=== zmoylan1 is now known as zmoylan
* slashtommy has finally upgraded from 10.0414:23
zmoylani thought i was bad on 11.04 :-)14:30
slashtommy10.04 is the latest LTS14:46
slashtommystill pretty modern14:46
mokmeisterhello everybody!19:54
airurandohey mokmeister19:54
airurandohi zmoylan19:55
zmoylanhi airurando19:55
mokmeisterhow's everyone?19:55
zmoylanall well?19:55
airurandoall good here19:56
zmoylanhad my new hip installed. now down to one crutch.19:56
airurandogood stug19:56
czajkowskizmoylan: brillaint news19:56
mokmeisterI wish you a speedy recovery. Hope you're not in too much pain.19:56
zmoylanmokmeister: drugs are wonderful things :-)19:57
zmoylani think19:57
mokmeisterAren't they just! :D19:57
zmoylanthe spine block they used during surgery was epic.  couldn't feel a thing while concious.19:58
imgarysmithhello all19:58
mokmeisterhi imgarysmith19:58
imgarysmithhey mokmeister19:58
airurandohi imgarysmith19:59
Victor9098Good evening all!!19:59
airurandohello ebel19:59
imgarysmithhey mike, rory19:59
airurandogood crowd in here tonight19:59
airurandohi Victor909820:00
mokmeisterthe suspense.... :D20:02
airurandoare you chairing ebel?20:03
czajkowskibusy evening :)20:04
* ebel wakesup20:04
ebelchair? I could. unless you wanna airurando ?20:05
airurandono thanks you shoot. you are quicker.20:06
airurandohi tdr11220:06
ebelokie doke20:06
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ebelwe'll wait a few mins in case others turn up20:06
ebelplease say PRESENT if you're here and paying attention20:06
ebelthe agenda for this meeting is here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/382/detail/20:08
ebel#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/382/detail/20:08
ebelthere isn't really much on agenda, bar new release stuff20:09
ebelso first topic is "review"20:09
ebelwhich is just about release party, i'll move that around20:09
ebeland move to20:09
ebel#topic CDs for new release20:10
ebelI just remembered about that now.20:10
ebelI haven't ordered them yet for our loco20:10
ebelI'll do that this evening (after meeting)20:10
ebelthen we'll get ~250 professionally pressed CDs of the new release from canonical20:11
airurandoaction yourself ;)20:11
mokmeisterWhat's the story there? I thought the ISO was 750MB or so? DVD rather CD methinks20:11
ebel#action ebel to order cds this evening20:11
meetingologyACTION: ebel to order cds this evening20:11
Victor9098I saw that the store has them for individual purchase to (5 for £5) Its a CD sized iso20:11
ebelmokmeister: not sure. but I do recall there being an order page for this release, so presume there is *some* discs20:11
ebel(when i say CD I mean 'optical disk' which might include DVD :) )20:12
ebelany Questionss on CDs?20:13
mokmeisternot any more! ;)20:13
imgarysmithI was supposed to get cds on the last round and never did20:14
zmoylanno, don't even have an optical drive at the mo20:14
imgarysmithfor my college20:14
ebelrelated to that we need to talk about distribution, but I wanna get onto the release party since we have more concrete ideas20:14
ebelimgarysmith: ah yes, you never got back to me after XMas20:14
airurandoimgarysmith: you need to keep prodding ebel to get results20:15
ebelSorry for any mix-up20:15
imgarysmithi emailed a few times20:15
imgarysmithare there any more laying around, networking lecturer needs a few20:16
ebelI sent lots of emails to lots of people about CDs and didn't get replies from lots of people, the interest seemed much lower this round20:16
ebelNo more CDs left… (threw the last few in the bin ~2 weeks ago)20:16
ebelhmmm.... I don't have any emails after 20th December 2011 from you imgarysmith...20:17
airurandoI think 12.04 will be alot more appealing20:17
andru183hey guys, did I miss the meeting?20:18
ebelandru183: no, still going on20:18
imgarysmithoh okay, ill just wait a few weeks20:18
imgarysmithhey andru20:18
ebelimgarysmith: sorry for any mix up, i'll be sure to set some aside for you this time.20:18
mokmeisterlts is always more appealing really20:18
andru183huzzar, then hello all20:18
mokmeisterhi andru18320:18
ebelso, release party20:18
ebel#topic 12.04 release party20:18
airurandohi andru18320:19
andru183hi airurando, didn't know this was on20:19
airurandonot many suggestions from the mailing list20:19
ebelthere's been a few emails on the mailing list w.r.t. release party.20:19
mokmeisterMy son's communion is on the 28th, so I'll be doing a joint celebration! :)20:20
Victor9098There are too many suggestions ;)20:21
Victor9098The April 29th option of meeting on the Sunday, would that net the most people?20:21
tdr112i think if its an evening meetup it has to be onnthe sat20:21
ebeltdr112: agreed20:21
ebelw/end of apr 28/29 was prefered date.20:22
airurandoI have a pref for the Sat evening also20:22
slashtommyi like airurando's idea of a pub meet in town20:22
ebellocation is either (a) pub (no food), (b) geeknic in dun laoghaire20:22
zmoylansat the pubs would be more busy?20:22
tdr112save the geeknic for the summer20:23
slashtommynot all, avoid places with a DJ or lots of tourists20:23
ebelHow about we go for the idea of pub meet on Sat. 28th April?20:23
Victor9098tdr112: +120:23
ebelwhich is Saturday Week20:23
ebelright, pub suggestions?20:23
airurandolots of pub suggestions at last meeting20:24
mokmeisterCostellos ;)20:24
slashtommyor black sheep20:24
tdr112bull and castle20:24
slashtommyon capel street20:24
* ebel really should look at minutes/logs before a meeting20:24
slashtommybull and castle have a DJ at weekends20:24
slashtommywhere is costellos?20:25
mokmeisterLimerick. ;)20:25
tdr112how about put all of these in a poll and end the poll on friday night20:25
slashtommythe black sheep on capel street, has craft beer, no DJ, no loud music20:25
ebelok, we'll do dublin release party first, then limerick20:25
zmoylansounds optimal20:25
ebeltdr112: ok20:26
ebeli'll set that up and email list with results20:26
airurandoI say skip the poll and decide now20:26
airurandojust 2 weeks to got20:26
zmoylansaves time20:26
airurandotime is short20:26
meetingologyPlease vote on:20:26
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:26
* slashtommy agrees20:26
* slashtommy proposes Black Sheep, Capel street20:27
ebel#vote bull and castle for release party20:28
meetingologyPlease vote on: bull and castle for release party20:28
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:28
meetingology+1 received from ebel20:28
ebel(i don't mind either)20:28
meetingology+0 received from zmoylan20:28
meetingology+0 received from tdr11220:28
andru183+0 I wont be going so I shouldn't say20:28
meetingology+0 I wont be going so I shouldn't say received from andru18320:28
ebelblack sheep seems to win20:29
ebelany objections to me calling it?20:29
tdr112go for it20:29
ebelgrand 8pm black sheep capel street.20:30
ebel(tis on the north end of capel st.)20:30
slashtommynext to republican sinn fein20:30
ebelmokmeister: so there'll be a limerick release party?20:30
andru183I was going to pass the idea around skynet but forgot20:30
airurandomokmeister andru183 do tell!20:31
mokmeisterI don't know really20:31
andru183airurando I didn't say it to em, I forgot to20:31
mokmeisterLike I said, the young fella's communion is on that ,so I'll be pretty tied up.20:31
andru183I can't do that weekend for a release party, have a wedding and the design jam20:31
mokmeistermight be available in the evening, we'll see.20:32
airurandoaye mokmeister20:32
airurandomokmeister if I was you I'd stay put20:32
mokmeisterMy son will end up in Counselling in years to come if I abandon him on his communion.... ;)20:33
ebelfeel free to send emails around, tweets etc. if you wanna let people know20:33
zmoylanwhereas the traditional method is to completely embarrass them :-)20:33
ebel(If you're doing anything)]20:33
Victor9098As soon as the event details page is up we can share it around20:34
airurandoebel I'll set it up on the LTP20:34
ebelairurando: cool20:34
ebel#agreed 8pm black sheep, capel st. Dublin Ubuntu 12.04 release party20:34
ebel#agreed maaaaaybe limerick release party20:35
zmoylanon sa tapr 2820:35
airurandowhat kind of place is it?20:35
ebelairurando: craft beer pub20:35
zmoylantweeting now...20:35
ebelreleated to that20:35
slashtommywith no dj or loud music20:36
ebel#topic CD distribution20:36
ebelWhen we get CDs we should give them around20:36
ebelwe've had mixed succeass20:36
slashtommyand no TV's20:36
airurandoslashtommy sounds great20:36
* slashtommy will not need the TV-B-Gone20:36
ebelI'll send an email around to the mailing list to see who 'comes out of the woodwork' and wants CDs20:36
airurandoI consider the next lot of20:37
airurandoCDs special20:37
ebelpreviously I've posted them out.20:37
airurandothese LTS releases are what we should be promoting to the general populus20:37
ebeluptake was low last time (and I was delayed getting back to people)20:37
tdr112costs ebel too much20:37
ebelso: Ideas for CD distribution…. go!20:38
mokmeisterI agree with airurando, lts' are where it's at really20:38
airurandoI don't think we have to distribute them all in 6 months20:38
mokmeisterespecially with this one, support for 5 years and all20:38
czajkowskihow about people mail you a self addressed envelope20:38
slashtommyubuntu hour after we receive them20:38
czajkowskiand you can then post it to them20:38
czajkowskithat works for lots of teams20:38
airurandothese should be promoted as stable LTS20:38
slashtommymany people will be able to collect20:39
ebelczajkowski: good idea20:39
ebelthink I requested SAEs from people last time and didn't hear anything in some cases ☹20:40
airurandohighlight the 'stable' 'LTS' attributes in the mails20:40
ebelbut I'll try it again20:40
andru183postings works for me too and I'm not up in Dublin often20:40
mokmeisterI'm up in Dublin the last Wednesday of every month (mostly) so I could always collect them and bring them down to Limerick?20:41
Victor9098What about just passing out a few to those who come along to the Ubuntu Hour's and then let them pass on to those they know/think are interested. Can always 'hit-up' for more in the future?20:41
ebelSo we can take our time with how to decide how and when to send out CDs20:41
ebelVictor9098: yep that's what we sometimes do20:41
ebelmokmeister: cool!20:41
airurandoebel I think so20:42
andru183mokmeister that could work too20:42
ebelSo I'll send emails to mailing list to see what people say, who wants CDs etc.20:43
Victor9098Either way I know I am going to be gettign texts for about a dozen family and friends on the 26th about a big 'upgrade' notice on their screens :D20:43
mokmeistersounds good20:43
mokmeisterwould you get the upgrade notice if you were on 10.04? I think you would20:45
Victor9098You should since its an LTS20:46
ebel#topic Any Other Business?20:47
andru183just an update on the new site20:47
airurandolimerick happy hour?20:48
andru183happy hour?20:48
airurandogive the update first20:48
ebel#topic site update20:49
andru183ok, just wanted to say I haven't done more more with the site but have been doing some CSS with it and should have it done the week after exams20:49
andru183so about 3 or 4 weeks it should be up20:49
airurandothanks for keeping it going andru18320:50
ebelokie doke, thanks for doing it20:50
andru183no prob20:50
andru183now, about this happy hour??20:51
airurando#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ie/1684/detail/20:51
airurandoczajkowski set it up20:51
andru183ah, cool, didn't see it20:52
airurandotomorrow night for those in the south west20:52
andru183I'll try make it and will let people know about it20:52
mokmeisterI saw it on the mailing list, I'm in Cork tomorrow, if I'm back early enough I'll head along20:52
airurandoshould be a good night20:52
ebelsaw mentions on mailing list20:52
ebelhave fun ye lot20:52
ebeltake photos etc.20:53
airurandoyes photos please20:53
tdr112ebel: we know cztab will20:53
ebel:) true20:53
ebel# AOB?20:53
tdr112anyone gping to oggcamp20:54
airurandoall done here20:54
tdr112in the uk20:54
airurandolucky you tdr11220:55
tdr112during the summer20:55
zmoylanshanem i think is going20:55
tdr112i have booked flights20:56
airurandoczajkowski is one of the organisers20:56
tdr112so if anyone is going let me know20:56
czajkowskiand also there is another event on in october20:56
czajkowski6/7 in limerick20:56
tdr112i have a spare bes free in my room20:57
tdr112* bed20:57
airurandoebel ?21:00
tdr112ok thats all from me21:00
ebeloh yeah21:00
meetingologyVoting ended on: bull and castle for release party21:00
meetingologyVotes for:1 Votes against:0 Abstentions:321:00
meetingologyMotion carried21:00
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Apr 18 21:00:55 2012 UTC.21:00
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* ebel presumes no-one else had anything.... did they?21:01
airurandowell actually....21:01
tdr112night all21:01
mokmeisterI think meetinology got it wrong...21:01
mokmeistergnite all21:02
andru183cya guys21:02

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