 5.3 is almost perfectly compatible with 5.210:50
=== Over9000 is now known as LjL
hififrom 5.2 perspective10:51
elijahhifi: Well, I had issues trying to use some Drupal modules with 5.3, so I want to run in 5.2.17 to troubleshoot10:51
hifiif it's just temporary, virtual machine or a separate path with custom built 5.210:52
elijahWell, it is a perm dev environment for now10:52
elijahhifi: Does custom built mean download from php.org?10:53
hifidownloading the sources and building10:53
hifiand installing into a different path than the system php10:53
hifiand pointing your web server to that installation10:53
hifiat work we had a separate web server in different port running 5.2 for quite long10:54
hifibut we never replaced the system php to avoid conflicts10:54
elijahI would refer not using a virtual machine for performance reasons10:57
elijahSo, I should build from source then, okay10:57
elijahI guess I can research that10:57
elijahI had no idea running an older version of PHP would be this fun!10:58
elijahDo you have time to help with that hifi?10:59
hifisorry, no, I'm at work11:00
elijahhifi: K, can you tell me if this is a good place to start?11:00
hifiyou wouldn't be installing a packaged php (with checkinstall) if you build it from source and want to run it side-by-side with your 5.311:01
hifisomeone else might give you a better solution, compiling a custom php from source is hackish11:03
elijahhifi: so are you saying that you can run side by side and set the vhost file to use a certain version or just all of apache?11:03
hifiyes, you can11:03
hifisome webhosts do that to offer different major versions of php and other languages11:03
elijahhifi: this is something I would download directly from php.net right?11:03
elijahK, I found the tarball. What is best practice for install location? ~/      or maybe /usr/local/ ?11:07
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elijahDoes anyone have advice on installing php 5.2.17 on Precise?11:19
jewjitsuHey, can someone help me please? I ran the additional  drivers tool and it is saying no proprietary drivers are in use on this system.11:21
jewjitsuHow do I proceed?11:21
GirlyGirljewjitsu: What is the problem?11:23
jewjitsuI ran the additional  drivers tool and it is saying no proprietary drivers are in use on this system11:23
jewjitsuHow do i proceed?11:23
GirlyGirljewjitsu: There is nothing to be done then11:23
jewjitsuHow so? That generally means I won't be able to run programs like WoW till I get better drivers11:24
GirlyGirljewjitsu: No it does not11:25
GirlyGirljewjitsu: What graphic card does this pc have?11:25
jewjitsuOh? That's been the experience i've had, anyway.11:25
jewjitsuI think either an Nvidia 400/500, combined with an Intel.11:25
jewjitsuIt's a dell one with the Optimus thing11:25
jewjitsuLaptop graphics.11:26
jewjitsuI've tried to get Bumblebee installed and I can't seem to install it.11:26
jewjitsuI guess you could help me with that.11:27
jewjitsuI ran11:27
jewjitsusudo add-apt-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable11:27
jewjitsuThen sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia11:27
jewjitsuAnd now I am getting E: Unable to locate package bumblebee11:28
jewjitsuE: Unable to locate package bumblebee-nvidia11:28
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GirlyGirljewjitsu: The ppa probably does not have packages for 12.04 yet11:28
=== om26er-away is now known as om26er
jewjitsuCould I install an older package and it work?11:28
GirlyGirlNot recommended11:28
jewjitsuThese hybrid graphics cards are the worst things ever.11:31
jewjitsuPain in the anus, I am telling you never buy one.11:31
jewjitsuor a pc that has one11:31
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:31
jewjitsulol, wow.11:32
jewjitsuAre you going to !language the dictionary aswell? I hear penis is also in there.11:33
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Guest53853Welp, as I said earlier.  No proprietary drivers in use means that I can't run games like wow.12:03
Guest53853I went ahead and tried it12:03
Guest53853Does anyone mind helping me add a driver that will?12:04
=== spacebug is now known as spacebug-
GirlyGirlGuest53853: It does not mean that. And people won't help you if you are rude12:09
Guest53853I'm not rude. I _could_ be rude.12:09
Guest53853I have never run into a time when it said that and would work. I am going on experience.12:10
Guest53853And it proved right, so I said it did.12:10
Guest53853The same reason I said it meant it wouldn't earlier.12:10
Guest53853Because it does, atleast in my case.12:10
Guest53853You're very sensitive.12:11
=== diegovieiraeti is now known as diegovieira
Guest53853Got bumblebee to work on my own.12:19
Guest53853Thanks anyway.12:19
philipp_guys i installed the new ubuntu and now i have no window manager (windows without frame) what do i have to install to get a gnome window manager?12:20
GirlyGirlphilipp_: Did it work before or did it just fail after doing something?12:21
philipp_work what? well aptitude clamed to be able to reslve the problems12:22
GirlyGirlphilipp_: do you see the unity panel?12:23
philipp_i have uninstalled  unity and installed gnome... GUESS12:25
philipp_no isee a... kinda gonome 2 pannel12:25
GirlyGirlphilipp_: try "unity --reset"12:26
philipp_unity command not found12:29
philipp_I DONT HAVE UNITY12:29
GirlyGirlphilipp_: do "sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop" then "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"12:30
LiNuX`supHow can I enable image preview for "Network" folders? 12.04/gnome312:31
philipp_i dont want unity12:31
philipp_unity sucks12:31
GirlyGirlphilipp_: I don't use unity either .. but what do you want to replace it with?12:31
philipp_gnome 312:31
LiNuX`supsudo apt-get install gnome-shell12:32
LiNuX`suplog out and log into a gnome session12:32
GirlyGirlphilipp_: do "sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop" then "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" "sudo apt-get install gnome-shell" ... don't unistall unity just don't use it12:32
GirlyGirlphilipp_: after that select session type gnome when you login12:33
philipp_GirlyGirl: i did not... i apt-get did.... (he is a bitch) =)12:35
GirlyGirlphilipp_: Have you installed gnome-shell and does that work?12:36
krauti'm using ubuntu beta 12.04. the audio output of my flashplugin in firefox (youtube) via pulseaudio is choppy. any ideas or hints where i can look for?12:39
jamjamwhy can't 11.10 & 12.04 recognize my radeon hd 5570? can't install ubuntu..:-(12:39
philipp_no it tells me something about unmet dependency again****12:39
philipp_i need a smooth sources.list12:39
GirlyGirljamjam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver12:40
GirlyGirlphilipp_: do "sudo apt-get install -f" ... nothing to do with sources.list12:40
philipp_it tells me me unable to locate ubuntu-desktop12:41
GirlyGirlphilipp_: You are on 12.04?12:43
jamjaminstallation doesn't proceed because of random pixels on screen..12:43
philipp_i think so...12:45
GirlyGirlphilipp_: 1) use my sources.list file http://paste.kde.org/454778/ , 2) "sudo apt-get update" 3) "sudo apt-get install -f" 4) sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop" 5) "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" 6) sudo apt-get install gnome-shell"12:46
jamjamif I unplug the radeon card, installation works fine using the built-in nvidia, only then I can install radeon drivers..12:46
GirlyGirljamjam: it works after installing radeon drivers then?12:47
jamjamyes, but why can't recognize on installation? , thanks btw.12:48
jamjamI'm planning to buy a new mobo but it doesn't have a built-in video..12:49
philipp_GirlyGirl: i cant copy the link im on commmand line12:49
philipp_but i fixed it12:49
krautok, i just fixed the flash choppy sound problem by downgrading flash to     Shockwave Flash 11.1 r10212:51
philipp_okey i think i did it12:51
LiNuX`supjamjam, ati/linux have never gotten along very well. However the xorg drivers should work just fine for your install and then you can add the appropriate driver afterwards12:54
LiNuX`supI still need some help with my question though12:55
LiNuX`supHow can I enable image preview for "Network" folders? 12.04/gnome312:55
GirlyGirlThere should be something in settings to enable thumbnails12:55
LiNuX`supwhen I used unity it was part of compiz, but gnome3 & compiz don't like each other at the moment and have no plans on rekindling the relationship12:56
jamjam@LiNuX`sup: I also thought so, but during installation I'm stuck with random pixel, the card is simply a low power, SAPPHIRE HD 5570 1GB DDR312:57
LiNuX`supjamjam: that seems odd, did you set your ati to primary in motherboard?12:58
LiNuX`supin the bios?12:59
jamjamyes, pcie12:59
LiNuX`supif you're updating your motherboard do you plan on updating your hard drive as well?13:00
jamjamthere are only two options, the other is "igp"13:00
LiNuX`supif not unlike windows you can load an os on a different spec machine13:00
jamjamjust the mobo, but it doesn't have a built-in video13:00
LiNuX`supso just use the install you have the video working13:00
LiNuX`supthen let the updates come in for your new hardware13:01
jamjamcan't make through installation on this card :-(13:01
LiNuX`supyou don't have to13:02
GirlyGirlLiNuX`sup: The option looks like this for me, you should have something similar in nautilus preferences13:02
GirlyGirlLiNuX`sup: http://www.picamatic.com/view/8339738_snapshot3/13:02
LiNuX`supjamjam: use the install you have working13:04
LiNuX`supjamjam: in linux you can migrate hard drives with linux installs to new machines and have them work fine13:04
jamjambut what if I wanted to format it again on new mobo w/o video?13:04
LiNuX`supthe bug might be between your mobo and that card and the distro...13:05
LiNuX`supso it may not even be an issue13:05
LiNuX`supotherwise you can pick up a $5 vid card as backup13:06
LiNuX`supI've found very little support on the ati/linux issues13:06
GirlyGirl_LiNuX`sup: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/KernelModeSetting13:11
GirlyGirl_LiNuX`sup: Use that, install the driver, then remove nomodset13:11
LiNuX`supGirlyGirl_: I found it in prefrences, thank you13:11
LiNuX`supI was looking under the "view" menu item and previously used compiz to adjust the setting so I never knew it would be in the "obvious" place13:12
GirlyGirl_Seems like compiz has become the "jack of all trades" since they introduced unity13:15
DaekdroomHow so?13:15
marlinsanyone else have issues with synergy dying13:15
marlinsseems like everytime i use "?" or "+" and sometimes the spacebar, it chokes. :p13:16
GirlyGirl_marlins: synergy??13:16
jamjamIf I may buy a new one, what gpu card is most compatible on ubuntu?13:16
marlinsyea, lets me use a keyboard from another computer13:16
marlinsnot a big deal13:16
marlinswhat is, though, everytime i type "]", the HUD pops up13:16
marlinsthats annoying, as I use that key a lot in coding13:17
Daekdroomjamjam, it depends.13:17
marlinsand it steals focus13:17
marlinsI'm not sure how to disable or change the hotkey for that13:17
DaekdroomIf you'd like to use a open-source driver, a Radeon HD5xxx is a good choice.13:17
DaekdroomIf you'd like to use a closed-source driver, definitely a Nvidia model.13:17
GirlyGirl_jamjam: Intel ones work out of the box but are not too powerful ... nvidia is a good choice normally13:17
jamjammine is radeon hd5570 but ubuntu doesn't recognize it on install..13:18
DaekdroomIt should recognize it.13:18
DaekdroomGirlyGirl_, the Intel graphic cards that come paired with a CPU do not have good support at all.13:18
DaekdroomI have a H5450 and it works very well.13:19
marlinsno one else annoyed by HUD stealing focus when typing?13:19
marlinsmine gets activated when i hit "]"13:19
GirlyGirl_Daekdroom: Sandy bridge works and that is in most new intels13:19
GirlyGirl_marlins: No doesn't annoy me as I don't have HUD.13:20
GirlyGirl_I wouldn't mind having it though13:20
Daekdroommarlins, it shouldn't get activated given it's assigned to <ALT> by default.13:20
LiNuX`supjamjam: nvidia cards have never given me an issue. Which one would be based upon your budget, best value currently is probably like a 250 GTX13:21
marlinsDaekdroom: it may be because my keyb is a macbook pro keyb13:22
marlinsI'm not sure13:22
marlinsbut supremely annoying to code13:22
marlinsand I'm not sure how to remap that13:22
spacebug-marlins: install compizconfig-settings-manager and there yo can disable or change the shortcut for the HUD13:25
spacebug-marlins: "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" then start it with ccsm and in "ubuntu unity plugin" you can change/disable "Key to show the HUD"13:27
marlinsk thanks13:31
jamjammy budget falls on these, SAPPHIRE HD5670 1GB DDR5 128BIT or INNO 3D GT440 1GB DDR5 128BIT, I'm after compatibility not power, which one do you think? for ubuntu 12.04?13:34
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craigbass1976This might not even be a +1 question, as I suspect (after seeing it in a whole other OS on a different box) it's alsa in general...  I'm trying to run audio out of my phone into the mic or line in jack on a computer.  I see that there's a signal registering.  I'm getting nothing out the speakers.  Sound is fine otherwise.13:46
jamjamI guess I'll just need HD5450 while still available, thanks anyway..13:46
marlinsspacebug-:  that worked. Thanks a million :)13:54
tomaszi have problem with kubuntu 12.04 beta 214:01
alexoveHello i have problems installing a bcm4313 wireless in my laptop14:21
alexovei tried to compile the official broadcom module but i obtain a make error 214:21
bazhang!broadcom | alexove14:21
ubottualexove: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:21
vamadir i have laptop with combo  audio jack. Output working input Notworking. Ubuntu 12.04. But i need use mic also.14:23
cortex_skalexove: did you try jockey-kde? i have the same chip on my nb14:24
alexoveyes i tried it but the wireless is not working well14:26
alexoveonly detects nearby signals14:26
alexovei have another laptop, it can detect 3 or 4 signals but this laptop only one or none in same place14:27
alexovebazhang there are not instructions for precise pangolin14:28
bazhangalexove, so it works, just not what you expect, is that the issue14:28
vamadirWho have combo  audio jack? How to doing normal detect hardware? Not detect MIC, only headphones14:37
GirlyGirlvamadir: If you no understand english, then you go local channel. Example French #ubuntu-fr, italian #ubuntu-it, german #ubuntu-de, russian #ubuntu-ru14:38
demonboyI got some still having problems with java I just reinstalled ubuntu 12.04 I did all the updates I installed the java plugin through the software center and when I try to play runescape it tells me that have no jova14:39
vamadirGirlyGirl, i asked on #ubuntu, #ubuntu-ru, #ubuntu-cn, NO answer. in Google also no answer.14:41
GirlyGirlvamadir: That's because in here at least your querry made no sense14:42
demonboymofasa: I disconnected15:10
demonboymofasa: close query and re- query me15:13
OliUpgraded my desktop and the fonts are all messy. I've been through similar things in the past but I can't find a way to fix it in 12.04. Is there a known way to get font-antialiasing working properly.15:15
OliI have played around with gnome-tweak-tool but it doesn't fix things.15:17
demonboy(demonboy) I got some still having problems with java I just reinstalled ubuntu 12.04 I did all the updates I installed the java plugin through the software center and when I try to play runescape it tells me that have no java15:25
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EvilResistancedemonboy, did you install Sun java?  Runescape needs sun java to operate (or rather, Oracle java now)15:29
demonboyinstalling oracle java 7 is what cause me to have to reinstall ubuntu15:34
jtrucksI'm glad I don't run X on my server. my system hasn't given me any issues at all so far.15:35
demonboyif I could learn how to use ubuntu without using x then I so would15:37
jtrucksdemonboy: is this your server or a workstation?15:44
demonboyis the workstation15:50
Myrttiupgrading broke my cups :-(15:55
* astraljava wonders how easy it'd be to play runescape without X16:04
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confreyhi everubody16:26
confreywhat's about a bad compiz working? I always set some bindings about desktop wall and windows scaling, but I don't find it yet when reboot16:27
confreyanybody flashing ubuntu on an android device?16:36
sindilerunning apt-get upgrade results in the following packages have been kept back: update-notifier16:44
sindilerunning apt-get install --fix-broken does not solve the problem16:45
sindilethis results in The following packages have unmet dependencies:16:48
sindile update-notifier : Depends: update-notifier-common (= 0.119ubuntu6) but 0.119ubuntu5 is to be installed16:48
sindileE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:48
astraljavasindile: It's just a bad timing, I'm sure. Try again a little later.16:52
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=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
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ant30Sorry, but I hate blue youtube vídeos .... oooh (nvidia, vdpau, flash)17:05
murlidharerr is it a bug that unity launcher doesn't hide when an app is maximised ?17:40
trismmurlidhar: it will only hide if you set it to autohide in the appearance preferences17:41
murlidhari want to downgrade now17:41
marlinsi hate that synergy segfaults now, too17:41
murlidhari don't understand the point of showing it even when we want an app to maximised17:42
murlidharso you guys mean that i cannot hide the launcher only when an app is maximised and otherwise shown all times on the screen ?17:45
trismmurlidhar: bug 93014817:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930148 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93014817:46
trismmurlidhar: there is also a script that is supposed to work around it, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/03/get-dodge-windows-unity-autohide.html17:47
trismmurlidhar: I haven't tested it, though the code did seem safe enough17:47
chmacRunning an update now and I'm being prompted to remove update-notifier and ubuntu-desktop, is that a dependency issue?17:48
chmacNormally when ubuntu-desktop is to be uninstalled it's an issue, but it doesn't look like anything else will be uninstalled, so maybe the package has become redundant or something...17:48
murlidharthis is a good work around for now :)17:48
chmacHas anyone else uninstalled ubuntu-desktop without issue?17:54
chmacOr it'll try to rip out my whole OS? :-)17:54
chmacOk, gtg, I'll try again later17:56
trismchmac: it is fine to uninstall ubuntu-desktop, although if you plan on upgrading to the next release later you should remember to reinstall it again17:56
confreyanybody flashing ubuntu on an android device?17:57
pepeeconfrey, IIRC you can not flash ubuntu on android, you run it on top of android OS17:59
confreypepee, I meaned on an android device, running e native kernel18:02
pepeeyeah, you can't do that I think18:03
pepeeif you find out how, let me know, please :D18:03
confreypepee, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=119779318:05
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tiduxwhat the hell?18:38
tiduxthe Linux kernel just zapped the 12.04b2 amd64 installer with the OOM-killer!18:38
tiduxI have 2GB of RAM!18:39
tidux                        _,-%/%|18:40
tidux                    _,-'    \//%\18:40
tidux                _,-'        \%/|%18:40
tidux              / / )    __,--  /%\18:40
tidux              \__/_,-'%(%  ;  %)%18:40
tidux                      %\%,   %\18:40
tidux                        '--%'18:40
Ian_Corne!behaviour tim`18:41
Ian_Corne!behaviour tidux18:41
PiciIan_Corne: they were k-lined.18:41
Ian_Corneah ok18:42
Ian_Corneis that a correct command?18:42
PiciYou'd need the pipe between the command and their name next time.18:42
Ian_Corneok :)18:43
tiduxso seriously18:43
tiduxa debian-installer frontend getting an OOM kill on 2GB RAM is completely inexcusable18:43
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TheSimkinused to be able to install debian with 4mb of ram18:45
TheSimkin8mb "comfortably"18:45
TheSimkinnow you need a gb for your webbrowser18:46
tiduxTheSimkin: you can still run Debian with 64MB RAM if you don't mind not having X18:47
TheSimkini had x on 4mb of ram!18:47
tiduxwith what, Desqview/X on DOS?18:47
scientes(totem:26222): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Read/writable property 'object' on class 'ZeitgeistDpPlugin' has type 'TotemObject' which is not exactly equal to the type 'GObject' of the property on the interface 'PeasActivatable'19:08
scientes** (totem:26267): CRITICAL **: bacon_video_widget_dvd_event: assertion `bvw != NULL' failed19:09
mynickistakenguys i try to install sqldeveloper for ubuntu useing make-sqldeveloper-package from the reop but i get an error "chmod: missing operand after `755'"19:09
astraljavamynickistaken: It's missing the filename. But slow down, make-sqldeveloper-package?! reop?! Could you elaborate on those, please? Wouldn't hurt if you pastebin everything you're doing as well.19:20
yofelfirst, make-sqldeveloper-package is from the sqldeveloper-package package19:23
yofeltaking a quick glance at the script the only place where this could happen is line 381 as it uses chmod after xargs there19:23
mynickistakenyofel, yes but where is "the script"?19:24
yofel /usr/bin/make-sqldeveloper-package19:25
mynickistakenthx <319:26
mynickistakenany suggestion what i could improve there?19:26
yofelseems like it's looking for some .jars and finds none19:26
yofelbut as I don't know anything about sqldeveloper that's as much as I can analyze19:26
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mynickistakenye the problem is i have no jar19:31
mynickistakenand dont wanna register on that lame oracle homepage19:31
mynickistakenu helped a lot thx19:35
ki4roquiet in here...12.04 must be working well20:09
TeslaTonyThat, or everyone has died of frustration20:10
xanguaor made computers explote and kills the users20:10
TeslaTonyWell, you'd see a bunch of signoffs in that case20:11
TeslaTonyAnyways, does anyone know how to go from 11.10 to 12.04 via the command line?20:12
jtaylorTerminX: do-release-upgrade20:13
jtaylorTeslaTony: ^20:14
TeslaTonyThanks jtaylor20:14
TeslaTonyjtaylor, I ran it, and it said "No new releases found"20:15
jtaylorTeslaTony: you need -d as precise is not released yet20:15
guntbertTeslaTony: do-release-upgrade -d20:15
TeslaTonyGives me the same error20:17
FernandoMiguelit seem my Ubuntu is not representing the Euro symbol properly anymore20:28
markithi, I've a bug for 12.04, where is to report? I've had a look at launchpad but seems related to special projects and not ubuntu itself20:29
yofel!bug | markit20:30
ubottumarkit: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:30
markityofel: is related to a combination of multiple packages20:30
markitand also need a web interface, I'm on debian at the moment20:31
yofelwhat's the bug? and the page above explains how to get to the web interface20:31
markitmm maybe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu20:31
markityofel: if you install squid3 and dnsmasq, squid is killed at startup20:32
markitseems dnsmasq forces interface to go down and up, and squid3 can't survive it20:32
markit# dmesg | grep squid20:33
markit[   20.227964] init: squid3 main process (1310) killed by HUP signal20:33
markitif I remove dnsmasq everything is ok20:33
markit(and I don't use network manager, that I know has a sort of "embedded dnsmasq" now)20:33
yofelcan't help there I fear, maybe someone else20:34
c3ssohmmm.  have also some odd behaviour with /etc/sudoers to report...20:34
c3ssoI have defined some overrides, like that I can start synaptic without password20:35
c3ssobut none of them work20:35
markitc3sso: do you know that "admin" is now deprecated, and sudoers should belong to "sudo" group? (or something like that)20:35
markit(not that must be related, just I discovered recently and better inform you)20:36
c3ssoyeah, I use a command like this : tux ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/synaptic20:36
markit"Until Ubuntu 11.10, the Unix group for administrators with root privileges..."20:36
CQ_is there a way to get apt to download to another folder? I have 700M available, but the upgrade wants 2.5G... can I symlink the apt dir to somewhere else?20:37
c3ssoto give my user tux the rights to execute synaptic as root withoout password, and in 10.10 that works fine...20:37
c3ssoso they must have changed sth with that too...20:38
c3ssoCQ_: yes. why not? usb stick would be propably slow...20:39
khamerI'm struggling with the new multi-arch stuff; I used to install ia32-libs, but I'm not sure what the new package is20:39
c3sso<khamer>: there is none20:40
khamerc3sso: I have an executable file that I believe I can't execute because it needs a 32-bit lib20:40
jtaylorkhamer: which lib?20:41
c3ssoyou can now install the libt you need, normally no need to install ia3220:41
khamerSo, the problem is I don't know which lib, and I'm not sure how to find out; I know the older instructions were to install the meta package20:41
jtaylorwhat error message do you get?20:41
khamerjtaylor: No such file or directory, nothing helpful20:42
jtaylortry strace on it to figure out what is looking for20:42
khamerjtaylor: strace doesn't look like it has anything useful20:45
jtaylorit must tell you which file it does not find20:45
jtayloryou may need to trace child processes20:46
khamerjtaylor: oh, exec:20:46
jtayloris the executable a script?20:46
khamerjtaylor: no20:46
CQ_c3sso: but would the upgrader correctly detect the required disk space? It complained about the root partition...20:46
khamerjtaylor: I think it might be an openjdk lib, but trying to install openjdk-jre:386 fails miserably20:47
jtaylorthat would be surprising20:48
khamerjtaylor: alright, n ot miserably, but it just tells me I have to install like 7 other packages without installaing any of them20:48
jtaylorthat it needs a 32 bit openjdk I mean20:48
markitmmm "report a bug" page points to launchpad, wehre I'm logghed, I see a link "repor a bug" under "get involved" that redirects to "report a bug" page, that ....20:49
khamerit used to require the 32bit sun java libs, I've run this on other machines with openjdk in the past20:49
jtaylorwhat exactly does it not find?20:50
astraljavaCQ_: You can run `sudo apt-get update -o Dir::Cache:Archives=/path/to/wherever` and then `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -o Dir::Cache::Archives=/same/path/than/last/time` to get around the space problem with the .debs. However, it'll say how much more or less disk space is going to be used after the upgrade is done.20:50
khamerjtaylor: http://pastebin.com/EhSVgm6t20:50
jtaylorit doesn't find ncsvc20:51
yofelmarkit: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing_bugs_at_Launchpad.net20:51
khamerjtaylor: ncsvc is what I'm trying to run20:52
markityofel: oh, thanks god, now I've found it20:53
khamerjtaylor: bash says it doesn't exist, file/ls show that its really there and happy20:53
CQ_astraljava: perfect, thanks! just what I needed20:53
khamerjtaylor: Google thought that this is because I'm missing some library20:54
jtaylorkhamer: hm I saw reports of that vbefore, no idea how to solve it20:54
jtaylorwhat does ldd of the file say?20:54
CQ_astraljava: all I need to do before is edit the sources.list correct?20:54
khamerjtaylor: at first, "you do not have read permission", then after i gave myself read permission, "not a dynamic executable"20:55
astraljavaCQ_: No, with that -o switch, no tampering of sources.list is necessary.20:55
jtaylorcan you run it now?20:55
astraljavaCQ_: It's a one-off thing.20:55
khamer jtaylor, no, bash still tells me it doesn't exist20:55
jtaylordo you have libc6-i386 installed?20:57
CQ_astraljava: nok, I mean to point to 12.04 instead of 11.1020:57
khamerjtaylor: nope, and that helped a lot, now I just need to track down libz.so.120:58
jtaylorkhamer: zlib1g:i38620:58
astraljavaCQ_: Umm... would that be the first upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04? I'd advise against it, dist-upgrade is not the best way to do it. But then again, if you have space issues, it might be your only option.20:59
CQ_astraljava: yes, the initial upgrade20:59
khamer jtaylor, you win21:01
astraljavaCQ_: It's a risky business. If you have _any_ sensitive data, tricky to configure services or any other such thingies, I'd advise against it. But then you're doing a devel release upgrade, so I trust you know what you're doing. Remember, precise isn't stable yet.21:01
khamerjtaylor: so apparently i32-libs contained those21:02
khamerhow'd you know to guess libc6-i386 in the first place?21:02
jtaylorgoogle :)21:02
jtaylorthe issue is you need a 32 bit ld.so21:03
jtaylorwithout it nothing works and you get no proper error message21:03
khamerah, that makes some sense21:04
khamer‏I wonder what happens if I do this21:04
khamersorry for spam21:05
CQ_astraljava: not much on there, its a laptop with not much on it...21:06
astraljavaCQ_: I don't know how accurately dist-upgrade will make your updated system when regards to do-release-upgraded. If you're sure you can't free enough space on / and you're fine with possibly a non-booting system, then by all means. It's possible, though, that the installation fails somewhere because of the limited space. At least do `sudo apt-get clean` to possibly get rid of some cruft.21:11
* astraljava hates having to type so many conditionals21:12
CQ_astraljava: alternatives are moving /usr to a separate partition, I used to have that, but there were some problems with that a few releases back... /usr is 6G in and of itself, most in lib and something else21:16
astraljavaCQ_: How's your disk setup like? I'd recommend doing that instead.21:19
CQ_astraljava: bin win7 partition, 10gb ubuntu root, big home partition, and a big data partition (also swap, tmp, etc.)21:23
astraljavaCQ_: What I would do is boot into a live-cd and resize the /home or the data partition a little smaller, say 6GB, and then resize the / bigger.21:24
astraljavaCQ_: Did you run `sudo apt-get clean`? If yes, did it free up any space?21:25
CQ_yes, that got me from 400 to 700M free21:25
astraljavaAhh... quite disappointing. Well, those are your options. I'd rather go the live-cd way, but it's all up to you. :)21:26
CQ_astraljava: live CD is probably a good idea... I'll use unetbootin then, no CD On that laptop...21:26
astraljavaUnless of course there's a way for do-release-upgrade to tell to use another location for archives, and also automagically tell whether there's enough space for precise once it's boot-ready.21:26
astraljavaCQ_: There's also the Startup Disk Creator in System menu.21:27
CQ_astraljava: ah, never saw that before...21:28
kanliotlast time i checked, startup disk creator was broken21:36
CQastraljava: I have the home and root partitions right next to each other, but if I shrink home I shrink from the end, and the root is before it... and Iḿ not using kvm21:41
FernandoMiguelsomething is very wrong with Fonts and pidgin21:44
astraljavaCQ: Why? gparted is capable of freeing space preceding the /home partition.21:45
CQwont that trounce the data, or does gparted actually handle the relocation?21:47
astraljavaCQ: gparted will move the data. I'd not recommend moving data from a booting partition, but this isn't the case here.21:48
CQah, didnt know that...21:49
astraljavaCQ: It's quite a handy tool. :)21:49
CQyep :)21:49
BarkingFishJust want to check something, I'm running apper now, and there's some updates to the ISC DHCP client - do I need to restart my system or net connection with this?21:50
CQBarkingFish: shouldn't be needed as you already have a dhcp lease...21:53
astraljavaBarkingFish: Usually clients are run only when the lease time ends, so I'd say there's no need.21:53
BarkingFishok, no problem :)21:54
BarkingFishjust checking in case it'd altered anything the client did, i hate stuff i'm using updating while I'm using it :)  I never know what to do afterwards21:54
BarkingFishthe joys of autism!  A place for everything, and woe betide anything which changes it :P21:55
CQBarkingFish: if you hate that, then init 1 and then run apt-get dist-upgrade :)21:56
BarkingFishi already have done21:57
BarkingFishI'm on the beta now21:57
bretzelHi all, you can count me self as a new user of the Ubuntu distro :-) 12.04 beta2 is just awesome! hehehe Love the HUD and Unity ( okay lacks some gnome3 shell integration, hopefully Unity will be side-to-side with gnome3 shell)22:03
mongohrm i'm guessing 12.04 isn't in an android image yet :)22:07
CQmongo: usdo apt-get install --cross-port=android --release+12.04 ? :)22:08
spaceneedleThe update icon in the corner says "updates available" even tho there are no updates.22:39
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mouth1what's the best theming app for 12.04?22:54
nathwillmouth1, myunity?22:57
TeslaTonyI'm trying to upgrade from Kubuntu 11.10 to Kubuntu 12.04. Every command I've seen suggested to initiate the upgrade either results in nothing, or a message saying that there is no new release to upgrade to. What am I missing?23:00
Belial`TeslaTony, update-manager -d?23:02
TeslaTonyBelial`, Ah, I don't have "update-manager" installed. Is that an overall ubuntu program, or is it for Gnome?23:05
Belial`oh, my bad. you're using kubuntu.23:05
mouth1nathwill: is gnome tweak tool better than myunity?23:06
mouth1i can't seem to use the black cursor nor change the color from orange to blue in either app23:06
nathwillmouth1, gnome-tweak-tool is for gnome-shell23:07
nathwillso if you're using gnome-shell... yes. otherwise, no.23:07
DaekdroomGNOME Tweak Tool is useful for changing themeing in Unity too23:07
mouth1i see it mentioned a lot on ubuntu 12.04 tutorials23:07
mouth1so is gnome tweak tool only for GNOME 3 Shell?23:08
DaekdroomGTK+, Metacity controls, fonts. All that changeable in Gnome Tweak tool.23:09
DaekdroomIcons too.23:09
DaekdroomI think what doesn't work in there is the cursor theme.23:09
Belial`TeslaTony, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades/Kubuntu have you tried that?23:09
Daekdroom(and some other stuff unrelated to themes)23:09
mouth1Daekdroom: i am so confused with ubuntu 12.0423:11
DaekdroomHow so?23:11
mouth1last time i was using ubuntu was 9.0423:11
mouth1so much has changed since then23:11
mouth1i am a mac user now so...23:11
mouth1but i really want to use ubuntu!23:11
mouth1i like unity23:11
Belial`yeah, unity is a keeper for me in 12.04.23:12
Belial`not so much in previous releases.23:12
mongoit's better, still annoying that you can't easy swap between windows of diff apps with ease23:12
mouth1many people using GNOME 3 with 12.04?23:13
mouth1i would like to use unity23:13
DaekdroomIt improved so much in this version, but it seems there's a lot getting cooked for 12.10 already.23:13
mongoe.g. if you have a browser and 4 terms open alt-tab will bring up all 4 terms23:13
mouth1mac handles this nicely23:13
Daekdroommongo, does it?23:13
mouth1sorry for offtopic23:14
ki7mtWhat's the current release date of 12.04 LTS?23:24
Daekdroom!schedule | ki7mt23:25
ubottuki7mt: A schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule23:25
BarkingFishscheduled currently for 4/26/12, ki7mt23:25
BarkingFishi think23:25
BarkingFishit was the last time I checked23:25
BarkingFishyep, still is23:26
ki7mtYeah it says APR-26 on the sked.23:26
BarkingFishcan someone remind me how to add a factoid to ubottu please?23:27
mongoDaekdroom: open 3 terminals on one work space, open a browser window and then open a 4th terminal window then hit alt-tab alt-tab and see23:31
mongoit is ugly, you have to use the arrow keys to use alt tab to bring up a single window, but this is all gnome sillyness23:31
DaekdroomIt's a Unity feature.23:35
DaekdroomAll windows are grouped together. You use Alt + Tab to switch through the applications, and pick a specific window if you wish to.23:35
mongoDaekdroom: not a feature, a regresson23:35
DaekdroomA regression is an unintentional reappearance of a bug or lack of a feature.23:36
mongook what is the intentional lack of a feature :)23:36
DaekdroomA feature.23:36
DaekdroomA different point of view.23:36
DaekdroomI really don't see what's wrong with Alt + Tab23:37
mongoDaekdroom: ya, taking hot keys, a power user feature, and trying to make them noob friendly23:37
DaekdroomSpecially when most apps are aiming for a single window.23:37
mongoDaekdroom: lets say you have a config doc, a terminal and a log window23:37
mongoDaekdroom: it breaks the FIFO action every OS has had for decades now23:38
mongofirst in first out, but lets say you are reading docs in a broswer and need do work in a terminal23:39
mongoalt tab brings up all terms and blocks the view23:39
mongoyou have to go off of home row to "fix" the feature :)23:39
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DaekdroomI still don't get what you're saying.23:39
mongobut it did inspire me to help xfce get krb5 working23:39
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DaekdroomWhat do you mean by 'brings up all terms'?23:39
mongoDaekdroom: e.g. right now I have two compiles going, this terminal and a browser23:40
DaekdroomIf I want a specific terminal to show up, I press Alt + Tab til it's at the terminal, then before releasing Alt, I press the Down arrow and pick the right window I want.23:40
mongoalt-tab will bring all terms to the front and block the entire browser window23:40
nathwillso... unity should do, alt-tab cycles between applications, alt-backtick cycles between windows of same application23:40
Daekdroomand even if I don't do that, it doesn't bring all the windows.23:41
Daekdroomnathwill, down-arrow key instead of backtick works too, I think23:41
mongoDaekdroom: to use down arrow you have to leave the home row of the keyboard23:41
mongothus it is not power user friendly23:41
mongoit takes more time and thought to do work23:41
nathwilldaekdroom, if you already have the alt-tab menu open23:41
mongovs, I want two windows ago alt-tab-tab23:41
DaekdroomOh. Right.23:41
DaekdroomWell, Tab is close enough to the backtick, regardless.23:41
DaekdroomSo I don't see how it takes time anyway.23:42
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Daekdroom(but I'm particularly used to using the arrow keys)23:42
mongoalt "grave" as gnome calls it doesn't fix the inter app issue23:42
DaekdroomHow so?23:42
DaekdroomI press Tab if I want to go to the next application, I press 'grave' if I want to pick a window.23:42
mongoDaekdroom: you have to think if it is the same app or not23:42
Daekdroomand that is difficult?23:42
mongoand if you alt tab and alt grave you are still blocking the original app23:42
mongoyou have to go and minimize all other windows23:43
DaekdroomNo, you don't.23:43
DaekdroomThere'll be only one window on top of the one you were previously using.23:43
mongoOK open 3 terms, open a browser, open a 4th term hit alt-tab and tell me how to get back to the last term I used without them all going up or leaving the home row23:43
DaekdroomWhat the hell is a home row?23:44
nathwilli'm assuming home-keys23:44
mongothe asdfjkl; keys23:44
nathwillwhich is a strange argument, because alt-tab requires leaving home-keys23:44
mongowell not on my kb :) but i've been a unix guy for 30 years :)23:44
mongotab and caps lock are swapped on my kb23:45
mouth1at least the SHIFT-crew is still in place then :)23:45
mongoand I can still do alt tab with my fingers on sdf23:45
nathwilluh huh...23:45
DaekdroomThen why don't you pick different shortcuts?23:45
DaekdroomBecause the default shortcuts are thought for standard keyboards.23:45
DaekdroomIn which it's likely one will have to leave the home-keys.23:46
mongoDaekdroom: gnome doesn't give you the option to go back to the old fifo alt-tab23:46
mongoit's a 'feature' :)23:46
DaekdroomLike I'm saying, the interface is not thought for your keyboard.23:46
mongoDaekdroom: it's to try and be pretty :)23:46
mongoDaekdroom: what was wrong with a fifo alt-tab?23:47
DaekdroomWhat is wrong with the current alt-tab, given one is using a default keyboard?23:47
mongoyour thumb can't hit alt?23:47
nathwillmongo, elevate your wrists! you'll get carpal tunnel!23:48
nathwillsit up straight! ;)23:48
nathwillif your thumb can't hit alt, you either have a monster keyboard or your wrist is blocking23:48
mongonathwill: my wrists are :) I learned to type on a typewriter :)23:48
Aerielhi, is anyone having trouble with ssh connections on 12.04??23:49
Aerielmy ssh-client on ubuntu treats my ecdsa key on my server as a RSA key23:49
mongobut still, hot keys are ment for economy of motion, even if you have bad form moving to alt-tab is less than moving to the arrow keys on a desktop keyboard23:50
Aerieland therefore it says that my password is incorrect23:50
mongoAeriel: do you not have the prefex? is it just the key in the file?23:51
Aerielits the key that sshd generates23:51
mongooh wait, what is the error?23:51
Aerielbut i can connect from other pc's23:51
Aerielbut the ubuntu client treats the key as an RSA23:51
Aeriel(it shows an rsa fingerprint)23:52
mongoAeriel: I have no issue, what OS is the server on?23:52
Aerielarch linux23:52
Aerielbut the openssh are in the same version23:52
mongotry adding -vvv to the ssh key and see what it is saying, but I would think it would be an arch issue, I just tried to fbsd, debian rhel4 rhel4 rhel6 centos ubuntu and solaris23:53
Aerielhumm kay23:53
mongoarch is on 5.9p1?23:54
Aerielthe strange thing is that when I force the using of protocol 2 in both computers23:55
mongoi'm guessing something is broken on the sshd_conf file23:55
Aerielthat error of "Protocol version mismatch: 2 vs 1"23:55
Aeriel** i get23:55
mongobut your 12.04 client can ssh to other hosts? and other clients can connect to your arch box?23:56
Aerielother clients can connect to my arch box23:56
Aerieli didnt tried to connect from ubuntu to another hosts because i didnt had any23:56
mongossh to localhost23:57

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